Pregnant Adriana Lima Is Craving Beer – But Not Drinking It

05/01/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc/Sipa

Six months into her second pregnancy, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is has an insatiable hankering for alcohol.

“I’ve been craving beer,” Lima, 30, told PEOPLE Wednesday at the IWC Schaffhausen watch boutique opening in New York.

“It’s very strange because I normally don’t like beer. Now I want some but I cannot drink it. It’s been very hard!”

Foregoing a cold pint of beer, the Brazilian beauty has still been able to indulge a bit.

“I’ve been craving crispy duck,” she said. “All of a sudden I cannot get enough of it. It’s amazing.”

Despite her unusual appetite, “I’m feeling wonderful,” says Lima, who is already a mom to 2-year-old daughter Valentina.

“It’s definitely easier than the first time, maybe because I know exactly what I’m going to go through. I’m very relaxed and have a lot of energy.”

Lima credits her husband, former basketball player Marko Jaric, for motivating her to exercise during the pregnancy and not to completely give into her cravings.

“I’ve gained a few pounds, but not as much as the first pregnancy — thanks to my husband,” Lima, whose workout regimen also includes boxing, says.

“For the first three months I exercised with light weights and did workouts that were inspired by animal movements, like crab-walking on the floor. It really helped me tone my muscles.”

As she enters her third trimester, Lima is all prepared for the arrival of her new addition – though she wants to keep the baby’s sex a surprise.

“We still don’t know, and it keeps it exciting,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy and everything goes well.”

— Paul Chi

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Angie on

Aww I craved this too! I never drink, and I had such a craving for the taste of beer when I was pregnant with my daughter! My OBGYN cleared me to have 1 serving of non-alcoholic beer per week if I wanted, and after a few weeks, the craving went away. It is def. the weirdest craving ever!

Julianna on

She definitely is going out more now than she did when pregnant with Valentina and looking better too. But wow, she’s near her third trimester already? I thought she was maybe three or four months along… Can’t wait to know what Adriana’s having.

juli svetlik on

Strange that was my only craving too there is non alcoholic beer on the market. Before that I never really cared for it.

c on

i know women that have had the same cravings.

i was told that if they drink 1/2 a beer (depending the month) that it’s okay because the craving is actually the yeast in the beer the body wants/needs? Not sure how much truth there is to that, but i knew girls that would eat chalk, corn starch,& other weird things they craved while pregnant. their doctors explained it was for a lack of a nutrient found in those “weird” snacks.

Safyre on

This is actually pretty common, its a craving for the yeast in beer. Finding another high-yeast food can curb the craving.

Olivia on

I’ve been craving a cold beer this entire pregnancy, too. I don’t even drink very often normally, but for some reason I want one.

Hea on

Buy non-alcoholic beer?

sweeti on

six months and look how small she is. she is all baby. Jessica was baby and fluid and everything else. Bey was all baby! and like the models Bey knew what to do to get back into shape.

Bree on

I didn’t crave beer during my pregnancy but I did start craving margaritas like crazy!! I never drink, the last drink I had (Aside from finally getting my margarita three months after having my now five month old daugher) was probably three years ago!! I actually suspected I was pregnant when the cravings started (Thankfully I resisted and went and got a pregnancy test instead of a drink!!)
So I started drinking alcohol free margaritas made with ice, margarita mix and orange juice wized through the blender, something I still drink and my husband has even gotten hooked on.

Adriana looks amazing, can’t wait to hear about their arrival when he or she gets here (I am also thinking boy!!)

Anonymous on

Her comment about knowing exactly what she’s going to go through made me laugh. While that may be true to an extent, every pregnancy is different and she may well be in for a few surprises! 🙂

Anonymous on

I craved beer too ! and i’m not a beer drinker

Lacey on

You can drink in the later months of pregnancy. I drank blush wine during my last trimester (a glass at dinner) and my baby was fine.

De on

haha! this brings back memories. i craved peanut butter (which i can’t stand), grape sodas and the craziest of all i had a major jones for asparagus (which i had never even tasted until i started craving it–how does the body do that)!

Anonymous on

My pregnancy was so abnormal! I had no cravings but a few times and craving ROOT BEER was the closest I got to beer. I actually don’t drink at all since having munchkin! I see all these pregnancies with my friends and celebrities and they say they have cravings and I don’t know what they’re talking about! Also, I had a c-section to save my son’s life and possibly mine and heard horrific recovery stories and I was up the next day, no big deal! Really proves that every woman and every pregnancy/birth is different! Congratulations to Adriana!

Marlene on

Congratulations to Adriana for not giving in to her craving for beer. To guarantee a child is not born with a lifelong disability called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, there is no safe time, no safe amount and no safe type of alcohol to drink while pregnant.

Congratulations on being a positive role model.

Angela on

I know how she feels. And the funny thing is I never really drink beer. It is now that I can’t have it I want it! 6 more months to go!

NEnurse on

Probably the weirdest craving I have ever heard of is the ashes from cigarettes. The gal could not resist a taste of the contents of an ashtray (sans butts) from time to time and she wasn’t even a smoker. Gross!

Chanelgirl on

OMG she is soo beautiful

mytwoboys on

I had the same craving with my second son along with steak! Two things I never really cared for before I become pregnant! That’s how I knew I was having a boy ;_

Bojan on

“I’ve gained a few pounds, but not as much as the first pregnancy”
What did you expect? A human being is growing inside of you.

Leslie on

shut up marlene.

Beezey on

When you’re pregnant, you get all sorts of odd cravings – whether you ever consumed the stuff or not. Glad she’s not giving in. She looks fantastic!

Mperez on

I craved some random pink lemonade flavored drink and spicy spicy Mexican lollipops with chile on them… hadn’t had those things since childhood. however, GERD got the best of me, and I had to hold back.

Ninah on

Marlene, you’re incorrect and while I can understand advice erring on the side of caution that doesn’t excuse misinformation.

There are several well researched and well respected studies that counter the absoluteness of your statement. The U.S.’s disparity between our hardline public stance and the much more ambiguous advice women get directly from their OBs reflects a concerted (and well intentioned) effort to take into account our cultural penchant for excess. But the cat’s out of the bag now and the general public has heard that there are circumstances in which women can drink during pregnancy without negative outcomes. Our job now is to make very clear the details regarding safety and excess and consequences. If we ignore that fact we run the very real risk of collective “selective hearing” where all those important details like when, what kind, and how much get lost as word travels. I’m glad so many comments have relayed the specifics of what their OBs have recommended and emphasized the importance of moderation. I’ve worked all over the world and will say one of the biggest issues we will have in the U.S. as the debate plays out is our ability to evaluate and adapt our notions regarding the meaning of “moderate”. That will be the key.

meme on

any mother that cannot wait nine months to have a drink has some issues…it is better to not drink at all than to imbibe in one or a few while pregnant.

Jillian on

“I’ve gained a few pounds, but not as much as the first pregnancy”
What did you expect? A human being is growing inside of you.

– Bojan on May 2nd, 2012

Read again what she said, then what you said……cause you didn’t get it the first time!


JRD on

Beer isn’t a strange craving. It’s the brewer’s yeast, it’s normal and a little (around 6oz/week depending on body weight) is actually healthy.

Adriana on


Lucy on

I had this same crazy craving! And I HATE beer. I don’t drink it ever. But with my first baby I craved beer soooo bad. I didn’t give in, but it certainly was weird. After my baby was born I went back to my normal beer-intolerant self, LOL.

guest123 on

I got myself on the non-alcoholic beer too for the craving. I’m a wine drinker usually but had this happen with my pregnancies and actually had a cold beer (real one) after delivery and a big meat sandwich which again is not my usual. I haven’t really had those things since as I haven’t been pregant since but again I agree that it’s certain ingredients in foods that the body needs, in this case ‘yeast’!