Monroe and Moroccan Turn One – In Paris!

05/01/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Bill Boatman

Nick Cannon certainly didn’t disappoint when he told PEOPLE that he and wife Mariah Carey were planning “something special” for the first birthday of their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Taking their little ones on a getaway to Paris, several close friends accompanied them to the Plaza Athénée on Sunday, where Cannon — in typical festive fashion — made sure a good time was had by all.

The momentous occasion was complete with custom-made French pastries, lots of balloons, toys and confetti.

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— Dahvi Shira

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djm on

So sweet, I am so happy for them.

Margo on

Wow, I feel like the Cannon twins have been around for more than one year.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Monroe and Moroccan!

Anonymous on

Nick and Mariah you have a beautiful family be blessed with health family and love will keep you guys together.

B.J. (the girl) on

More pictures please! I want to see the twins’ faces. Happy birthday to MC’s babies!

Aunu1 on

Dem babies are just absolutely gorgeous. Look at the hair on Monroe. Wow.

Brooke on

Those twins are precious!! So sweet.

Betty on

What beautiful babies, Happy Birthday, hope your day was full of magic!!

Jesse on

Pacifiers are for newborns not toddlers.

anonymous on

OMG so gorgeous

KGurley on

Hard 2 believe Dem Babies r already a yr old! My, oh my! Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday Roc and Roe! 🙂

Laura on

Jesse, get the stick out of your butt. Lots of kids use a pacifier well into toddler-hood. It’s much better than the thumb because you can take away the pacifier but you can’t take away the thumb. You don’t know what the heck you are talking about.

Roxanne on

OMG how cute are they!!!!!! Happy birthday Monroe and Moroccan

Lisa on

Jesse, and people like you belong on Nick Jr. Kids website with my children, not on a celebrity baby blog. They are 12 months old no need to criticize. Beautiful family I really hope for nothing but happiness for this family and wow that they are one already. I agree with the person above cannot wait to see a picture of their beautiful faces!

JessicaB on

these kids are SO adorable. show their sweet little faces! i’m happy mariah got herself a good man, and the babies she wanted so badly. she’s a diva, but i can’t help but like her.

mistress on

they are so adorable!! happy birthday darlings

Shannon on

They are little dolls. Happy birthday to dem babies!

Missy on


You are so right. My 13 month old son never cared much for a pacifier, but he LOVES his thumb. He sucked his thumb so long one night that his skin had shrivled like a prune. Sucking on his thumb soothes him, but I am so ready to break that habit. I cringe at the thought of all the germs that are on his little fingers. I would gladly accept any suggestions on how to stop the thumb sucking LOL!

Bree on

@Jesse, every single DOCTOR I have talked to has told me to wait until my daughter is old enough to understand why we are taking away her soother before we try so that she doesn’t think we are punishing her and she gets confused, that is why they sell soothers designed for up to age three. Even my nephew who is a high risk for needing braces (My sister and brother-in-law both had braces and with my sister it was because of a genetic disorder) didn’t give up his soother until right before his 3rd birthday. And even if most doctors didn’t recomend age three, these two only just turned one, chill out a bit!!

(If any parents are looking for a cool way to get rid of the soother, My nephew got to go to Build-a-Bear where he made a bear and put his soother inside of the bear, it worked AMAZING, that way the soother still provides comfort but it is out of the mouth, he hasn’t asked for it once since they did that and he has a special new friend 🙂 )

Would LOVE to see pictures of their faces but this is still an adorable picture 🙂

Happy Birthday Monroe and Moroccan!!

Tee on

What a sweet family picture!

Jesse- I agree, pacifiers aren’t meant for toddlers. But these children are not toddlers yet! They just turned a year old, still young enough for a pacifier.

Belle-Sexie Canuck on

A Diva and a Rock Star-wow! They’re soOo cute..I wish them the best.

mari on

they are adorable!! i am so glad to see Mariah so happy!

sat on

Nick looks really thin ;( I am wishing them all the best!

Maria on

These two do not look happy together. She is never looking at him, and he looks like he is trying but not receiving. There is a disconnect bewtween them all.

Lori on

I know there’s gonna be a lot of crazy internet people yelling at me for this one, but…
Why on earth does this couple market their children as “dem babies”? I remember her referring to her children as that before they were born and it seemed weird and immature at the time, but for the past year thats how her babies have been marketed. They have their own “dem babies” website. It just seems ridiculous. Who markets their children, coming up with a little catchphrase to call them? They are babies! Plus, by calling them that, its almost like Nick and Mariah assume the whole world just love their children, with everyone talking about “oh you know, them babies” of course referring to their children. Out of all of the crazy celebrities out there and their crazy antics, this one just irks me the most. We all get that she’s a “diva” but this takes it too far.

Sunny on

I love Mariah. She’s a diva, but have never seen her as a rude one. This is how divas should be, just like her 🙂 She has such a beautiful family, I wish all the best to them. Hope they stay together forever!

J on

Gez, poor Jesse. Why are people always so rude regarding replying and making “expert” claims?

TarDaDa on

Pacifiers….in the picture…on their one year birthday. Puh-lease. Babies that age do NOT need to be soothed 24/7. Pacifiers are great because babies need that sucking to soothe themselves in getting to sleep or calming themselves down. However, once a baby hits 6 months it no longer becomes a soother but a habit that needs to be broken right away. At that age, a baby should be able to find their hands or use some other method to soothe themselves and should no longer need a pacifier. The kids use them now because they HAVE to not because they NEED it.

Marky on

I don’t see a disconnect between them; this isn’t the best picture, but I’ve seen lots of pictures of them looking at each other and her expression is very caring. If you haven’t had twins, or babies super close together, you don’t know how busy that keeps at something like a b’day party, especially an “over the top” party! The twins are adorable and I hope the whole family is happy and stays that way! Love Monroe’s hair!

Ashley on

RIGHT ON JESSE, I couldn’t agree more. Laura, do you know how ridiculous it looks for older kids with a pacifier?? They are JUST for little babies, you should know that. Any kid older than a few months old just plain looks ridiculous with one.


Lori-I actually agree with most of what you said. Also look at there public appearances,all dressed in the same color,I have no doubt that they love their kids to death,but it seems so staged.

They will have to be very careful that the twins don’t get to be very spoiled. I do actually like M&N,but she is most def a diva.

L ANN on

I, too, worry about Nick’s health. You can have all of the money in the world and if you don’t have good health, what good is it ??

I see love in both of their eyes. They’re so good for each other and their beautiful children are just the icing on their cake.

I wish them MANY MANY YEARS of bliss, happiness and above all..GOOD HEALTH. They’re living the American dream and those babies are just beautiful.

meme on

Nick could use a little meat on his bones…. He looks so skinny .

Susan Lewis on

Cute kids and happy parents!

Susan Lewis on

1 year is NOT to old for the pacifier. If you take it away too soon, they use their thumb, which will misalign their teeth. As long as they give it up in time for school, so what?

KD on

I don’t consider a 12 month old a toddler..jeez their babies and having a pacifier IMO is’s the 3 yr old kids at the playground that drives me nuts. As a mom we all do what works for us, perhaps it soothes their kids making it easier to enjoy this moment.

Mom Of Twins on

If they want those kids to have pacifiers, that’s THEIR business. If she wanted to nurse them until they turned 3yrs, that’s THEIR business. If you choose not to give your baby a pacifier, that YOUR business. A pacifiers was great for my son when he was teething, he used it as a chewing toy. His twin sister never liked it. To each it’s own.

Jennifer on

Nick always looks so tired and worn out these days. I hope he isn’t over-doing it again – they were in Aspen just days ago, then Vienna and now Paris. He needs to take it easy and his wife should respect that. It’s not like they need the money.

Mira on

I just can’t get over the idiotic names. Sorry.

Happy first birthday, dem babies.

Catca on

Even if you have the money, this sends a bad message to the kids. They’re 1 so it’s not a big deal right now and will have no impact on them, but if they do this kind of stuff all the time, it doesn’t exactly teach great lessons about money to the kids. And yes, if you’re rich, these lessons are arguably more important to learn because you actually have money to manage and don’t want to rely totally on money managers or you won’t be able to supervise them and potentially get ripped off.

I find it curious that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get criticized for spoiling Suri and the same goes with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, yet in both those cases they take the kids around the world with them because they are working in that particular location. In Angelina and Brad’s case, they also do it for humanitarian causes so their children are learning a lot about compassion and helping those less fortunate. They haven’t been reported flying them and a big party off to Paris for an elaborate birthday party. Yet no criticism with Mariah and Nick…

Again, the twins are 1 so it’s a special birthday for the parents more than for the twins and the twins won’t be impacted by this so good for Mariah and Nick for having a good time and celebrating their children. But it’s a bit hypocritical for the regular posters to keep getting on other people’s cases for flying their kids around for work and then applaud Mariah and Nick for flying the kids around the world to be extravagant.

joan on

Pretty babies.

I guess I was lucky. My kids never liked pacifiers. My youngest stayed on it the longest, about 3 months and only because she was colicky.

After that, it was gone. Seriously, no pacifiers. it was one less thing to worry about.

boohoobytch on

beautiful babies

denise on

I’m rather shocked by the reactions? it ONE photo. We don’t know if they were afraid of the photographers or just overwhelmed by the situation. And they are just one year old. my 2-year-old still has his pacifiers. he needs it, when he’s unwell, tired or at night but isn’t supposed to walk around with it and it’s fine with hin. I’m sure he’ll get rid of them in his own time. why do people care?

congratulations to the twins!!

Anonymous on

I agree these 2 babies are beautiful and like any other parents, Mariah & Nick wanted to celebrate their special day. But really Paris for your first birthday. Back home people are losing their homes, not working and kids are going to bed hungry. Maybe they should have done this a little more low keyed and not shared photos of this extremely over the top celebration.

Go ahead and hate on me but it is really hard to see parents selling out their kids for money while our country is in shambles.

Just My Opinion on

AmandaC on

Wow does Monroe have beautiful hair. Happy birthday babies!

Tigerlee on

Go sanctimommies! Go! CB can always count on these hateful heifers. Happy Birthday Roc & Roe. I wish your mommy and daddy good health, too.

Mb996 on

@Lori- Mariah’s twitter followers named the babies “dembabies” and she hardly markets them. The Site is so her and nick’s fans can see nice pics of them instead of intrusive stalkerazzi pics. They actually donate money to charity if sites or magazines want to publish the pics.

mimi on

say what you will about mariah and nick but there is no denying their babies are some of the cutest celebrity offsprings ever.

so, so, so adorable!

ecl on

As a mom, the only thing I find weird is that they are all dressed in cream and white colors. Not the greatest plan with infants unless you really aren’t holding them that long.

skippy on

why does everyone keep saying ‘dem babies’??? Something does not compute.

Marty on

The babies are GORGEOUS…but of course! And just to add my 2-cents to the conversation….My children are grown adults now, but I remember allowing them their pacifiers until they reached two years old. I was told that babies are born with a natural need to suck…its a survival mechanism that insures that they eat, and it lasts until they reach the age of two. So, it is perfectly fine for these one-year old BABIES to have their pacifiers. Besides, I would never presume to judge others in how they raise their children! 🙂

jujube on

What a waste.

Marky on

When a person has chronic kidney disease, they are going to have issues with what they can eat, how much they can drink (of anything) and what they can drink. It’s fairly obvious Nick’s kidney problems are not “minor”, and may be lifelong, for that matter. He is also obviously trying to live as normally as possible, enjoy his family, and take care of himself as wisely as possible. He is going to be thin, unless he shows signs of fluid retention.

In the meantime, it would be so nice if people didn’t make rude comments about him being thin, or stupid things like pacifiers, or whether they take trips or whatever. He may want to do all kinds of things when he is feeling better, and lay low, so to speak when he doesn’t. Mariah may be going along with whatever he wants, just as many spouses do when their partner is not well.

I’m not saying he’s dying, but chronic illness is a bit scary for the person, and their partner. Been there myself, and while Nick (and rightfully so) doesn’t want the kidney problems to be at the forefront of their PUBLIC lives, it may influence what they do and choices they make about their private lives.

And, honestly? A cyber-war about pacifiers?? Really??! When those children are still using pacifiers 24/7 at 3 or 4 years old, say something. At one year, who cares, and why do we want to hear your rude “opinion”?

Frankly, I don’t own a single or an album from either of these 2 celebs. I wouldn’t even think about buying tickets to a concert, even if the money was going to charity, BUT, they have honored their vows, love their children (and apparently, each other), and why can’t these people take their kids to Paris if they want to without some of you whining, yes! I said whining, about how there’s poor people who can’t pay for their house, and how dare these 2 (who have worked in entertainment and paid for their own trip) go to Paris for their children’s b’day?!!

Some of those “poor people who can’t make their house payment” are like my daughter, who struggles to pay her bills, but they have every electronic gizmo known to man, including 2 iPads, and when someone wanted a DS, they got one for each person in the family. They eat out at every turn, and buy every little thing their children look at.

I worked with “poor families who couldn’t pay their bills” and my job was to find money to pay those things for them. 85% of the families I worked with (and these families had been vetted) had cigarettes and either soft drinks, and/or beer, but couldn’t buy diapers or other necessities for their babies. Anyone who is poor and still chooses to smoke, needs to rethink their value system, and no one HAS to drink alcohol or have soft drinks, if their kids are doing without necessities or bills aren’t getting paid.

Don’t tell me not to take whatever vacation I want to, because of their situation. They couldn’t be convinced to put on a pair of shoes for a job interview! No, I didn’t hate them, nor do I now, but I did figure out that I shouldn’t wring my hands every second while they sat on their butts, smoked, drank booze, and waited for me to feed their children, and neither should Nick and Mariah; I’m sure they contribute to help others.

There are those who fall on hard times due to circumstances beyond their control, but once again, unless you yourself have decided to live in a 600 sq. foot house, give up vacations, and donate your money to those less fortunate, go look in the mirror and decide what YOU should do, don’t call out every celeb for not doing enough. Angie gives more than 1/3 of her income, pays taxes out the wazoo, and you still gripe about everything she does.

Tina on

What a sweet picture. I, too, would like to see close-ups of the kids’ faces. They’er very cute.

Tina on

Mariah doesn’t look like her weight-loss ads in THIS photo. And I’m not saying she’s looks bad or fat or anything like that. Just making an observation.

Tina on

FYI, a lot of well-off or wealthy people make donations so that can have a tax right-off. So although they may be taxed highly on the fortunes, the retain a great deal of it by claiming things as gifts or donations. Then those gifts/dons are not taxable.

of2minds on

They are too stinkin cute!!

And Mariah looks great (and I’m not a big fan of hers), love that dress!

Theresa A on

Roc and Roe – Happy 1st Birthday! You’re so adorable and have two wonderful loving parents to be proud of. God Bless you and may you live and grow to enjoy many many more.

joebecca on

The babies are so adorable!!

postathread on

Taking their little ones on a getaway to Paris, several close friends accompanied them to the Plaza Athénée on Sunday, where Cannon — in typical festive fashion — made sure a good time was had by all. Yeah all on his wife’s dollar…LOL as if he “earns” a living…lol

Debi on

Hmmm,a birthday pary in Paris for 1 yr olds….have fun trying to top that each yr.

stacey on

A one-year-old IS MOST DEFINTELY a BABY!!!!!I let my kids keep their pacifiers until they were around 3 1/2. By that age they didn’t seem dependent on them anymore, so I told them they were lost, and threw them all away. If kids want to hold on to a pacifier or blanket or whatever a bit longer than normal, why push them to get rid of it. They are only little for such a short time.

Cathy on

I think a pacifier or thumb sucking is ok until late 2’s or 3. but it can develop into teeth or jaw problems if continued on too long. We used a product called Thumbuddy to Love for our paci sucker and thumb sucker. You can google it to get the Thumbudddy To Love website. Easy… and kids love it to help them break the habit.

twinhappy on

Happy Birthday to them! Cute outfits!

Christina on

You’d be surprised at how much money Nick Cannon has. Mariah has more I’m sure, but he’s no slouch living off of her. He’s involved in many different ventures and has multiple “jobs”. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Tee on

Marky, thank you so much for your comment! Your thoughts were well worded and I agree with everything you said!

Amanda K on

Gorgeous photo of the family. I can’t believe they’re one already!

reda cunningham on


Jillian on

Marky, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you said and how you said it! I love everything you said. Everything! I am so sick of people bitching about what others should do with their money when they DO have it. We do something special every year on our kids birthdays. With all the kids (sometimes just the bday child) and us (always both of us). It very often is over the top, but….We. Don’t. Care. We can afford it. We don’t spend a lot, but it’s about building memories. They all have birthday books, journaling the days.


Marky on

Thanks, Mary, we always made birthdays a special day when our children were growing up and for all the foster children, too. Chose something special to do, the b’day child chose a special meal for the family, and everyone had their own cake–even the kids who had birthdays in the same week. If they wanted a home-made cake, Dad made it. Only thing was when they grew up, they were slightly perturbed and bewildered that all their friends didn’t pull out all the stops each year, LOL. We had a lot of kids and not a lot of money, but we did the best we could, and I see nothing wrong with them doing what they want, as well.

What is wil the comments from some people about how the celebs get a tax break and that’s why they give? Last I heard, we all get a tax break when we donate, too. I have been working on a NPO for an orphanage in Haiti, and while it’s being registered, most people who are interested in donating won’t do so until they can get a tax receipt, including my family. It’s not that they don’t think it’s worthwhile; it’s “just business” or “we can’t afford to donate unless we get a tax-break”. Kids are still hungry, need a place to stay, and need clothes and school supplies. Why are we so intolerant of others doing exactly the same as many of us do?