Jessica Simpson Welcomes Daughter Maxwell Drew

05/01/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Paul Marks/Broadimage

Jessica Simpson is a mom!

The star and her fiancΓ© Eric Johnson welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson on Tuesday, May 1 in Los Angeles, she announced on her website.

“Eric and I are elated to announce the birth of our baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson,” the Fashion Star mentorΒ writes.

“We are grateful for all the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!”

Baby girl weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz. and is 21ΒΎ inches long. Maxwell is Johnson’s middle name, while Drew is Simpson’s mother Tina‘s maiden name.

Simpson announced her pregnancy on Halloween, posting a picture of herself on Twitter dressed as a mummy and cradling her belly. “It’s true — I’m going to be a mummy,” she wrote.

In March, she shared the news that a baby girl was on the way as she posed nude on the cover of ELLE. Weeks later, Simpson celebrated her baby shower.

Maxwell is the first child for Simpson, 31, and Johnson, 32, who had a whirlwind romance: The singer and the former NFL player started dating on May 2010 and were engaged six months later.

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shannon on

maxwell drew. welcome to a life of people thinking you’re a man…

other than that, congrats to them!

Dawn on

Yay! Seems like she was pregnant forever! Love the name :)Hope it was a c-section. Big baby!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I personally am not the biggest fan of the name, but if they call her Maxie, that’s cute. And 9 lbs. 13 ounces! Wow!

kpmonkeymommy on

MAXWELL??? I get Drew and the family significance, but MAXWELL??? Why not Maxine? or at least add an e at the end to make it more feminine… Maxwelle looks more like a girl’s name.

I remember she said the name would surprise everyone but you would think she’d be quickly telling people why she picked that name for a girl.

Lady on

Cute name, I expected something totally different but I like it. No surprise she’s a big girl, glad she FINALLY had the baby…seemed like she was pregnant forever. Congrats!!

Seriously?!? on

Horrible name. Think she wanted a boy? Lol

Kristin on

Wasn’t there another celebrity that just named their daughter Maxwell? I swear I saw that name a few months ago on a baby girl.

Anyways, I hope they cherish every moment with their daughter. The time really does go by so fast.

I could not imagine having a newborn that is bigger than my kids were at 2-3 months.

Brooke on

It would have been better if they named her just Maxie Drew. That way she won’t grow up having to check the “Female” boxes on applications and people saying ‘Really?”

Synia on

Yayyyyy.. so,so happy for her!!!

I want to name my baby girl Austine,is that a bad name for a girl?

Jean on

Maxwell Johnson, who will get mail her whole life addressed to MR. Maxwell Johnson. Jessica is such a girly girl then she names her daughter with the most unfeminine name ever. Celebrities are idiots.

Julianna on

Color me surprised at the name they chose for their daughter. Given how girly Jessica is, I expected something more feminine. But, then again, her sister has a son named Bronx Mowgli, so… Maybe Maxwell has some hidden meaning to dad like Drew has to Jessica?

Other than that, congratulations, Jess and Eric, on the birth of your daughter. I bet Jessica is thrilled her baby is finally here. I can’t wait to see a picture of that baby – I’m sure she’s a beauty!

Maria on

MAXWELL- for a girl? WHY, people- why would you do that to an innocent baby. Maxwell is a boys name. ANd not even a nice one. WEIRD

Shannon on

Maxwell is Eric’s middle name. There was buzz early on that they would be choosing Maxwell for the name regardless of the sex of the baby.

seila on

she names her daughter maxwell but yet, she doesn’t want her daughter to ask for nikes instead of christian louboutins? LOL. congratulations anyway.

amy on

Jessica is about as girly as a girl can get and she chose Maxwell for her baby girl , Really !?!?!

Shannon on

Lindsey Sloane also named her daughter Maxwell a few months ago.

Meghan on

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the name Maxwell and I think it’s great that there is meaning behind it. Welcome to motherhood Jessica!!! You are going to be an amazing mom.

BurtReynolds on

Don’t say “hope it was a c section”. That’s horrible to say. I hope she had a wonderful birth either way. Sheesh.

Barbra on

Congratulations to Jessica & Eric. Maxwell Drew has finally arrived. It seems as if she was pregnant for 3 years. I had heard that Maxwell was Eric’s mother’s maiden name and that Drew is Jessica’s mother’s maiden name. Though I am not a huge fan of Maxwell for a girl, she is not the first to have done this and compared to all the other ugly named these “celebs” are naming their kids at least hers are actual names in a baby name book with meaning. Go Jessica! Welcome to mommyhood.

mansfield on

Awwwe, a May Day baby! How sweet.

I think I read that Eric’s middle name is Maxwell. It would definitely be better for a son. Very odd of her to choose such a masculine name for her little girl — I kind of see her more pink, girly girl, super feminine.

Romy on

I knew her name would be Maxwell since some other magazine announced it a while ago. I really don’t like it, even with it being Eric’s middle name.

I also dislike the middle name Drew, even with it being Tina’s maiden name. I mean do those names really mean much to the girl who will use them her whole life? Probably not. Having 2 male names will probably not be much fun. Also Drew is Nick Lachey’s brother so that seems funny too.

I would have done either Maxwell or Drew as middle name with a regular girl’s name, if you really had to use one of those.


Yeah for her, now that big baby is out. I know everyone is going to have something to say about the name so I will just say that it isn’t my favorite for a baby girl.

Jillian on

Maxwell is Eric’s grandmothers maiden name. I think it’s cute. Even though the middle name is also a family name, I am not a fan of it for a girl in combination with Maxwell. Too boyish. And my first thought was……Drew Lachey, ex brother in law πŸ™‚


Brianne on

Congrats, Jessica and Eric! I’m sure Maxwell is precious!!!

Mel in STL on

As the mother of a Benjamin Maxwell I can’t understand why in the world you would name a GIRL that. Oh well, I guess it’s not Pineapple.

sara on

So the rumors were true…ugh. I was hoping she would at least use a very feminine middle name to even it out, like Maxwell Elizabeth or something. But Maxwell Drew?! There’s nothing feminine about it!

Seriously I can appreciate the reasoning behind it, but Maxwell Drew is a horrible name for a girl!

Liz on

I second what Seila said. With Jessica being so girly, I am shocked she chose such an overtly masculine name. No good nicknames either. Maxi? Like maxi pad? If I were Maxwell I would change it later in life. Babies are such a blessing though so congrats to them!

Anne on

Contragulations to Jessica and her fiance. To be honest Maxell and Drew / Maxwell Drew are not my “cup of tea”. But they have to like the name. And both names seems to means much to them. And that what is important.


TJ on

Why didn’t they wait to see if they had a boy next time? This is a great boys name but not for a girl!

Janie on

9 lbs 13 oz is really not THAT big, folks! It really depends on the size of her head, pushing out a large head with your first baby can be brutal. I hope her birth wasn’t traumatic for Jessica or prolonged in any way and she is able to heal quickly.

Congrats to them and can’t wait to see baby Maxi!

Joyful on

Let there be Peace on earth ……….its not your baby, its not your life. Blessings and welcome to babygirl Maxwell Drew! Congratulations to Mama Jessica and Papa Eric and all the kinfolks! Too bad so many people cannot break from their way of thinking about anything that is not their norm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

sky on

at least call her maxine vs maxwell, it almost sounds like they were hoping for a boy. back to dieting!

Mia on

Not a fan of a boy’s name on a girl – but congrats that she is finally here!

May 1st – Emeralds are a great birthstone + mix with Rubies πŸ™‚

10 LB baby.

Nicole on

Well, considering this announcement hit People at 9am LA time…and they would have had PR and webmasters and such all lined up, it was probably a scheduled c-section.

And I thought she was having a girl?

Hen on

OMG Drew Lachey is all I can think about with this name. For all she hates to talk about her ex, she gives her baby her ex-brother in laws name. Even though it is Tina’s Maiden name that is just silly. Even Maxwell Simpson Johnson would have been better?

Jane on

Awful!! So disappointed. I had hoped the rumors weren’t true. I don’t care if it’s a “family” name. If Mary or Katherine was a family name for a 100 years in their families you know they wouldn’t give either name to a boy.

Maxi on

I am so happy that all of you disapprove of the name she chose for her baby girl! Congrats to the new family!

stacey on

another hideous celebrity name……what a surprise!

Megan E. on

While 9 lbs 13 oz may seem like a “big” baby to those of us used to 6 and 7 pounders its really not that huge. Now my cousin, who was 11 lbs 10 ozs (and his mother ate healthy, exercised, and didn’t have GD) is a big baby.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple on the arrival of their baby girl.

I decline to comment on the name.

Doreen on

It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this announcement!!!!!!!! What an awful name though! 😦 Congrats Jess!


People are so crazy these days.. last time I checked as a parent your childs name is your decison… whether the next person likes it or not.. it’s not your decsion as the general public.. and with all of the negative words and comments, it’s a wonder they don’t take down these blogs.. these are other people children you are talking about.. what they name their children is none of you concern.. and last time i checked during the 60’s which could be when most of you lonely women were born.. they took the liberty of naming their children unusal names.. get over it people it’s their kids… you don’t have to raise them or like them.

Mina on

Would it be acceptable to name a boy Susie, Mary Katie, or Debby? NO! Reminds me of the whole “girls can be tomboys” crap. There are BOYS and then there are GIRLS! Should of known Jessica is too big of an idiot to know the difference…along with all those other mothers who name their kids stupid things.

kjc on

Yay, finally! I have been checking here twice a day for a month expecting this. I was sure Jessica had delivered weeks ago, but had been keeping it a secret.

I’m not thrilled with the name choice. My first thought was of Drew Lachey also. I dont mind a masculine name for a girl, but I do prefer if she has a more feminine middle name to balance it out a little. Oh well, not my baby. I’m sure she’ll get called Maxi, which is cute.

Congrats on the baby girl. I think Jessica will be a very loving, caring mother.

Christina on

Maxella Drew Johnson would have been a better choice for a girl. Maxwell is just too masculine. Oh well, not my baby. Congrats and be blessed. I’m sure she’ll be spoiled beyond belief, first granddaughter and all.

Lyoness on

I was just waiting for the anger and the “what a horrible name” whiners… Not even a huge JS fan but congratualations!! She got a good solid family name. She’s a big girl!! Happy and healthy. Next, I’m waiting on the snarky weight comments… Those comments are going to be SO awful 😦

Sara on


ready for summer on

Congrats to them!! I love the name especially since it is a family name!!

diane on

I have always defended Jessica to people and she has a very pretty name !!Why would they give their daughter such a horrible name????Why did a baby girl NEED to be named after her father???? His name is Eric… ugh what about Erica ???? The name Maxwell is ugly even for a boy… what a disappointment…Yes it ts their child but come on she has to live with such a terrible name. Oh there are so many pretty names for girls… Why not Jessica…. and what is her middle name???? Just all soooo stupid !!!!

Katie on

She will grow up to hate her name!! Maxwell? Seriously? Anyway, congrats to the family. Now your diet must begin so you can be size 2 next week!! UGH

Amy on

Love it! Good for them!

JMO on

I figured it would be Maxwell since I heard rumors it would be. I like Drew better for a given name. I don’t mind some boy names for girls but this one is too masculine. I personally couldn’t choose a masculine name for my daughter. I guess it’s better then the alternatives of really wacky names. 9lbs 13oz I actually expected bigger! lol

twinhappy on

Congrats to her! I knew it was going to be a big baby!

Lyoness on

9 pounds 13 oz… My hat’s off to you Ma’am… WOW!!

Anonymous on

You know, at first I thought using a boy’s name for a girl was sort of cute and different. Then it became a trend. And I have to say that after having two sons of my own, it was really hard to find names for them without knowing of someone who named their daughter that same name. I didn’t want my kids to have to share their names with six girls in the class.

Monica on

I waited all of April to hear she finally gave birth and then May 1 she finally does. I am quite impressed with the baby’s size. My youngest was 9lbs 4ozs and she trumped that! Considering the amount of weight she gained it’s at least better than if she had a little 6lber. Best of luck with Mommyhood.

I really think it’s hilarious the middle name is her ex husband’s brother’s name. I don’t care if it is a family name, I would have nixed it immediately. I wouldn’t even consider names anyway connected to my or my husband’s exs. To each his own I guess.

Terri on

Whew! That’s a big baby. Congratulations to them on the birth of their precious baby girl.

Terri on

Name is not my cup of tea for a girl. I would have saved the name for a son. But I don’t have to like the name, their choice. Can’t wait to see Jessica with her baby girl.

Tara on

I’m not usually one to scream “oh that’s a boys name” as a lot of names seem cute for either a boy or a girl – but seriously Maxwell isn’t one of them, that is a straight up and down boys name, possibly because their is already a female equivalent to it, if she wanted to call the baby Max or Maxi why didn’t she just name her that, to straddle a little girl with the name of Maxwell is just sad. However, glad for her the baby is finally here (does seem like she was pregnant forever) and many blessings to them.

Leah on

I really hope she grows up to be an awesome athlete and doesn’t give a rip about labels. That’ll show ’em!

Kendal on

Ya’ll are so judgemental, leave the girl alone, it’s not your baby. So many people these days are keeping the sex and name picked out because they don’t want to see the ugly faces people make when they tell them the name they have picked out. Unisex names are on the rise and have become quite popular. I grew up with the name of Kendal, which goes both ways. I wanted to carry that on for my girls, so I named them Taylor and Peyton. Just be happy for her, she has wanted this for so long. I live in her hometown of Dallas and I’m very excited for her & Eric.

Boyname4agirl on

Wow is all o cam say to the majority of you! And to the poster that commented about the fact she will get mail addressed to Mr. Maxwell Drew Johnson it’s really not a big deal, I get mail addressed with Mr too and I even get phone calls asking for Mr. Casey. Anyway Congrats to Jessica on I’m sure a beautiful baby!

David on

It’s like she listened to Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue” and thought it wasn’t a joke.

Anonymous on

Ugly name

Lisa on

First I have to say FINALLY! She popped early on in her pregnancy that I thought for sure she would have been due 2 months ago at least; but every woman carries differently! About the name, I do agree Maxine is more feminine but for each their own and rumor is they are going to call her Maxi anyways. Congrats to the Simpson Family!

Courtney on

I’m so Happy for the new family!!!!!! Welcome to the world Maxwell Drew!!!

As for the name, back off people, this is not your child!!!! I know lots of guys with the name of Dana, Kelly, Courtney, Jene, and Ashly, and all of them are fine with their names, and the same goes for the girls I know who have names like Sam, and Drew… The only trouble they will ever have is from people who can’t let go of stereotypes of what a name should be or what makes a girl a girl, and a guy a guy!!!

Just My Opinion on

I don’t see her getting married to the father at all. She used him for what she needed him for. What does he do, besides being a FORMER NFL PLAYER?

tlc on

Drew is cute for a girl..but Maxwell is not. It’s a straight up MASCULINE name. There is nothing at all feminine about it. Poor baby will be teased by other kids her whole life for having a boy name. I thought Jagger Joseph was cruel for a girl, but this is just as bad if not worse.

Why do these celebs insist on trying to outdo one another with the most bizarre names for their children who have to LIVE WITH THE NAME for their entire life???? It astounds me…

I’m sure the baby is cute and happy for the family but come on..use some sense!

RKF on

Beautiful name… for a boy. It’s not even a unisex name, it’s just a random male name. Would someone name their baby boy Jennifer or Jessica? Actually, probably yes.

Misty on

The first thing I thought of with the name is they will call her Maxie, and I thought of Drew Barrymore before Drew Lachey…LOL. Congratulations to Jessica and Eric!

josy on

Seriously?! MAXWELL DREW?!?! you had a beautiful little girl..and you named her…MAXWELL DREW..I feel sorry for that kid having to correct everyone that will surely assume she’s a man for the rest of her life.

KGP on

Well, I’m clearly in the minority here, but I kind of like the name. And my boys’ names are as traditional as they come.

ClaireSamsmom on

Sigh….it’s over…the pregnancy that has seemed like a lifetime! I am sure Jess feels much better having this baby girl in her arms, rather than her tummy! Congrats to them….i’m sure she is a precious little girl. I am not a fan of the name either…but, it is better than Bear Blu, Bronx, and some of the other ones out there.

AlaBella on

I’m curious to know why she chose to call her daughter Maxwell.

jess on

I get the whole odd baby names that Celeb’s pick out. But Maxwell for a girl. Why would you name your daughter after a coffee brand. SMH at Jessica Simpson. I wonder if it had been twins if their names would have been Maxwell and Folgers? However still better then Morocco. But not by much.

J on

Arighty then. Now there will soon be graphic Jessica jokes about her birth. I hope her labor wasnt as painful as she kept telling everyone it was going to be.

Tigerlee on

I actually like the name. There are plenty of “girl” names that were actually “boy” names, so who gives a flying fig. Jessica and Eric like the name and I think it’s lovely. Congratulations, Jessica and Eric.

Amanda K on

Congrats to Jessica and Eric! I can’t wait to see pics of their little princess πŸ™‚

MollyF on

She can always call her daughter Maxie for short. I don’t like how people always want to make negative comments about other people’s choices in baby names. I’m not a huge Jessica Simpson fan, but I’m happy for her and Eric.

Charlotte on

I saw a gossip post somewhere a few months ago that said they were planning on the name Maxwell….usually those things arent true, so this surprised me. Although I dont personally like the name, congrats nonetheless to Jessica and Eric!

Nancy on

Celebrities can’t just name their children names which are appropriate for the kids they will be growing up with. They have to Make a statement, because they are celebrities and they want to let everyone know they are so different from everyone else. The thing is, that kid will have to live with the ridicule for the rest of her life and celebrities do not care about that. Jessica, what if your given name had been James or Josh???

roadapplescarclub on

Congrats to them, but seriously??? They had months to chose a beautiful name and came up with this? This poor child will be confused with a man her entire life and I can only imagine the nicknames throughout life… good grief people, think! There are plenty of ways to honor your family… if you had a boy!

Mina on

Should of just named her Bruce Anthony. What the heck, right?

Emily on

Peculiar choice of name. I don’t quite understand it. If either the first name, middle name or surname had any ounce of femininity to it, it might be less surprising/unfortunate. But Maxwell Drew Johnson? It really does sound like a man’s name.

I do completely understand that she is perfectly entitled to call her child whatever she likes, and I respect it on that level, but I just don’t get it. WHY?! That little girl will likely struggle for many years with everybody assuming she is a boy. Hopefully they’ll give her a slightly more feminine nickname which will help balance it out.

Congratulations though! It did seem like she was pregnant forever. I think she’ll make a cute Mum πŸ™‚

V on

Poor girl.

Alexandra on

I’m sorry, but “Maxwell Drew” is a straight-up boy’s name. It’s not “unisex.” There’s nothing slightly girly about it. At least give your daughter a girl middle name for easier differentiation. And if she planned on called her “Maxie,” what’s wrong with Maxine or Maximina? Or just Maxie? It would have still payed homage to Eric.

Rebecca on

Oh my goodness what an awful name. Maxwell Drew?? There’s absolutely nothing in the name that would indicate that this is a female child. It is 100% a masculine name and I can’t believe that anyone would even think about using either one on a girl…

essie on

maxwell drew…better than blue ivy. (blue ivy sounds like a spiderman nemesis!)

showbizmom on

You gals are harsh. Congrats to the new little family. I’d hate for you gals to know my kids names or my my kids to know any of your kids. Bullies breed bullies. My kids have unconventional and Korean names that me and my family find beautiful and meaningful. Not to mention this year alone we have like 10 Bella’s or 15 Sean’s my kids pre school. I think being a little bit different is a good thing.

Crystal on

Congratulations Jessica and Eric on the birth of your beautiful, healthy baby girl. I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE the name Maxwell Drew. I have to admit like another poster the “Drew” reminded me of Drew Lachey. Wishing the Johnson family many happy moments, blessings and love. :))))))

stacey mc on

wow, bitter people commenting! Congrats to jessica and eric! Like anonymous is a better name than maxwell! If you are going to spew negativity, at least have the balls to state your name!

Erika on

I get the love and thought that went into the name, but they should’ve saved it for a son as it’s a cute boys name. Congrats to them anyway, but I’m disappointed with the name.

Amanda on

Next year they’ll be announcing the birth of their son, Jessica Tina Johnson. It’s a family name, so it’s perfectly fine to give it to the wrong gender. The child will love them for being so “unique.” (gag)

Seriously though, Maxwell for a girl? Yuck.

Anonymous on

BurtReynolds- I agree! Why anyone would actually HOPE that someone had major abdominal surgery is beyond me!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I actually kind of like the name (especially if it’s true that they’re going to call her Maxie). Also, I get why people are surprised by the name Maxwell for a girl, but I don’t understand the uproar over Drew. There’s an actress named Drew Barrymore who is (if I’m remembering correctly anyway) in her 30s, so obviously the name has been used for both boys and girls for several years!

Just My Opinion- He can be stay-at-home dad to his little girl. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that obviously Jessica’s doctors were wrong about the baby being at least 10 pounds! πŸ™‚

Von on

Oh no…all that waiting & I thought Jess would choose a nice girly name! Maxwell Drew is a boys name! They might have had a boy next so should have saved this name for him.

queenofhearts on

Well all I can say is – it’s a good job it’s not your baby then to all you guys saying you dislike the name Maxwell!! It’s not your choice, and obviously Jessica & Eric love the name. I personally think if they call her Maxie this is an extremely cute name!!

Huge congratulations to Jessica & Eric on the birth of baby Maxwell. I’m sure she’s a cutie!

Sandra on

OMG! Why are you people so mean?!

I LOVE the name Maxwell – I would most likely use it for a boy, but I like the signifigance behind their name choice (AND it is THEIR daughter, how would you like it if people said nasty things about the name you chose for your child?!)

Personally, I think it is sweet and I can totally see a little girl named Maxwell. I like Jessica, she seems so sweet and I am sure she will be an amazing mother.

Congrats to Eric and Jessica on little Maxwell πŸ™‚

Kim on

Congrats to Jessica what a huge bubba! I’m not a fan of the name, really really really masculine and as someone said welcome to a life of everyone thinking you’re a man! Maxwell reminds me of Mr Sheffield on The Nanny :/ ah well each to their own and at last she’s here after the world’s longest pregnancy lol

Christina on

I just told my mom about this and she said ‘that kid is gonna cop some crap during school’ then made a reference to Get Smart in saying that kids might say ‘Hey Maxwell (Smart, aka Agent 86) where’s 99’. I never thought of that but congrats to Jessica and Eric all the same

Cammy on

This is dating myself, but my first thought was the TV show “Get Smart” – the character being Maxwell Smart. Then I thought, of the coffee, “Maxwell House.” Then trying to be positive, thought, well, Maxine is a girl’s name, and it’s similar to Maxwelll And Maxine, although old-fashioned is kind of cute, and if you’re named Maxine, then you might get a nick name like Maxie, so maybe little Maxwell will be called Maxie (like Lexie). Whew! Congrats to the new parents.

LeeLee on

In the south unisex names are quite popular. I went to school with tons of girls who had masculine names and not a single one was ever teased because of their name. Most of the names were their mother’s maiden names. Off the top of my head I remember girs named Cooper,Crawford,Anderson,Turner,Alston,Parkner,Carson,Blake, and Shippey. Okay let me correct myself Shippey was teased for her name but she survived. Bottom line is that kids will tease each other and there is no name one could come up with that a mean middleschooler won’t be able to turn into an insult. For instance my beautiful friend Lydia was called Lydia Chlamydia. Once it became apparent that she wasn’t going to be very ample chested her brother started calling her Lyddie No Titty and that one quickly gained popularity throughout the school. He eventually stopped until she got breast implants after college and now he calls her Lyddie Fake Titty. In the words of Gilda Radner on SNL ,” Its always something.”

melissa on

PEOPLE!!! WHO CARES if you don’t like the name? It’s not your kid. Don’t like it? Don’t name your kid that! Simple as that. Geez! Everyone is sooo rude about it – it’s a name. Who cares?

Yasminda on

Congrats to the new parents and welcome to the world baby Maxwell!!! You are already making headlines!!! LOL! Maxwell might seem odd for some but it’s better than picking out a color or a fruit name. Larger than average babies do not always equal nightmare deliveries or automatic C-sections. Given the proper support and time most healthy women can handle a 9 pound plus baby delivery just fine.

Marky on

LeeLee, your post made me laugh so hard, I nearly peed my pants! How hysterical!! Having lived in the South, I know what you mean about how many people name their girls using mom’s maiden name, or grandmother’s maiden name, etc. I will be laughing about poor Lydia’s brother for days; how is he still living? Looks as if she would have done him in by now, LOl.

Maxwell Drew is not my fav for a girl, but frankly, Jessica has taken enough of a beating throughout her pregnancy and if she wants to call her daughter whatever, fine by me. I didn’t want everyone telling me how much they hated my children’s names. Hope all is well for mom and baby!

Kat on

please reconsider baby name before somoene makes a meme of a maxi pad drawing a pen is. Maxwell Drew Johnson ugh. MD Johnson? Dr Di ck? did you think this through? your beautiful baby will be in the spotlight forever..if u r stuck on this name what will u call her? Add SIMPSON after Drew and call her Simmie?..

AmandaC on

I know a girl named Jay, a boy names Stacey and a girl names Ryan. I guess they can call her Maxi (as in pad).

me on

isn’t it a little odd that her daughter’s middle name is her ex-brother-in-law’s first name?

Cortney on

You all know that if she had a C section she had a tummy tuck at the same time so there is no need for dieting tips…Just saying!

– Cortney Ryan Smith (A girl with two ‘boy’ names but not as bad as Maxwell Drew!)

Amy on

man, there are some hateful people on this blog about her baby name. Who cares?! She belongs to HER parents. I am sure they would not talk about your child’s name.

Blessings to the family.

Melody on

I think that quite a number of people here have shared their opinion (positive or negative) in a respectful way. The few who are being nasty are likely just being so for the sake of it.

To those who accuse the posters here of being bullies, I don’t think (in most cases) that’s true. Having an opinion, and sharing it respectfully and with an appropriate audience (i.e. an online forum such as this), is much different to bullying or ridiculing a child. Saying “I don’t understand the name” or “The name seems like a more masculine name” is an opinion. Saying “What a horrendous name, that mother should have her child taken away from her” is nasty and bullying.

Too many people (on both sides of the argument) are far too quick to judge other posters and derive a different intent and context from it. If a poster on this blog doesn’t “ooh and aah” over a baby’s name, then they’re immediately labelled a horrible person, a bully or told/hinted that their children would be unlucky to have them as a parent. Which, in the latter case, is really an ironic result of the debate.

So to everyone here (on both sides of the argument) maybe get some perspective, look at what you’re saying and think about what others are saying with a little less emotion and more balance.

Sarah on

Wow glad i’m not the only one…who though..hmm. Maxwell..thought she was having a girl and then read and indeed she did have a girl and named it MAXWELL?? WTH? Maxine or Maxie would have been lovely…go figure..Jessica the girliest of them all who wore 5inch heals up in’til birth and openly said if her daughter wanted nike’s one day instead of heels she’d cry..names her Maxwell..gessh poor thing.

Anonymous on

LeeLee- I agree with you completely, especially about their being no name that’s tease-proof. Kids can and will find a way to tease ANY name! And even if a kid doesn’t get teased about his or her name, he or she will probably get teased about something else.

Also, some people actually LIKE their unsual names or what their initials spell! Who’s to say that Maxwell won’t be one of them?

Holiday on

Congrats to them! Not fond of Maxwell but I do like Drew quite a bit. Jessica should have watched her weight, she ended up with a huge baby because of it. It cant be healthy for the baby when mama eats so much junk food and gains more than twice the amount she should gain.

Jillian on

Just because one eats a ton of junk food and gains a ton of weight, doesn’t mean they have big babies. It’s mainly based on the size of the parents and previous births, if you have them.

You bring this up all the time and so many people tell you it’s not true. I don’t really know why I am wasting my time. I guess because I don’t like to see mothers with wrong information? I will add that based on what Jessica admitted, I feel her eating habits were horrible, but I don’t feel that determined the size of her baby.

My neighbor gained 25 lbs and delivered a 9 lb baby this morning. She knew this way before (as did i and everyone i know) and ate healthy. But, her husband is tall/big. So, again what you eat doesn’t determine your babies weight, but eating unhealthy is bad for mommy’s and babies!


Barbi on

Ugghhhh… too masculine and ugly for a girl… poor child 😦

Anonymous on

She should have named her daughter Erica after Eric…. would have made way more sense..

Holiday on

Mary not ALL moms who gain a ton of weight will have big babies but lots will and that is fact. You can google it if you do not believe me. She should have ate healthy…. when I was growing a new person inside me I nourished my babies with healthy food, not fattening junk food!

erika on

she is going to be a cute baby girl. i like her name its had a meaning to it. she going to be like her mom and i cant wait to see picture of her soon. im so happy for your guys and your baby girl. good luck

B on

Maxwell…it sounds like they thought they were having a boy.

c on

I wanted to say something along the lines of “thank goodness now that’s she finally had that baby we can stop hearing about her”, but I realized she probably chose the name precisely so people will continue to talk about her.

KGurley on

2 all the people that were wondering how Maxwell Drew Simpson made her debut, it was via C-section.

Anonymous on

KGurely- Her name is Maxwell Drew JOHNSON and they haven’t said anything about what kind of birth it was yet. However, there’s an article in the latest PEOPLE magazine about the birth, and it mentiones Jessica saying the day before the birth that “I can’t believe I get to hold her tomorrow!”, which indicates that it was, at the very least, a scheduled delivery. But that could mean induction OR C-section. πŸ™‚

terri on

Boy names for girls are the going thing. Love the name Jessica. Congratulations!

Lonnie on

And People is going to pay this billionaire $850 thousand dollars for the first baby pictures. This is wrong.

farrell on

my name is farrell and it is mostly considered a boys name, but my family named me after my great grandmother. That name means worrier and i love it. I don’t care what people think. I think Maxwell drew is a pretty name.

TG on

Why are so many people upset over the name Maxwell? At least it’s not Apple or Pilot Inspektor or whatever Nicolas Cage named his kid. I think the name Maxwell or Maxi for short, is cute. A lot of people interchange names for their kids. Congrats to them!

Barbi on

Personally I feel it’s an ugly name for a girl, but it’s her baby, not mine. Chances are when she grows up and gets fed up with explaining that Maxwell is really her name, she’ll give it up and use “Drew” instead. Either way, both names are ughhh!

anonymous on

You know I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how, mean, cruel and downright vicious some people are. I haven’t read too many forums lately and it hasn’t been for the above reasons. However the cruelty hasn’t stopped. I don’t have a problem for a person to simply say they either don’t like the name or they don’t like the name for a girl or both. BUT when some of you all go down ‘Hate Street’ – that’s going way way too far. When I see posts like that I know without a doubt those people have had issues for years they’ve never dealt with and, unfortunately forums are one of the places they go to spew the anger they’ve been carrying for years. And because it hasn’t been dealt with – it’s misguided anger coming out distorted and misdirected. I choose not to say how I know this because this isn’t the place to discuss something like that. Jessica and Eric have the God given right to name their child what they want to name their child. And I believe their baby is being given so much love……at the end of the day that’s what counts the most.

tessa on

congrats!! It does seem like she was pregnant forever…but love that they chose a family name (:

lauren on

I honestly dont mind the name. I think they could call her Max. I personally want to name my daughter Charlotte and call her Charlie. Blessing Johnson family!

Aunu1 on

People are making such a big stink about this babies name, but it’s not such a stretch, another actress named her daughter born in January Maxwell. And on that note, Congratulations Jess and Jay on the birth of your daughter.

Elye on

Wow, really thats a gorgeous name ecspecially since the name was in the family, i have my great great grandmothers name, so let it be. Jessica you did an awesome job i bet she is absolutly gorgeous just like you!!!!! I love the name no matter what ant body says!!! ❀

Elye on

I dont think Jessica would talk crap about some of your childrens names, if you dont like it then just keep it to your self, Jessica has feelings also, i cant believe how cruel and rude yall are being about Maxwell’s name. Its not your kid so why are you having to worry about it?? All im saying is be nice if your going to post something about Maxwell’s name…….

Jessica Roach on

Congratulations to her! I think the name is very classy, and as the daughter of such a well-known successful woman I am sure that there will be no confusion as to the sex of her child. Besides, when she grows up to be as beautiful as her mother no one will care whether her name sounds feminine or not. Good luck to you as a mother Jessica!