Giuliana Rancic: I’m Nervous About Dropping My Baby

05/01/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill are overjoyed to finally welcome a baby later this summer, but like any first-time mommy, the E! News anchor and Fashion Police co-host admits that she does have some jitters.

“[I’m most nervous] about dropping the baby,” the mom-to-be, 37, told PEOPLE with a laugh at E!’s 2012 Upfront Event.

“It’s terrible! When I hold a baby, I’m very awkward. Everyone always tells me to relax my shoulders and I get so scared. I don’t want to drop the baby!”

The couple announced last week that after years of trying for a baby on their own, a struggle they documented, they were finally expecting with the help of a gestational carrier.

While the couple has stayed mum on the identity of the woman, they say it was the surrogate’s honesty that convinced them she was the perfect fit.

“If I was her going into an interview with a couple, I would try to be little miss perfect. But she was so honest,” said Rancic, who celebrated her news at an office baby party last week. “She’s like, ‘Yeah, I color my hair. Sometimes I drink soda, and sometimes I like coffee.'”

She adds: “It blew me off-guard because I thought that she was going to be so perfect with her answers. I love that she was honest. It made me realize that the important stuff is what I should be listening for, and that’s when I knew she was the one.”

While the couple plan to keep the sex of their little one a secret “for a little bit longer,” they say it’s impossible for them to keep their excitement to themselves.

“We’re looking forward to the day the baby is born,” Bill, 40, said with a smile on his face. “Our journey has a happy ending. We didn’t give up, we didn’t quit and we’re going to have a good ending to this.”

— Isley Kasica

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Lis on

Gosh, I got chills reading this. I am just so happy for them and for any family/couple who has longed for/tried for a baby for so long. I cannot imagine the heartache.

God Bless you both and God Bless Baby Rancic! I have a feeling it’s a boy… 🙂

Sarah S. on

Giuliana, if you’re reading this (unlikely, but…) when you’re holding your own baby for the first time, it’s totally different! All I can say is if you’re nervous, I suggest getting more practice time holding babies before yours in born. Sit down on a comfy couch or big chair and just relax your shoulders and arms, then hold the baby. Breathe! A baby senses nervousness and get uncomfortable, e.g. cry. The rest will come naturally and don’t worry! Enjoy and savor this road to parenthood! 🙂

Sarah S. on

Oh yeah…and I’m thinking boy too.

kjc on

I am so happy for them, and I love how they feel great about their surrogate choice. I was never nervous about holding a baby – but having to pass them back and forth, different story.

Pamela on

When babies are small its easier to hold them….its when they get stronger and push off backwards around 3 or 4 months just always use two hands and support back and head before you know it you’ll be a pro! Huge fan of all your hosting gigs wishing you a blessed life! PS If and when you mess up don’t feel bad every mother has been there trust me…you will be able to write a book of all the funny things you have done to get through the 1st 5 years lack of sleep attributes
to it all! ❤

Sus on

I am so happy for Bill & Giuliana! You will be GREAT parents. I cry every time I watch their show. My husband thinks I’m a bit silly for that but admits that he thinks they seem like a nice couple, too. 🙂

RKF on

To each his/her own, but if I were desperate for a child I would not want the surrogate to do unnecessary things like dye her hair, drink soda and coffee.

As always, just my opinion, so no need to start attacking me for my own personal thoughts.

*Happy4U** on

Congratulations! I have been watching your journey and praying for your miracle. You are a fighter and will be a great mother…Best wishes and great thoughts!!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I LOVE Giuliana and Bill! Am so excited for them! I bet she secretly hates that the surrogate drinks soda – she’s such a health nut haha! But the surrogate is doing them a huge favour so I’m sure she’s happy for what she’s been given. Plus a little soda never killed anybody!

I’m betting on a boy and that they call it Dylan!

Anna on

When I first started driving I was afraid I’d run into oncoming traffic. But after a time or two on a highway one realizes that we have natural controls that keep us on the straight and narrow. Same with holding a baby.

Anonymous on

CelebBabyBlogAddict- I agree whole-heartedly! Now a pregnant woman can’t even drink soda?! What next?!

Anyway, I have to say that I’m somewhat surprised they opted to find out the sex of their baby. After what they’d been through, you’d think they’d care less about the baby’s sex and just want a healthy baby!

Also, there was a brief interview with these two in PEOPLE magazine a week or two ago, and Bill mentioned that they chose to go the surrogate route because Giuliana’s doctor told them “You can’t really get pregnant after having breast cancer”. Is it normal for doctors to tell their breast cancer patients that? I’m asking because I know that plenty of women who have breast cancer are able to have succesfull pregnancy (with Christina Applegate being a celebrity example).

Jillian on

Rfk and CBA,
I am very confused by this article bc on the show, they said the above but said she does not drink pop when pregnant.

If it came down to you never being a mother or being a mother via surrogate while they occasionally drank soda, coffee, dies hair….just curious. Not attacking. I think it’s an interesting topic since everyone is different. I don’t drink pop bc it is horrible for your body, but if the only way I could have a child was by someone who maybe had one once in awhile, I would go for it.

LeeLee on

Anonymous I think the difference between Christina Applegate’s situation and that of Giuliana is that Giuliana has fertility issues and there was very little chance of her getting pregnant without IVF. Her final round of IVF resulted in only two embryo’s and I THINK ( not sure)they said that both were put into the surrogate. Giuliana’s fertility doctor warned her that the hormonal stimulation required for another round of IVF would be very dangerous if there were any cancer cells left in her body post masectomy. The doctor told her that if she wanted to do IVF again it would only be hormonally safe after she had been cancer free for 5 years. She knew that the increase in her age would make it even more unlikely to have a biological child so she and Bill chose to go ahead with surrogacy. Not sure if I’m 100% right as I’m just working from my memory of their show from a few weeks ago.

Michelle on

They are her eggs so either they were frozen from a previous IVF before cancer or she underwent stims after her mastectomy.

Add in the physical toll it takes on your body plus her history of a previous loss and a gestational carrier was probably the smarter choice for them to have a family now.

Lien on

Giuliana, you are going to be a supermam!
And Bill offcours, superdad! 🙂

I’m so curious, Boy or a girl!! 🙂
Wish you all the best!

Heather on

I am so happy for them!!! Let me just say that there was a segment on the special they did on invitro, and it showed Guiliana holding a baby – and she was holding it just fine!!!

Dont worry – people dont really drop their babies, you will be fine!

Me on

How much money are these two paying the media to stay up their a$$es? If I see another story about them, I’m going to puke. And for the smart a$$ed – NO, I didn’t read the story. It’s the leading headline on the website right now, thus, my comment.

stef24 on

It doesn’t matter how this baby was created, he (rumor has it Bill slipped and said it was a boy) will be very much loved and very well taken care of!

Mimi2012 on

Women receive significant levels of hormones during IVF. There are known links between these same hormones and breast cancer. Also, IVF labs create and destroy multiple embryos to make the “perfect” child. They implant multiple embryos to make sure one “takes.” Some women then undergo selective abortion to avoid multiples (triplets, twins). The same is true of surrogacy (embryo destruction, multiple implants, selective abortion). This is why my husband and I would never consider IVF or surrogacy even though we are infertile. It is worth researching and thinking about.

VerBer on

Normal fear. No worries, you’ll get PLENTY of practice!!! And remember, babies are stronger and more resilient than we think. Give yourself a break.

tessa on

It’s always scary holding a newborn when you haven’t had much experience. They are a lot less breakable than you think. I have never even come close to dropping any of my babies, she will do great. Oh all the stuff you worry about when you are about to become a first time mom 🙂

Natalie on

Aww…so sweet! My husband was always “stiff” and “timid” holding anyone else’s baby…out of fear he’d drop the poor little one. But, when he held our little girl the first time…the fear went right out the window! The same thing will happen to you Giuliana! I love your story. I have followed you and Bill from the beginning. And, I couldn’t be happier for you. I am a News Reporter AND struggled with infertility as well…so, I feel a personal connection to you. I love how you have shared your infertility story (I didn’t feel so alone) and I love how you have opened your hearts about your breast cancer scare (my mother had a scare herself). GOOD FOR YOU for helping others by sharing YOUR story. Love to you, Bill, and this little bundle of Joy. You both deserve this SO MUCH! XOXO

Shiv on

I am SOOOOOO happy they decided to do this! It is the smart thing to do! With their lifestyles, all of Guilian’s health issues for now, THIS is what they needed. In the future they may still have another child without using a surrogate. Regardless, this child is precious and so very loved. Congratulations!

Monique on

I love this couple and I hope they have as many children as their hearts can hold.

Costy on

I was petrified holding other peoples’ babies. But when it is your own, EVERYTHING changes. God Bless!


i wanted to cry when i read this, i’m so happy to see your dream come true. May God’s blessing always be with you & your family. you are truly a inspirtaion.

Halley on

my husband had never held a baby before our son was born. He was sure he would break him! Babies arent as breakable as she thinks, I am sure, and once she holds her own, she’ll be surprised how quickly she gets the hang of it. By the time our baby was a few days old, my husband was telling others how to hold him, lol! Best wishes to the Rancics.

Judy on

I think that enough has been said. I am very happy for this couple to fufill their dreams but I think they are over doing it. Be thankful for this wonderful gift and stop all the stories that are not necessary. Everyone is happy for you both you need to concentrate on this new experience and stop all the hype that is not necessary.

Jess on

As someone who struggled for many years to have a baby and lost 4 in the process I am so happy for this couple. I think her nerves are completely normal. When my hubby and I decided to adopt all I could think of while we waited for the birth of our daughter was what if I drop her or forget her somewhere. I was truely paranoid about it but it’s funny because it seems the instatnt she was born and the nurse put her in my arms all worries about those kind of things just disappeared and I knew all was right in our world. Giuliana and Bill will be fanatstic parents this child is going to be so lucky to have them.

SG on

I battled infertility and when I finally got pregnant, I still highlighted my hair every six weeks (it’s safe to do so if your stylist knows what they are doing) and I drank a Coke every day. And my baby came out perfect. People try to freak pregnant moms out with what they should and shouldn’t do. For the record, I had a three-day migraine when pregnant and I couldn’t take any medicine for it, so what did my OB/GYN advise me to do? DRINK A LOT OF COKE. Congrats to Guiliana and Bill-I’m very happy for them!

Marky on

The only way they wouldn’t know the sex of their child when doing surrogacy, would be if they asked not to be told. I have never had the impression they cared one way or another what sex their baby is; I think they are just excited and want to relish every minute. Why does anyone care that they know the sex? Almost everyone finds out these days. Why not just be happy for them?

As far as the pregnancy after breast cancer, part of whether it’s advisable or not is dependent on the type of cancer she had, and how pregnancy hormones affect the likelihood of recurrence, and whether or not you are willing to risk it. Personally, after losing several friends to breast cancer, I wouldn’t risk it even with a partner who was crazy about the baby. It’s one thing if the child is already here when you have your first occurrence, but quite another to intentionally get pregnant if you know you have a strong chance for recurrence. There is not a reason I need a bio child that badly; I would foster or adopt, but that’s MY choice, not everyone else’s, nor is there a “good” or “bad” in choosing your way to build a family under these circumstances.

jeff on

Love Giuliana and Bill…wish them all the best

bh on

I dropped my baby and he turned out fine.

christa on

Gulianna, you will be ok with holding your baby, as soon as you become a mom. Congrats

jessesgirl72 on

Anonymous, Giuliana’s MD told her that he wouldn’t advise her to get pregnant for 5 years, because if there were any cancer cells left anywhere in her body, they’d be stimulated by the hormones when you’re pregnant. The likelihood (despite the media portrayal) of being able to harvest viable eggs after treatment AND after age 40 would have been pretty low. That’s why G&B have said repeatedly that these 2 remaining embryos were their last chance of having their own biological child.

heather on

maybe if her arms weren’t like toothpicks, she wouldn’t have to worry as much.

Angelique on

Absolutely love these two! They have been through so much with trying to have a baby and then her diagnosis of breast cancer. Through it all they always remain positive, try to make the best out of things and use their struggles to educate others. They will make great parents. Congrats to both!

Ashley on

I was the same way before I held my son for the first time. It really comes naturally. I honestly still do not like to hold other people’s babies. I am only comfortable holding my child. I am sooo happy for you and Bill. I have been watching your show on Style since it premiered. You and Bill are going to be wonderful parents!!! You two are definitely living your Fairy Tale!

boohoobytch on

I don’t get along with the “downers” of the world…worry about dropping the baby if that happens – that’s the last thing this chick should be concerned about – she’s not a 13 yr old babysitter…her eyes and mouth (literal placement and shape) have always annoyed me but now I think she’s just a weird, complaining moron


Every new parent gets nervous.Every new parent has doubts. I am very sure you will be a great Mommy. Wait until you hold him or her. You’ll see. Best of Luck Giuliana and Bill.

Tara on

G, don’t worry, I felt the same way, I had no clue how to hold them or any of the tricks to burping or changing, but once you hold the baby the first time you will just melt like a piece of butter and it will come naturally to you… God Bless!

Stephanie on

I can totally relate. Before my son was born I had only held one baby before that, ever. So I was really nervous the first few times, but I swear it seems different when you hold your own child. It’s amazing. I’m very happy for her and I wish them all the best. 🙂

KmH on

In the episode, what the woman actually told them is that she does do those things, but not while she is acting as a gestational carrier. I think the point of what Giuliana Rancic is trying to convey is that the woman didn’t present herself as a fake, saying that she didn’t do those things when she really does.

butterfly on

I love them both and I might be their biggest fan of all 🙂 …I gotta question though. Whose blood is the baby going to have? I am guessing person carrying it?

Amberley on

I colored my hair when I was pregnant, my son is just fine…a lot of women do. I did not however drink caffeine, however, I was on a liquid diet because of kidney failure…but I do not think there is anything wrong with her drinking a caffeinated beverage every now and then. Not much different from eating sweets…like chocolate…This woman is giving them the best gift of all…

bh on

Don’t worry – the nanny will hold him or her.

Aurora on

Guiliana, you will be a great mom ! Don’t worry about dropping the baby. When the baby gets older and starts squirming just support the back and head. Babies like to push themselves away. Your mom will give you all the pointers you need. I am so happy for you and Bill. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy !!

Rob on

She will obviously have a nanny to carry the kid around so what’s she worried about? Give me a break, this is newsworthy?

xoxo on

so exciting

Bluejeans on

Guiliana & Bill – Congrats to you both. And Guiliana, it’s okay if you drop your baby. He’ll likely have Bill’s hard head anyway. =)

Rob on

Not to worry Guiliana, Im sure your bevy of nannies will handle your worries. This is soooo not newsworthy!

Bluejeans on

THOSE OF YOU WITH YOUR NASTY NANNY COMMENTS – obviously Giuliana and Bill can afford help. I hope they do hire someone to help. But nobody who’s waited and agonized as long as these two are going to just casually turn their baby over for childcare. PLEASE GO TROLL somewhere else. These two deserve good wishes – not your negativity.

Mike on

Why don’t you go flirting with all of your interviewees like you used to do, Guiliana? What a professional you were. You actually thought you were hot enough to get a movie star? Instead you end up with a guy who has the personality of a rock. And who wears too much lipstick for a tv show.

LisaLisa on

This woman just convinced me yet again she is NOT the brightest bulb in the package. most everything that comes out of her mouth makes her sound like an idiot. just go away guiliana. your 10 minutes of fame was over a LONG time ago

Jennie on

What is wrong with her, she is not a celebrity and she only wants to be in the news.She is so ulgy.

lucy on

this is newsworthy?

C on

I’m happy for her, but saying she’s nervous she’s going to drop the baby ….. DUH now her stupidity is showing

cjj on

this woman will do or say anything to get in the news. TMI lady.

Marky on

Okay, posters, are you incapable of reading comprehension? She is saying she has always had a fear of dropping anyone’s babies, and that includes hers. She didn’t say that would keep her from holding her baby, that someone else would have to care for, hold, and nurture the baby, or anything else that was stupid. She was being interviewed, answered a question; of course it got published in the worst possible light, and now she’s getting razzed about it?? Really? The only people who look stupid are people like Rob, Mike, LisaLisa, Jennie, and C,plus a few others who feel the need to unleash the venom of their own miserable day onto someone else. Is school out in some town, or have some of you failed to grow up?

Tammy Scott on


Bgmom on

Maybe if she ate something and gained some weight, she’d be strong enough to lift something. She’s too skinny!

dilitant on

You’ll be great Giuliana – don’t worry :).

marianna on

I am thinking baby girl!
All the best, health and happiness..
forza e’ coraggio!

Scoot Flanagan on


California Granny on

After watching Giulianas and Bills struggle to have a baby, it is so wonderful to see how they conquered the mountain they had to climb. Good for you both. Keep the faith and good luck for your family.

Anonymous on

Kudos to you both for your inspirational and REAL story, from the very beginning! Meeting, dating, getting married, contemplating having children, deciding to move forward and procreate, the obstacles, the tragedies, trials and tribulations, the norm of everyday life…regardless of status. Your story is one that inspires! You have been through hell and back and yet you still keep chugging along! Maybe your story can explain the meaning of “everything happens for a reason”! I believe there is LIGHT at the end of your tunnel! Congrats! Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

Jillian on

The doctor told them the could try to do IVF again but would need to wait 3-5 years. They didn’t want to wait because the chances of it happenning would be so slim. He never said after breast cancer you can’t get pregnant. As first time parents it’s a shame they get blasted for finding out the sex like half the rest of the population and told , “After what they’d been through, you’d think they’d care less about the baby’s sex and just want a healthy baby!” Anything else they shouldn’t do?

Again I agree with everything you said! So many people are finding out these days. I can’t believe they get crap for finding out!! This comment by Anonymous just pissed me off, “After what they’d been through, you’d think they’d care less about the baby’s sex and just want a healthy baby!”

Exactly! This article is really representing things wrong, as how it reads and what the surrogate is doing are two very different things!

The definition of a celebrity is a well known famous person….which she is and will continue to be sorry!

To those asking why this is newsworthy, umm…reporters ask questions and celebrities answer. Maybe she was asked what are you most nervous about after you become a mother on the first day….


CA girl on

I love how so many people on this thread are “experts” on fertility yet not many have gone through IVF…specifically Mimi2012….fert. clinics do not create then destroy embryo’s as they please. How ignorant can you be???? They keep and store those that fertilize as not all do. So glad to hear that they will be having a happy ending…fertility issues are such a roller coaster of emotions, yes I do know first hand since I’ve gone through 2 rounds.

doll on

wow really!!! why do people have to be so mean i’am so happy for both of them, she has been threw so much …..she is a very strong and bueatiful women…wish you both the best with the new baby …you will be fine ..when you hold that baby for the first time…you both will be great parents best wishes …..

Susan on

I am so happy for her. I really like Gulianna and I think she is going to be a great mom. I remember the feeling of thinking I was going to hurt my son the first time I changed his clothes at the hospital. Then I realized he was bendy and I was going to hurt him. I ened up being a pretty good mom! Gook Luck and I hope your baby is happy and healthy!

katjan68a on

Don’t worry, try sitting down with the baby the first few times. Babies are very resilient. The only thing you have to worry about is cradling the baby’s neck and after that all will be well.

Morgan on

I am SO SICK of hearing this woman moan & whine, like a nagging mosquito! I wish her well, I really do. I wish her husband well, the may the make a wonderful, happy family. I am sick of seeing her & hearing her. She’s just not interesting & she comes across as being such an attention ho. I think she believes she’s doing the world a favor sharing her experiences, but as a woman who suffered 13 yrs of infertility, I’m just not interested in hers. As much as I dislike her, I have been praying for her during her serious illness & I continue to do so. Its the least I can do for someone I find annoying & pathetic. Saying shes afraid she’ll drop her baby is stupid, annoying & boring & sounds like someone is just trying to keep her in the spotlight. I say, go get ready for your baby. The poor kid is going to have to fight with mom to get any attention. The whole world does not revolve around her & someone should tell her. How she’s come this far is a mystery to me.

judy on

Giuliana, I hope you take a moment and read this – as an insecure first time mother, PLEASE listen to this if you listen to nothing else. YOU will know your baby better than anyone else. The fact you didn’t carry her won’t make one bit of difference. I know you love your darling mother but she comes across as a grandmother who won’t hold back with the advice. So, please remember this above all else – there is not another soul who will know your child as you will. TRUST YOUR MOTHERLY INSTINCTS – and you WILL have them. As far as dropping the baby – take some time for you and Bill to just be ALONE with your baby for the first few hours. Don’t feel guilty – just do it. I did it and asked family to wait until a certain time to come for a visit. They hated it, but understood and we had time to bond with our baby without feeling that everyone was judging every move I made. Asking for a few hours is not too much to ask. You’ve waited a lifetime for this baby – enjoy her. Spending time alone will allow you to RELAX and all fears will melt away. God Bless you – all three of you. Judy