Candice Crawford Enjoys Her First Night Out After Baby

04/30/2012 at 12:15 PM ET
Michael Loccisano/Getty

“It’s my first time away from the baby!” an excited Candice Crawford was overheard saying at the Google/Hollywood Reporter party Friday night in Washington, D.C.

The former broadcaster, in town for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, gave birth to son Hawkins just three weeks ago, and looked just as svelte as she did pre-baby.

She was accompanied by her husband, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and her big brother, Chace Crawford, who stayed close to the new mom as she enjoyed her adults-only night.

“I am the best uncle,” Crawford told PEOPLE, confirming his own prediction from before the baby’s arrival. “I’m like Christmas vacation. I’m the best.”

Though he called his “uncledom” a limited experience at best, Crawford seemed moved by his proximity to childbirth.

“It’s an extremely bizarre, beautiful process,” he said. “I’m not going to give you all the intimate details of my sister having a baby, but it was absolutely incredible.”

The good news was that while he’s usually the one making eyes at the camera, for once, he could turn the tables when his nephew arrived. Said Crawford, “There were a lot of pictures flying around, that’s for sure.”

— Helin Jung

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Chandragupta on

Ugh, I am so sick of hearing about how thin celebrities are after they have a baby. Why does this always have to be the main focus? There’s enough pressure on new moms as it is, without having to try and look “bikini-ready” just weeks after giving birth. Thanks, People, for perpetuating this problem.

amy on

She’s gorgeous, all the best to both of them.

Sandy on

YAWN!!! Come on- really????

Courtney on

Ummm, what is a mother doing out bar hopping 3 weeks after giving birth? Take care of your baby! He needs you!

Amanda on

Chace and Candice are beautiful people, so it’s no surprise that she looks beautiful after having a baby. I think it’s so great that there is so much love for this baby!

Halley on

Why are we celebrating that she is thinner than the other women in the room. That doesnt promote any kind of body image issues or anything like that. Shame on the author of this article. Congrats to the Romos on the birth of their son.

Mikaylah on

I hate when people make a big deal about new mothers going out for a nice evening. She probably has help, from either her family or nanny, and she could probably use the break. Mothers who try to do it all on their own are usually overwhelmed and suffer depression. It is completely healthy, for mother and father, to enjoy some one on one time.

I love that her brother was there for the experience. It truly is amazing.

Crystal on

@Courtney- I knew there would be someone complaining about her leaving her son. She is at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for some. Plus, who wants to be cooped up in the house? Just because you are a parent does not mean your life becomes all about the baby. I think they look wonderful and as new parents a date night is a great chance to reconnect.

melissa on

Weird Stepford Wife

Missy on

She’s actually hasn’t lost the baby weight, people cropped out the part that shows she still has her baby belly.

Mary on

i can’t be the only one who finds it sadly ironic that a magazine claiming to promote “real beauty” deems it necessary to point out that a new mom is “impossibly thin!”, ‘thinner than most in the room’. What an excellent way to promote poor body image, misplaced priorities, and not least of all, shoddy journalism!

Tammy on

Courtney, you are so ridiculous! Attending a function is not bar hopping. Mothers are allowed an adult evening out. More mothers should probably do that. Normally, we do so much for others and not enough for ourselves.

Michelle Lunsford on

Why is the fact that she is “impossibly skinny” even mentioned in this story? I am so sick of Hollywood and the impossible standards they try to set. Having a baby is hard. Your body has to gain weight to support the baby. Sometimes it does not come off in two months or less. I wish these people would spend more time bonding with baby and less time worrying about how quickly they can get skinny again.

PostBaby on

@ Chandragupta…..AMEN!!

jen on

This article was so poorly written, its not even funny.

Liz on

Under the headline for the article on People’s home page it does in fact say “party-hopping”. Whether she was doing it or not is another story. I too think it’s a bit early, but to each their own. Also pretty sure the picture shown is from before she had the baby, as I’ve seen it before? Melissa, I laughed at your comment:)

Alexa on

Like many have also commented, I find it insulting to state “and managed to look thinner than most of the women in the room.” That is so rude! How shallow and it really objectives her too. You could focus on her glowing, her looking healthy, her emotions but her being “impossible thin”? Really low People!

MMM on

It’s called spanx…. and she probably exercised while pregnant. Those that are already in shape typically bounce back with a little left in just a few weeks. And if they don’t – who cares!?!?!? They just had a baby! Celebrate that and not the size of her waist or stomach.

Kimberly on

@Mary — Agree 100% with you! Couldn’t believe I read that. Plus, their title to the story was so misleading. Nothing wrong with being out for a dinner event, but People magazine made it sound like she was bar hopping. Guess they’ll write anything to get people to read their stories now.

Sara on

It’s called Spanx and airbrushing by People Magazine.

heather on

why isn’t People showing the full photo where she’s standing uncomfortably in an ill-fitting dress?

Teresa on

@Crystal: I hope that’s truly not your attitude. Or, maybe you’ve never had a child. I can guarantee you your life becomes all about that baby, especially when he or she is first born. I bet she never stopped thinking about Hawkins the whole time she was out!

Jessica on

If you see the picture on other sites, you can clearly see a belly pooch, which is PERFECTLY NORMAL! I think the “party hopping” bit is too much as she was at the WH Correspondent’s dinner.

Aside from all of this, does anyone else think it’s strange that her brother was in the delivery room? I’m an only child so maybe I just don’t get it.

martina on

Geez, nice job People – putting such emphasis on being thin three weeks after having a baby. The stupid editorial comment aside, Candice looks radiant. In other pictures it’s quiet obvious she’s recently had a baby. Given her age and fitness level, she will have no problem getting back to her pre-pregnancy size zero. But for crying out loud, give her uterus a chance to shrink before judging how ‘thin’ she is.

daria on

i echo the sentiments of everyone else questioning why her size is such a primary focus of an article. who cares if she’s skinny or not? why mention it twice? no woman should be judged solely by how thin she is (or not) after childbirth.

jones on

Nothing wrong with having a night out with her husband. Grandma and grandpa were probably watching the baby. As others have pointed out, what I find annoying is the focus on her weight.

Nancy on

Really, this is top news? and who the hell leaves a three week old baby to go to a part??? maybe she does it all the time to go to the gym while someone else takes care of the baby and that’s why she is so thin. Or maybe she didn’t even actually give birth and who gives a crap anyway.

yardsale on

I love how pissed off people get when a woman is skinny after having a baby. I was back in regular jeans three weeks after my son came out — all 8lbs of him. And i’m a size 2. Big f-in deal though. Why does this have to be a story? People should just let it be.

Mary on

I find two things amusing about this article. First is the picture. She looks so much like Carrie Underwood. Second, this article is published on the day that Carrie Underwood”s new album is available in stores and she is doing a lot of TV appearances. This was not a news worthy story. Of all the mega stars and really interesting people who attended this event, these three are at the bottom of the list.

fran on

@Courtney, attending a formal dinner function hosted by the U. S. Government is ‘bar-hopping’??

star on

She is gorgeous, he looks like crap now!

Shannon on

Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed with this article? Yet another way for People to try to show the rest of us how we “should” look after birth. Yes, Candace looks amazing. However, having had 3 children myself, I can see that she certainly does still have postpartum weight. She just happens to have on some serious spanx to smooth out the jello of a deflated preggo tummy, lol!

Kitty on

She looks great. She watched what she ate during her pregnancy and made healthy choices. Good for you Candace!

hbomb1225 on

Agreed with many other posters…this article is disgusting…”she managed to look thinner than any other woman in the room” REALLY?! Congrats to her, but thats just disrespectful to everyone else in the room. I dont know if I have ever been more upset for an article written on here.

stef24 on

Oh come on! You’re acting as though she left her newborn for a week in the Caribbean! This is ONE night for a FEW hours. Maybe he slept through the entire dinner and didn’t even know his mom was gone!

She looks fantastic and she’s incredibly brave for wearing white weeks after giving birth!

hbomb1225 on

I wrote an email to the editor about this article…I know no one will read, but at least I tried.

Melissa on

People can go out for a night away from their child. It is good for the mom and dad to get a break so they are not so exhausted they can’t function. The mom and dad need to stay healthy and positive and energized to take care of a newborn, so I really don’t see why some people make a big deal of a night out. Mom deserves some downtime, too and this is not in anyway neglective to the baby.

Crystal on

@Teresa- That is ridiculous! I refuse to believe that once you become a mom your life becomes COMPLETELY about your baby. I am not a mom but most of my friends are and I guarantee their lives aren’t all about their children. I find it sad when parents become so wrapped up in their children they lose sight of the people they used to be. I WILL NOT be one of those moms. Candice may have been thinking of Hawkins the whole time she was there BUT she’s still out with her husband enjoying I’m sure some much needed quality time with him. You are a wife FIRST and a mother SECOND!

Lisa on

I think the entire point of this story….is a shot at Jessica Simpson…who is his ex and extremely huge. At first I felt bad about jessica remarks but when she talks abut what she can not feel sorry for her…cheescake in the am..fried chicken lunch and dinner pop tarts with butter and mac and cheese with extra cheese…she is using prenancy as free pass. So this articl is basically saying Tony…you dodged that bullet…

Lisa on

Dear – This article is a perfect example of why so many women in this country have a complex about their body image. What awful wording used in this article. It is beginning to sound more and more like high school students are writing for this site.

molly on


Clearly you are not a mom. I am, and I can tell you that my husband does not come before my kids. My family–meaning my husband and my kids, are my priority. I deeply love my husband, and never thought I could love anyone more, until I had a child. While you still need to be yourself, and have time with your spouse, kids are and should be your #1 priority. That said, I don’t have a problem with Candice leaving the baby for an event like this.

Meghan on


I normally don’t comment much on here but your comment was quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on here. If you have children you are a MOTHER first and a WIFE second.

heather on

Dear Lisa,

If women have a body image complex simply from reading People magazine, that’s their own problem.

Molly on

She’s beautiful. Her whole family is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a family where all the members are beautiful. It’s lovely. πŸ™‚

Amanda on

Why are people jealous when somebody is still thin after having a baby? Just because your pregnant doesn’t give you a free pass to eat whatever you want!! Maybe the obese can learn something from this beautiful woman! Congrats…

A Mattie on

Her chin looks like an ice pick.

Nita on

Nope, wife first, then mother. But all of these become your top priority in life.

Cassie on

I’m with Crystal.

Your husband is there FIRST. Your kids will one day leave you and you still want to have a strong bonding relationship with your husband when this happens.

Far too many women just put their husbands on the back burner and end up looking at a total stranger once their kids leave the nest.

A LOT of women have it backwards. Get mad and huffy all you want, it is the truth and I will not be all consumed by all things baby just because I become a mother. You are still a woman, and individual, and you owe it to yourself to keep that intact.

Jay on

Couldn’t help but notice People changed the line “she is thinner than the other women in the room” to “and looked just as svelte as she did pre-baby.” Wonder which star complained about the “thinner” comment?

Kimberly on

Really? All you women feel that once you become a mother you are no longer an individual? I have a son, whom I love more than life. I’m a great Mom and I’ve raised him right, yet I’ve kept my individuality as well. It’s great being called Mom, but I like being called Kim too. It’s about balance.

Amy on

I find it weird she gets publicity. She was a TV correspondent for a local Texas station and her brother is on Gossip Girl. Tony Romo only gets press on People and US Weekly because he dated famous girls…but then again the Kardashians are still around…..

ruby on

She looks so much like her brother, it’s like I’m seeing him in drag. They are a gross couple to me :/

And who cares if she’s still ‘svelte.’ Barf.

Crystal on

@Nita and Cassie- Thank you very much! Wife FIRST, Mother SECOND!

@ Kimberly- Exactly! You can be both. Just because you are a mother does not mean you aren’t an individual. Balance is the key! πŸ™‚

Anon on

Meghan, I agree, *especially* when baby is only 3 weeks old! Whatever happened to bonding …? Plus, isn’t she exhausted by all the night feeding?! I would have very happily passed on a dinner in favour of a few hours continuous sleep!!

Chandragupta on

So did anyone else notice how they changed the wording on the article from what was posted this morning? Instead of calling her skinny and saying she looked thinner than everyone in the room, now she’s “svelte.” Nice one, People.

Eve on

@Courtney, attending a formal dinner function hosted by the U. S. Government is β€˜bar-hopping’??

– fran on April 30th, 2012
The event is hosted by the media – who invite the attendees based on who was most in the media in the past year. Specifically, it is hosted by the journalists whose beat is to cover the WH. Hence, the name White House Correspondences’ Event. The US Gov has nothing to do with it – no planning/paying, etc. The Prez is always invited and is expected to give a speech.

Juicy on


You are not a mother, you have NO room to talk. End of story. You are mother first and a wife second. Should I tell my child to please hold so I can go give her daddy a BJ??? Didn’t think so.

And for those that say your child will grow up and leave, wow, In what kind of household were you raised in? I talk to my mom daily and visit her every weekend. How sad that you feel the need to put your husband first after having a child. My child will always be my child, my husband might leave. He’ll never come first. And he clearly knows that.

As a wise woman once said “You should be prepapred to drop anything and everything if you’re willing to bring a child into this world” If My husband leaves then so be it, there is nothing more important than my children. Definitely not a man. It’s just gross to me that woman think like this.

Juicy on

And to those saying kee your individuality, You can keep it while being a mother, without pushing your child aside. I have a wonderful life one I share with my child and husband. AND when she’s an ADULT, I’ll enjoy it MY way.

Hen on

Hellooooooo! She is 25 yrs old People! If I had my kids in my 20’s I would have rocked a tight body 2 weeks after the baby, but I was in my mid 30’s…Things are VERY different when you are in your 30’s…

Sandra on

Ummm, what is a mother doing out bar hopping 3 weeks after giving birth? Take care of your baby! He needs you!

– Courtney on April 30th, 2012

Bar Hopping…Really!… It is a pitiful shame that women are so spiteful towards one another.

passing thru on


SHE is a diehard JESSICA SIMPSON FAN and it just feeling bitter because Tony Romo dumped her for a classy, pretty girl like Candice.

Hey Courtney, dont worry. Jessica Simpson will have her time to shine soon and will look like her Daisy Duke years in no time. IN the meantime, dont take it out on Candice just because she looks good. Tony traded up. Dont blame him one bit.

Crystal on

@Juicy- Your husband WILL probably leave you because of your backwards thinking. Putting your husband second breeds resentment. If he cheats on you you have NO ONE to blame but yourself. You’ll probably hold your kids and cry since they will be all you have left.

Marky on

To many of the posters on here who say “children first, husband second,” “if he leaves, so be it”. I’m not certain you are thinking it through. I have 4 children, I was a foster parent to 41 children over the space of more than 10 years. I have been happily married for a long time to the love of my life, and neither has cheated on the other, or failed to be there for the children or each other. That being said, my children have told me the greatest gift I gave them was to love their father. Their spouses come first in their hearts and in building their homes, but they are terrific parents, with happy healthy children who also know that while their parents love them dearly, they don’t get instant gratification, and they know how to be part of a family, rather than being the center of attention at all times.

Juicy, seriously, did you say putting your husband as the #1 person in your life means telling your daughter wait a minute while I give daddy a BJ? Really? That has nothing to do with who is #1. My husband was always #1 in my heart, and I in his, but all my children knew and know now, that they are beyond price to us. That they were a result of our love for each other, and an addition to our family, but we were a family when there was just the 2 of us. My family growing up was the same way; and one of the joys of my life was knowing that my parents loved each other with all their hearts and knowing they loved each other best gave me a security that didn’t really exist for some of my friends who were all that mattered to their mothers, and dad wasn’t so important. They weren’t the kind of family that felt truly safe. We wanted to hear the story of how they met and fell in love, know they still felt the same way, and see “that look” on Mom’s face when Dad walked in the door; that look that said,”no matter what, my day is better when you are in it” and we knew that included us. As my son told me on his wedding day, “I want to give that same thing to my children!” That told me everything I needed to know….

Monica on

I can count on both hands the number of times I had a babysitter growing up. I asked my mom about it when I was older and she said “When we decided to have kids we knew we would be changing our lives and making decisions for the family. If we were invited to places where we couldn’t bring you kids, we didn’t go. There were a few exceptions, but that’s the decision we made when we had kids.” And that is exactly how it should be. Yes, it’s important to have some alone time (for just Mommy and Mommy/Daddy time) but why did you have kids if you’re life isn’t going to revolve around them?? What a fantastic opportunity to go to DC and see the President speak, but I would not have been able to go 3 weeks after my kids were born- couldn’t be more than a few hrs away for feedings and there is NO way I would take a newborn on an airplane to get to DC. But that’s the decision I made when I had kids.

meghan on

Juicy, I hope you are not a parent. “wait a minute while I give daddy a BJ”. If you think that’s what it means to put your marriage first, I beg you to read up on critical thinking, because you sound frightfully simple.

Leslee on


I couldn’t agree with you more! The best gift you can give your kids is a happy marriage and chances are good that is where they will learn the skill of choosing the right spouse and maintaining a healthy and happy marriage. Helping your kids avoid toxic relationships is best learned by example. Constantly pleasing kids and making them the center of attention just sets them up to later be astonished when the rest of the world doesn’t drop everything for them, too.

meghan on

Juicy, “If my husband leaves so be it.”? Seriously? That’s the high regard you hold your marriage in? If I were your husband I would cheat on you.

And I hate to break it to you, but your kid will leave the nest. You may have a close relationship with your mother, but you don’t need her like you did as a child. That’s what people like Crystal are trying to say. Think deeper.

Skt on

Thank you Monica for your sanity!

Nicole on

Aah! I had my baby two weeks before she had hers and I look NOTHING like her!! So not fair!

Sam on

Why can’t it be mentioned that she looks GREAT? So what if she looks super skinny weeks after giving birth, can we not mention it because others might feel bad??

It’s like we are all so incredibly insecure we can’t celebrate someones else’s fortune.

She looks great, she just had a baby.

Maybe you just had one and look horrible…but no ones saying anything about you!


Liz on

How come no one has mentioned Chase talking about the “intimate details” of his sister giving birth. Um, EWWW. Why was he in there and seeing “intimate details”??

My kids come first. I love my husband very much but my kids are my life. I laugh at the women on here who haven’t even had a child and already just know their husband will remain #1 in their heart. We’ll see when you hold that precious new life in your arms for the first time. But some people do keep their husband in the #1 spot and all I can say is, I can’t remotely relate. Loving your husband more than your kids?? Huh.

Amanda K on

LOL @ some of the funny comments on here. I swear the comments are more entertaining than the article!

Crystal on

@Meghan-Thank you very much.

@Marky- I’m very happy to have your pov. It’s hard for the sanctimommies to understand my views when I’m childless. Lol!

@Liz- Your kids are your life? That makes ZERO sense to me. So what was your purpose in life before you had children? Did you accomplish those hopes and dreams? I hate to bring up religion but God made Adam and Eve before they made Cain and Abel. That’s the pecking order. It is extremely sad to me when I hear mom’s say their kids are their lives. They will grow up. They will go out on their own (hopefully) and then what? It will be you and your husband. If you’ve been focusing on your children for 20+ years what do you really have in common? That’s how most older divorces happen. The couple spends all their time focusing on their children when the children grow up they realize they have NOTHING in common. This may sound harsh but you need to get a life! Seriously! You will be a better wife and mother when you realize that and implement it into your life.

Juicy on

If he cheats on me, then so be it. I won’t put him first. He knows that and can leave at any time. I don’t need a man to be happy. Seems like most of you do. How terribly sad. And hold my child and cry??? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Only pathetic little girls do that.

Juicy on

Thank you Liz. Crystal, you’re not a mother. Until then your opinion means nothing because all it is, is an opinion not fact. You have NO idea what having a child is like. Motherhood changes you and if it doesn’t then maybe you shouldn’t be a parent. If you can’t be selfless enough to put them first. I know who I am and what I’ll be doing after my child goes off to college, until then I’m her protector.

Summer on

It’s annoying that celeb mags always seem to tie the worth of a mother to how fast she whips back into shape. That said, it’s not surprising she looks great this soon after having a baby. She was in shape to begin with and is fairly young. I was the same when I had my daughter and that plus nursing helped me get back to my previous size quickly.

Your husband comes first. End of story. A lot of therapists will actually tell you this. So many women forget to take time for their relationship and end up pushing their husbands away – then get divorced. The most important thing for children is for their parents to love each other. In turn, they will be in a stable, secure household. No it doesn’t mean you give your husband a bj as someone so crudely suggested – it just means taking time to remember you’re in love and a team.

My life never is and never will be all about my kids. I’m a mother, but I’m also a wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, friend, etc. I have hobbies and interests and that don’t include my kids. I’d go nuts otherwise. It’s not healthy to make your kids the center of your universe – for them or you. I love my daughter more than life but that doesn’t mean I have to lose myself in the process.

Summer on

Ack – not “and that don’t” – should read “that don’t.” I’m not a hillbilly lol.

Crystal Y on

My god!

You people act like they left the baby for a week! and hello… Tony left the baby too. It’s not just her baby. Some people act you can’t have any sort of a life outside of your child. That is wrong on so many levels. Yes, my son takes up most of my life.. so when I have the chance to take a night off, I’m all about it. Does that mean I love him less, or care less about him. Absoutely not. He likes spending the night with his Grandmother.. so what’s the big deal??? Get off your high horses people!!

Grace on

@Juicy: Wow, you keep telling Crystal that her opinion means nothing because she isn’t a mother and yet you continue to get all worked up about her opinion anyway, all the while posting comment after comment back to her. Clearly her opinion does matter. It seems to matter to you a great deal.

Anonymous on

Why can’t we have even ONE Tony Romo post where Jessica isn’t brought up?! They’re not together anymore, haven’t been for a few years, and have both moved on with other people. Why can’t we just leave the past where it belongs: in the past?

That being said, I see nothing wrong with Candice and Tony leaving their baby for a little adult time. I also don’t see anything wrong with Chace being in the delivery room. I wouldn’t be comfortable having my brother watch me give birth (even though we’re very close), but if Candice was, then more power to her!

Crystal on

@Juicy-I’m starting to think there is something mentally wrong with you. Why would you speak about your husband in such a cruel manner? “If he cheats on me oh well?” “He can leave at any time?” The real question is….DO YOU HAVE A HUSBAND?? You probably don’t have children either. If you do have a husband and children your husband must be brain dead to procreate with such a crazy and unstable woman. Seesh! MY husband will come first PERIOD! I take pride in the relationship I have with him as well as our marriage. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

By the way, it always makes me chuckle when I hear people say something like, “And how is this newsworthy” or “This is not news”. Last time I checked, PEOPLE was an entertainment site, not a news site. So if you’re looking for news, you might want to go elsewhere. πŸ˜‰

Becca Clontz on

Wow, some of the comments on here are mean. So THEY worded THEIR article wrong the first time, it’s fixed now isn’t it? It’s a celebrity magazine, edited and written by human beings, not machines, you can’t expect perfection.

I’m happy for them (Candice and Tony), it is very hard to find quiet adult time sometimes and definitely harder to get invited to a White House Correspondents Dinner. It’s not something that happens to people twice generally so I can’t say I blame them for taking a night away. Every parent needs some quiet time to be an adult. I highly doubt that they left their son for more than a few hours or with someone they didn’t think they could trust.

audrey on

Two things:
a- No woman should be made to feel any less beautiful after having a baby, especially because she hasn’t slimmed back to pre-baby weight/size.
b-That said, if you have had a baby, and you know what a beautiful experience it is, please stop whining about how the media is so fixed on how people are thin after they have kids. You have to choose what you take from the media, and if you think it is bull ignore it.

Heather on

One word= Spanx

Liz S. on

I don’t understand why it has to be one or the other. Why do we have to choose between our partners and children – why should one come before the other? Both your partner and your children should be your top priorities. There can be a healthy balance and it is your job as parents to come up with that. With that said, obviously a happy relationship can make for happy children. If your relationship suffers, then it is evident to your children and not easy for them.

There shouldn’t be a husband first, kids second or vice versa type of mentality. Have a healthy balance with both relationships if you are able. You and your partner should be a united front in raising your children and also carve out alone time (either after the kids are asleep or having a babysitter or family member come stay for a few hours). This isn’t Sophie’s Choice people! We as human beings are capable of juggling multiple priorities and relationships!

Helen on

Congratulations to Tony and Candice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and leaving your baby to a relative or nanny. I know when I first became a mom, all I thought was about my son and did not go out on date night. After a year when I did leave on a date night, I felt guilty and did not really enjoy myself because all I thought was about my son and constantly kept calling to see if everything was ok and what my son was doing and if he is awake etc…

So, its not good to judge. I think people should be nice and if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything!! Just zip your mouth and grow up!! Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie on

Hey Juicy, you actually DO need a man to make you happy … because without one you wouldn’t have your precious little spawn.

Also, you parents that have death grips on your kids being number 1 in your life need to get a clue. Being so “protective”” and overbearing will have them running hard and fast from you the minute they are old enough to escape your grasp.

Think about it.

Jillian on

As a mother, I have many opinions. Just because I am a mom, it doesn’t make them a fact. I agree with you that my kids are the number one priority. My husband can take care of himself, the children can’t and until they can WE put them first. But, we have plenty of time for the two of us, date night weekly and in house date night weekly. We each have no complaints and are very happy, five kids later πŸ™‚


ecl on

I agree with Liz. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It’s called balance. And I don’t understand all the animosity toward women who put their kids first. They are losers who have no life outside of their spoiled kids whose husbands will leave them?! Maybe the parents (there ARE two of them) decided together to put the kids first. It could be a shared philosophy. Some of you who say the husband has to come first sound like who have very immature husbands who can’t handle not being the centers of attention. Make time for your kids, make time for yourselves as a couple. But the reality of having kids is that, when they are young, they are the centers of attention.

Deb on

Thank you ecl my thoughts exactly. Having a newborn in the house is a demanding job both parents have to sacriface. For that period of time the dad’s needs are not met and also the mom’s needs are not met. It is time for 100% baby time that is the reality of parenthood, hard to except, of course I’m talking the age of newborn to almost toddler. After that parents have to take time to reconnect and be a couple again and for some couples that time varies. Also you have to realize the larger the family the less time couples/parents have to be together. My husband and I have gone through this and have realized “babies” come first but the “kids” can wait until mommy and daddy are done doing what ever it is they are doing. (Not talking about sex). That has been my experience with parenting.

Samantha on


PLEASE never have children. If you do nothing else for the world, let that be it. There is the possibility that your feelings would change after you have a baby, but considering how strongly you feel, I highly doubt it. If you buy into the “wife first, mother second” “men come before your children” bull crap, then you should never, ever, ever have kids. Ever. Being a mother first does not mean you don’t care about or love your husband–it does mean that if somehow, tragically, you found out that your husband was molesting/abusing your children, you would leave immediately without a second thought to protect your children. Women who put men first are pathetic; women who can survive and take care of their kids without a man are the strong ones. If your husband leaves you because you love your child, he shouldn’t be your husband. My fiance loves me MORE for how much I love our daughter. Does he know she comes first? Absolutely. Does that mean I shove him in a corner and ignore him? No. Why would it mean that? You’re very narrow-minded, and in a very bad way. If my fiance/husband cheats on me, it’s because he made the decision to cheat on me, and because he is obviously not afraid of losing me and doesn’t value our relationship. So let him leave if that’s the case, it’s not really a loss.
I hope that somehow something happens to change your perspective in life, but if it doesn’t, I just really hope you don’t bring any kids into it.