Heidi Klum to Launch Collection at Babies R Us

04/30/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

As a mom, Heidi Klum has learned a thing or two (or four!) about stocking up on the latest and greatest baby essentials.

So who better to start her own line of kiddie gear than the fashion designer herself?

And it looks like Babies R Us agrees: Klum has teamed up with the company to launch Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum, a collection of apparel, accessories, bedding and room décor.

“I’m so excited to partner with them to create a fun, magical and unexpected collection that is also affordable,” Klum says.

“My friends always joke that I’m the go-to person for advice on gifts and gear. Now, I get to bring my ideas to moms everywhere that offer function with a fashionable flair.”

Available in stores and online this fall, Klum’s debut offerings will include adorable layette for up to 24 months and whimsical playwear for toddlers through 5-years-old.

— Anya Leon

Courtesy Babies R Us

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Mina on

SO WHAT! When you have a big name its easy to land a clothing line. I have adorable idea’s too, as do some people in my area who make thier own kids clothes and sell them at flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, and local stores. Some of the stuff is downright adorable, comfortable, affordable, well made, and original.

Mina on

Has this woman ever been to design school or studied fashion professionally? Being hot and walking a runway because you got lucky and someone spotted you is nothing compared to the people who go to school for this stuff and work their butts off studying and put in their own money to educate themselves in the business and not have everything handed to them. Same with that McCartney woman who landed a deal because she is the daughter of someone mega famous. The clothes are ugly anyway.

cannat on

Mina, do you not have anything better to do with your time than be bitter towards Heidi Klum? For the record, Stella McCartney studied design at London’s Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design.

Robyn on

Um, I don’t get this disdain for celebrity designers and their lines. Yes they’re famous and have a better way to get their brand out there…wouldn’t you?

I would, if I thought I had cute ideas.

JS on

I really like the line that Heidi Klum did for Motherhood Maternity. I am actually wearing one of the tops today! I can’t wait to see her baby line. It will debut just in time for my new little arrival!

Jennifer on

Just what we need, more overpriced baby clothes.

Mina on

Maybe Heidi’s line will be cute, but Stella’s is drab, gloomy, and boring. The kids wearing them look like homeless, scummy kids. I feel sorry for the adorable child models who have to put on that crap. And the mothers who buy that over priced garbage are pathetic. A name doesnt make you good at what you do! Being famous doesnt make doesnt make you good at everything! We’ll see, we’ll see….

Anonymous on

She’s everywhere. It’s becoming annoying.

MiB on

seriously Mina! Having a bad day? You really do sound bitter. I too wouldn’t be surprised if Heidi’s fame has helped her get contacts in the fashion world (after all, she’s worked there since she was a teen), but Motherhood maternity and Babies R Us probably approached her, should she have said no just because she is famous? I bet that she, just like a lot of women (and men) who like fashion, dreamed about making her own collection one day.

As for Stella McCartney, her style may not be your cup of tea, well I don’t like a lot of the “cute” clothes that are showcased here but I think Stella’s are great, her models do in fact look a lot like the kids I see at my local playground. Just goes to show that taste is individual, doesn’t it? She has also definitely made a name for her on her own hard work, you don’t get accepted to Central St Martins because you are the daughter of someone famous.

Channel your negative energy to make your own collection, the opportunities to sell clothes of your own design have exploded during the last decade. You already mentioned the traditional routes; jumble sales, flee markets (did you know that a lot of fashion students in London start out selling their creations on Portobello street market?) and lokal stores, but nowadays you can reach a wider customer group through blogs and marketplaces like etsy or sites like pinterest, for which you don’t need any costly investments or Internet skills. And who knows, you might even get “discovered” by the “big guys” 🙂

annachestnut on

Stella McCartney is not a good designer. Aside from one white dotted swiss blouse Blake Lively wore in a magazine spread, I have yet to find a design of Stellla’s inspirational. Her clothes are unflattering (poorly fitted, baggy) and flimsy looking. The seams on the dresses look crooked. If not for her father, and the adulation celebs pay towards him via her fashions, she would be an unknown. Sorry– connections rule.