Beyoncé: Surrogacy Rumors Were ‘Just Crazy’

04/29/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy PEOPLE

From the moment she stepped into the spotlight, Beyoncé has been the center of her fair share of rumors.

But even PEOPLE’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman was caught off guard when, while pregnant with her first child, whispers started swirling that she and husband Jay-Z had settled on a surrogate to carry their daughter.

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” the songstress, 30, tells PEOPLE. “[I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?'”

But perhaps the person most affected by the surrogacy speculation was not the expectant mom herself, but rather her own mother, Tina Knowles.

“I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,” she says. “As a mother it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors. And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous.”

Alluding to an Australian interview in which it was later suggested that Beyoncé had been sporting a prosthetic bump, Knowles says, “It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid.”

Fortunately, the protective mom adds, her daughter’s global fan following offered plenty of support. “There was so much love and well wishes from all over the world — it made it easier to deal with the stupid rumors.”

But the dust didn’t settle once the couple welcomed their baby girl.

Amidst the joy of welcoming Blue Ivy on Jan. 7, the new parents were said to have upset the hospital with their high list of security demands — a rumor that Beyoncé clarifies is “so crazy” and “ridiculous.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Alexis Chiu

For more of Beyoncé’s exclusive interview, pick up this week’s special issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

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JDiva on

I’m so happy she did not allow ignorant rumors to affect her. May she, Jay Z, and Miss Blue continue to walk in the blessing of the Lord. Be blessed Beyonce! Be happy! Be true to who you are and NEVER allow what others say to affect your happiness! We Love you, but God loves you MORE!

dajaismom on

I knew it was complete an utter lies. Of course it was the fabric of the dress that folded. The whole rumor started on media take out dot come. That website is known to its many lies and has never had a credible story yet.

M on

Sorry. She and her mom are both so unconvincing. I agree with everyone else that the charade got so out of control and went on for so long, that eventually it would have been too embarrasing to actually come out and admit the truth. Guess I’m one of the many rumor mongers, but I do not believe she was ever pregnant. Congrats to Giuliana and Bill Rancic on their pregnancy VIA SURROGATE. So happy for them.

klutzy_girl on

I never believed the surrogacy rumors. I still can’t believe a lot of people do!

Julianna on

While she is an incredibly private person, Beyoncé does not strike me as the type of woman who would hide her use of a surrogate if necessary. Becoming a parent via gestational surrogate is not something to be ashamed of. Kudos to Beyoncé for focusing on what mattered (haters are always gonna hate anyway) and addressing the rumors now.

sarah on

Look at this link. If it doesn’t work just google beyonce fake baby bump and these pictures will come up.

That’s not fabric folding, it’s a little pillow that straps on to your waist. They have them at maternity clothing stores in the dressing rooms for you to try on clothes to see how they’ll look once your belly gets bigger.

I know it’s not evidence that she used a surrogate, but it’s pretty suspicious. Why fake your bump?

Stayce on

I never believed the surrogacy rumors. I thought it was plain silly that they would lie, for nine months, about her pregnancy. Glad she said something about it.

Jenny on

I don’t believe the surrogacy rumors, but I DO believe the story about the security issue. Look, a hospital’s Labor & Delivery unit is not huge, and fitting an entourage of assistant’s, guards, family, etc., in there, had to be a HUGE disruption to the staff and other patients.

Me on

The rumor is ludicrous. Some women carry in a way that makes them have little to no “bump.” Some of the women who have those “I didn’t know I was pregnant” stories carry in such a way that they have NO bump at all. Leave her alone.

Anna on

It’s ridiculous to me that people would think this, because the thing is, there is NOTHING to be ashamed about if you have a surrogate, instead of giving birth to your baby yourself. Therefore, there would be no reason to fake being pregnant, I’m sure if she did have a surrogate, she wouldn’t be so embarrassed as to fake being pregnant herself.

Leslee on

One rumor and faux fact after another. I think one of my favorite insanity factoids was that Beyonce had a breast augmentation while her imaginary surrogate was giving birth and Beyonce then went on to carry around a doll she pretended to nurse with suddenly much larger breasts.

Some people only believe the Jerry Springer versions of life.

Afad28 on

I never believed he rumors but after looking at the fake baby bump photos it does look fake. And it made me think maybe there was soo much hype in labor and delivery because they were tying to hide the fact that it was a surrogate having the baby for them. I don’t know, it just seems fishy.

Donna on

Yes fabric folds, but not INTO a pregnant belly. It totally flattened. She’s just so caught in this charade, of course she’ll never admit it now.

Donna on

As a subscriber of People for many years, I do not agree with your choice as most beautiful woman….and who makes this choice? Put it out to the subscribers of your magazine to vote. Also the timing could not be worse…5 pages of Beyonce and 2 for Dick Clark? Typical….

teresa on

I absolutely do think she used a surrogate

Lotus on

I think some people are just miserable and it makes them feel better to come on message boards anonymously and take shots at total strangers – famous or not. I never believed she faked her pregnancy. Every since she debuted with Destiny’s Child, there have been crazy rumors and hate aimed at her. I can remember a website somebody started with the sole purpose of dogging her and altering her pictures to make her look grotesque. I wonder why there’s always so much venom and jealousy when Beyonce’s name comes up?

skippy on

I will never believe that Beyoce actually shot that baby out of her own vagina, never !!!!!!!!!!!!1

skippy on

I do not think she really had the baby. I think she is overated, and had a nose job!

Erin on

Apparently those who believe she was “faking” missed the photos of her on the beach in Croatia wearing a bikini, which clearly showed a pregnant belly.

Sophia on

It was indeed one of the craziest rumors I heard about anybody. And people saw her pregnant in a bikini too!

fatu sankoh on

god bless our bey the most beautiful about surrogance only the hatemongers that made up the their lies belive them self to make their sorry self look good bey is loved by god and we her fans they can hate on her all they want we are going to love her more than ever because we know why they hate on herlong live queen bey jay blue ivy c for life i am enjoying my people magazine

Donna on

i totally believe the surrogacy rumors and still do….just don’t know why they feel they have to go to such pains to make the surrogacy a secret…

GetSuperFruit on

If she was really pregnant, we would have seen her belly grow and grow and her weight gain. Plus she would have been puffy and still looking overweight after she had the baby. she seems like the type that would pose nude at 8 months too. Why all the extra security. It doesn’t make sense.

Bobbi on

Who cares how she got her baby! She’s happy and excited, nothing else matters!

GetSuperFruit on

I agree. The hospital security was over the top. I could understand it if there was a cover-up, otherthan that, no way. If this is a cover-up, one day she will be exposed. As they say, if more than two people know, it’s not a secret.

fatu sankoh on

beyonce the most beautuful we her fans never belive the surrogance lies only the hatemongers that make up the lies their is norting to hate about you god bless i cant wait to see your concert

Sjean on

The photos of a pregnant Beyonce in a bikini – I am thin yet if I stand a certain way I can make my belly look pregnant. And besides she always seemed to have a bit of a belly prior to her “pregnancy”. As someone else said – Beyonce would be the type of person to pose Naked while pregnant. There is also a video of Beyonce coming out of a doctors office just a day or so before she “gave birth”. She just ducks down forward as she climbs into a big SUV. No way would a woman who is about to deliver able to climb in a big vehicle the way she did – and in the heels she was wearing also.

Nadia on

That’s right, Bey Bey and Tina. EVERYONE lies about EVERYTHING when it comes to you two. There is NO shred of truth to any of this. I am very sure. *rolls eyes*

ellen on

Although Iam very happy for her, and it truly is no ones business if there is a serrogate or not, I will never believe she was ever 9 months pregnant. She simply didn’t have the things that come along with being really pregnant, swollen facial features, full breast, ankles and all of that fun stuff. She doesn’t have to own up to it, just don’t lie.

The most teling is one month after the baby was born, she appeared in a tight fitting outfit with absolutely no residual and that doesn’t happen no matter how rich you are!!!

Re: the baby bump “looking like it deflated”; the baby bump DID DEFLATE ..

Halee on

Did anyone see this woman breast feed her baby?

That should answer the question.

From my experience, no pregnant abdomen can fold up like a bath towel.

KC on

Definitely a fake bump! I’ve seen women use this before. She was probably not as far along as she made everyone believe, at that time. She may have actually carried the baby, but she tried to appear further along in her pregnancy than she was. She is one of the most conceited, high-profile people out there! She does NOT deserve to be named the WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL! There are soooo many beautiful women in this world, how can there be only one???

Serika on

I would not have paid those idiots any attention either. Glad to know she paid them dirt. The fact some people are STILL that stupid makes it even funnier. Dead at extra security as a sign it was fake because there wasn’t a line of people trying to get in and get the first picture. I am happy for Beyonce and Jay-z they seem thrilled about their little one and they should be. Babies make the world so much better.

Necole on



Beyonce has two things going for her. She is super rich and beautiful. It’s just too bad she’s only beautiful on the outside. She’s a stuck-up and self-centered jerk on the inside. Think about how terribly Beyonce and Jay-Z treated other families at the hospital when their baby was born.

sherri on

despite what the girl says…. she did not carry this baby!!! also, have you seen the pics floating around of Beyonce drinking? how is that possible with her supposedly breast feeding????

& of course there was all the security at the hospital.. way over the top, cause they were hiding something…. another woman carring the baby !!!!

Jen on

That folded “baby bump” looks totally fake.

Maybe she was trying to show an inflated belly when it was not showing yet much, however it would be just stupid. Most probably she never even been pregnant – she looked absolutely the same during her pregnancy, no change in her face, no real weight gain… Look at Jessica Simpson, for example, there is no doubt that she is pregnant…

Comments on

The good thing is, whether some still believe she was pregnant or not, it does not affect her bank account! Keep making your money Beyonce, and let them keep talking, because, as everyone should know, when you’re TALKED about, you’re THOUGHT about. It doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things, whether someone believes, you, with all your millions and brains, would strap a “pillow” to your waist like someone, like them, who cannot afford a “Hollywood specially-made” pregnancy device for every month of a “faked” pregnancy! I think they have you confused with their “minimum-wage, selves. Some people have given up “trying” to think, and just stick to reading and believing the gossip rags for “ALL” their thoughts.

Crystal on

I am shocked and appalled at the allegations of Beyonce faking her pregnancy. I will never believe that she did that. She most definitely looked pregnant especially as she got closer and closer to her due date. She had the puffy face and her nose did spread. It is hard for me to believe there are such hateful, hurtful, mean-spirited people in this world who will flat out say “im don’t believe you.” As for posters who said she would “pose naked” ummmmm have you ever followed Beyonce? She and Jay-Z are one of the most private couples on earth. The ignorancethat some of you people display is super sad. What’s even more sad is Bey felt she had to explain herself. Beyonce: you are loved and respected by so many. I hate that you felt the need to explain yourself. Enjoy little Blue and forget about these Negative Nancys. They are nobodys who want to steal your joy. You have wayyyy to much going for yourself to EVER let that happen. Congrats on your beautiful healthy family. ♥ you!!!! : )))))

kisa on

I guess next they’ll say because there are no wedding pics, she didnt get married either?

librababe on

I just get a really weird vibe from her. Even though she’s beautiful and talented, and she always stuck out to me during her Destiny’s Child days, there’s just something very deceptive about her. It doesn’t make a difference to me, but it does make it hard for me to believe anything she says. Not that I need to take seriously anyway.

lisa on

Still convinced she is lying but that is her choice if she wants to hide behind the lie. I guarantee you we will never see any pics of her pregnant belly or bathing suit pics etc…

swack on

Should not matter whether she was pregnant, had a surrogate or adopted. Blue Ivy is loved and cared for and that’s what is important.

karen on

love beyonce as a person. like she states those rumors were just silly and hurtful. wish her and her daughter the best. she will be a great mother to blu.

ErinTippin on

I notice that neither Beyonce or her mother actually deny the surrogacy rumors.

Lauren on

She was never pregnant here’s why:

She sand Jessica Simpson were pregnant around the same time, Jessica is still pregnant and it shows and has shown from even before it was announced.

The bikini photo, I can do that too by arching my back and that’s what she was doing. I am sure it was done on purpose. There is no way that was a pregnant belly, it was just a position.

The fold of the fabric, fabric could not fold if there was a real pregnant belly under it.

She never had the tell tell signs, no swollen ankles, no puffy face, no nothing. True not all women get these, but all women show some signs.

Days before giving birth, she was wearing pants and using a scarf to hide her belly, well she looked totally polished, no huge pregnant belly. A scarf could never hide a huge round belly at this stage. Look at Jessica Simpson wearing similar outfit and others.

Super security at the hospital, because there was a cover up of the birth process.

I could go on and on, eating oysters raw, and on and on and on.

I think its said that she just does not want to tell the truth that she chose a surrogate to have a baby for whatever reason.

I am not a fan and would never give my money to a spoiled, shallow, conceited, arrogant celebrity who wants you to pretend she is something else.

Adria on

It wasn’t anything other than the fact that the only part of her body that showed a sign of pregnancy was her belly. No other sign whatsoever. That’s why I do not believe she was pregnant but used a surrogate.

I think she would just because she’s too vain to let her appearance go. Even now the headline is “Her post-baby body…WOW.” Beyonce is a big girl. If she were pregnant she would have been as swollen as Mariah was.

I wouldn’t expect her or JayZ to ever be truthful. Their entire empire is built on schemes, lyric/beat theft, ghetto exploitation, artist intimidation and tabloid scandal.

Wendy on

My best friend had her baby shower at 8 months, and when she sat down, her shirt folded ina way that you absolutely would not know she was with child. You LOOKED for a belly and couldn’t see one. Now when she would stand up, you could clearly see a bump as the shirt fell over her belly and outlined it, but when she sat down, honest to gosh, you would have no idea. And this was at 8+ months. Granted, she didn’t eat like a whale and was 5 foot 100 lb naturally and 5 ft 120 at birth.

Beyonce is probably the same way. She didn’t gorge herself on fattening foods so the rest of her body stayed thin. My sis in law is the same way. She has 2 months to go, and when’s she’s sitting down, fabric folds, absolutely no belly. She stands up, and you can see a tiny belly. She’s also petitie 5’3″ and eats healthy. 🙂

martina on

It’s hard to believe that someone as famous as Beyonce would get away with faking a pregnancy. But the collapsing stomach photos are hard to argue with. I’ve been pregnant twice, and I cannot comprehend how a pregnant belly can ‘fold’ in a such a way. The hospital security issue was also odd. Beyonce is a singer, not the President. Security measures were simply extraordinary. There are people equally or more famous that had ordinary births at the hospital. Ever heard of Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez hospital security scandal? No, because there weren’t any.

And the beach ‘pregnancy’ photos frankly aren’t too convincing – stick your belly out and take the shot at a right angle, and you got a pregnant belly look going.

audrey on

Has it occurred to conspiracy theorists, that Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not need to tell the public about her pregnancy? For a couple that is so private about everything, they really had no need to fool the whole public about Beyoncé being pregnant when she was really not. That dress was big, and the fabric folded. That is all.

Rebecca on

I have pictures of me at 37 weeks pregnant, sitting cross-legged on the floor, and it doesn’t look like I’m pregnant. If I stood up and pulled my shirt tight you could see it, but sitting down my stomach would look like it was collapsing in. I never had swollen ankles or any of that other stuff (it helps to deliver in the winter!). I’m very tall and I never had a very large belly. I could fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes about a week after I delivered. Now, I realize this is the exception rather than the norm, but she really didn’t look any different than I did. So, I agree, the surrogacy thing is complete nonsense. People have different bodies, and just because some people gain tons of weight or have huge pronounced bellies does not mean that all people do.

Realist on

Not. Buying. It. Period.

me on

SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT. remembering her from the past she was never the thinnest and still struggles to keep her weight down. Not a big fan but nobodys gona fill my head with BS. Pregnant people gain weight, water, etc. Not everyone but especially those who have problems keeping off the weight in the past.

Have a surrogate, thats fine, but dont BS people. Its disrespectful to those of us who actually carried our kids.

ErikaL on

I still believe the rumors. I watched the video and that was no folding fabric. Anyone who has been pregnant or close to someone that has would recognize this. I don’t care one way or the other, but why deny it?

julia on

i dont like her, never really cared for her. however the idea that someone would fake a pregnancy is just stupid. You people who talk about not seeing her breastfeed in public are just ridiculous thats just so obviously proof she never had a child. they have always been a fiercely private couple, everything they do is not the publics business. She did get heavier as her pregnancy went on. And as for still being in heels right before she gave birth? hello has anyone seen jessica simpson? Shes still walking around in heels do we think she is faking her pregnancy too? Leave them alone let them be happy with their child.

tsvee on

Beverly C. Watkins on

Even if it’s true, what is it to any of us! No one can image being in her position as a sexy, beautiful as deemed by the world, rich and talented woman and not able to give birth. That is why you would need a surrogate right? I don’t think anyone wanting a child would have a surrogate unless need be. Is anyone thinking she just had it done this way because she was obsessed with her body and didn’t want to give birth? That’s another topic for another day. If you believe it, at least believe it because she was not able to conceive and have a little compassion. That is a touchy area for any woman….and even more so for one in her position. I understand that most of us think celebs don’t deserve privacy but put yourself in her place. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t begin to act as though I know.

lt4bs on


She’s so full of it and at this point, anything she has to say regarding the surrogacy angle is moot. The general consensus is that she was never pregnant and the fact that she HONESTLY believed that she could pull the wool over the public’s eyes is laughable.

And for those who believe her, I challenge you to take a look at this and judge for yourself:

Jeana on

I do not bleive she was ver pregant and is she afraid of the color of her skin? SHe is wo white and ohotoshopped in these photos.she is far fraom this light in color. But her baby is white

Britt on

I think part of the rumor got started because all of a sudden she had this belly and announced she was pregnant and then admitted it was a fake bump to make her seem bigger and then 4 months later she “gave birth.” I don’t know what is true, but I did see a picture where she was getting in head first into a limo when she was 9 months pregnant. No way you can do that 9 months pregnant with a belly. You have to get in side ways and its not elegant. Who knows? Seems kind of suspicious, but I guess it really isn’t our business. If she did lie about being pregnant, its gone on too long to admit the truth now.

BBB on

Where do they come up with these things? Uh, it’s pretty obvious where everyone came up with this. There was the clip of the pregnant belly folding on itself. If you’re going to be all, “woe is me, how can people not believe I had a baby?” then address the origin of the rumor directly rather than acting generally incredulous. Plenty of celebrities (and politicians, normal people) deny things (oh no, that’s not me in those naked pictures!!) just for us to later find out that they were lying. I still think she had a surrogate and there are plenty of explanations for her charade (she looked like she gained a little weight because they injected prednisone and once you stop taking that you quickly lose the water weight–just like she did).

Donna on

There’s nothing “diabolical” about keeping the choice to use surrogacy a secret. It’s no one’s business. She should choose her words more carefully.

anna on

Rumors crazy…. of course they were not crazy because they were true. “It was a fabric that folded”. Really!!! That was the biggest scam every. The answer is NO fabric does not fold when you have a REAL belly. Are you seriously still trying to pull it off that you really had that child. Why can’t you admit the truth. Such a faker!!

Brittany on

Oh shut up Beyonce your pregnany was fake why not admit it… and she is not the worlds most beautiful woman! She is so FAKE

Brittany on

Oh shut up Beyonce your pregnany was fake why not admit it… and she is not the worlds most beautiful woman!

K on

Really? And did the media create the discrepancy in her tummy size from day to day and outfit to outfit too? One day she looked huge and the next day she hardly looked pregnant! She OBVIOUSLY had a surrogate and is totally embarrassed now that she did this because she was vain!! Especially because she is naturally a big girl and there is no way after having a baby did her body-type look the exact same 1 month after giving birth as it did before the pregnancy!!! And of course she is going to deny the rumors because it makes her look like more of a self-centered diva than she already is!!! And the reason for the top secret security in the hospital was because she was hiding the surrogate!! It infuriated the hospital staff and was obvious to everyone that Beyonce didn’t want anyone to find out what was going on. Come clean Beyonce!!! Tell the truth!!

Jasmine on

The internet really brings out the ugly in people. Why are people so damn evil? and the media is even more disgusting. Why are they obsessed in ruining this woman’s happiness?? This is why I rarely go to gossip sites and now I won’t even think twice about clicking on a gossip site page.

Kaja on

It has been long believed by many that Beyonce and Jay-Z are members of an evil secret society. Symbols in their songs, attire, etc. does hint at that. They are not gonna come out and say that they are members. I personally don’t believe that Beyonce was ever pregnant. Pictures of her during the pregnancy does not show consistency with a growing belly. There will be a consistently growing belly when One is pregnant. I am not convinced by what Beyonce and her Mother says in this Article.

gail on

Please put this rumor to rest. For all the women out there who have actually been pregnant and given birth to a child, some gain an enormous amount of weight and say they have to eat for the baby. Others of “us” only gain less than 20 pounds our ENTIRE pregnancy and get back into shape within weeks. I have two biological children and due to my normal weight of 100lbs I only gained 20lbs with my first child and 17 with my second. Even in my last trimester I didn’t really look pregnat. Not all women go through a OMG your really huge while pregnant. Beyonce did conceive and have her daughter, give her credit for not blowing up like other women – JESSICA ring a bell?

Momof2 on

Haters will ALWAYS hate!!! Keep letting them HATERS MAKE YOU GREATER Bey!!!! You look Great and your family is healthy and thriving!!! Real people with real brains never thought you were faking it!!!! LMAO@IgnorantPeople

L ANN on

She’s a beautiful baby. My two year old Chihuahua is named Ivy.

LOVE her necklace ( and worn backwards to boot ) on the cover of People. She looks great in turquoise.

Anonymous on

I understand that we are able to state our opinion on whatever it is we feel the need to ….but if you dont like the woman or anything about her why read the stories they write about her? I dont understand the need not only did you waste your time making a comment but you wasted your time to read the article. Its ok if you dont like her, because not everyone likes on another,but geez be mature about things.Honestly she doesnt care one bit.

lt4bs on

For those saying it’s no one’s business: ummm…she made it our business when she pulled that attention stealing stunt at the VMAs to announce her “pregnancy”. And I agree with her mother…lying about having a surrogate IS a diabolical thing to do, and the fact that Beyonce chose to lie about using one is made more insulting by the fact that doing so is NOTHING to be ashamed of. So why llie? First and foremost, to take attention away from the fact that ‘4’ FLOPPED and secondly, because she’s vain and didn’t want to compromise her body. When it’s all said and done, Tina should take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out where she went wrong with her eldest daugher, because she CLEARLY has issues.

Me on

I’m sorry but I think it sooo unlikely that she gave birth. Her body jumped back a little to quickly for a women who claims to have been eating chicken and waffles during her pregnancy. I mean come on she ain’t no Victoria Secret model.

Susan on

I can’t believe people are still calling that one shot when she was bending to sit down a fake belly. Even if it were a strap-on pillow, its not going to collapse. And if a fake belly did “deflate” like people are suggesting, how did it magically and instantly “reinflate” when she was seated 1 second later?

Terri on

People seem to love to spread crazy gossip. Too much time on idle hands.

T in Texas on

Now I have to sdmit that I too saw that clip and that fabric did NOT look like a “normal” dress that Beyonce would wear . It did fold , with a bend . Not just fold . To where it look really thick , like a piece of foam or something .

I love Beyonce , but have to admit it did look suspicious .

But the end result is the most important . And that is a happy Mama and daddy and a healthy baby. . .

Carrie on

She is NOT the most beautiful….but they alway pick her for some reason but whatever does not impact me one way or another. ;0)

Kim W on

I am not a huge Beyonce fan but still the rumors are just crazy. Not all woman have a huge pregnant belly, I didn’t myself with both of my pregnancies, I can’t believe people are that concerned about this, just crazy! Also I was also sad to see such a small article about the great Dick Clark, come on he should have been on the cover!

Granted on

…and she loved every minute of the attention.

Hanna on

Congrats to Beyonce on her new baby however, I am sorry, I still do not think she gave birth to her baby according to the photos where the pregnancy pad collapsed during the interview as soon as she sat down. I have been pregnant three times (I have 3 kids) and do know very well that proceeding to sit down, our pregnancy do not “somehow collapse”! Also when she announced she had just given birth, her pregnancy wasn’t even that big either considering her body frame when it should have been during the end of her term.

AbaBrooklynn on

Maybe the “rumors” came when her stomach folded in and showed she didn’t have a baby bump at all. lol.

Cortney on

There are thousands of people I would pick as Most Beautiful before Id choose Beyonce or Jenifer Lopez or any of those stuck up celebrities.

Dana on

Look at 1:00 how B looks quite un-nerved and places Katie’s hand in the “correct” position… twice

A REAL pregnant belly is lovely no matter where you touch it.

nuff said

Me on

People are rude as hell. Her stomach never “deflated.” What ridiculous people. She just exercised and kept performing, which made her much more fit than that fat COW Jessica Simpson who eats fried twinkies. Please educate yourselves! If a fit woman gets pregnant that’s how she looks. And she simply did not show until later. I guess all you fatties who eat for 30 are jealous.



Patti on

I still believe the surrogate story. You never saw Beyonce clearly in any pictures, unlike other celebs that have no problem being in the public eye during pregnancy.

Linda on

I still believe she had a surrogate. There were never any photos of her baby bump.

Linda on

I stil believe she had a surrogate. There were absolutely no photos of her baby bump, ever.

Jenn on

I don’t believe she was ever pregnant and I see absolutely nothing wrong with having used a surrogate. Jay Z and Beyonce strike me as too ‘proud’ to have people think that they had to use a surrogate. I too have watched that video of her Australian interview and see how her baby bump seems to squish itself flat. I also find it odd the position of her right arm while she is going to sit down. Doesn’t shake the interviewer’s hand, but seems to have her arm pressed against her tummy.

Toni Madewell on

I do believe that she was never pregnant, I just can’t understand why she would not admit to having a surrogate, is it because she is so vain that she didn’t want to admit that she didn’t want to ruin her so called perfect body by carrying a baby. Very interesting also that she never showed off her bare tummy except the one with the bikini and that just looked like she stuck her stomach out.

jeff on

Wow–I love Beyonce but that was mean for her to refer to surrogacy as crazy. She should be greatful God gave her a child any way possible.

Guiliana and Bill had no choice but to choose surrogacy and now they are having a child (and good for them!)

meghan on

The stupidity of the women on this board makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. Please grow brains.

nancy on

a ha yep sure….

Anon on

Her pregnancy was obviously fake. From the folding belly (not fabric) to the awkwardness with Katie Couric attempting to touch the prosthetic, to the way she looked and moved when supposedly full term just confirmed it. Even the due date of the surrogate was confused. And I believe she took small amounts of prednisone in order to look bloated and look more believable, especially following the embarrassing pillow folding faux past. She has to project the image of being perfect, and using a surrogate would be less than perfect. I used to like her, but she just makes me cringe.

An on

Beyonce came into our store when she was pregnant and let me tell you that she was. There is no way a person like her will go through swollen face, swollen feet and a waddle in order to keep a surrogacy under wraps. *I work at Lee’s Artshop in NYC and she came in to shop for the baby’s room* We all saw the signs of pregnancy and it baffles me that anyone who hadn’t seen her in person would not believe her.

I remember Katie Homles when through a similar rumor. Even if these women decided to go for surrogacy, what business is it of ours if they do?

JessicaB on

um when it was obvious that she wasn’t PREGNANT, people thought the bumo was fake. kind of like now we know jessica simpson has already given birth but doesn’t want to say so. duh.

Tammy on

I don’t think she owes the public an explantion if she indeed did use a surrogate, but there is no reason to hide it other than to protect the surrogates identity. Look at what happened to Sarah Jessica Parkers surrogate.

On the other hand it does not seem she was pregnant. The one pic of her bare barely can appear that way on anyway who has been indulging in more food and who purposely sticks their stomach out. She could have easily posed with tasteful pregnant belly picks after the interview with her belly looking as it had collapsed to shut people up so that the rumors would stop and she could focus on the upcoming birth, but she chose not to. When Katie Couric went to touch her belly she immediately responded by almost pushing her hand away,it obviously startled her..did she really think Katie Couric was a crazed fan to fear touching her unborn child? Of course not, she was jumpy because she has probably worried her belly did not feel real. Her and Jay Z felt the need to publicly defend Kayne West, but not themselves on the issue of her pregnancy. Not to critizise her but when a girl like Beyonce who has always struggled to maintain a smaller figure gets pregnant she will struggle while pregnant also and she did not appear to be any bigger in the butt or legs which is where your weight gain goes most when pregnant. Those were the places I noticed before she got pregnant when she would look like she had put on some pounds. She even discussed these things in interviews but what now she doesn’t gain weight there when putting on the most weight normal women do during a pregnancy. I just don’t believe she gained more weight when she wasn’t pregnant than when she was…even if she had morning sickness the first few months.

I also think that the over the top security measures they took weren’t to protect the baby as much as the exposure of the birth. I think genetically the baby is hers and Jay Z but maybe she had medical issues she doesn’t want discussed or people to know but I think when you are in the public eye you have to be open to sharing the truths about yourself to a certain extent. All she had to do was announce they were having a baby through surrogacy for medical reasons they will not discuss and that they will never discuss the surrogate or reveal who she is for privacy reasons and everyone would have been happy for them and not still be gossiping about this issue.

In my heart I do not believe she carried that baby herself.I have been pregnant 3 times and too many things don’t add up.

Lucy on

Over the years, Beyonce is one of those Celebs that wants ALL cameras on her wherever she went. But with her pregnancy she was very secretive & didn’t even want Katie Couric touching her stomach on the interview, plus that folding belly incident. As a mother of 2, her actions do NOT speak of a woman who gave birth to a baby. Why do Celebs feel they have to heighten their Popularity by lying to the public & pretending everything is so natural with them?

BTW, Beyonce should NOT be coveted the Most Beautiful in the World cover. if I was a black woman, I would be embarresed to say Beyonce represent ALL black women for the cover. That cover is so fake, along with Beyonce’s hair color, skin color, & facial features. I”ve seen some beautiful Black Celeb women who should’ve been given that title, especially since they have been in the spotlight more recently than Beyonce.

Linda Davis on

Sorry, I remain unconvinced that she was ever pregnant. I am a vegan and naturally thin woman but when I was pregnant, I gained weight and my body’s shape was altered. However, after giving birth and exclusively breastfeeding for 2 weeks, I lost all of my baby fat. In contrast, Beyonce purportedly returned to her prepregnancy figure on the very same day that she supposedly gave birth. That’s totally unreal and impossible even if she had a c-section. In fact, women who have c-sections are prone to lose weight much slower than those who breastfeed. Finally, what real woman goes out (to a concert) on the same night she delivers a baby? A woman who had a surrogate, that’s who. So, none of this BS adds up.

I am also unconvinced that she is naturally beautiful in that she continues to move closer and closer to projecting the image of a whiate woman.

Fatima on

For ever on saying that she was never pregnancy, how do you know for sure?? were any of you inside of Bey’s utreus?? were you there when Beyonce’s egg & Jay’s sperm was implanted inside of the surrogate’s utreus?? Do you have or know the rumored surrogate’s name,address, home/cell phone number or the name & number of her OBGYN?? and were you there when Blue Ivy was born and did ya’ll see the surrogate push her out of her vay jay jay?? Hell No!!!!!!! until you have that kind of proof or until The Rumored surrogate comes forward and admit to giving birth to blue, then I will believe it. til then you don’t have any sold proof other her big dress folding over front. I seen that video and the one they made months ago clearing the rumor up if you look at that video on You Tube then you would also see that there were no straps or anything else holding up the baby bump,unless she had it glued on that should tell you something. I am not going something that came from a gossip website that lies all “MediaTakeOut” (MTO) I can’t believe that a lot of you gulible that you believe that could be ture. if Beyonce did a photo shoot naked while pregnant or were to post a video of her giving birth than ya’ll would say that’s fake too!!! Beyonce & Jay-z have always been private for years, and people respected that, and when they finally open up more about realationship because thought they could trust us wrong, that when everybody started hating on them and calling them liars!!! and now because of this they probably going to shut back down again and never want to share anything personal with us again. I bet when Bey has another child that she won’t tell anybody until after it’s born. bottom line, whether Bey gave birth or not (I believe she did cause ain’t no way you could fake those fat breast, huge legs, neck & face)it still doesn’t matter at all, she has a very healthy beautiful baby girl. she is loved, protected & cared for by both of her parents. That All That Matters!!!! But if you all still want to believe in that whole fake pregnancy ignorance that’s fine with you, but it’s been 4 months LET IT GO ALREADY AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fatima on

Please Watch This Video Of Beyonce Showing off bare baby bump

Fatima on

All Pregnancies Are Diffrent!!!!

Diana on

It was also a rumor that they didn’t allow the dad with the newborn to see his child too, right???

TXCatlady on

Agree that she was never pregnant, why not just admit it?

Liz on

It wasn’t just that the pregnant stomach appeared to collapse, it was also the way she went to sit down to begin with! I have been pregnant twice and at that stage you back into a chair and kind of fall into it, you don’t sit the way you “normally” would when not pregnant-yet, that’s exactly what Beyonce did! I already fully believed it was a surrogate and now know for sure after viewing that link someone posted to Smokie Says. The Katie Couric interview with her nervously moving Katie’s hand…who does that?? Who moves someone’s hand to a different spot? That seals the deal for me!

Also, I 100% agree that she and Jay-Z try to project an image of perfection and being above everyone else (so does her nauseating BFF, Gwyneth) so they would never want to admit to having to resort to surrogacy, no way. Curious about what will happen with Baby #2!

Also, we never did see any pictures of her in her bikini eight months pregnant…things that make you go hmmm….

Liz on

Also wanted to say, look how nervous and awkward Beyonce is when Katie is feeling her belly and asking her about the pregnancy. She looks like she wants to jump out of her skin and makes no eye contact with Katie C!

MB on

Some you people are just crazy and are over-analyzing the situation. Yes, I agree, the “folding baby bump” video looks suspicious but if you look closely you can tell her belly is there and it’s just the fabric of the dress that folds, not her belly. And of course you will never see nude pregnant pics of her either , if you know her you know that her and Jay Z are extremely private people and would never do that! The Croatia bikini pics, some of you are saying you look like that when you are menstruating because you bloat, well that’s a major belly and probably major pms’ing too!

And for those of you saying she hyped up the security at the hospital because “her surrogate was giving birth” you people are seriously disturbed because if you were a MEGA celebrity like she is you would do the same in order to keep all the crazy people away from you!!!

She’s not doing anything for publicity because they don’t need to!

Andrea on


mrs t on

speak queen b

Andy on

I’m sure Beyonce could care less what people think. She knows the truth. If people want to believe she was never pregnant, let them.

When all is said and done, does it really matter what these insignificant people really think anyway?? She has a beautiful baby, that she brought into this world. Life goes on and so has she. Next.

Tamada on

well im one of the idiots, cause i still dont believe she was pregnant but of course the ones who are her hardcore fans will not want to believe it, of course i wasnt there but i am entitled to MY own opinion like everyone else so who really cares God Himself would have to tell me she bore that child cause all the other evidence clearly showed differently

Kat on

I am pregnant and yesterday I ‘folded’ my bump into itself. It’s called a fat roll people and when I stand up straight it’s not there but when I hunch over (like… when I go to sit down), ooops, there it is.

And LAST time I was pregnant, I went high heel shopping for a wedding three days before I gave birth, and I promise you, while its uncomfortable, it is possible to wear high heels at 9 months pregnant. Also managed to easily get into my brothers SUV the day before I had my daughter, even while having Braxton Hicks.

And what’s to say she didn’t get nude pregnancy photos and didn’t want to share them with you suspicious nasty people?

So silly people, all pregnancies are different. Just because Beyonce’s pregnancy didn’t seem the same as yours, doesn’t mean it was any less real.

*shakes head*

People are crazy on

She gave birth, addressed the lies and feaux urban myths and stories the Internet made up….i swear some of u are not worth her breath. You are the type of women that hate on anything and refuse to think logical. Even after u saw her pregnant, watched and examined he weight gain, saw Bikini pictures, and ignore the fact the she is the most photographed woman in the world. the hospital , staff doctors her husband friends label family all confirm BEYONCE gave birth….yet MEDIATAKEOUT.COM IS MORE CREDIBLE ? A BLACK BLOG THAT LIES DAILY….It gained momentum because they lied her entire pregnancy to get web traffic…. I never believed the Internet lies…..TOOOOO MANY PEOPLE WERE AROUND HER PREGNANT, SEE THE CHILD, AND KNOWS BLUE CAME FROM HER BODY… YOU IDIOTS CANNOT POSSIBLY BELIEVE SHE WORE A FAKE TUMMY FOR 9 months, or the other insane lie….she and Jay z carry a doll….grow up haters…..for every time u hate on this woman and create lies she will continue to shine and be blessed. The lies aren’t even believable….. (rolls eye) STAY fabulous BEYONCE, the most beautiful woman inside and out…

acorr on

These comments are fine for the main section of “People Mag”, but they need to stay off the baby blog. The language and vigor is repulsive.

Leelee on

Speaking of the picture of Beyonce in the bikini there is actually a video of her pregnant while in that bikini on her tumblr.Certainly doesn’t look like she is just poking out her belly because you can still see the remants of her visible abs towards the top which is what happened to both my sister and me towards the early part of the second trimester.Can’t link to it because of the settings but if you go to the site and scroll down quite a bit the video is on the left side slightly below one of Beyonce and Michelle from Destiny’s child. There are actually multiple baby bump pics. Including one of her with her nephew pointing at her belly and she looks pregnant to me.Her face is swollen,her nose looks wider and her chest is quite a bit bigger.

executivegiftsexecutivegifts on

Well really it is none of our business. She can share what she wants and keep private what she wants.. It really has no affect on us.

Anonymous on

“People are rude as hell. Her stomach never “deflated.” What ridiculous people. She just exercised and kept performing, which made her much more fit than that fat COW Jessica Simpson who eats fried twinkies. Please educate yourselves! If a fit woman gets pregnant that’s how she looks. And she simply did not show until later. I guess all you fatties who eat for 30 are jealous.”

– Me on April 29th, 2012

Wow. Just wow. And YOU have the nerve to call people rude as hell. I guess you’d prefer it if people were to call Beyonce a fat cow or a fattie. Nope, not rude at all. Here’s a suggestion: look in the mirror before you call anyone else out.

hb on

I do not think she faked her preganancy, but I she did seem to loose the baby weight VERY quickly. Which I find quite odd, there is no way that in such a short period after having a baby that your stomach would be that flat and well toned.

shrimperdan on

Reading some of these posts just blows my mind. Some of these people should work for the tabloids you see at the check out….with headlines like ET impregnates Maury Povich….

Jackie on

If Beyonce gave birth’ so did i….!! and i am 55 years old…

Anonymous on


Ro on

I checked out the link of her bending over. I have had 2 babies and cannot say when I bent over my stomach ever looked like that. I’ve never seen those pictures before and now I still firmly believe she was never pregnant.

Fatima on

Here’s the video of Beyonce showing off her bare baby bump!!!!

Audrey on

I wear sizes 2-4 and I was 113 lbs when I got pregnant. Since my metabolism is so high I only gained 21 lbs and never looked more than 3 months pregnant. So for everyone who claims all pregnant women need to look “fat” and should have weight gain in their face they obviously have never come across a small pregnant woman before. I have had my fair share of critics that claim I could never have given birth to my beloved son and before you claim he must have been underweight I will tell you he was a very healthy baby at 6.13 lbs and 21 inches long. He was also not a premature baby either.

I don’t know Beyonce but can tell you her metabolism might be like mine. I didn’t start really showing my belly bump until I was 6 months pregnant. So to claim she must have been faking it is crazy and just shows how dumb some people can be.

Amy on

I don’t care one way or the other.She has a baby,she is happy. It’s nobody’s business how that little miracle came to be.

Danni on

What exactly makes her the most “beautiful woman”? Is it because she did something most women are capable of doing– have a baby? I wouldn’t doubt it if People Magazine got a check from her record label for this story.

leiana on

A friend of mine who is a public affairs officer and works for the government got a chance to meet Beyonce during a concert in Houston, TX. She said Beyonce was absolutely horrible. She yelled at her staff, she talked down to the public affairs officers and military personnel there. According to her Beyonce was a nightmare. I 100% believe my friend. Beyonce is not a good person. I believe the rumors about the diva behavior, the way she treated Jennifer Hudson and the fiasco she and her crew caused at the hospital in NYC. I wish we didn’t worship these larger then life ego’s. I wish we valued the true hero’s and the people who are really worthy of admiration like soldiers, teachers and people who make a difference.

awodowswalk on

Most Beautiful? I think NOT!

Chris on

Tina Knowles” Ithought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,”

I’m not saying she did or not, but I was a surrogate for a NY couple in 2008 and the intended mother DID in fact fake her pregnancy the whole 9 months. She was very sad and did not want her family, work and friends to know she could not carry her own child. It made me uncomfortable since she always asked me my symptoms, weight gain amount and what I craved. To each their own and I was happy to help a couple bring a baby into this world. I think it’s just sad that she felt she had to lie to everyone.

Jen on

For the people that say “her belly folded” would someone as rich as she is really sport some cheap fake stomach that would collapse? I’m pretty sure if she was going to fake it she would get the most realistic stomach money could buy. And what about the pregnant bikini photos of her on the beach with Jay and Kanye? I suppose those were fake too?

J on

Jen, she could pay as much money as she wants for a fake belly pillow but it could still fold while bending over, lol!

J on

Leiana, Beyonce and Solange are just awful with their diva attitudes. They need to get over themselves.

Lola on

You people are doing the absolute MOST….this is insane!

Congrats Bey….glad you can ignore these ugly haters

ruby on

that baby she carries around in the baby bjorn is a doll. if you look at the feet in pics and videos … no matter when it is, the feet/legs are exactly the same size, they never move and they are always in the exact same position.

SavannahJen on

While I believe that she carried her own child kudos and congratu;ations to them on that; as a mother who recently gave birth, I can attest to the fact that YES it is possible for a women to appear pregnant one day and not so pregnant the next,,,it depends on what you wear clothing does make a difference. I do believe there is a hint of truth to the whole L&D security and that others were inconveniece shame on the Carters for being so selfish and inconsiderate of others especially proud new parents like themselves.

Congrats on becoming People’s Most Beautiful Women..overall I want to believe that she is genuinley a beautiful person inside and out.

Marcia, R.N. on

Look, if she thought the rumors were crazy all she had to do was show one picture of herself where she was indisputably pregnant. She never did. This is not a woman who does not like to be photographed. THEREFORE, she either (1) loved the publicity and did nothing to quell the rumors, or (2) wasn’t pregnant. One of those statements has to be true. Either way, not very admirable behavior.

Sasha on

I totally believe that she was pregnant!! What I REALLY think happened with the dress incident is that she may have been wearing a fake belly, to throw people off of her due date…if u can remember it was initially stated that she was due in February, and then she has the baby in January! I believe she was due in January the whole time…but for privacy issues this is what they decided to do, which is their business. Their is no way, you can breast feed a baby, if u did not carry the baby..also as far as her wearing heels..Jessica Simpson still wears heels so what is the difference?? The waitress saw her breastfeeding..lastly as far as nude photos of her pregnant..who is to say they do not have any? I am sure her and her husband and shared that private, initmate moment! EVERY moment does not have to be on display!!…GET REAL PEOPLE

Sasha on


Newbie on

I think Beyonce was pregnant. But I think she was wearing something to make herself look bigger for more publicity in that now infamous picture.

BG on

That was a pretty weird ‘fabric fold’! Fabric may fold but in this case, the bump itself folded! It wasn’t just the cloth, her whole belly just folded in pieces. A firm belly that is carrying a baby doesn’t fold like that.

So perhaps, Beyonce was really pregnant, but on occassion, she wore a fake belly just to exxagerate her pregnancy. Cos she never steadily grew bigger. Look at Jess Simpson, she grew bigger. Beyonce’s belly never really ‘grew’ – she had like 3 belly sizes, that was it. No one can blame the conspiracy theorists. This was one weird pregnancy man. Seriously.

julie on

yeah ¬¬ and osama bin laden’s body was dropped at the sea… yeah… i believe that too “because the Government said so”

Easyup on

Their secrets have caught up with them. Why would anyone be interested in this couple that divulges nothing? They married in secret. We saw no wedding pictures, she hid the ring, showed a picture of her wedding dress three years after the fact – who the hell cares by then. She debuted a belly out of nowhere. Had a fall out (pun intended) with the belly in the middle. Hid and covered up herself at the end. He was reported snapping nonstop pictures of Beyonce on their latest vacation but none published in the thors of her carrying his child? Celebrities have it backward; secrets keep the tongues wagging, it would be wiser to state the truth and be done with it. If we don’t know it for fact we will believe what we will.

Rediculous on

All the rumors were rediculous. Mostly all the other celebrities have been pregnant 2/3 births and nothing said. Beyonce gets pregnant with her first pregnancy it was nothing but negative things said.That was sad and unfair to her. She’s young,successful,and able to do what she wants so why not get married and have a family if that’s what she wants to do. Why do she have to make something up. Just rediculous!!

Cynthia on

I saw what I saw and am convinced she was never pregnant

Gigi on

There IS a pregnancy conspiracy out there but it’s not Beyonce – it’s Jessica Simpson! Two seconds after her ex announces his engagement she’s magically “pregnant” and has been for about 11 months now. She brings new meaning to fake it till ya make it. Bless your beautiful baby girl Beyonce.

babee on

I agree with Gigi, conspiracy is a fact, the time line are not adding up and she was not even really big, Plus the baby really doesnt look like Beyonce or Jay Z, they have money so they can do anything, what really crazy she had just lost a baby so the time line and facts make me believe even more that they are not telling all the truth. But they are happy so WHATEVER we will never know.

melissa on

I like Beyonce… and she should probably pay me for how much I’ve been defending her since she announced she was pregnant but I can’t help it… it just really troubles me and actually makes me extremely mad (even though I’m not a super fan or anything) that people think she wasn’t pregnant. I saw the video and coming from someone who has studied fashion… trust me… it’s the fabric and it’s called a CRESE (sorry for crappy spelling). Not to mention when she bends down to sit down, it’s not going to look the same as when your standing up because it’s basically being squashed lol. NOT TO MENTION She got fatter overall (arms, face, legs, etc.) No fake pregnancy would do that. I think it was really cute how she announced it – if she didn’t do it that way, people would be speculating anyways so you might as well get it over with and do it in a cute way. But those fake pregnancy rumors are SOOOOOOO ridiculous. Nobody except for maybe a 14 year old who has no life does a fake pregnancy, especially not a famous person who is being watched 24/7 and if she did have to use a surrogate… that is not something anyone would or should hide. She could bring more awareness to it and be paid even more by companies so therefore… that did not happen.Moral of the story: It’s ridiculous to think she was faking and thank god I’m not a celebrity so I can sit down in peace unlike Beyonce which her sitting down started this whole mess.

JMW on

As a labor and delivery nurse, I can attest to the fact that pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes. Hell, the shape of your bump can change in any given moment depending on the position of the baby. Beyonce, like so many other celebrities, was health and weight conscious during her pregnancy. To compare her to the likes of Jessica Simpson (who has a weight loss contract to fulfill when she is finished having her baby) and Mariah Carey (who was carrying twins!)is completely ridiculous. As far as the folding fabric incident, I dare any of you to put on a dress of that type of fabric and bend forward. The fabric sagged in front of her stomach. Big deal. She was shown several times in bathing suits with a very pregnant belly. And the security at the hospital? I would say that was very appropriate. They wanted to give birth without the issue of the paparrazi. Can you really blame them for that? That doesn’t mean that she faked a pregnancy.

Nneka on

I truly believe she was pregnant. i am married with three issues but each
time i took in, u wont see it until my 9months of delivery. Every woman’s body differs so you cant compare with another.

Also, looking at Beyonce’s face closely, you can truly see she was pregnant. i observed that. Beside i have never seen Jay z so happy and peaceful. it showed during that period also. Why would they fake it?

southern girl on

I think there might be some truth to that story that she didnt carry their baby. We will never no though – because with all their money they have paid everyone off to keep their mouth shut. If you look at all the things that have happened during her pregnancy – the dress/flat stomach thing – and she was never out and about plus her body that did not change one little bit. When women have babies their bodies change somewhat. Ask supermodel Heidi Klum she will tell you. But who cares if she did. I also think that Jennifer Lopezs kids arent hers – I think she may have carried them – but she is not the biological mother – Marc Anthony most def. is the father – they look everything like him and nothing like her. But then again – who cares

sally on

I don’t believe she was pregnant!

anna on

Sorry Beyonce, I don’t believe. So you were supposedly pregnant almost the whole of 2011? You gave birth in January, when were you actually pregnant then, with all the videos and performances that took place last year. Then all of a sudden you claimed to pregnant and stated that all your videos were shot before your stomach started to show.

When Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the VMAs she almost shut down Twitter. Then when she finally had her baby around 5 people congratulated her publically. And there are no photos and Beyonce and her husband walking around together when she was pregnant. We only see the dodgy photos she posted on her website a few weeks ago.

Then, don’t get me started on the baby she’s been walking around with that never moves and always has its arms in weird position, this is when she’s not choking it half to death under a blanket.

The fact that her mother had to come to her defense, makes the whole thing look more sordid and creepy. We all saw your stomach fold, not the dress your stomach.

Then there’s the baby car seat that we see whenver they open the door to their van. Just tell the truth Beyonce, it will set you free.

meme on

Wow, I did not realize so many women disliked Beyonce. I always thought she came across very sweet in interviews. I personally think she is an absolutely gorgeous woman.

The surrogate rumours are just silly!!

Nunya on

who the hell does this heffa thinks she’s fooling. There is so much evidence that she wasn’t pregnant it’s almost sad. First there’s there disappearing bump..then the bump folding up like a cheap pup tent on national tv..then days before so called giving birth she’s seen HOPPING into a SUV.

There’s no shame in having a surrogate..plenty of people have done it including celebrities so why does this chick feel she has to lie to the public?

The truth will come out just like it did when she tried to claim Ne-Yo’s song for her own…just like clothing designers suing her for stealing their designs..numerous songs she put her name on when we all know dam well she didn’t write them.

It’s sad that Narcissism has taken over this poor child’s life to the point that she has to lie about having a baby…just sad.

boohoobytch on

sure she gave birth – next they’ll say this average looking chick is the most beautiful woman in the world; oh wait…

mom on

She TOTALLY used a surrogate. Her whole ‘pregnancy’ just seemed off. Everything about it. The video was not fabric folding. You also dont bend over like that when pregnant. She didnt even sit down like a woman with a real bump. You move differently when really preg. Ive done it 3 times, and i know. She can just afford to pay $$ to spin the media about all this. the rumors about clearing out the maternity ward, I believe. They prob had the surrogate in one room, and she had it and they wheeled it next door to beyonce, who was there to take all the credit. She is a joke.

Missy on

I’m currently 5 months pregnant and when I go to sit down, my stomach doesn’t stay nice and hard it does sort of cave in, and if I’m wearing a dress I do look like I’m deflating when I sit down.

Yes she didn’t gain a lot of weight, some women don’t Not everyone takes being pregnant to the extreme like Jessica Simpson and gains 60-80 lbs(I know she said she’s only gained 40 but there’s no way in hell that’s only a 40lb weight gain). Some women actually take of themselves while pregnant and don’t eat enough for a small country.

As for losing the baby weight someone women lose it right away others don’t. After my first baby I left the hospital with 10lbs of a 45 lb weight gain left to lose, all the weight was gone in 2 weeks.

None of these arguements mean she did/didn’t have a surrogate, but man people on this site are so quick to judge about things they clearly know nothing about.

Kimberly Dennie on

I thought it was crazy too but if you put on a big charade like the one described in the “rumors” would YOU openly admit it and make yourself look vain. I wouldnt. I love Beyonce but she is human and she did have a prior miscarriage but I wouldnt look at her like less than a woman even if she did use a surrogate.

Also, I dont believe that she and Jay Z did not overload that hospital with security. She definitely did not just walk in normally like an everyday woman preparing for birth. Maybe SHE didnt feel it was ridiculous but the father of the twins that were born the same day as Blue Ivy that was not allowed to see his children seemed pretty upset, btw he disappeared QUICKLY. I wonder how much that cost the power couple. LOL… gotta love them.

rae on

If I were her, I never would have given this foolishness the time of day. It’s nothing but jealousy to begin with, and no matter what she says the naysayers and conspiracy theorist are going to dog her. I say let them believe what they want and move on with your life. Be happy with your husband and your baby.

JMO on

Hmmm well I always thought there was no way anyone could successfully in the public eye fake a pregnancy. Although it was always suspicious to me I still just thought the rumors were kinda nuts. HOWEVER all that has changed after seeing those videos and that timeline on her pregnancy. It all now very much looks suspicious to me. I cannot say one way or another because I am not Beyonce but I really don’t know what to believe anymore.

I do remember the same rumors with Katie Holmes where it appeared one day she was bigger, next day smaller, never looked swollen, belly looked odd shaped. So maybe Beyonce had one of “those” pregnancy’s?!

KGurley on

I don’t believe any of the stories that were told on her. I believe that she was pregnant, I don’t believe that she made crazy demands when she was giving birth, and I believe people r just h8ing on her. MAKE SURE THERE R NO FLAWS N UR OWN LIFE B4 U GO TRYING 2 POINT OUT THE FLAWS IN SOMEONE ELSE’S!

mom on

She faked it. A large percentage of the weight gained durig preg is water and fluids. Everyone swells a bit at the end. She never looked really preg. I worked in an obgyn ofc for years, and have seen tall ones short ones, fat ones , skinny ones, white ones, black ones …..and they all look preg. Esp big and THICK black girls like beyonce. She has tree trunks for legs. Those girls get BIG. Now shes working the media circuit and taking credit for ‘losing the weight’ so fast. ( i saw that one coming) as far as her bikini pic from last year…..remember martin lawrence in big mommas house? running on the beach in a full length fat suit and thong. This woman has no shame. Its embarrassing that the rest of the world thinks people here really like her. I dont know anyone who does. Esp after this pregnancy sham. But i guess they all ‘ have a baby’ when the career starts to slump.

sweeti on

Bey had her baby, she never faked the pregnancy, she said she wanted to start her a family by the time she was 30. She stood by all of that and if anybody was a Beyonce fan you would have nevered doubt her pregnancy! so the dumb broad that campared Bey to Jessica Simpson..Please Bey ate right and not everything, Jessica is eating because someone told her its ok to eat cause you are eating for 2. Bey kept herself very active, and her being a celebrity is is her business to keep her delivery private.

some of you people don’t believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and being that you don’t believe that you really don’t beieve anything. Just had to put that out there!

Meghan on

I think the out of control security was ridiculous and disgusting. What makes her any better than any other mom giving birth and having a baby. Shame on her and her entourage for allowing her divalicious demands to get in the way of other women and their families.

mom on

” The waitress saw her breastfeeding.”
She saw her pretending to breastfeed. Someone so private about her supposed pregnancy isnt going to breastfeed in public. also, watch ‘Meet the Fockers’. Jack Burns breastfed too. They have those. ( so adoptive moms, etc can bond with the baby) I wouldnt hold my breath because a waitress saw beyonce with the baby in her arm and a blanket over its head. I love that my kids dont even know who this woman is. Or her husband. Not supporting a celebrity that thinks the ‘little people’ are stupid and ignorant. Her 3 fans can believe what they want. I never did buy it.


The fake baby bump photos are undeniable….What bothers me is her parading around and everybody commenting on how great she looks after having the baby…I don’t think she did carry the baby, so for her to pass that off to her young fanbase as she just instantly bounced back to her former self when she’s a thick girl, there’s no way she’d just bounce back a WEEK after she gave birth, when even supermodel stick figures don’t show off their body for at least a month afterward…and why would the rumor be so offensive to her mom? Her mom either knows or doesn’t know, and if it’s no big deal even she did have a surrogate, then her mom should care….just weird! The fact that she blocked off a whole floor is just so arrogant that I just don’t think I’ll ever see her the same way again. I would’ve had more respect for her had she apologized to the families who were blocked by her security from seeing their kids. Get over yourself Beyonce.

mom on

Who goes out dancing 2-3 days before giving birth? You cant even walk down the hall without having braxton-hicks contractions. I had those the last month of my preg’s. You esp cant wiggle and dance. You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to tired to even go out. WHO GOES OUT LATE AT NIGHT 48 HOURS BEFORE DELIVERING? please. Hope they are saving their $$ because her career is over.

Lily on

Beyonce is beautiful! She was blessed with a beautiful baby girl with her husband! Kudos to her for doing things “decent and in order.” People always want to tear others down but don’t look at themselves. That woman WAS PREGNANT! Did you not see her very full face and chest area! How can a “surrugate” produce chancing hormones in her body? Get real people and stop the maddness! Everyone carries their pregnancies different but the proof was alllllll in her face- a glowing VERY FULL pregnant face!

mom on

Also says alot about Michelle Obama that she mentions Beyonce as a great role model for her girls. Very telling……and shallow. There are so may admirable women that have done so much, and this is who she picks? Also really funny because beyonce sings about her mans eyes being low ‘ from the cheafin”. (marijuana) (which im not against, at all. It should be legal.) So michelle thinks beyonce is great, and bey and jay are known to like the weed, ad the president is known for his past usage of it…. seems hypocritical for the pres to crack down on it. Would love to see people that really stand up for what is right. If they arent bad people for using it, why is the rest of the world?

iolanthe on

There is no way Beyonce gave birth to that baby.

Traci on

I agree – Beyonce’s not one bit convincing. I don’t think she carried Blue Ivy.

She wierd anyway.

AngelK on

Wow! All this negativity. Beyounce was never pregnant because she did not gain weight; she was thin after birth, etc. Every person and every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant, my baby bump was small; I did not show until my eight month and only looked about three months pregnant. A lot of people did not know I was pregnant. I wore heels up until my eight month. I gained only 25 pounds. After I gave birth, I weight only one pound more than my pre-pregnant weight. So it is possible that she did not gain a lot of weight therefore losing weight immediately after giving birth is possible. Plus Beyounce was active during her pregnancy that plus healthy eating will keep pregnant weight down.

Yes, I saw the video that started the rumors and it did look strange but if no one ever commented, I would have thought (with out explanation) that the material folded.

mom on

She has sent the worst possible message to young girls, with this pregnancy. She is a horrible role model for our young women. (not that any know who she is)

AngelK on

Congrads! to the new parents. Congrads to Beyounce on her beautiful women title. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – you do not have to agree with People magazine’s decision – it’s o.k. but to be negative and hateful – that is not o.k. Also, based on “the standard” that America uses to define beauty – Beyounce DOES fit into the beautiful women category.

mom on

“I gained only 25 pounds. After I gave birth, I weight only one pound more than my pre-pregnant weight. ”

Worked obgyn for years…..i call bs on that one. I weighed 103 at 7 weeks and 132 at delivery. Left at 119. ( and my babies were 8 1/2 pounders. You dont drop 24 lbs from delivery. Ive checked these girls in and out, gotten vitals and weights on alot of pts.etc…… i am also a size 0/2 and have had 3 kids. gained 30- 34 llbs with each( because i was underwieght to begin with) and left the hosp thinner…… but noone leaves losing all the weight.. except maybe for the morbidly obese women who the docs tell to only put on 10 lbs during preg.

mom on

I dont personally find dishonesty and extreme vanity beautiful……but whatever. guess this is one of those skin deep beauty contests.

wanda on

Solange ,DIVA BEHAVIOUR,WHY? WHAT hit songs has hse had? She gets gigs,photo shoots ,etc,BECAUSE of Beyonce.Tina Knowles clothing line ,DEPENDS on Beyonce backing it ,SO of course she’s support her daughter ,about her “using” aSurrogate.

Dez on

I’m part of the population that does believe that Beyonce’ lied about being pregnant. There is nothing that she or her mama can say to change my mind on that.

mom on

They come in sets even. 3, 5, 7 mos sizes and 4,6,9 mos.

Lots of women use them too, and fake the whole preg. They just dont go around bragging about how quickly they lose the weight.

AngelK on

To: – mom on April 30th, 2012

“I gained only 25 pounds. After I gave birth, I weight only one pound more than my pre-pregnant weight. ”

Worked obgyn for years…..i call bs on that one. I weighed 103 at 7 weeks and 132 at delivery. Left at 119. ( and my babies were 8 1/2 pounders. You dont drop 24 lbs from delivery. Ive checked these girls in and out, gotten vitals and weights on alot of pts.etc…… i am also a size 0/2 and have had 3 kids. gained 30- 34 llbs with each( because i was underwieght to begin with) and left the hosp thinner…… but noone leaves losing all the weight.. except maybe for the morbidly obese women who the docs tell to only put on 10 lbs during preg.

You can call whatever you want – it is truth. My weight was in the normal range for my age and height. Not that I need to prove anything to you (like Beyounce doesn’t) but it is the truth. I ate healthy and I walked for exercise. It is possible.

Meghan on

AngelK- would you like an award for losing your baby weight quickly? your post comes across like you are bragging.

Pettishly. on

I applaud Beyonce’s strength & I am proud that she & her family did not allow those insane RUMORS to hinder their happiness during such an indescribable time in their lives. She remained poised & addressed the hogwash on her OWN terms. Brilliant. For all of the naysayers, it’s no longer relevant what you “think” to be true. She’s got it all – an astonishing career that will continue to bud, a wonderful family that stands by/supports her as best as they can, an adoring husband, and a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

AngelK on

Meghan – An award is not necessary. LOL You thinking I am bragging is funny. Making a comment that certain information that was stated may indeed be true comes across as bragging was your thought – wow. Funny. Your opinion does validate the reason why Beyounce & other celebrities get their lives private. No matter what they say certain people will beleive what they want.

IdoKnow on

Yeah, she did give birth to super baby. Thats why hers is the only week old baby that coos like a 6 month old. So phony! And she isnt 30!

Gale on

@GetSuperFruit…I am with you on that. She can refute the rumors all she wants. I still say she used a surrogate, whether it was her mom or not, due to all the reg flags. For starters, what woman, especially a woman of her high-powered caliber and one who loves the spotlight, wouldn’t be glad to show off the timeline duration of her pregnancy? It was like first, you heard and it was confirmed that she was pregnant, next thing you heard and saw was that she had the baby, nothing in between times. Then, she bounces back into the spotlight like it wasn’t nothing, dancing and whatnot, like she never was with child. I still say her pregnancy was a lie and Beyonce does comes off as the type of person to tell a little white lie here and there, every not and then and people(her fans mainly) would believe her regardless. but, like a commentator has stated on this blog, she got her baby…whoopiedoo.

mom on

Lots of women fake their pregnanies, apparantly. But they dont have the gall to go around seeking attention for how quickly they lost the weight afterward.

melanie on

I dont believe she was ever pregnant and i believe she had a surrogate mother to give birth to her baby. there is nothing wrong with having a surrogate mother have ur baby. Its like they say the truth will come to the light, watch!!!!!!

Anna Marie on

Lets just agree to disagree…shes a terrible actress

Patrick on

I’d like to address two crazy rumors about Beyonce.

1) Most beautiful woman…yeah right! Go to any location Beyonce is at in the past, present or the future, and you’ll find women more attractive on the outside and inside than Beyonce.

2) Talented. Auto-tuned and able to dance does not equal talent. The hologram of Tupac could sing and dance better than Beyonce.

Kaja on

Lauren who commented on April 29, 2012, I totally agree with your explanation. And I agree that Beyonce was never pregnant due to those reasons.

Marky on

I’ve never seen so many crazy posts in my life, and that’s saying something!
To AngelK, the OB/GYN nurse:

Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t an ob/gyn nurse, but I know I was, and let me tell you, I have seen women walk in barely looking pregnant because they didn’t want anyone to know they were, and they walked out wearing street clothes and went back to the office within 3 days. (The baby was being placed for adoption)

I have seen women who looked way beyond Jessica Simpson, who is taking big-time abuse and looks no worse than Kate Hudson did the last pregnancy she had. I myself gained 20-25 lbs, depending on which pregnancy it was, weighed 102 with my third baby, and at 4 months, had just barely started to show and weighed 108. I didn’t need maternity clothes until I was 5 months, and I basically wore them because I wanted to relish what was to be my last pregnancy. I actually didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was 14 weeks. I absolutely NEVER had trouble getting in and out of a car of any kind, and we had a sports car! I never had trouble losing the weight; 5 days after delivery, I was wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, etc–no maternity clothes. If you are truly an ob/gyn nurse, you should know people carry differently, and lose the weight differently, and you should be the last to call bs on someone just because they don’t carry like some character on a sitcom.

One type of comment that is really irritating is the one when people say she should have done nude pregnancy photos to “prove” she was really pregnant. Really!!? After all the flack Tia took? Jessica? Anyone who’s ever done that? and Beyonce is supposed to do it to “prove” she’s pregnant to a bunch of people she doesn’t even know?! Get real, people, if she had done that, you’d be claiming photoshop. Shame on all of you, really…….. It’s like feeding time in the shark tank.

Andrea on

This is not a denial that she was not pregnant but an outcry that people had the guts to speak out about it. She was never pregnant. I repeat she was never pregnant. She still does not have that natural, ” I carried you in my tummy for nine mths” attachment to that surrogate baby. Beyonce we are not stupid, stop being so deceitful it makes you look ignorant.

Andrea on

Yeah, agreed she was never pregnant, and carries that poor baby with detachment, she had a chance to prove she was pregnant by taking picture of her stomach in late stages of pregnancy before she gave birth, but she didn’t because there was nothing there. According to hospital secret source, she did not want to be in the same room when her surrogate gave birth, and waited in adjoining room, where the baby was handed over to her. This charade is insulting, as any person with a working brain, can clearly see that it’s something inside her dress that is folding and not the fabric. Her career will never recover from this, no matter how many interviews she does, or publicity stunts she tries.

Anonymous on

LOL neither one of them actually answered the question though.

Stephen on

Some people are just stupid. I am a guy and if I wear the wrong shirt it makes my stomach look big until I sit down. Why would she fake a pregnancy? If she wanted to use a surrogate all she would have had to say was that she couldn’t conceive or carry a baby. Even if a “stork” dropped a baby off at her doorsteps Beyonce doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

Fatima on

Here Is the video that hopfully will clear up those rumors

Kresta on

After the photos of her with a belly that went up and down in size every month and her collapsing dress video, there is no way I believe she was pregnant. I just hope she is honest with her child.

Kresta on

The Croatian photos were of a heavier Beyonce standing with her non-pregnant belly sticking out as far as she could manage. She’d probably just had a huge lunch washed down with a few drinks. Had she been photographed close up later in her pregnancy wearing a bikini then I would have had no doubt.

Fatima on

Here Another video of Bey showing off her bare belly

Fatima on

Anybody that really knows Beyonce is that she is a very private about her personal life. unlike most of these celeb she not an attention whore like: (Kim Kardashian and her family, Paris Hilton, Realhousewivies,Teen Moms,LL and so & so) she has never done anything to get more fame & attention the preform.we never seen acted wild & drunk at a club, or do drug, she never been arrested or done any bad behavior to get attention for her career. and as for personal life, her and her husband has always been private about their relationship,they have never been like most celeb couples. they have never done a lot PDA, never talked that much about their relationship, never did a sex tape, never posed for magazine covers together and never sold their wedding pics or the first pics of their new baby. so tell me this, why would Beyonce fake a pregnancy to get attention?? for crying out loud she is Beyonce!!!!! she already has fame, attention, money, success in her career then she knows what to do with. she has four 1# hit albums, 16 grammys, a lot of hit singles, a successful clothing line, hit movies (munis the last 2) and great marriage to one of the most successful rappers of all times. I don’t think the she would go as low as faking something as serious as having a baby. what’s so sad is that people who have saying that they wanted Bey & Jay to open up more about their relationship for years, and when they finally share something wonderful with the public for the first time ever, (that they was having a baby)everybody started accusing them of lying about it!!!!! just beacause they seen some dumb video of big dress folding over, and read stupid lgnorant reports that came off of a website that lies all of the time!!!! which goes to you the people will believe anything that is write online. they can tell you they tomorrow they could tell you gold coins will fall out the sky or hell is not real and you all would believe it!!!! now with the negativity people were spewing at them, Bey & Jay might not share nothing personal like with us again.

Fatima on

Ian on

You really expect her to tell you if she gave birth to the child or not? Obviously, she’ll say they’re lies. However, I cannot forget how her stomach bent awkwardly while trying to sit during her “pregnancy.” That’s what stops me from believing she really had that child. Or is her baby rubber?

Reeta on

People really are ignorant!! I didn’t realize how much until reading these comments. I am a nurse and if you ppl are dumb enough to believe they can convince an entire hospital staff and personnel to keep quite about someone else having a baby for them you are dumber than you sound!! Trust me someone would spill they beans!! The money they would make off that story would set them up for life. I’m not even a Beyonce fan but ppl get real!! It is too many non essential staff around a hospital 24/7 and so many security cameras there would be no way to sneak someone in without being noticed. Finally, fake bumbs don’t fold they are made to look real!!! Will a real bump fold; No, so why would a wealthy person get one that would!!! You ppl make me wonder. Get educated and use common sense ppl.

Rudy on

I’m so glad she doesn’t feed into the bullshit people come up with. When you’re as talented, accomplished, beautiful and wealthy as she is, NOTHING you do will go without controversy or backlash and it’s quite pathetic. Miserable folks will ALWAYS have something to say about any and every thing. Congrats to Beyoncé & Jay-Z for THEIR beautiful baby girl, also to the rest of the Knowles family for continuing to prosper amidst the stupidity & negativity. They have absolutely nothing to prove to you nor I in regards to their private lives and if you feel different, you clearly need a life and business of your own to worry about.

Melissa on

I just wish that people would stop calling her an “ultra private person.” This same private person gives numerous interviews, releases backstage concert footage yearly, and now has a tumblr with dozens of personal photos. She’s been photographed courtside at basketball games, at charity events, and at all Jay-Z’s club all post-baby. We’ve seen her vacation photos – one is actually on the cover of People this week. Not saying that she should not live her life, but like most celebrities, when she has something to sell, like her upcoming shows in AC, her “private” life is for sale too.

Anonymous on

I personally don’t believe that Beyonce was really pregnant because she did’nt even seem to have gained weight and I find that strange/ and plus she kept the same nice body after and before the baby was born so I find that hard to believe that she was actually pregnant/ and as for Beyonce mother, of course she’s going to go along with Beyonce because that’s her daughter/ but the truth will eventually come out/

STeve on




Maria G on

Did you people not see the pics of her PREGNANT in a bikini!? Do you really think she took time out of her busy life to fake that? If you do, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…

sat on


Mika on

LMAO @ Beyonce’s “sheeple”. It is obvious that Beyonce’s fans truly are the dumbest of the population!

Jillian on

You have never seen a movie where the actress is in a bikini and pregnant? If she was faking, known of us know the truth, shed either have to skip the beach, wear a one piece or have no vaca and that wouldn’t have been fun.

I just about spit out my water! How is she private?!?! A private celebrity doesn’t do interview after interview, show pictures, share details, etc. She is not private.


Antoinette Moulds on

Let’s take a look at her C-section scar and then we’ll believe you had the baby

Genevieve on

– Erin on April 29th, 2012

You said that there were pics of her in Croatia in a bikini. Does Jennifer Aniston have kids? Not to my knowledge but they gave her a semi-realistic belly all those years ago on Friends. So, I don’t buy the bikini either, particularly when it’s worn by someone who earns money for a hair dye company who wears weaves 100% of the time. She’s a fraud and this is another, more extreme example. She’s loaded for life, she should retire, raise her kid. Instead, she seeks the limelight with numerous projects for this year. Those are her priorities. Self-promotion is of the utmost importance to her. It’s too bad she doesn’t use her millions to educate herself. GED notwithstanding, she comes across as a superficial dolt in interviews. Her 60 Minutes interview was hilarious though unintentionally so. Stay home and raise your damn baby, you entitled no-talent.