Tamera Mowry-Housley: Why I’m Hoping for a Boy

04/26/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
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Three months ago, Tamera Mowry-Housley received the shock of her life: She and her husband Adam were having a baby!

Pregnant with the couple’s first child — and due in early November — the actress is excited about motherhood, despite her initial disbelief.

“Adam and I were in the, ‘Whatever happens, happens,’ mode. It felt like I was going to get my period, but I didn’t get it,” the Tia & Tamera star, 33, tells myStyle.com.

“So I took a pregnancy test and that was it. I was shocked at first. I couldn’t talk for two minutes. It was a feeling I can’t describe.”

Caught up in the “happiest” moment of her life, the mom-to-be then turned her attention to breaking the unexpected news to Housley.

“I actually texted Adam a picture of two pregnancy tests and said, ‘Happy early Father’s Day!'” the actress recalls. “He said, ‘Cooool!'”

Although the newlyweds have not found out the sex of the baby — but plan to! — Mowry-Housley admits their hearts are set on a son.

“I want a boy because I have two brothers whom I love and adore,” she explains. “I helped raise my brothers so I have somewhat of an experience raising boys. I haven’t the slightest idea about raising a girl. It’s like the unknown.”

Her biggest wish for the near future? To be the best mom she can be to her baby.

“I don’t want to be too strict and I don’t want to be too lenient. It’ll be a balance. I also definitely have to make sure I don’t spoil my baby, because I naturally love to do it,” Mowry-Housley says.

“I’ll probably cry at everything — every milestone, every achievement. I hope I will be a great mom. Every mom-to-be says that, and they say if you’re thinking that, you will be.”

— Anya Leon

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Shawna on

The shock of her life? Really? Apparently she’s not too bright. She admits they were not using contraception so the fact that she is shocked that being sexually active while not using contraception can lead to pregnancy is absolutely ridiculous.

Brooke on

Wow, cranky much. Calm down. Like she said she was expecting to get her period she didnt think she was pregnant. If your going to be that demeaning and cynical about an article maybe you should stay off the Internet.

Tee on

Articles like this always make me cringe a little bit. It doesn’t bother me that someone would want a particular gender. They are well within their rights to want whatever they want. But it does bother me when people publicize their desires. What if she has a daughter? One day, there is a very real possibility that this child might read these interviews.

I wouldn’t want my daughter to read an interview with me saying that I wanted a boy. (or whatever) Maybe I’m over thinking things and this is certainly just my opinion, but I do wish people would choose their words more carefully.

Jack on

Shawna: You dont know if she had something that made her think that it wouldnt be easy to conceive. I dont think this speaks to her intelligence. You sound very cranky…

Guest on

Geez, Shawna! Don’t be so hateful! Maybe she was “shocked” at how quickly it happened?

Congrats to them…

Janet Torres on


Julie on

Tee…Couldn’t agree more with your comment. Should her future daughter read about this one day, she could be very hurt.

On a personal note, as I prepare to do IVF again, and in reading about yet another celebrity baby on the way (everyone in my personal life seems to be having a baby too!), I wish people (celebrities and otherwise) would be grateful for whatever gender child they are given…6 months ago I planned on having 3 children oneday, and now my husband and I pray for one!

Sorry to ramble on and be so personal, but it irks me when any pregnant person says they hope for one gender over the other.

Nonetheless, congrats to the parents to be! 🙂

J on

So even if they are happy with a gender they didn’t expect and love their child, Tee, you think that the child could one day read the article and get upset over their desire for the other gender? Oh for Pete’s sake…

TJ on

Get it out Shawna–Overall, in your 30s you have about a 15 percent chance of getting pregnant in any single ovulation cycle…..

go to http://health.msn.com/pregnancy/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100161311

Kate on

Shawna, I was *trying* to get pregnant when I had my angel baby and was still shocked when the test was positive. It’s a natural reaction.

Just My Opinion on

I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have kids after a surgery. I was shocked when I got pregnant, and I had twins.

Anonymous on

Watch she is going to have a girl just because she wants a boy. It always happens like that. But I am happy for her.

Karen on

How cute, you know the saying “Hope for a boy but get a girl”. 😉

Holly on

@Tee, When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted a boy and made my preference known. My dad pointed out that “you’ll take what you get”. Of course I did. Anyway, I love my daughter more than life itself but I’ve told her a couple times that I wanted a boy while I was pregnant but also make it a point to let her know that I still love her and wouldn’t change her for anything.

Just My Opinion on

I don’t think it’s anything wrong with saying what you would like, but we know it’s out of her hands. I thinks that comes first realizing that your having a baby, I’m sure whatever she has they will love it unconditionally. Heck, knowing that I was having twins I always said I didn’t want 2 girls. I had a boy & girl, but either way I would have loved them unconditionally. People make comments on her like they never said or thought the same thing. We are human, we all have the right to wish out loud.

Melissa on

I’m happy they are having a baby, but what if it’s a girl and she reads that articule. Not sure she is going to feel wanted.

Melissa on

Julie, best wishes that you have the child(ren) of your dreams. Never lose faith.

JMO on

How many people have alot of experience raising a boy/girl before they have kids? Sure you can help take care of someone else’s son or daughter but when the time comes and your a mother you figure it out. Boy or girl she’ll learn to be a great mother!

KG on

Uh, helping take care of a sibling, is NOT the same as raising a child.

Amber on

Not many people get pregnant quickly – even young and healthy people so it would be shocking no matter what. Even if you’re trying. Congrats to her 🙂

As for saying she wants a boy, I don’t think it matters. If my mom wanted a boy when she had me, I wouldn’t care because its not like she gave me up after having me because I was a girl. She also didn’t say she would hate having a girl, just that she knows what to do with boys more than girls so she has rationale logic for wanting a boy.

Congrats to them. They seemed like a happy couple on the show.

Angel on

Amen sister

JC on

I do find it weird when people in general are so hoping for one gender but to say it publicly to People mag or any other mag when your future child could read it. I also doubt that she “raised” her younger siblings since she was busy acting during that time (and at least one of her younger brothers was as well).

Carrie on

My mom told me flat out that she wished for a boy when she had me, and it really doesn’t affect me at all. She’s an awesome mom, and I don’t doubt for a second that she loves me and is appreciative that she had a girl.

RKF on

I cringe at the “I want a xyz gender” also. I understand her reasoning for wanting a boy, but verbalizing she’d prefer one gender over the other makes me shudder. Imaginably a healthy baby is most important… and even if you don’t feel that way, why announce it to the world?

@Holly – You TOLD your daughter “a couple of times” you wanted a son? And then told her how special she is, and you *still* love her? Wow. Just wow.

diva on

Context people….! I am sure she will be happy with whatever she gets. Yes she has brothers, and Tia has a boy as well, so she has only has been around infant boys, and help to ‘raise’ boys, it’s a natural thought process to me. I am fully confident she was not being malicious in saying she is hoping its a boy.

Lighten up, just a bit… She’s beside herself with joy, I am sure she is not thinking to be careful if what she says or it will be taken out of context by overly critical people, let her enjoy her moment, and her pregnancy….

Congratulations to Tamera and Adam! Life is such an amazing gift…

Blessings and Love!

Devon on

My husband and I aren’t actively trying for a baby but if we get pregnant, then yay! If that day comes, I will be shocked as all get out because after all these years we haven’t gotten pregnant (we’re still young, both in our 20s) so a positive pregnancy test will be a BIG SHOCKER! Just because you’re having unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean you’ll be pregnant right away. Even if you do get pregnant right off the bat, it’s still shocking.

Raine on

Gee Shawna, who peed in your cornflakes this morning!

Michelle on

I underwent IVF so I was taking HPTs from about 10dpo on and I was still shocked when I saw 2 pink lines.

She didn’t say she didn’t know how it happened, she said she was shocked it worked.

kjc on

While I agree that I don’t care for when people so publicly express a desire for one sex or another, I highly doubt their child will be scarred if she is a girl.

My married parents were not trying to have kids yet, but my mothers iud failed. While all they wanted was a healthy baby, they had a preference for a son. I can tell you that today and everyday I don’t hold it against my parents. They didn’t even want a baby, but if they did they hoped for a son. I may have been an accident, and a girl but I know, and always have, that I am loved.

Katie on

The Article said shock of her life. She didnt say shock of her life she said she was shocked.

Im so happy for her. Congrats!

Terri on

To Julie, God bless you and may god bless you with the children that you desire. I have a daughter who is autistic, but we love her soo much and are so very thankful for her. 🙂

KO on

I’m so happy for her and if you read the whole article haters she clearly says why she wants a boy! I’m pregnant right now with my first child and also, want a boy is there anything wrong with me…no! Obviously and ultimately all I really want is a healthy baby and yes I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant 2 it happened the first time trying so back off the girl! 🙂

Phyllis on

What’s the big deal, women been doing it for years. It do not mean that you are not going to love the child, because it’s not what you wanted. I Wanted girls both times, I had boys. I would not trade them for anything. Some people are making something out of nothing.

I’m pretty the child will not be reading an old People Magazine one day. I’m pretty sure what ever she have, she is going to love. That all what’s importance.

anon on

i think she wants to be like her sister: if her sister would have had a girl then she probably would have wanted a girl too. i think there’s a lot of competition between tia and tamera. either way, though congrats to her and i hope all goes well.

TT on

On ABC’s “The Revolution” show they are discussing fertility/infertility. Check it out, maybe it can help some of you out there with your comments/questions.

MB on

Geez, some of us are bitter today aren’t we? There is nothing wrong with saying you want a boy or a girl because in no way does it imply you won’t love your baby regardless! And no, I don’t think her baby will be scarred if she turns out to be a girl and she ever reads this… Either way, boy or girl or both a baby is a huge blessing so congrats to them!

Holly on

@RFK, it’s not like I came out and told her. Just in conversations my family and I have had about when my sister & I were pregnant. Also, after that happens, I tell her I may have wanted a boy that I’m so glad that I got her, my beautiful, smart, talented daughter. And she will tell you that herself. As for the “still” love her, I didn’t phrase that right. Of course I love her & have from the time I found out I was pregnant. She was wanted whether she was a boy or girl. I totally agree with what @Amber said about her mom’s choice. That’s how I feel about my baby girl and always will!!

MEGGAMom 1 on

I agree with Shawna. She had unprotected sex, and got pregnant. Its not that big of a stretch of the imagination. Im happy for her, but why is eery knocked up celeb front page news. Women all over the U.S. have babies every day, and my cat had a litter of kittens last Thursday. It didn’t make even the AKC Daily.

The way this world is going, it doesn’t matter if its a boy or girl, right? If she has a girl, she can just not tell anyone the sex, dress her like a boy, and when she is about 10, just pump her little girl full of male hormones, and change her into a boy. This seems to be the newest trend in this sick world. With enough money, as it says in scripture: “Thy(Celebrity)Will be Done”.

Heather on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with women expressing the desire to have one sex over another- I always wanted a girl, and I got my wish when my daughter was born, but that doesn’t mean that if they told me I was having a boy instead I would have loved him any less. People just want women to say all they want is a healthy happy baby and of course thats all any of us ever want. Sometimes we feel more comfortable around one sex then the other, I have lots of friends who have boys that say they couldn’t even imagine trying to raise a girl and I felt the same about having a boy- but we adjust that train of thought once our beautiful child is born

KO on

I think your taking her comment a little 2 far here and if you don’t wanna here about celeb news then don’t go on people.com and read the articles and then comment on them!

Traci on

Shawna – WTH? Get a life.

B.J. (the girl) on

Texting the big news to her mate… Classy. I guess that’s the world we live in now!

Lorelee on

I don’t see the big deal about hoping for one sex or the other. Of course they are going to love their baby no matter what gender he/she is. I also think if you are not preventing pregnancy there is a shock with a positive test knowing at that moment your life is changed forever.

Marky on

First time I was pregnant, I wanted a girl for personal reasons that had to do with my relationship with my mom while I was growing up. I had a son, and he is just amazing to me, even in adulthood. I had been a nurse in the newborn nursery, and had seen mothers actually reject their child when it wasn’t the sex they wanted; they would refuse to name the baby or feed it, until they had psych help.

I preferred a girl, but I didn’t dislike my son. He married and wanted daughters sooo much, has 2, but he would have been okay with having a son, I’m sure. I do think it’s kind of instinctive to “want” or have thought about having a certain sex, but only a few times have I seen it matter once the baby is here, or you have a sonogram and find out the sex.

Congrats to this couple, I love Tia and Tamera both, and think Tamera and her husband are a nice couple. Wish them well!

Nessa on

Its funny because having all nephews while having a hand in raising them had the opposite effect on me. And I mean feedings in the night, baths, doc appts etc. It made me want girls. All my sisters and brothers have boys.

Even though my preference is a girl, I Know I will love my baby regardless of gender because I love my nephews who are not mine.

At least no one is talking about selective abortion which India has a huge problem with. Saw a ABC 20/20 special on it. So as long as no one get so upset they terminate the baby its all good.

Sophia on

Can everyone calm down? She didn’t say she didn’t want a girl. She PREFERS a boy. I’m sure she’s gonna be just as happy and thrilled if she finds out she’s having a girl. Every parent hopes for one gender over the other. Just because her wish is more public, is no reason to judge her. She also said she hopes to be a great mom.

And also, even if you know you’re having sex without contraception, for some people it’s harder. Pretty sure when you take a pregnancy test and it’s positive, you’re not gonna look at it and say “oh cool” and walk away. You’ll be just as shocked and excited.

bh on

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for one sex over the other but keep it to youself…

Meghan on

Congrats!!!! who cares what her preference is. most people do have one, at least with the first child. If anything, I just wouldn’t publicly broadcast it because I’d be afraid I’d jinx myself. I wouldn’t be suprised if she already knows shes having a boy because it’s pretty easy to tell on ultrasounds even as early as 16 weeks now (sometimes even earlier depending on the skill of the technician).

Ani on

I don’t mind the shocked comment. But the comment about the gender. Hello you are a woman. Thus being you must have known what it was to be a girl. May you just have a healthy baby and not compete with your sister because she has a son.

Kim on

My mom told me she didn’t want a girl, because she didn’t know how to raise one. She was a major tomboy growing up and so was I. It doesn’t mean she didn’t love me and it doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy with the girl she got. I think it’s natural for a parent to favor a specific sex if it’s something you already have experience with (my mom had 3 older brothers). I give her a hard time about it, but it truly didn’t effect me at all that she said it. My step-sister also said she wanted her second child to be a boy, because her husband would be more willing to try again for a girl. They now have one of each and it’s obviously she loves them just the same. People need to relax.

Gianna on

Why d African-American’s always want boys? Just something I’ve noticed.

Nikki on

I’m happy for her, and because I like her, I would watch a reality show featuring this….should be interesting to see the dynamic between her entire family with this impending birth.

1. I understand her being shock. Especially when you’ve been trying for a while..her words makes me think that they were…

2. I don’t think that she should voice her opinion about the gender, but the interviewer might have asked her, and she responded without thinking it through….

3. I would have waited until I was 5 months along before announcing if I was a celebrity…but that’s just me…

I wish them well! I LOVE her!

Sandy on

I don’t care if she wants a boy. My question is how did she find out she was pregnant three months ago if she’s due in early November? If that’s when she’s due, she got pregnant less than three months ago. This article confuses me.

Cole on

Aw, I didn’t know Tamera was pregnant! Was there ever an announcement? Congrats to them! Tia and Tamera are such nice, down-to-earth Christian ladies. Love their show!

Ami on

Bet she has a girl! Nothing wrong with wanting a specific gender though.

Sam on

First off I think the writer of this story is more to blame than her. It’s one thing to say you prefer a sex in an interview, another to have that specific part CAPITALIZED AND PUT INTO THE TITLE— WHY I’M HOPING FOR A BOY.

Imagine a daily conversation you have, but certain parts being picked apiece and bolded…now imagine a bunch of mean moms who can’t wait to jump on everything you say.

Now what is wrong with hoping for a particular sex??? It’s like if anyone says anything they are ungrateful parents who will be ridiculed!

I wanted a girl, I tried for a girl…yeah I got a girl!

Second time I wanted a girl, tried for a girl,…I got a boy! I cried, I moved on, he was born…and now he is the love of my life.
If he ever asked I’d tell him I originally wanted a girl, but something tells me he won’t care lol!

I mean seriously Tamera has said she wanted to be a GREAT mom, so I doubt growing up the kid will read this and be devastated..seriously?

If I found some article my mom did when she was pregnant with me, and she said we would have wanted a boy, I would joke to her an go “Ooops!” I def would not be hurt or feel not wanted. You people need to GET A LIFE!

I think the biggest problem with parenting is parents aren’t allowed to complain, have a preference, be honest etc. And that sets unrealistic expectations. We are supposed to be quite and grateful we can get pregnant and/or have a healthy baby, and this is why women get PPD alot of the times. Other moms are SO mean! Hearing other moms say they wanted a preference too, or they were tired of being pregnant, or they would love a night out without their kids…makes me feel normal! I still love my children, am grateful they are healthy and happy, but I still can complain sometimes too and I don deserve to feel like a horrible person who’s kids going to be screwed up now.

The funniest part is there is so much evilness in the world. Kids being abused, abandoned, etc. However the woman on here can’t wait to tear

Miranda Kerr apart because she is TOO PICKY about what her son eats. How dare she put only organic gluten free food in his mouth? How dare she say that? We’d much rather a mom say she takes her kids to Mcdonalds twice a week because it’s more ‘real’

Giselle apart because she encourages mothers to breastfeed. Here’s a model willing to get saggy boobs to feed her baby the best. Breastfeeding is NOT easy, but we can’t stand her because she said to breastfeed rather than formula…that bit**

Or said she thinks of her stepson as her own. WOW. How. dare. she. LOVE a child who is part of her family. I have two kids and while I would be super jealous of my kids having another mother figure in their life, I would rather she love them as her own, than they go to their house and feel like outcasts.

Hilary Duff apart for working out an hour a day. How can she do something for herself when she has a baby??? Who cares if it makes her a happier and stronger mommy and if that one hour of me time gives her a little sanity. We’d much rather a new mom deny herself everything and resent her children.

I think everyone on here needs to turn on the news and see what’s really going on with children and babies out there. And start building one another up, not tearing each other down. Who cares if this was the shock of her life? I’m sure she knows how it works, but that DOESN’T mean it still isn’t a shock to see those two lines, especially for the first time. It isn’t a shock like…wow I guess a sperm and an egg DO make a baby. Its OMG I have a little tiny being, who I already love more than anything, growing inside my belly right now! I am currently and will forever do anything and everything for this person.

A mothers love starts with a positive pregnancy test

stef24 on

Amen, Tee!~ This is all over the internet…what happens if she has a girl who googles her mom one day and sees how she desperately wanted a boy? Vanessa Minillo is doing the same thing right now but really laying it on thick about wanting a boy. (if the tabloids are to be believed, she already knows she’s having a boy) Imagine how their daughters would feel reading that they weren’t their parent’s top choice? Matt Damon has 4 girls and has never publicly made a comment about hoping his baby is a boy and not a girl! So much for these celebs simply hoping and praying for a healthy baby!

Rhonda on

Some of you people are getting upset over something that doesn’t concern you. Let her do and say whatever she wants. It’s her body, her pregnancy, her husband and her life.

Nessa on


Don’t make seeping generalities about African Americans. Have you talked, read or heard every one of them make claims about wanting boys? It would be impossible to learn that info. Don’t speak on matters you have no true knowledge of.

Denise on

Boy or girl doesn’t matter Healthy baby is all you need. Best of Luck.

jess on

I give tamera credit on one thing…you got jessica simpson stating she would hate to see a boy in a tutu if it was a boy..making rude comments if it was a boy…she prolly would have stomped her feet like a child if it was a boy…you dont see tamera making any kinds of comments about dressing a girl in boy clothes if its a girl…instead of hearing i hope for this or want that it should be im hoping for a healthy baby..they are all equal just knowing you got that chance to naturally have a baby or adopt a baby..knowing they are yours either way should be enough 🙂

Tee on

I have gone back and re-read my original comment and I stand beside what I said, everyone. I do not have a problem that Tamera wants a boy, I just find it concerning that she would be willing to state that kind of thing to a public magazine. She might have a daughter and there is a very real possibility that her child could read these interviews one day. Some children might not mind but others would. I know I would have.

I NEVER implied that she would not love a daughter if she were to have a girl. Never said that, never implied that and certainly don’t think that way! Parents tend to love their children even if the child isn’t what the “want.” If anyone took my comment to mean that I was saying she wouldn’t love a daughter, I’m very sorry for that.

I’d also like to point out that I did make it clear that all of this is just my opinion. I don’t like to state my opinions as facts because… well, because they’re opinions!

Julie, please don’t apologize for sharing your story! It touched me, it truly did. I will be praying for you and your husband as ya’ll prepare to undergo IVF. Lord willing, there is a baby in your near future!

Jen on

Why would anyone say they are hoping for one sex over the other. How about just a healthy baby? What if she ends up having a girl? The comment is out there that she wants a boy. Weird!

Roxie on

My mom told me her and my dad were hoping I would be a boy. And I don’t feel the least bit bad because of that. I was actually an unplanned birth control baby too. I really don’t care, they still love me the same even though I turned out to be a girl. Some people are really way too sensitive.. Wow.

Jp on

There is nothing wrong with a preference. For example, I would like to have at least two daughters because growing up with two brothers, I always wanted a sister. Since I don’t have a sister, it would be nice to have daughters so they can be close and best of friends. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want a boy or would be disappointed if I have a boy.

This is just an article, Maybe there was more to the interview than we know and People mag turned one comment into the whole article. She could of told the reporter her reasoning on having girls but the reporter only mentioned boys because her twin has a son.

Besides how many of us said, ‘I would like to have a boy first so the boy can protect his little sister” 🙂

Catca on


You can take a pregnancy test before your first missed period and have an accurate result. Pregnancies actually last 9 1/2 months so it sounds like she was trying to get pregnant, took a test as early as she could, and then had a surreal experience when she got the positive result. The math works.

As far as the comments about gender, she simply stated she’d had a hand at dealing with little boys so she is more comfortable with a little boy and that’s why she has a preference. I don’t see how a mom saying she has more experience with another gender and that’s where a comfort level is coming from would emotionally traumatize any child unless that child isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The majority of negative comments seem to be taking words far too literally, which is odd because people don’t normally speak in literal terms. Her comments are pretty normal and often said by women expecting a baby, particularly first time mamas.

acorr on

I don’t understand why so many people read into these articles. You draw your own assumptions and run off on tangents. Read the article, make a comment on what was written, not what you think may or may not be behind it.

Niche on

I find it rather interesting that the lot of you that are being negative are directing the rude comments to Tamera and not Adam as well. The title clearly states “We…”

Shannon on

She texted him the news? Sad.

Angela on

So, for all of you who have an issue with her stating she and her husband want to have a boy, the same argument could be made against people wishing for a “healthy baby.” All pregnancies don’t produce “healthy” babies. Would a child born with birth defects be offended by its parents stating they wanted a healthy baby? Get real!

simartful on

You guys are so catty. If you don’t like to read articles about pregnant celebrities, why on you in the Celebrity Babies section of People?

If she has a girl and they read an article that she wanted a boy and feel offended, they’re overly sensitive.

My mom wanted a girl, the doctor even thought I was a girl, they bought girl clothes and everything, and I came out with a penis. Offended? No, I think it’s quite funny. And when my sister came along, we were both treated equally.

Patty on

A couple of points. I know that my dad wanted a boy. But, his love for us was unsurpassed. The fact that he wanted a boy and loved us so immensely, spoke volumes to his love since his love/affection trumped/transcended gender projection. In fact, I’ve heard many parents state their gender preference as a matter of irony/historical note, given that their love for their child is so enormous.

It will be one beautiful baby, that’s for sure. She is quite a beautiful woman and he is very handsome.

Marky on

My mother told me sooo many times that she had hoped for and desperately wanted a boy. She was just sharing what that time in her life was like.

It took her 3 years to get pregnant, and she wanted my father to have a son, even though I don’t remember a single time my father ever mentioned regretting not having a son, ever. My father was 11 years older than my mom, loved her so much, and was just thrilled to be having a baby, to tell the truth.

He was an amazing father and was always there for me and my younger sister. I don’t think I felt sad that I knew she had wanted a boy, but more because our relationship wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, and i think that was because my sister was born so quickly after I was, no one had time for anything but taking care of babies, and we were quite poor, so there was no help except my dad, who was there every second for both of us, and my mom.

I wasn’t the easiest baby, either–colic, no sleep, climbing onto my chest of drawers by the time I was 10 months, and running down the hall when I was 11 months. I’m glad I never told my son I wanted a girl; as far as he knew, I was dying for a boy. Wish I had never told anyone else (friends) because they never let you forget!

When my son was born, there was never any doubt what his name would be, to honor my father who was amazing every step of the way. My son is the same kind of father and is a great son. I remember looking at him and thinking, I believe I would die for this baby, and was so aware it didn’t matter what I had, it mattered more who he turned out to be and my job was to help him be all he could be.

Amanda K on

I’m sure she will be happy either way whatever the gender maybe. I don’t see the point in jumping to conclusions about sex with no contraception equals baby. It can take several years for many couples to conceive.

Shannon on

Yea and her parents probably wanted a singleton! lmao

Romy on

after watching their reality show I thought she probably wants a boy to be like her sister or because her sister is going on and about how great a boy is and so she feels she has to have to one too to be like her. or else after watching, she hopes to avoid the girl drama she and her sister have. wow her sister was selfish and demanding.

Lil on

I love both her and Tia and I’m very happy for her and her new hubby! Congrats!!!

Patty on

The other point here is that her reasons for wanting a boy are not in the least bit self-aggrandizing or egotistical. They are based on the practical desire to be an effective parent which I can applaud. I only wish that more parents gave thought to preparing for parenthood. I know that she will do just fine with a girl. And, she knows it as well. She was just being refreshingly honest about what she thought would be the easiest, effective route to parenthood. And of course, the “cynical thought police” mobilized.

I didn’t read anything about her self-defining as African American. From what I’ve read, she is either tri-racial or bi-racial. She chooses, the ethnic identity, not us. She seems pretty assimilated into the general American population.

Kandyce on

Anyone who takes a pregnancy test is shocked when you see the positive sign.

Some of you are right – if she has a girl she’ll be ungrateful and want to give it back. How dumb.

It’s a PREFERENCE. It DOES NOT mean she’s not grateful. I’m going through IVF too, but it doesn’t make me lose my brain cells. I think we do well not to project our feelings onto others.

Jillian on

I can’t imagine breaking the news to my husband over text message. Very weird. And he was away once when I found out. I didn’t text him. And when I told him I am glad he didn’t say, cool. All five times he had a lot of great things to say!


Anonymous on

Amanda K.- Exactly! My parents, for example, tried to concieve for several years before my mother finally had a succesful pregnancy (I say “sucessful” because her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage).

Sophia- “Every parent hopes for one gender over the other.” That’s not true. As I said above, my parents struggled with infertility and then my mother had a miscarriage. After all of that, they just wanted a healthy baby. They could have cared less whether that baby was a boy or a girl. Same thing when I was born a few years later. All they wanted was a healthy baby. 🙂

ashley on

That is so cool. I’m so happy for you and your husband. Best wishes and CONGRATS!!! They are really the only two kid stars who didn’t turn out to be drugged out alcoholics in rehab 20 times. They are still role models to people of younger generations and even mine. They got married first and the baby SECOND, which is unheard of now a days. Being unmarried and pregnant is the new norm, even in Hollywood.

SO GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS, thank you for being GREAT role models.

Chill on

Some people get so touchy on everything. My dad had 4 girls when I was born and my mom and dad wanted a little boy so bad that my mom had pretty much convinved herself that was what she was having. When I was born, she actually told the doctors that is not my baby I was having a boy. My dad called me his lil son. WE laugh about this now. When my child was due, I wanted a girl so bad. Maybe it was because I am a girly girl, not sure but I was convinced that my first child would be a little girl. Well it was not and I would not trade my son for a million little girls. It doesn’t matter what you want when they put that baby in your arms there is no better love in this world. I just dont understand why some people have to get so bent out of shape because she admitted something aloud that I am sure 75% of all parents have thought about.

Chill on

And I said when I was due with my son, but I meant when my son was due because I did not actually give birth because of medical issues. My husband and I waited for over 10 years for a baby. I wanted a baby more than anything, but deep down I did want a little girl, but like I said I would not take a million little girls for my son now.

Jiana on

Everyone just be happy for her please!!! there is no need to pinpoint what she says. just say congratulations and move one!!! Congrats Tamera!

Lila on

Love them! Congrats and all to the happy couple.

As far as the gender comments- so what! Almost everyone has a “preference”. How many men have said they wished for boys, and how many women have wished for daughters. It’s human nature.

BTW- I also did IVF and have no issue with others hoping for a certain gender. When I was pregnant, I was hoping for a girl and luckily got one. If we would have another child, I would want another girl- but would also love a boy.

Sorry Tamara, weleome to the world of Mompetition. One slip up and you will be torn to shreds over how awful you are. Get used to it 🙂

Yasminda on

My husband and I dreamed of having 3 little girls . Instead we had 4 kids and have been blessed with 1 princess and 3 really awesome little boys born in succession. We feel very blessed and could not imagine our life without any of them. The whole wishing we had a girl went out the window when I had my first son. In my later pregnancies I was totally overjoyed having more boys.

Many congratulations to Adam and Tamera!!! Hope she as a healthy pregnancy!!!!

Lovely1 on

Hey folks, let’s not put too much thought into what the girl is saying. Let her enjoy and speak what is on her mind. She’s pregnant with her first. Let her speak a little nonsense.

JMO on

LOL @ Nessa. I totally feel you. My brother has 3 boys and I helped raise the younger two as babies and still now I get them everyday after school. Love them to pieces but having them has made me really want a girl even more!! I’m not into the wrestling, crazy boy stuff, bugs, dirt, sports, constantly telling them to stop grabbing their lower anantomy LOL. Not that girls are perfect but I could see myself raising a girl more then a boy.

Now that I say that I’ll either get a boy or a little tom boy 😉 But nonetheless whatever I get I’ll feel blessed.

Holiday on

Even though our son was planned I was shocked to find out I was pregnant Plus I was only 21. With my daughter a few years later I was even more shocked because I was on birth control. It was one of the biggest shocks of my life! With my first baby I had zero preference in gender, I had a boy. The 2nd pregnancy I wanted a girl SO badly I could hardly stand it! As bad as it sounds I would have been so sad to have a 2nd boy… I wanted to experience a daughter. I went to an early ultra sound at 14 week 3 days and the tech said he was pretty sure I was having a girl! He was right she is nearly 2 now!

Keli on

Some people are so uptight. I cant stand when everyone always gives a I dont care what the sex is as long as its healthy. Thats a given we all want healthy kids. I do find most people are lying because of the backlash they would get. Just because you would perfer one gender doesnt mean you wouldnt love them if they came out the opposite.
Ever since I was little I always wanted two boys. That was it. I also knew there was a chance that wouldnt happen. I just dont want a girl, I have my reasons, but if one of my two boys ended up being a girl I would love her just as much as I love my boys. I dont think there is anything wrong with it

Anonymous on

JMO- Just so you know, not all boys are like that. You could end up with a quiet boy who prefers writing and drawing to getting dirty, sports, and such, like my brother (in fact, I was probably more “boyish” than he was, enjoying and doing pretty much everything on the “list” in your comment except the lower anatomy grabbing!). 🙂

ashley- Hilary Duff has turned out pretty decent, too. 😉

lulu-sass on

You know what people…get a grip.
I wanted a girl….yes a girl….go ahead crucify.
My partner had left me and I was terrified. My thought was that I am a girl therefore I know how to raise a girl. Guess what I got a boy. He is now 7 years old and the most amazing kid.
I wouldn’t give him up for all the girls in China.
There is nothing wrong with wanting something…the trick is seeing what amazing gifts that little miracle will give…
Tamera will see the gift. Girl/Boy.
My guess is that the universe will hand her a girl and she will identify a love beyond what she thought possible because she know’s the love a boy.

lulu-sass on

p.s She has a nephew…of course a boy is what she wants.

Miranda on

I agree with others, congratulations!!! There are always going to be some unknowns, you’ll never know their entire situation…Every time i have become pregnant its always been a surprise. Just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen when you want it, and when it does, you’re so grateful for that…They’re so blessed and I will keep them in my prayers…Congratulations again!!!

Jillian on

Anonymous, If I could bet you a cookie that JMO knows that not all boys like sports and some are quiet and like to write and draw like your brother, I would.


d on

Julie – good luck!!!!

Miss mam on

Oh SHUTUP with all that what if her daughter sees this in the future. I seriously doubt that her daughter will even look at this. I mean come on its her first child and she gave a legitamit or however u spell that reason why she hopes for a boy geez some of y’all sound like some rude haters I’m happy for her now Cree is going to have a playmate. And y’all know that u secretly want your baby to turn out a specific gender. Besides don’t you like to comeup with baby names before there even born and shop for them.