Review: Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller

04/26/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Kinderwagon

You know a stroller is unique when moms on the street stop to ask you about it. But when they offer to buy it from you on the spot, you know you’re pushing something special.

And that’s what happens when you take the Kinderwagon ($299) for a spin.

The light double stroller (designed by a real mom of three!) is built narrow to fit almost anywhere and collapses easily when you’re on the go.

And, thanks to very cool stadium-seating, your second passenger can enjoy the view along with your first.

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Things We Like:

Designed by a mom who couldn’t find a stroller to meet the needs of her growing brood of kids, you can tell the Kinderwagon was crafted with care.

It checks three major elements off the tandem stroller wish-list: weight, pushability, and collapsibility. And at 21.5-lbs, the stroller is light enough for any supermom to toss into the car on her own.

It’s also easy to push down sidewalks and collapses just like many single umbrella strollers — and without assistance from dad. At 20.5-inches wide, it glides down narrow store aisles, too.

A major victory for second children everywhere: Little sister no longer has to stare at the back of big brother’s head. The back seat, which is positioned higher off the ground, gives your baby a good view and safely holds your littlest cargo (from birth to 40-lbs.).

The front seat (for 6-months to 40-lbs.) fits children with long legs pretty well and has a 2-position recline, while the back seat reclines in 3-positions.

With an adult cup holder, a small diaper bag and a rain cover included in your purchase, your ($299) is definitely a steal.

Things We Didn’t Like:

The directions for collapsing the stroller were not necessarily mommy-friendly. The company’s website could use a explanatory video to help you avoid a game of Twister on the living room floor the first time you break it down. But once you’ve nailed it, it’s a breeze.

The removable canopy doesn’t fully shield the front passenger from the sun — a big deal, especially for fair-skinned kids.

Moms & Babies Rating:

Ingenious stadium-seating makes this stroller a home-run for passengers who prefer to see where they’re going.

Amy Jamieson

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JP on

where was this when my kids were stroller sized? all that was availabe then was the crappy graco junk.

Carly on

I don’t even have kids yet and I think this is awesome!

Emily on

I am in the market for a double stroller, and I think this looks amazing. Definitely at the top of my list. If only there were a store locally that sold it. (There isn’t according to the mfr’s website.) I might have to take a leap of faith and just order it online.

Leah on

Looks amazing but my little-over-two year old is already 40 lbs so it’s unfortunate it does not have a higher weight limit!

TC on

My question is would it tip over if you take the kid sitting in front out first?

Steph on

Does anyone know if this stroller is easy to push once it has weight in it? Ive tried a few that feel really nice, until they have 60lbs worth of kids and gear in them….and then they don’t steer well!

Angela on

I had three in three years, so I would have loved this during my stroller years.

Grace2 on

Looks promising, but i wonder about the weight. It looks like you’d have to have the heavier kid in the bottom. And I wonder if the child in the back would grab the hair of the child in front. But I like the looks of it!

Leslee on has it and they ship free and offer free return. They usually have promo coupons floating around as well.

There are after market products to create more sunshading if that is an issue. The only issue I see is that it doesn’t accommodate a car seat, some parents may want to go with that type of stroller, at least early on.

Super light and a compact fold is really greatly appreciated and of my three strollers I had, the lightest and smallest is the one I went to most often.

Li on

I have this, and I love it! It has even held both my 37 lb 7 yr old and 34 lb 4 yr old in it at the same time (when they were really whiney and exhausted after walking the streets of NYC all day) a few times. It doesn’t flip when you take the front kid out and still have one in the back. I use it for my 2 yr old twins all the time, and, yes, my little boy pulls his sister’s hair pretty often, but what can ya do. Once you get it down, it’s easy and quick to collapse, it rolls well, I like the little bag on the back that it comes with for storage, and the basket underneath is surprisingly spacious. LOVE this stroller, and have even considered selling my Baby Jogger City Select because I prefer this one 99% of the time now.

crg on

There have been tandem umbrellas made before…

GiGi on

I own one of these and it is my go to stroller. It is very stable, folds to a very reasonable size, is easy to maneuver and is light weight. It won’t flip over no matter what child comes out first or what position the children are seated in (a 1 and 3 year old) or even when I leave my heavy diaper bag hanging off the back. My daughter does on occasion pull her brother’s hair, but we just switch seats if she won’t stop. My only complaints are that the front wheels are a little wonky if there are no children in the stroller to weight them down and the clasping mechanism to hold the stroller shut when folded down is very poorly designed. It is a canvas strap with grommets that slide over bars sticking out of the back. Sometimes they just don’t stay on. The canopy (not shown) provides lots of cover, but there are a few straps that even after a year I can’t figure out what they are for. The basket does not provide tons of storage,but does have zippers to help get items in and out of it. The handles are comfortable for my very tall husband without being too tall for me. Bottom line is if I could only keep one of the eight strollers I own, this would definately be the one I would pick.

twinhappy on

Looks worth checking out! Yay for inventive moms!

Anonymous on

I own this stroller and it IS great!

Juniper Jupiter on

“Real mom of three!”

Um…what is “real mom” supposed to mean? That can be construed as a little offensive.