Tamera Mowry-Housley Expecting First Child

04/25/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
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Sister, Sister is still in sync.

Ten months after her twin Tia welcomed her first child, Tamera Mowry-Housley is now expecting a baby of her own, the actress confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

Adam and I are excited about having a baby and the blessing that he or she will bring to our lives and to our family and friends,” Mowry-Housley, 33, tells PEOPLE.

“We can’t wait to meet this little miracle!”

The expectant mom and Housley, a National and International correspondent for FOX News, will welcome their first child in early November.

“The first trimester was a little rough. I was extremely fatigued and had morning sickness — more like evening sickness,” says Mowry-Housley, who will star in FOX’s new pilot, Rebounding.

“Luckily, it has subsided in my second trimester. I feel great as of now — more like myself.”

The news comes as a bit of a surprise to fans. After tying the knot with Housley, 40, last May, the newlyweds made it clear that kids weren’t in their immediate future.

But the couple’s stance on the subject shifted after an “amazing” trip to South Africa — and, subsequently, a huge change of heart.

“It’s just so beautiful there and you get a whole new perspective on life, the things that really matter,” Mowry-Housley explains to PEOPLE. “Adam and I looked at each other and said, ‘Why wait?'”

But while the announcement may have come as a shock to some, Tia — who is mom to son Cree Taylor — not only saw it coming, but she was more than ready for it!

“Her first reaction [when I called to tell her] was, ‘I KNEW it!'” the reality star — who will appear alongside her sister on the second season of Tia & Tamera, premiering June 11 on the Style Network — shares. “Tia is beyond thrilled. Cree now has a play date in the future!”

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Ladyjane on

Have to have a change of heart when you become preggers.

Crystal on

Awww Yay love her and her twin 🙂

Krystal on

Yay! So happy for her!

boo boo on

I am so happy for you guys. That baby is going to be gorgeous!!

Sherry on

CONGRATULATIONS–you and your sister’s baby will be so close in age that they will grow up together!

Jay on

I am so excited for Tamera. Congratulations to you and Adam. Can’t wait for Tia and Tamera, Season 2!

boo boo on

Congratulations!!! The baby is going to be beautiful

Tee on

I’m so excited to hear this news! Tamera obviously loves her nephew Cree very much. I know she’ll make a great Mom!

Erin on

Yay! I love Tamera and Tia, I am so happy that she is pregnant. That baby is going to be gorgeous!! 🙂

Kia on

That’s going to be 1 GORRRRGEOUS BABY! Tamara is drop dead gorgeous herself not to mention her sister Tia is also plus her husband is nice looking so the baby can’t be anything else BUT gorgeous!

akaye23 on

That’s great! I’m so happy for them! I’m glad Tia and Tamera’s babies will be close in age so they can grow up together!

Melissa on


justme on

Huh, maybe she will be a bit more understanding of her twin sister situations…she was a real b**ch to her planning her wedding… maybe now she will understand why her sister was sick and tired and couldnt do all the things she wanted her to do.

twinhappy on

That is such exciting news for them! Happy to hear it! Congrats!!

bree on

Great news! Congrats to them!

Lady on

Loooove their show, cant wait for season 2! Congrats Tamera & Adam!

Shannon on

Congrats! Tia and Tamera are mothers. Wow!

lisa battistella on

CONGRATS =) So happy for them, their baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL like Tamera and Adem 🙂 and Tia can spoil her niece or nephew and their kids can have play dates since they are going to be so close in age 🙂

Holly on

To ladyjane,

I disagree with you a bit. There is still a terminating the pregnancy option.

Me on

@ladyjane…they had a change of heart in Africa BEFORE they became pregnant. She went to Africa last oct/nov. She is due in nov…so either she got pregnant after or she will be pregnant for a year. Maybe you should keep your snide remarks to yourself!

Holly on

Congrats to them but if she’s due in early November, she would technically still be in her first trimester. I got pregnant with my daughter in February and her due date was Oct 28. Of course, she didnt come until early November. About the only way she could be in her second trimester already was if she would’ve gotten pregnant in January, but that would make her due sooner than November. I know I’m probably gonna get a lot of criticism, but this is just my opinion. Congrats to them in any event!!

Mom Of Twins on

Congrats to them both.

Marky on

Congratulations to Tamara and her husband! So excited for them! I have always loved these girls and felt they were such good role models for the next generation. No drama bigger than what took place during Tia’s pregnancy, and bet you money that most of that was staged or edited to look like a big conflict that didn’t really exist. I would rather see people facing difficulties and finding a positive way to deal with those problems, than to see hostility and fighting.

First thing they’ve been in I found to be a struggle to watch was Tia’s pregnancy and Tamara’s wedding. As my doctor told me each time i was pregnant; “Pregnancy is not a disease, you are healthy and it’s what your body was made to do! Get some rest, and enjoy this time in your life! He didn’t say, “go to bed and stay there, until this terrible misery is over!” I could have done the job of MOH easily, and I had 2 kids less than 4.

Not being mean to Tia, because I think both these girls are amazing; just think the show was edited to make it appear as if she was really either backing out or complaining so much that it took the fun out of even watching. Everyone doesn’t love conflict and negative drama!

Love these young women, and hope they have a great time showing off Cree and talking about Tamara’s pregnancy!! And I hope posters just let her enjoy her healthy happy pregnancy, and she has the time of her life!

Jeannie on

These girls are so adorable! Happy for them and can’t wait to see their show. I’ve seen clips of them and love how they are with each other (I’m a twin too). Also, I don’t know if any one else sees it but Lara Spencer from GMA could be their Triplet. She looks just like them. Cute cute!

Shannon on

First child or first children (twins)? 🙂

just saying on

Congratulations to the Housley family!!! 😉

@ Holly – I agree that she had to have gotten pregnant in January for her to be in her second trimester, but if she says she’s due in Novemebr she probably got pregnant towards the end of January (which would make her about 12-13 weeks now).

LL65 on

Congratulations to the couple! Great news!

Beth on

Congrats to you and your hubby on this exciting news!!

Kel on

These two are one of the cutest couples! Congrats!

look on

@ Holly. that is a despicable remark. Have you ever aborted a child? You think it’s like going out for ice cream on a hot day? You’ve been brainwashed to think it’s a choice and not a tragedy.

Hope on

@justme..I guess we watched a different show because Tamera bent over backwards to accommodate her sister and Tia just wasn’t interested. I am happy for Tamera and her husband because she seems really sweet and they are sweet together. Congrats.

gagirl on

I’m happy for Tamera and have always been a fan of the twins. I do have to say that I’m a little bummed out that she got herself pregnant so soon. She could’ve taken this time to re-establish her career. Her husband has a job; she doesn’t. I don’t know too many folks that are eager to hire a pregnant woman or one who will be out on maternity leave in the near future. I think she rushed it because her sister just had a baby. I know some people will say I’m being mean but I’m just being realistic. At any rate, I can’t wait for season 2 to start.

Anonymous on

@gagirl why is it any of your business when she got pregnant. She isn’t broke and on welfare. And she has been work not to say she even has to her career seems to be doing just fine… How is yours going?

Ray on

Great girl! So happy for Tamera!!!!

kristan on

@gagirl – i don’t think she cares about having a job. i’d assume that she would like to stay home with the baby for awhile any way.

Maggie on

gagirl, did you miss the sentence about her starring in a fall pilot? She HAS a job.

Tiamara on

Good for them. Wish them well.

Holly on

@look, I just want to let you know that there were actually 2 Holly’s that commented. I did not make that comment and I would not. Having a child of my own I would never suggest an abortion. Adoption yes but not an abortion.

Ashely on

I am so happy for the Tamera and her husband, Congratulations. And I am so thrilled to find out that Tia and Tamera will be back for another season, this time it will be Tamera pregnant which I think should be hilarious and will now have a better understanding on what her sister had to feel when going through her pregnancy!

Meghan on

Justme- I agree and was actually going to comment something similar. I saw a few episodes of the show and was really disappointed in the way she acted. She didn’t seem very sympathetic to Tia not feeling good.

Zee on

Why are we discussing abortions? These are two married women making decisions that married people make? I am thrilled for both of them.

I agree with whomever mentioned Tamera’s attitude during Tia’s pregnancy and I suggest that part of it was that her attitude was just as orchestrated as most are on “reality” shows.

What have they done with little brother Tahj? Never hear about him anymore.

kargar on

so happy for them. they are a sweet family. they really grew up to be sweet, beautiful women.

kjr on

Got married and has a baby 1 1/2 years later, how refreshing. Congrats.

Julianna on


Maryanne on

Congrats to them! Hubby is cute. She is lovely.

Katie on

Congrats to them! But I agree with some of the others, I can’t wait to see how it goes for her because she was not very understanding of her sister during the whole wedding during last season! Maybe now she will have a bit more sympathy. ;o)

Nikki J on

Congrats! So happy for them. Am I the only one who noticed the Sentence: Mowry-Housley, who will star in FOX’s new pilot, Rebounding.

Not only that but technically the Reality Show is still a job. They get paid to have cameras in their face and following them around. She also wants to sing (maybe making an album) AND who says she wants to re-establish her acting career anyway?? Not that it ever went anywhere. Double Wedding was just two years ago. Never-the-less Great for them. 🙂

Stormy on

Congrats on the happy news cant wait to T & T 2 !!!

Kat on

The news comes as a bit of a surprise to fans.

Why would anyone be surprised when they get pregnant if they are having unprotected sex? And what do the fans care?

I hope they come up with a better name than Cree.

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats Tamera.

gagirl on

@Maggie—no I did not miss that sentence about her filming a pilot, which is one episode. She’ll have a job if the network picks up the show. Obviously, you missed my point which was that she JUST got her name back out there w/ the reality show and now she’s pregnant which will take her back off the scene indefinitely. She’s a pretty and talented girl. You have to strike while the iron’s hot. Tia’s cool; she’s got a steady gig. I just wish that Tamera would’ve given her own career more thought instead of worrying about doing her husband’s laundry.

@NikkiJ—If you watched their show you’d know that SHE wanted to re-establish her acting career. Her own sister even advised her not to worry about a baby right away.

gagirl on

@Maggie, no I did not miss that sentence about her filming a pilot, which is one episode. She’ll have a job if the network picks up the show. Obviously, you missed my point which was that she JUST got her name back out there w/ the reality show and now she’s pregnant which will take her back off the scene indefinitely. She’s a pretty and talented girl. You have to strike while the iron’s hot. Tia’s cool; she’s got a steady gig. I just wish that Tamera would’ve given her own career more thought instead of worrying about doing her husband’s laundry.

@NikkiJ—If you watched their show you’d know that SHE wanted to re-establish her acting career. Her own sister even advised her not to worry about a baby right away.

anichellee on

That’s exciting! I love the Tia and Tamera! Congrats to her and her husband!!

charlie on


Marky on

gagirl, people change their minds sometimes. It doesn’t mean she’s preoccupied “with her husband’s laundry”. And tell me, just for the sake of discussion, why is it making you so crazy that she decided to have a baby now? It could have even been an accident for all we know, but she doesn’t have to give up her career because she has a child; as an actress, she can take her baby to work every day, like lots of others do. She can stay home and be a housewife and mom for the rest of her life, and never work outside the home again. She can dump the baby with a nanny 24 hours a day, and check in on him/her once a week. Why is it women are so quick to rush to judgment regarding the decisions other women make? It is called CHOICES, ladies, and many of us fought very hard to make sure you could make them without being judged! Didn’t you get the memo? Seriously? Her life, her choice……..

Aspen on

Everything her sister does she has to do!! Good luck

Anonymous on

CONGRATS! I hope they have a lifetime of health and happiness.

Anonymous on

Kat- Uh, how were her fans supposed to know she and her husband were having unprotected sex? At least I would HOPE they didn’t know or assume! I like reading about celebs, but there are certain things I don’t need or care to know about them or anyone. The specifics of their sex lives is one of them. 🙂

gagirl- She got herself pregnant? Just going out on a limb here, but I have a feeling her husband had something to do with it, too. 😉

Anyway, congrats to Tamera and her husband! Also, are Tia and Tamera fraternal twins or identical twins? I’m asking because if they’re fraternal, that means Tamera has an increased chance of having twins herself (identicals are pure chance, which is why there are more fraternal twins than identical twins).

Siera on

Congrats to Tamera and her husband!

@Aspen. So Tamera is pregnant because her sister got pregnant and had a child? Right. Keep working on that theory…

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Adam & Tamera…!!

I remember watching Sister Sister when I was a kid and now they are mummies!! wow!!

Doreen on

Her sister is a spoiled diva!! I used to like Tia better but once I watched their reality show, I don’t think so. Tia is a spoiled brat!!

Congrats to Tamera!

Anonymous on

Doreen- Like other posters have said, I suspect that most of Tia’s behavior on the show is just an act.

lb on

Congratulations! You’ll still probably give birth before Jessica Simpson.

Mz Zee on

I hope she will calm down and maybe even apologize to her sister for being such a butt to her when she was pregnant last year. Yeah planning a wedding is stressful, but growing a baby is hard work too

shelva on

I’am so happy for you and your family god bless.

Cori on

I love Tamera and I and so Happy for her ,we love her in this family.All the best Tamera.

Becca on

Someone always has something negative to say. It’s pathetic. Even when someone releases great news that they are beyond excited about, some people still go out of their way to put their negative remarks out there. The truth is (watch the show and you’ll know!), this baby is very much wanted. Tamera and Adam planned this child and couldn’t be more happy. Their baby will be so incredibly loved. I think both Tamera and Tia are great people. Just like everyone else, they have their issues. They don’t always understand each other and have occasional arguments. That does not make either one of them bad people. That makes them human.

Congratulations to both women on their marriages and their beautiful, developing families. I wish them nothing but the best. ❤

Poohbear on

Iam happy for both of the twins I grow up watchin them nd to watch them be mothers on there show is amazing nd to be a mother of two I can really relate so on that note good luck cuz its not easy once they get into everything

lygia on

Congratulations to the proud parents.
Aden is gorgeous.