John Varvatos: Jessica Simpson Is ‘Counting the Days’

04/25/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Inset: Jamie McCarthy/Wireimage

Jessica Simpson hasn’t given birth yet, but her fellow Fashion Star mentor says she’s doing more than dreaming about delivery-room attire.

“She’s doing great,” John Varvatos tells PEOPLE of the stylish mom-to-be, who’s due with a baby girl later this month.

“She’s counting the days right now,” he said Tuesday at the H&M Fashion Star party. “I know she can’t wait to deliver.”

Varvatos and Simpson have stayed pals since filming the show, and the designer says he’s looking forward to seeing her tackle motherhood.

“She’s going to be an absolutely amazing mom,” he notes.

After getting to know the whole Simpson clan, Varvatos says he believes the singer and fiancé Eric Johnson won’t have any trouble creating a family as solid as the one she grew up in.

“Her family was with her the entire time [through the pregnancy] — her mom and dad, her fiancé, and her sister Ashlee,” he says. “They’re just so close-knit that you know how this family has been raised.”

Simpson’s relationships are her top priority, which Varvatos says comes from her parents, Joe and Tina.

“She is all about family and all about friends,” he explains. “I just see that she’s going to be just like her parents. This is one wonderful family and one wonderful woman.”

— Asher Fogle

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Shannon on

Its almost over Jess, hang in there!

Kim on


Ashley. on

tell that to the women who are having troubles with their pregnancies instead of telling it to a immature, selfish, ape looking girl who only cares for tasteless fashion.

we don’t care about the heels, we don’t care about dream deliveries. what about the baby?

what about the babies that have birth defects or who were born prematurely or has a 99.9 percent chance if living? what about that?. Don’t tell this selfish whale to hang in there. the fat pig doesn’t deserve nothing. she thinks she’s the only woman to carry a baby or give birth. shes needs / wants attention all the damn time. she’s making me gag-literally.

she’s obsessed. remember when she got married to Nick Lachey? she had to write a book about it. like we don’t know how to plan a wedding on a budget? this idiot makes me sick! give it up, Jessica! The world doesn’t revolve around you! >.<

Megan on

Really nice things to say about her. Her dad seems creepy, but I’m glad she has a good family life. Also, this guy seems like a good friend to her.

Dahlia on

Love Jessica!!!

mmc2013 on

and now we have graduated from turning every empty thought that comes out of her head (aka tweet) into a “news story” to asking *other people* about Jessica’s gestation. Give it a rest, People! Please! She’s not the first woman to have had a baby! Even bacteria reproduce, and guess what, it’s just as special and maybe better because it doesn’t take nearly a year. Just give birth and SHUT UP, Jessica!

A.A. on

To Ashley: You are coming across as an extremely angry person. If you dislike Jessica Simpson that strongly, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time clicking and commenting on articles about her. Just a suggestion – it might help lower your blood pressure.

Runnermom on

Wow Ashley…bitter grapes? Even if you don’t like her, name calling was uncalled for. What did she do to you? Grow up and get a life lady.

M on

I’m pretty sick of hearing about her!! Like there aren’t millions of women about to give birth! Who cares about Jessica! Give us some real news please!

Miranda on

That was really tacky to write all of those things. I am not crazy about her but if you dislike her so much why do you read articles about her? It sounds like you have a sensitive gag reflex (I can’t believe the thought of her makes you literally gag…overdramatic maybe???).

Every woman has the right to rejoice in her pregnancy and be selfish and waited on and whine and all that jazz. She should not be made to feel bad because she is having a baby or because she prays for a healthy baby. Every woman wants a healthy baby. Just smile and calm down a bit.

jy. on

yikes Ashley. yikes.

Stacy on

WOW!! Ashley you must be PMSING……if your such a hater why bother reading the article, you had to have clicked on it to read… Go back to bed and wake up on the right side ……

K on

Um, how is it Jessica’s fault that someone ELSE talked about her? Ashley, I am sympathetic for you if you are facing infertility or some other tragedy. However, — and this is something that so many of you seem unable to understand — it is not the fault of other women. We have every right to be excited about our pregnancy, talk about our pregnancy, etc. Would you tell someone, “you are not allowed to enjoy your dinner because there are starving people in the world!” It’s just ridiculous to believe that those of us who can have normal pregnancies and children are supposed to constantly tiptoe around because of your feelings.

Katy on

People who have nothing but negative things to say should just keep their mouths shut.. I love Jessica she is a real sweet down to earth person.

Sara on

Ashley, If you feel this way DON’T READ IT! You are interested at some level because you clicked on the story and felt the need to comment! Jessica is one of the few celebrities who are real and dont put on a front, I think that is a rarity.

Liz on

Good Luck and best wishes to you, my husband has a mini crush on Jessica and does not understand how Ashley can be so cruel to her with her unkind words. Everyone has a right to be happy in this crazy world and I only wish the best to this cute couple.

Boss :) on

@Ashley…99.9% chance of living? That’s pretty high boo; what are you trying to prove? Anyway, no one asked u to comment you could of ignored this article….she cares less about what you think sweetheart….You would think that grownups would be mature…what’s wrong with this world?

rhonda on

Wow Asheley who peed in your cornflakes this morning. Here’s a bag a skiddles maybe tasting the rainbow instead of chasing it will make you happy :p

Julianna on

I love Jessica and her daughter is the celebrity baby I can’t wait to be born. This is going to be a very loved and spoiled little girl; it’s clear Jessica, Eric, their families and friends are very excited and counting down the days for her arrival.

Marky on

There are plenty of people who see Jessica as a fun-loving, cheerful, rise above the tough-stuff, made mistakes but hope I learned from them, kind of young woman.

I would just as soon hear about Jessica’s pregnancy and imminent delivery as I would to hear about how Vanessa can’t have a meaningful conversation with Nick unless they are naked in the shower, so they shower 5x a day. None of it affects my life or yours.

If you want to read the article, then do, but no more freaking out, Ashley! Bullies are out of style, so change your ways.

Many of us have had fertility issues, but I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told my reflection in the mirror when I had infertility. “You are not the first or the last to have this problem. If you are going to be a jerk, don’t do it in public! Go in the closet, shut the door and cuss into a pillow, shake it off and walk out with your head held high and BE NICE TO PREGNANT WOMEN!!” It worked for me, and I think it will work for you.

Jessica doesn’t think she’s the only pregnant women who ever lived, she’s just having fun with her pregnancy, and there is no reason to be a jackass toward her. Go read the CNN headlines, if you want real news. Sheeesh!

KIA on


Guest on

Can’t wait to see the fashion showdowns between this baby and Suri Cruise.

Karen on

Its kinda sad knowing she was with nick and i thought they’d have a kid and still be together but i guess life had a very different plan for both of them. Good Luck to Jessica.

Amelia on

Yikes, Ashley! Perhaps you should stay off of People’s website if celebrities give you this much stress! An even better idea might be to see a therapist for your anger issues…or an English teacher for your grammar issues.

cfbjj1124 on

Wow…some folks are angry! I just want to know… it me or has she been pregnant forever? She announced on Halloween and was already big….I think she’s giving birth to a toddler! : ) This baby should be born walking and talking. Good luck!

kjf916 on

I’m completely bored with the whole Jessica Simpson World’s Longest Pregnancy Story, most definitely, but goodness, I don’t have an ounce of the level of vitriol displayed by “Ashley on April 25th, 2012.” Talk about fat pig behavior. Ashley, you win the prize over Jessica.

kelli on

I am so happy for jessica n eric. i love her n her show fashion star!! jess will be the best mother. how lucky for her to grow up in such a close knit family.. their all so lucky!!

Mary on

What a bunch of Debbie Downers! Why are some of you on if you don’t want to read about mindless celebrity news? Go read the bible if you want something of more substance. Or let me guess, you’re a good Christian already spreading God’s good word through your narrow mind? I think she looks beautiful and God bless her little one. Everyone deserves health and happiness, celebrities are no different.

Heather on

Awe…I am so happy for Jessica!! I hope everything goes smoothly for her delivery. She is so hilarious – I cant wait to hear her silly mothering stories!

LJ on

Is it just me, or has she been pregnant for FOREVER??? I could have sworn I saw pictures of her last year (November / December) and she was huge then! Was she showing since Day 1 or what? I thought Dolphins only had a 12 month gestational period. 😡

I’m happy for her and her future husband, but my goodness, pop that baby out already!

Marky on

Mary, let’s don’t sink to the level of the “cyber-bullies” by saying things as tacky as they do. I’m a conservative Christian myself, and you don’t hear me saying anything “narrow-minded” on here (well, I did tell “blessedwithboys” I didn’t think she needed to dump on those who don’t BF when their child comes home from “kindy”), but I wasn’t trying to be narrow-minded, or hateful. I agree with you that we need to come here and have fun and be civil, not just freak out on celebs because it’s anonymous.

Ami on

Ashley, are you a troll or just genuinely unintelligent?

Mina on

Has it been CONFIRMED by Jessica that its a girl? And has she mentioned any names for the baby?

kim on

People that talk so much trash about Jessica and her pregnancy obviously are just jealous that she has everything she and her child could want. I get tired of such jealous bitches. Chill the hell out and let her live a normal life.

Anonymous on

At this rate, I think I might give birth before Jessica. And I’m not pregnant yet.

Amanda Resendiz on

Yes, Mina, she has said herself that she’s having a girl. However, she hasn’t confirmed the name although people are convinced she’s going to name her Maxwell, after Eric’s grandmother’s maiden name. Now, on to the real issue here. Nearly everyone on this comment board. If one more person says she’s been pregnant forever, I will find them and personally kick them in their teeth. It’s annoying, stop saying it because you’re copying everyone else who’s said it. M: You’re seriously asking People for ‘real’ news? It’s a gossip magazine with the occasional story about things we heard about on the actual news stations. Go subscribe to something else. Like Marky said, CNN is always available. You’re all about ragging on her because it’s the trendy thing to do. You have pent up anger because your own life is meaningless, so you come to these comment boards and voice your rude, unnecessary opinions. You lack the God-given common sense it requires to scroll past the article, so you instead spend 20 minutes writing rude things about her. Get over yourselves. No one is asking you to read the articles. Jessica is gorgeous, her baby will be gorgeous… That’s really all there is to it.

sat on

Ride them coattails, Jon!

may on

listen, jessica is dhe one real show herself to being very pregnnacy waht she went thru,. ( i never bbeing pregnant..) but she is the real one who proud of herself to become soon to be mother and show everyone that shes a strong woman.. what is the point to haterin on her so STOP IT.. she did not anything wrong… stop being haterin,, she is the human like us.. jus leave her alone….

Marky on

Those who have been pregnant know how difficult those last 2 or 3 weeks can be, when you just think the baby is never coming out. Who needs a bunch of rude comments from posters who keep saying “Is it just me, or has she been pregnant forever!” If you people have never been pregnant before, I can only hope the last 3 weeks of all your future pregnancies, EVERYONE says it EVERY time they see you!! It is beyond irritating to the pregnant woman, who is becoming exhausted from being pregnant, and soooo ready to have her baby, and for the rest of us?? Oh, my word!! I want to jump into the screen and smack you for lack of intelligence!! You seem to think you are clever, but you are just obnoxious bullies. Get out of 3rd grade, please?!

harr on

Get over it!! Jessica’s 1st baby, she’s excited!! no she’s exstatic!! good for her!

Ashley on

Never would have thought someone with my name would disappoint me so much…You are a creep and need serious mental therapy…take you’re finger out of your ass and live life heroically..instead of cyber-bullying celebrities who are far more intelligent and wealthier than you. “She isn’t smarter than me.” you say??? Look at where she is and look at you….hahahahaha…

Misty on

lol @ commenting about wanting “real news” on’s website. lol

Anyway, yeah, I’m also ready for Jessica to give birth, but I do kinda like her, so I’m not sick of her yet. She seems to actually be a funny, self-deprecating kinda girl who doesn’t take herself all that seriously. I think she’s going to be a great mom. She does look kind of miserable, so for her sake I hope her girl comes soon!

Terri on

This pregnancy seems endless. Good luck, Jessica. If it seems this long to us I can imagine how long it seems to her.

Dawn Kirk on

Geez,Ashley,talk about obsessed.Bitter much? I really don’t care for her and do think she’s kinda dumb,but your post is very hateful.

Glo on

Asley…..well, nobody left me anything to say.

Marky, ARE YOU NUTS? You talk about being a conservative christian and how to be civil to people and then turn around and talk the way you do. You want to smack people?

Here’s why everyone, ok, wait, not everyone, but I know how some take everything literally! Jessica has been big her whole pregnancy! We have read about it for at the least 6 months. When she was 3 months pregnant,she was big. Chill out Marky.

Jessica and boyfriend, “Congratulations!”

lola on

Ashley – Is she suppose to not have a family cause you or someone else cant? Or a child was born with defects? Get a life and quit being so hateful . You make no sense at all .

If you dont like her why did you read the article? To be a ignorant witch?

Jen on

Ashley, I think you forgot to take your meds today.- I think we can all relate with Jessica Simpson- thankful one of the celebs is actually “eating” during their pregnancy. She is a ray of sunshine- so charming- even with her quirky “swamp a** remarks♥ Shame on those of you using this to bash her or anyone else. – Looking forward to seeing the little cherub♥

Commentor on

Odd that a family with a father whose obsession with his daughter’s breasts causes him to publicly refer to them as “those suckers” on more than one occasion is considered solid by anyone. I guess her friend and I have vastly differing opinions on the definition of a positive family life.

Rosey on

Counting days or counting years??

Ami on

Seriously, you used the word creep?

Becca Clontz on

WOW! Some of the comments on here are absolutely cruel!

One, I don’t think Jessica is bad at all, she speaks her mind and it’s not always brilliant, but we all have our moments. She’s famous, which means ALL of those gaffes are made public the second it slips out. She rolls with it, hell she can’t take it back so why not, right?

Two, if people are experiencing infertility, it doesn’t always mean you wont have kids, doctors aren’t all knowing, they’re just guessing. I tried for 8 years with my ex-husband and was with my ex-bf for almost two years and found out after we broke up that low and behold the ‘impossible’ happened. I’m due in October, there’s always hope!

Three, if you hate someone so much, why did you bother opening the link to this particular page? All it does is make you angry and this is a magazine, not the Times. You’re going to see more about celebrities than about local or even most national news. Time for some to take a chill pill and learn that this life is WAY too short to be holding pointless grudges.

Anonymous on

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the Marky who made the comment about slapping people through her computer screen is the Marky that frequently comments on here. The comment structure sounds different somehow, and most of her comments are longer than that. I’m thinking that maybe someone used her name to make nasty comments (or somehow got stuck under her name. That’s happened to other posters as well. For some reason, this site will sometimes put the wrong name on people’s posts, especially if they’re on a computer that shares a network with other computers).

Commentor- So what if the Simpson’s are a bit of dysfunctional family? I have yet to meet a functional one! 😉

To Jessica, hang in there, girl! Your baby will be here before you know it!

Anonymous on

I also want to say that I had to laugh at the post about her wanting to give birth in a Lepord Caftan. I hope she realizes that caftan is probably going to get all stained with blood and and other fluids! 🙂

Marky on

Whoa, people, get a grip! Obviously, I didn’t mean I would actually slap someone in the face. What I said was that the constant, “Longest pregnancy ever!” remarks were getting old, and they are seemingly everywhere, making the commenters look very rude. I’m not trying to be obnoxious; I just called some people out on constant insults I could have probably said it a bit better, but it’s amazing you can flip out over what I said, yet carry on about whether I prefer not to swear like a sailor (so that means I’m old and need to go to bed? Whatever).

Actually, Grace, pulling the racist bit is such a joke, since my family is multiracial, and I could not care less what race anyone is. You need to chill out, and calm down. Maybe a reading comprehension class? As far as knowing what Jessica likes, etc., she grew up down the street from me before she went to CA, so I imagine I know her better than you do, for sure.

Glo, I don’t need to chill out, this stuff isn’t really important to most sane people. This is supposed to be a fun site to come to, and I shouldn’t have let all the hatefulness spoil it for me, and I should have known that if there’s a way for people to misunderstand what is said, they will. Jessica has been big her whole pregnancy, she’s short bodied and the baby has nowhere to go but out. So what? It’s just a shame that people seem to choose a celeb each year to just freak out on, whether they deserve it or not.

Mia on

Maybe she’s really going to be pregnant for 9 1/2 – 10 months — she was showing in late October + looked like 5 months pregnant + it’s now 6 months later….

Then again – she was heavy before the pregnant + perhaps was showing a lot sooner/rounder.

Amy on

Ashley needs a hug.

sandy on

STOP IT! NO really STOP this daily report on Jessica Simpson! Oh my God I think most everyone is so sick of hearing about her pregnancy. I will be SO glad when she has that fricken baby so I don’t have to see or hear about it any more. But oh yeah, then it will be all about Jessica losing the weight! God help us.

Danielle on

Jessica Doctor need to be taken away from the American Board of Doctors…..she should be in the hospital by now , checking why is she taking so long…..!

Tina on

This has to be the longest pregnancy known to mankind !!! Wow !!! If she is waiting till she loses the baby weight before she anounces the baby will be a year old !

acorr on

I was showing rather early as well. I also went 11 days over my due date. I ended up with an extremely healthy 10 and a half pound baby. I definitely had a belly at three months and I presume Jessica was around 3 months in that photo from October. So she would, in fact be due any day now.

My belly was HUGE with both of my pregnancies and people were shocked to find out I was only carrying one baby. I am a few inches taller than her and my weight gain was distributed much differently. It seemed to others I’d been pregnant forever too. It didn’t bother me when people would comment about how far away my due date was. Keep up the good work Jess!! Some of us out here are thinking of you kindly and wishing you only the best.

Liz on



And in general I like Jessica but this is way too much! After the baby is born we’ll hear daily about every dirty diaper and burp…and I’m sure about her and Eric’s resumed sex life. The queen of TMI.

sam on

wow ashley no reason to get so dramatic it is not you who will be a first time mom she’s just excited geez

Meg on

No, Jen, not all of us can relate to Jessica; I wouldn’t want to be anything like her.

A lot of us also can’t wait ’til this fat hog in heat gives birth so we can stop hearing about it.

Zeus on

I second that YAWN.

Steph on

Hmmm let’s see…if she waited til she was three months to announce and announced at Halloween, her due date would be right about now. Depending on her doctor, she could be pregnant another two weeks. Might feel long, especially to her at this point, but not exactly world’s longest pregnancy.

Or maybe she’s in labor now, or was able to keep hospital check in a secret? She could already be in recovery, who knows?

sam on

why so much negativity? jessica don’t need to be hated on just cause she misses wearing high heels or cause she is feeling miserable

stacey on

I like her. I bet she would be a fun “mom friend” to have. Alot more fun than all of these stiff, boring, no sense-of-humor moms that I live around.

Christine on

If you’re a mom, you know the last few weeks of a pregnancy are simply lousy. You’re uncomfortable, bloated and heavy. I remember, and thank goodness I didn’t have to go through it in public. Jessica has done a remarkable job of keeping it all together … and showing up in her life. Other celebrities not as tough would’ve been in hiding the last two months. She deserves credit for hanging in there … and now it’s her time to simply kick back and wait for the birth. Here’s hoping all goes well and Jessica and her family soon welcome their new little girl into the world.

Anonymous on

ur all a bunch of haters !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica push her out so we can see pics

Linda Habecker on

she must have been wrong on her due date, she said was the the 20th of April. That would make her almost 1 week over due, and while I know that some women have been a week late, with her size, I am wondering if her Dr. would actually let her go a week over. I don’t think they do that anymore. All the young girls I know, boy, right on that due date, their Dr. wants to induce. i think you should let nature takes it’s course, but if she is over by a week, maybe time to induce.

Reesca on

And I thought Jennifer Garner’s pregnancy felt like it lasted forever! Holy cow! Best of luck to Jessica! Even if her due date was April 20th, it’s extremely common for women to go overdue with their first baby. And I applaud her for letting nature take its course instead of scheduling an unnecessary csection just to get it over with. Those last couple of weeks are definitely the hardest, I remember them all too well! Here’s to a healthy and happy delivery and baby girl!

JMO on

Why does it feel like Beyonce announced her pregnancy and like a week later gave birth and Jessica has been pregnant for what feels like 5 years!! I swear if she doesn’t deliver a 10 lb baby I don’t know what that girls been snacking on!

Nikkie on

Umm, May? I didn’t understand anything you were trying to say. Maybe you should go back to elementary school, then come back and try typing your comment again.

Tim R on

I’m sorry, and I hope I’m wrong, but I think maybe it’s time people start doing the math on this. She left the hospital already. There’s video footage of that. There was no baby anywhere in sight. And i.m.o. if you look closely it’s pretty clear that there was a good reason she was wearing sunglasses.

She went into “seclusion” more than two weeks ago.

I think there’s a real possibility something bad happened.

Doreen on

Is SHE carrying an elephant?!!

Marky on

Nikki, it is possible English is not May’s first language, so she may be having a difficult time expressing herself. It might be wise to breathe before you post, unless, of course, you couldn’t care less about someone else’s feelings……. just sayin’

Anonymous on

Tim R- I doubt John Varvatos would have made these comments if something bad had happened. Also, if there had been video footage of her leaving the hospital, it would be all over the Internet, which it’s not. So relax. 🙂

Marky on

Tim, haven’t heard anything like what you’ve said, but i hope you are wrong.