Vanessa Lachey: Husband Nick Is Nesting Too!

04/24/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
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Less than a year into their marriage and Nick and Vanessa Lachey will soon be pushing a baby carriage.

But the couple’s history together — they dated five years before tying the knot — has made for a smooth transition both into married life and upcoming parenthood.

“This whole process is going on in our first year of marriage, which everyone says is the hardest,” the mom-to-be, who is partnering with P&G for their new Take a Load Off campaign, tells PARADE.

“We were comfortable with all of the little things that would normally get into people’s way … It’s about knowing this is the person you will be married to for the rest of your life. There is nothing unforgivable; he is my partner.”

Just as her husband does his share around the house including the dishes and laundry — “It’s not 50-50. It’s 100 percent on my end and 100 percent on his end,” she explains — Lachey reveals that the excited future father is brushing up on all-things baby, too.

“I have [been nesting] in my mind, but I’ve been a little consumed with work. But the interesting thing I’ve noticed is my husband is nesting,” the Wipeout host, 31, shares.

“He saw this old table we have and he sanded it, then he stained it, put glass on it. He made us a desk! It was pretty incredible.”

The Sing Off host’s handiwork led Lachey to do a little prepping for baby herself. “Now I feel guilty so I think because of that I tried to put the stroller together the other day,” she says.

But it was Nick’s knowledge of their unborn baby — and the milestones! — that really took her by surprise. “Some of the books are inconsistent on when the baby can hear me and outside voices. I told [Nick] the other day that the baby could hear him now and he corrected me!” she laughs.

“He was like, ‘No, actually according to my book…’ When that time does come, I know he’s going to sing to the baby every single day.”

Lachey, who is hoping for a baby boy, has also been dealing with her fair share of pregnancy cravings, but is determined to let her brain do the deciding — rather than her belly!

“I think it’s important to let yourself indulge, but what I eat, what I put into my body, goes directly to my baby,” she muses. “It makes you think, ‘Do I really want to get that Snickers bar snack or do I want to get a bowl of fruit?’ So then I go for the fruit and the antioxidants.”

Revealing her motivation is to “still … have me” after baby arrives, the expectant star is the first to admit that, despite her best efforts, she still gives into her sweet tooth on occasion.

“I don’t want to start at ground zero to try and get back to that,” Lachey says of her postpartum weightloss. “But of course I’m human and after we went out to dinner last night, I had a bowl of ice cream.”

Although her hectic work schedule is “taking a lot of my time,” this summer will be all about Lachey and her little one’s upcoming arrival.

“My last three months I’m just going to be all about baby,” she shares. “Take off work, completely nest, fold all of the clothes and do the laundry. Just get everything ready.”

— Anya Leon

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Krissy on

I wish them happiness and I admire her thoughts on marriage…nothing is unforgivable, he is my partner. I wish them much luck and happiness.

Catca on

Physical and mental abuse would be unforgivable, but obviously that’s not something Vanessa is concerned about coming from Nick. They certainly did take their time getting to know each other before getting married and seem very happy together. It’s nice to see.

Erin on

I love them together and am so happy for them! I’ve always loved Nick, he’s seems like such a nice and down to earth guy! I’m glad he found love again and I hope it lasts til infinity! lol 🙂

boohoobytch on

aww, so cute

Tzarina on

I remember my enthusiasm when pregnant with my first child. Let me tell you there was a rude awakening when the darling baby would wake me up at 2 a.m., every night, for 4 months. And then again at 6 a.m. I was so tired I thought I would not make it. Pregnancy is a piece of cake compared to when the baby is actually there in person. Good luck. Hope Nick gets up to feed the baby at 2 a.m. once in a while.

Felicia on

Love them! They are both gorgeous and wonderful people. Congrats!!

Lauren on

She is taking her last 3 months of pregnancy off to do laundry? I would be bored out of my mind!!!!!!

rlb237 on

They are a really cute, sweet, genuine couple. I wish them all the best.

KellyGreen on

Amen, Tzarina! 🙂

Suuny on

What a beautiful attitude!

Ashley on

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are one celebrity couple that seem to have it together. The long relationship before marriage was obviously was great for them.

Shannon on

Spoken like a newlywed and first-time mother. Poor thing.

Just My Opinion on

Wishing them the best!

blessedwithboys on

I bet Virgin Jessica thought she’d be married to Nick forever, too…

Maria on

Blessedwithboys, seeing as Jessica’s the one who ended their marriage, I don’t think that’s true.

Tee on

What a sweet interview! It’s obvious that they are really looking forward to becoming parents!

mom of 2 on

I love them as a couple. Never any drama or silliness. Can’t wait to see the baby pic, you know its gonna be sooo cute!!

Jessica on

I think it’s hilarious that Jessica got a no job freeloader loser as her boyfriend/sperm donor instead of staying with Nick who is obviously going to make a fantastic father.

Nick and Vanessa have a way better chance at staying together than Jessica and her sperm donor loser.

Stephanie on

I find her to be so obnoxious.

Nick on

She is the biggest phoeny. I’m sick of her “we are so perfect” attitude when it took him 5 years to marry her. She iss far from a Saint. It’s funny how she barely worked the whole time she dated him and now she acts like a workaholic when she only works 2 months out of the year.

Alivia on

I hope she has a girl just so she stops getting everything she wants :p

Just saying on

Can we just leave Jessica out of this. Really people its so old.. There is a reason the divorce is a closed file. Its not about Jessica. Her Finace is not a freeloader at all. There are reasons his history is not known & its nothing about free loading.

Nick & Vanessa are from from innocent so if its mud slinging were going to start IM ready.

Lets let these couples all have healthy babies loved & nurtured & in happiness..

Lets ee how much Vanessa over shares & how she gets trashed. There women enjoying pregnancy & sharing it. Most have us have been there & are excited about it & want to share differences in pregnancies ect. If one bothers you so much ignore them & move onto some one that you want to know there experinces. Don’t trash a woman that is excited for her upcoming delivery. Its mean & bullying.

Angela on

LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple…great role models for young couples. they give off such a great vibe.



Doreen on

‘Do I really want to get that Snickers bar snack or do I want to get a bowl of fruit?’

Vanessa is smart!! Don’t turn out like Jessica…she’s obviously had Snickers on the mind all the time and God only knows what else has been going into that mouth of hers!! LOL I keep wondering when she’s going to deliver!! She’s GIGANTIC!

Vanessa has her head on straight. She’s eating healthy, has a nice husband that is going to be a GREAT Father to the baby!

Elise on

I have nothing against Vanessa or Nick but “There is nothing unforgivable” – Yikes. I can think of a few things…

Emnatsmum on

Doreen – it is callous and insensitive to make such mean-spirited remarks about Jessica. Every woman’s pregnancy and how she carries it is different, as different as the babies they will deliver. Jessica’s fiance is 6’3” and over 250 pounds…he’s a tight end in the NFL for pete’s sake, so yeah, she might be having a big baby!

I am only 5’1″ but my hubs is over 6 feet tall, and his whole family is huge (his mom is the shortest at almost 6 feet), I was MASSIVE when I was pregnant, but only gained 27 pounds, and 9.5 of those were my daughter!!

Pregnancy is hard on the best of us, I can’t imagine having to do it in front of the whole world. All we should be doing is wishing any new mom or mom to be a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy babe.

Anonymous on

Nick- And so what if it took them that long to get married (and for the record, we have no idea that the hesitance was on Nick’s part. It could have been on Vanessa’s part, it could have been on both of theirs, or it may not have been an issue at all. They may simply have not felt the need to get married until last year)?! At least this way they really got a chance to know each other before taking the plunge into marriage.

Just saying- I agree whole-heartedly! I also want to say that I find the comments about Jessica’s fiance downright sexiest. If Jessica were a male celeb with a fiancee, girlfriend, or wife that didn’t work, would she be called a freeloader? I seriously doubt it. I also doubt very much that people would be basically saying that the fiancee/wife/girlfriend wasn’t going to be a good mom because she didn’t work. In fact, they’d probably be praising her left and right for being a SAHM!

So it’s just fine for a woman not to work, but when a man does he’s a freeloader?! Yeah, that makes perfect sense!

I also don’t get the constant b*tching about the fact that Jessica was a virgin until she married Nick. I’m a virgin, too, and like Jessica I plan to stay such until I’m married. I didn’t realize that saving one’s self for marriage was suddenly taboo!

But anyway, I love how excited both Vanessa and Nick seem about parenthood! 🙂

Lee on

I’m rooting for this couple. Live happily ever after.

Tanya on

Seriously?? How annoying can Vanessa be? Granted, I wish them all the best with their bundle of joy. However, she is just annoying.

kate on

I wish them the best. That being said – I really dislike her as the host of Wipeout. She tries way to hard and only succeeds in being annoying. So annoying, in fact, that I’ve stopped watching the show. I think she’d be better suited to doing something on E!

Nella on

Let me start by saying congrats to Nick and Vanessa, they seem happy together and I hope they enjoy parenthood.

Before I even commented or saw all the comments, I knew that Jessica Simpson was going to be mentioned somehow. They have been divorced for a while now and I think both of them are happier with the outcome. Jessica seems like she is truly happy and in love and Eric seems like her match and Vanessa and Nick seem compatible and people need to move on regarding Jessica and Nick, it’s in the past.

There is something that bothers me about Vanessa and Nick a lot, they both brag about their careers and being so work oriented, yet I never hear about all those amazing careers that keep them so busy. They’re celebs so we would hear more about it if it their careers were so great. Don’t get me wrong I am sure they earn income, she is a host, but I doubt she is this focused career woman that she makes herself out to be, and if she isn’t there is nothing wrong with that either, just don’t overexaggerate.

Also, saying that there is nothing unforgivable in a marriage sounds like a little bit of bs in my opinion.I agree with her positive attitude towards marriage,but I could think of two things that are unforgivable to most people and that is Abuse (physical/mental) and cheating in my opinion. It is simply unrealistic to make such a remark, unless that is how she truly feels considering those drastic things that I mentioned, which unfotunately do happen.

Anonymous on

Nella- I think sexual abuse should be added to that list, too (although most of the cases of rape and sexual assualt and such that we heard about are between unmarried people, those things can, and unfourtnately do, happen between married couples as well). That being said, I think it’s just human nature to not be able to fathom your spouse ever doing something so horrible to you.

The thought of Nick being abusive or cheating on her probably hasn’t even crossed Vanessa’s mind, and therefore neither has the possibility of him doing something unforgivable.

Also, I know this is probably not going to be taken well, but I don’t think cheating is neccesarily unforgivable. It’s hard to say what you would do unless you’re actually in that situation, obviously, but if I were confronted with that situation, I think I would at least give my spouse one more chance. I would also see what was behind the cheating and try to work through those issues with him. If he cheated again, however, then I’d break it off.

Tia on

Such a fan of them. Very mature couple!

SAE on

Every first time expectant mother I’ve known has this blissful excitement about their new arrival. What first time mom doesn’t! I was and I hated when people told me how bad it gets…Not to mention I was very lucky, my daughter slept all night at 3 1/2 weeks.

Wish them well and let her enjoy!

A lot of folks have a lot of things to say about people they don’t know. Based on some of the comments I’ve read some of you have really mean things to say and it’s so unnecessary.

Marky on

it seems as if people can’t be happy for Nick and Vanessa without thinking they need to diss Jessica. No need for that; they have moved on, and so should everyone else.

I agree with you, Anonymous, about the comments regarding Jessica and Nick. They don’t belong here, and the marriage ended long ago. The fact that Jessica said she wanted to save herself for marriage shouldn’t be some target for hate or ridicule. I think 90% of the people I know who chose to have an “over-active sex life” before marriage,have a lot of memories they wish they didn’t, and bring a lot of baggage into their marriage. I think that’s true for men and women, both. My husband and I were virgins when we married, and are very glad we waited for each other. We had a great honeymoon figuring out how to make each other happy, and no issues with the realization there had been 20 people before, for either of us. When my children and their friends talk about how many and who they have “done”, I realize they don’t see sex as the beautiful act between two people who really love each other and desire each other totally; they look at it about the same way 2 dogs in season do. It’s an animal desire, and nothing more. Then they meet the person they love and want to spend their life with, and there’s nothing special, physically, for that relationship. I’ve never known anyone who was sorry they waited for marriage, but i’ve known so many who were sorry they didn’t. That helped me choose to wait, and I was glad I did–for me!

Denise on

Anonymous, regarding the comment on Jessica talking about remaining a virgin until marriage. I don’t think the person was making fun of her for abstaining until marriage it was the fact that after her marriage failed it was a free for all regarding sex. She should of had the same attitude regarding sex after her divorce and abstained again until marriage.

Indira on

Jessica and Nick have been divorced for 7 years!! Let it go people.

Carol on

Vanessa is a SMART woman for waiting, getting to know Nick really well, getting married and doing everything PROPERLY before having babies. This is the way to go.

sasha on

Marky and Anonymous – couldn’t agree with you more. seems like waiting to get married to have sex is now taboo. i also waited and am very glad i did! i have friends who decided not to wait, and so many times i feel sad to see them sleeping with someone who hurts them.

people think that sleeping with anyone you want is a way of being modern and ‘free’. but look around you: never have i seen women more insecure and desperate to find ‘the one’ than today. and never have i seen people more unwilling to commit to eachother.

everytime i read these kind of articles there’s bound to be someone criticizing. my conlclusion is that those who criticize random things are probably not very happy people.

Glenn on