Look for Less: Suri Cruise’s City Chic

04/24/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Suri Cruise definitely knows how to work it in the chilly weather.

On March 25, the 6-year-old bundled up in an adorable mix of colors (and prints!) for a stroll through New York City with her nanny.

Suri paired Juicy Couture‘s Faux Fur Bomber Jacket with Little Marc Jacobs‘s Hilly Silk Dotted Dress ($150), bright red tights, Nordstrom‘s Bella Ballet Flats ($40), Juicy Couture‘s Boxed Heart Pop Top Mittens ($38) and a pint-size pink purse.

Love Suri’s adorable street style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $35!

Courtesy Cookie’s


Keep your babe stylishly warm in Hawke & Co‘s hooded Think Mink Faux Fur Coat ($30), which features a cozy plush outer and luxe satin lining.

Courtesy J. Crew


Talk about classic and adorable! Crewcuts‘s Bow Dress ($35) screams retro with its gathered bow front and mini polka dot design.

Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond


Add an instant pop of color to any of her outfits with Be Basic‘s red Cotton Rich Tights ($4).

Courtesy Payless


We’re big fans of flats for little (and big!) girls. Our pick: Smartfit‘s Interlace Ballet Flats ($15).

Your dancing queen will love the interlace trim and cute bow, while you’ll appreciate the slip resistant bottom.

Courtesy Hanna Andersson


From its on-trend leopard spots to the solid pink cuffs, Hanna Andersson‘s Fleece Mittens ($14) will keep her tiny hands cozy and stylish.

Courtesy Janie and Jack


Does your little princess have her own set of must-haves? Let her stash them in Janie and Jack‘s dainty Bow Purse ($25).

— Anya Leon

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stacey on

can her mother ever fix her hair???

Catca on

There is nothing wrong with Suri’s hair. I think she looks adorable.

Hea on

Her hair looks great. I’m a bit surprised she’s wearing this outfit. It’s not very matching. hehe

J on

How much more nitpicking can people do on this girl, good Lord.

elizaandeverett on

She is drinking Perrier! Good Lord!

JM on

stacey i can only hope that you are joking.

what in the world is wrong with her hair? it looks absolutely fine. what could you POSSIBLY object to?? i am seriously curious. she is wearing her hair loose, it has clearly been washed and brushed recently and it is blowing a little in the wind. have you never seen this before or something?

Rebecca on

Is it just me, or does it look more like she is with a male bodyguard than a nanny? The person she is with looks very masculine.

Shannon on

She’s dressed like a 22 year old. I wonder if she goes to school.

chelsea on

Suri has be photographed in this outfit many times. It must be one of her favorites. You can tell its getting a little on the short side though.

lyndzi on

“Little Fashionista Gone Wrong” should be the headline.

Anonymous on

Good grief, here we go again. Apparently Suri and her parents will never be able to do anything right in the eyes of some of the women on this board. So her clothes aren’t matchy-matchy and her hair’s blowing in the wind. She looks like exactly what she should be–a young girl who dressed herself! Better than when my friends and I used to play dress-up and we’d wear our skirts over our heads to pretend we had really long hair!

Doreen on

What the heck is holding a glass bottle for? WHAT is that?! Pretty girl but what a SPOILED BRAT! She’s growing up thinking she deserves the best of everything. She’s having everything given to her.

me on

Wow. It always amazes me how many grown ups get satisfaction from bashing a child. And it’s not just mean, it’s nasty and hateful. I don’t get it. Are your lives that bad? Or do you feel soooo naughty sitting behind your computer where nobody can see who’s spitting out such hate?

For the record, when you come on and bash a child, you are showing not how smart you are, but how emotionally immature you are.

Jillian on

I am sick of People posting about Suri because everytime they do, they allowing a child to bashed and, therefore; bullied. It is wrong on so many levels.

This child has done nothing wrong but she continues to get bashed on this page and I really wish People would stop allowing the abuse.


Sam on

Suri is very cute here, nothing wrong with anything I see. What I do notice is that she handles the paps just fine when she is with her nanny, and even Tom. She doesn’t have to be carried, there is no blanket, she even looks relaxed and content in this picture. With Katie she cries, has to be carried and seems very unhappy. Hmmmmmm!
A mom/child thing??

Hea on

Doreen – Yes, bash a kid for drinking water and holding the bottle herself. You do that.

elle on

no way I’m letting my daughter know she exist, spoiled and too young to be a fashionista!

JMO on

How much for the root beer?? 😉

Sam on

JMO – lol hilarious! Best post on here. :))

Nella on

I noticed people always have so many negative things to say about this 6 year old little girl. I don’t know whether she is spoiled or not, but neither do any of you unless you know them personally.

Yes, she wears expensive clothes and likes to wear dresses and little heels, so what is the big deal? Her parents buy them for her and they are obviously okay with that, i am sure she isn’t the only celeb child who has expensive things and travels everywhere with her family. As for the perrier, I grew up in Europe and drank perrier early on and I turned out just fine, and yes it was in a glass bottle (Gasp)!!She is 6, i am sure she can handle a glass bottle just fine. People need to stop freaking out over every little detail.