Jack Osbourne Welcomes Daughter Pearl Clementine

04/24/2012 at 06:45 PM ET
Courtesy Lisa Stelly

The Osbourne family’s newest addition has finally arrived!

Jack Osbourne and his fiancée, Lisa Stelly, welcomed daughter Pearl Clementine on Tuesday, April 24, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs., 6 oz. and is 22 inches long.

After announcing they were expecting their first child less than two weeks after confirming their engagement, Osbourne, 26, admitted he was “excited [and] a little nervous” about becoming a father.

But he wasn’t the only one; Mom Sharon Osbourne was very vocal about her intentions of indulging her first grandchild once she made her debut.

“I’m going to be the grandmother from hell because I am going to spoil this baby so bad,” she said. “My son and Lisa are going to be like, ‘Get her out of here!'”

“Today I witnessed my first grandchild being born, life changing experience,” the proud grandma Tweeted Tuesday evening. “She is an angel.”

Stelly’s due date had been April 18.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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AllisonJ on

Congrats to the Osbournes! Pearl is such a sweet name.

twinhappy on

Congratulations to them!

Kerri on

Congratulations on the new baby!

colleen on

congrats to all!!!

lookout world grandma shazza and grandpa ozzy!!

Tracy on

What an adorable name, Congratulations!

lisa on

congrats on pearl…much love to you all

Leslee on

A beautiful name and Pearl’s over the moon grandmother will surely have her name on her lips all the time. I hope we see a pic soon 🙂

JCinAZ on

Congrats to them! His fiancee is very pretty. I’m sure the baby will be too.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful classic name. I was expecting something outlandish. lol Jack looks totally unrecognizable from the days of The Osbournes and Lisa is a stunner. Congratulations to the happy couple on their newborn baby girl.

Alexandra on

The name Pearl Osbourne flows really well! Congrats!

Casey on

Congrats to them! Pearl is a beautiful name.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Jack and Lisa! I’m sure baby Pearl is PRECIOUS! I wish you all nothing but the very best!!!

funkytown on

can’t wait to see a picture; that is going to be one beautiful baby! congrats!!

Crystal on

Good for him; congrats to them both! He has a beautiful fiancé… and what a beautiful baby name ❤

Lyd on

Little Jackie-O is all grown up, looking good, and showing the world he’s more than Ozzy Osborns son! Congrats to him and his wife, and to another born to be rock lover.

kjc on

Great name!

I had a great aunt named Pearl. My poor grandmother was always upset that Pearl had such a pretty name and she got stuck with Olga. Once she was old enough, she started going by her middle name, Phyllis. Haha… I will always think of that story when I hear the name Pearl.

Congrats to baby Pearl and her family.

mary on

Just love the name! Congratulations to the entire Osbourne family!

Hen on

Pearl is such a cute name!

Liz on

I always loved Jack on The Osbournes and love to see how much he has matured. He and his fiancee are both gorgeous and I’m sure baby Pearl will be too. Congrats Jack!!

lydia on

pearl is a hideous name and the kid will grow up with issues. I would think they would of had the sence to give the child a better name

justlise on

Pearl? That kid has to go thru life with the name Pearl? Poor kid!

Tee on

What a nice, simple, sweet name! I love it!

kathy Bando on

holy cow! One whole page and there haven’t been any negative trolls lurking! Impressed! congrats to them!

Doreen on

Wow!! Lisa is gorgeous!! How did JACK get such a beautiful woman as her?!

Hen on

@ kathy bando – you spoke to soon…here they come.

Sandra on

Congratulations on your new baby girl Pearl. Yes, Pearl is an old name, but the older names are now coming back. I love the name Pearl. It is a very plain name, but at the same time it is a beautiful name. Forget those people that say it is not a nice name, they probably have their childrens named John or Mary! LOL! Enjoy her everyday as time goes by so quickly and before you know it they are grown up!

Julianna on

Welcome to the world, Pearl! What a classy name Jack and Lisa chose for their daughter.



Lisa on

WOW! His wife is gorgeous. I don’t know much about this couple but I agree I like the name and good luck to the new family!

sharon on

I’m so happy for them , they are truly blessed and I wish them well

BRod on

Cute name! Congrats!

Ariel Dove on

Congratulations…Today is my birthday…wooohoooo.Happy Birthday fellow Taurean, with Goddess Venus exalted in your sign..your little pearl with be your greatest gift.

huh on

Yay! I’m a Pearl too! In my early thirties. And I grew up to be a well adjusted, succesful woman. Issues? Please. I’ve not once not liked my name. Anyway, congrats to them! Grandma has to be over the moon.

ELC on

Congradulations!I’ve never seen Jack look better. May be its because he’s happy. Well all the best to the Osbourne Family.

Guest on

I love the name, but I can’t help to laugh
as all I can think about is Pearl the Landlord
in Will Ferrell’s video 😉



Holiday on

Congrats to them! Baby girls are so sweet!

Fawn on

What a great, classic name! @lydia, I went through life with the name Fawn and I’ll tell you that I’ve never once had an issue due to my name. I’m from the south and have heard a ton of hunting jokes, but other than that, it’s just a name- my name at that and I’ve heard it everyday for all of my life. by the same token, you can turn any name into something if you try hard enough. more people should teach their children not to try that hard. the world would be a better place.

stef24 on

I’m nothing but impressed with Jack and the way he has completely turned his life around for the better! Congratulations!

sat on

congrats! 8 pounds wow!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And I love the name Pearl!

Kit on

My mother’s name is Pearl. So wonderful to see these classic, elegant girls names returning. My son named my first granddaughter Grace, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Anonymous on

Grow up and get a life. Live your own life and everyone else’s.

me on

what an adorable name 🙂

mary on

Lydia you can’t be serious?
So here I go I can’t resist, I have a niece whose name is Lydia and we sing this song to her all the time. And she loves it when she starts to hate it we will stop….Have you seen the movie Philadelphia with Grant and Hepburn?
Oh Lydia, oh Lydia, say, have you met Lydia?
Lydia The Tattooed Lady.
She has eyes that folks adore so,
and a torso even more so.
Lydia, oh Lydia, that encyclo-pidia.
Oh Lydia The Queen of Tattoo.
On her back is The Battle of Waterloo.
Beside it, The Wreck of the Hesperus too.
And proudly above waves the red, white, and blue.
You can learn a lot from Lydia!

You need to relax!!!!! Pearl is a lovely name…..your entitled to your opinion but hideous? Really? My name is Mary and I hated it growing up. I’m still not a fan but it has a family meaning….thats all that matters when given a unique name. (Not saying my name is unique….but Fawn is and I love that! )

Hea on

sat – 8 pounds is very common as far as I know?

CONGRATS to them, I love the name and I hope to see her soon.

Pearl's daughter on

My amazingly wonderful mother is named Pearl, she has had a niece and great niece named after her and if I am blessed with a daughter I will be naming her Pearl as well. 🙂 love the Osbournes and the name!! Congrats. 🙂

sandy on

Aww, Pearl is such a pretty name for a sweet little baby girl!

I’m sure she’ll be getting a lot of real pearls in her life from granny! Congrats and enjoy your new little one. She is so lucky to have Sharon as granny and Kelly as an aunt who will spoil her rotten. She won’t want for anything!

Jane on

Luv me sum Sharon!!!!! Know she’ll be a terrific Grandy to little Pearl 🙂
CONGRATS & blessings to ALL of the Osbournes!

Sue on

Congrats, Ozzy and Sharon will be awesome grandparents! But Pearl?, these old fashioned names Violet, Stella, Archie, there are so many pretty names especially girls.

Me on

Jugh… who would name their kid Lydia?

TLeigh on

I’ve been an Ozzy fan since 83- the first concert I went to at just 12 years old! I’ve followed him over the years, fell in love with the family on the Osbournes (specailly Sharon) and now I can’t wait to see what a great loving Grandpa he will be. Congrats to Jack and his lovely fiance- so nice to see him happy and healthy. And to all the naysayers- the name Pearl is just beautiful!

JM on

Sue, i guess it’s just a matter of taste. i, for example can’t stand the name Archie. i associate it too much with the desperately-trying-to-be-cool, hipster, London parents, i know 🙂

Stella i have a positive association with because it’s the name of paul mccartney’s daughter. but i don’t like the name itself that much. i probably prefer Pearl, even though i wouldn’t name my kid that.

anyway, congratulations to the whole family and their little one 🙂

Pat on

Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents! Jack looks great! He worked hard to straighten out. Best of luck to the new family!

usha on

Congrats grandma Sharon.Yep you should totally spoil the little girl.

USAyesterday on

Some actually think that the child will have a bad life with the name of Pearl? You must really like the name “blue ivey” then. Now there is a child who wont be teased.

Brian Harrington on


Jen on

God’s blessing on them. Yes, Pearl is an up-and-coming baby girl’s name, my OB’s daughter is named Pearl (4 years old). Goes with wisdom, strong girl’s name. Congrats on the princess!

Linda on

JUST checked yesterday to see if Jack and Lisa had had their baby yet and today it is all over the news…..CONGRATS to Lisa and Jack and baby Pearl…..such a lovely couple and a lovely name for their new daughter. Ozzy and Sharon must be beaming with joy today! Very cool!

Jennifer Howard on

Congratulations to your new bundle of joy, Jack & Lisa!

rose young-stewart on

Pearl is a decent name. I don’t like that goofy brown and white hat the mother is wearing. looks stupid.

Maggie on

Um, that’s a light fixture. LMFAO!

The name Pearl is great, very classy. Pleasantly surprised that they chose it.

Tams on

I thought it was a hat too until I looked closer.

Amanda on

Congrats! What a pretty name for the baby..Best wishes! 🙂

Mel on

Wow, his fiance’ is beautiful! I bet that baby is gorgeous!

Mellissa on

My youngest sister’s name is Pearl 🙂 It’s a very lovely name, unique and treasured.

Courtney on

YAY!! OZZY’s a Grandpa!!!!

Sunny on

Jack has turned out to be a very handsome young man. I wish them well.

JC on

Pearl is a beautiful name…and Granny Sharon is over the moon…somebody just watch Ozzy…so he doesn’t think it is a bird and try to bite its head off…no seriously he will be a dotty…doting Granddad probably…

Congrats and love this precious baby…

Misty on

I LOL’d at the hat comment. too funny – it does look like she’s wearing a sparkly hat! =D

Anyway, congratulations to the couple – I think Pearl is just fine for a name!

Hea on

Courtney – He has five grandkids.

Mel on

That baby will probably be dropping the F bomb by 9 months..LOL I’ve never been a fan of the Osbournes, but I love the name Pearl. It’s cool that classic names are coming back.

tessa on

congrats!! Love Pearl, it’s a classic (:

B.J. (the girl) on

I rather like Pearl, it’s sweet! No one will ever misspell it, either — my real name is Brittney, and no one has ever spelled it right! Congrats to the family, they must be so happy.

JoJo on

congrats osbornes..I’m jealous..still waitigng 4 my son to have a kid 😦

Dobbs on

Pearl is known to be purity and innocence; I cannot think of a lovelier name for a female child. It is not a name we hear much these days but was more popular many years ago. I wish her a lovely life, surrounded by love and happiness. All the best.

Tasha on

Aside from my 92 year old great grandmother, I don’t know anyone else named Pearl. It’s pretty old fashioned. However, at least it’s simple and makes sense.

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Jack & Lisa on the birth of baby Pearl!!

I love this name, and I love the Osbournes!! Congrats to Sharon & Ozzy – I bet they’ll be fantastic grand parents

jany on

omg i know this girl! i knew her growing up!! crazy small world!

cheryl on

Oh I am so happy for you all..Congrads…..such a blessing…Spoil her rotten…. godbless

jake on

so sharon is going to be the grandmother from hell and spoil her grandchild, has she not learned her lesson from jack and kelly’s childhood issues, being a doting grandmother is one thing but spoil the child in the world of celebrity and rue the day i wish lisa and jack all the best but you decide whats best for pearl not sharon.

jake on

i just hope little pearl takes after aimee osbourne at least then she may have a chance in the world of celebrity