Mini Must-Have: Hank Baskett IV’s Classic Sneakers

04/23/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Someone sure knows how to dress to impress!

From his first photos to shooting hoops at the park, we’ve always been big fans of Hank Baskett, IV‘s sporty style.

But at the April 15 premiere of The Arctic in L.A., the 2-year-old proved he can also dress things up while posing with parents Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

The curly-haired cutie wore a faded red button-down shirt, light blue jeans and a pair of white Creative Recreation‘s Cesario 4 Lo Sneakers ($26 – $45).

Love his cool footwear? Make sure to check out the company’s other fun kiddie styles.

— Anya Leon

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Amy Y. on

What a beautiful family! Love his curls!!!

Nella on

Hank jr. is one of the cutest celebrity babies in my opinion. He is a perfect mix of his parents and has striking features. Also, I love his curls! In a lot of cases(not all) parents of boys start cutting their sons hair once it starts getting longer,but I hope they don’t cut his hair anytime soon since he has all of his life to have a short haircut.I happen to think little boys and girls look adorable with this full head of curly hair!

christa on

Love this family and especially Hank jr.

Mia on

He looks exactly like his mom – but definitely see his father too.

Beautiful family – I’m happy for her.

Karen on

I truly wish nothing but the best for this family. I always thought Kendra was the most normal and down-to-earth of the “girls next door” and was happy when she fell in love with such a great guy. They seem to be so genuinely in love, it’s so wonderful. And their little boy is just about the most adorable child I have ever seen.

Candy on

Little Hank is such a beautiful boy. They always seem so “together” when they are out and about.

Jax&Sarah4EVER on

He is the cutest child I have ever seen (with the exception of mine 😉 hehe. I hope this couple has more children, they are amazing and wonderful parents. I met them both in LA while on vaca with my wife and Kendra/Hank are very nice, down to earth people. Kinda hard to find these days in LA with a bunch of fakes running around.

RKF on

He is such a beautiful child. Wow.

JustMe on

Stunning child!

meme on

What a gorgeous boy!

Grace2 on

He is such a gorgeous boy.

JM on

definitely a cutie. and i agree with a previous poster, i love his gorgeous curls.

Karen on

Little Hank looks very much like Hank’s mom! Very nice looking family!

Mina on

Little Hank looked like Hanks mom when he was younger but now he looks like his father with his mothers complexion.

That child is beautiful. Flawless. An angel. A cherub. Every time I see him I cant help but think how he was unplanned which makes me sad thinking how many unplanned potential beautiful perfect children were aborted.

My pregnancy too was unplanned and I have not only a beautiful child, but an exceptionally smart, friendly, funny one at that. EVERYONE who meets him loves him. He is a social butterfly with a sense of humor, but also an empathetic and mature boy. He is like a mini adult. I came very close to having an abortion. Maybe it even crossed Kendra’s mind. It would be scary to think we could have killed such angels!

Maria on

Big Hank seems like a nice guy. I like him.

Amanda K on

Lil Hank is adorable! Definitely one of the cutest kids I’ve seen. They seem like a nice family.

torgster on

Love them!

Natalie on

Aww, little Hank is such a gorgeous little boy! They seem like such a wonderful family.

Holiday on

Yes he truly is adorable!

Mina good for you for keeping your baby and letting him have a chance at life! I had a baby young too (pregnant at 21) but he was planned and the best gift (along with his baby sister!) that I have been given!

Mia on

what a strange time to mention abortion + being married (about to be married into the pregnancy) + have stable careers is far different than being single + not having money to support a baby.

Kids are kids – babies are babies – a fetus is a fetus….none of those are mini-adults.

Leslee on

The little guy looks like a Baby Gap model, beautiful child.

Can we please not debate abortion here? Let’s enjoy seeing this beautiful child and let it be for now.

Anonymous on

Hank Jr. is so adorable. They should have at least one more child. I know how Kendra feels about her body and the struggle she had after having Hank Jr. but there are surrogates out there that would carry the child for her if she doesn’t want to carry it herself. That little boy is going to be amazing looking as he gets older.

Lesoleil on

OMG…Hank Jr. is absolutely gorgeous. He is without a doubt the most beautiful child I’ve seen in a long time. Leslee, I have to agree with you he does look like a Baby Gap model.

Lesoleil on

I love his beautiful curly hair.