Bill and Giuliana Rancic Expecting First Child

04/23/2012 at 08:30 AM ET
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Giuliana Rancic is one step closer to having the baby that she and husband Bill Rancic have always dreamed about.

The E! News host and Fashion Police cohost, 37, whose road to motherhood has been made difficult by infertility struggles, one miscarriage and a diagnosis of breast cancer, announced in person Monday on Today that she is expecting.

“We are so thrilled that our prayers have been answered,” Giuliana tells E! News. Adds Bill, 40, “We are absolutely ecstatic to be sharing this with everyone who has been following our journey.”

The child is due in late summer via a gestational surrogate, meaning that the Rancics will be the genetic parents. They know the sex of the child, “but we’re seeing how long we can keep it secret,” Giuliana said on Today.

She aded that the surrogate mother lives out of state, but that they accompany her on all the visits to the doctor.

The couple’s desire to have children played a part in Rancic’s decision in December to undergo a double mastectomy. The years of medication that typically follow a lumpectomy and radiation therapy would have meant delaying parenthood for several more years.

At the time, Rancic said she was crushed by her 2010 miscarriage. “I said, ‘I’m not doing this again. I can’t.’ I was angry at life and at God,” she admitted. But the couple decided to press on again with in vitro fertilization.

Each step of their lives has played out quite publicly, in part because it’s all documented on their Style Network reality show, Giuliana & Bill, currently in its fifth season.

— Tim Nudd

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angela on


krissa on

GOOSEBUMPS up my arms!

So thrilled for them!

acorr on

Gestational carriers are such a blessing! So happy for this couple, I wish them a smooth ride on this adventure to becoming parents.

Tiffany on


Brandi on

This makes me so happy. I love the show and they both seem to be genuinely good people and will be wonderful parents.

kjc on

This is great news. They have had a rough few years, so it’s nice to see that they are finally going to get to experience the joys of parenthood.

Paige on

I am so thrilled for them. Love them both. Many well wishes to Bill and Giuliana as their dream of becoming parents coming true and wishing their surrogate a healthy pregnancy.

Shira on

Wonderful news!

Li on

Wonderful news!

klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! They deserve this after everything they’ve been through.

Lady on

This made me tear up….soooo happy for them, their baby will be SO loved!

Melissa on

Congrats! I am so happy for them!

blacnite on

So happy for them!! Love their show and wishing them the best in this new journey 🙂

Erika on

Congratulations to them! They have been through so much and I’m so glad they are finally going to be parents! They deserve this and I hope that everything goes smoothly without complications.

blacnite on

So happy for them!! Congrats to them love the show and can’t wait to see the new part of this journey 🙂

Mel in STL on

This is the best news story I’ve heard in a long time. These two are so deserving of parenthood. And that lucky baby will be loved 100 over after what his/her parents went through to get him/her here! Congrats!!! What a great way to start a Monday!

Julianna on

OHMYGOD! Congratulations to Bill and Giuliana, so happy for the two of them! This is going to be a beautiful, loved child!

jlduke55 on

I have tears, so excited for them!

J. Hep on

I’m THRILLED to hear Bill and Guilianna’s wonderful news!! They are going to be wonderful parents!! They have endured such hardaches in their lives but handle it with such grace, dignity and humor. Having also had a miscarriage and knowing what it is like to go through such a painful time, this news just fills my heart with just joy!!

Tee on

Ach, such wonderful news! I’m so happy for them!

Pamela on

So happy for these two!!

Amy Y. on

So very happy for this couple! I love their show and watched the clip of them recieving the happy news this morning. It really moved me watching her realize the gravity of the situation. This is really their dream come true!

Maryanne on

Happy for them. They have had a rough road and hope all goes smoothly for them.

Erin on

This was probably the most wonderful post I have ever heard on here. I’ve been a faithful fan since the show started and have cried alongside them with everything they have endured in the past year. I am SO happy for Giuliana and Bill and their families!

Nella on

Congrats! Great news! I am so happy for them, they seem like they truly want children and seem like they would make great parents. They’ve had a few tough years and hopefully from now on it will be smooth.Wish them much happiness.

Leah on

This brings tears to my eyes – so happy for Giuliana and Bill! They will make amazing parents. What a lucky baby!

Posie on

I am so happy for them, they are going to be such awesome parents. They are a fun duo and I love following them on the Style Network. They deserve this happiness!

Kendal on

I’m so thrilled for them. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I was tearing up as I was calling my best friend to tell her the news! I screamed it in my parking garage this morning. YAY Bill & Giuliana!!! They are going to be awesome parents! Looks like they have one embryo left, I bet they will have another baby in a year!

Ashley on

Awwwww, tears here too! Congratulations to the happy family, that’s great news, especially on a Monday 🙂

Anonymous on

I AM THRILLED for them!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Melodie on

So super happy for them! Congrats, you both deserve this!

Erin on

I am so happy for them! I cried when I read the headline, what a blessing!

qooqy21 on

I am so unbelievably happy for them!

Shelby on

What JOYOUS news! Oh my goodness, congratulations to Giuliana and Bill! I am absolutely delighted for them that their dreams are finally coming true. Giuliana, a family is a family no matter how this little one is joining you. Blessings!!

JP on

Yay! I’m so happy for them! I watch their show periodically and really enjoy them. I love how Bill is always making lists of the pros and cons on his legal pad. Such a down to earth and real way to approach things.

Marie on

In tears for them myself!!! Congrats, well deserved!

Lina on

So excitited for them.. Having dealt with Infertility myself, I am sooo happy for them. They will be awesome parents!!!!

Anna on

BEST NEWS!! So happy they are going to have a baby! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Rose on

So thrilled for them, what wonderful news !

Connie J on

So THRILLED for you two! Many congrats!

Sarah S. on

I’m absolutely thrilled for them!! I know they will make wonderful parents–much congratulations for Giuliana and Bill!! 🙂

melanie on

If this baby is born before Jessica Simpsons, I will fall out of my congrats to the rancics!

em on

May God bless you, Giuliana, Bill, and baby! So exciting! I know she was devastated when they suffered a miscarriage. I am sure it is possible she wanted to experience pregancy and delivery. But this is an absolute blessing. I hope the GC has healthy and uneventful 20 more weeks.

Donna on

Guiliana’s bursting into tears when she heard they were going to have a baby is heartwrenchingly beautiful. This couple deserves the best and I pray they and their family have nothing but blue skies in their future.
God is good!

Anne Marie on

You women on here in tears and ‘thrilled’ for these celebrities need to get a life. While mildly interesting on a site like this one, it is hardly worthy of all these gushing feelings. A couple of airhead celebs-for-doing-nothing will have a kid. Breakout the champagne! We’ve added 1 billion to the planet in the last 12 years. One more kid is hardly the second coming.

Amy on

Awesome! I love them! They will be wonderful parents.

RKF on

@Anne Marie – Anyone who could write what you did likely has parents that feel the same way about you. As in, they regret your existence. Some of us may not have “tears”, but we have a working, usable heart.

annie on

Yay, soooo happy for them!! Congratulations!!

Kandy on

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy for them.

ClaireSamsmom on

What wonderful exciting news! They will make great parents…I am soooo happy for them!

staci on

I am so happy for them!! Congrats to them!

Noelle on

This is the only Celebrity couple that I have ever got tears in my eyes reading about a pregnancy announcement. I went through IVF and multiple miscarriages and to hear that she’s finally getting her baby makes me so happy. I wish them the best after all they’ve been through!

J on

Wow RKF, that was a jerk comment…

Nancy on

Nobody should respond to “Anne Marie” I think it is beautiful that people are excited for this couple. When my husband and I went through a 3 year long adoption process, people were excited for us too. Where there is a will, there is a way!!

blessedwithboys on

Awww, sweet!

Giuliana, please consider obtaining human donor milk for your sweet baby-to-be.

Best wishes!

Heather Lynn on

A huge congratulations to Bill and Giuliana! I’ve been a fan of Giuliana’s for years and have followed their show and I can’t think of two more deserving people to get this wonderful gift! They have showed the world the example of TRUE love- enduring all that they have together. This child will certainly be loved!

Indi on

Such Awsome news, So happy for them, Congrautlations

Doreen on

God made a way for them when there seemed to be no way!! Wonderful news!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! 🙂

Monica on

I couldn’t be happier for them if they were my close personal friends. I am so happy that they are finally getting their baby. This is fantastic news. Even my husband who hates reality tv watched last week’s episode with me and then openly wondered if they would get their baby- high praise from him even caring to ask! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Anne Marie on

@RKF, do you really think your feeble comment about my parents is hurtful? Celebrity worship is part of our current culture, granted. You must admit that the over-the-top, adolescent comments of the women here are embarrassing. It really is quite sad to witness. Beyond mildly interesting, these people’s coming child should only be an emotional event for their family and friends.

Brianne on

@ Anne Marie- how can you be so cold-hearted?! Congrats Giuliana and Bill! Such a wonderful blessing!!!

Marky on

Anne-Marie, people like you are always so certain they are witty and clever, when in reality, you are anything but. If you are not interested in this couple, look at something else. If you are not happy for them, do not comment and save your venom; it is such an unattractive quality. If you think the planet has too many children, don’t have any. Leave the rest of us alone.

blesssedwithboys, she can feed her baby with donated breast milk or formula…not your problem or business. Sorry, you have just worn everyone out. Go nurse you oldest; isn’t he home from “kindy”?

erilynne on

@Anne Marie – if you actually watched her True Hollywood Story (which I doubt you have you’d rather just post ignorant rude comments) you would have seen that she worked her butt off to get where she was as a anchorwomen in the entertainment business. Stop being so cold-hearted.

Anyway, against your thought, I’m going with most of the other girls, I’m thrilled to hear this for Giuliana & Bill. They’ve had a hard road lately and this is great, happy news for them.

woman on

yay!!! so happy for her.

Grace2 on

Anne-Marie, it’s called empathy in that many here have read about their struggles, and many here who’ve also had trouble conceiving. I suspect the gushy feelings have little to do with celebrity worship, but rather participating in someone’ joy. I do not have to know someone to cry for them when tragedy strikes (not calling infertility a tragedy, by any means, just giving an example of empathy for a stranger). On the opposite end, I feel genuine happiness when good things happen to those who’ve struggled.

Sus on

SOOOOOO happy to hear the news! Can’t wait to see G & B as parents! GOD Isn’t God….HE IS GREAT!

Amanda K on

What a blessing! So happy for them and wish them well 🙂 I don’t understand why anyone would have negativity towards this couple. They sure haven’t had an easy road to parenthood and many of us can relate to that struggle.

Sam on

Ummm Anne Marie put you guys down for than her lol! Tons of people work their butt off, do we care? We have become so celebrity obsessed it’s scary! It’s one thing to look at celebrity gossip to pass some time but to get so vested in it that you’re crying and screaming the news is very strange!

People overcome fertility struggles all the time, great for them and all their close friends and family, not for strangers whose name they will never even know…

Sam on

Mark breastfeeding is obviously best and if someone wants to recommend that you should just mind your own business!!!

New moms need plenty of good advice, and advising one not to feed their new infants GMO laden, fermented algae and soil fungus dha, Perchlorates (a component of rocket fuel), Melamine, Advanced glycoprotein end products (AGEs), arsenic formula that causes

Severe gas
Diarrhea and vomiting
Gastric reflux
Constipation and bowel obstruction
Agitation, fussiness, crying, and severe distress


Atalia on

Omg Im so happy for them. Glad that after everything they have been through there getting just what they hoped for.
Congratulations 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

meghan on

Sal, blessedwithboys is obsessed with breastfeeding. It is all she posts about. She nurses her five year old. Her posts are tiresome. Guiliana and Bill Rancic can weigh the pros and cons and raise their own child how they damn well please. People like you and blessed act like you care and want to offer advice, but that’s a crock. You want to bully and start trouble and rile people. Right now, all that needs to be said is “Congratulations”.

Jillian on

I am sohappy for them and can’t wait to see how everything works out for them. I love that the have shared their journey helping so many people along the way.

Breastfeeding or formula may be the best option, depending on the child, if both are available. Certain children can’t handle bm, making formula the best choice for them. Each parent(s) are set with making the best choices for the child. Without anyone of you knowing the situation…you could never say which is better.


Anonymous on

@blessedwithboys , for someone with so obsessed with breastfeeding, why would you recommend she obtains donated milk rather than using her own?

Interesting how every post turns into breastfeeding arena

Amanda on

Anonymous, I believe Giuliana had a double mastectomy. She couldn’t make her own milk if she wanted. Anyway, congrats to this couple. Having battled infertility myself, I know what a blessing a baby is that is so wanted.

Marky on

Sal, you don’t know me, but I always recommend BF. I am a former L&D nurse, lactation coach, have worked through LaLeche League, and totally BF myself. My credentials are excellent.

I know, however, that bullying people regarding BF is not appropriate, nor is “shaming” them, either. You can find the most amazing statistics on the internet, as well as information which has no fact at all behind it, but people jump right on that false bandwagon, and drive everyone crazy just because they can. I call BS.

All the side effects of formula you listed, happened to my cousin’s BF baby, who even had to sleep upright in a sling. Do I think those things happened because of BF? No, and, frankly, many a BF baby has allergies, ear infections, and spits up, just as formula-fed babies do. I would always choose BF and encourage a woman to do so, but Guiliana has had a double mastectomy, and I think she can choose formula if that’s what she desires.

These people have suffered enough through their trials of trying to have a family; let them enjoy it without complaining they aren’t doing it right because they aren’t doing it your way. If they want advice, they will ask for it, otherwise it’s enough to say, “Congratulations! We are so happy for you!!” Some celebs do read these threads, especially those who have been through so much.

Holiday on

So happy for them! Im sure its a dream come true!

Vanessa on

Wonder how long she will have off work when the baby arrives? She didn’t seem to have much time off following her surgery.

Seems to me she’s a bit of a workaholic.

I don’t mean to offend, that’s just my point of view.

vlamommy on

Congrats to the Rancics 🙂 Amazing news! BTW… I never breastfed my children and they have always been super healthy and are both very intelligent. 🙂

Rachel - Landover on

Praise be to God! I so much enjoy them as a couple and never miss their show!!!!

Can’t think of two people who will raise very special person indeed!

Congratulations and May God Continue to richly bless the family you have begun!

Love and Prayers for your continued recovery!

Rachel - Landover on


People who have nothing good to say….
Well….. You know the rest…..

But just in case you don’t (STFU)

Keep your negative energy and comments to yourself….

Celebrity, daycare worker or professional dogwalker….

Folks go through things and it is always good to hear good news after someone goes through an ordeal… it shows others that they can overcome and be blessed also…

J on

Rachel, follow your own advice. Why be nasty right back if you are so against negativity?

kim on

I absolutely love this couple and am so happy for them. Their show is definetly one worth watching. They have the most beautiful marriage and I have learned alot from watching them that I apply to my own marriage. I was broken hearted for them when they had the miscarriage and especially when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a role model she has been for all women and breast cancer survivors!!!! Her show has been one of the only reality shows with a purpose and platform to reach so many people. Giuliana and Bill have no idea just how many ;ives they have touched with this very public journey! I am so happy that now they are being blessed with a child. They will be wonderful parents. I wish them the best that life has to offer.

Mimi on

I’m not one to comment on this site, but I am so happy for these two.

I saw her bio on the E! Channel a few weeks ago, what a funny, smart, and fantastic woman she is. Bill, you aren’t too shabby yourself.

Much blessings to you all.

Jillian on

@blessedwithboys , for someone with so obsessed with breastfeeding, why would you recommend she obtains donated milk rather than using her own?

Interesting how every post turns into breastfeeding arena

– Anonymous on April 24th, 2012

1. She is not pregnant herself, she could not breastfeed.
2. She had a double masectomy, she would not be able to breastfeed.

Both of these facts are mentioned in the article (her not being pregnant and her receent surgery).

TJ on

YES! I was so hoping they would try for this or adoption. They have the means to do it, why not? I’m so happy for them! GREAT news.

toya on


Susan on

I don’t watch the show, but have read about their struggles. They do seem like a very nice, loving couple and I wish them well.

In regard to some of the negative comments, I assume some of that comes from jealousy. It might be very hard for a person who cannot have children to accept the fact that some can afford to do what these two are doing, and others cannot.

Tammy Scott on


Cathy on

2 people who SHOULD be having children. Congratulations. You seem like very good people. Good Luck!!

mg on

Yeah, must be nice to be rich and buy a kid. I know many childless couples who would never be able to pay someone to carry a baby for them.

Heidi on

To the person who seemed quite bitter about this couple being able to BUY their child – In canada, gestational carriers are paid nothing, it is done only out of the kindness of their hearts. And I know plenty of couples who couldn’t afford to internationally adopt or keep doing fertility treatments such as IVF, but there are still other avenues such as foster parenting or adopting a child through the Children’s Aid Society. There are also grants and such for families wanting to adopt who can’t afford the legal fees – hard to get but worth a try!

I’m just happy for these guys, who have been open about this whole long journey and who will finally get the chance to become parents.

One thing I was also struck to do is to pray for the woman carrying their child – I pray that she will not be ‘found out’ by the paparazzi and hounded like SJP’s surrogate was, and I pray for her as she goes through the emotional process of releasing that child she helped keep safe in her womb. I’m sure it will be very difficult to have the breastmilk come in and the hormones go crazy, when you don’t have a baby to hold. It takes such a special person to be able to do that.

Shaina Weathersby on

I am so thrilled about this news. They have waited so long and have had such a long journey. God does answer prayers so happy for them. They are going to be great parents I see the love between them and theyre family is truly blessed…. Yaaaay I am so excited can’t wait to see the pics of their little wee one.


yeah congrats wishing you the best and hoping you have a healthy beautiful baby who will feel your lives with such joy you deserve every bit of happiness and joy that god bless you with and may your cup fill up with blessings as time passes.yours Truely, Evelyn Dunham