Family Photo: The Silverstone-Jarecki’s Coachella Cutie

04/23/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Check out those headphones!

Alicia Silverstone and husband Chris Jarecki bring their little guy, 11-month-old Bear Blu, along for a laid-back afternoon at Coachella on Saturday in Indio, Calif.

“He’s almost standing [on his own] and he’s walking with [a] chair,” the actress, who’s currently guest-starring on Suburgatory, told PEOPLE recently.

Silverstone, 35, and Jarecki were married in June 2005 in Lake Tahoe.

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Beatrice on

Hes such a cutie!! He looks so much like her!

Doreen on

Sorry, but this dude looks like a straight up bum!!

Shannon on

He has her mouth! πŸ™‚

Maria on

he looks pregnant. And she is odd- why does she feed her baby from her mouth? that isn’t right! What is that teaching him? she called it a weaning process- I don’t think so- how is having the kid eat food from her moth helping with weaning? And she is not even weaning him yet. Creating weird habits for the kid.

Plus, I am all for animal rights- I am a big advocate myself- and is Alicia wants to be vegan I respect that- but a child cannot be healthy vegan. Children need milk, and I think meat. I know some kids do fine veggie- but I think it isn’t the best. But making her baby vegan= is the baby vegan? that isn’t right.

Katie on

That is her husband? Where did she find him? West Virginia? UGH!!! Nasty!

Sasha on

LOL! Doreen you must not often hobnob with the unwashed masses.

Sus on

Cute baby boy! Looks just like his Mama “bear”

Angela on

Doreen:Hate much?
I seen bums and sorry he doesn’t look like one to me.

acorr on

Alicia is so pretty and I love her outfit.

Anonymous on

@Maria: Didn’t you just post the same thing about how weird you find Alicia’s method of feeding Bear is on the article before this one with Jeremy Sisto? What’s the point in constantly bringing that up and telling us your opinion on it over and over again on articles that don’t even mention anything about how she feeds him?

Clairesamsmom on

Katie, I find your comment about Alicia’s husband being from West Virginia both rude and insulting.

As a native West Virginian, I get very tired of people who like to put down our state. Why would you chose to stereotype West Virginians like that? Let’s take a look at some famous West Virginians who happen to be extremely successful and educated: Jennifer Garner, Brad Paisley, Mary Lou Retton, Kathy Mattea….oh, let’s also mention Chuck Yaeger….first person to fly faster than the speed of sound…..if you didn’t know that.

Just because someone looks sloppy and unkept as Alicia’s husband does in this photo, it does not warrant a negative reference to WV.

Sarah K. on

Maria, babies do need milk – which is exactly why Alicia breast feeds her baby. Vegans aren’t opposed to breast feeding. In fact, many are proponents. They have no problem with humans drinking human milk. They do have a problem with humans drinking cows’ milk.

Kids can be healthy on vegetarian or vegan lifestyles just like kids can be unhealthy on omnivore diets. If done right, all three lifestyles are perfectly healthy.

kristen on

Maria you are so completely ill informed but I can’t blame you for that, the dairy council and big ag have spent billions convincing you that drinking the fluids from another animal is normal. But Maria have you ever wondered why humans are the only animal who drinks milk from an animal who wouldn’t have even fed her own calf for that long? We are the only animal that nurses from birth to death. At least Alicia is nursing her own son and not feeding him from an animal forced to be his wet nurse.

kristen on

And why wonder if a vegan’s child is also vegan? I would assume that most parents of babies and toddlers are feeding their children meat and dairy if they also eat that way.

Anonymous on

Sarah K.- Exactly! Yes, kids (and adults too, for that matter!) need the nutrients that are found in milk and meat, but they don’t need to drink milk (which, by the way, you can get from non-animal sources, such as soy or rice) or eat meat to get them. Other foods contain those nutrients as well, not to mention the fact that there are plenty of multivitamins and other vitamin and mineral supplements available.

As long as Alicia is consulting with Bear’s doctor about his diet and following his or her recommendations, I don’t see the problem with her chosing to raise him vegan.

Anyway, Bear is adorable, and I love that Alicia and her husband were responsible enough to put earmuffs on him!

Erica on

When is her husband due?

Cortney on

11 months old and can barely stand on his own and walks with a chair? Is this a little odd? She doesnt let the kid chew his own food and apparently doesnt put him down either..

Marnie on

Nope, not odd. In fact I was impressed that he’s moving around so much. My two could both pull themselves up and stand at that age, but were still holding on to the couch and coffee table for dear life, afraid to let go and unable to figure out how to get down. My daughter walked at 13 months and my son at 14 months. There’s definitely a range though, my niece was totally steady on her feet at 10 months.

Hea on

They look like a normal family at a music festival. No more, no less. And a child can be healthy on a vegan diet.

Cortney – It’s normal.

MiB on

Courtney, the normal range for children to learn to walk is approximately 9-15 months, with the average age being 12-13 months. I had one toddler in daycare who didn’t learn to walk until he was 19 months without his pediatrician being worried about it as he was cruising and standing. Cruising and learning to stand at 11 months is perfectly normal.

I don’t think they look much different from a lot of other visitors to music festivals, great to see Bear wearing ear muffs!

Pandabear on

So her husband has a bit of a belly, big deal. Most husbands do. Are all of you commenting about it married to chiseled, muscular Adonis- like men? Yeah, probably not.

They look like a normal couple at a weekend outing. I think he looks hippie artistic like, and is complementary to her.

I could care less about her veganism, or pre-chewing her son’s food. They’re not hurting anyone by being eccentric and love their kid, that’s all that matters.

Actually vegans can be quite healthy if they have been to a nutritionist to learn how to get all the proteins and vitamins from vegetable sources.

Cute family. Oh and actually, he’s pretty handsome when you can see his eyes.

Diana on

Cortney – You obviously don’t have kids; before making a comment like that you should probably check to see if you know what you’re talking about!

Catca on


Did you really criticize Alicia for holding her infant too much??? I’m going to assume you didn’t think about what you were saying before making your comment…

Lissette on

There’s a difference between feeding your child and making him eat your prechewed food.

The human mouth is the worst for growing bacteria.

Her son will never learn how to chew properly and is going to have developmental issues. He needs to do these things on his own. He’ll never know how to use a fork and spoon and will forever use his hands or expect his mother to feed him.

Can you imagine 7 year old Bear Blue out at his friend’s house? Asking his friend’s mom to chew up his food for him? C’mon get reasonable.

This hippy crap is ridiculous.

I think she looks pregnant again. Maybe it will be a brother they can name Camel Green.


Hea on

Lissette – Yes, be reasonable! “Her son will never learn how to chew properly and is going to have developmental issues.” SERIOUSLY?

stacey on

well, that husband is certainly lovely, and the baby has his attractive body. Skinny through the chest and arms, big belly, and scrawny legs.

Kar on

Cortney, my daughter didn’t walk until about 16 months. She was early on many milestones, but later on that one. The smartest children are the ones that are allowed to work at their own pace, every kid has their own internal schedule.

Shannon on

They seem to be having a fun time. Cute.

lyndzi on


Doreen on

He IS a bum!!

Doreen on

This vegan crap gets on my nerves!! LOL You guys are right…when is her hubby due? LOL

CantWaitForChristmas on

If she is feeding the kid vegan, she better make sure shes giving him B12, which considering he’s alive, Im sure she is. Also, feeding him from his mouth is not safe, its a very easy way to transmit CMV and other viruses that can harm the baby. People don’t realize how weak some babies immune system can be since maternal antibodies are gone after 6 months or so. And no, I am not a crazy mom, I am a physician who is too young and busy to have children but am blesssed to work with them everyday.

Holiday on

I have never been to Coachella but is it really an appropriate place to bring a baby? I thought it was pretty wild and drugs were rampant?

sat on

I seriously hope Alicia is far away from this blog! Y’all are a tough crowd, ripping on her husband and her mothering choices.

rachel on

wow, it is so sad that most of the comments on here are regarding appearance or mothering skills. you guys honestly disgust me. it’s so easy to judge others anonymously. you should really have a look at your own lives if you have so much time to spend on negativity. it’s pathetic.

Anonymous on

Hea- I agree. We don’t know that Alica ALWAYS feeds Bear by pre-chewing his food, and I think she’s even said that he’s learning how to feed himself with utensils as well. So odds are he’ll be fine. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I also want to point out that humans fed their babies prechewed food all the time before baby food and utensils were invented (in fact, many scientists believe that’s how kissing originated!). πŸ™‚

JM on

lol Holiday the same could be said for pretty much any half-way decent music festival. they can still be great places to go as a family. i mean, a lot of parks in cities i have lived in have areas that are rife with drug-dealers/takers. you just know where to take your kid and where not.

JMO on

Okay I think his name is silly. I think feeding him mouth to mouth is crazy but geez lay off the woman for goodness sakes!

The baby is beautiful and no standing up holding onto a chair is not uncommon for an 11 month old. My friends daughter didn’t walk until she was 16 mos old. She was just lazy! Babies walk when they’re ready unless something is medically wrong.

Her husband may not be YOUR cup of tea but obviously it is for her and they’ve been married for awhile. He appears to be a good hubby and daddy which is all that matters! What does anyone care what he looks like?? He’s not married to you and if she’s in love then that’s all that matters.

Helen on

I saw Alicia and her husband at Coachella (it was a bit later in the day, so I’m guessing the baby was with a babysitter). Frankly, it’s disturbing to see people judging Alicia’s husband based upon his outfit – it was about 105 that day, and he’s dressed appropriately. As for her – she looked radiant.

As for the festival being a suitable place for small children? Well, I wouldn’t bring my child there, but keep in mind that Alicia and her family have access to amenities that the other concert goers do not, so hopefully her son wasn’t exposed to all that stuff. I also spotted Jeremy Sisto and his daughter – they looked pretty happy, too.

Mandy on

Looks aren’t everything. I’m sure all of those who posted about her husband’s looks are married to gorgeous 6’2, 6 pack abbed tan super models right? Let’s stop bashing based on one photo.

I don’t agree with any of her feeding methods for her son, I am disgusted to say the least but that’s her choice. Its HER CHILD.

As for the husband, looks like he might be wearing a sling? Maybe he was helping carry his son around.

Heather on

Clairesamsmom, thank you for your reply concerning Katie’s comment about the husband being from West Virginia. I, too, grow tired of others stereotyping those from this beautiful state.

Holiday on

Helen wow it was 105 that day? Maybe I am over protective but when it is that hot ( I live in California too and it does get that hot here in the summer although today it was a high of 61!) I keep them inside or a place with air conditioning. I would never have a baby out in that kind of heat with all the drunks and people on drugs. Plus its just a dirty place anyway.

Anonymous on

JMO- I agree! I also want to point out that maybe, just maybe, she married him for his personality and the kind of person he is on the inside rather than his looks! True beauty comes from within, after all!