Gwen Stefani: More Harajuku Mini for Target Collections to Come

04/22/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Byron Purvis/AdMedia/Sipa

Gwen Stefani is far from finished leaving her stylish mark on the kiddie fashion world.

Since launching her first Harajuku Mini for Target collection last fall, the designer says she still has plenty of pint-size pieces to debut.

“We’ve got new collections coming and coming and coming,” the mom-of-two told InStyle while attending the Milk + Bookies story time celebration on April 15 with son Kingston, 5½.

And the source of inspiration should come as no surprise to the No Doubt frontwoman’s fans. “I draw from Japanese inspiration or from Japanese kids clothes,” Stefani, 42, explains.

But while her initial entry into the fashion industry began with her adult L.A.M.B line, Stefani seems to have found her niche in childrenswear. “I love to do both,” she says.

“I really enjoy doing the children’s right now probably because it’s new.”

— Anya Leon

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chelsea on

I can’t believe people actually bought that crap.


Gwen – seriously…continue doing what you do best: MUSIC. Leave fashion design to others.

Shannon on

Stylish? Good one.

Li on

I loved the Harajuku Mini for Target line, can’t wait for more!

Steph on

My daughter loves some of the Target line. Some of it’s a bit pricey for Target shoppers, but it’s fun.

Cammy on

Many from this line are inappropriate for girls. Some are more innocent and cute – kind of with that Hello Kitty innocence meant to reel in girls. But many are modeled after Gwen’s Japanese Harajuku girls – kind of a youthful/punk version of Geisha girls. In Gwen’s song “Rich Girl” the lyrics are:
“I’d get me four Harajuku girls to
Inspire me and they’d come to my rescue
I’d dress them wicked, I’d give them names
Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Hurry up and come and save me”
They’re pets. Pets to dress up and name.”

Sher on

Her kids collection for Target is nothing less than awesome. My hard to please clothes wise 4 year old love her stuff. Very fashionable and creative. Unlike some of Target’s other stuff. But mostly for those that are more fashion forward.

Jordyn on

Well, in the part of the country where I live they couldn’t sell the stuff even on the clearance racks.

Anonymous on

It looks like Kingston’s hair has grown out and has been dyed again. 😦 I have to admit I liked it better when it was short and its natural dark brown.

Grace2 on

Love her music, but I’m pretty certain her clothes could cause seizures in children. No likey.

Emily on

Very excited to hear!

aidan on

it makes me sad that so many of the comments are negative. different tastes i guess! i love the line. i think it’s whimsical and absolutely different from so many kids’ clothing brands out there, which i’m pretty sure is exactly the point. i’m excited to see the next line 🙂

Sandy on

Seriously??? Gwen doing kids clothes? NO don’t do it.

We’ll have a bunch of kids running around in ripped up black clothee covered in sculls and bones- safety pins etc… they’ll look like little bikers. Personally I think she trys way to hard with her boys- with the colored hair and edgy hair styles and grunge clothes.

Amy Y. on

A bad hair day and a bad pic. Why does she always dress either horribly ugly or over the top beautiful? Balance Gwen…it’s what life is all about!

mae515 on

how about all you people posting negative comments go out and make your own clothes? I bet just about none of you have the creative talent or audacity to make something. So easy to sit behind a keyboard and criticize, especially about her kids hair colors? mind your own business and show some respect! hopefully your own children dont grow up as negative and judgemental as you all. pathetic.

Amanda on

Mae- I’d love to make my own kids clothes, unfortunately I’m not famous which seems to be a requirement these days. I’m tired of having an extremely limited selection of reasonably priced kids clothes that look like KID’S CLOTHES! They aren’t mini adults and they shouldn’t look like mini adults

satto on

Great more butt ugly clothes for little kids. I live in Los Angeles, a relatively trendy city, and I see racks of that crap collecting dust at every target I go to.

I guess no one wants their daughters dressed like a color blind beer hall maiden

JO on

Yay! so excited!!! both my girls look ADORABLE in the clothes! and they ALWAYS get at least noticed and compliments on how cute they look! my daughter unlike many other kids knows how to rock it! so all of you with the negative comments, keep dressing your kids in the SAME ugly boring outfits while my girls are getting all the attention 🙂

cn tower on

These clothes wouldn’t get a second glance if a high profile celeb’s name wasn’t attached to them. Now, the stuff Diane Van Furstenberg did for the Gap —- a bit pricey, but very nice.

meghan on

Very mature, JO.

Grace2 on

Mae, just because I don’t care for her children’s clothing line, doesn’t mean I’m not creative or that I’m negative. Man…Since you’ve asked, I paint, I sew, I write and I consider myself rather creative. I just don’t like these clothes.

And Jo, I dress my boys in a way that allows them to be children, to be comfortable and to look nice. I don’t dress them a certain way so they can get attention…

Bri on

Okay, I have to admit that I have purchased a few cute tops for my daughter who is two and a half years old, but, understand the concerns some parents may have with the more edgier, punk-style looks that they may not want on their children. Plus, the prices do need to be a bit lower for Target shoppers like me. Still, I have seen most of the toddler items sell out very quickly. So, maybe the clothing does appeal to certain demographics? However, let us not be determined to bash one style from another. To each his own.

JM on

JO are you sure you’re old enough to have children? you sound like you’re about 8.

everyone has their own taste in clothes. gwen stefani’s kids’ clothes don’t generally appeal to me but i don’t think that all of them are necessarily horrible.

Holiday on

I have never bought my kids this line of clothes. I think the boys stuff is down right hideous and I have seen a couple OK things for girls but not cute enough I would actually buy it.

Emily on

I have to wonder if some of you have even seen the clothes? I mean honestly? I bought a lot of stuff with pandas, sailor outfits and a jacket with ears. What the hell are ya’ll looking at? Different strokes for different folks I guess. I didn’t realize at first that the sailor dress I first saw was from her. I just thought it was cute and reminded me of the stuff I wore in the 80’s. I’d been searching for outfits similar to that.

Holiday on

Emily yes I have seen her stuff. I shop for my kids at Target and see her crap every time I buy my kids clothes. I despise sailor dresses and I truly think most of the stuff is ugly. I dont like the Japanese style and cartoonish stuff.

cn tower on

Thanks Holiday, I’m not changing my mind either! 🙂

Kim on

I, personally, would like to thank her for designing clothing for girls that doesn’t make them look like teenagers! My daughter is 7 and she loves the collection. I may not like all of the pieces she designs but she loves it. None of it is too revealing or slutty. Yes, there are clothes out there made for children that makes them look slutty! It’s not for everyone, no. But if she keeps designing clothes that doesn’t make my daughter look like she’s 13 and not 7 I’ll keep buying it.