Molly Sims: I Ate Four Desserts In a Day!

04/20/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
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Pregnancy cravings have kicked in full force for Molly Sims — and for the mom-to-be it’s dessert time that seems to take the cake.

“Yesterday I had three desserts. I literally had a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake, this little piece of Marzipan bundt cake, and sorbet,” Sims, 38, tells PEOPLE during Kishani Perera‘s Vintage Remix book launch Wednesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Oh, that’s right, and I had some frozen yogurt: cake batter with graham cracker crust.”

But Sims isn’t sweating all her little splurges throughout the day; She is “totally” loving the freedom of indulging her sweet tooth as she awaits the arrival of her baby boy in June.

“It’s amazing because you know that old saying, ‘You’re just a stomach flu away from a size two?’ I’m 12 stomach flus away from a size two now and you know what? It’s okay,” she says.

As much as she’s enjoying the benefits of pregnancy, Sims has also had to adjust to the hardships — including suffering from a serious lack of shuteye — as well.

“I’m having trouble sleeping,” she admits. “You go side to side, you put a pillow over, you put a pillow under. I’m surrounded by pillows and I put the air conditioner on 50.”

The former model is experiencing an ever-changing figure — including a few new (and much-appreciated!) assets — and has documented her growing baby bump since the start of her journey.

“I love from my chest up. You find a cottage-like cheese layer on different parts of your body including your calves,” Sims  — who’s working on a nursery with interior designer Perera — shares.

Still, nothing can deter Sims’s waves of excitement, and occasional uneasiness, over welcoming her first child with husband Scott Stuber.

“My girlfriend was asking yesterday if I was nervous and I’m totally nervous because it’s the unknown — it’s something that you don’t know,” she explains. “I am a little nervous about the delivery and breastfeeding. I hope I can do it, I hope we come through. I am so excited to meet him and just hold his hand.”

One thing Sims and Stuber aren’t stressing over? Baby boy’s name. “We had name day on Saturday,” she says. “We got it narrowed down to about 12 names.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Patrick Gomez

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christine on

lol 12 names? thats gotta be tough. i don’t think i even had that many to begin with

boston on

Really? I’ve had four desserts in one day hundreds of times and I’m not overweight. Get a grip.

boston on

Seriously? That’s news?

boston on

That’s fabulous.

TJ on

Good for her! Geez, you make the headline sound you’re calling her a pig when in reality she’s a pregnant woman giving in to some cravings. Big deal. I say “go Molly!”

Hea on

I have never heard of any of those deserts. I best google.

Amy on

I’m not sure “you” find a cottage cheese layer, unless what she means is something other than skin on top of bone. I don’t have a cottage cheese layer! Speak for yourself, Molly Simms.

Linda Rhiner on

Eating whatever you crave is a perk of being pregnant. I loved being able to eat anything I desired during my pregnancies. As long as she doesnt eat that much every single day, she is fine. Besides, a little weight on a woman is no harm. Who wants to make out with a stick figure anyway?

weezy on

I don’t get the negativity. There was nothing said in this interview that should evoke anything but happy positive thoughts for this woman.

Congrats to Molly! Your heart is about to triple in size! Parenthood is nothing short of a gift.

Denise on

Enjoy the benefits of your pregnancy. Eating for two as they say. Size 2 I wish I was a size 12 again at 47 and 2 kids later. Best Wishes.

taylor on

Gosh, what is with all the totally dumb headlines and stories these days??? This is as bad as the “Ashley Olsen eats at a restaurant twice in one day” headline. Where do they hire these writers from? Hope some newsworthy stories break soon because you guys are reaching.

Jillian on

I also don’t get the negativity. In interviews, stars are asked questions…that they answer. One would gather that she was asked if she has a sweet tooth or what she is enjoying. Great for her for eating it and answering. Should she have lied? Now I don’t believe being pregnant is an excuse to eat everything in sight or eat unhealthy. I feel you should eat sensible for your baby. You can still indulge once in awhile, just like you do not pregnant.

Tj, I agree! I don’t like the headline.

Hea, red velvet cupcakes are pure amazement!!!


Jessie on

Is “you’re just a stomach flu away from a size two” really an old saying? Maybe in the modeling world it is. I guess it came right after “the early bird catches the worm.” I’m surprised the headline for this article isn’t “Molly Sims Reveals Post-Pregnancy Slim-down Plan: Stomach Flu”!

sally on

Well I am happy for her eating habits. Guess she will pull a Mirah Carey after the baby is born! j/k

Tina on

You go girl.

Anonymous on

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read, and feel dumber just for doing so.

MarWid on

What I don’t get is why Jessica Simpson will get negative feedback and called a pig for her eating habits while pregnant, but Molly Sims gets “eat whatever you want, you’re pregnant!”

Angela on

It sounds like she’s counting a little bite of bundt cake as a dessert. The title is a little misleading, making it sound as though she’s really pigging out. But some sorbet here, frozen yogurt there, little piece of bundt cake and a cupcake? Technically she did eat or sample four desserts in one day. But really, that’s not much.

Emily on

That’s not healthy. Being pregnant does not give you the freedom of indulging in sugary foods in excess. She’s going to test positive for gestational diabetes. Stupid. Pregnancy is a time to take care of yourself, not a time to go nuts and eat whatever is in sight.

Jillian on

It is a saying. She didn’t make it up. It was in the movie Devil Wears Prada.

No one should pig out and be unhealthy during pregnancy or not. Molly isn’t doing so. And it’s annoying that People is presenting it that way. Jessica has said on multiple occasions that she is eating everything bc she is pregnant, onion rings, fried food, pizza, etc. And not working out. While I would never call her a pig, I would call this unhealthy and bad choices. Being pregnant is not an excuse to eat everything in sight. I don’t understand this mentality.


Me on

That’s one dessert for me.

Guest on

Omg wow- a cupcake AND a little piece of this with a little scoop of sherbet? Wow, she’s REALLY letting her hair down. Don’t go too crazy there!! You don’t want to be 13 stomach flu’s away from a size two, now! haha

Guest on

Gee – I can eat 4 desserts in one sitting! Where’s my “People” story?

Anonymous on

That picture above is not flattering at all. I thought I was looking at one of the Golden Girls! Four desserts in one day is a lot if you’re not pregnant and dealing with pregnancy cravings, imo. I’m skinny and have a high metabolism so I usually eat whatever I want but that just sounds like way too much sweets for me. You don’t have to be a really healthy eater to know when to quit sometimes. But whatever, she sounds happy and excited and I’m happy for her.

MB on

If you eat too much while pregnant, you’re a pig, if you don’t eat enough you are selfish because you don’t want to gain weight. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, we normal and imperfect people will never make the perfect people happy! Oh well 🙂

Anonymous on

Me too! I live on desserts, pregnant or not. Wonderful news!

emily on

Emily- that’s ridiculous. For my pregnancy, I did let loose and let myself eat sweets (MORE than once!). I gained the normal amount of weight, didn’t get gestational diabetes and had a totally normal and healthy pregnancy. So don’t assume such things. Also, the thinner you are pre pregnancy, the more weight you should gain during pregnancy. I’d say Molly was even slightly underweight before. She doesn’t seem to be doing ANYTHING wrong nor “eating everything in sight” as you suggest.

Selfenchanted on

Live it up, girl – it’s your time. Hope your little one appreciates it, too.

Shannon on

Eating disorder much?

Anonymous on

Shannon- You must have read a different article than I did, because Molly doesn’t sound at all to me like she has an eating disorder.

Anyway, I love her attitude! It sounds like she’s not using pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight, but at the same time allowing herself to splurge a bit from time to time, too.

I also completely agree with her about the saying “You’re just a stomach flu away from a size two.” Getting sick is definitely one way to lose weight (not that I’d recommend it or that it’s a good idea!)! 😉

Anonymous on

Just to be clear, I meant getting sick in terms of coming down with the stomach flu or something earlier. I wasn’t making a crack about bulimics!

buddysmom100 on

I can’t believe that everyone’s freaking out because she had four desserts in one day! It’s ridiculous! So what? Pregnant or not, she can have whatever she wants to eat and it shouldn’t end up as huge news.

mark on

Whoa boy Molly Sims—no more Molly slim?? Don’t worry about the cottage cheese, it’s only temporary–plus it’s so low-fat, it’ll help you lose weight. And don’t worry about the breast feeding either. Once he’s done they’ll be as perky as ever. And there’ll be lots of takers for leftovers.

msuwebmanager on

Molly came home for a visit at Easter and I ran into her at church. She looks adorable and was as sweet as her sweet tooth.

Silly Person on

Wow, the article was of a woman experiencing what many women do when pregnant. I think she has a great attitude and she is obviously overjoyed of her pending motherhood. She was being interviewed for an article, she was telling them of her pregnancy. Why are people posting such negative comments? If you don’t like the headline move on to something else.

Jillian on

Hey Silly Person
Using your thought process of, if you don’t like it leave….if you don’t like peoples comments on this public board, then why don’t you ignore them and move on to something else! Geeze, such negative people. Complaining about others opinions! What silliness 🙂