Kelly Preston’s Top 8 Eco-Friendly Kid Picks!

04/20/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Andrew MacPherson

When it comes to raising her 16-month-old son Benjamin in an eco-friendly environment, Kelly Preston isn’t messing around.

From the organic food he eats (on the menu? Fresh spinach, carrot and kale juice, quinoa and scallops!) to his co-sleeper and toys, the new mom is a stickler for finding the most natural, toxin-free options.

“I’m meticulous on checking ingredients,” Preston tells PEOPLE of her never-ending quest for healthy — and yummy! — foods for her family, including Ben’s big sister Ella, 12.

“If they’re organic, I’ll try them! If they’re delicious, I’ll keep buying them!”

And now that she’s partnered with non-profits Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy World, Preston is excited to share — and swap! — healthy lifestyle tips with our readers.

Check out her top 8 eco-friendly must-haves for new moms below:

1. Moby Wrap Organic baby carrier: This wonderful, cozy organic baby wrap helps keep your baby close.

2. Leading Lady organic nursing bra: They’re really cute nursing bras. You can nurse and still be sexy.

3. Cariboo of New Zealand: They make beautiful, non-toxic wooden cribs and changing tables. There are no chemicals or lacquers on the wood, so your baby doesn’t breathe chemicals all night.

4. Seventh Generation Wee Generation baby products: They have wonderful products for cleaning your home, that don’t have chemicals or gas-off so they’re safe for you and your baby and their new line for babies, Wee Generation, is filled with great non-toxic baby products, and chlorine-free diapers!

5. Humanity Organics Family Sleeper: This is an amazing bed roll that keeps your baby safe if they sleep with you in bed, which Ben does. I love this!!

6. Ameda breast pumps: Not only are they BPA-free and eco-friendly, but they have amazing features.

7. Happy Baby Organic baby food and snacks: I love their foods! They have delicious organic snacks and foods for your baby…but they’re so yummy, I eat them, too!

8. Episencial organic baby skin care products: They have amazing natural and organic creams, shampoos and baby products that are so great if your baby ever gets any of the common little skin conditions, like eczema or cradle cap.

Elizabeth Leonard

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annie on

I take everything she says with a grain of salt. It seems Scientologists are always trying to sell something that benefits Scientology but are never upfront and honest about who’s behind the product/charity.

Jackie on

Annie, what does this post have to do with Scientology??

I’m a first time mom of a 7 month old boy & use 6 out of these 8 brands/products she mentioned & I am not a scientologist. Far from it.

Think before you speak, especially if your intention is to be rude and disrespectful.

Ann on

Yeah that was the weirdest comment from Annie, i use some of the products as well and it has nothing to do with scientology.

I would only like to add that most, if not all, breast pumps are BPA free

bettina on

The Ameda pumps are eco-friendly not just because they are BPA-free, but because they can be used by more than one person with the addition of a set of personal tubing. They are made with a closed-system pump unlike the Medela pump. This means that far fewer breastpumps end up in landfills. The Medela pump is only supposed to be used for ONE BABY, not even for two babies by the same mom, because of risk of contamination. The Ameda pump is safe, and it is top of the line.

Lisa on

Ummmmm….the Ameda pumps are NOT designed for multiple users. From their website: “personal breast pumps are designed to be used by one mother (not shared)”

Jen DC on

I think Annie’s statement is pretty clear: Because the Travoltas are known Scientologists, it stands to reason that one should research the connection between the things they promote if one is concerned with funding Scientology.

It’s like boycotting Chik Fil-A because of their connection to anti-gay groups.

Diane Oleksia on

Well I remember that she felt that Jett’s health issues stemmed from toxins in the environment, so I believe she is genuinely interested in natural and organic products. I’m sure she’s done her homework!

JM on

Annie, surely the same could be said for any religion? shouldn’t we also question the celebrities on this blog who promote things and are Christians or Muslims for example? where’s the difference? why do we have to be more careful with her than with someone else?

Liz on

Her list is a good start. Cariboo bassinet boards may be fromaldehyde free but that doesn’t mean they are free of harmful glues and other chemicals. If the frames are solid wood, why not make the board solid wood as well. Also the bassinets are 100% cotton, not organic, cotton is one of the most highly pesticided products out there. The Episencial brand looks pretty good but a few of their products are in the yellow zone on‘s Skin Deep web site.

The other stuff looks pretty good though!

Shannon on

I didn’t realize they adopted a baby. Congrats!

Skip on

“…so your baby doesn’t breathe chemicals all night.”

Lol, I wonder what she thinks her baby is breathing if not chemicals? Most babies are breathing in nitrogen, oxygen, and argon which, if you consult your periodic table, are chemicals. Yes, I’m being facetious, but the overuse of the word “chemicals” when people really mean something else is very irritating, and crunchy celebrity moms are usually the first to do so.

Ann on

” The Medela pump is only supposed to be used for ONE BABY, not even for two babies by the same mom, because of risk of contamination”

Sorry, I need a further explanation to this comment (mainly the “two babies by the same mom-contamination), please.

Kandyce on

Uh Annie – what on earth???

I think organics, etc. are great. I have made an effort to avoid toxins at every turn and my son eats an organic diet.

HOWEVER I think its easy to be organic when you can afford it. It still bothers me (though I understand it) that organics are priced higher, and not available, to parents of all economic levels. That’s just the truth. And that bothers me.

torgster on

God I wish she would just go away!

Lou on

@Shannon “I didn’t realize they adopted a baby. Congrats!”

They didn’t adopt. Kelly carried the baby. There has been some reasonable speculation that due to Kelly’s age they used IVF and donor eggs, but the Travoltas have not confirmed that.

SMiaVS on

Sadly, everyone COULD afford organic products if the government stopped subsidizing the non-organic ones….

Ann on

@SMiaVS: no. No one would be able to afford anything then.

Allie on

Jett had Fragile X syndrome. The syndrome manifests itself in male children of the carrier females. It is quite likely that the Travoltas had donor eggs because any baby boy they have with Kelly’s eggs would have Fragile X.

Jillian on

Allie, Jett died of a seizure and had Kawasaki disease. Not sure why you are bringing up fragile x. Also, with fragile x, there is a 50/50 chance a mother passes it to her son. SO, any baby boy Kelly would have would not necessarily have fragile x, IF she carried the gene….which I have never heard of her having!

One can hope that this baby will not suffer like Jett did.


bettina on

Correction on the Ameda pump: although the system is closed and is patented to protect milk from cross-contamination, please note that the Ameda website says that pumps are for personal use.

Laure Lee on

On the topic of eco-friendly there is a children’s book that shows kids the symbiotic relationships in nature and even comes with seeds so kids can grow their own TickleMe plants. Book has instructions on the back for creating a recycled planter. It’s inexpensive and just plain cool to grow plants that move when you tickle them!