Anansa Sims Expecting Second Child

04/20/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

There’s another baby on the way for Anansa Sims!

The plus-size model, 33, and her husband, David Patterson — who are already parents to 9-month-old daughter Ava — are “very, very excited,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

And though the expectant mom “is hoping for a boy” this time, she would also be “totally fine with [Ava] having a sister close in age.”

Someone else who’s just as thrilled about the fall arrival? Sims’s own mother, former supermodel Beverly Johnson.

“I was excited the first time, but I think I’m more excited this time because you see how much joy Ava brings and how much love you have,” the proud grandma, 59, tells PEOPLE.

Sims and Patterson tied the knot nearly two years ago in Ohio. The family reality show, Beverly’s Full House, airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.

— Melody Chiu

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paula on

They are both beautiful, I don’t know who is Beverly and who is her daughter?

One more thing, PLUS size model? Insane!

Trish on

It’s sad that she is considered “plus size” she looks beautiful & healthy.

atleastimnice on

@ Trish, I totally agree! Too bad they didn’t have a like button for comments!

Stylish 1 on

@paula – if you Google Beverly, you’ll learn she’s a famous barrier-breaking (first African-American model to appear on the cover of American Vogue!) supermodel. Congrats to her and her daughter!

Crystal on

Anansa is GORGEOUS! Congrats!

Miriam Poulsen on

Beverly is 59?! She’s so beautiful!

trixie on

Um…I don’t know how fat you are, but they are fat and above any standard measure for healthy weight. But, with 60% of our country overweight, no one can really see this anymore, can they.

Alicia on

I think what Paula was trying to say is that she couldn’t tell the difference between mother and daughter since Beverly looks so young!

mommy2b2012 on

I don’t get how she is plus sized, but awesome for her! I have no idea who she is, but I am happy for anyone who is expecting!

Anonymous on

The one on the right is Beverly!

K on

Why is it sad that size 12 and up is considered plus-sized? It is plus-sized. Simply because there’s an obesity epidemic in this country and many, many people are size 12 and up does not mean that we shouldn’t call plus-sized what it is. We are doing women a disservice when they are overweight and we say, “oh my gosh, you are so healthy and normal!” Even being just 10% over the ideal weight range for your height raises your risk of stroke, heart-attack and other diseases. Plus size is plus size, and if the phrase upsets you, try starting an exercise regimen and watching what you eat.

Snow on

Plus size? In what universe?

twinhappy on

Congrats to them!!

kendrajoi on

The fat police strike again.

blessedwithboys on

I knew who Beverly Johnson is before this article, but I didn’t know her daughter was also a model. What her daughter is NOT is plus-sized. She’s just not as emaciated as the models we are used to seeing today.

After having two kids, when I am able to wear a size 12, it is because I haven’t consumed carbs in about 6 mos. At that weight/size, I have a normal BMI…for all that a BMI is worth…

Sammie on

that young lady is considered a plus size model? This world is truly crazy. no wonder so many girls have eating disorders.

Ynnis on

Who are these two? Am I suppose to know them? Have they done something good for society in general that they are published online? I have no clue who those two are. I wish ’em good luck, but still don’t understand all the tra-la-la surrounding those two. There was something mentioned about supermodel – must have been a distant relative of them.

J on

ladies, she is definitely a plus sized model.

Shannon on

Do they still live with Beverly? At this point it might be easier for Beverly to move out and give the house to her daughter and husband. 🙂

Anonymous on

Size 2 is not what girls should be aspiring to but neither is plus-size! From reading some of these comments, it’s no wonder so many in this country are obese…there are people who actually think being overweight is healthy and good. I’m shocked as I have friends who are 15+ pounds overweight and you would never hear a single one of them argue that a plus-size model isn’t big. Sheesh. Mind-boggling.

We need to forget about the eating disorders young girls in this country have for a moment and look at the adult women!

Lotus on

Congrats to Beverly J. and the new parents. I’ve followed Beverly’s career since I was a kid and her daughter is just as pretty as the mom.

It’s funny how some seem to take delight in spewing stats about the “risks” of being overweight. There are risks in just waking up and going into the public everyday. I’m not trying to downplay the dangers of obesity but some of you are just ridiculous and mean.

In this picture, Anansa looks just fine and I would never have thought she was considered plus size…not that plus sized is insulting or anything like that.

Joan on

Beverly Johnson broke racial barriers and I believe became truly the first black supermodel.

tm on

Trixie … I’m not sure what planet you are on ….. but do you honestly think these two are “fat”????? Please tell me you’re kidding!!! If you think they are then you are part of the problem … not part of the answer in this world!!!

DeAnn on

Plus-size models have shrunk, too. A decade ago, plus-size models averaged between size 12 and size 18. Today, the majority of plus-size models an agency boards are between size 6 and size 14, the magazine said, based on its own research.

WTF, a size 6 is considered PLUS SIZE??? No wonder people are under the delusion that the majority of the country is obese …

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy couple!

MollyF on

I’m overweight and I take offense at people spewing the risks of being overweight. I know the risks and that’s why I’m doing Weight Watchers. Spewing risks that people already knows is just making you look like a hateful jerk.

Both of them are beautiful. Beverly looks like she hasn’t aged a bit.

Deb on

OK its apparent by these comments you people don’t watch the reality show on OWN or grew up with Beverly, Iman, Naomi etc. as I have. Anansa is heavy and a plus model ON THE SHOW!!! I hope Beverly’s selfishness on the show isn’t because she’s trying to get ratings and eyeballs. Yes Anansa my baby is a former Buckeye athlete as well!! So glad Anansa is a black educated woman married to an educated man!

Juanita on

Beverly was in a long term relationship with Chris Noth years ago.

Pandabear on

pathetic that she is a “plus” sized model, cause she looks like she is fit, and MAYBE a size 8? . Guess that is “plus” in the anorexic modeling world.

Shannon on

Anansa is gorgeous!

Wasn’t Iman’s oldest daughter a plus sized model too?

rachel on

Beautiful women! Because they don’t stick their finger down their throats they are called “plus size”.

taunyacurry on

Congrats to Anansa and David! Is everyone still in the house with Beverly?

bevvie on

If you don’t know who Beverly Johnson is, that’s your problem, not hers! She and her daughter look beautiful!

Anonymous on

MollyF- You are absolutely right. The majority people who are obese, as well as a good number of those who are simply overweight, are that way because they have a food addiction. And lecturing an addict (whether it be cigarettes, alchohol, drugs, food, or something else they’re addicted to) on the risks of their addiction is about the LEAST helpful thing you can do (if anything it can make the situation even worse).

Most addicts are well aware of the risks of their addictions, and know they should stop their bad habits. But recovering from an addiction is never easy. Instead of lecturing them, it’s better if you instead support and help their recovery efforts. For example, if your friend is obese, you could offer to take walks with him or her, or, if you’re overweight yourself, offer to enroll in a weight loss program with him/her. You could also help by offering only healthy snacks when your friend visits your place (which will also show that you care about him/her and want him/her to be healthy).

Bottomline: Although it’s tempting, avoid the impulse to lecture an addict. Chances are it will do more harm than good!

Indira on

A plus model is usually somewhere between an 8-14 but 16-18 are used frequently in ads as well. The thing is all of these women are between 5’9 and 6ft. So there size 16 generally looks a lot thinner.

Crystal Renn at sizes 10-16. Still healthy and definitely not overweight in any of them.

cc on

For all of you people who ask who is Beverly Johnson she is THE FIRST BLACK MODEL TO APPEAR ON THE COVER OF VOGUE MAGAZINE. Yes she is 59 years old and looks great for that age. I believe she is not KNOWN by very many white people is because she is black and furthermore was not followed like the white models. If you google her name you will see she is someone and did something, opened up the modeling field for a few more young black women. There is still not enough blacks in modeling but hopefully there will be one day because they do buy products just like anyone else.

June on

Who is that photograph is “plus sized”? I see two normal sized, beautiful women.

HappyGoLucky on

Beverly Johnson has never been considered plus sized. She’s at least 5’9″ and always modeled thin. Ms. Johnson spoke to Oprah about allowing herself to put on about ten pounds. She felt she looked better at that weight once she entered her fifties. Ms. Johnson even dated Chris Noth for 3 years.

Johnson has a hair care line (Target), a wig line, has authored a book, and acted. She is a smart woman and good in business. When her ex fought her for custody because of her career and work scheduled she fought for years to regain custody. She spent a huge chunk of her modeling and acting money to get her back.

acorr on

Right on June!

Daniella on

Indira makes a very good point. Most models are 5’9” or taller, which often sets their clothing sizes off from the rest of the population. I know it’s not a common problem for most ladies, but when you’re 5’11” like I am, finding clothes with length is often more of a problem than size & many of us taller ladies fluctuate between sizes (I can wear an 8 in some jeans, 12 in others) depending on the length. Plus, it’s much easier to hide weight on a tall body, which is one of the main reasons models are usually 5’9” & above.

Neither of these ladies look plus-sized to me. Then again, I’ve got the height of a model, but I’d much rather be a healthy 150 lbs. than the starved 115 lbs. that’d be expected of me in the fashion industry.

Cheryl on

Congratulations to Anansa and David on the new baby. Now, please get your own house, you both need your privacy and not be under the control of Beverly. I watch the show every week and see the pain that Anansa goes through with her mother.

Anonymous on

Is Danny Sims still living?

Jillian on

Cc, I am white and I know plenty of black celebrities. I know of other black models. I have never heard of either of these two people. There are also white models that I have never heard of…. So, it has nothing to do with them being black and the fact that they are not as popular. I will add, in my opinion, so the super fans don’t attack me. Although, I know I am not alone, since so many don’t know them.

People are confusing plus size models with being overweight. They are not necessarily, one in the same….


NikNak on

@K, you should know that at one point in America, size 12 was considered the “perfect” size. Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14/16, and she was not referred to as a plus-sized model.

I don’t think we can do links here, but google “A Short History of the ‘Ideal’ Female Body.”

There is always preference, but “plus” size is quite relative.

J-Lin on

I watch the show. Anansa is very disrespectful and intent on holding on to the past. Beverly has her flaws as any human does, but it won’t work unless both parties want it to work.

dj on

I find the comments about being above a size 8 offensive and I am no where obese. I am 5’10 almost 5’11 and I am in a size 8 and I weigh 154lbs, most people think that I need to gain some weight because I appear underweight. People cloth sizes depends on individual shapes. Calling someone obese because of the size they wear without looking at the person is just wrong.

Treva on

Why didn’t they show her with her husband? He is famous too

reagan on

Congrats on the pregnancy but am I the only one who thinks Anansa is just too rude, selfish, and disrepectful to her mother. I honestly could only watch a few episodes. I love Beverly Johnson but her daughter’s attitude is to much for me especially when they are living in Beverly’s home. Show a little bit of appreciation. One last thing, I don’t know if her husband got hit too hard on the field but his light bulb looks like it’s a tad dim.

loving my girls on

you all making comments about her weight and whether she is a plus size model or not…..but it all depend on your genetic make up…everybody know that black female have the tendicies to be a lil thicker then white females.

Jackie on

I’m not trying to start anything but I think that shirt is black and loose…she looks like a plus size model….

J on

Almost,K, but you’re a little off.

J on

Stylish 1, why not just explain it without the attitude.

Cesa on

Enough already! Beverly should not give her daughter and son-in-law her home. They should not have a second child unless they can provide adequately for their family. That’s called responsible parenting. Who cares about her daughter’s size for she probably gets more work as a plus size model than she would being a size 0.