Daya Vaidya Expecting Identical Twin Boys

04/19/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Come July, it’ll be double the fun for Daya Vaidya.

The Unforgettable actress, 38, is pregnant with identical twin boys, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Vaidya and husband Don Wallace, who are already parents to 2½-year-old Leela Grace, are “beyond excited and doing great.” The actress Tweets, “Just got back from an ultrasound and they’re looking good! Soooo happy!”

Speaking to Big City Moms after the birth of her daughter, Vaidya described her most memorable moments as a mom.

“The first time I held her,” she recalled. “More recently when Leela said ‘I love you mommy.'”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lesley Messer

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Margo on

Congrats to the whole family!!!!

Aside from the tighter curls, Leela Grace looks a lot like Lou Samuel. Cute 🙂

twinhappy on

Congrats! Twins how fun!!

TM on

Her daughter is beautiful!

Mom Of Twins on

Oh, what a double blessing. I have boy girl twins.

Jess on

Twins and a 2 1/2 yr old bless you girl you are going to need every bit of rest you can get. Speaking as the mom of twins I know how CRAZY that situation is, but it is also something I wouldn’t change for anything. Congratulations and enjoy your single child now because CRAZY does not even begin to describe how your world will be in a few months.

Rhonda on

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sure the boys will be just as cute as your little girl.

Becky on

Congrats on the twins..I have a boy/girl grandchildren..They will be ten in June and I have loved every minute of their life..

Jen on

I have identical twin boys. What fun they are!

Amy on

That is one precious little girl! I’m sure the boys will be just as adorable.

Julianna on

Wow! Identical twins, that’s so awesome! Congratulations to the entire family!

Lynn on

What a beautiful family !!!

Marky on

That is so exciting! We love her show, and love her in it; can’t wait to see her boys and can’t wait to hear their names. Love her darling little girl’s name! Gorgeous family and what a precious little sweetie Leela Grace looks to be……

sat on

How cool! wishing her a healthy & happy pregnancy and birth! their little girl is beautiful.

Grace2 on

Those will be gorgeous little boys. Congrats!

Shannon on

How exciting. Congrats. Her daughter looks so much like Heidi Klum’s youngest daughter.

Arielle on

Woah- I agree. Her daughter looks like Heidi & Seals youngest named Lou. Like exactly. weird 🙂

Anonymous on

Wow, identical twins! There are certainly a lot of twins in Hollywood these days, but if I’m remembering correctly, these boys will be the first set of identicals that have been born in tinseltown for a long time! Most celeb twins seem to be fraternal (and most seem to be boy/girl too).

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but I have to admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for identical twins (I can’t explain why, I just do). 🙂 Anyway, congrats to the family!

Chris Thompson on

I have 28 month old twin boys and a almost 4 year old daughter, life is busy, but so blessed, congratulations, your life will never be the same and that is good!

Trish on

Congratulations, twin boys would keep their life hoppin for sure and identical at that….their in for a lot of fun. Twins are very interesting to watch they are a little different from a one child birth. Hope they are studiers, because those boys will be unique.

Jamie on

This family is so beautiful inside and out! Leela Grace is the sweetest kid and just so happy. What a blessing to add the twins!! They will be CHAMPS just like their daddy.

Russtel on

I have boy/girl twins but boy/boy and identical at that are rare! Congrats on the double blessings!

MiB on

Actually Anonymous, most twins are fraternal period, if I remember correctly the percentage is 70/30 and boy/girl twins make up 50 percent of the fraternal twins, so, I’d say Holywood twins are pretty normal that way 🙂

alexandra on

I have a boy twin and let me tell you from experience, twins are BEST FRIENDS!!!! I’ve loved having someone to grow up with through the years!! Just make sure to have 2 cakes at all the birthdays!! 🙂

Jen on

How does she know they are identical twins? Can she see in her uterus? I believe the only way she’d know is if she had IVF and the one egg split into 2. That makes the most sense.

sara on

Yes, Jen, you can tell on ultrasound if they are in the same amniotic sac, which means they have to be identical, as fraternal twins would each have their own.

Anonymous on

sara- Exactly! A shared chorionic sac (that’s the “outer” sack) and a single placenta also mean identical twins, as fraternals, being from two seperate fertilized eggs, can’t share those things.

Gina on

How exciting! Twins!! Congratulations to the (soon to be bigger) family. Mom is a stunning beauty, I hope to see her back on Unforgettable for another season. Good luck!

CL on

Actually Identical twins are identified by how many placentas they have… fraternal twins each have their own sacs and own placentas while identical twins can have their own sacs but share the placenta OR be in one sac and share the same placenta. They are called MoDi and MoMo.

Jillian on

Sara and Anonymous, not sure if you are aware, a shared amniotic sac you refer to includes 1% of pregnancies with a survival rate under 90%. My guess is they determined identical by one placenta, not one amniotic sac.

She most likely has one placenta (how they determined) and two amniotic sacs.

And just to clear up, identicals can have one or two sacs and one or two placentas. Fraternals will always have two of each.


Traci on

I have twins – a boy and a girl and life has been nothing but wonderful for the past 22 1/2 years.

Fraternal: 2 sacs and 2 placentas

Identical: 1 placenta and 1 sac that splits.

MiB on

Sorry Traci, Mary is right; identical twins can have one placenta each or share a placenta depending on when the egg split. Fraternal twins always have one placenta each.

kate on

so happy for you 🙂 love your show Unforgettable!

Jada on

If I was her, my reaction would have been…”TWINS!!?? BOYS!!? IDENTICAL!!!???” Lol…