Jessica Alba: ‘I Live My Life the Best I Can’

04/19/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Justin Coit/AUGUST

Going green isn’t just a passing thing for Jessica Alba. Since becoming a mother of two, it has become a way of life for the actress.

And in an effort to give other parents easy access to a similar eco-friendly lifestyle, Alba recently launched The Honest Company, a monthly subscription service of baby products.

“I love all of the products — the shampoo/body wash is truly tearless without any numbing agent, the detangler actually detangles and smells delicious, and the diapers are the best disposables on the market!” she tells GILT’s Little Inspiration blog.

But just as she hopes to help families lead healthier lives — Alba has plans to expand the line to include feeding products, clothing, and bedding and décor — she is also ensuring her daughters Honor Marie, 3½, and Haven Garner, 8 months, understand the importance of all-natural, too.

“I seek out organic foods, and as a family we try to have a balanced diet that focuses on vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains,” she explains.

“I make sure to read the ingredients carefully and try to give Haven homemade, puréed food as much as possible.”

However, between her acting career, her new company, and her family of four, Alba admits sometimes finding that fine balance is anything but easy. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about her daughters.

“I just live my life the best I can and I compromise on one thing or another. I often wish there were at least two of me and 36 hours in the day!” she says.

“My children’s happiness is my priority, so as long as they’re good everything else just sort of works out. I have lots of lists, schedules, and labels to keep some sanity and organization.”

So what’s her secret to looking fabulous despite her hectic schedule? “I have a really quick, but effective make-up routine: great concealer, cream blush, and mascara,” she reveals. “It takes 10 minutes and it looks like I’ve had a good night sleep.”

— Anya Leon

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Anne on

$85 dollars per month for diapers and wipes? That’s insane. Celebs can preach all they want about living “green”, but the simple fact if the average family can probably not afford it. The cleaning products, baby products, organic food…it’s simply not in the budget for lots of families.

Jen on

Sorry, I did not see the cloth diapers on her line of merchandise. I thought she was “green” conscience. Talks the talk, doesn’t walk the walk.

annie on

what’s the name of the “great concealer” by the way?

GuestReader on

We have tried the entire line of her products and we love them all! Great quality products. We are big fans and highly recommend using all her products if you are interested in keeping your life as chemically clean as possible at what I believe are very reasonable prices. My personal favorites are the diapers for our little baby, the body oil, and the laundry detergent.

People who are complaining about the prices should stick to the chemically overloaded generic brands sold by their local superstores. Simple as that.

Rebecca on

Anne –

85 bucks a month for diapers and wipes is an awesome deal! Especially when they are natural ones. I spend 115 a month currently on diapers and wipes.

Karen on

@guestreader–“People who are complaining about the prices should stick to the chemically overloaded generic brands sold by their local superstores. Simple as that”

In case you havent heard, times are tough for a lot of people. It sounds like you are able to afford the more pricey diapers for your little one. CONGRATS!!!

As for the rest of us, that is an extremely offense statement. Who do you think you are? 98% of the US population is just trying to get by. And you think you have the right to make mothers feel bad because not everyone can afford to use “cloth” diapers..

RKF on

Amazing how the whiners will find any excuse to berate her or her products. Frankly, Jessica seems like a stand-up individual, great Mom, loving wife, etc… I don’t see the problem with her.

These products are perfectly reasonable in price, and imaginably if it’s out of one’s price-range, they shouldn’t buying it.

@Karen – Not all of us are in the “98%” you speak of – which is a highly exaggerated, made-up statistic. You sound infantile and bitter, as if it’s others fault you are in a different tax bracket.

carla on


$85 a month is insane? Where exactly are you buying your diapers and wipes? I currently spend $130 a month on diapers and wipes for my six month old and for the most part that is considered reasonable, especially here in NYC.

GuestReader on

@Karen – I work 12-14 hours every single day. So I’m not a rich person who sits around counting money. I wish. BTW, unless you have proof, you’re not a spokesperson for this country. If you feel bad, that’s your choice.

Cortney on

And to add something positive to the mix…Beautiful picture of a beautiful family!

Marky on

Sort of seems as if people need to look at their particular needs and their budget, and decide what they can do in their set of circumstances. I know, for instance, that my daughter might say to me, “I could never afford those diapers and wipes (or organic food, or whatever), on our salaries as teachers!” BUT, they have 2 Ipads, they bought 4 DSs and an untold amount of games, they have the newest Iphones, and several TVs with full service cable. That is their choice and they can do as they please. They are, however, making choices, as do we all.

When I ended up with 3 children in 4 years exactly, and the last 2 were only 15 months apart, we sat down and made some choices. I could not drag everyone to the store all the time, we only had one car anyway, and my husband needed it for work. We found a great service that came to our house, took our order, delivered the food and put it away for the same price I would pay in the grocery store. No brainer, we chose to have the service, and I didn’t have to make trips to the store, we had the food, and hooray!. We used cloth diapers and I washed them every day, because disposables were too expensive at that time. When the youngest came along later, though, disposables all the way.

Choices, ladies. Don’t be holding Jessica to the fire because of choices you make, or things that have happened in your life. Take her advice, or don’t, she’s okay either way. She’s not saying you’re a loser if you don’t.

Frankly, when i am looking at my large family and seeing how they are doing financially, most are doing fine. Some have more than others, but for the most part, life isn’t awful for any of them, and much of what they have or don’t is because of what they choose, or have chosen.

Ann on

You all can get free disposable diapers every month with coupons.

me on

Wise words, Marky.

Mia on

Most people that are rich work 12-14 + up to 17 hour days – FYI.

TracyTracy on

@Mia – thanks for the clarification that rich people work too. There are, however, plenty of rich people that do not have to work that hard every day because of their families, smart investments, etc etc.

Anne on

You can purchase 120 count of 7th Generation diapers for $35, and a case of wipes for around $12. So…yeah, far less than $85 or $130. And if you buy regular, non-“green” products, you can get the same for 2/3 of that. I’m not putting down her products, or her personally. I’m just saying celebs endorse these things saying they want “every mom” to be able to use them – that isn’t the case.

Heather on

I like disposables just because I do. I could care less on the price. Secondly, the chemically overload? Over trillions of chemically loaded diapers, has anyone died or been affected because of its chemically loaded issue? My children are in their tweens and they are doing remarkably well. Straight A’s, eat balanced diet and athletic. There are more important issues here than a stupid way of whats best used on an infant.

shalay on

I can’t stand when people lash out because they can’t afford certain things. So don’t buy them. It’s very simple. Nowhere does Jessica Alba imply that you need to buy this brand to be a good human being. She’s just endorsing the product because she agrees with their mission.

I don’t have kids yet, but I’ve had to buy a few cases of diapers for baby showers and even generic ones are very expensive! $85 sounds about right to me for an entire month (honestly, I was under the impression that it costs at least $150 a month to keep a baby diapered, so it shows how much I know).

Gina on

And funny enough her business partner used to be the CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World and now he’s creating disposable diapers…. Selling out at it’s best!

NickyAngel on

What a beautiful family pic…Honor is so darn cute 🙂

angel on

Well said, Marky. I am a mother of three children born in four years, and choose to stay at home and care for my family. We do not have all the modern luxuries that most of our friends have, but we use our money wisely and spend on important things such as natural, organic products. Staying home also allows me to grow my own vegetables and teach my children to preserve our most precious resource, the earth. I may not be the “greenest” person out there, but I do what I can. It’s so ridiculous to listen to these posters whine about the “luxury” of organic living as they type away on their $400 I phones and fill up there gas guzzling SUVs.


@anne, that 120 pack is a lot less diapers than are offered by the honet company, so research the products before bashing them or their prices.

Anonymous on

Heather- Actually, it’s possible that quite a few people have died or been affected by the chemicals in disposable diapers, along with similiar products. For example, I don’t know if this is in disposable diapers, but a lot of plastic-containing products contain a chemical called BPA….which has been linked to numerous health issues, including cancer (that’s why there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of BPA-free products over the years).

And that’s just one potentially harmful chemical. There are a ton of other chemicals in disposable diapers and other “synthetic” stuff as well. Plus, disposable diapers aren’t the best for the enviornment.

That being said, however, while I believe that it’s important to think about the enviornment and what we’re putting in and on our bodies, I agree that it’s not right to basically say that if you use disposable diapers or other “non-green” products, you’re a horrible person. Everyone has to way the pros and cons of various products and do what’s best for their family!

And as an aside, Honor and Haven are adorable…and Jessica and Cash are each holding their mini-me! 🙂

aspidv on


Jamie J on

I always find it funny that so many celebs want to get on and hype up the “green” way of parenting yet none of them are cloth diapering. Seriously? And the thing is, it would actually be super easy for them, they can all afford a diaper service to clean them. It’s just hard to take them so seriously when they’re spouting off how green they are and they haven’t even made the easiest step. I don’t care if you use disposables and I’m not saying cloth is for everyone but at least don’t make comments about how you’re trying to be as green as possible.

Alison on

Typical disposable diapers are full of carcinogenic crap, most notably DIOXIN, which is labeled as the most carcinogenic chemical of all time. You say show me a study that says they’re dangerous, I say show me one that says they’re safe. They’re changing the chemical components of diapers all the time so how are we supposed to follow babies through their lives in order to get good stats? Disposable diapers are not what they were 20, 30 years ago when they were stuffed with cotton. Now they’re filled with the same stuff (SAPs) that caused toxic shock with tampon use in the 80s. I’ll stick to cloth for my baby, thanks.