J.R. Martinez Finishing Final Touches Before Baby

04/19/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
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The final countdown is on for J.R. Martinez and Diana Gonzelez-Jones to welcome their baby girl!

“Baby is around the corner. We’re getting diaper bags ready to go to the hospital, it’s that intense,” the dad-to-be, 28, told PEOPLE while offering his support at Dancing With the Stars.

“[We’re finishing] the nursery’s final touches. It’s really amazing to see how everything is coming together.”

Despite putting all the preparations in place for his daughter’s May arrival, the reality of pending daddy duty is still a bit overwhelming for the actor.

“In a couple of weeks I’m going to be a father,” he muses. “I’m going to be holding a baby that I’m going to take care of for the rest of her life.”

Fortunately, after receiving sound advice from his mom, Martinez is confident all the pieces will instantly fall into place.

“As my mom told me when I was a kid, ‘You’ll never know what a love of a parent is until you actually have a [baby],'” he shares. “So now she’s saying, ‘Get ready. Get ready for that love to just intensify and go to a whole other level.'”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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Michelle on

Why don’t they get married? I thought he was all about good family values…..

guest on

being married or not being married has nothing with having good family values. You can raise a baby without being married. Congrats to the proud parents to be

RKF on

Yes, Michelle, because being married suddenly changes your ability to parent. You’re either a good parent or you’re not. Period.

I thought “good family values” included not judging others? Apparently you missed that memo.

Tee on

They just seem so excited about this upcoming arrival! I’m looking forward to hearing all about their new daughter!

Marky on

You wouldn’t feel the same way, if you could talk to my 18 yr old grandchild. He so wishes his parents had been married and truly committed to each other, and to him. He’s put up with a lot of comments from peers, and the pain of his father not being there. It has mattered a lot to him. I don’t think J.R. would walk away, but it’s surprising what can happen between parents who don’t think about what that commitment means to the child they are bringing into the world. Like I say, I think J.R. will be there, but look what Halle Berry has done toward Gabriel; she couldn’t do that if they had been married.

torgster on

Marky, you are living in the past. Putting a ring on it doesn’t represent commitment to raising a child. There are just as many deadbeat divorced parents as there are common-laws.

Marky on

torgster, I am not “living in the past”. If you actually read my post, you should understand that I am talking about what my 18 yr old GS is saying NOW about his own life situation. I haven’t ever said anything to him about any of it; just been there for everyone concerned–that’s my role. I’m giving my opinion on here based on what he has said, and what I have seen in another GS’s life (same circumstances except Dad’s involved), and because there was no marriage in either case, Dad just walked away from one, and is being shut out of the other because there is no way to require anything from the first dad and no way for 2nd dad to have regular access because he has no money for the court case he has to file. I believe I clearly said his peers have made him miserable talking about how he has no dad, and talking about his mom, who is, by the way, a well-educated business owner who has plenty of money.

I’m speaking of legalities, and of my GS’s pain which HE talks about and which affects HIS life. If you think I had no peers who did the “we don’t want to get married” bit, then I’ve got to be 150! I also had family and friends who chose to be single parents by shutting out the dad or because he walked away. It may be fine while the children are little, but not as they grow up. Not one was as happy as you want to think, and some are VERY unhappy. It DID make a difference when there was no commitment to each other and to the child.

claudiazz on

Thanx Marky—I wish my parents would have married and I know I don’t ever want to do that to my child when I have one. Just sayin

Anonymous on

Marky- So when a couple is married there’s automatically no commitment? That’s news to me! I’m about as pro-marriage as you can get (heck, I’m so old-fashioned that I don’t even believe in sex before marriage!), but two people having a legal document saying their committed to each other doesn’t automatically make them any more committed to each other than they would be without one.

And believe me, men can still walk away from their families if they’re married. Just ask my sister-in-law, whose father (who, I should note, was quite young at the time as was her mother) fled shortly after (or possibly before. I don’t know a lot of the specifics) she was born….despite the fact that he was married to her mother (the story has a happy ending, as she and her dad found each other again when she was nearly an adult, put the past behind them, and now have a good relationship. But their situation is the exception, not the norm. In most cases like that, the dad either never re-enters the child’s life or does so very sporadically.).

Bottomline: If man wants to abandon his significant other and his children, he’ll do so regardless of whether or not they’re married (and the same applies to women, too. After all, it’s not just men who abandon their families!).

And on the flip-side, not everyone needs a piece of paper (not that I think that’s all marriage is. I think it’s much more than that. But my point is that not everyone feels the way I do!) to tell them they’re committed to one another!

Anonymous on

I also want to point out that there are children (both those who are literally children and those who are adult children) out there who actually wish their parents would get divorced (in otherwords, they’d be happier with unmarried parents than married parents)!

Jillian on

Being married doesn’t make someone a better parent or make them more present. It actually can be worse!! When they are married and “forced” to be around their can be more fighting. That’s what happen with my friend as a child. It was horrible. Finally his dad moved across the country. So, the grass isn’t always greener.

Marky, I may misunderstand but it sounds like you are saying that your gs wanted his dad and mom married and dad around more and if they were married that would have happened. How does that make sense? Plenty of not married parents are there for there children 50/50. And Halle could have done all of that to Gabriel if the had been married. Makes no difference. Custody battles are nasty! Period!


Susan Albert on

I wish JR & Diana all the best.

J on

Yay, more marriage debate for this guy. This is all he’s known for now here…lol!

cal on

When over half of all marriages end in divorce, I think the idea that all parents need to be married goes out the window. In realationships it is all about being committed and that doesn’t require a wedding ring. Don’t be so judgemental

Jessica on

I AM SO SICK OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW A COUPLE SHOULD GET MARRIED FIRST! Who cares… times are different now than before. Seriously, eveytime an article is posted about a couple having a child while they are not married, they is always a debate on it.

Linda on

Omg seriously, I agree with Jessica above, who cares if they’re married or not, why make such a big deal over this, just be happy for them already! there are so many more other issues to be upset over in this world then something like this, some people need to just get a life and stop being so negative towards people all the time!

Tammy Scott on


KC on

The no marriage “tsk tsk” is so predictable on this site!!

I am always just happy to see people, especially men, excited about having children. JR seems like he will be a very loving dad, and that’s what all kids want. Being married doesn’t make the person nicer to their children. If they want to ignore them, yell at them, take them for granted, or leave them, they will do that no matter what. If they’re going to love and nurture them they will do that no matter what. It depends on the person not what’s on their ring finger.

Donavan Nenhus on

Yes, being married doesn’t instill family values. Being a good person and doing right by your children does. I probably won’t ever get married but will have amazing children that know right from wrong. I have met and seen many families that hypocritically preach values and are miserable and do exactly opposite of what they boast about. Luckily I have no problem calling them out to their face. Unfortunately there are a select few that I don’t give a piece of my mind to… for sake of their family. If they were mentally capable or stable I would. Some people shouldn’t breed…

mary on

Hey since I have been married for over 33years right now if it wasn’t for God first whom I have reverent fear and the respect of marriage I could have done something foolish out of unforgiveness but when you are married it is for better or for worse no matter what. What God has join together let no man put asunder. I know it sound old fashioned but ask Brad and Angelina why they decided to get married after 3 adopted children and 3 of their own after 7years. Married to some people is just a piece of paper. I am sorry to tell you that it is not. The marriage institution deserve respect. It has been around since the beginning of time and no matter what modern opinion is about marriage. It will continue to be around and it will continue to be respected.

amy on

I am so happy for them! Congratulations to you both!

bh on

They should be planning a wedding instead of a nursery.

bh on

My best friend is so ashamed that her parents never married.

Vanessa on

Marriage shows respect and commitment. Then the baby does not have to be ashamed!!!! Or relatives. HE needs to be told. And not be selfish!!!

Cinder Lou on

I agree with Mary. Marriage is not just a piece of paper. It is a commitment made in front of friends and family that is meant to last “until death do us part.” Of course if you have no intention of staying with the other person, then sure, getting married would be the height of hypocrisy. That is why a couple having children before getting married is always suspect: is the commitment to each other really there? I hope so for JR and Diana, but especially for their daughter.

Momshopsalotta on

You should never have a child with a man you would not marry or who would not marry you…it’s that simple!

Beth on

Because marriage is nothing but a piece of paper that means nothing.

angie on

You don’t to be married to make your family a real home. All it takes is either 2 loving parents or even a very loving parent. Peoples ideals now a days, a way out there. And it doesn’t matter if your white, black, gay or straight. As long as you love each other and your child, that’s all that matters!!!!

Me on

Marky I totally agree…and people saying “it’s the 21st century” have no better argument. It’s a lame and irresponsible thing to say. Why people are so keen on having kids from one night stands or just to “feel the joy of being a parent” is beyond me. The kids suffer. Use protection, thanks.

Me on

To add to my post, yes you can have commitment without marriage, but people are WAY too cynical about marriage. It always shows commitment to get married, bottom line. Most of these couples you see that just have a child before they get married or don’t get married at all walk away from their relationship. That makes the child suffer A LOT, as the child would rather have 2 parents that care about each other. Bottom line – don’t get pregnant before you take the time to get to know someone. Unfortunately, having sex right away (often without the “annoyance” of protection) is all many people care about! No marriage, no contraception, no relationship – no responsibility. Think of the child that would be born in that scenario. Plan your lives, people, don’t let life plan you. I hope to give my child the good stable life that my parents gave me and I would be a quitter not to want others to do the same.

Shannon on

You can have a loving, stable relationship without being married. And you can get pregnant if if you use contraception.

Karen on

they should get married but it’ll happen when it happens… good luck to them and congrats they will be great parents.

Monica on

I know the article isn’t about marriage at all but I have to add my 2 cents. All this talk about how marriage is “just a piece of paper” or you can have a family without marriage is exactly why the divorce rate is so high now. If you truly believe in the sanctity of marriage you realize you are making the committment to your spouse and promising that divorce is not an option. It is a true committment and that is what keeps people together. When you are not married and have not made that committment, it makes it so much easier to just give up when times get hard (and they do!) and walk away from the each other. When you actually get to know your future spouse then you can make that committment til death do us part. And raising kids with those values is the reason you are supposed to be married BEFORE you have kids. Haven’t you noticed all these stars that get engaged but never actually get married? If they aren’t married within a year, they don’t get married. And if they are engaged and have a kid, they never end up getting married. Because the final committment of marriage is what would keep them together. Being married and having kids are both so hard and not always fun, but if you have the committment, everyone flourishes in the end.
I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions- like abuse should NEVER be tolerated. But that is why taking time (years even) to get to know your future spouse is so important.