Hilary Duff: Seeing Luca Thrive on Breastmilk Is Rewarding

04/19/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
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New mom Hilary Duff is splitting the parenting with Mike Comrie, but there’s one aspect of tending to their son Luca Cruz that she has to handle herself.

“He’s really hands-on during the day,” the actress and singer, 24, who is the new spokesperson for Johnson’s Baby Cares initiative, tells PEOPLE of her husband.

“But at night, I’m the only one that can feed the baby. I wasn’t going to make him suffer just because I was having to get up.”

Though she leaves pumped milk for Comrie and her mother, who watches the baby while she takes a Pilates or spin class, Duff enjoys the time she spends nursing her 4-week-old son.

“It’s such a wonderful bonding time,” says Duff. “Just to have your baby thrive and knowing that you’re doing that and you’re responsible — it’s such a rewarding feeling.”

That same sense of responsibility since she entered into the world of motherhood motivated Duff to partner with Johnson’s Baby Cares for their Save the Children campaign, which will assemble, donate and distribute 5,000 Johnson’s Baby Care Kits that will provide families with baby care essentials immediately, during and after disasters.

“I’m involved in many different charities, but just becoming a new mom and when I heard about Johnson’s doing this, I was really inspired,” she explains.

“It’s such a great thing to have these kits be prepared for these new moms [so they are able] to take care of their babies. That’s all that’s been on my mind. The second that you have your baby, you’re like, ‘Okay, I’m 100 percent responsible for this.'”

At this point in Luca’s life, Duff says the relatively monotonous daily routine is broken up by frequent milestones.

“The day is exciting if he makes a new face or he gets to take a real bath instead of a sponge bath,” she shares.

“You know what was a big milestone? The belly button falling off. That was a huge one. And then I wanted to keep it but my husband was like, ‘No, that’s gross, you can’t keep it!’ I’m like, ‘I’m totally keeping it,’ and I secretly kept it.”

Duff adds, laughing, “But now it’s not a secret anymore. It’s in a Ziploc bag in the back of my makeup drawer. Luca’s going to think I’m a freak!”

— Julie Jordan and Liz Raftery

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twinhappy on

It’s great that she’s relishing each and every moment!

Tee on

Such a sweet article! I’m glad to hear that Hilary is nursing little Luca and giving him such a good start in life! It sounds like she is finding a very good balance with motherhood already!

Guest on

I thought there was a risk of “nipple confusion” if you breast and bottle-fed a baby at that age but I guess it’s working. Hilary gets huge points for nursing her baby. While my step-daughter was nursing her baby she learned that babies “order up” extra milk for the next day if they are starting a growth spurt. They suck longer after they are finished eating to encourage more milk and keep it up over the duration of the growth spurt. The milk also automatically gets added nutrients in time with the baby’s development. There is just no way commercial milk can match that! I know not everyone can nurse and it’s not the end of the world if you can’t but if you can YOU SHOULD 🙂

Kristen on

What a beautiful photo!

Shanira Desiree on

Im 17 and my mom has my belly button in my baby album!! lol

Marky on

Hilary seems to really have her act together; she is loving her baby, but is capable of realizing how important it is for Luca to know and love his whole family. She also seems to have a handle on taking car of herself, so their son benefits from her love and care, and his father’s love and care, as well as Luca having a mom who is healthy mom, physically and mentally. Good for her! She really has her stuff together!

Angelia on

I did too Hilary, and it is okay.

Melisa on

That reminds me of the scene from “Meet the Fockers” where Greg’s parents accidentally drop his umbilical cord stump in the fondue. 😀

Emry on

I kept my 2 year olds belly button when hers fell off too, its in her scrapbook ive started for her, i dont find it weird at all, as a mother i find that completely normal.

Mindy on

So glad that someone my age is able to have a platform to encourage Moms like this. I feel the exact same way. I think I may be a little bit of a Hillary Duff fan after reading this article.

Cindy on

I kept my daughters belly button thingy too!!! i have a little silver rattle & the top lifts up so i put it in there. My daughter is 9 now & i still have it! Its not weird at all! Congrats & good luck to you & your family!

M on

I’m having a mole removed tomorrow. I think I will bring a Ziploc back with me so I can keep it.


Luis on

My mother still has my belly button as well and I’m 21 years old. Love Hilary and her love for Luca. It’s great to see her really relishing and enjoying her first child. She has a great support team as well to care for Luca.

Tiffany on

I raised both of my girls on a combination of nursing and bottle. They had no issues/confusion with it. They were both fed a combo from day 3 on. We also supplemented with formula as needed with no issues. To them they just wanted food and would take it from whatever source they could. This was the only way I could o back to work at 6 weeks.

It also was a great help when we needed to measure all intake and outtake for my older through bout with pyloric stenosis.

MarWid on

I kept all three of my kids’ too. Unfortunately even in a Ziplock bag they just went to dust after a few years. I wish I’d known then how to preserve it better, I’d love to have them in their baby books.

winmintan on

In Japan, many mothers keep their baby’s belly button. It is a kind of talisman. My mother also has kept it for me.

Renee on

Nice to read about a a young-ish mum who seems to have her priorities straight. Also good on you for letting dad get some rest at night. Enjoy it all Hilary… they grow up so so fast 🙂

HannahB on

It wasn’t his umbilical cord in the original movie ‘Meet the Fockers’, it was his foreskin.

Vee on

@Melisa — that wasn’t an umbilical cord stump in “Meet the Fockers”, that was a certain other piece of skin that gets snipped off….

kelly on

I kept my son’s umbilical cord too. I also have both of my children’s baby teeth. YIKES!!

Vanessa on

I’m 34 and my mother still has my belly button tucked away in a little jar.

ForeverMoore on

Haha I totally kept both my boys’ umbilical stub too! I can relate to the rewarding feeling of nursing…seeing both of my babies so healthy, growing and thriving on the nourishment my body makes and provides is absolutely one of the most fulfilling moments for me as a mother. She seems like such a cute mom!

Logansmom on

My son is going to be 19 in August and I still have his.

LM on

I love reading about HD. For a younger mom, she seems to have it together. Best wishes to their whole family.

robinepowell on

I’m happy she’s enjoying parenthood. It sounds like she and hubby will give their son a normal life, like so many other celebs are doing.

And Hillary didn’t follow the crazy fad, when it comes to baby names. So many people don’t think it through, for when their kid is older.

Jennifer Rice on

When my daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago, it fell off and went into the trash can never to be seen again. But that is just me. To each their own. 🙂

L ANN on

I did the same thing 27 and 30 years ago with my daughter and son.

They’re put in the attic in their special boxes with their baby things. My husband said the mice probably got good nourishment from eating them.



Casey on

She’s a sweetie. Her baby is just beautiful.

Lynn on

My granddaughter’s belly button stump fell off, and my daughter kept it to show her husband when he got home. She put it on a napkin and left it on the kitchen table. Next thing she knew, their black Lab had forepaws on the table, the stump was gone, and the dog was licking his chops. A zip lock bag in the back of a dresser drawer doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Alexia on

Ok, so it’s great that she’s so hands on and loving this experience and all, but the belly button thing is kind of creepy. It makes me wonder if she is keeping other bodily trinkets: the foreskin from a circumcision, teeth, toenail clippings from his first trim. The only one I have ever not been freaked out by is the lock of hair, otherwise, I just get too squeemish about that kind of stuff.

Mary on

When my sons belly button stump fell off, we were at my grandma’s house and she thought it was a raisin. We all had a good laugh.

boston on

I did for two out of my three kids and wish I’d thought of it the first time!

Lisa on

I kept both of my children’s umbilical cord pieces too. I didn’t see anything wrong with doing that and still don’t. They are both in their baby books.

Michaele on

Truly a beautiful family…so happy for them!

Maria on

she seems like a reeally good mom. My advice though is to get the dad involved as much as possible even at night! When my ow 2 yr old was a nursing baby, yes I was the one nursing him in the night, but then I would hand him off to my husbad to burp and change diapers. Baby always slept in a crib right next to our bed so we were al together ayway. but I don’t believe a mom should be the only one doing the bulk of it- the dad can be involved right from the start. If the mom is the only one getting up at night she will resent her husband. My husband is stillas much of a parent to our son as I am and I am happy about that and soem of it is we shared the whole burden right from the start.

Karen on

Right.. because babies “suffer” every day drinking formula. If you can breastmilk, do it. It is the best for the baby. I breastfed both of my babies but had to stop for different reasons. They were formula fed also, and I in no way considered them to be suffering. Chalk it up to baby brain or just ignorance. Either way, think before you speak Hilary.

Kasee on

Karen, I think she meant she didn’t want to make her husband suffer (getting up at night) just because she had to feed the baby, which he couldn’t help with then. But way to jump to the most judgmental conclusion!

Sandravette on

I guess I’m not a freak after all. I kept my older daughter’s (who’s 15 yrs old now) umbilical cord and have it saved in her baby book. She and other’s think it was a cute idea, but in reality, when they see it, they are grossed out.

It’s a milestone, and that’s why I kept it.

Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

My younger daughter who is a toddler now….my husband wouldn’t let me keep it. 😛

Go, Hilary!!!!

amy on

in the japanese culture, the moms keep the belly buttons. congrats on your baby! you seem to be doing a great job!

Marnie on

Uh, Karen? You do know she’s referring to Mike, not Luca, right? Reading comprehension for the win.

Cynthia on

Cute. I love Hilary Duff and her son is very cute

Erwin Kitsch on

Keeping the stump? GROSS!! VERY GROSS!!!

acorr on

Kelly, I’ve also kept my childrens baby teeth!!!

Amaryllis on

Eww. I was 7 when my brother was born, so I remember when his fell off. It went straight into the trash. Makes no more sense than keeping babies first poo! It’s still waste material.

Robyn on

I think all mothers are different; they all have different ways of expressing their sentiment. For example, my mom kept all four of her kid’s baby teeth in those little Tylenol bottles you buy at the gas station. No joke … still has them. All of my teeth, except the molars, have turned to dust. My mom also kept my brother’s circumcision ring (the only boy of the four). So, the belly button? Not finding it so weird. (and she still has mine too … I’ll be 30 next year.)

Olivia- on

I hate when you use a perfectly good article to induce people (not People)to a certain brand.

Lovely kid.

Katrina on

I wasn’t able to keep my middle childs stump, he was in the nicu suffering from a collapsed lung and they needed the bellybutton to draw blood. makes the other two kids’ stumps that more meaningful. It’s not gross or waste material! It’s was what once connect you to your child and provide everything they needed to grow inside of you. Everyone I know keeps them.

meme on

@Maria, if the husband is getting up in the morning to go to work and the wife is staying home with the babe, then you shouldnt have your hubby get up to feed or change the baby…the guy will be completely exhausted at work while the mother has the ability to lay down and nap at home. you have to put things into perspective.

Sue on

Keeping the kid’s belly button is just weird. Sorry.

319Mommyof2 on

Oh good, I thought I was the only Mom that saved my kids dried umbilical stumps haha!

Jane on

Wow, I never heard of that and my kids are 12 & 8. Sounds bizarre. Then again, people keep dead pets in the freezer because they can’t bear the thought of putting Fido or Fluffy in the cold, hard ground. What’s so great about a little dead, dried-up piece of flesh that a nice picture or memory can’t replace? Whatever happened to saving baby hair or baby shoes, or a favorite blankie or toy?


Hilary …. It’s great that you are so excited about your new baby but please get rid of the belly button stump. I have kids and it really isn’t a good keepsake item. It’s gross to keep it and the more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that you’re going a bit overboard with keeping every little memory. You’ll have tons of items you can keep to remember the special moments of your child’s life and a belly button stump should not be on the keep list. Goodbye stump!

megan on

“I wasn’t going to make him suffer just because I was having to get up.”

How is it making him suffer ? Didn’t he quit playing hockey ? It’s not like he has to get up for work the next day

Anonymous on

Ann- Even “normal” parents tend to like to share “gross” stuff about their babies, especially their first. I think it’s just part of being an excited new parent! 🙂

Lynn- I can so see my dog doing that! She will eat anything and everything (at least she will if we let her. Usually we’re able to get the object out of her mouth before she eats it!)!

Amaryllis- It’s not just waste material. It’s what nourished the baby while s/he was in the womb (well techinically the blood flowing through it did, but you know what I mean!)!

Anyway, I don’t think it’s gross that Hilary kept Luca’s umbilical cord stump (I had a pretty good laugh reading that his “belly button” had fallen off, though! What an image!). My mom still has mine, in a prescription pill bottle (naturally there aren’t any pills in there). And by the way, she did NOT save anything from my brother’s circumcision (at least not that I know of!), so there goes the theory that a mother that saves her baby’s umbilical cord stump is also going to save all of her baby’s other disposable “bits”! 😉

Anonymous on

Jane- Some parents save hair as well as the stump. My mother did, as there’s a lock of my hair in my baby book!

MarWid on

Laura, just because you don’t think it’s a good keepsake doesn’t make it true. As evidenced from this thread, many mothers do it. I’m sure you have things we’d all find stupid to hang onto as well, doesn’t make us right either.

antinea on

OK…the umbilical cord in a baggie…will rot!!!! Until it is completely dried out and shrivelled, keep it in paper!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for Hilary. My daughter is 20 years old has has been a fan of hers since she was a little girl. Kudos to Hilary for her great parenting. I also kept the umbilical cord stump. It’s in a ziplock bag in my daughters baby keepsake box. It’s no different than keeping teeth or hair. Keep up the great work Hilary!!!!!!

Tina G. on

I am 27, 28 in August I am a twin. My mom kept both mine & my sister’s cord after it fell off. She put it in our albums. Nothing gross about it, well maybe a little bit, but it’s a part of our lives. I’ve done the same with my daughter who is now a year old.

Tina G. on

& there isn’t always “nipple confusion” my daughter did just fine with both, the bottle of pumped breast milk came in handy when I desperately needed a break, & my husband wanted to be included in feeding time too. just like not all babies like pacifiers (so happy mine didn’t, couldn’t imagine having that thing in her face every time I went picture crazy) Are most of these negative comments coming from people with no children? Who just don’t understand? Ask your mother’s if she kept your cord stump for any period of time.

Indraa on

Dear Hillary, congratulations on a new son. In ancient healing, the belly button of the new born is used to heal mouth sores of babies once they stop being breastfed or when they start teething. Ancient healers touched the mouth area with the belly button.

Kelsey on

I’m commenting because I’ve read all of Hilary’s blogs and the reactions to everything she has done. People have critiqued her for leaving Luca and have commented about her weight and her ability to work out so soon after birth. This article seems like PR to all of the commenters who have questioned that she isn’t being a responsible parent (aka “does she leave the baby with the nanny for an hour? OMG!”) She shouldn’t have to provide such a detailed account of her schedule and who watches the baby when she isn’t around. And IF she didn’t breastfeed, would you all think less of her? I hope not. (FYI, I have an 18 month old son and BF exclusively for 10 months so please don’t say I’m against it). Let her live her life with her baby. She has transitioned from a talented, perky child actress into a beautiful woman/mother. I wish her family the best.

Also, I think she looks beautiful. I started working out a week after my son was born. I took it slow but had approval. Also, my weight didn’t fall off (and I was/am Hilary’s size for height/weight)but it did come off after several months due to proper exercise and BFeeding. Anyway, Hilary, if you read these, know there are those on your side. Not just “fans” but regular women (mothers). Keep up the good work and enjoy the time you have.

Lauren on

I loved breastfeeding my son, did it right up until he turned six months and now he’s formula fed, soon to be on regular milk too, but I think it is the best thing in the whole world to breast feed, and I was a little sad when I stopped because it just meant my son was a small step closer to just growing up a tiny bit more away from my little newborn baby. I also kept his little stump, in a little tiny metal pil container, to which someday he may also think i’m a freak…but it’s the only physical proof that remains of the fact that when he’s all grown up, that he used to be so small even small enough to be attached to me inside my belly…one end from my side and the other from him.

Jen on

Her husbands an idiot. 90% of moms keep it. I have my daughters 🙂

Jen on

I showed my daughter who is 4 years old her stump and she has been trying to take it out so I hid it LOL

Dilbert on

Eeeww omg why do so many people keep belly button leftovers? That is so gross, I can hardly find a word for it!


Do you also keep all your nails when you clip them?

When body parts (belly buttons, teeth, etc.) fall off it’s a clear sign that’s it’s not meant to be of any use anymore!

Jenna on

meme Her husband doesn’t work anymore it should all be 50/50, I’m not a mother yet but I don’t think keeping the belly button is gross at all.

Nicole on

Your not a freak Hilary. I kept my daughter’s and put it in her baby book! 🙂 You have a very beautiful family.

jessicad on

So glad I’m not the only one who kept the umbilical stump! I saw it as the last physical thing that bonded us and it nourished her for 9 months, I just couldn’t throw it away.

Denise Smith on

My husband kept the umbilical cord for years until I threw it out. I guess he was more sentimental than I am.

kjc on

I didn’t keep the belly button stump of my son, but I did feel strange about throwing it in the garbage. I should have buried it or something. 🙂

Mom Of Twins on

Also, don’t forget to keep hair from his first haircut.

NurseJ on

I also kept my daughter’s umbilical cord stump. It’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir from a very special time in you and your baby’s life. I keep my daughter’s in a memory box with her sonogram pictures and other newborn items. You are not a freak!

EG on

First of all, I don’t think its gross to keep the belly button stubs (I kept both of my daughters in their baby books; however, I have to admit that I am really turned off by the fact that so many celebs reduce motherhood to how they feed their babies.

Early on, parenthood is about the cuddles, giggles, milestones achieved (or not) and frankly usually many sleepless nights. Later on, the issues are far bigger – peer pressure, self confidence, issues around bullying etc. There is a limited span during which breast/bottle feeding is relevant and if its still how you define yourself beyond the initial 6 months to a year, then it is about the mother not about the child.

fd on

I kept both my daughters’ belly button stubs and I put them in their baby books along with their hospital bracelets. When we all go through their books (and they do ask to look at them once in a while), it’s like a little time capsule. It does look gross when you look at it all dark colored and shriveled up, what it meant to you, where it came from, what it symbolizes surpasses all that grossness. So, instead of leaving it in a ziploc bag in your cabinet, start a baby book or a Luca scrapbook put that stub in there and his milestones….you’ll be glad you did that!!!

emme on

I WANTED to keep my daughter’s umbilical cord stump…but when I realized it came off in her sleeper and shook it to find it…the DOG ate it. Yes…it fell on the floor and the dog ATE it!! How’s that for an interesting story??

Jen on

2nd the belly button motion. I have all 4 of my children’s wrapped in plastic and in their baby books. It’s their last physical attachment to their mom (besides nursing).

Rhonda on

I didn’t keep my son’s umbilical cord stump, but if she wants to do that then that’s her business.

HC on

I kept my daughters belly button stump (she is 18) because the clip was still on it. I have it in her baby book and she thinks it is cool that I kept that for her. I also have my sons (he’s 15) first fingernail clippings in his baby book in the order of his fingers. I know that it’s gross. I even wrote that next to it “Son, I know you will think this is gross, but these are your first fingernail clippings. Look how TINY your fingers once were!” There are special things that we as parents keep. It’s not gross. I have the baby biscuit that my infant son was slobbering on the night before he died. Those are our memories. As for celeb’s talking about how they feed their babies? I think it’s great! In my family we breastfeed. It gives a good point that even “rich” people that can afford nanny’s do it 🙂

Lisa on

Congratulations, Hilary. What a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy and savor these moments because they are fleeting. My son is now 22 years old and I saved his umbilical cord, as well. It is “preserved” in an old pill bottled that I filled with alcohol. I keep it our medicine cabinet tucked behind other stuff. I also saved the hair from his first haircut and some of his baby teeth. My son thinks I’m nuts, but he can get rid of all of it–once I’m gone. Best wishes!!

MrsB on

I kept my son’s too! Nothing weird about that! 🙂 And I agree with her about the rewarding feeling from breastfeeding your child and watching him grow and knowing that you’re doing that! You’re responsible for doing that! 🙂

Ann on

how about saving baby’s first poop?

Arielle on

In Meet the Fockers it wasn’t the umbilical stump- it was foreskin, LOL.

christi1982 on

I kept both of my sons! They are in their baby books!

kira on


That's nasty on

Keeping the cord stump? Ew.

Cassie on

I kept my positive pregnancy tests. They are a reminder that I was pregnant at one time, even though I ended up having a miscarriage. Every once in a while, I still take it out of my drawer, and look at it- thinking of what could have been.

Mandi Olges on

You are not a freak!! You are a new MOMMY!! I did the same thing with my daughter. I still have the cord in a ziploc bag in a scrapbook that I put together for her. She is 11 and I showed her the book recently and she was grossed out but I had to laugh! It reminded me of the scene from Meet the Fockers…..So I guess I will bring it back out when she gets married but will make sure it doesn’t go in the fondue!! Gorgeous Family Pic!!

Mandi Olges on

Yes, don’t forget the first hair cut, the hospital bracelets, the first hat they put on their head in the hospital, the first outfit they wore home & the hospital blanket and for my daughter I kept her last “binky” pacifier she had until age 3. I even kept a plate & napkin from her baby shower. If she doesn’t enjoy it when she gets older then I know I will. They grow up WAY to fast!

MB on

She seems so happy and down to earth! I wish them nothing but the best!

chellz on

yea johnson baby products are gonna screw his heath up in the long run. i know this as my mother sells an all natural beauty line called Arbonne and has done so much reserch in what is going into products and Johnson only changed their products in Europe. in nortth america there is still the chemical that causes cancer in the product. my my mother now feels guilty about using johnson on my sisters and i as we all have stomach isuse like fertility issues. please do reasearch on skin care products it will benifit your health and wellness in the long run

AR on

I can totally relate. I kept alot of the first of everything. She’s loving motherhood soooo much. The first year is always magical and special. Too bad Luca will grow fast ~~> his first year will go by so quickly. Enjoy Luca at this stage!

blessedwithboys on

Hilary, please don’t use Johnson’s baby products on Luca! They are full of toxic chemicals. Got the the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to see for yourself. Just wash him with Bronner’s Baby Mild Castile Soap and rub him down with cold-pressed coconut oil. Tropical Traditions is my favorite brand.

I’m so glad to read that you are nursing! I still wish you would think twice about your detachment-promoting behavior of leaving a less-than-one-month-old baby to go workout. 😦

Monica on

I was grossed out when both my girls stumps fell off. They both fell off while I was nursing them and I looked down and there it was laying on my chest. Gross! I thought about keeping them but didn’t know how to preserve them so instead took pix of them and threw them away. At least I have pix to remember them. But I definitely kept hair from first haircuts.

LuvBigCity on

There is no such thing as nipple confusion. I bet if someone would research this they would find that is an old wives tale at this point. If there was such thing as nipple confusion every mother who went back to work would have to quit doing the act of breast feeding. I started bottle feeding with breast milk by 3 weeks just to see how they would do before I went back to work, and so it would be easier for hubby, the only time my kids got bottles was when I was working or it was strictly breast, which was so much easier.

Anonymous on

LuvBigCity- Like another poster said, it all depends on the baby. Some have nipple confusion, some don’t. If nipple confusion didn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be cases of babies who reject the breast after being introduced to the bottle.

Ann- There’s a big difference between the first poop and the umbilical cord stump. Poop is a waste product and other than the act of getting rid of it, it does nothing for our body’s well-being. The umbilical cord, on the otherhand, is the link between mother and child during pregnancy and is what brings nourishment to the child during that time.

I realize that saving the stump isn’t for everyone, but comparing it to poop is like comparing apples to oranges, in my opinion.

Marky on

Why oh, Why do you feel the need to be sure every mother does everything the way you want, blessedwithboys?

Hilary is doing just fine, and she is not pushing formula, although if a mom is unable to BF, formula (as has been well proven) will not kill her child or turn him/her into a rabid twit incapable of passing “kindy”.

I have never personally seen a child develop “detachment” issues because s/he is cared for part of the time by the father. I have 2 adopted children who were in multiple homes in the first few months of their lives, and neither have detachment issues as adults, and lots of love and cuddles from both myself and my husband enabled both to attach within a short time.

People who talk the way you do are a bit of the problem keeping people from ever adopting children who aren’t newborns. They hear you talk and they think if they didn’t have the baby from the first hour, and hold him/her constantly, they baby will be irreparably damaged. No one needs to be corrected for every little thing; there’s more than one way.

Hilary is doing fine, and Luca’s FATHER is capable of caring for HIS child and helping him “attach”.

ToRo on

@blessedwithboys Well when Hilary is out for pilates or spin class the baby can bond with daddy and grandma. Those bonds are important too you know.

SMiaVS on

um. it’s called the umbilical cord. the belly button’s what’s left. pretty sure it doesn’t fall of….

Nicole on

Aw.. She makes the most excellent mother!! Luca is also the most cutest celeb baby I have ever seen! and not just because I’ve been one of Hilary’s biggest fans for 11 years, but because what other celeb babies have you seen that is just so adorable like him? None.. I;m so glad she shares pictures with fans:) It means the world to me, and probably the rest of them as well.. It’s like were her second family:) Congrats again and again Hilary and Mike!

Anonymous on

Marky and ToRo- On the previous Hilary Duff post, blessedwithboys all but admitted she’s a troll (by saying that she loves to get people riled up). So I suggest ignoring her comments! 🙂

Anonymous on

Having said what I just did about trolls and I all, I wanted to say that I do agree with you, Marky and ToRo. Even though my mom was a SAHM until I started school (and even then only worked part-time), my dad took care of me plenty when I was a kid (my mother recognized the importance of “me” time…which my father not only supported, but encouraged!), and I’m not “damaged” a bit. In fact, some of my most cherished childhood memories involve spending time with him…with some of my favorites being the days he had me “help” him work in his home office (which usually consisted of having me draw a picture for him)! 🙂

Anonymous on

Hit send to soon! I meant to finish my post by saying that in my opinion, it’s just as important for kids to having one-on-one bonding time with their father as it is for them to have that time with their mother!

Meg on

I’m still trying to get over the fact that she’s not a virgin anymore. Its really crazy to me. She’s just such a good girl. Hah.

I love herr ❤ 🙂

Melissa on

Don’t worry hilary. My mom keep my belly button too.. actually, mom keep my sibling’s belly button too.. 😛

kk on

Love it! I remember when my baby was 4 months old and had only been fed breast milk, he was so chubby and healthy. I couldn’t help but feel SO PROUD that my body had given him every ounce of what he was. I loved it!

Karen on

I breast and bottle/formula fed both my children without difficulty. There was no confusion. Particullarly with my daughter who I had at 46 and who was ready to be weaned at 8 months because she wanted and had teeth for solids.

Karen on

I breast/formula fed both my children without nipple confusion. I had my daughter at 46 so nothing was that easy but I loved the feeling of bonding with her over breast and bottle.

Mom of 5 on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Is it just me or does the picture look weird? There’s a lot of space in between the two of them. You would think they would be sitting closer together showing off their newborn. Just an observation…..

pam on

my baby thrived just fine on formula, and I was happy I was able to buy it…..

Fransabelle on

Such a nice picture. Luca is a pretty baby however if you all remember before this picture Hillary posted Luca’s photo for the first time via her Twitter account. Supposedly she took it on her own and posted it. From the first time I saw that photo I knew it was taken professionally by a photographer. This picture of her proves it eventually. Luca is wrapped in the same blanket. The photo is posted in black and white to confuse us and not to make us think that the Luca’s first photo was taken by a professional photographer…Dear Hillary; Luca is just a baby, trust me posting his picture professionally or not is not going to make a difference, just be yourself..we all have babies and babies look good at any age no matter what..

Lilarose1941 on

Women have been nursing babies for eons. It is nature’s way. Nowadays boobs aren’t for babies anymore but for fashion and men. And for women to keep their shapes. Well, it won’t last long, the shapes, that is! You will fall apart just like the rest of us older women, nursing babies or not. So do your baby a favor and make it easy for yourself and nurse, for cryin’ out loud! Yep, some women can’t nurse, but that is rare nowadays. Lots of help out there to deal with that. BOOBS ARE FOR BABIES!!!

Lilarose1941 on

Umm, it is the end of the umbilical cord mothers are saving, not the belly button. We all still have our belly buttons!

Carrie on

It’s so nice to read about her loving being a mother. She is fully embracing it and it’s beautiful. And it’s not weird that she saved the stump of the baby’s umbilical cord. I did too with my son. It’s in his baby book. They have a beautiful family.