Rollin’ with Homies (and Parents!) Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto

04/18/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
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It’s been almost 17 years since Elton left Cher stranded in the Valley in front of a liquor store in 1995’s cult classic Clueless. It wasn’t the best way to win a girl’s heart, but luckily, he’s getting a second chance.

Reunited and playing love interests on Suburgatory, Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone finally “get serious,” the actor tells PEOPLE while on the set of their skit, which nods to the infamous Clueless scene.

“We met at the farmer’s market and we have insane chemistry,” says Sisto of their roles on his new show. “But do we ever have sex?”

Quips Silverstone, “We’ll leave that to the audience to see.”

In real life the pair, who never dated, did have crushes on each other.

“We almost kissed,” says Sisto, 37, recalling working together on Hideaway, their first film together.

“But she ignored me when we were on Clueless because she was like, the star,” jokes Sisto, before quickly adding, “No, I’m kidding.”

Now the two are parents. Silverstone is mom to 11-month-old son Bear Blu, while Sisto is dad to daughter Charlie Ballerina, 2½, and his new son, 6½-week-old Bastian Kick.

“Yesterday Bear started pushing this vintage chair his grandmother gave him,” says Silverstone, 35. “It’s the sweetest thing ever! He’s almost standing [on his own] and he’s walking with the chair. So that was insane.”

Says Sisto of his daughter, “Charlie has been finding songs that she likes over the last couple of weeks. She’ll be like, ‘Play that, “Toss it in the trash,”‘ he shares.

“Then I have to call my wife and ask, ‘Which song has “Toss it in the trash” in it?’ It was Bruno Mars‘s “Grenade. She is taking in everything. She’s so smart now. She’s awesome.”

The parents also bring their kids to the set.

“Charlie was coming every day, but then there were a couple of times where she was making some noise while filming and my wife got stressed,” explains Sisto. “I don’t like being away for a day. It’s not a good day if I leave before Charlie wakes up.”

Adds Silverstone, “Jeremy was trying to figure out Bastian’s name on set. He had the Kick part, but not Bastian yet. It’s a beautiful name.”

The Clueless cast – Paramount

As far as keeping up with the rest of the Clueless cast, Sisto says, “My kid is similar in age to Paul Rudd‘s [daughter] so we have dinner sometimes. I see Breckin [Meyer] every now and then when mutual friends have game night. And I was friends with Brittany [Murphy].”

Now grown-ups and not just kids, “starting our careers,” says Sisto, “It’s good to reconnect at the same point in our lives. We’re starting again.”

Catch Silverstone and Sisto’s four-episode arc on Suburgatory Wednesday nights, starting April 18, on ABC.

— Jessica Herndon

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maddie on

I adored Clueless in my teen years, so I love that some of the cast members reconnect later in life!!

Lisa on

I loved that movie (still do)! I was 15 when it came out – how time flies!

Great to see that the actors are all doing good and not rehabbed druggies like most teen actors after the fame dies.

stef24 on

Thought tonight’s episode was the funniest since the show began…and thank God she didn’t do that freaky bird feeding thing to Jeremy’s character!

lucy on

Aww, Britney Murphy. 😦

Alexa on


Brittany died of an OD, so I’m not entirely sure they escaped entirely. But yes it is nice to see the others are okay.

Brenda on

THE BEST EPISODE EVER tonight 🙂 Loved the Clueless inserts…LOL

Lindsey on

I love Jeremy Sisto! I met him and he is such a nice guy too.

Jacqueline on

WOW! I would’ve never guessed that was the same guy! I LOVE Suburgatory!

Janie757 on

Thanks for running this article. Everytime I watch Suburgatory I think to myself “I know Jeremy Sisto from some movie” but I just couldn’t place it that he was Elton in Clueless – one of my favorite teen movies.

Kat on

Alexa, Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia. While she had drugs in her system, they all where legal and for respiratory issues (though she took too many, possibly self treating like many people do). Whatever issues she might have had in her life with drugs, she did not OD.

Jacquelyn on

Don’t forget Jeremy as the psycho brother in HBO’s Six Feet Under.

Great actor!

Shawna on

Brittany Murphy did NOT OD!

i need a name on

I think Jeremy also does the voice for the Advil commercials. I don’t AS – I think she is rude and gross.

JMO on

As others said Brittany did not OD!! I still have trouble believing she’s dead. “Rolling with the homies” 🙂

Clueless was the best movie. I think I was 12 or 13 when it came out and I remember all my friends and I walking around saying, “whatever” and “as if” for the longest time! It’s def a teen classic and I loved that it told a funny story without going too far like many movies today do!

J on

Not really fair to say she OD’d when it was confirmed she died of pneumonia and there were meds in her system for her illness.

sharon on

Rollin with the Homies…..As IF! I got a gun and shovel, have her home by 11.

Awesome movie, we still quote it all these years later

acorr on

Brittany’s husband died not that long after she did. I thought that was very bizarre.

Jessicad on

I giggled at the “Rollin with homies” headline;) I’ll have to watch this show,I think they’re both great actors. I miss 6 feet under!

Sue on

Jeremy also played Kevin Kline & Mary McDonnel’s son in Grand Canyon. I too loved the little ‘nods to Clueless’ in last night’s episode – was nice reading these comments and seeing I wasn’t the only one to notice 🙂

Melissa on

I am still holding out hope for a Clueless sequel!!!

Lynne on

I was putting my daughter down for bed when I heard Jeremy’s line “I”m totally clueless about this kind of stuff”, and almost woke her up when I laughed out loud!

Great show last night!

Ava on

I really enjoyed the episode last night! I wish Alicia would become a regular 🙂

Snow on

Maybe they should have called it “regurgatory”??

jolemamels on

Alicia Silverstone will forever be the Aerosmith video girl and Jeremy Sisto will be Billy Chenowith.

Maria on

snow- haha!!! I will never look at alicia the same after that creepy video. I am all for extended breastfeeding and what not- all for making your kids own home made organic food- but just use a blended and feed it to them in a spoon. I think the creepiest part is feeding the kid from her mouth- chewing it up for him is gross- but to teach him to eat from her mouth is just wrong and weird.

Jessi on

I loved this movie!! It feels weird that Britney Murphy’s not here anymore though. And she did die of pneumonia as did her husband which caused an investigation of the home where they found it had mold. The inspectors failed to tell them. So no she did not OD.

Crystal on

Clueless is by far my FAVORITE MOVIE!!! Sooo funny that they are now starring in another show. Lmbo! “Rollin with the Homies!” I love it!

Holiday on

When I was young Clueless was my favorite movie! I was 11 when it came out and I remember me and my friends going to see it in the theater. Cant believe its been 17 years!!

ladyofargonne on

He was so cute in Clueless and so weird in Hideaway. Really a good actor.

cyndi on

I love suburgatory but that alicia silverstone is freaky with that bird eating mouth thing, letting that kid eat prechewed food from her mouth it’s just too gross!!!! I think she is just strange and she can do what she wants with her kid but we don’t want to see it, her baby is not a bird how unsanitary use a blender!!! I bet one day they will be out somewhere with guests and her baby will try to attack someone elses mouth when their chewing, good way to pass viruses and the baby will get sick!!! I can’t wait until her appearance ends on the show as she is just a weird actress and can only play silly parts. Brittany murphy died from pneumonia and something about toxic mold was mentioned as her hubby simon died right after her a few months later and there was an article about this, so i am confused but she did not od.