Kelly Preston: Breastfeeding Brings Closeness

04/18/2012 at 03:15 PM ET
Andrew MacPherson

When the time comes, Kelly Preston admits weaning her 16-month-old son Benjamin won’t be easy — and not just for him.

“When I stop, it’s going to be really hard on me. I love nursing so much,” Preston, 49, tells PEOPLE.

“I love the closeness and knowing that I’m giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies. And he really loves it, too.”

Not yet on a schedule, Ben shares the bed with Preston and hubby John Travolta. She nurses him couple times a night and four or five times during the day.

“He’ll come up and point and go, ‘Mama, more,'” says Preston, laughing. “It’s so cute!”

Like his big sister Ella, 12, Ben has also developed an eclectic palate: he’s already a fan of filet mignon, scallops, salmon, organic veggies and, says his proud mom, “pretty much everything” — and is growing by leaps and bounds.

“New words are coming so fast,” says Preston, who recently partnered with non-profits Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy World to help educate moms about healthy living. “He loves ‘B’ words — basketball, bus, belly button, bird. He talks to birds and looks at them in the sky, and loves airplanes, busses, balls and lizards … and his favorite star is Elmo.”

Preston, who turns 50 in October, often swaps lifestyle and baby tips with her girlfriends, including fellow moms Jenna Elfman and Laila Ali, with whom she co-hosted an event Saturday at Elfman’s house to celebrate moms and educate them about raising kids in eco-friendly homes.

As it turned out, Preston was a little late to her own party. But who could blame her? As she told her guests, including mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey, she was busy nursing!

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Olivia on

That’s so sweet. I know with my picky eater, I really loved breastfeeding well past a year so she was at least getting nutrients that way.

Liz on

I know I’m going to start a debate here but at what age does everyone feel it is appropriate to stop breast feeding– is that including the length of time that goes into the weaning process?

Ann on

Then don’t stop, if you have the option to continue nursing, there is no harm in that!

Liz, it doesn’t matter what everyone feels as appropriate. This society needs to stop judging mothers for making choices that are best for them and their baby. That’s all what matters.

Mya on

I believe in allowing it to happen naturally. My son is just over two and still nurses (though it’s dropped off a lot)
I’m comfortable going as long as he needs/wants it.

Stacey on

I’m just sayin’ that if the kid can ask for it, I am kind of thinking you have gone way past the mark. I can see a baby, but once they are a child, I just do not get it, nutrients or not.

valerie on

Ok, Kelly. It’s time to cut those apron strings. If the kid is eating filet mignon and scallops, he doesn’t need any more “supplements.”

Stacy on

She needs to watch Grown Ups. If he can talk I think it’s time to stop…

Mary on

A mom has every right to BF as long as she wants. Usually the people to throw stones have never BFed! If a baby is old enough to ask for their binky, are they too old for it? What most people don’t understand is when you BF toddlers, they aren’t BFing all day long like a newborn. My daughter BFed into 3 years of age (and I’m proud of it) but she was only BFing at that point like twice a day for comfort right before nap and bedtime. Let it go non-BFers!!! Just let it go!

Mya on

All babies ask for it, as a newborn they cry. As a toddler they speak. Since YOU can ask for your favorite dish should you also be denied?

Breastmilk has loads of great benefits for infants/toddlers. Plus whenever my son is hurt or cranky or just feeling sad he can nurse and get exactly the comfort he needs to go on his way. We never deal with tantrums, fussing, crying ect even when injured.

The rest of the world nurses much much longer than what most consider “norm”
If allowed naturally *most* children would wean around 5.

Jenn on

I breastfed all of my three children until they were drinking from a cup around a year of age. That’s when most kids are weaned off of the bottle so I’ve never understood what is different about the breast. If the child needs comfort, why can’t he or she just be cuddled, sang to, etc? Why do they have to use the breast as comfort? I used it to feed and nourish my children and I enjoyed that time with them very much, but when they got old enough to eat solid food and drink regular milk, I felt the need for breastfeeding was over. I’m sure I will get dragged over the coals for this post but to each her own, I guess!

ecl on

Not sure where this “If they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old for it” mantra came from. Someone said it, thought it was funny, and now everyone says it as though they are stating a fact backed up with empirical evidence. And does this mean kids with learning delays who talk later should breastfeed until they are three while others should stop at one?

blessedwithboys on

I stopped hugging my children once they were old enough to ask verbally. I mean, if they can talk, aren’t they old enough to not need hugs? I started pushing them away in late infancy, because I wanted to be totally done hugging them by the time they could say “hug, please”. I think it’s so gross to walk around the mall and see mothers hugging THREE YEAR OLDS! Ew!!!

See how dumb that sounds? And how do people even dare compare nursing and bottle feeding to the extent of saying if most babies are off the bottle by 12 mos they should be off the breast, too?! That absurd and backwards logic. Breastfeeding is the STANDARD against which all ARTIFICAL feeding methods should be measured. Normal breastfeeding ends naturally anywhere between 2 and 7 years. So, Technically, we should see scores of 1st graders walking around with their ba-ba. Except, of course, bottle feeding is bad for oral development, so the bottle has to be taken away before the teeth get totally screwed up. Breastfeeding is not harmful, so it can go one much longer.

Kelly, thanks for speaking up and sharing your toddler nursing love!

Robyn on

Y’know, I’m all for nursing until whenever the child is ready to wean (within reason…I wouldn’t nurse a child 3+), but I don’t get this “in love” feeling when I nurse my daughter, who’s almost 2 months. However, I don’t mind at all and will continue until she weans.

Btw, she’ll be 50 in October?! Good lord. I’m all for women having babies whenever they want, but c’mon, that’s a bit old to be a new mother. I think some womens’ wants to be a mother sometimes trumps common sense.

emily on

Cut the apron strings? He isn’t even two! I’m not sure why for so many, turning one magically means that kids are all grown up and don’t need the same comforts they needed the day before their birthday. When I look at my one year old daughter, I still see a baby. She is still so new to the world and for me to deny her a comfort that she has relied on for her entire life, just seems cruel to me. How, at one, does the world suddenly become less scary for little ones?

My son nursed until he was 2 1/2 and my daughter is 12 months and loves nursing more than he did. 🙂 I fully intend to let her nurse for as long as she feels like she needs to. What is so wrong with letting babies stay babies?

Hannah on

I am so glad to see a movement in Hollywood to be normalizing breastfeeding. The World Health Organization recommends at least 2 years. American Academy of Pediatrics reccomends at least a year, and then as long as Mother and baby wish to continue afterwards. Honestly after 6-9 mos most babies are only nursing a few times a day and they can be very efficient with it. It is not *anything* like nursing a small /new baby.

Allison on

Who cares when you all think it’s time to be done? Kelly and her baby don’t. And yes, 16 months is a BABY. He probably does use a cup, too. That has nothing to do with nursing. So, if a child has speech development issues and can’t talk for several years… according to you all, he can keep nursing.

angel on

Needless negative comments abound on this site, as usual. One of the posters referred to a 16 month old as a “child”. Really? A 16 month old is just moving into toddlerhood. I breastfed my children until they became disinterested, which was around 15 months old. Never used bottles, transitioned into a cup at 6 months, no problems. Kelly’s age is irrelevant, she should be able to have a child as long as she can financially and emotionally support him or her, which she obviously does.

Anonymous on

Kelly Preston’s pushing 50?! Crap, she looks AMAZING! If I hadn’t known she’s been around for quite a while, I’d guess she’s in her late twenties, early thirties tops. And she is rocking that body!

As for Kelly breastfeeding her baby, he’s her baby, therefore it’s her decision when she wants to wean him. He’s sixteen months old, not in preschool. He’s just crossed the one year mark for goodness’ sake! One year and four months is still very much a baby.

Jen on

Why are people in such a hurry to wean from milk that is naturally made to be perfect for human babies to milk that is made to be perfect for baby cows? How is a child drinking cows milk (or goats milk or soy beverage) more natural than drinking human milk?!

Mikesgirl on

I’m always so jealous of those that can breastfeed (my milk never came in) so keep it up Kelly! I think you and your son are so lucky.

Shame on you negative women – we are never going to get ahead when we attack each other for making our own choices for our own children.

SA on

You know what I don’t get, why do women turn against one another and critize what choices we make. Why do we attack one another? I will never undertstand!

That is her baby, she can do whatever she pleases, if she wants to breastfeed until he is a teenager, that is her choice, not yours!

Yes, she is an older mother, there are plenty of them out there. Remember she did lose her son and I’m glad this sweet angel came into her life to give her the happiness she so deserves!!

Jenn on

To each there own! It’s sad for both baby and Mom when little ones have to be weaned. With that being said I think there is a reasonable time to stop. I have heard of kindergarteners coming home from school and being breast fed. I definately don’t support that.

Jodie on

I agree that all mothers should do what’s best for them and their babies. I nursed until my kids were 12 months old because that was what was best for us. So good for her. But, personally, this article just kind of creeps me out. I’m so glad this family is happy. They deserve the best.

Autumn on

I’m nursing my 8 month old, and some days I enjoy it more than others. I know it’s the best for her, and it burns extra calories for me, so we are going to keep nursing as long as she is interested.

However, I’m putting my pump in storage the day after she turns one. Nursing is pretty simple. Pumping at work and all that stuff, well, only 4 months left!

jj on

As a Dr. I can say that the quality of breastmilk after 12 mos diminshes greatly. It really is not enough to sustain a child past a yr old.

We are seeing a great increase of mothers extending, but it seems to be more for a mother than a child.

On a side note, while the saying is ‘breast is best’, formula now is so greatly improved, and includes DHA and RHA which is why breastfeeding is recommended.

Also breast is not best if the mothers diet is less than ideal, and it has not been proven that certain diseases cannot be passed through breastmilk.

However the push for this “NATURAL” way of feeding is so strong now, that these facts are being made obscure or disproven with emotional arguments.

Bobbie on

It is such a personal choice. I breast fed my daughters for about 3 months. They are now 22 and 13 years old. I never felt they missed on anything. To me what matters is what works the best for each mother/child. But I certainly felt some other mothers looking down at me because I was not breast feeding, especially with my second daughter.

yikes on

I breastfed til 7 months – my child was more into looking around and not wanting to just lay there and feed. I honestly think that women who nurse until their child is 3 or longer are having separation problems – not the child but mom.

If the women are so inclined to feed better nutrients – then pump your breasts and have the 3 yr old drink from a glass. The reason WHO recommends nursing for so long is that in third world countries mom is the only source of food.

If you want your child to have separation problems as they get older – keep nursing, but your child is not going to thank you for it. I think mommy is insecure and wants someone to need her forever. There are other ways to bond with your child as the get older – snuggle in bed with a good book.

boston on

Normal breastfeeding does NOT include 7-year-olds. Once a kid is old enough to be embarrassed by friends, they are too old to breastfeed. You made the hug comparison, but a 7-year-old boy is not embarrassed to hug, but there’s NO WAY he’d be asking mom for “more” in public. GMAB!!!!

boston on

blessedwithboys You are a nut. If you really think it’s ok to nurse a 7-year-old you have some serious issues and I feel sorry for your boys. Under 2 is one thing, but once they’re playing Little League, it’s time to wean my dear.

Mia on

I am still nursing my 19 month old who asks to be breastfed.

Gamolie on

jj, if you are a doctor, you are a very uninformed one. We are not ‘seeing a trend’ of more women nursing past a year, it’s been going on for ages. No one ever claimed it’s enough to ‘sustain’ a child past a year, but it does not diminish greatly in nutrients. And saying it’s for the mother and not the child is just flat out ignorance.

And no, third world countries are not the sole reason WHO recommends it “as long as is mutually desirable.” Nor does it cause separation problems.

It’s amazing the myths women continue to spread. How we choose to feed our children should be acceptable, whether we choose to never offer the breast at all, or choose extended nursing.

jademoonvt on

I feel sorry for John no wonder he looks so unhappy. Having a child in bed for the last 16 months is really unhealthy for the child and the MARRIAGE. I think once a child starts asking for mommies ninny its time to stop breastfeeding. I don’t know who is more disgusting Alicia or Kelly.

rocky mountain girl on

seriously, when a kid “asks” to be breast fed, it’s time to call it quits. After one year of age there is absolutely NO nutritioinal value for the child, all of the benefits are within the first 12 months. I breast fed all three of my kids for 12 months each. According to “her words” it will be hard for “her”……. it’s not about “her”….. what, he’ll still be breast feeding at 3!

Susannah on

I am another one who is glad to see extended breastfeeding being talked about. I breastfed my son until his second birthday. And yes, to the horrified posters, he was walking AND talking! Extended breastfeeding isn’t weird. It is a beautiful moment in time of mother-child attachment.

And for the record, my son is turning 3 in a couple of weeks and doesn’t appear to have been harmed at all …

Joe on

I got a question for anyone. It may sound stupid but… Kelly had a surrogate, she did not carry the pregnancy so how can she produce milk??? Anyone know?

Rebecca on

Did not one of the women on hear listen to the post made by a DR !?!?!

Past 1 yr. it is for the mother, not the child. And nursing 3-7yr olds? That’s sick! I feel bad for the child. How embarrassing for them to think that is normal.

jenn on

whoa, really? disgusting? no one is saying that is a child’s SOLE source of nutrition or anything. WHO recommends up to 2 years for nursing – and while she says he asks for it, it’s probably with a word or two, not a complex sentence. chill out.

look on

I think when the child is old enough to eat real foods like filet mignon it’s time to put the kibosh on breastfeeding. She’s probably having a difficult time since this will likely be her last baby.

jj on

I did not say we were seeing a trend as you quoted me to say, I said there has been an increase lately. I never said it’s NEW or that woman have not done this in the past.

Breastmilk does indeed decrease in quality. In fact, it starts as soon as the colostrom is gone.

Please don’t spew false facts and attack.

Guest on

People – she’s a die-hard Scientologist. This is not that all that shocking considering that fact. Personally this article creeped the heck out of me.

Lisa on

Thank you, Gamolie–a voice of reason among the uninformed!

kjc on

About a year and a half ago, I saw a woman in a cafe nurse her 3ish year old who’d bumped his head. Me and my friends looked on in disbelief. How could you nurse your toddler who can run, talk, play, feed himself etc? That lady must be crazy! At the time, I was about 7 months pregnant and had plans to nurse my baby, but only for 6 months or so.

The first month of my sons life, I was counting down the days until I could be finished. Around his second month of life, it got easier. I was enjoying nursing my son. I was still planning on quitting around 6 months, but I was no longer dreading each feeding, and knew I could make it a few more months. 6 months came and went. Okay, I’ll go for 9.

My son will be one next week, and he still nurses, and I love it. Do I see myself nursing him for another year, or even 2? No. Who knows, but I do know I will never judge a women who chooses to nurse her toddler again.

Congrats to the whole Travolta family. Benjamin is a lucky boy.

Katrina on

@boston, my 7 year old is totally embarrassed to hug me in public! I barely get a high five at school when I drop him off. I don’t BF him but I do support her decision to raised her kids they way she wants when it’s harmless like this.

DL on

To each their own. Personally I think 18 months is too old for BF. The baby is eating plenty of solids and breastmilk is secondary. The child is using the breast as comfort, not nutrition. I think a child needs to learn to self soothe, and co-sleeping and breastfeeding on demand is not helping.

roadapplescarclub on

Reading this, I’m getting it’s harder for Kelly to give it up than her son.. If he truly eats meals like she says he does, there should be no reason to nurse him a couple times a night and several times throughout the day?! Is he actually nursing, or just getting a drink?

I nursed my children also, but not past a year. They were more than ready to move on to bigger and better things, including a wide variety of food choices.

I don’t think they are planning any other children, sooner or later you have to move forward.

Informed in Ohio on

I’ve read all these posts, and while I respect everyone’s opinion, it is blatant to me that she is breastfeeding for the primary benefit of HERSELF at this point. She is emotionally attached and of course her baby still wants to breastfeed, why wouldn’t he???..Do you give into every whim of a toddler or ‘baby’? Sorry, but those of us in the real world can’t just decide not to go to work because our child is experiencing separation anxiety or stay up all night just to console a crying baby because they have conditioned us to get up every time they whimper. I am all for going ‘natural’ and doing what is best for the baby, but hasn’t ANYONE read any books or experienced for themselves that babies and children are the master MOMMY manipulators? Get a grip on real’tit’y:~D

dd on

So lame. It’s all about mom, not the little one. Nutrients my foot. It may sound overstated but we’re raising a nation of babies and this kind of thing doesn’t help. This generation is the most helpless, inmature yet and as mothers, we have to learn to let go. Nursing after a year is not necessary. There are numerous ways to feel needed, wanted, close to your child, etc. This one happens to be ridiculous and selfish.

CharNC on

Breastfeed or don’t breastfeed, mother’s choice. How long, mother’s choice. Stop judging others for THEIR choices.

guest on

breastfed my 1st child and my 3rd child and they are both extremely healthy. 2nd child I couldn’t produce milk so had to feed formula, she is obese, has asthma and several other health conditions, coincidence? I think not.

jj on

It seems to me that the people most emotional here and dare I say, attacking, are the ones who are using breastfeeding as an emotional attachment to their child.

Breat or not, moms feeding their children love them equally and provide for them equally. Why do so many breastfeeders attack those who don’t? Just support your group and don’t attack the rest. Why try and hurt someone who has made a different decision?

Julianna on

Wow, Kelly is approaching 50? She surely doesn’t look like it!

Maybe she hasn’t stopped breast feeding him because he cries every time she tries to wean him? That was how it was with my brother: my stepmother would try and weane him, but he would cry and nothing would make him stop unless she breastfed him. He’s now 27-months-old and has stopped by himself to ask for her to breastfeed him – naps and bedtime included – about six months ago.

Gamolie on

“After one year of age there is absolutely NO nutritioinal value for the child, all of the benefits are within the first 12 months.”

Utterly and totally wrong.

And “seeing an increase of it lately” does mean it’s a trend. I didn’t quote you as saying it, I paraphrased. It does not “diminish greatly” after a year, it continues to change to suit baby’s needs. There is no magic switch at twelve months that goes “Oh, baby’s a year, stop sending nutrients to the breast!!”

Ann on

@Joe, I am pretty sure she gave birth to her baby herself. But to answer your question, a woman can do something called “induced lactation” that would allow her to breastfeed her child even if she didn’t carry him/her

sunshinefields on

Myth 24: Nursing a baby after 12 months is of little value because the quality of breast milk begins to decline after six months.

Fact: The composition of human milk changes to meet the changing needs of baby as he matures. Even when baby is able to take solids, human milk is the primary source of nutrition during the first year. It becomes a supplement to solids during the second year. In addition, it takes between two and six years for a child’s immune system to fully mature. Human milk continues to complement and boost the immune system for as long as it is offered.

American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement on Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk. Pediatrics 1997; 100(6):1035-39.

Goldman, A. Immunologic components in human milk during the second year of lactation. Acta Paediatr Scand 1983; 72:461-62.

Gulick, E. The effects of breastfeeding on toddler health. Ped Nursing1986; 12:51-54.

Innocenti Declaration on the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 1991; 26:271-73.

Mohrbacher, N., Stock, J. BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK. Schaumburg, Illinois: LLLI, 1997; 164-68.

Saarinen, U. Prolonged breastfeeding as prophylaxis for recurrent Otitis media. Acta Paediatr Scand 1982; 71:567-71.

TeamMom on

I breast fed both my children until they were 6 months old…so I understand that wonderful bonding that comes with bf. But I did wonder about the fact that she says she nurses him a couple of times at night and 4 or 5 times during the day? That seems excessive for a 16 month old…both of my kids were sleeping through the night well before 6 months so the night feedings were gone…and they certainly didn’t need to be nursed down for a nap 4 or 5 times during the day after a year. If he’s eating regular food, I’m surprised that he has the time much less the inclination to nurse that often.

Sandy on

Everyone knows a mom who breastfeeds an already talking child with TEETH and who eats the variety of foods she was so willingly to list- is way past the weaning phase. She is SO obviously doing is for herself that it is kinda sick. Ben can totally get all his nutrients from the food she listed, he no longer needs to be suckling from her breast. She needs to let him move on to toddlerhood and get over it!!

jj on

Wait, you breastfed 1 and 3 but no milk for 2???

I don’t think so.

Are you another breastfeeding nazi who is trying to cram your point of view down other mothers throats???

Sally on

First, it’s very obvious he is ready to be off the breast- talking, eating all those assortments of food she lists with his teeth. She is selfish and doing it for herself. He is a TODDLER now. Move on Kelly.
As far as comments about formula vs. breast- BOTH my children were bottle fed. They both are 100% healthy- don’t get sick and are both in gifted programs at school. STOP making ill informed comments and putting un-necessary stress on the women who can’t- for MANY reasons, breastfeed.

sunshinefields on

I am more concerned about people masquerading as doctors online in order to spread false information about breastfeeding, and all the other naysayers taking extended breastfeeding personally over her doing what is completely natural and what her body is made for, by offering the best most complete nutrition and antibodies available to her son.

If you have an opinion, that is one thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what gives anyone the right to bash someone else’s decision. It is especially disheartening to see so many comments from women putting down another woman. Especially mothers, I sure hope your kids to learn to disregard other’s feelings and opinions simply because it differs from theirs.

slopez419 on

Sandy, you’re insane. Your comments sound ridiculous and very ignorant, I hope you’re aware of that. What you are stating is, in fact, opinion. Don’t spout of your corrupted opinions like they’re the Gospel.

jj on

Neither my husband nor I were breast fed. He is a Cornell grad, I am Brown Alum. We have no ailments and are very close to our mothers. My child, now 4, was breastfed. She does have asthma, some allergies and was sick often as an infant. I am not saying there is any correlation, but I am saying not all statements about breastfeeding vs. not are true.

I am TRULY not a believer that “breast is best”.

trish on

GUEST above should be ASHAMED of herself for saying such things about her second child. First and third, breastfed okay second she couldn’t (UM WHY??? MAKES NO SENSE) so that child is obese, asthma, health problems— NOT. Another breastfeeding nazi trying to intimidate other women. OR because you couldn’t breastfeed that poor child, you have now labeled second child as not the same as the others because you feel like a failure or inadequate in some way. Maybe you need therapy???


I nursed my first son until he was 18 months and was no longer interested. Of course this was supplemented with lots of other food as he got older. I nursed my second son until he was 3 years old and was no longer interested- he is autistic and those nursing times were the only time he really cared to be held close. My oldest is 21, my baby 18. Both are fine, healthy, well-adjusted boys. RELAX PEOPLE!

Guest on

Thanks for all the laughs. Although I enjoyed breastfeeding all 4 of my children to 7-8 months,I think Kelly and all of you addicted to nursing mothers are crazy!

wiliptime on

Good for Kelly and Ben! I think the average length of time to breastfeed around the world is 4 years. I personally think it is whatever the mother & child decide (however I don’t believe a child should be going to school and still nursing). Even though a child is eating table food he may still yearn for the breast, as it is not just for nutrition, it is also a comfort, loving thing. I breastfed my last baby up until his 3rd birthday. It was for both of us as I knew he was my last baby and he enjoyed it as well! I know I got a lot of criticism for it though, but I didn’t let that change my goal.

jj on

sunshinefields, how do you know she is doing best for her baby? Do you know her diet? Does she drink etc. ?

My Dr. also told me that if my diet was not balanced I was not giving my baby the best.

Some women can’t give breastmilk, do you think shoving your facts on them saying we are making a less than healthy baby ny not breastfeeding makes them feel good? Shame on you for blasting others for what you are doing!

Maddie on

I’d recommend weaning him before he starts dating.

MM on

I think she is trying to hang on to the memory of her son. Benjamin sleeping in bed with them, nursing at almost 2. A bit ridiculous!

sky on

How is the quality of breast milk if you have had breast implants?

Victoria on


RU on

Congrats to her. To the uninformed dr. there are many advantages for women & children nursing past a year. I praise all moms that decide to do any amount of breastfeeding & they also should be proud of themselves for nursing for any duration. Me personally, I am an extended nurser, I nursed my first for over 4 years as a teen mom, thats right years, currently nursing a 3+ year old, my first is a perfectly normal all american boy. I will do child led weaning with my 2nd also, Oh yeah and I work FT so obviously I’m not with my 3 year old 24hours, in this country it is not considered normal to breastfeed beyond a year but in other cultures and countries it is the norm, the Hispanic culture is a prime example generally nursing 3-4 years & using breastfeeding as a natural child spacing method, I also coslept & still happily married, didnt cause any issues and hubby encouraged & supported it with both. We should support all moms in how they decide to feed their babies, they have to do what works best for mom & yes I do know that about 5% of women are unable to breastfeed; We need to praise every woman for attempting. From an educated person in the field of lactation

Beth on

when the kid has teeth, I’m done. lol

Jax&Sarah4EVER on

I didn’t know adoptive Mothers could breast feed

Misty on

I let my kids wean them selves.. I wish more mothers would go past the year mark.. it still has many health benefits after the first year. For mom and baby. Your not breast feeding for an infancy of good health but a life time of great health. SO all you wack jobs need to read up on the facts. Breast feeding is the best gift a mother will ever give her child. The bonus is that it creates this amazing bond for life!

egc on

Yeah, by 16 months, he’s gotten the nutrients he needs. He needs the fat and other things that cows milk and regular table food can give him. She’s just nursing him for her own comfort. And he’s 16 months old and still waking up 4 times a night. I guarantee if she weaned him, he’d sleep through the night for her. They would both be more rested.
I loved nursing my daughter, but at some point you have to say enough….otherwise she’ll have a 5 year old that is still nursing.

Em on

Really people?? How dare you say when a mother should stop nursing her child. It is HER CHILD…HER CHOICE!!! She’s giving him the best start to a healthy life that she can! I nursed for 18 months with my daughter and I thought about weaning her at 12 months but once I hit that mark I thought “why do I need to force her to stop?” Seemed like a form of abuse to me so I kept going. After about 14 months she would only take it at night to fall asleep. One night when she was sick…her nose was so stuffy she could hardly breathe out of it so I just didn’t give it to her that night and never gave it to her again! Happened completely naturally and I knew the time was right. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world to do and people that are offended by it or feel he need to make rude remarks should feck off.

Amber on

A couple times a night? For a kid who can walk and talk and eat regular food? I believe in breastfeeding, but really?

RU on

Congrats to her; I praise any mom that attempts to breastfeed especially in today’s society; In other cultures & countries it is the norm to do child led weaning; I support all mothers that brf even if its only a short period of time, to the dr. there are many benefits of nursing past 1 for mom & baby; I am an extended breastfeeder having nursed 1 for 4+ years as a teen mom and he is a perfectly normal all american boy, still nursing a 3+ y.o. & will allow that one to wean when ready; oh yeah & that one is in daycare while we work FT, not attached to my hip 24 hours and doesnt run around crying about booby while we are seperated(another misconception), my experience doesnt make any other mother less because they chose to wean when the time was right for them. We need to support all women in how they choose to feed even if we dont agree with it & there are about 5% of women who are unable to breastfeed. Unhealthy marriage is an excuse, hubby encouraged & supported cosleeping with both children and we are perfectly fine. U.S. women today need support more than anything. From an educated person in the field of lactation

Michelle on

blessedwithboys: I can’t even find the words to comment on the absurdity of comparing hugging to breastfeeding. Also, where is the evidence for this “normal” range of 2-7 for weening? I am dying to know that source. Last I remeber, the moms showing up at school with their 1st graders lunch had it packed in a bag, not their breast.

k on

There was a mother who would come to her son’s kindergarten class to breast feed him at lunch. True story.

milkdonormama on

All babies “ask for it”. What do you think rooting is? That’s how a newly born baby “asks for it”. I nursed my daughter for 37 months. She wanted to keep going but I had to wean due to severe morning sickness with my second pregnancy. My son is “still” nursing at 21 months. He nurses 2-4 times daily.

If you would take the time to look into it, humans are the only beings that drink the milk of another species. In the Bible, it mentions weaning after age 3. If you are an atheist, look into the evolutionary theories based on teeth and immune system properties, which estimates that natural human weaning would take place around 2 to 7 years of age.

It’s the perverted American culture that is backwards. You know where the word “mammals” comes from, right? Mammary glands. You know, those things in mature females that produce milk to nurture young. We’re named after those. Because they’re necessary to human development. More than 96% of women can produce a sufficient milk supply, but our society interferes with that mother-infant-toddler relationship.

Perplexed on

I am more aghast that her son is still waking up a couple of times a night to feed at 16 months rather than sleeping through the night. If he is eating all those other things I am surprised that he would be hungry. It sounds like he may not be self soothing yet. But, those things said, they have every right to raise their kids the way they want. I am sure none of what they are doing is harmful to Ben and it’s not hurting me.

Tee on

This topic is always a hot button, but it all boils down to the woman’s choice. As long as the child is being nutured, loved, and healthy, isn’t that what matters most to any parent? I did both, breastfed for 4 months, then transitioned to bottle which went very smoothly. The only thing I would disagree with is breastfeeding after 2 years of age, however, I respect one’s choice to do so. I would agree that 2 and above weaning becomes harder and I’d think that if the baby is asking for Mommy’s milk, there’s a certain amount of angst and anxiety involved with Mom withholding the breastmilk (for Mom as well as perhaps the child).

Tammy Scott on


Laila on

omg k, come to the kindergarden class? wow…

JD on

Why am I reading anything from a Scientologist?? The abuse of young people by their Sea Org. makes everything one of them might say about a child pointless as far as I am concerned. Of course, she and her flake of a husband would deny every bit of it.

a on

To mikes girl, you attempted so thats great, if there is a next time you can research in your community for breastfeeding support resources whether it be LC’s at the hospital/WIC or La Leche League, and to JJ Dr., when is the last time breastmilk was recalled, the comment about DHA & RHA in formula now is absurd, is that the only thing in breastmilk?, Per the FDA formula only has to have 29 ingredients where as human milk has over 200 properties, most that can’t be duplicated as mothers milk is unique to her & baby, BTW, DHA & RHA is lab created and extracted for formula, it is not in its natural form as it is found in breastmilk & certain foods, Please get educated, I hope you are really not a dr.

T on

For anyone wondering why a mother would nurse a child past a year:

1) Immunity. Breastfeeding continues to provide a toddler with immunities as he or she is exposed to illnesses. This is even more helpful in toddlerhood, as a child’s world enlarges and he or she is exposed to more people and children.

2) Supplemental calories. Many toddlers are prescribed pediasure by concerned pediatricians when they don’t eat well. Why would anyone want to give a child a concoction made from cow’s milk and corn syrup or sugar when he can have what nature intended – nutrition made specifically for him, right from his mother’s breast?

3) Security and love. My toddler often gets comments on how secure she is, and how she is eager to explore her world instead of clinging to me shyly. I believe that she is this way because she has the comfort of nursing when she needs it. Nursing is an incredibly useful tool for calming an upset child and building a sense of security as she expands her horizons and deals with all the frustrations of toddlerhood.

4) Natural weaning allows a child to mature at his or her own natural pace, helping that child to become secure and well-adjusted as he or she grows.

I love that Kelly is publicly supporting breastfeeding this way.

jaren on

I am always awed by women who can breastfeed as long as possible (maybe not with a full set of teeth and with the ability to speak in full sentences 🙂 As for sharing a bed, I always worried about one of us rolling over and suffocating them. But now they have those things that attach to the bed. What we need to do is stay educated and don’t take things we read on Internet because anyone can post. My Grandma always said that “Ignorance is bliss” and we can scare ourselves half to death by taking some things we read on the Internet to heart. If we read the package inserts on aspirin bottles, we would never take it. Instead, go to experts and study more academic research. It is a beautiful, bonding, and restful thing to share a bed….especially when you are so dead on your feet and it causes less disruptions! I applaud all of you. You know what is best for you and your little one! Keep close our little ones close…..time is fleeting and they grow up way too fast!

hannah on

I don’t think a 16-month old needs to still be nursing.. Do pediatricians even advise that?? Just think it’s a little weird, so long as she’s not doing it when he’s 3.

Sara on

Women in traditional societies regularly breast feed well into the toddler years.

a on

To the poster that asked for the relevant info on extended breastfeeding. If you look hard enough or are even interested in expanding your knowledge, there is plenty of evidence based research on the benefits for the baby and mother that choose to breastfeed beyond the societal norm

Ginger on

Well, she can do as she pleases. Having lost a child I can see the attachment, including the kid in their bed. That will change, let them enjoy while they can.

Jen on

To all those criticizing this women because of choices she is making for herself and her family, but are calling breastfeeding mama’s judgmental….

Pot, meet kettle.

We all make choices that we feel are best for our family. No one can ever know the specific circumstances that go into making a family’s decisions. If you want to formula feed, go for it and own your choice. Same for weaning at 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, etc. You want your choices to be respected, show others the same courtesy.

Jen on

You all realize that “jj” isn’t really a doctor right? See, I can do it too.

As a doctor, I can firmly say that breastfeeding past a year is totally normal and continues to provide benefits for the children (and the mother, as breastfeeding can help prevent breast cancer). (difference here is that what I am saying is true, but I’m not really a doctor)

According to the American Academy of Pediatrcs:

Breastfeeding and human milk are the normative standards for infant feeding and nutrition. Given the documented short- and long-term medical and neurodevelopmental advantages of breastfeeding, infant nutrition should be considered a public health issue and not only a lifestyle choice. The American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirms its recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 YEAR OR LONGER as mutually desired by mother and infant.

There’s your answer hannah and all others.

Stephanie on

If this system works for her, I am happy for her and her family. However, those of you blasting those against breastfeeding at that age for expressing an opinion are hypocrites. Just as Kelly Preston has an opinion about breastfeeding and co-sleeping, we are allowed to as well. I won’t judge her as a mother but I personally would not breastfeed a 16 month old and I especially would not be sharing my bed with my child at that age…make that at any age! It doesn’t make me insensitive or a bad mother to have that view. It is simply an opinion and just as her children might be happy and healthy, so are my two boys who have never been breastfed or slept in my bed.

jj on

I was not breastfed. I am a college grad, journalist, no illnesses or diseases. CLOSE with my mother. My best friend and her brother were breastfed. He is now obese and they both have a VERY strained relationship with their mother. I cannot see how my mother and I can be any closer. My daughter was bottle fed FORMULA. She is very bright, adventurous and independent. She is almost 5. My friend breastfed her daughter and held her in a wrap for an extended period…the baby threw up often, needed a breathing device, has asthma. The kid is clingy and shy and does not play as well with others like my kid. So stop with all “the facts” it’s just bull and I am living proof.

jj on

“when was the last time Breast milk was recalled” WHAT AN ABSURD comment.

Do you know how many unhealthy women breast feed??? Do you know what kind of crap they are putting into their baby? You think drugs or alcohol or malnutrition is better than formuls??? OMG! Stop being a nazi.

There are millions of perfectly healthy bottle fed babes. STOP being judgemental.

Cristina on

Good for you, Kelly! I personally could only breastfeed for 12 months before I wanted my body back, but I honestly think that was mistake. My daughter dropped weight and I have to supplement with vitamins and pediasure.. if I knew I would have kept going until age 2.

Christina on

I begged a differ. I breastfed my daughter, she is now 16 months… Can’t imagine still breast feeding her! I agree, if they’re old enough to ask for it, it’s time to stop. Especially how many times she is breast feeding him during the day… And night! My daughter never cared for pacifiers, but if she asked for one, yes, I would tell her no she couldn’t have it. Again, this is coming from a mother who breastfed.

Anna on

I say keep going until their rehearsal dinner right? After that it’s just weird…

Karen on

I nursed my youngest til he was 3 or so. More like 3 1/2. He’s almost 14 now and doesn’t remember. It was just a blip, really. I’m glad I did it though. It was special, especially being my last child which I didn’t realize he would be our last until later. It doesn’t really matter down the road, late nursing ~ he doesn’t think about it, neither do I; maybe he is healthier, maybe not. But for me, looking back on it now, I think it meant a lot. It was a precious few years. It’s like reading that final book to your child when they get too old to listen and cuddle with you. When you look back and realize you didn’t know the last time would be the last time.

acr on

Stop argueing over on how others should parent!!! Who gives a fig if you don’t argee with how others parent. Who cares if you think it’s gross, no body asked you any way.
Breastfeeding is a personal choice. Co-sleeping is a personal choice.
To the person who made comments about the baby waking at night. Lucky you if your bubs slept through at 6 months but not all do.
Sharing a bed with a baby is not BAD for a relationship/marrage. Otherwise I would be devorced and I’m not. My husband is quite happy thank you very much and if you’re thinking I’m slacking with my “wifely duties” while there is a baby in our bed, who ever said you can only be a “loving” wife in bed -you must have no imagination.

Amanda K on

I would never judge someone for how they choose to feed their child so long as they’re healthy. I’m happy for her. She’s lucky to have the freedom to nurse for that long. If I didn’t have to work out of the home, I’d likely nurse longer than what I have planned for my baby.

Stormy on

If he can go hop on his bike and go buy milk for himself, he is too old to be breast fed. Until that time however, who cares.

Julie on

Kelly should breastfeed as long as she wants. I weaned at 8 months for various reasons. Everyone has their own timeline. I do however, get a little creeped out by kids breastfeeding over 2 years old, but that’s my problem not theirs.

raecate on

WOW this thread is insane. I could not read it all so sorry if this has been said: If you stop and think, I mean REALLY think, how could anyone believe that cow’s milk is better for a human toddler than human milk? Every American parent has heard that toddlers age 1 to 2 should drink whole cow’s milk but switch to low fat after age 2. Toddlers NEED fat for proper brain development which is happening rapidly during age 1-2 and human breast milk has the perfect amount and kind of fat for a human toddler. This is why the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to at least age 2. Here in the states the American Ass. of Pediatrics says breastfeed or formula at least one year and than you can let good old cow’s milk take over if you like. Will a kid do fine on cow’s milk – most do, if not allergic – but again stop and think COW’S milk vs. human milk. Both organizations say milk at least to age 2 for proper development. It’s a personal choice – but how can anyone argue that human milk is not appropriate for a baby after age one but somehow cow’s milk is essential. It just makes zero sense! Last time I checked the human race was thriving long before we ever starting consuming cow’s milk. The dairy industry has spent billions convincing us that we need cow’s milk. And by the way – if you drink cow’s milk or eat cheese or yogurt than you too are breastfeeding – off a cow! Even baby cow’s give it up eventually.

Gail on

It is so nice to hear a busy celebrity nursing and co-sleeping instead of having a Nanny take care of her infant/toddler. Kuddos to her and John Travolta. I nursed my singleton until he was 21 months old and my twin daughter until she was 3 1/2 to sleep at night. My twin son quit due to reflux but, I pumped for him for 1 year. I would not have changed a thing 🙂

Leila on

I’m sorry but I think there is something wrong with a mother who believes that it’s good to breastfeed a child who is old enough to eat normal food. This goes beyond the usual reason for added nutritional benefits. There is just something disturbing about seeing a child who is old enough to be in school grabbing at their mother’s breasts.

Diana Cassar-Uhl, IBCLC on

I wrote this blog post about babies who are “old enough to ask for it … ”

mamaslosinthelbs on

I’m always saddened by the negative comments women make towards each other. 16 months is just a baby. Let them be.

Holiday on

I still nurse my 23 month old. Right now she has pneumonia and thankfully I am still breast feeding because she cannot tolerate and food right now. I think babies and toddlers should be breast fed, its the healthiest thing for them and it is made for our little ones. Now being 5 or 6 on the other hand like some posters claimed they nursed their kids too is excessive and I would never do that but Kellys baby is only 16 months old!

jj on

I like to just sit back and watch how the wonderful holier than thou women who breastfeed have to jam their facts down everyone’s throat. Can’t wait to have a baby and deal with these NUTS!

Let’s just all be quiet and let the nazis have the last word and end this thread, you can’t win. Clearly their kids are superior.

sheilabeila on

I agree that when they can ask for it then its time to stop… Of course I didn’t breastfeed any of my 3 girls because it grossed me out… I ws completely uncomfortable doing something that seemed so intimate with my children… Let the bashing begin!

Peggy on

This is just plain creepy. A 16 month old thats nursing almost 10 times a day?? And isn’t this something that should be kept private? He is just too old to be sleeping in the same bed as the parents.

Tiffany on

I know how she feels! I love nursing my 13 mo old! He loves it too! It will be hard to wean him..I am hoping he will self wean..He also loves to eat salmon, pasta, and alot of different foods! I also get up and nurse him in the night as he still sleeps with me and hubby. I love laying next to him and he snuggles with me!

bec on

i breastfed my son until he was almost two. and the weaning was easier than i thought! however, even now, at almost four, he still likes to hold my boobies for comfort. …that weaning process is taking a little longer.

Jude on

The thing nobody seems to have taken into consideration – regardless how you feel about extended breastfeeding – is that this is a woman who has lost a child. Maybe she just wants to keep her child as close to her as possible for as long as possible, because God knows they’re only little for a short time and there are no guarantees about how long they’ll be in our lives.

Charlene Connell on

Dr. JJ, you are indeed an uninformed doctor. Here is a peer review study, versus your ignorant opinion:

And here is the summary of the study “Conclusions. Human milk expressed by mothers who have been lactating for >1 year has significantly increased fat and energy contents, compared with milk expressed by women who have been lactating for shorter periods. During prolonged lactation, the fat energy contribution of breast milk to the infant diet might be significant.” From the peer review medical journal, Pediatrics.

Here is more information, if you care to be educated:

I wish your patients good luck.

jamie lee on

I say enough if he can speak like that and have TEETH

casey on

I have 4 kids and my baby who is 10 months literally overnight decided to wean himself from me. One night he nursed himself to sleep, the next day he did not want me at all. I’m beyond devistated about this (it’s been a week now)! I understand Kellys need and want to hold on, especially if it’s your last baby. I guess I should feel lucky it won’t be a struggle to stop unlike with my other kids, but seriously I thought he wanted me for a little longer!!!!

Laura on

As a child psychologist specializing in anxiety I breastfed my children and am a major proponent of breastfeeding. The risk in nursing into the toddler years is that children can be less likely to learn how to self-soothe. They continue to look solely to the mother for comfort. The ability to self-soothe is preventative for anxiety, depression, and other issues.

I have noticed that weaning can be more about separation issues for mom and have observed some correlation (doesn’t indicate causation) between moms who breastfeed into the toddler years and toddlers with separation anxiety and heightened sensitivity and difficulty adjusting to new environments.

Some children who are not predisposed to experience these issues may have no problems whatsoever; whereas some chidren who are predisposed may experience exacerbation of issues (by taking the breast when upset or to sleep) and not learning self-soothing and sleeping skills.

Dijana on

My son is 18 months old, still nursing 2-3 times at night and 2-4 times during the day and I’m proud of it 🙂 Oh, and we’re co-sleeping. Plan to continue for as long as my son has interest in bf. More and more people every day come to me and say how wonderful it is that I still bf my son, not that I would care AT ALL if someone says otherwise. I bf my son in public, rarely but I do. My son walks and talks and he asks for it 🙂

Leila on

I think it’s more about the mother than the interest of the child.

for pete's sake on

If JJ is truly a doctor, that just cements my continued quest for alternative and natural health care. How misinformed, ignorant and just plain irresponsible to spread such crap to mothers. You must be working for a formula company, that’s the only thing I can figure as to why you would spew such crap.

Anne on

Ewww! If he is asking for it, that’s just not right. He needs to be weened right a way. I breastfeed my children so I am aware of the benefits but I think it’s gone way too far.

normal mama on

Wow! I just can’t believe the bashing, the ignorance and the cruelty on this site. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until children are 2. In Europe, the average age of weaning is 18 months. Breastfeeding is so totally normal and healthy for children. Why do women feel so threatened by this, and so disgusted? And furthermore, who cares if the child is breastfed at 16 months? It’s good for him and for his mom, let him be comforted, what’s the big deal? I breastfed my daughter until she was 20 months and my son is 16 months. I do it not because I love it, but because I think it’s healthy for them and want to give them a good head start in life. What’s wrong with that?

Jenn on

I had no intentions of nursing my 2nd son as long as I did (2.5years). In fact, when I first started – I said just let me get through the first couple of months and we’ll see where we end up. Well, at age 1, he refused all liquids except breast milk (from the breast). Around 15months he stopped nursing in public (his decision, not mine) and would drink water or milk at that point, but still wasn’t much interested in it. At age 2years old, he was still nursing 2-3times a day and maybe once at night. His doctor was perfectly happy with that.

At age 2.5, I had wedding to attend (not child-friendly) and being that I had nursed longer than I’d ever planned, I slowly weaned him for about a month or so. We nursed once or twice more after that night, but he otherwise, gave it up pretty easily.

I think it’s WONDERFUL she feels so connected with her baby and that realizes the breastfeeding is just as happy and good for the mother as it is for the child 🙂

and Peggy – where did you get 10 times? she said 4-5times during the day and maybe once or twice at night – that’s at MOST 5-7 times a day total. bad a math?

and my son slept in our room until he was nearly 3 🙂 He sleeps just fine and happily in his own room now 🙂

Daniella on

Breastfeeding is NOT always a good thing. I’m all for it most of the time, but some people on here take it too far. My mother bottle-fed my brothers & myself & we’ve all turned out very healthy & rarely ever had problems as infants. However, my stepmother breastfed my half-brother for about 20 months, but she also smoked, drank & did drugs at the same time. I firmly believe that my (very sickly) half-brother would have been 100 times better off on formula than my stepmother’s poisoned breast milk.

Stacey on

Missing the point folks – BABIES nurse – NOT children!

sunshinefields on

I don’t recall blasting anyone for any decision they have made in regards to their child. In the situation of Kelly Preston, I am pretty sure if she is still nursing her child at 16 months old, her diet is pretty healthy. I also want to point this out to you:

Myth 10: If a baby isn’t gaining well, it may be due to the low quality of the mother’s milk.

Fact: Studies have shown that even malnourished women are able to produce milk of sufficient quality and quantity to support a growing infant. Most cases low weight gain are related to insufficient milk intake or an underlying health problem in the baby.

Mohrbacher, N., Stock, J. BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK. Schaumburg, Illinois: LLLI, 1997; 116-32.

Wilde, C. et al. Breastfeeding: matching supply with demand in human lactation. Proc Nutr Soc1 1995; 54:401-06.

And another thing, stating facts about breastfeeding is in no way a “blast” to mother’s who formula feed (for personal or medical reasons). Posting facts about nursing after 12 months is in no way a “blast” to mother’s who choose to wean at 12 months. To think otherwise is just silly. If you feel offended by those facts, than I would suggest you take a look at yourself. In my opinion if someone else’s parenting decisions offend you that much, you must be feeling guilty about your own parenting decisions. Don’t take that guilt out on other women, or use it to discourage women either. If you make a choice for your family, own it. Be strong in your decisions and have faith that you are doing the best for YOUR family. If you decide what you did wasn’t the best, then change it. When you know better, you do better.

Lexi922 on

I’m sorry but in MY opinion, if a kid can tell you that he wants to nurse, I think it’s time to stop.

shera on

No problem with the breastfeeding. Past a year is not for me, but not my kid. BUT he should be sleeping through the night at this point. My breastfed children (all 4) were sleeping through the night by 4 months. Oh and to everyone commenting on the APA standards for breastfeeding, you should also be pointing out that the APA DOES NOT endorse bed sharing with infants or children. A big pet peeve of mine is the pick and choose when it comes to the APA. Bed sharing is a risky behavior according to the APA.

normal mama on

Why are women who support breastfeeding called ‘nazi’s’? That’s a pretty harsh thing to say. Can’t we just think it’s ok? The rest of the world does…

Lexi922 on

I’m sorry but in MY opinion, if a kid can tell you that they want to nurse…it may be time to stop!!

Lisa Watson on

16 months do not need the milk like they did when they were born and definitely nursing that much. They are now big enough to eat food and drink milk and water. By 16 months, I was only nursing at naptime and weaned off. Nursing now is more a mom’s need than a child’s need. The mother doesn’t want to stop…

emily on

I am appalled. Seriously appalled. How can we, as women, judge other women for their mothering choices in such a vicious way. To the women who say a baby with teeth that can walk shouldn’t nurse anymore, my son started walking at 11 months and had several teeth. He also had a few words. Should I have stopped nursing him because of that? And to make it worse, he slept in our bed and still nursed at night. In fact he slept in our bed until he was almost three. The only reason he moved into his own bed, which was also in our room, was because after my daughter was born, the bed got a bit crowded. Although there are many nights that he crawls into bed with us. And we love it. We didn’t even buy my daughter a crib, because we knew she would sleep with us until she moved right into a toddler bed. Clearly this hasn’t affected our marriage as there was a second baby and we are in the process of working on a third.

I have a hard time understand why people care so much what other women do with their breasts. If that is the game we are playing then I want to say that all of you women who think that nursing beyond a year is so icky, I think that you are being selfish and doing what is best for you, and not your child. Same with the moms who make their BABIES cry it out at night. Totally selfish. And if we are being honest, cruel. To say that they need to learn to self soothe is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My son now sleeps through the night and is perfectly capable of putting himself to sleep both at bedtime and if he wakes in the middle of the night. Babies do know how to self soothe. That is why they are crying. Because they do want soothing. From their MOTHER. Not to be ignored in a dark, empty crib. Does it not seem strange to you people that the crying baby will stop as soon as it is picked up and given comfort?

But, wait. I forgot that babies are master manipulators. I feel sorry for those of you who really believe that. I feel even more sorry for your children. There, I said it. Because I do. And people wonder why children’s behavior is getting worse and worse. I don’t. Those kids are crying out for attention and love, and clearly have been since they were babies forced to self soothe and wean at a early age.

Do you charge your toddlers rent also? Make them do chores to earn their keep?

Sure, nursing is for the mother. But more so it is for the child. No mother could force a little one to nurse if the little one didn’t want to. In fact, many mothers struggle with getting their child to wean before the child wants to.

It makes my stomach turn to see the vitriol being spewed by some of the women here. I truly hope that I never have to interact with any of you. Oh wait, once you found out that I bedshare and extended nurse you would be so repulsed by me that you couldn’t stand to be near me. And that would be fine with me.

Elizabeth on

I’m getting a lot of criticism for still nursing my son and he’s only 9 months! I plan to cut back after a year and we’ll just let weaning happen naturally, but plan to be done around two. That’s what the World Health Organization recommends! It’s not just for nutrition, it’s for emotional and social development, too. It saddens me that people are so anti-BFing in the US. I’m not some pervert; I did my research and the data overwhelmingly demonstrates that nursing through about two is the best thing you can do for your child’s well-being. It’s really inconvenient as I work and have to pump during the day, but it’s worth it.

Julea on

I really like Kelly and proud she had another baby after losing her son. That was so sad. BUT, Kelly, please stop breast feeding, he is to old for that if he is asking for more and talking. Makes one to wonder, whats next!

annie on

You know…I don’t believe there is a correct answer to your question. How about when the child decides?? How many kindergarteners do you know who still want to nurse?

Tink on

What’s funny is people are actually believing what she says!

She didn’t have that baby, she’s not breatfeeding…it’s all an ongoing act that they have. Wake up people!

Ashley on

I think these mothers that breast feed that think they’re so much better than everyone else are incredibly rude to the selfless mothers that adopted their children. My sister adopted her baby, and I didn’t constantly remind her about the fact that she couldn’t breast feed her.

You all say “how dare you tell another mother when she should stop”, but how dare YOU tell other mothers that THEY are wrong for stopping early, or not breast feeding at all, isn’t that the same or worse?

For the record, I breast fed all my babies, so I’m not even biased towards the non-breast feeder’s side.

Charlene Connell on

OK, let me get this straight: Ppl come on here and criticize and insult this mama for feeding her baby human milk at 16 mo old, then turn around and say that bfing defenders are Nazi’s for pointing out that bfing has benefits and you should let this mama do as she pleases with her child since it works for her and is not harming her child? Her bfing her child until 16 mo is not an attack on your choice to wean early or bottle feed. Me, bfing my last 3 children full-term is also not an attack on you, nor on my weaning my 3 oldest between 9 – 10 mo.

There is so much ignorance in these comments, one barely knows where to start. I guess we should start by saying: This article was not title “Should I Continue Breastfeeding?” so why are you debating if she should or shouldn’t?

Here are some facts: “The minimum predicted age for a natural age of weaning in humans is 2.5 years, with a maximum of 7.0 years”
(for those predisposed to natural selection/evolution approach)

For those offended by the “we’re all mammals” comparison to animals, please see the stories of Samuel and Moses, who were nursed until the traditional age for Hebrews back then: 3 yr. Jesus would have nursed on Mary until 3 yr as well, and then had a weaning ceremony. (Interestingly enough, 3 yr happens to be the age at which the brain has tippled in size since birth and starts to grow at the normal rate, instead of the accelerated rate it grows at in the first three years of life.)

For stories of “I was formula fed and I was fine”, I’m so happy for you, but, in the grand scheme of things, its just a story. Peer reviewed scientific studies have proven life long and short term health benefits for mother and baby of bfing. You still want to ff, fine. Your right. I don’t think that makes you a bad mother, or a lesser mother. I don’t think it defines you as mother. Can’t bf? Same thing. But stop taking the facts about bfing as an attack.

Already posted about the nutritional facts of milk beyond a year. Many nutritional elements INCREASE per ounce, not the other way around.

Science has also proven, in peer reviewed studies, that unless a mom is actually severely malnourished, she will provide superior food for her baby OVER formula which is why WHO recommends bfing, even in countries with sub-par nutrition for a minimum of 2 years.

Everyone is allowed to feed their baby as they choose. Everyone is allowed to their opinion. However, recognize it as an opinion. It does not hold the weight of scientific fact.

Breast is NOT BEST. Breastfeeding is NORMAL. Formula feeding is inferior and carries health risks. Moms make choices which involve risk for their children daily. It is their right. Banana or fruit roll-up, forward facing or rear, swimming pool or not, smoking or smoke-free, and it is not our job to judge those who do things differently.

I am so glad I have learned to stop listening to the “you musts”, “you must nots”, and the “you should be able tos” and started parenting based on what I observed my child needs. Yes, my 28 mo old nurses–6 to 8 times a day. She is saying right now, “I want milkies” and she’s gonna get them. Make that, she has them. I am not doing this for me. Not only are there the documented health benefits for her (and me), but she still NEEDS to nurse. For comfort. For health.

Try this: Ask a bunch of moms if they bf and single out those who tried and failed. Ask them what happened. Some of them are going to say “My baby just wouldn’t latch. She wouldn’t take the breast.” Now, I’m not going to say a lactation expert couldn’t have helped her. Maybe they could; maybe they couldn’t. But here’s the point: YOU CANNOT MAKE A BABY BREAST FEED SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ANYONE COULD MAKE A TODDLER DO IT? The toddler has to want to bf or it isn’t gonna happen.

Seriously, consider putting your nipple in the mouth of an angry toddler who wants nothing to do with it. What do you think would happen? I can tell you this, it would not be nursing. Best case scenario: Toddler pushes the boob away. That’s the best you could hope for. So, if some toddler or preschooler is nursing, it is that child’s desire to still do so, and since it is a healthy thing, there is no reason for a parent to deny them that (unless the parent who owns the boob does not wish to do it). Simple as.

Lastly, I used to parent different. My 2nd had to CIO because he was waking @ 9 mo. 2 yr later he was dx’d w autism. Guess what? Turns out there was a medical reason he was waking. My 28 mo old has severe Sensory Disorder–across the board, all senses. She wakes when the a/c turns on despite 3 fans. She doesn’t want to wake; she’s tired too. But because of her sensory issues, self-soothing is not possible. Guess what? She was dx’d @ 18 mo, well past the age of most pplz CIO time.

I don’t post under my sister’s bragging about making her LO CIO @ 4 mo, I don’t read blogs about women CIO with their children and post about how cruel I think that is, I loved and supported my ff’ing sil and complimented her on how she snuggles with her son while feeding him a bottle, I refrain from posting on blogs where moms brag about how much better ff’ing was for them, but I have yet to see a pro-bfing blog or news story where a woman’s choice to bf was not put down. It’s likely the case for ff’ing posts, too, but you will notice I am choosing to support a mom here by defending bfing, as are all the bfing posts–supporting a mom in her choices

I choose to hold my tongue when I don’t agree with someone’s decisions because its not my place to put her down. Who is to say she’s wrong? How do I know I’m right? Unless advice is asked for, misinformation is presented (and then only if I can source it–and I leave off my opinion), or the point of the whole thing was a debate, I keep it to myself. Everyone is entitled to opinions, but that doesn’t make you not a bully for tearing another mom down.

All of this debate is so much UNSOLICITED ADVICE, and no one likes that. No one benefits in the Mommy Wars.

acorr on

K, your comment was beautiful to me. My first son only nursed for six weeks. My second son nursed for 3 years. After my first experience I never thought with my second I would last that long but I am so proud. I have seen both sides…formula and nursing. I would have gone longer but my son was starting pre-school and thought it was best for both of us to start weaning him. My husband and I co-slept with our children. 1st son till he was 3.5 when our second was born and the same with our second. We have a king size bed, with plenty of room. Not to mention we have many other rooms in the house for my husband and I to have relations, never did our sleeping habits inhibit our love life. I miss nursing my son. Sure he ate his meals, drank from a cup. For anyone who has nursed, you know that breastfeeding a three year old usually consists of; nursing when child is tired, stressed or just needs comfort. It is not forced, it’s natural. Gravitation from child to mother and mother provides. For those of you who don’t agree, that’s fine, do what you do and know that it worked for you BUT everyone has their own experince. I have never met a mother who was forcing a child to nurse. I’m sure they exist but I have yet to meet or hear of one.

Valarie on

Food as comfort. Wonder if there is any connection to that an obesity. 😦

Anonymous on

The breastfeeding association believe that you should breastfeed your child until at least 6 years old, but I think that is a little old, going to school with a good pair of choppers, no thank you. 🙂

mjohnston3 on

My little one only wanted to nurse until he could sit in a chair and eat foods and drink from a cup. I would have liked to have BF him longer but he is own little person and table foods and what we had were more interesting. My sisters kids all BF for various lengths of time and she definitely was unhappy when two of them weaned early. My son is a very affectionate, loving kid, and when he is cranky, hurt or tired he just snuggles. When he skinned his knee only his sippy cup and crying it out on my lap made him better, not daddy or sister or his puppy. Moms have a special bond and its pronounced in its way and time. This is personal decision between mom and baby so for anyone to make snide or nasty comments reflects poorly on representing our gender.

K on

“The plural of anecdote is not data.”

To all those who say, “I was fed formula and I’m perfect. A friend was breastfed and is sick and horrible” (in whatever way you say it), great for you. That’s an ANECDOTE. It’s not data.

JJ, you’re a “Dr” – of what? A PhD? A liar? An MD? You never specified. You also did not list any peer-reviewed research to support your claims. Others have provided research.

I do believe in extended nursing, and I guarantee it’s not for me. I would be totally fine if my daughter stopped nursing. I’ve been doing the “don’t offer, don’t refuse” method of weaning for 8 months now, and my daughter is still choosing to nurse. Does she nurse as much as she did as an infant? No, absolutely not. It’s nutrition, it’s comfort, and it’s a way to connect with me. Sometimes when she’s hurt, she asks to nurse. Sometimes she asks for kisses. She is a toddler, still very little, and I am willing to comfort her how she needs. And the few times she’s been sick, nursing has saved us – when she couldn’t keep down food or didn’t feel like eating, nursing kept her going.

This incredible need to bash parents is ridiculous. Her choices do not affect you. I believe in nursing, but I don’t get all pissy and bash a mom who chooses to wean her child or give formula. It’s a parent’s choice. The lack of knowledge is amazing, too. If you’re going to spout off about how bad something is, research it first. RESEARCH (not, “my parents did this and I’m fine” or other anecdotal information) supports the idea that children whose needs are met – who are held, comforted, etc. – are more independent children. Not anecdotes – research.

Lynne on

Great job, Kelly! My two youngest breastfed for 24 and 26 months and they are two of the healthiest kids on the planet. I can count on one hand how many times they have had antibiotics in their lives and they are now 14 and 17 years old. I have a wonderful relationship with them and I feel the strong bond that was created by breastfeeding is a contributing factor.

Anonymous on

If a mother wants to breast feed this late that is her right, but it seems to me as alot of others feel that if they can ask for it, they are to old to be latching on. Pump and they can still get your mothers milk, too late and the child may have a serious separation problem…just saying. I have three grown children that are smart healthy, and so are my grandchildren and none of them have been BF.

Release when you want that is your business, wean Ben and let dad
help out!!! ;-O

Lena on

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until age 2. Breastfeeding is an important health issue – it shouldn’t be frowned upon or judged by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Breastfeeding mothers need more support in this country!

amsjll on

I wonder how long this war will rage on?? So bogus. We call men dumb, all the time, but its women who bash each other and drag each other through the mud over the pettiest things, while they drink a beer and watch the game together, shaking their heads at women’s gossip and cattiness. They may be stupid, but women are pathetic.

Nel on

I am still nursing my almost 19 month old. I nursed my son until he was 23 months. I plan to until she weans herself. A friend nursed her 5 children and said they all naturally weaned between 2 and 2.5 years. My daughter asks or signs “more” for it, she also asks for apples, humus and crackers…she is learning to meet her needs. She just had surgery, was sick and refusing to eat. The nurses at the children’s hospital where commending me on how it was so good I was still nursing because breastmilk is easily digested and they were able to decrease the amount of nutrients they had to put through her IV, and probably made her recover quicker, even emotionally for her with lots of cuddling. Milk changes to meet the needs of a child and is meant to be supplemented by foods when they are eating solids. She is allergic to milk and nuts. The nutritionist said, at this age their is no good substitute for milk, she gets from me is all she needs when it comes to that part of her diet. She can’t have nut milks, soy is questionable at her age and not as fatty or rich enough for proper development. It works best for me.

Silly Person on

She has lost one son, let her enjoy her time and closeness with her last.

Michelle on

I am not concerned about the breastfeeding at 16 months or even the co-sleeping. But, the not sleeping through the night at 16 months is not good. He should be getting a good 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep by that age. He needs it.

pookiewookie on

Hes way to old to be brestfeeding. Maybe he’ll end up biting her nipple off. Hope she then doesnt resort to spitting in his mouth like some other oddball celebs do.

Kandyce on

blessedwithboys – so do you still breastfeed your kids at 18? your logic is absurd.

oh, and mary, i breastfed and am a huge proponent, and I still think if a kid is eating steak (and waking up all night at 18 mos old), then its time to make a change.

klara – trust me, i breastfed and don’t feel holier than thou.
but i agree, it’s all getting so weird for me.

so – i’ll end it with – i agree! breastfeeding and hugs for all! wash down the steak with some breastmilk.

so weird.

Kandyce on

oh and lisa, we aren’t “uninformed” – maybe while you are breastfeeding you can teach your kids that namecalling isn’t particularly nice.

EJ on

I lost my milk by the time my son was 4.5 months it was horrid on us both. My daughter is now 4 months and is a nursing pro =) Off the charts and full of cute rolls. I intend on nursing her as long as she wants =) Ive done it both ways now with a kid on the bottle and nursing and I vote nursing all the way!

Breastfeeding Mum on

Kudos to Kelly! What a gift to be able to give her son! Breastfeeding is the healthiest, most intelligent decision a woman can make for the benefit of her child. It is kindhearted and unselfish. It takes a major commitment on the part of the mum. But it is also the most rewarding and bonding gift to us, the mothers, too. As a breastfeeding mum, I am giving my daughter the best start possible. I cannot imagine anything less for my child. She deserves the world as do all children. Keep raising awareness, Kelly! Thank you!

Ann on

“how could anyone believe that cow’s milk is better for a human toddler than human milk?”

If God though that cow’s milk is better for babies than mother’s milk, he would put the cow’s milk into her boobs.

Sara on

What is this whole “bonding” thing with BF?! I BF my DD for 6 months, by then she was physically pulling away from me trying to see the world. She def did NOT want my breast in her face. For me it was about providing sustenance, for her it was about taking it. It is your kid, you carried him, you fed him, you look after him, is there not enough “bonding” in all of that?!

Mia on

If the kid can ask for it – it’s time to STOP.

The only logical reasoning to breastfeed is when it’s an infant + needs the extra nutrients + can’t be self sufficient (i.e hold a bottle/cup.)

Leslie on

“I like to just sit back and watch how the wonderful holier than thou women who breastfeed have to jam their facts down everyone’s throat.” –from Klara

After reading all the comments it seems that the rudest and most judgmental posts are from the women who are against breastfeeding a toddler.

AuntieSocial on

Personally, I think nursing is something that should be kept private. I know everyone who does it, is going to disagree with me; but,that’s my opinion and I have a right to it. I don’t like being in a public place and have some woman whip out her breast and stick a kid on it. It is entirely inappropriate and they should consider other people’s feelings about it. Why would you HAVE to do it in public? It isn’t necessary when you can bottle it when you know you are going to leave the house. Women who do it in public just want the attention, period. There is not a reason in the world to do it. Secondly, this isn’t medieval times, and when a child is old enough to eat regular food and know what they are doing, it’s time to stop breast feeding. A 16-month-old in the dam bed with you, is ridiculous. This kid is going to have mommy issues in the future if she doesn’t move him out of her bed and off of her breast. It’s just plain fricking weird to let it go that far.

Dilbert on

If the kid can eat filet mignon he’s definitely too big to be breastfed!!

If the kid has teeth it’s definitely time to give him real food only!

Lori on

@raecate, agree 100%. My first son only bf for 1 yr, #2 who was also named Benjamin 17 mos and #3 & #4 about 2.5 years. Last two weren’t interested in a soother or a bottle ever, I was a human soother at times, but that’s okay 🙂 As for those that said not to bf after they have teeth, that is so stupid! My first son had 3 teeth before he was 4 months old!
Humans stop producing lactase by about age 4 which is probably when we should be weaned, and for this reason we aren’t meant to have milk after this point, so please people don’t wean your child from your milk onto the milk of another species! Cow’s milk is for cows! Countries that consume the most dairy also have the most diseases, osteoporosis and bone fractures! Read the book “Whitewash” by Dr Joseph Keon 🙂

Lori on

@sheilabeila – Breasts are for breast feeding!!! Do you think other mammals thinks “oh I don’t feel comfortable nursing my baby”? What do cats, dogs, elephants etc feed their young? Most cows would love to be given the opportunity to feed their babies, but because of human greed their babies are taken away from them within 24 hours and sometimes immediately 😦 Cows milk is for cows not humans!!!

Unless you have some sort of medical problem that prevents you from not breast feeding, it is pretty much child abuse not to! How selfish of you!
Okay bashing done!

Silly Person on

It amazes me how many are pro breastfeeding. I think it is great. Would you still be a supporter if Kelly whipped it out at the mall or would she have to go into a bathroom stall to feed her child. So is it okay to breastfeed your child as long as you keep it to yourselves?

Jen on

That’s really weird and creepy the way she describes breast feedng him. I did mine when they were babies, but hey this boy is now a toddler, that is too weird the way she acts like SHE is getting something from it. It’s feeding your child when they are a BABY, that’s all it is, NOT whatever she is making it into, she needs to stop, sounds like she’s actually admitting she’s getting “more” from it than just feeding her child, she needs to move on and stop this before it turns into something more unhealthy than it sounds. Too weird for me. AND do we really need to know this? WHY can’t celebs keep their mouths SHUT? They say they want privacy, but then go on to the media about something like this that should have been kept PRIVATE. Learn to shut it up Kelly.

Dawn on

I think the “need” is for Kelly.

Mia on

@37 months – it’s a 3 year old… creepy + crippling.

W-Blog on

I am a scientist: Even the best formula does not contain antibodies, which protect your child against many deseases – therefore it is still very beneficial to breastfeed older babies in rich countries.

In my opinion “the baby product industry” has no true interest in (long) breastfeeding, because these women won’t buy expensive formula, bottles, will need less medicine for their babies, etc., which means a huge financial loss.

Anonymous on

Good for her (and her son)!

WOW on

Very interesting!

Scientologists arent supposed to BREAST FEED!

L Ron Hubbard said it was bad for babies and he tells mothers to feed their babies barley water, corn syrup and cows milk

Wheres your barley water Kelly & Jenna?

Bella on

HERE we go……..

All these “breast feeding is beautiful mommies”.


Its private. leave it there and if you get more out of it than the kid does theres something wrong. PS-to the “mommy” who said let him go as long as he wants….well, when hes 12 Im sure it wont be “cute”.

Yeah, I breastfed. I did it in private and didnt share it with the world. Theres nothing wrong with it until your boobs are hanging out in a restaurant or your out there telling the wrold how “magical” it is.
This whole topic makes me SICK.

anelca on

breastfeeding is normal. Wherever and however long a mother wishes to do it, it is normal. Bed-sharing and co-sleeping are also normal.
I am shocked at the vitriol displayed in some of these comments, and cheered by others.
I am also a bit surprised there is even a discussion about this. If you want to breastfeed, co-sleep and/or bed-share then do so….if you don’t, then don’t.
Everyone has a choice and shouldn’t be judged for the option they go for

Ashley on

“BlessedwithBoys” is indeed a nutcase, wowwwwwww. What more can be said? NO CHILD should be breast-fed past a year old, and to take it up to seven years old???? Holy schnikes. So many nuts out there and on this board, it’s mind-blowing.

Trin on

This is very interesting to me. If people were to see a 16 month plus child with a bottle it would be why isn’t this child using a cup yet. Why is it any different for breastfeeding? Also everyone talks about the nutrients the child gets. Children only get the nutrients if the mother eats correctly, if Mom’s eating junk that’s what baby is getting.

A 16 month old child should have a schedule. The child should be sleeping all night long in his own bed.

Marie on

I am not so taken back by the breastfeeding as “he feeds a couple times a night”??? And he’s in their bed too?? Must be nice to be able to sleep all the next day then because seriously that just sounds like a recipe for NO SLEEP.

mary on

50??? Talk about SOUR milk!

Nichole on

I nursed my baby at 16 months. I only stopped because I was super tired from a new pregnancy. Would have gone longer. Maybe this time. Breastfeeding rocks!

Katie on

If a kid can ask for it, they are too old!!
God I can’t believe this kid has been sleeping in their bed for the last 16 months. I bet that’s great for the marriage. Not to mention this is not good for the kid either.
Celebrities just try to be eccentric nowaways. It’s stupid.

Jean on

16 months old and “not on a schedule yet”? Sorry but that is just bad parenting. I don’t beleive in co-sleeping personally, but if you are going to do it it is completely ridiculous to be feeding a 16 month old several times during the night.

Breastfeeding at 16 months isn’t so awful but 3 years, 4 years…that is really just for the mother, not the child. And I have said it before and I will say it again and again: Breast is only best IF the mother has a balanaced diet. If the mother is eating crap and breastfeeding you are better off with formula.

Seems to me she’s trying to raise a completely co-dependent child. Which is rather stupid considering the fact that she and Travolta will be 70 when this kid goes to college.

Niki on

It is up to the parent but OMG when the child is pointing and asking that’s a little much! Please watch the movie “Grown Ups” and you will see what you are doing and what your son will be forever remembered at when he is a teenager/adult ……. mommy’s boobs! Seriously, too much information, think of him. Don’t you think this article will not come back when he is older !!!

Olivia on

Stacy, all babies ask for it from birth. What do you think crying and rooting to nurse is?

Allison on

Really? 16 months old and says mama more. Thats rediculous. Im appalled by this. When kids and talk that a bit too far. Time to cut the umbilical cord .

K on

Look – if your baby can WALK up to you to breastfeed – I think it is time to stop. This coming from a Mom who breastfeeds. If you’ve ever witnessed this in person, it’s weird. He’s not 2, he’s 24 months, LOL – c’mon!

charlie on

I guess my comment would be more along the lines of I don’t care how long she breastfeeds her son, but more of the thought at what AGE is it appropriate to realize you are too old to have children.

She’s freakin 50 years old, the age of most granny’s and she has a toddler….

A woman’s body goes through menopause around age 40-45, even as late as 49, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to become preg at that age.

jj on

Yikes, these posts! My sister went through a terrible time with lactation consultants at the hospital. I DO believe the term NAZI comes from people like susnshinefields and others here. Your posts are loaded with FACTS, but your tone is totally saying this is best and what you do is not.

and the post abt fact vs ancedote…is also very attacking.

I didn’t read that they said they were perfect.

By far the most defensive and emotional people here are breastfeeders. Why is that?

Leave formula feeders alone. Do your reasearch about what educated people were FF.

Abt Kelly, it is likely- after her sons death- still sleeping with their baby and she can’t begin weening because of grief.

Sarinette on

This shows you how obsessed with breastfeeding America has become! Everybody is commenting on whether or not it is right for Kelly to breasfeed when her child is 16 months old but not of the fact that her son still needs to be fed TWICE at night at that age! Maybe it is time to try to change that, he does not physiologically need to be fed at night, not when eating filet mignon… Maybe it would help to move her son to his own room for the night? Not a big fan of cosleeping myself but that’s her choice too. I just think it makes it harder for babies to learn to sleep through the night.
And for the record, I have nothing against women breastfeeding for as long as they want, I was not able to do it myself but tried. My son is almost 2 and still enjoys drinking his milk from a bottle while sitting on my lap and I would not think of changing that until he is ready. It’s our special time when he gets the comfort he needs.

Olivia on

jj – that is horseshit and I feel sorry for all the patients of yours you have misinformed. The quality of breastmilk does not diminish. Sure, after a year or so a child will need additional food, but breastmilk itself is still a great nutritional bonus.

Chill on

I know for me, I had no desire to breast feed and that was my decision. My child is almost 3 years old and has only been to the doctor for well visits. She is very healthy and everywhere we go people comment on what a happy baby she is. She laughs and smiles all the time, and guess what she never had breast milk. I am sure there are other happy babies out there that have never been sick that were breast fed and that is ok too, but to say that it is child abuse to not breastfeed your baby that is just ridiculous and stupid. I guess you think it would be better for someone doing drugs to breastfeed her child then to bottle feed because obviously breast is best.

I will also add…and this is just my opinion, but when a child is asking for the breast it is time to stop just like when a child is telling you they need a diaper change it is time for potty training!

SpecialMOM on

Sleeping in the bed, such a bad idea. Have to wean him of that as well because now that’s a habit that has to be broken. I know this from raising my own children. It becomes a problem when you co-sleep w/a kid who breastfeeds.

Lisa on

Time to stop being selfish and cut the strings Kelly!!! At 16 months, Ben should be on a schedule, drinking out of a cup and sleeping in his own bed. It’s also ridiculous to be breastfeeding him several times in the middle of the night. He’s not a baby anymore…he’s a toddler!!! There are many ways to be and feel close to your child without putting him to your breast!!!

Olivia on

jj – Just saw your second comment. If breastmilk started decreasing in nutrients after colostrum ends that would be only 2-5 days of value. Where the hell did you get your medical degree?!

Well Rested on

We use to co-sleep. No one was getting any sleep. She would toss and turn and flip and each time it would wake me up. I decided to put her in her crib and at first it was really hard because I wanted her right beside me, but she has slept all night ever since that day. She sleeps better and my husband and I sleep better. I just dont think it is normal for a child this age to be waking up as much as he is.

Andi on

I breast fed both my boys and enjoyed it and feel they did better because of it. That being said, when an infant/child begins eating from the table, the breast should go. Just because you “can” do something, doesn’t mean you “should.”

Wowsers on

Am I the only one that finds this post a lil weird…

breastfed my son until he was almost two. and the weaning was easier than i thought! however, even now, at almost four, he still likes to hold my boobies for comfort. …that weaning process is taking a little longer.

– bec on April 18th, 2012


MamaM on

Good for her! My 17 year old son is still nursing. I love our special bonding time and he loves taking time out from his busy day exploring any and everything for snuggles and mama milk.

jj on


Lori- you accused those who choose not to BF as child abusers?! Shame on you!!!!!!

Emily on

Agreed Valerie!!

jj on

Breastfeeders are clearly haters on formula feeders. Guess they are so consumed in creating the perfect child that they don’t give a crap about other humanbeings feelings.

Ally on

OKAY Kelly I get it! You want to keep that oh so wonderful closeness during breastfeeding. BUT do you not realize all they other ways you can keep this closeness going? My oh so most favorite times- reading books snuggled up with my toddler, after bath time snuggled in a towel & rocking in the rocking chair singing my childs favorite songs- playing-puzzles, board games, playdough etc…. There are SO many ways to keep that snuggling going. Ben does not need to be at your breast to know that he still DOES need you Kelly and will for quite some time.

April on

You can’t MAKE a baby/toddler nurse when they don’t want to!

So obviously Kelly’s baby still wants to nurse and she wants to nurse him.

Good for you Kelly, doing what feels right for you and yours.

Shannon on

Creepy. John, please pay more attention to your wife.

Melissa on

Seriously people?! So much judging. The woman lost her beloved child. If she wants to nurse and co-sleep with her 16 month old then leave her be..

TJ on

That’s gross. When they can talk and walk, it’s time to stop. Infants only need breastmilk, up to one year old. They have received all the nutrients and antibodies they need by that age. After that, it’s just the mother who can’t let go of it. He also needs to sleep in his own bed.

Motheroftwo on

I find it funny that everyone is on here debating about who is right and who is wrong. The only people who know what is right when it comes to nursing are the mother and the child. Everyone is different, some people breast feed some formula feed, people need to stop being so ridiculous. In some societies that is all the nutrients the kid can get for years so they breast feed for far longer than we do here in America. As long as the mother is willing and the child is receiving everything he/she needs in life love, happiness, care, then that is all that matters. I don’t care if your a doctor or nurse or just a loud mouth idiot you have no right to dictate what someone else does with their child, simply because it is THEIR child. If you want to put on your bossy pants then have a kids and dictate your own life.

Michelle on

this gets me soo upset between breast feeders and formula feeders. I had twins a year ago born 3 months to early do to my cervix and i knew it was VERY important they recieved whatever breat milk i can get and let me tell you i tried for a month but having preemies, stress and trying every method the nurses gave me to help with my milk it just dried up and the feeling i had was un bearable thinking i couldn’t provide for my children even tho i was on hospital strict bed rest for 2 months that shows how much i tried to do EVERYTHING for my children.

That being said it is VERY hurtful and wrong for breat feeders to say we are giving our children poison or we are selfish for not breast feeding. MOST formula feeding mothers have NO CHOICE. there are many reason as to why we can’t not everyone has that option. For those who choose NOT to breast feed at all aslo is THERE choice and should not be shunned because thats what they choose. We all bond with our children NO MATTER how we choose to feed our kids. The NICU doctors even stated to me the formula they give preemies and not preemies have everuthing breat milk has just not the same nipple. So i wish ppl who are against formula feeding mothers need to realize there NO BETTER than us at all. My year old preemies who only got breats milk for a month and are on formula are doing AMAZING and the docotrs love how BIG, HEALTHY and HAPPY my children are…


Sara on

While I personally think it’s gross to breastfeed for this long, what’s more disturbing is the frequency. If her son is eating filet mignon, scallops, etc., why does he need to be breastfed several times a night and 4-5 times a day?!?!?!

Sounds like this is more for her benefit than his.


jj on

Agreed Ally!!!!!! Thank you!~

JMO on

If you are doing it for your baby it’s one thing but if you are doing it for yourself it’s another! He is still a baby and I see nothing wrong with bfing a 16 mos old however it seems to me there are alot of “me” going on in this article. I think perhaps this could be because it’s hard for her to let go knowing this is her last child her last “baby” and they are only so small for so long so she’s trying to hold on to this for as long as she can. I really see nothing wrong with that.

I am all for breastfeeding if you can do it. I haven’t gotten to that point yet and would admit a few years ago had I had a child I probably would have never considered it. But as I get older I realzie how important it is for the child but most importantly it’s FREE!! Why would anyone not want to atleast give it ago for that reason alone?!

But for me personally my cut off would be 12 months. There are so many nutritionally enriched foods that you can give to your child to take place of breastmilk. So many parents who are all about breast feeding because it’s “healthier” will also be the same people that will also feed their kids hotdogs, potato chips, and juices filled with sugar! So if you maintain breast is best I hope you also maintain healthy eating habits for you little one’s throughout their growing!

sheilabeila on

Well for starters Lori, I’m not a cow… Secondly did you se riously say I’m a child abuser because I CHOSE not breastfeed my children?! Last time I checked, we had the right to choose in America… You my friend are plain ignorant..

Paula on

Okay, I breastfed my son until he was one. At that point he was walking, talking (sort of) and ready to start sitting down and eating regular meals. This isn’t an anti-breastfeeding deal. Of course it provides nutrients but so does solid food and at some point, we all have to let it go! As far as comfort, do you really want to teach your child that food and/or an oral fixation is what they should look for? I’m thinking that could create some serious issues later on. And let’s talk about the marriage bed for a minute – how long is junior going to be sleeping between mom & dad? What’s the appropriate age for that – 2, 6, 10, 18? Please!

Heather on

I have a 20 month old son that I BF for his first 5 months. FOR ME, I couldn’t imagine still having him attached to my boob. FOR ME, it seems a little strange if the child can ask to be breastfed. Plus, I enjoy sleeping through the night, so BFing a couple times during the night wouldn’t work for me either. But everyone is entitled to their OWN opinions and to BF their own children as long as they’d like. I don’t think there’s a right way or a wrong way, and if we as moms would stop judging each other and start supporting each other the world would be a better place to raise children.

Lisa on

That is awful and disgusting, as a nurse it is extremely unhealthy to breast feed a baby well over one year old.

divya on

I am so very proud of Kelly! to be able to nurse her baby past one year is awesome! I nursed my son for 20 months and he stopped nursing by his 2nd birthday (4 months later). The time we had was so very special. And i think with the loss of their son, Jett, this is her way of replacing that special bond.

bh on

Good Lord, she lost a child. Why are you suprised she clings on to this one? I think any mother would.

Jeff on

Absolutely disgusting. If your child is speaking, he should not be breast feeding. I am a father of 4, including a 1 month old that is currently breastfeeding. The thought of my wife breast feeding a 16 month old is horrible. Preston is just another Hollywood Mom who needs attention and will use any platform to get it. Including exploiting her child. The child does not need those nutrients, as he is getting it from all of the expensive food they seem to be eating. These stars have no clue about how the rest of us live.

Anonymous on

I think breastfeeding children past age 2 for sure is disgusting. Sure it is a comfort if they are feeling anxious or upset but based on that mind set if your spouse is feeling the same are you going to let him BF, it’s a comfort for them also. The are other ways to comfort your child besides sticking your breast in their mouth, hug them, give them a teddy bear teach them ways they can make themselves feel better so they grow up with some form of coping with disappointments. It is of no nutritional value to BF children as they get older, it’s purely emotional for mother and child, that seems wrong to me.

Catca on

@mya, I’m sorry but while I agree with your sentiments regarding breastfeeding in terms of it being a great source of nutrition as well as passing immunities to the baby and have no problem with moms who breastfeed toddlers, but not all babies are into it. My son latched like a champ and was fine breastfeeding until about 3 months old and then I had to fight him to get him to eat. He didn’t want to be facing a breast when he could be looking around and observing the world when eating. He loves to cuddle and we have a close bond, but I ended up having to pump and bottle feed because he didn’t like breastfeeding, and my son is not unusual. Many babies do like to breastfeed, no doubt about that. But be careful with your sweeping pronouncements or you may give new moms insecurities about their babies that maybe there’s something wrong if most babies love it and theirs doesn’t. Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing and I encourage all moms to try it, but it doesn’t bring all babies and mothers closer together. While it’s true for many moms and babies, it’s also not true for many others.

Malissa on

I’m sorry (and I’m probably going to start a war) but when your child ASKS to be breastfed, its time to STOP. It’s embarrassing and gross, a child asking to me breastfed! Just my opinion.

Beth on

I think there are more appropriate ways to feel close to your child than still having them on your breast beyond a year old. As far as nutrition, serve your breast milk in a cup.

Mimi on

Grody. When the child asks for it…..that’s just plain grody. Yuck.

Monica on

Leave her alone! Have any of you ever had a 16 mo old?? They are NOT children, they are still very much babies. They are just learning to walk, talk, and play. They are no longer infants, but they are just barely toddlers. There is nothing wrong with still nursing your baby as long as you want. I weaned my oldest at 12 mos because I wanted to be in control of my body again but regretted it when a week later she came down with rotavirus and the ONLY thing she would “eat” for 2 weeks was breastmilk. Fortunately I had a huge supply stocked in my freezer so I was able to use that. With my 2nd I had her weaned down to just morning and night at 15 mos and planned to stick with that as long as she wanted, but then my grandmother passed away and I had to leave town for a week and ended up completely weaning her then. I wasn’t in such a rush that time because my husband insists she’s the last kid so I want to cherish every minute with her since they grow so fast.
It’s not even a debate on breastfeeding vs formula feeding. I am glad she is being so open about her nursing- the more people hear about famous people nursing- the more “regular” people might be willing to give it a try.
As far as co-sleeping, it’s not something I would do- and I would definitely not still be feeding my kids thru the night, but to each his own. I am what could be called a sleep nazi- if mama doesn’t get enough sleep, everyone suffers so I was very glad to have my kids sleeping thru the night early on. But if she’s ok with it- good for her!

MM on

The kid is old enough to be eating solid food and drinking from a cup! He has had plenty of time to get antibodies and nutrients from her! I can just see him running around playing and deciding to jump up in her lap to nurse! Just so disgusting and warped! Therapy is in order

Rita McGill on

to jj, you are a doctor I would never go to, go back to school and get more education on breastmilk, although we are all entitled to our own opinion. God didn’t creat us incorrectly. Humans are the only mammals that feed our baby humans the milk of another mammal. I breastfeed all three of mine untill the were over 3, none of them had a separation problem, in fact they were more secure knowing that they could come to me at anytime to get milk. Sometimes it was for just a sip and othertimes it was for a nap. They are now 25, 28, and 32 and they are very secure and independant adults and they don’t ask for milk anymore, lol. My oldest has 2 children of her own, 15mo and 5 years and yes the are BOTH still nursing.

MPav on

I could not be more sick of listening to idiots talk about how breastfeeding should stop at a year. So it’s okay to breastfeed for 365 days but not 366??? Do you people that are saying that even realize how stupid it makes you sound? Let’s all parent the way most of society does….stick a bottle in a baby’s mouth, when they’re upset stick a passy in their mouth, and when they can’t go to sleep let them cry it out. Two of my kids had some formula and pacifiers, but I’m not too ignorant to have an open mind. What Kelly is doing in no way affects any of you that have such a negative opinion so let her be. She’s nurturing her child in a beautiful way. It’s a shame that so many moms refuse to experience that because they’re afraid of what society might think!!

Ellen on

Good for her!!! raise that baby to be strong and healthy!!! Proud nursing mother of a one year old!!! Keep strong and do what you think is best for your little ones

Missy on

I believe at 16 months old you should no longer be breastfeeding, especially when your child can ask for it. I also believe that at 16 months old your child should be sleeping through the night in their own bed and shouldn’t require a feeding. If the child is eating grown up food he is getting plenty of nutrients.

Realist on

When will celebrities stop insulting people’s intelligence? Gotta have a child in order to breastfeed! Now, if your surrogate is still breastfeeding, great job!

Amaryllis on

Honestly, I don’t care what anyone does in the privacy of their own home, as long as I don’t have to see it. If I don’t have to see her pulling her boobs out while I’m eating MY filet mignon, it’s all good to me.

Dr. JJ is partially right. Breast milk does change in composition after one year, but it is not nutritionally inferior. It starts to have more fat in it, probably in response to the growing child’s need for more calories. Children who do nurse beyond the first year generally eat regular food and nurse fewer times per day (i.e., in the morning and before bed), and so the breast milk is not contributing as many nutrients to the child’s diet as it is in the first six months, when a mother is likely to exclusively breast feed.

Breast milk is NOT sufficient to meet all the nutritional needs of a child beyond the first four to six months (depending on the study you read) because the child is growing, not because the nutritional value of the breast milk decreases. Studies in 3rd world nations found that approximately 1/3 of a child’s nutritional needs can be met through breast milk as long as the mother was at least 70 percent of normal body weight.

I would link studies, but I’m sure that would flag my comment. I am credentialed in the area of nutrition, FWIW.

tlc on

BLessedwithboys, you are the same woman that posted on Alicia Silverstone’s article that you breastfeed your FIVE YEAR OLD SON (but you stated he was “60 months old”) and that you give him a TOP UP before he goes into his kindy class!!! You are warped…

Breastfeeding fine, up until 2 years old, fine your choice, but when you are emotionally scarring your child to breastfeed him in front of his peers..there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU..not him..YOU. You are going to have all sorts of issues with him…it’s not funny.

Breast is not also “best”. My niece and nephew were both breastfed until they were each 2. Both of them are always sick, got colds, ear infections, bronchitis whatever. Every month they are at the doctor or on some new meds. My son was formula fed (I had surgery and couldn’t feed/no milk came in) and he has been on antibiotics ONCE in his 11 years on this earth and is NEVER sick. My daughter who we adopted was also bottle fed and she has never been on antibiotics and she just turned 3. Breast may be the choice for some, but don’t tell me that it’s better because my kids are proof that it’s not the end all be all…

tippy on

the World Health Organization recommends nursing till 2 and for as long as both mother and child want to after that. Go Kelly Preston!

acs1281 on

WTG, Kelly! I know what you mean about loving nursing. I only had one child and don’t want more, but I would LOVE to be a wet nurse. There’s just something magical about it for me. I think formula is disgusting and should only be used as a last resort (they found RAT POISON in that stuff a few years back- no rat poison in my tah-tahs!) Obviously it’s a personal choice. My daughter had NOTHING but breastmilk until she was 6 months old, by 10 months I started mixing cow milk in with breastmilk and at a year she was on cow milk. However, she and I both loved nursing so much, that we continued until she was about 2- only twice a day and occasionally before naps on the weekend. I was very lucky in that we both naturally weaned ourselves. I’m also VERY proud of the fact that my daughter NEVER got a drop of formula. I’m glad to see more celebrities promoting the boob! (In a GOOD way for once!) 🙂

daniellebette on

I’m proud to “still” be nursing my son Asher for the past 29 months – he is almost 2.5 – and I will continue for as long as it is mutually beneficial. Nursing a toddler or nursery school age child is extremely different than nursing an infant. The frequency is less often – he nurses twice a day, first thing in the morning and before bed, and sometimes during the day. Because he’s a “big boy” when he asks to nurse and I don’t want to and tell him, he typically says “oh, ok” and finds something else to do. But when he’s upset or hurt, it comforts him.

I am so tired of the “if he can ask for it he’s too old argument” or “if he has teeth, he doesn’t need to drink breastmilk” – why? Who started those silly arguments. Should I expect my 6.5 year old daughter to cross the street on her own just because she can run really fast? She still needs her mama to hold her hand. Perhaps it’s time for her to get her first tattoo because she’s already getting her permanent adult teeth.

And no, Anya is no longer nursing. We stopped just before her second birthday. And she is a very happy, healthy well-adjusted child.

Sg on

Wow, it’s good that we have people here who know how babies/toddlers have been fed since the dawn of man. Fake milk has only been around since early 1900’s. Remember that there were thousands of years before that where the ONLY milk a baby could get was from its mother. In fact in MANY parts of the world it still IS the only food a baby can get. There would be MORE babies and toddlers dying DAILY if all mothers felt they couldn’t nurse a baby FOR AS LONG AS THEY BOTH wanted. My son was just past 2 when he weaned himself. He was too interested in the rest of the world to sit still to nurse.

Kiki on

If they are old enough to ask for it or point to it then it’s time to stop. Gross.

Jean G. on

I’m at 22 months breastfeeding and very proud of it. My little girl is almost ready to wean herself and we will be done but I am proud of the time and nutrients I have been able to give her. Way to go Kelly! And for almost 50, she looks awesome!!!

Sg on

formula has been ONLY been around since 1867. This was obviously WAY before refrigeration or dependable clean water for that matter.

JKinser on

Come one…it’s more for her than it is for the child. Filet Mingon and Scallops? I think he’s perfectly well fed without the nipple.


Dr JJ,

Why don’t you pony up some evidence for your false claims that breastmilk diminishes in quality so that it is no longer of any value to a breastfed infant past 1 year. Colostrum is specifically designed for a newborn baby, mature milk does not DIMINISH in quality, it CHANGES to meet the needs of the growing baby. Bet you $5 you’ve no idea what those changes are.

The fact that you suggest formula is somehow equivalent despite the hundreds of studies to the contrary seriously makes me question your claim that you are a doctor. If you are, I’m so saddened that you would choose to operate a non-evidence based practice. Why don’t you sign up for some breastfeeding classes for CERPs this year and learn something about the subject before you go out advising masses of women that there are no consequences to make poor choices for themselves and their babies.

I realize the medical schools in this country are sorely lacking in breastfeeding education, so I can see how you wouldn’t know what you are talking about. Unfortunately, you stick MD behind someone’s name and that makes people think you actually know something. Come on Dr, you don’t really think that paragraph you read in med school makes you an expert in breastfeeding, do you?

Come on Dr JJ, what’s your specialty??? Are you a dentist? Veterinarian? Oh, I’ve guessed it! You have a PhD in BS.

Hmmmm, or maybe you work for the formula industry. If I were going to bet, I’d bet that’s the case.

BTW, MY specialty is in LACTATION, so I do actually know what I’M talking about.

Ann on

“When will celebrities stop insulting people’s intelligence? Gotta have a child in order to breastfeed!”

Not true. Look up “induced lactation”. The only one who insulted your intelligence is you.

sal on

You people are crazy! How on earth is breastfeeding a BABY “gross”? He is 16 MONTHS old, not 6 YEARS old. A 7 month old baby can point and let you know they want to nurse, how is that different? You saying that a baby that can let you know they want to nurse is gross and its time to stop is ridiculous and it makes you sound very immature. FYI your breasts are for BREASTFEEDING. Ive never in my life gotten the memo that our breasts come with a manual and guidlines on when to stop nursing your children. Grow up, seriously

Lissy on

I’m confused why anyone would think that cow (or even goat) milk would be better for my child than human milk, even if the child is over a year old. Why would I give my child cow breast milk instead of human breast milk? and my pediatrician does recommend that I give my toddler at least one glass of milk per day. So why is it wrong that it’s milk from a human? How do you all think humans survived up until now? How do you think mothers fed their children before formula existed? Formula is a good solution for women who cannot produce milk, but human milk is the absolute best thing for babies and toddlers. I’m so sad that this is even an article. Why does anyone else care how long I breastfeed my child? it means absolutely nothing in your life, but apparently I’m weird or wrong or “backwards” because I feed my child how God and nature intended.

M on

To the “If he can ask for it, he’s too old” bunch. My 4 year old could ask for milk at 6 months, verbally. Did this mean she was too old? The formula companies don’t seem to think so. They market their milk until 2 or 3 years old. What’s the difference between my milk and theirs… That’s right… money in their pockets.

sal on

This is what is wrong with America…its perfectly fine to see a woman with her breasts hanging out on a billboard or in a skimpy, tiny bikini BUT heaven forbid women actually use their breasts to breastfeed their children for more than a few months! He still has 8 months until he is 2 for goodness sakes, Its not like he is saying “Mother, I would like to nurse now”…he is a baby. Who cares if he can let her know he wants to nurse.

LM on

Why is a 16 month old child waking up 2X a night in the first place? Children need structure and setting a schedule is not a bad thing. Sleeping in her bed still!?! That is a recipe for disaster. Good luck trying to get him out of it and I can only imagine how your marriage is since you aren’t sleeping alone with your husband. I beleive her need to still BF is an emotional choice for her along with the co-sleeping. Not a wise choice. I am all for breastfeeding and definitely did it for my child but come on.


Dr JJ,

Just one more thing. You do know the DHA in formula is grown from Algae, right??? EWWW.

Women, this good doctor has proposed that formula is now safe for babies because science has found yet another thing that breastmilk has that formula does not (wonder what they will find next). These new additives are being placed into your child’s only source of food for the first six months without testing! YOUR babies are the guinea pigs in the DHA experiment. Just like years ago when they decided to leave cholesterol out of formula under some misguided belief that it was making babies fat. Oops! how many babies died in that experiment again, dr? it seems to have slipped my mind. I wonder what other key nutrients those formula cans are missing that we haven’t had the good fortune to discover? Please do not misunderstand this statement to mean that everything that is in breastmilk that’s been discovered to date has been replicated and placed into formula. The day a can of formula can keep a child from getting the flu from his older sister, is the day I’ll buy that breastmilk and formula are equivalent.

Reba555 on

You want to breastfeed that’s fine but the only reason the breastfeeding fanatics keep bringing it up is that they think they’re better than the rest of us who don’t or couldn’t breastfeed. Your all just condescending nuts!

Laila on

16 months old is still a baby. It’s one year and 4 months. Lighten up, people.

Sg on

wait a minute. I do know of one negative side effect my son has from being breastfed for 2 years. He will only drink milk from a glass if it’s chocolate (he does use regular milk in cereal though).

He graduated college last year at age 21 and is gainfully employed and living on his own in NYC so I’m glad letting him nurse for 2 years didn’t damage him too much 🙂

Sarah on

I’m still nursing my 18 month old son. While I do love breastfeeding, I would have been fine if he would have weaned months ago. He loves to nurse and shows no sign of quitting. As for the “doctor” above, you must be an idiot or haven’t done much research since med school. My son had no interest in other food until around 13 months. He was very healthy, 50% for weight and height. The dha, rha, and every other nutrient in breast milk is much better absorbed than in formula. Breastmilk has hundreds (if not thousands) of “ingredients” including cytokines, Peptides, Hormones, Leukocytes and many other vital human Growth factors that will never be given to a baby through anything, but breast milk. I nurse my son because he wants it and has never even had a sniffle or cough. When he wants to quit, I will gladly let him. I’m sure I will miss it. Some comments on here are just ridiculous. Here is a link to the ingredients in BM vs formula.

Michele on

Good Lord! All of those who say they breastfed beyond a year talk about providing “comfort and reassurance” to children who are “stressed” or “tired”…REALLY!? BF is to provide NUTRITION! Obviously these women have a “need” they aren’t getting anywhere else. Why would you let a child suckle because they are stressed? That’s just insane. By the way…Breastfed my honor student 14 year old til he was 6 months. Funny but he had stopped sucking and was just looking at me funny..within seconds, he took a huge bite on my breast! Manipulating little devil, but I knew then that it was time to take him off! Our second, only lasted 6 weeks…he didn’t feed well and preferred the bottle…he’s also an honor student…So many other factors come into play when discussing health issues or intelligence.

Guest247 on

Ok, I don’t understand why people get so upset at either choice. I honestly didn’t want to breastfeed (don’t bash me). Both of my children were BOTTLE FED FORMULA. And, I had my 1st child off of formula all together at 10 months and my 2nd child off of formula at 11 months. And…GUESS WHAT- They were never sick babies, they are thriving. Super smart, athletic kids, not clingy, not fussy brats. And…they are both in TALENTED AND GIFTED classes at school. SO- Do Not cram that crap down my throat about breast is best- PROVE IT. To each their own- if a parent believes they are making the best decision for THEIR child then so be it! Grow up and let people be parents to THEIR CHILDREN!!!!

Amber on

@Lori – Unless you have some sort of medical problem that prevents you from not breast feeding, it is pretty much child abuse not to! How selfish of you!
Okay bashing done!

Seriously? It’s child abuse and selfish? I believe every mother who has carried, and loved their child should get to make the breast milk/formula decision without such harsh judgement from others! I believe it’s a personal choice, and for you to lay claims of child abuse are ridiculous! Get over yourself!!
Also I am 6 months pregnant with my son, and am choosing not to breastfeed… and in NO WAY does that make me a child abuser! I love my son and he’s not even here yet. It’s my choice, same as breastfeeding was yours.

Jen on

A mother’s diet has only minimal effect on the nutritional quality of breastmilk. It does not effect the amoutn of fat or calories or the immunities present. It would be the difference between eating organic meat or not.

Breatmilk is a “whole” food, meaning that the body can break down and use ALL OF IT with no waste product left over!

KB on

Wowzers- Yeah, I saw that post too. “Holds my boobies for comfort?????” Seriously disturbing. Whatever happened to a blankie or teddy bear?

KB on

I’m not sure why people are saying she used a surrogate. I’m pretty sure she carried and gave birth to her son.

of2minds on

She’s one hot momma! She looks great to be almost 50! …And that’s all I’m gonna say! 🙂

Emily on

Okay… wow…. breastfeeding is not gross. The reason some of you think it’s gross is because breasts have been sexualized in western culture. Breast were not created for your husband/boyfriend. They were intended to serve a purpose people. Providing your child with the best nutrition possible should be applauded, not condemned.

Ami on

It is absolutely disgusting to breastfeed a 2 or 3 year old!

meghan on

Why are so many of you saying you are ‘proud’ to nurse your child? It’s a natural process and a good thing to do, but I’m genuinely confused why it would be a source of pride. It’s a bodily function.

Leslie on

Those of you who are “so disgusted” by the idea of seeing breastfeeding toddlers should never travel outside of your little bubbles. You would have your small minds blown by what occurs in other countries. Very quickly you would learn that it is YOU who has the hangups… not the moms who breastfeed past one year old.

lena on

Ewwwwww. I have a baby, nursed it for 6 months to give it the best start and then I stopped. I think up to one year is ok but longer it’s just weird. My opinion! You can have yours.

AJ on

Stop feeding when they get teeth? Sounds like a non mother ridiculous statement to me. My son started teething at 4 months! That would have been much sooner for me to stop breastfeeding than the recommended 1 year to two years. I breastfed my daughter until she was 3. She has absolutely no social issues, and is in fact very outgoing. She has hardly ever even had a cough, even when all of her playmates around her are sick. We have been told that she will be able to skip kindergarten this fall, as she is too advanced for it. I’m not going to ridicule someone that chose not to breastfeed, so why should someone else get to decide for me or anyone else how long they choose to breastfeed. As far as it is just for the mother, that statement is wrong in so many ways. It takes a type of commitment for your children that most mothers do not want to give there kids anymore. Sometimes it actually turns out to be a bit of a sacrifice, as there are so many things a mother these days has to do. If a person is willing to make the sacrifice, applaud them and move on. As far as sharing a bed goes, it really does work for a lot of families. If it doesn’t work for the husband and wife, then just don’t do it. It’s that simple. Please stop the judgement, and look inward to your own lives, and find ways that you can improve things for you and your family. Stop wasting time hating on others! on

I think to each his own…what one mother feels is perfectly “normal” and healthy another might find, well, in all honesty, creepy. I nursed my son until he was almost 15mo. old and then had to stop for reason’s out of my control (medication I needed at the time) but would have continued if I could have. Currently I am prepping to nurse an adopted child I will soon be receiving- I know some may find that strange and “weird” in itself but for me it seems normal and I am excited to give this next child the same health benefits of breastfeeding and not to mention the bonding, that I had with my first child that is biological. Again, I think breastfeeding is wonderful, healthy, normal, etc. but some don’t enjoy or want to partake in some of the benefits and that is their choice, too.

Karen on

Two times a night to nurse!? That baby definitely has some habits to break. Good luck stopping nursing AND getting him into his old room! She looks great for 50, but yikes she’ll be close to 68 when graduating high school?! No thank you!!!

Naomi on

@ Autumn: I’m totally with you! I currently nurse my 9 month-old daughter, and I plan on doing so until she’s at least a year old. But at 12 months, I’m ditching my breast pump! Pumping is so impersonal; and after 9+ months, being hooked-up to a plastic/electric machine several times a day is pretty exhausting, not to mention inconvenient for a full-time working mom. And it has none of the bonding benefits of breastfeeding. I only do it because the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that breast-milk (or formula) remain baby’s primary source of nutrition until s/he is a year old.

I think that the folks criticizing Kelly here are kind of missing the point. Even under the World Health Organization’s guidelines (which recommend nursing until babies are 2 years old) after baby’s first birthday, breast-milk becomes a SUPPLEMENT to baby’s other foods and drinks. Kelly’s work schedule allows her to nurse her son all throughout the day and night. However, most working (and some stay-at-home) moms nurse maybe once or twice a day after the first year … the rest of the time, baby has regular solid food meals and beverages. And even if a mother chooses to breastfeed her baby/toddler when they’re thirsty, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! As others have commented, cow’s milk is designed for baby cows (which is why so many kids have cow’s milk allergies and intolerances), so if a mother chooses to nurse in order to give her baby HUMAN milk instead, that’s a GOOD thing! (Besides, juice is full of cavity-causing sugar and water is great, but has no nutritional value).

People’s fears about breastfeeding 7 and 8 year-olds are completely unfounded. I can say from personal experience that from around 6 months-old, babies become highly distractible and interested in their surroundings, which can make breastfeeding a challenge. This pattern only becomes more pronounced as baby gets older and starts crawling, and ultimately, walking. Many nursing moms find that their babies begin to wean (at least partially) from nursing as they become more mobile, since they’re less interested in the breast, and more interested in exploring the world around them. So it’s highly unlikely that most 7 year-olds would still be breast-feeding even if given the chance.

That said, I do think there’s a huge difference between the comforting/bonding benefits of breastfeeding, and stuffing a boob in a toddler’s mouth every time they’re upset or have a boo-boo. This can create unhealthy food associations where food is used as a crutch rather than for its nutritional value. The result is older children and adults who eat/drink when they’re upset, angry, tired, bored, etc., instead of when they’re hungry/thirsty; and a lifelong battle with obesity and/or eating disorders. When my baby girl was ill and refusing to take solid foods or pumped breast-milk from a bottle, it was wonderful and beneficial for me to be able to nurse her to make sure that she was staying hydrated and getting some form of nutrition. But you can be sure that when she becomes a toddler, I won’t be shoving my nipple in her mouth every time she gets a little bump or bruise, or to get her to stop crying when she’s upset. (NOTE: What I’ve just said applies to toddlers and older kids ONLY. Infants should be breastfed ON DEMAND per the AAP … and besides, they’re too young to form the kinds of food associations that I referred to above).

All in all, I think we all should be less judgmental of how other people decide to parent their children. Most parents only want what’s best for their little-ones, and just because we wouldn’t choose their particular method or practice doesn’t mean it’s wrong. As long as they’re not endangering their children, I say to each their own!

boohoobytch on

…amazing considering she didn’t actually give birth

urbanadventurertales on

Look, if you’ve never breastfed a toddler, I can understand how it might seem weird to you. However, you have to realize that the mother has fed that baby multiple times a day and so it is not weird to her or the baby. I bfed my twins for 19 months and my last baby is 14 months right now and I want to nurse him till he’s 2.

boohoobytch on

ps – it’s really sick to hear people breastfeeding kids that can read – you need help and your kids are gonna be screwed up…if it’s enjoyable, get a man to do it, freaks

Kim on

I do love Love LOVE how women can rationalize their behavior and label people judgmental or ignorant or whatever if they disagree.

Superwoman AJ on

i think nursing past a year old is obscene.

Annonymous on

A 16 month old is a TODDLER, not a baby! I have a 3 year old and 4 month old. Breastfeeding a child past the age of 12 months is usually more the mother than the child. MOST 12 month olds want to run, play, explore and be “free”. They still want comfort from their parents, but they no longer want to be “held down”. That being said, many children that aren’t weaned at 12 months are by 18 months. Breastfeeding a child past the age of 2 is actually disturbing! And 7 years old?!?!?! Sorry, you have mental issues that seriously need to be addressed! We do not live in a 3rd world country nor walk around with your boobs flopping around in mid-air for your child to “eat” when they want. We are not a central-American or African nation. Breastfeeding until age 7 is not common, normal, or healthy.

BFingMama on

It’s quite sad the “facts” that are being spewed here, especially by people that refer to themselves as “Doctors.” (By the way, anyone can be a “Doctor” on the internet…) The actual FACT is that breast milk does NOT decrease in nutrients after a year…in fact, it changes to support a growing toddler with more calories and good HUMAN cholesterol. Research has PROVEN that “extended” breastfeeding produces more socially adjusted children versus their early weaned counterparts. Also, the mere FACT that these breast fed babies are getting Mom’s antibodies in a nice, healthy meal from Mom, means that there are less Dr visits, and sick days. Plus, current research shows that if Mom BF’s her baby to two years and beyond, her AND baby’s risk of breast cancer decrease.

Yes, everyone can have their opinion, but unless you are the Mom or the Baby in this intimate relationship, your opinion is worthless. These silly rumors and judgements are what perpetuates our society’s ignorance with breast feeding.

As far as the comments of it being about “her”, well, in a way it is! Your body produces oxytocin, the “feel good” drug, every time you nurse to help Mom feel good and further the breastfeeding relationship. Nature sure is cool!

Lauren on

I knew I shouldn’t have started reading these comments. Why do so many people care how another woman feeds her baby? It’s none of your business.

lou on

I nursed both of my children for a yr.each, however, I think that if a child is able to eat a filet mignon, A STEAK!.. It is time to quit nursing….

guest 98 on

Ok…Past a year… Technically the majority of the most important nutrients in breast milk are completed. The anitbody phase is complete. Psychologically how can pointing to a breast and saying “more” be cute or good. The boundaries of comfort, independence and autonomy get blurred. I wish I could ask for common sense. To let people know that while breast feeding is a wonderful thing, nature has guided us over time telling us when the weaning process is appropriate.

nacho mamma on

16 MONTHS OLD – Ey carumba!!! Kid has teeth – the kid is probably talking.. TIME TO STOP breastfeeding!!!!!!

Karen on

Um…when it’s more about you than it is about your kid, time to stop. Sorry Kelly, what was supposed to be sweet is grossing me out.

Brandy on

He’s a little too old to still be breastfeeding, now its just creepy. Also, its getting a little old having breastfeeding being shoved down our throats. We get it, you think you are so much better than formula feeding moms.

amy on

To each their own-stop attacking each others choices. Go Kelly for BFing and being open about it. Below is a clip from Wikipedia:

Duration of breastfeeding: The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the baby’s first 6 months of life, and continued breastfeeding complemented with appropriate foods up to two years old and beyond.[9][10]

In many Western countries, however, breastfeeding beyond the age of 1 year old is considered “extended breastfeeding”.

These movements in the West towards earlier weaning, however, are recent. Breastfeeding beyond the age of 1 year old was at one time a very common practice worldwide.[111] Dr. Martin Stein wrote in Parental Concerns about Extended Breastfeeding in a Toddler that “The discussion about extended nursing is similar to that of co-sleeping. They are both characteristics of child rearing that are closely linked to time and place. In most cultures before the 20th century, both practices were the norm. Changes in social, economical, and sexual expectations altered our views of the meaning of breastfeeding and bed sharing.” Extended breastfeeding was encouraged in Ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Muslim cultures. The Koran, the Talmud, and the writings of Aristotle all recommend breastfeeding for 2 to 3 years.[112] In Breastfeeding Beyond 6 Months: Mothers’ Perceptions of the Negative and Positive Consequences, Dr. S. B. Reamer states that “Over the past 100 years of American history, the acceptance of unrestricted nursing decreased and the age acceptable for weaning dropped dramatically, until the average weaning age was 3 months in the 1970s.”

In reaction to the move in the West towards earlier weaning, several organizations have been founded in Western countries to support mothers who practice extended breastfeeding. These organizations include the International Childbirth Education Association and La Leche League International.[113]

NTL on

I was in a real estate office not too long ago, and a mother and her child were waiting in the same room with my husband and I to be called back for our appointments. This lady’s child came up to her mother and started unbuttoning her blouse to nurse. The mom totally kept reading the magazine unfazed by this action. The child had was extremely verbal, full set of teeth, and coordinated enough to undress her momma to get to the breast. It was quite disturbing for us to witness. I’m all for breastfeeding, but…come on! There’s a point where you just shouldn’t anymore.

NTL on

If the kid can sit back and enjoy Filet Mignon, scallops, ect…the nursing isn’t for nutrition anymore. I think Kelly just wants the baby to stay a baby and needing her…unnecessarily so. She better be careful of doing that at her age.

Beth on

As a mom of 2 who has fed her children both ways (formula from a bottle and breastfeeding) My son was 22 months when he naturally weaned from the bottle and formula. He only breastfed for a couple of weeks due to improper information from medical professionals, mis information on my part, and my son’s lack of muscle tone! (oh and BTW he also has aspergers, which is on the autisum spectrum, and had developmental delays) My daughter who just turned 3 is still nursing, that would be YEARS for all you pl saying “EW” she asked for it from day 1 by nuzzling my breast, crying, chewing my face off, trying to nurse my nose, shoulder or what ever else was near her mouth when she was hungry. She also had reflux as a baby. OH and both my babies got their teeth at 4 and 5 months! way to soon to go without formual/breastmilk as cow’s milk is not to be given until 1 yr. For all those out there that actually believe this “DR” well, let me tell you what cows milk really does to a child’s intestines! My son had bowel issues since birth due to the low muscle tone, his GI told me when he turned a year to limit his cow milk to only 5 oz in a 24hr period, cows milk is constipating (Human milk is NOT) and cows milk is hard to digest, it causes the intestines of toddlers/young children to develop micro-tears which can bleed and become bigger. Cows milk is also very low in iron and the little bit of iron in cows milk is not absorbed easily into the body. Formula is actually made from cows milk and during manufacturing they take out all the stuff that can harm a baby’s intestines and tender bodily organs, and then add in all the “beneficial” stuff that is needed for healthy growth. Breastmilk does it all on it’s own! No need to add anything to breastmilk! I will admit that part of the reason why I still nurse my 3 year old daughter is partly for myself. You bet, I love the closeness, now that she’s all over the place and playing with her brother, and his friends, I’m the furtherest thing in her mind during those times. However, when she wants to nurse, she comes a running, when she’s hurt or scared, she comes a runnin to nurse! she still nurses at night and she still co-sleeps (coslept with my son too. happily married for almost 18 years!) It helps us reconnect. I also do it for the health benefits to my body cause I want to make darn tootin I’m around for my kids for as long as I can be adn if I can make myself healthier by nursing, well it’s an easy thing to do!. I also Do it for her, my daughter still needs breastmilk, if she didn’t she wouldn’t want it. When her brother got very ill last year and gave it to her, she would have been hospitalized if we hadn’t still been nursing, as she slept for almost 4 days, waking long enough to latch onto the breast and nurse while she slept. Because she was still nursing she never got dehydrated even with a high fever, vomitting and sleeping 4 days away!

I think it’s awesome that Kelly is still nursing and I pray she will until her son is ready to wean on his own. And really, who the heck cares how old she is! she looks great to be pushing 50 *I wish I looked like that in my 30’s!*

I find it amazing that as humans, we are the only species of mammals on teh face of the planet that give birth to offspring that are the least developed at birth, the most helpless, and dependant upon their parents for their very survival for the longest period of time of any other mammal, take the longest to fully develop, but yet humans (at least in teh USA) are the only species of Mammal on the face of the planet that demand independance far before our offspring are developmentally, physically, emotionally ready for it!

MG on

Each to his/her own. Why must they stop when the child is old enough to ask? Seriously? That’s ignorant. Nurse until you/child are ready to wean. Just because bottle fed babies go to regular (COW) milk at 1 doesn’t mean anything except the breastfed child is still more fortunate. HUMAN milk made for the baby is STILL better than COW milk. Just like it’s better than any man made formula. Is what it is.

Everyone gets hung up over the NIPPLE. Big deal. It’s a boob. They’re there FOR nursing.

Joanne on

I know a mother has every right to breast feed as long as she feels like it but if I saw someone breast feed a 16 month old that would make me most uncomfortable but to each is own but I agree she must stop soon – 50 years old breastfeeding is a little laughable.. I have to say.

Tee on

I’ve only made it about halfway through the comments and I just can’t read anymore. The back and forth name calling is beyond ridiculous.

Let me point out one thing here… Kelly’s son is only 16 months old! He just turned one! If he was on the verge of being four, then I could understand the debate going on here. (I would think it downright silly but at least I could understand it.) But he’s not… he is one year old and he is still very much a baby.

Judy on

My daughter had a baby at age 15. She nursed that baby for 2 1/2 years. I was amazed and very proud that she took the time to do what most adult women won’t. She knew what was right.

Sarah on

All of the moms I know who are still nursing after a year are not doing it because they don’t want to stop. Babies and toddlers nursing after a year are doing so because they are not ready to give it up. My son, at 18 months says nur nur and I let him nurse. It is natural! The ONLY reason women have breasts is for nursing. No other reason!! Women in the usA are some of the only moms who will cover up to nurse (I don’t), so I hope you close minded people never leave the country.
Also, to the ignorant people saying they feel sorry for their lack of intimacy because they co-sleep… How do you think babies have been made for thousands of years? In a one room home, possibly with older kids sleeping In the same bed. Also,if you believe the only place you can have sex is a bed, then I feel sorry for your sex life.

Leo Lady on

If a child is eating the kinds of foods she mentioned and talking, then he’s getting all the nutrients and vitamins he needs. At that point, I believe it’s more about the mother having issues about weaning and “letting go” of the baby stage. I had a neighbor who BF her sontil he was beyond 4. He would go to her and open her shirt and take out her breast. Say what you want, but that is RIDICULOUS.

Jen on

Can’t believe all the disgusting comments back and forth. Who cares if she is still breastfeeding or not? He’s 16 months old, not 16 years old!

Also, I hope that the people that are against breastfeeding past a year aren’t still giving their child a binky. Unlike breastfeeding, a binky is very detrimental for a child’s oral health past a year. Parents that do it past a year only do it for selfish and lazy reasons – not for the well being of their child.

KB on

Sarah, actually, from a biological standpoint, the first purpose of breasts is to attract a mate. The secondary purpose is to feed offspring when the mates procreate. And I draw the line at screwing with my kids in the same bed. Seriously. Wrong.

Beth on

Also wanted to add, If watching or seeing a mom of a toddler/preschooler/ or infant bother’s you or “grosses you out” or anything else, how about trying to be a grown up and NOT LOOK! I mean it’s very easy. I mean in today’s world no one seems to bat a eyelash at a woman with jeans so low you can see her butt crack, shirts so tight and low it leaves nothing to the imagination, we have no problem at all with women drapped all over billboards in their underwear, or grown men walking around with jeans so low they have to hold them up when they walk, or a “big girl” (of which I am one!) thinks just because they make it in her size or close to her size that she can put it on no matter how many rolls are spilling over. We have no problem at all in letting our girls run around on a beach in a bikini that covers the bare minium, but heaven forbid a mom nurse her baby in public, being extermely discreet (I’ve yet to meet a mom who isn’t discreet when nursing in public! I mean Hey y’all I’m not swinging a tassle from my other breast while my baby nurses! come on!) I have to tell you that I’ve seen more disgusting dinning habits from grown ups, smacking, talking with their mouths full, shoving food in their mouths, coughing without covering their mouths, scratching their butts at a restraunt or picking their nose and then use that same hand to eat with or shake your hand! YOu’d be amazed at how many ppl don’t wash their hands after they use the bathrooms either! But we as a society don’t bash ppl who do those things, or demand to their face that they “take that elsewhere” or brazenly demand that they go and eat their meals in the public toliet! But breastfeeding moms get it alot! give me a break! Don’t you know that before the advent of formula and bottles the only way a child survived was through breastfeeding, adn if mom couldn’t, they called in a wet nurse, a stranger to nurse their child!? I was ashamed to use formula with my son, and didn’t enjoy his babyhood nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed my daughter’s. Nursing a baby and toddler makes you sit down! It makes you be a bit selfish and actually stop doing for everyone else in teh world and it is just you and your baby! What is soooo wrong with that. Come on y’all can’t we all just get along!

sal on

who cares? My mother breastfed my sister and I until we were 2, I breastfed my sons for about 2 months. We ALL turned out pretty good.

sal on

Its not like the kid is going to be going to preschool attatched to his moms boob…Its OKAY people, relax, sheesh

Clairesamsmom on

As a former Preschool teacher, I remember two children who I had in my class who were bf at 4 years old. Both students tried to lift their moms shirts at parent functions to have some milk. It was extremely odd and very uncomfortable for the other parents/staff/ teachers. And the one little boy was having some oral development issues from still nursing. I think there are other ways to bond with your young child….my kids and I cuddle, read stories, tell stories, play and love being together….and now that they are 6 & 3 nursing is not apart of that time we share together. And they are not missing out. I also never co-slept with my kids….except for the occasional feeding where we cuddled in bed together when they were very little. But I never fell fully asleep. I liked being able to get them used to their own crib/bed. And they ate great sleepers,too. Kelly looks great to be turning 50, but honestly it seems really pushing it with age to have a 16 mo old. Blessed with boys… are a piece of work. Do you just say these crazy things to get everyone so worked up? Because you sound so ignorant.

raecate on

All you using the word ‘gross’ would it still be gross if she was pumping and her son was drinking the breast milk from a cup. Would that be OK? Or would that be gross? Drinking cow’s milk from a cup seems just fine with everyone. Yeah it’s OK because no one watches it being pumped from the cow’s teat and it comes in a nice carton from the store so no that’s not gross but somehow human breast milk is gross. So sad how the dairy industry has brain washed us all!

Amaryllis on

@raecate. I don’t care if she feeds the kid breast milk out of her boob or a half empty bottle of Dom Perignon as long as she’s not doing it in front of strangers — especially me, lol.

jj on

It may not have medical backing…but my 2 kids were both formula fed after a month. They are NEVER sick, but a friend who breastfed well past a yr and called herself an attached parent…her daughter was always sick. Threw up on her breast, was not very social and still looks skinny and sickly.

My kids are heathy, independent and THRIVING! Go formula.

jj on

you are one of those fanatics who gets super crazy!

And btw, formula kept BOTH my kids from getting the flu. Why did my friends who were breastfeeding not avoid it??

Amy on

I find it disturbing that the baby sleeps with them. Have they not heard how dangerous that is??? I’ve even heard public announcements warning against it.

Beth on

cosleeping when done correctly is extermely safe! All those anti cosleeping ads are done so by the CPSC, this is the lobbyists that support crib manufactures! With all the crib recalls,are cribs truly safer then anywhere else!? Also, be understood that most babies who have died with a cosleeping situation was because the parent fell asleep on a couch, waterbed, chair or some other soft surfaces with easily entrapments. There is a list of safety guidelines for cosleeping, just as there are with crib sleeping. and they are

1. always put baby on back to sleep
2. bed should be a firm surface (much like a crib matteress) pillow top matteres should be no deeper then 1 inch and not be able to touch the baby’s ears when laying on their back
3. No fluffy comforters, duvets, heavy blankets, limit pillows (idealy only 1 pillow for mom and dad if dad is sleeping in the bed too)
4. dress your baby for the weather, do not overdress (this is also for crib babies as well)
5. use only a sheet or a thin blanket to cover up with at night, make sure it cannot reach teh baby’s face.
5. Make sure that there are no ways the baby can become trapped in head/foot boards. Don’t put your infant near a wall, Only use mesh side rails.
6. never allow baby to sleep with siblings as they are not intune with baby’s sleep pattern and are usually kickers
7. Never cosleep with your baby if you smoke, are on narcotics or other drugs (legal or illegal) that could cause you to sleep deeper then normal, drinking, etc
8. Breastfeed baby if you can, breastfed babies have a lower risk of SIDS
Mom and baby’s sleep cycles will link up with one another, mom will start to sleep at a lighter stage of sleep, and be able to respond to baby. There have been many documented cases of babies who would have died of SIDS if not in bed with their mom, because the parents were able to respond immediately. In almost all cases, except with mood/mind altering drugs or drunk, a mom will never roll on her baby!

Never sleep on a couch, waterbed, or chair with your baby as there are too many ways a baby can become trapped and suffocate.

Just like with crib sleeping, there is a right way and a wrong way to cosleep. The rules of co-sleeping safely are the same as those for crib safety!

For all those who are saying “well my baby was fed formula and was perfectly fine” This brings back the old saying of “In my day our kids didn’t ride in a carseat and they turned out fine” or “in my day my baby slept on their tummies and they all were healthy” “In my day I fed my baby cereal starting at 2wks and they all turned out ok” Now we all, no matter if we nurse or bottle feed our babies know that these other sayings are all complete bogus! I mean a parent today wouldn’t be caught dead with their babies in a car without strapped in a carseat would they? They wouldn’t allow their babies to sleep on their tummies as newborns, or feed them cereal at 2 wks, etc….. Think about it for a momen ok. Just because your children on formula turned out ok, doesn’t mean that all the thousands of children who are fed formula are going to be as fortunate, and just because you “know” someone who breastfed and her children were “sickly” doesn’t mean that the thousands of babies that are breastfed aren’t healthy and thriving and never been sick! The facts are facts that breastmilk is far superior to formula, doesn’t make you a bad parent if you choose or can’t breastfeed, not at all. Remember I did both! We are not breastfeeding “Nazi’s” because we nurse our babies/toddlers/preschoolers, or because we share the facts of breastfeeding vs formula feeding to others.

The thing is that no one lives anyone elses lives, what works for you and your family doesn’t work for someone elses, and to condem someone, tell them what they are doing is dangerous or “gross” because you happen to not agree with it, haven’t researched it, isn’t right! It’s time for everyone to be grown ups and realize that they aren’t the authority of anyone other then themselves and their lives!

km on

Being grossed out by bf-ing is an irrelevant argument. A mother and her partner should be told what science knows, and then left to decide for themselves.

The woman, especially, should be allowed to do what she wants with her own body, and trusted to do what’s best for her child. Especially today when there are replacements to breastmilk, which aren’t as good, for sure, but do the job just fine.

Until you’re a parent, you won’t know what it’s like to face these choices. Suddenly, there’s a little baby in your life and you are 100% responsible for their body and mind. A thousand issues to consider: tv time, nutrition, sleep, pooping, hugs. Are they getting enough? Are they getting too little? …

When I look at my 15 month old, I think, wow, she’s so little! She is almost a child, but she isn’t yet. She’s a baby. She can’t wipe her own bum and she can’t use a spoon without hitting herself in the nose. She doesn’t know how to run. If she waves at me while she’s walking, she’ll bump into something. She may know how to “ask for it”, but that’s what we want our babies to do. The science says it’s good for their mental health to be responded to.

I so want her to become a happy and well adjusted adult. The science indicates that bf-ing is a help, not a hindrance, and that makes me worried when I feel pressure to stop, even though science also indicates there are a zillion factors to psychological health. If she stops bf-ing at any time, she’ll still most likely turn out alright.

I just know this: When she finishes nursing in the morning and gives me a big ole grin, something meaningful is happening for her. You can’t tell me anything about it because you haven’t seen it and you don’t know. If that grosses you out, well, all I can say is, educate yourself.

Katie on

if your son can ask you to breast feed more. he is too old to be breast feeding. it can also become harmful to the kid if its breast fed for too long

Lori on

For those that keep saying she didn’t give birth but had a surrogate, here is a photo on this link of a pregnant Kelly!

Lori on

@raecate, we think exactly the same thing!

sal on

KB…what planet are you from that you actually think breasts are for attracting a mate?! LOL, how old are you, seriously

jj on


themerrywench on

I am appalled at the ignorance behind many comments here.

I have 3 children, and nursing did not work for any of them, for a variety of issues, but my boobs hate me. I would give anything to be able to have nursed any of my kids for 6 months, let alone as long as Kelly has done.

Whether you nurse or not, what it boils down to is this: When Kelly and Ben decide Ben doesn’t need boobfood anymore, that is Kelly and Ben’s choice. Anyone saying that extended breastfeeding leads to attachment/separation issues is grossly misinformed and merely saying it out of revulsion. As women, we make the decisions regarding our children, and we should be banding together and not attacking each other. What kind of example are we setting for our children if we’re so quick to judge others just because they have a differing opinion? EBF has not been shown to have any link to attachment/separation issues. Leave the woman alone.

I say way to go, Kelly!

kdb71 on

I for one applaud that she is still nursing. My first weaned at 16 months, my second at 20 months.. my last, and my baby.. weaned two months ago at 7 months and my heart broke. Nursing is good for our little ones.. and should, when possible, last as long as the baby/toddler wishes it. It is we as North Americans who have forgotten that women have nursed for years before formula was created to help those infants who would not nurse, or whose mothers could not nurse and when wet nurses were considered outdated. It is great to see nursing moms in Hollywood. It is TIME for everyone to stop being negative about it, when it is such a natural thing. KUDOS Kelly Preston.

KB on

Sal- Bless your heart, I’m 31 and I’m from the planet that awarded me a master’s degree in biology. Many evolutionary biologists would agree with my previous statement.

M on

Ew. So glad she feels she has to share.

jamelle on

Okay I am totally with you Liz. when is enough enough? If the kid is asking for the boob I think they need to switch to a cup or bottle. I am not saying that you stop feeding if you chose to but come on. When they are old enough to talk and understand then they need to start weening. They have to grow up too. And furthermore, to all those that say we all need to chill no we dont. There has to be a point when children get off the boob. They have to get off the bottle at 1. I am not saying that at one you have to stop cold turkey but I am saying that at the point where they point to your boob and say more then they need to be getting their boob juice from a different source. Otherwise you will be nursing far too long. Remember ladies you have to have your kid ready for preschool by age three. So you have to have a cut off date at some point. And yes I nursed all three of my children.

Mm on

Jj- are you aware of cows’ diets? Are they eating well? Because in case you were not aware, formula contains milk (and from cows who were producing milk beyond one year). How is that better exactly?

MIA on

Why are you dictating your decisions based on what THEY want? – The job as the parent is to make decisions + just because the child/toddler who is over a year old – 2….3 years old “Wants” to BF – doesn’t mean they should be + it’s extremely inappropriate.

valerie on

Good for her!!! Most mothers that do NOT breastfeed (based off people I knew) were either too lazy to keep up with it or too selfish because they wanted to drink alcohol, go out and not be tied to having to feed their baby. My friends that physically couldn’t do it because of latching issues pumped instead. (which is also great). I know some mom’s have to go to work, but that’s what a pump is for. I don’t understand how moms can only offer formula. Besides breastfeeding being the best in nutrients for your child, and doctor recommended. (even look at the labels of formula) it is free, natural, bonding experience. All the people making comments about how she should stop are mothers that don’t breastfeed or woman/men that don’t have children or the maturity to comprehend something natural and have been tainted by negative views of society.

sal on

Valerie, my thoughts exactly….Im sorry, but the percent of women who cannot breastfeed is EXTREMELY small. The majority just dont want to, which is fine but there is NO arguement that formula is superior to breast milk…none. The WHO (world health organization) recommends breastfeeding until the age of 2…not two months but two years. Its so funny to me how many posts on here say something like, “I never breastfed my child but they are in the gifted program and never sick, ect.” Well, good for you and your child but how does that make mothers who DO breastfeed in the wrong?

sal on

Kb…oh goodness, and Im sure you believe we all come from apes too.

MPav on

Michael Jordan was breastfed until he was three…I think he turned out just fine. To all of the people on here saying their formula fed kids are never sick, my oldest two were mostly formula fed and they have definitely had their share of sickness. My youngest was exclusively breastfed as a baby, and she has had her share of sickness too but hers never last as long as her sisters. I have noticed a big difference in the way her little body can fight off viruses and infections. All kids are going to get sick unless you live in a bubble.

KB on

@Heather- What the hell are you yapping about? When did we start talking about apes?

SMiaVS on

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first two years of a child’s life. I think they know a bit more than most of the naysayers on here….

essie on

how sad that people are so caught up with this breast feeding issue. the more concerning issue is that she had a baby at age 49. we all know that she didn’t conceive naturally. and therefore any forced pregnancy..IVF etc is incredibly detrimental to the baby especially if a late 40s woman is carrying it. the selfishness in the country to have a baby- to have that image is so silly. if you cannot have a baby due to age or other reasons, forcing it isn’t healthy for the mother and especially for the baby. breastfeeding concerns pail compared to the health concerns of not naturally conceived babies.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Each to their own but I can’t imagine breastfeeding at the older age of 49! I was 32 with first baby, then 36, and found it difficult enough each time, lack of milk, but if that works for her (and it’s better ideally for her son of course), good on her…

Holiday on

16 months old is still a baby. Good for her for doing what is best for her baby! I was 22 with my first and only nursed 6 months due to society pressure and feeling so self conscience. With my daughter I matured at 26 and realized I could give a damn what everyone thinks. She will be 2 next month and nurses a lot 🙂 In fact at my sons soccer game this morning she wanted to breast feed there so I sat at a picnic table, used a small blanket to be discrete and I fed her.

emilyc on

“The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the baby’s first 6 months of life, and continued breastfeeding complemented with appropriate foods up to two years old and beyond.”
I believe all of you who are so against extended breastfeeding need to take your case up with the WHO, really……’cause THEY must have it all wrong and have no idea what they are talking about…….and while you’re at it you’d better inform the “other” majority of the world that nursing a 16 month old is just ‘wrong’…..
“ignorance is bliss” right!

KD on

A personal choice for sure..I find it funny how “some” mom’s who only choose breastfeeding almost look down on those of us who don’t, better yet, some of us can’t….I personally never buy into the breast feeding makes a kid healthier, etc…I know 2 boys where one was breast fed and the other formula and the brest fed kid was sick more often. I also have a former preemie who was 2lbs 10 oz at birth, is never sick and today at 3 is a thriving child…he only got about 4 weeks of my milk and then my body shut down…I also don’t get how ppl co-sleep w/ a kid so long, I loved that I slept in my own bed and my son is a well adjusted child who goes to bed so easy, so many ppl used to comment on how easy his bed routine is, I feel the longer one waits to seperate the child in their own bed the harder it is down the road. Overall, no way is the wrong way..we all do what is best for us.

ashley on

I’m still nursing a 2 1/2 year old. But don’t worry, guys. He has a speech delay so he can’t ask for it yet so we’re in the clear!!

Seriously though, I don’t understand why people who choose to feed their baby formula get so offended when presented with facts about breastfeeding. The spread of misinformation is an important reason why the breastfeeding rates in our country are so abysmal. As a mother who chose to feed her first child nothing but formula, I am SO grateful that there are people out there who are educated on breastfeeding and work so hard to get the facts out there. There is no need to feel victimized because someone tells you a fact about breastfeeding. It’s not a personal attack on you. They are simply stating a fact.

The whole “I was formula fed and I turned out fine!” argument is old. No one is saying that formula is inherently evil and that it will make all of your children fat, sickly, and stupid. Breastfeeding provides the nutrition for OPTIMAL growth, meaning that it will enable your baby to grow to their full potential. It’s fantastic that your formula fed baby is the healthiest child in all the land and smart as a whip..but, the truth is, they are likely not AS smart or AS healthy as they would have been if they were breastfed. And guess what? The child I breastfed just may turn out to be fat, sickly, and stupid because it may have got the fat/sickly/stupid genes (from his father, of course!)..but he won’t be as fat or as sickly or as stupid as he would have been if he had never received breast milk.

Jenny on

I doubt Kelly Preston cares if a bunch of ignorant people online think she’s gross for breastfeeding. I think she sounds like a great mother. If you think it’s gross to bf past a certain age, don’t do it! I will continue to nurse my 2 year old for as long as she desires.
Oh, and the person pretending to be a doctor is just pathetic. Hope nobody is listening to his/her BS.


Regardless of who is and isn’t a doctor, this is just further proof that you can’t get all of your information from a doctor. Find a breastfeeding friendly pediatrician who knows the facts. There is plenty of peer reviewed, evidence based research on this subject. For someone to try to use a title to misinform is despicable. Or perhaps my lowly BSN education taught me more about research. Last time I checked “my daughter, my cousin, my friend” and other personal anecdotes didn’t count as research. The continued attacks and the angry responses she makes to those who posted the information and cited their sources only continue to diminish her credibility. Posting information and citing sources that directly contradict what you stated does not mean she is shoving anything down anyone’s throat.

1)Babies “ask for it” from day one
2)Check out how long the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding. It’s a minimum of 2 years. There are tons of benefits beyond a year.
3)Where do babies, toddlers and children sleep in other parts of the world? How long do they breastfeed?
4)Is formula the same as breastmilk? Are they equal? Have they even identified all the components of breastmilk.

Be respectful of other people’s choices. Your formula fed child is just as loved and cherished as my breastfed child. I’m not criticizing you, please don’t criticize me. A lot of this stems from the hurt caused by not being able to breastfeed or feeling criticized by others bc you made a different choice. Don’t be one of those divisive women who tries to tear another down so that you can either feel superior or simply better about the choice you made. The information is out there, do with it what you will for you and yours but leave everyone else alone.

Leslie on

Cows milk is for BABY COWS you morons. You have no issue pouring the BREASTMILK of farm animals all over your cereal but Kelly is gross for nursing her baby???

The ignorance here is ASTOUNDING.

Courtney on

That’s why they’re called milk teeth – because you’re supposed to breastfeed until they fall out and are replaced by adult teeth; at around six years old. That is also when the immune system finishes developing fully, at six years old. Children, if allowed to by a smart woman who is in tune with her body and the way God/nature intended her to parent, is allowed to self-wean, the child will stop nursing sometime between 3 and 6.5 years of age. It all adds up and makes sense, until formula companies (multi BILLION dollar companies) and women who’ve been taught their bodies are not their own and instead belong to men, believe formula is ‘just as good,’ that cow’s milk can replace breastmilk with no risk or harm to development, or – my favorite – that breast milk loses it’s immune-protective properties and nutritional value after some point so why ‘extend’ nurse? You do as well as you know. Educate yourself and you’ll see how normal and natural Kelly Preston’s approach is. Kudos to her for doing what’s right even though it’s not popular. Sadly, often those two are at odds in today’s world (what’s right vs what’s popular).


So we have a “doctor,” a “nurse” and a “psychologist” all spewing misinformation. Though the psychologist was kind enough to admit correlation does not equal causation. Though she again provides anecdotal evidence. Regardless of who is and isn’t a doctor, this is just further proof that you can’t get all of your information from a doctor. Find a breastfeeding friendly pediatrician who knows the facts. There is plenty of peer reviewed, evidence based research on this subject. For someone to try to use a title to misinform is despicable. Or perhaps my lowly BSN education taught me more about research. Last time I checked “my daughter, my cousin, my friend” and other personal anecdotes didn’t count as research. The continued attacks and the angry responses she makes to those who posted the information and cited their sources only continue to diminish her credibility. Posting information and citing sources that directly contradict what you stated does not mean she is shoving anything down anyone’s throat.

1)Babies “ask for it” from day one
2)Check out how long the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding. It’s a minimum of 2 years. There are tons of benefits beyond a year.
3)Where do babies, toddlers and children sleep in other parts of the world? How long do they breastfeed?
4)Is formula the same as breastmilk? Are they equal? Have they even identified all the components of breastmilk? (Hint: no.)

Be respectful of other people’s choices. Your formula fed child is just as loved and cherished as my breastfed child. I’m not criticizing you, please don’t criticize me. A lot of this stems from the hurt caused by not being able to breastfeed or feeling criticized by others bc you made a different choice. Don’t be one of those divisive women who tries to tear another down so that you can either feel superior or simply better about the choice you made. The information is out there, do with it what you will for you and yours but leave everyone else alone. And for those of you asking why someone would be “proud” to breastfeed – because it can be hard. But to overcome the obstacles and do what is best, healthiest and know you are giving your child the gold standard of nutrition is something we are proud of! Stop taking offense to another person’s accomplishment or pride. Not everything is about you.

Ayla on

I read early on in the comments about a reader who had three children; the first and third were healthy, etc after being breast fed, but the second, who was a formula baby, has asthma, is obese, etc.

Quite frankly, I don’t see a coincidence.

I was a formula baby myself. I was healthy as a child, rarely got colds. I was never obese or overweight. As an adult, I’m still healthy and have a good weight.

I don’t believe the myth that breast fed babies are healthier than formula ones. I think maybe it was just different genes coming out in the above mentioned children. Maybe the second child had a slower metabolism than her siblings.

Donna on

Not sure why people think its so weird for a human mother to give her human baby her own milk. Yet some people have no problem giving their babies milk from a dang cow? REALLY!!

Stephanie on

Oh the breastfeeding debate 🙂 lol I personally just think we need to stop judging each other. I had to stop nursing when my baby was three months because I got thrush and so did she and my nipples were cracked and bleeding even though everyone said I had a correct latch. It was so unbelievably painful. So I tried pumping to let them heal but try to keep my milk supply but it just dwindled away and baby preferred bottles when it was all said and done. I was so looked down on by people who have successfully nursed their babies. I got so many looks and comments “Don’t you know how terrible formula is?” Oh ok, I’ll just starve my baby then since I have no other option. I just think the judgment needs to stop. Whether someone is nursing into toddler hood or for whatever reason had to stop nursing early on, you are not that mother and they are not your child. Just back off.