Melissa Joan Hart Expecting Third Child

04/17/2012 at 07:20 PM ET
Courtesy Melissa Joan Hart

There’s another baby on the way for Melissa Joan Hart!

The Melissa & Joey star, who turns 36 Wednesday, and husband Mark Wilkerson are expecting their third child, she confirms.

“(Early) Happy Birthday to me! And baby makes 3!” she Tweeted Tuesday, sharing a pregnancy photo of herself surrounded by her boys.

The couple are already parents to sons Braydon Hart, 4, and Mason Walter, 6.

“I adore my boys to pieces! And if that’s all God grants me, I’m fine. But I know myself well enough to know that I’m going to want another baby,” the actress said in 2009.

“It’s not necessarily that I want girls. It’s because I just know I want more babies.”

Melissa & Joey will premiere for the season May 30 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

— Sarah Michaud

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Melissa R Phillips on

Congrats Girl, being a Mom is the best job in the world !!!!!

Margo on

Congrats to the Hart-Wilkerson family!

Braydon and Mason are adorable! And if she were to have a girl, I bet she would be adorable too (and I’m sure if she had another son, he’ll be as cute as his brothers)!!!

klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! Congratulations to them.

I wonder how they’ll handle this on Melissa and Joey. I can’t wait for it to come back.

Laurie on

what a great looking family…best wishes on the new arrival!!!!

Sandra on

Congratulations to her and her family. I hope she has a healthy baby and hope it’s a girl! Every woman yearns for a girl. I have 2 girls myself and everytime they get into trouble, my hubby says to me “You wanted the girls, you take care of it.” LOL! Anyways, hope she has a smooth and carefree pregnancy.

Tessa on

Yay!!!! Congratulations to the family! Anyone else thinking girl?

Sam on

Congrats to the happy family! Wish them all the best.

SAE on

Congrats! She seems so down to earth and real. Many blessings!

Elizabeth Jones on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I LOVED you back in the “Clarissa Explains it all” days and years on “Sabrina” too!!!

vanessa on

No, not every woman yearns for a girl, but nice assumption.

Congrats to Melissa and family!

Jory on

Awwwwwwww.congrats…I hope she gets a girl ….her boys are so dang cute I can only imagine how cute a little girl would be:)

Isabel on

Congratulations to the whole family! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

Sandra, not every woman has a deep yearning for a daughter.

Julie on

Congratulations Melissa and family!

Courtney on

Not every women yearns for a girl…why do people assume such things? That ranks right up there with the ignorant people who assume my husband and I had a 4 children so that we could FINALLY have a boy….WHen I tell them we had a 4th so that I could have more on earth that I had miscarried its amazing how their tune changes. Some women do not care what sex they have, they just would like a baby!

Congrats to her and her family!

Britt on

Congrats!! Seems like having a baby is the “in” thing in Hollywood right now. Geez, how many stars are pregnant? Everyone has to have one! HA! In all seriousness, congratulations.

Jessica on

What a cute family. Best wishes on baby #3!

itznia on

Those boys are absolutely DARLING!!!!!!

Lisa on

Ah I am so excited for her. First off all 3 of her boys are gorgeous (yes one of the three is her husband!) I love their names and they are just too cute! They are going to make good big brothers they are at such great ages. I know Melissa mentioned possibly having one or two more biological children (she said possibly even irish twins) and then when she can no longer have babies adopt! So it seems like she is working herself to have a big family! I feel like it is going to be a girl but just a fun guess!

Lisa on

Also, what is everyones guesses for her due date. In my opinion she looks about 4 months so maybe September?

AR on

She’s has a beautiful family already. She’s happy for a healthy child to her growing family, whether a boy or girl. Great birthday present, and best wishes!

Aura Lee on

@Sandra, not every woman wants daughters. I had three boys and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I never once wished for a girl. It’s ridiculous to say that every woman wants a daughter.

Nannette Kell on

Congradulations Mark and Melissa on your happy news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel on

I didn’t yearn for a girl. My second was a boy and I was thrilled because my two boys are best friends!

Cortney on

I just caught last seasons episode of Melissa and Joey last night where all her friends were getting married and/or having kids and she felt pressured to do the same! Love that show and love her and her family…Congratulations Melissa!

Erika on

Congratulations to them! It will be so nice if this one is a girl to mix it up a little bit.

Tammy on

They seem like such a wonderfully loving family. May their new addition be healthy!

SAR on

How sweet! They seem like a really nice family. Congratulations on the new baby, whatever gender it is!

Der Kaiser on

A beautiful family! Warmest congratulations!!

Boke7 on

Love a great fellow Long Islander. And one from good ol’ Sayville! Congratulations, best of luck and may the Lord be with you.

Holiday on

She has been quoted numerous times saying how much she wants a girl. I do not blame her! I had a son first and for my 2nd REALLY wanted a girl. I did get my little girl and she is 23 months! I dont think EVERY woman wants a girl but I know EVERY woman I know who only has boys has said they really really would love to have a daughter. In fact I know a couple ladies who did invitro just for a girl ( each had 2 sons already)

Taylor on

I always thought it looked like she had a baby bump on Melissa and Joey!

Amber on

I absolutely adore her sons names! I just had my son (1 month) and I named him Brayden; if I had another son I would have named him Mason except a friend due in June is naming their son Mason, so I will have to get creative!

stacey on

Her oldest son is gorgeous!!! And yes Sandra, I completely agree with you…..EVERY woman wants a little girl, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, give me a break. Those who are saying they have no desire for a daughter must be outright tomboys, or have a husband that refuses to let them try for another child. Nothin but a lie.

Nadia on

I don’t year for all! But I wish her a healthy pregnancy 🙂

Nadia on

Sorry, meant yearn! Still, this childfree wonder wisher her well!

Leslee on

I have six boys, including four year old fraternal twin boys that are the youngest of the brood. I have thought about having a girl mainly for novelty factor, not so much for the reason of actually wanting to raise a daughter. I enjoy my two nieces from time to time and love buying them some girly outfits but get my fill pretty quickly.

I’m still surprised that I have had boys each time, even spontaneous fraternal twins that were both boys, I really am happy this way though.

I hope she has a healthy and happy baby, whatever gender she prefers 🙂

hhawk on

I love the person who said a girl would be nice mix it up.Seriously I have three boys and not all women are desperate for a girl!I cannot tell you how many people will say “you must have been so sad to not get your girl”Yeah I just cry myself to sleep to sleep at night,lol I have three handsome healthy boys.I wish the best for her and her family for a healthy baby,WHATEVER gender it may be!

Jillian on

Invitro doesn’t guarantee a girl or what you want. Do you mean the procedure where you pick a gender? I know quite a few who had to resort to invitro including my sister.


Ami on

She has stated before that she hopes to have a girl. I desperately wanted a baby girl after 2 boys and was ecstatic to have her almost 2 years ago. Most women I know hope for both genders.

Holiday on

Jillian yes they did high tech where they tested the embryos and only implanted the XX. They did not have infertility problems at all, they just wanted to be guaranteed a girl.

B.J. (the girl) on

Aww, this is happy news! They seem like such a nice, normal family 🙂

Jenna on

Interesting that her 6 year old is so much taller than her 4 year old. It looks like those boys are more than just two years apart.

Mya on

I have 2 boys, I definitely don’t want a girl.

And how does EVERY woman wanting a girl relate to those in China who kill their girls in favor of boys? lol

Denise on

yeah for you and your beautiful family. Your boys are the cutiest!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Amy on

Could her boys be any more adorable??

Tee on

Goodness, I did not see that coming! Congratulations to Melissa and her family! Her boys are cute as buttons and I’m looking forward to hearing about this new baby!

Jillian is right. In-vitro doesn’t guarantee a specific gender but there is a test that will identify the gender of the embryos so that only a boy or girl would be implanted. I’m of the opinion that this is a horrible thing to do but that’s only my opinion. I know others might disagree with me.

Sarah on

Omigosh, I’m so sick of woman thinking every woman wants a girl! We DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have two boys, and if I have another baby, I would want a son!!!! I can’t stand how so many women only have kids because they need a ‘girl’ or they need a ‘boy’. Have kids for the right reasons! So pathetic!

Ami on

There is nothing wrong with wanting/hoping for a certain gender. Hoping/wishing does not make it the ‘wrong’ reason to have a baby. Someone sounds bitter and defensive.

ej on

why do so many women presume that having a girl is so much better than a boy? that is so horrible, those statements really get under my skin! so if you already have a boy or two, then you have another boy, you’re meant to be disappointed? that’s disgusting

Brenda on

So cute!

Jillian on

I figured that was what you meant. but, wanted to check because people believe weird things that don’t happen. I know there is one of those places in California. My cousins aunt went there and selected girls and had twins. It’s not something I would do. To each their own.

I am Mary. Not Jillian. I most have used a wireless Internet connection that a Jillian used and now am stuck with the name. I am on my cell, so there’s no way anyone else has used this device and I have always signed as Mary. Very frustrating!


Kelly on

Yayyy!!! I think her and Mark are an adorable couple and the boys are so cute!! Congrats!!

sally on


klutzy_girl on

I wonder if Soleil Moon Frye will announce a pregnancy soon – Her and Melissa’s pregnancies have overlapped *twice* before, and I think it’d be hilarious and awesome if that happened again.

Ashley on

Couldn’t agree more with Sandra and Stacey—yearning for a girl here too :–) Melissa’s family is so cute, wow! Congrats to them.

Tina on

Really cute kids and hot dad. Good job Melissa.

Isabel on

EJ, the funniest part is that if a male celebrity discussed his desire for a son, these same women would be calling him sexist.

Stacey, I find it odd that you think other women must be lying if they say they have no desire for a daughter. As an adult, you should know you can only speak for yourself. Personally, wanting a child for novelty reasons is foolish, anyway. I have no desire to dress a child like a doll, get manicures, or go prom dress shopping. That’s just not my idea of a good time and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Janis on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with hoping for a particular sex. We have a girl and plan to start trying soon for one more baby. We would definitely like to have a boy but if we have a girl then that is fine too. It’s a win win situation.

Congrats to Melissa and her family!

sal on

Im so happy for them! I have two boys too. they certainly liven things up around here, thats for sure, lol!

acorr on

I LOVE her show!!! Beautiful growing family! I have two boys. At this point, if I had another baby, I just can’t imagine having a girl because I’m so immersed in “boyness”. I’ve never “yearned” to have a girl. In fact, I’ve kind of always felt like I’d have boys. If I had a girl, she would be another blessing added to our family, just the same as if she were a boy. I do have friends and family who specifically expressed their desires to have girls and I can understand that but not everybody feels that way, whether boy or girl.

Daffygrams on

Great looking family! Congratulations!

jess on

….the only thing i wanted was health babies boy or girl…i never sat and thought about what i wanted or hoping what i was getting…one sex is not better then the other…just the fact of knowing atleast i got got have children…there are ppl out there who will never get that chance… i have 2 sons and 1 daughter..they could have been all boys or all girls . i really wouldnt of cared…cause the fact is that they were mine and god chose them for me…for the selfish ones out there who pout like a child not getting what they want just take away the gender thing..look around look at all the kids…they all have a heart, arms, legs, feelings and adorable smile. so no there is no difference..cause the ones who assume what us women want or cry cause they didnt get what they want..make the rest of us look bad when we are the ones that dont have to think negative it the beginning..

katharine on

I do not have any children myself, so I admit before this comment that I do not know how I will feel once pregnant. But when it comes to “yearning” for something, don’t you just yearn for a happy, hopefully healthy baby? Boy or girl? It seems like the sex of the baby would be the last thing I would need to yearn for when so many other things about the baby are more important.

canada girl on

Such a cute family. I predict she will have a more, as she has 2 already so the chances of a girl are slim!

canada girl on

I meant boy not more

Jen on

Those are some of the cutest boys ever, good genes! Good luck in having the girl, I had 3 boys before I got my princess. Boys rock though!

ClaireSamsmom on

that is wonderful! Very exciting for Melissa and family! Either way, boy or girl….as long as baby is healthy, it is a blessing.

emily on

canada girl, why would her chances be slim because she already has 2 boys?

cw on

they are such a beautiful family. Congratulation!

Carol on

Melissa is a CUTIE and always was. She is a REAL role model to ALL families out there. Congrats. to her and her lovely family.

Sunny on

Great picture of family! Congrats to the Family!

EEK on

I think that it’s OK (and natural) for people to have a preference for one gender or the other, as long as they don’t obsess over it or hold it against the baby if they don’t get their way. I think most people have a preference when they are expecting, but then are happy with whatever they get once the child is born, because they can’t picture the child any other way.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I really wanted a girl, not because I don’t like boys, but because I grew up as one of two girls, love having a sister, and felt like being a mom to a girl would be more familiar and therefore maybe easier. Now I have a daughter, and am expecting my second and don’t know what I am having yet. This time, I have much less of a preference but still just slightly hope for another girl, because I think relationship between two sisters is really wonderful and special. My husband did not care either way the first time around, but now he wants a boy, mostly because with 3 women/girls in the house he would be completely outnumbered.

On the other hand, I know a woman that was pregnant at the same time as me, and she was really hoping for (and got) a boy, because she grew up with three brothers and really understands little boys and enjoys them.

All of these are completely normal preferences and reactions – the important thing is, all of us would be fine and happy with a child of the opposite gender to the one we initially referred.

Anonymous on

It never fails with any article posted an argument starts. I can’t believe there is an argument about every women yearns for a girl! For the most part I think the same thing and there is nothing wrong with that! Instead of arguing just say congrats and go play with your kids.

Congratulations to Melissa, we know you’ll love any gender you have. 🙂

Kim on

Congrats! I also agree not every mom years for daughters, I have two sons and I was in a family with all girls so I actually was yearning for a boy, yeah they are cute to dress up but that gets old after awhile!!

Kim on

stacey you are full of it!!! How can you make that assumption get a life really!!! I hate it when people make these broad generalizations about everyone…..not everyone wants a whiny girl!!!

Kim on

hhawk great point I have two sons and people make the most ridiculous comments as if it’s the end of the world I have boys there is a serious bias against boys…it’s sad really and believe me I’m not crying myself to sleep either that I don’t have a daughter! I think it’s sad that people put so much emphasis on the baby’s gender!! Whatever you have boy or girl you welcome them with love, I was thrilled when the sonogram said I was having another boy!!!

kjc on

After 3 years struggling to hold a pregnancy, I yearned for a BABY. A healthy baby. I welcomed my son almost one year ago. Gender? Who gives a s#!t?! I’d take 5 more boys any day, but I’d also take 5 girls. In reality, i’ll be lucky to have any more children. I understand how people who have never struggled might have a preference, but to say every women yearns for a girl is simply not accurate. What’s important is the baby.

Congrats to Melissa and family!

Lola on

Today sure is baby boom day wow!! Congrats to them, beautiful family, handsome boys!!

Cindy on

Yay!! Congrats to Melissa and her husband!! I’ve always loved Melissa ever since she was on Clarissa explains it all.

I also love the fact that her and I share something in common. Our boys names are the same. My Brayden is 5 1/2 and my Mason is turning 1 on April 30th!!

No chance in heck that I will have another tho!! Lol

Good Luck Melissa and Family and congrats again!!!

JLL on

I love Melissa Joan Hart. She seems so sweet and down to earth. Her husband and boys seem soo sweet too, and really adorable. I know she would love a girl, but boys are equally as precious too. My son is wonderful, and so is my precious daughter. I also am having my third baby. Mine is due in June. Can’t wait. Children are wonderful, and such a gift. Congrats to you and your family!!!

Vanessa on

Canada girl, you are sorely mistaken. The odds are roughly 50/50 regardless.

Keith on

Looks like she is just going to be a full time mommy-housewife at this rate

Brianne on

Congrats to Melissa and family!!!

Melissa on

Beautiful family!

Kate on

Not everyone has such strong preferences for a gender of a child. I love that she openly said she just wants another baby, not that she specifically wants a girl. Far too often women set themselves up with this idea in their heads of what is to be expected instead of just loving the blessing you are given.

Growing up I “wanted” 3 boys. I now have 3 girls and 1 boy and would not change a thing. We can’t always get what we want…and thank God because those wants sure can change in no time.

Congratulations to her and her family! I hope nothing other than a healthy, happy baby.

Willow on

I wonder if those of you that insist “every woman wants a daughter” have ever had a miscarriage? Because I can tell you HONESTLY that after two miscarriages, I couldn’t care LESS what gender I had. I just wanted a healthy baby. Btw, I now have 1 girl and 2 boys, but even if I had 3 boys I wouldn’t feel I was missing out on anything. When you lose previous pregnancies it puts things in perspective.

Karen on

Her boys are so cute!! I wonder why they waited a bit as it seemed like every 2 years, but it’ll be nice these 2 are older. She says she loves babies…as we all know that is so short lived!

Holiday on

Why are the moms of all boys getting SO defensive about a poster saying most women want girls? Ask yourself honestly moms of all boys, wouldnt it be sweet to have a little girl to raise? Dont you have a good relationship with your own mom? If not wouldnt you want to experience a mother/daughter bond? It truly is amazing as is having a son of course. I think as kids get older boys tend to spend time with their dad while girls want to be with mom.

Michelle on

I am currently trying to get pregnant. My desire…one healthy baby. one asks if I have a preference – boy or girl. I honestly don’t. Some days I think a girl would be sweet and other days I might do better with a boy. Either way, I will be happy. I really have no strong preference – just depends on the day and my mood.

On another note…. good God her husband is HOT. And getting better with age. (drool)

Anonymous on

Willow- I agree! My mother also had two miscarriages, and all she (and my dad) wanted were healthy children (they always knew they wanted at least two). In the end she got one of each, but I know she would have been just as happy with two boys or two girls. 🙂

Jack on

Congrats on the new addition. She doesn’t even look like the same person. If I saw her in public wouldn’t recognize her and would say 40ish. Short hair doesn’t suit her at all. She would shave 15-20 years off is she grew her hair back.

Kara on

Congratulations! I was a child of the 90’s and loved her on Clarissa and Sabrina. I hope she has a healthy, happy pregnancy and child!

Rose on

Congratulations! I was a child of the 90’s and loved her on Clarissa and Sabrina! I hope she has a healthy, happy pregnancy and child.

Jack-sigh, spoken like a man. I sure hope she doesn’t see your comment, will be tough for her to pick up the pieces after reading that you think she looks 4 years older than she is. Seriously tho, who cares? She looks happy and is surrounded by her loved ones, who are embracing the new impending loved one. She is beautiful and it’s a beautiful picture.

Jessica on

Holiday, why can’t the same be said for mothers wanting sons? I have two girls and boy and my relationship with my daughters is no more special than that with my son. We don’t have a greater bond just because we both happen to be female.

Anonymous on

Vanessa- Actually, that’s not always the case. Some couples actually do tend to be more likely to “make” girls than boys or vice-versa. This can be due to a number of factors, including how acidic things are in the mother’s vagina (the more acidic the vaginal envirionment, the more like a girl will be concieved. This is because “girl” sperm tend to be able to survive an acidic environment better than “boy” sperm). Also, it’s thought that some men actually produce more “boy” sperm than “girl” sperm or vice-versa (Scientists don’t yet know WHY this occurs, but they have found lots of evidence that strongly suggests it does. Google it if you’re interested. :)).

Bottomline: For some couples the odds might not actually be 50/50 (and a couple that already has two sons could very well, for example, have some of the factors that make concieving boys more likely).

Mia on

I hope to see them have a girl! – I want 3 kids eventually..I REALLY want 2 boys + 1 girl – but if I had 3 boys (Legends of the Fall anyone?) I would be happy with that too.

I have an older brother + always had mostly guy friends – I like them better.

Shakia on

I grew up with 4 Sisters and 1 brother so when I got pregnant I really wanted a Boy & I got him now I am pregnant again and would love another boy & people just don’t seem to understand why I would want another boy they assume I would really want a girl but I honestly don’t even growing up I always got along better with men than woman it’s just my prefrence because woman are always judmental and dramatic & believe me I am not a tomboy I love dressing up and girly things I just Love Boys! Not even my Mom can understand but I don’t see why we as woman can’t yearn for a boy!

Vics on

So wonderful to see a Hollywood child star grow up and be a normal healthy adult. More power to her. I saw on 20/20 a few years ago that she is one child star that did not blow her money and invested it very wisely. So incredibly refreshing!!! Whatever gender her child is, I am sure he/she will be loved.

Heather on

Congrats to her and her family!!! I have a boy with another boy on the way and people ALWAYS ask “are you going to try for a girl”?? Nope. I love my family the way it is and even if I KNEW I’d have a girl the third time around I wouldn’t do it. Not every woman wants a girl….boys are the best!

KIM on

i found your comment morbid do you think that was funny? babies getting killed bc of gender? seriously? some people dont deserve the blessing that god shares. i have 2 of the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful girls in the world & wouldnt change a thing. your comment was disturbing. phsyco!

Alicia D on

Congrats to her & her family. I hope she has a girl. She will probably never publicly say it, but I bet she is really hoping for a girl.

Gianna on

I don’t get the big deal. I have 2 boys and would love a girl. So what? Not every all-boy mom wants a girl but I sure do 🙂

robinepowell on

Melissa always said she wanted four kids. Two boys and two girls, in that order. Congrats to the Wilkerson family and here’s hoping Melissa’s wish comes true!! 😀

phoebee on