Lisa Loeb Blog: Breaking the Baby News to Lyla

04/17/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Thanks for welcoming our new celebrity blogger, Lisa Loeb.

Currently expecting her second child in June, the musician, 44, and husband Roey Hershkovitz are already parents to daughter Lyla Rose, 2.

In addition to her number one single “Stay (I Missed You),” Loeb also had hits with “Do You Sleep” and “I Do.” In the years since, she’s recorded two children’s albums, written a kids book, done voiceovers, developed an eyewear line and started the nonprofit Camp Lisa Foundation.

She can be found on Facebook and on Twitter @lisaloeb.

In her most recent blog, Loeb writes about her recent pregnancy cold and shares how she and her husband told Lyla that she would be a big sister.

Needing lots of tissues lately! — Courtesy Lisa Loeb

Thanks for reading the last blog. I wanted to answer some of the questions you posted in the comments section. Mlle. Kitty had a question about my 2-year-old daughter Lyla’s personality and how she feels about becoming a big sister. Lyla is funny, sweet, very vocal, smart, and I could go on and on about what a wonderful personality she has …

We were definitely interested in breaking the new-baby-on-the-way news to her in a way that made sense to her and wasn’t too confusing or psychologically damaging in any way.

That sounds so extreme, but as some of you first time moms know, that’s just the way we think sometimes in the 21st century!! Too much information makes us always think there’s a “best way” to do things. (My second and third and fourth time moms remind me that there’s not, but please let me be a first time mom while I am one.)

My husband and I waited until the pregnancy was pretty far along, got some books about becoming a big sister, and told her. Since Lyla loves books and unwrapping gifts, to make the explanation more special, we had Joanna Cole’s illustrated book, I’m a Big Sister, wrapped at a store, and saved it up for the big moment. We unwrapped it together, and then we said, “It’s a special book for you!”

My husband and I explained that we were having a baby, the baby was in my belly, and that she was going to be a big sister. We used “we” instead of “‘I’m’ going to have a baby” so that she felt like more of a part of the process, and that the baby will be part of our whole family — not just something for mommy.

Along the way, our daughter said, “I have a baby in my belly,” so I think the concept is still a little hard to grasp, but we read the book nightly at her request, as well as a couple of other cute books we picked up along the way about becoming a big sister.

So far she seems excited about it and talks about becoming a big sister, but I’m not sure she totally understands yet. We’ll see what happens when the baby actually comes home.

Otherwise, my pregnancy is still going great, especially when I get a little nap in while Lyla’s napping. The only hitch lately is that I got a cold a couple of weeks ago! I was supposed to be in the studio last week recording some bonus tracks for my rock album, coming out early next year, but I was too congested to sound clear or think straight.

It’s my third cold during this pregnancy, which I hear is typical with a two year old who goes to preschool, but as a singer, I’m used to taking care of the symptoms immediately: a prescription rinse for my sore red throat from my ENT, decongestants, mostly from the doctor, not over the counter, as those tend to be too strong for me.

Unfortunately, with a pregnancy, as we all know, you can’t really take much of anything, so once again, I felt kind of like a cave woman, but the kind that has a cool mist humidifier constantly running, a mouth full of natural blackberry Grether’s Pastilles, boxes of tissues everywhere, coughing all night, and blowing my nose all day, and lots and lots of soup. That sounds awesome, right?

I also continued to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can, and kept my protein intake healthy. Strawberries, red peppers, oranges, kale, cucumbers, avocado, apples, carrots, celery — these things don’t sound like comfort foods, but I think they help the body recover. (Any doctors out there? Does that sound right?)

And like other pregnant women, I found myself constantly looking online to check out my symptoms and what I’m allowed to take, even though my OB and ENT already explained it to me, and I know the doctors would prefer that we talk to them, not to the multiple sites we troll. Is it that looking on the Internet give us a feeling of taking charge?

Take care of yourselves this week, pregnant or not, get enough rest, and if you have a cold too, or just want some comfort, find the best soup in the neighborhood. If you find it, let me know!

I should also add that I’m on my way to getting well since I’m heading up to Northern California for my last weekend of shows before the baby comes. Grownup shows in Oakland at Yoshi’s on Friday, April 20th – 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., Napa Valley Opera House in Napa on Saturday, April 21st — 8 p.m. and The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley near Sacramento on Sunday, April 22nd — 7:30 p.m., as well as a free in-store kids’ book signing at Whole Foods in Folsom on Sunday, April 22nd – 1 p.m. Would love to see you at a show.

— Lisa Loeb

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Lucy on

2 year olds and colds! I’m relieved to hear of another mama going through it, we have been sick since December with one cold or bug after another. I’ve lost my voice 4 times in 5 months and am getting very used to parenting in a whisper!

Karlene on

Hope you feel better in time for your shows! I’ve loved reading your blogs so far and I’m not usually a commentator so to speak.

That said, I’ve been sick during my pregnancy and I know how miserable it can be! Since you’ll be somewhat in the area (Petaluma is sort of in between Oakland and Napa depending on the freeway you take), there is a great Chinese restaurant called Lily Kai that has the best Hot & Sour soup I’ve ever had. It’s become my go-to every time I’m feeling under the weather. If you’re a vegetarian you might mention that as they typically include chicken alongside the tofu – they’re pretty great about making things to order.

Amber on

I also swear by Hot and Sour soup when I am sick- I don’t know why, but it always makes me feel better!

J.F. on

My husband and I will be at the show in Napa this Saturday – we’re really looking forward to it! I’m always too busy being a vet student to go out and have fun, so this will be a real treat!

Elizabeth on

Hi Lisa, I love reading your blog. I am 43 and have Rose who is 3 next month and Caroline who is 7 months old – so we have the older mother thing in common! Also wanted to say I was quite worried about Rose when Caroline came along, her having been the queen bee for 2 years, 3 months – but I had nothing to worry about as she loved Caroline as soon as she arrived and is a fantastic big sister. So I’m sure your second bundle will be equally well received by Lyla Rose. 🙂 I hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

Allison on

My son Shawn (now 3 1/2) was just over 20 months old when my daughter (now 2) was born and we were worried about the possibility of jealousy. Our concern was amplified as our daughter’s birth would be my second hospitalization during that pregnancy. She wasn’t born yet, but already Baby was taking Mommy away. In an attempt to avoid any issues, we purchased a toy train set for him, wrapped it and had our daughter ‘give’ it to him when she came home from the hospital. As everyone was dealing with the excitement of baby, he was able to deal with his excitement of a train set, something he had wanted for a long time. We also had my parents take our son to the toy store while I was in the hospital and allow him to pick out a doll for his new sister. He was so proud when he carried that gift up to my hospital room and we could unwrap it and show our daughter. Luckily, this seemed to stave off any potential jealousy issues – until our daughter was old enough to start sharing toys that is!

Holiday on

I spaced my kids 4.5 years apart although I was very young at 22 when I had my first so I was able to do that. I was 26 when I had my daughter. Lisa is definitely aging from the looks of this pic. In the other pictures she still looked in her 20s but now you can tell how old she really is.

meghan on

Holiday, we get it, you’re ageist. Get over it. Someday you will be old too. But you will never be a nice person.

B.J. (the girl) on

Lyla is adorable! I love her name, too.

Holiday on

All I am saying is in every picture I have seen of her besides this one she looks like she is still her her 20s. She always looks exactly how she did when “Stay” came out nearly 20 years ago. In this picture she looks her age.

Jacqui on

Great blog, Lisa! Love all the detail!

Leslie on

Holiday, your shtick is tired. SIGH.

Holiday on

Leslie you should be the tired one having 6 boys! Yikes!!

deary lou on

@Holiday, okay, we get it.

We also get that Lisa said she’s been sick. She’s a mother of a two year old with a cold and is pregnant at the same time and may not have had some makeup on.

I also see a woman enjoying time with her child in the photo who has a few laugh lines. It could be worse. She could be the miserable-sounding person pointing out everyone else’s lines and age. Just saying.

@Lisa, you’re lovely, sound like a wonderful mother and I wish the best to you- at every age.

Silly Person on

Mother and daughter are beautiful, but NEVER take a picture of yourself when you have a cold!

Christineabella on

Lisa, to end the running nose, cut out all sugar as it feeds a cold. Meaning, no fruit in your smoothies! After one day you should see a difference, three days you should be great.

acorr on

With both of my pregnancies I didn’t necessarily have a cold but I was perpetually stuffy, blowing my nose did not make a difference. It was kind of a bummer. Hopefully you can clear up your cold Lisa, good luck.

boohoobytch on

wow, we have some extra anal, extra spazzy people on here…BFD, she has a cold and is holding a tissue, sans makeup…are you people mental? that said, she’s adorable and so is her little girl

Anne on

Lisa, I loved your tv show and watched it whenever possible. I’m so happy you found love and have the family you have always wanted. You seem to be such a sweet, thoughtful person. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

Somes on

I am really happy for Lisa and find her story inspiring. I am 41 and have been trying to get pregnant forever. I finally did last summer but sadly it ended in a miscarriage. There is so much negative press out there about older women having children…it’s nice to see an older mom that is happy and fulfilled. I look up to Lisa and am still hopeful that a child is in my future as well. I wish her and her family all the best!

Rachel on

I am 36 and I really want a second baby soon. I hope I don’t have a hard time getting pregnant. I am of tired seeing over 40 celebrities making it look like nothing. Us regular folks are told by our OB’s time and time again, get pregnant by 35 because it is harder after that. I don’t have the money for IVF, surrogate, donor egg, etc. Being older is harder. I am always tired. I have a regular 40 hour job, no nanny, and I go to school.And please don’t say how do I know that they may have very well gotten pregnant naturally. Please, how many celebrities over 40 have gotten pregnant?? Tons!! What, only Hollywood is fertile?

Lisa Loeb on

Thanks for all the comments! (and yes, no makeup, at the doc with Lyla for a little cough/cold checkup.) My stuffiness is nearly gone, but I’ll still try the hot and sour soup. Sounds delicious, and I’ll try cutting out the sugar… although those little light pink and blue and yellow wrapped Easter Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that were 1/2 off at the drug store (!!) are in the freezer and they call my name a couple of times a day…

See you in Northern Cali! Lisa

Silly Person on

For all you older women out there that want kids…Don’t give up!! It can happen!! Mother to 8, 6, and 1 year olds. I’m 43. My mom passed away at 61 from cancer. If I can live an extra twenty years it will all work out. You never know how long you have or how far you can go. Just enjoy the ride!

Somes on

Thanks for the positive comments!

The thing we need to realize is that celebrities are human too and yes having babies later in life and enjoying relatively healthy pregnancies. I don’t really believe that everyone over 40 needs to resort to IVF or use donor eggs. Yes, pregnancy later in life may carry its own particular set of challenges but I think its worth it. These days, not everyone is in a position to have children in their 20’s or even 30’s. I feel great, am fit and healthy and most people freak out when they find out I am 41! I know at least a dozen women who have conceived naturally in their 40’s and had beautiful, healthy children.

TMarie on

Lisa, I battled numerous colds during my last pregnancy at 40. Try a neti pot (with distilled water) I really think it helps and keeps potential infection away. I am happy to hear that you found love and a family. 🙂

ruby on

Hot and Sour soup and use Ocean saline nasal spray continuously, even when you’re not sick. Get well soon!

Just an idea: I have two boys, 2 y 5 m apart, and when our youngest was born, we had a gift “from” baby brother wrapped and waiting at the hospital for big brother. So when he arrived to meet his brother, he had a materialistic reason to talk to him. 2-yo’s are very egocentric – it worked. And now they’re BFFs. Good luck! 🙂

Annabelle on

” …although those little light pink and blue and yellow wrapped Easter Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that were 1/2 off at the drug store (!!) are in the freezer and they call my name a couple of times a day…”

Guess what I was eating as I read this? Yep, that’s right … but I got mine for 75% off. 🙂

Your little Lyla is adorable! You are at such a fabulous stage of life! I’m a bit older than you and have teenagers … and, oh, do I long for those years when they were little! Though every stage has its bits of fabulousity. 🙂

Also, wanted to tell you that I love your eyeglass line! I was at the eyedoctor with my son just last week and looked at them. It’s not time for me to order new ones quite yet, but I will be looking at your line again when it is! It must be so fun to get to help design them!

I agree with the ppl who mentioned saline spray and nasal irrigation. Not a fan of the neti pot, but like the neilmed squirt bottle thingy. I’ve been med free for a few years for my allergies because I do the daily rinse and feel so much better on a daily basis.

Take care and enjoy being a mama! 🙂

Greta on

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We also had that book for my daughter when she was 2 and I was expecting – she liked it but she LOVED it when she was 3 and her brother was small. All the best 🙂

Abby's Mom on

It was so great to meet you at Whole Foods on Sunday- my daughter and I love your silly sing-along CD! We wished we could’ve stayed for the mini-concert after the book signing, but she needed a nap 🙂 Wishing you all the best!!

ek on

I am 36 and hope that I will be able to have healthy children in the future. I would like 2, and if God allows it, 3!

Thank you Lisa for showing us that it can be great.

Marlee on

To you “older” moms… Don’t give up hope! I had two babies in my early 30s… Then, I had two more at 39 and nearly 41… No IVF or other interventions. Healthy and happy.

@lisa – I am enjoying your blogging, best wishes on the new baby. Lyla is adorable!

sal on

Wonderful blog Lisa! Ruby…that is a great idea! Our kids are 9 years apart. We tried to concieve our second for a long time, after years of trying we decided maybe it just isnt meant to be and it was that same month that I became pregnant! God blessed us with two beautiful boys. Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, cant wait to see your new baby…Lyla is beautiful btw!

Anita on

Thanks for giving me hope Lisa. I had my first baby at 42 and am really hoping God blesses us with a second. I’m turning 44 this summer. Good luck to your expanding family! xo, Anita

KH on

Lisa, you are beautiful and inspirational. Congratulations and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Laura on

Cauliflower-Cheese soup in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook is sooo good and will make you feel better…although you were sick awhile ago and are probably fine now. The soup is even better when you aren’t sick, however!

People should ease up about age these days…I’m 40 and my partner is 12 years younger than me…we are expecting our baby in August and I feel great. I already have a six year old son as well. I’m really happy that I am having a baby at this stage of my life…I travelled and worked all over the world in my twenties and early thirties and don’t apologize for it. My partner and I have lots of fun together and don’t even notice the age gap. It’s society that dictates what we are supposed to be like at certain stages of our life. I choose to ignore what society dictates and believe me, life is a lot lighter and more peaceful.

Happy pregnancy, Lisa!

Rachel Moses on

I’m so glad to see your blog! My Lyla Sarina is 4 now and back then the name wasn’t as popular as it is now. I remember when your Lyla was born. I kept the magazine clip showing it was a new “Trending name” and have always wanted to find a way to contact you to compliment you on the great name choice. Thanks also for all you’ve done for the Baltimore Jewish Community!

Cassie on

I’m soon to be 33, and have wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember. My friends’ kids are all school age at this point, as they all had kids around the ages of 22- 25, including my younger sister at 21.. I hate being the odd one out, the only one of us without children. All you older mothers are giving me hope. 🙂

Pierre on

Lyla has your eyes! She’s very cute.

Bonus tracks for rock album? Thank you!

Marky on

Have you tried Chicken Soup when you are feeling stuffy? We have a family recipe from many years ago, that has whole chicken, onion, carrots, lots and lots of garlic stewed in chicken broth, and after it’s deboned and skinned, added back to the broth and add rice (I like it to end up a little thick), little salt and pepper to taste, and I eat it twice a day; much better in a day or so! Hope you continue to feel better and have a great “rest of your pregnancy” ! You write an enjoyable blog and I wish you the best!

For those who are talking about “older” moms; there are pluses and minuses, I’m sure, but the truth is motherhood happens when it happens, and most of us make the best of it whenever it does. No need to be critical of those who do it differently than you do.

Rachel, I think many celebs may indeed have difficulty getting pregnant, but they just don’t choose to complain about it, or make it public. No offense to anyone, but all the bitterness and hatefulness about the fact that someone got pregnant and you didn’t won’t make you feel better. Been there and I know. Spend some of that time and effort on finding a way to parent or minister to children while you wait to get pregnant. When you get to be a parent, you’ll be a much better one for letting go of your anger.

FLT on

Just fyi, if people have been pregnant once, it tends to be easier to have other babies, even if you are older. My friend had go through IVF forever (starting around 30) and finally got pregnant. Then a year later, she got pregnant naturally! Her doctor said he sees that often.

As for me, I had no problem conceiving for the first time in my late 30s, so you never know how things will go. I think it’s so individual.