BumpWatch: Alessandra Ambrósio’s Birthday at the Beach

04/16/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Alessandra Ambrósio

Happy 31st Alessandra Ambrósio!

The model mama-to-be — who’s expecting a baby boy in mid-May — celebrated her birthday last Wednesday and logged on to thank fans for their well-wishes.

“Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!” Ambrósio writes on her Facebook page while sharing a photo of herself in a bikini on the beach.

“Have a great weekend everybody!!!”

The Victoria’s Secret stunner and fiancé Jamie Mazur are already parents to daughter Anja Louise, 3½.

— Sarah Michaud

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sally on

She’s pretty big! Congrats!

mandii on

Wish I looked that fab when I was preggo! Go girl!

Lisa on

Wow She is all belly! What a nice bump! She looks amazing in general and for being due in 3 weeks!

Sierra Paige on

I wish I had her belly while Im preggo, 😦 but im having twins in may so their is no way I look that good!! Congrads Alessandra, Jamie, and Anja can’t wait to hear what they name him!!

Sierra Paige on


Heather on

Wow, she looks gorgeous!! Congratulations and good luck with the new baby!

acorr on

I had my second child at 31 also! She probably feels huge but she looks so cute and tiny to me.

Amanda K on

She looks great! Lucky lady. I so wanted to wear a bikini this summer while pregnant but unfortunately I’ve got belly hair and don’t want the world to see it.

MariaP on

Wow looks like “yesterday” she announced that she will have her second child and now she is so close to it. She looks great.

Heather Lynn on

Alessandra looks AMAZING, especially for being due next month! This seems to be one of the quickest celeb pregnancies. I can’t wait to see pictures of her little boy and to hear what they name him because I love the name Anja!

Colorado_girl on

She looks amazing…maybe is those Brazilian genes of her… way to go girl

sal on

she looks hotter than me in a bikini and Im not pregnant, lol

Anonymous on

She looks great!

rachel on

to all you uneducated idiots saying preggo.. GROW UP. you are not a sauce, you are carrying a child. you need some help..

alg on

I looked like that when I was preggo. You get back into shape super fast.

Katherine on

Wow Alessandra looks amazing preggo! I can’t wait to hear what she names her little boy 🙂

Marky on

She looks really good; has gained enough weight to help her baby thrive well,but not so much it will take forever to get it off. She looks very happy, too!

What is with the word “preggo”? It sounds so……. I don’t know…. What’s wrong with the word pregnant?

nichole on

I’m 23 weeks pregnant. That is exactly how I look..

Bella Mia on

She already has a child so she’s not a mama-to-be, she’s an expectant mother. Still, she looks great!

Sharon on

The days of morality and good values seem to be gone. Call me old fashion but I find it very classless to go to a beach in a two piece with your belly hanging out there to draw attention. There is something good to be said about being modest – it shows class and pride in yourself.

Olivia on

Wow, she looks amazing. I’m only about one week ahead of her and I think my belly is about twice the size. 🙂

Sharon on

Shows you how far down the ladder our morals and values have gone. She is expected her second child and not married. She may be engaged but still not married yet. She shows no class and pride in herself that she needs so much attention she goes to the beach in a two piece with her belly hanging out. Years ago there would be a name used for these kind of people but for some reason people have gone so low in their values and morals they think this is ok. No – its not. We are sending a very bad message to our youth that being a Sl– is ok and its not

Ceci on

Seriously Sharon?

Shannyn on

Agree with Ceci, Seriously? What century do you live in? If she wants to be engaged and have 2 kids, its her life and if she wants to go to the beach in a 2 piece, then so be it, its her life. Who are you to judge? I think I sense more jealously here than anything else.

Congrats to Alessandra, you look amazing!

Amanda on

Get over yourself, Sharon. I’ve been married ten years and I wear a bikini when I’m pregnant. I’m due mid-June, live next door to a state park, and when the pool opens next month, I will be there, sunning myself in all my enormous glory. What does wearing a bikini have to do with morality or being a slut, anyway? Not. A. Thing.

Incidentally, not being married and having babies has nothing to do with it, either. People complain relentlessly that this woman isn’t married, saying that the fiancée ought to make a commitment to her after two children, but nobody realizes that it might not be that easy for them. He’s a millionaire American businessman. She’s a millionaire Brazilian model. All the legal paperwork just to properly emigrate/immigrate, plus the division/combining of their assets, citizenship requirements, etc…add that to two people who live very busy lives and probably don’t get to see each other all that often, and maybe they just don’t have time for the wedding of their dreams right now. Sure, they could go to the courthouse and have it done in a jiffy (if all that other paperwork were done), but why should they do something that they maybe don’t want to do just to make you people happy who have an issue with total strangers living their lives the way that is best for them?

By the way, I don’t know if you all know this, but there are *gasp* nude beaches in Sandra’s home country. How do you stand the thought of all the immorality there?

And one last thought…who cares if someone says “preggo” or “preggers”? It’s called slang, and it’s a big part of this language. Also, the sauce is only spelled with one “g,” so…yeah. At least nobody is spelling it “pregnate,” which I see all the time.

Sab on

My gosh she looks good. I’m due May 27 and I look horrific compared to her. Lucky a$$

emily on

A two-piece shows poor values? Or is it only if you’re *gasp* pregnant? Oh, the horror of it all!!!

babe on

Bellylicious Goddess!

shalay on

Oh, Sharon. The only “bad message” being sent to our youth is coming from YOU. There’s nothing about a pregnant belly that is shameful. She’s at a BEACH. What do people wear at beaches? Bathing suits. You’re implying that she should be covered up because it makes you uncomfortable to look at her. How sad! The pregnant body is a beautiful thing.

Claiborne Wiggs on

It’s criminal to show one more picture of this girl until she eats a burrito. She’s not healthy.

Kiki on

I think Sharon is SAR.

Cassie on

No, Kiki…SAR didn’t really target celebrities (other than Natalie Portman) she typically just attacked other posters.

emily on

What is SAR?

SadieA on

lol I miss reading SAR’s crazy

Tink on

Haha, SAR actually was on not long ago and her post was totally sane, very disappointing!

Anonymous on

rachel- While I don’t agree with the the way you worded your comment, I always think of the sauce when someone says “preggo” (I know the sauce only has one g, but still!), too! 🙂

Julianna on

@Sharon, Alessandra is Brazilian and, under Brazilian law, for all intents and purposes, she’s as good as married. She has the same rights as married people. It’s called a stable partnership.

This being said, I love Alessandra and she looks stunning. And time really does fly – it helps that she managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps for more than four months LOL And since she’s basically all belly, once she gives birth she’ll be back to her stunning figure. Can’t wait for this baby to be born, I’m curious to know what name they’re giving him!

Jenna on

HA, I am pregnant with my second child, and am engaged to my children’s father. We plan on getting married, and will, but it doesn’t make our family less valuable or our relationship less important simply because we do not share the same last name. We are committed and in love, a simple approval from the government doesn’t change us. People like Sharon and anyone else who judges are either miserable or divocred!! or sit in church every sunday judging everyone else.

SMiaVS on

For the record, ‘Prego’ isn’t just the name of spaghetti sauce; it’s how the Italians say “you’re welcome.”