Hilary Duff: Postpartum Body Backlash Adds Pressure

04/14/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

She welcomed her first child on March 20 and is already regaining her body after baby, but Hilary Duff is taking the postpartum weightloss slow and steady.

After all, she adds, what’s the rush?

“I don’t have a project waiting on me that I have to bust my butt to get into shape for so it’s more about how I feel,” the actress, 24, tells PARADE while promoting her charity initiative with Johnson’s Baby Cares and Save the Children.

“I like working out since it makes me feel more clear-headed and positive.”

Duff, who did Pilates and yoga during her pregnancy, had “really missed getting my butt kicked,” and was excited to get back to her exercise regimen — until she signed on to her Twitter account.

“Then I read comments on my Twitter page about how I’m waddling into Pilates and I go, ‘Wow, that’s a really mean thing to say. I just had a baby three weeks ago!'” she shares.

“There is a little bit of pressure, but most of it comes from me.”

But the workouts have provided Duff with much more than a slimmer figure; She admits leaving her newborn son Luca Cruz in the hands of her mom and husband Mike Comrie has benefited her relationships — namely her marriage — in ways she could never have imagined.

“Despite my best intentions, I have to learn to let go of the way I do things. My mom has been taking Luca while I do Pilates for an hour and I had to stop giving her directions about how I changed Luca’s diaper,” Duff says.

The new mom has also come to the same realization with Comrie, who, despite not “doing everything the way I would do it,” is still tackling daddy duty full force.

“It’s helped me appreciate Mike’s role in [Luca’s] life and that we’re doing things with the most love that we can. He’s really hands on and I appreciate any little help I can get,” she notes.

The author and Comrie are now the proud parents of a 3-week-old and while there was some speculation surrounding their name choice, Duff reveals that there is no “rhyme or reason” behind the moniker.

“There is no good story behind it, which is kind of sad. We just liked the way it sounded together,” she explains. “We were thinking of Cruz as a first name and were just mixing and matching it with things on our list and came up with it. Afterwards we found out his name means ‘bringer of light.’ I love that!”

Receiving a lot of support from her sister Haylie — both during the pregnancy and now that Luca has arrived — Duff is excited for her baby boy to be a big brother … some day!

“Right now, I’m focused on being the best mom I can be and when I start working again, I’ll see how I juggle everything,” she says. “But then again, my sister and I are very close so I want Luca to have someone close [to his age] — but not too close!”

— Anya Leon

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christa on

Just stop complaining, all mothers have to go through this, its like they are the only ones, who ever gave birth.

Keis on

Krista, you seem really pressed. Is there something going on in your life that is bothering you?

Sam on

I’m sorry @Christa but at what point was she complaining? You must have read a different article, because I read no complaints. She’s a first time mom, cut her some slack.

Smh on

Christa, did we read the same article? She’s not complaining.

Mel on


It’s true all mothers go through this, but most don’t have cameras following them around all the time and people analyzing their every word. I would imagine that’s why she feels pressure. Plus as a new mom it’s easy to feel like you’re the only person that’s ever dealt with something. I had an emergency C-section and as much as I complained you would have thought I was the first woman to ever have one 🙂

nicole on

Obviously @christa must have read a different article because she seems to be the only one complaining.

Tee on

I can not wrap my head around why anyone would say nasty things to a brand new mother! It’s not safe to lose weight that quickly anyway! Hilary, you look just fine and to the best I can tell, your priority seems to be your newborn son, which is how it should be. Congratulations again on the birth of Luca!

Christa, sorry but she wasn’t complaining. Not sure what article you were reading.

meme on

Hilary sounds like such a sweetie! Being a new mom is very difficult, no book will prepare you for it. It is unfortunate that Hollywood puts such pressure on women.

Karen on

Hillary looks great & that’s awesome that she has the help of her Mom so that she can get at least one hour to take time for herself. It makes a world of difference!

meme on

She sounds so mature and level headed! I thought she looked great in her post partem pics! How ridiculous for anyone to comment on her weight three weeks after having a baby!!

Indira on

She’s learned a lot in three weeks.

doseedo on

Stay off the blogs and entertainment sites and just enjoy being a new Mom 🙂 It doesn’t matter what others have to say. Your entire world is all about that little one now.

Me on

Omg she’s 24, she can lose the weight in an instant.

BBB on

Aww, it is pretty sad that people are mean about her weight right now. She JUST had the baby, she’s allowed to not be slim quite yet.

I know it’s easy to be mean to celebrities, we’re all guilty of it, but what exactly she did to deserve a comment like the waddling one now (okay, maybe if it had been 4 years after the baby) is beyond me. I’m not even her fan but she’s right, that’s just mean.

Lily on

That’s horrible that people would say/tweet nasty things. It took 9 months to grow that baby, & the uterus doesn’t just snap back as soon as that baby is out. I’m so disgusted at people. And then they complain when someone looks too good after having a baby.

As a newborn photographer, I have seen all shapes & sizes of moms 2 weeks & under postpartum. Some are back in their pre-pregnancy jeans, & some will be in their maternity clothes for a long while. All are beautiful!

Lena on

I am so glad she realized so early on that it is okay for her mom and husband to do things different than she does. It can be hard for new moms to not be control things and have things done “their way.”

swack on

Hilary sounds like a typical first time mom!!!! She is going through what everyone else goes through and I am so glad that she uses her mom (and glad her mom does this for her) to watch the baby over having a nanny (which she may still have but doesn’t seem like it)!!!

Good for her for taking it slow in losing the weight. She will be better off for it in the long run.

@me, just because she’s 24 doesn’t mean she can lose the weight in an instant.

Megs on

Wow Christa which article are you reading? I didn’t see anything about her complaining. I think she is under more pressure than many new moms. It must be difficult having people following your every move.

Good for her taking some ‘me’ time… Important for her and important for baby to enjoy the rest of the family! 🙂

LOL! on

@Christa… yes, we all went through this and no doubt people (sadly, most likely other women) gossiped about whether or not or how fast the baby weight was coming off. But sadly for Hilary Duff people are willing to say really nasty things anonymously on twitter and fb, remarks they’d never verbally make to the person in question face to face. The remarks show who YOU truly are as a person and really have nothing to do with this lovely young mother. You go Hilary, you look beautiful I love your happy, upbeat motherhood tweets.

shellybells on

I think she is beautiful as a person inside and out, always smiling in pictures, i bet she is as friendly in person.

i do not know what is wrong with people today, all mothers first time or not should be able to enjoy every moment of every thing that goes along with motherhood and that includes the weight gain and loss on their own term not what everyone around them thinks! Life is too short, everyone needs to just sit back and breathe for once and look at how beautiful life can be for a first-time parent or anyone in general or has people totally lost that perspective all together?

Congrads to Hillary and her husband on a beautiful blessing!

Beth on

She is not complaining. There is too much pressure to look like you never even had a baby too soon after delivery. I am not making excuses, I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, and have been for 5 months (he’s 9 months), but I was and still am far from perfect. Women need to take it easy. I’m not saying lay around for 6 weeks, but there is no need to run a marathon 3 week PP.

Rae on

Hilary, When your doctor tells you , you are safe to workout, then go for it. rest and take care of yourself. what matters is what you think and feel about yourself. people will always have something to say.

Bethany on

Hilary – You look amazing all the time. Nasty people are probably just jealous of the life you lead.

LM on

I think it’s great that she’s just taking her time getting back into shape. I wonder with all of the moms who are back to a size 2 in a couple of weeks if they are just spending all day exercising. It took months for your body to gain that baby weight and it takes time for it to come off also.

She sounds like she is very level headed for being such a young mom and I wish her and her family all the best!

Romy on

I think it’s because she is part of Hollywood and also because she’s 24. I had my first at 26 and my 3rd at 33. I sort of felt like that at 26 too. At 33 I really cared so much less what people thought. Not to say she’s so immature or a bad mother or anything like that at all, it’s just a mindset with the age I think.

amanda on

Thats crazy that people would even have the balls to say something about her “waddling” into pilates class….like for real?? she JUST had her baby…she shouldnt even be working out yet…not for at least 6 weeks. but cudos to her for getting back into it! she looks amazing and i bet whoever said that is a fat ass and just wants to feel better about them selves! ugh how discusting some ppl are!!

ecl on

Even if all mothers go through something, does that mean she isn’t allowed to discuss it? It’s nice to have support from others who have gone through the same thing and it’s nice to be able to share your experiences.

Pat on

Good for her doing pilates at 3 weeks, I could barely walk at 5 weeks! There was no way I was working out until much later.

As long as she is a good mom and good wife, who are we to judge? It is really sad that people can make nasty comments on her Twitter. It is really shallow.

Enjoy your new baby and work out when you feel like you can! You go Hilary!

JessicaB on

did not realize she was only 24! wow, accomplished so much in such a short time.

congrats on the baby. he’s SO cute!

Anonymous on

LM- I’ve heard of women who have left the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans, so for some the weight probably DOES come off in a matter of week without an insane amount of working out. That being said, however, I DO agree that’s not the norm and it’s refreshing to see a celeb who is taking things slow!

With that out of the way, I agree with the majority. Nowhere in this article did it seem to me like Hilary was complaining. I think she was just painting a realistic picture of how challanging it can be to be a new mom (especially when you’ve got the whole world watching you!). I’m also very glad that she realizes that it’s perfectly okay for her to take some time for herself. I have never gotten why so many people seem to think that the second she has a baby, a mother has to be glued to him or her every second!

Luca will survive without his mother for an hour or two, and this way he can bond with daddy and grandma, too! 🙂

silasyonk on

I feel sad when I see a woman referring to the “help” the father gives her. It’s his kid. Would he say SHE was “helping” if she gave the baby a bath? I don’t think so….they’re both parents. Dad doesn’t “help;” Dad is dadding. It’s all good.

blessedwithboys on


Three weeks is too early for Pilates, but three weeks is also too young for a baby to be separated from it’s mother, especially a breastfed one(Hope you’re nursing!). Why not spend your money on a trainer to come to the house so you aren’t too far away from Luca? You need to be promoting attachment, not leaving him behind. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable for you to tell a substitute caregiver how to change your child’s diaper; after all, his is YOUR baby! I think it’s awesome for a dad and even a grandma to be involved, but your mother should be cooking and cleaning for you so you can stay cuddled up with Luca. Your husband, as his dad, can certainly do more than that, like bathing and soothing a bit, but let him do it for an hour while you’re in another room with your trainer. If you think you need breaks after just three weeks, how the hell do you plan to cope with a toddler?! There’s plenty of time later to do for yourself. Right now your baby needs you to be available to him pretty much 24/7.

Flame away, CBB readers! haha

Crystal on

It’s so terrible how people can be so openly rude to one another. I think she looks beautiful. And she has the right mentality right now. if she was starving herself, and working out constantly, worrying about the stress of what others think, she would be at a very high risk for post partum. It is totally normal to be hard on yourself, but hopefully she has great support around her to tell her to just keep doing what she’s doing, she’s got the right attitude thankfully!

Amy on

It takes nine months to put it on…it does not come off in three weeks. She is such a pretty girl and there is no great race to take the pounds off:)

Meela on


Get off the social media “stuff” and STOP explaining yourself.

Go enjoy your new baby and family.

You are giving the world too much of yourself.

Focus on your life this is too much!

BRod on

You have to be pretty trashy and classless to insult a new mother’s appearance. Most women still look pregnant for months after giving birth. For normal women it takes 8 month to a year to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight, and that is only for those who put a LOT of effort into getting back into shape.

But anyone who thinks a woman who had a baby 3 weeks prior would be doing anything but “waddling”, as the loser who tweeted that comment said, is a freaking idiot who knows nothing about what pregnancy does to a woman’s body and how long it takes to recover.

tashastar81 on

People can be so mean. Unless they went through a pregnancy and had a baby, people have no right to cast stones.

jenn on

blessed with boys… you are over the top ridiculous. every post i’ve ever seen you make is so stupid. if hillary goes to the gym for an hour or five hours, i’m pretty sure Luca is going to be fine. and if shes nursing, great. if shes not, whatever. its her choice and none of your business. but since you always think you’re better than EVERYONE, i’m sure she will fall far below your perfect standards no matter what she does.

Thursday on

Blessed with boys,I am my kids mom.Hillary is her kids mom.It is her business to decide whether or not she needs time away to take care of herself.Many new moms feel isolated and have little or no support.Hillary is very blessed to have her mother,and Husband to support her.BTW…blessed with kids,who is watching your kids while you troll through these blogs.

sefra on

seriously..i didnt hear her complain a bit, except about the bs, rude comments about her waddling into pilates…she totally aounds like a real, down to earth, first time mom, and im lovin her more now than ever before,.,people are jerks….p.s….i love the name Luca:) congrats, hilary

Carmel on

I’d much rather see celebs like this, with a real body after giving birth. The ridiculous surgeries in order to be ‘runway ready’ 4 minutes after delivery is so unhealthy and gives women a false ideal to live up to…. childbirth does a number on a b!tch lol it takes a while to bounce back

Becca on

Wow! I can’t get over how nasty people can be. Seriously, she just had a baby for heaven’s sake! She can get her body as shapely as she wants in time, and the slower the better and more likely it will stay off. Best of luck to her, and may she be happy with her body at wahatever shape it’s in!

Marky on

blessedwithboys, seriously, are you just raving nuts or what? Luca and Hilary are attaching just fine,I’m sure; and as far as Luca being HER baby–are you indicating Luca isn’t Mike’s baby as well?? Really? Diapers aren’t that hard to put on a baby and he will do just fine with his FATHER as a caregiver while his mother works out, or has lunch or whatever. It will NOT keep him from attaching properly to his mother, and it will help him know how great it is that he has two parents who love him, and an extended family that is there for him as well.

From the look of Hilary, I imagine she is BF, but I doubt she plans to do so on his”first day of kindy”.

The reason a lot of women feel horrid and look like who knows what, is this idea they can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves after having a baby, and that not even their father is capable of changing a diaper or holding the baby “for a cuddle”, and frankly, daddy deserves a cuddle as much as anyone! Oh, my, you are not to be believed, and if you want to call this flaming, then help yourself.

Hilary, you are doing great and most of us love you to pieces! Luca is a precious baby and you AND Mike are doing just fine, along with Grandma’s help! The greatest gift you can give your child is to love each other and, as a couple, love your child. (My adult children have often told me that very thing)

dee on

She is a new mother and she is taking care of the most important thing in her life now, her son. She is doing everything she can and movie star or not, she does not need comments from people who are not in her position. We don’t know how she feels or how difficult it is for her. For all we know, her child has a harder time sleeping or is a little less cooperative when it comes to every day things. It does not matter, she is a new mom and she deserves to enjoy it just like the rest of us do so whether she gained 100 pounds or 10 pounds, leave her alone.

Hillary, I commend you for sharing your journey and enjoying motherhood to its farthest extent. As for those of you who judge, grow up in the lime light, marry a famous person, have a baby and then recovery and enjoy motherhood. . . ps, no one is harping on you so give a fellow mother some credit.

Anonymous on

both christa and whomever tweeted that “waddling” comment should really apologize…think karma!

Sammie on

I don’t think she’s whining. People are so stupid. She JUST HAD A BABY! This is really kind of upsetting to hear that the public expects everyone to e back to their prebaby size within 2 weeks just because some of the stars are anorexic and starve themselves into prebaby body. She looks just fine.

Robin on

Speaking from a Labor and Delivery nurse’s perspective, I have Never had a woman go home in her pre-pregnancy clothes. All women who have had children, back me up on this….your body does not deflate just because the baby isn’t in there anymore. Now I’ve seen small post-baby bumps and usually those women were small before they gave birth.

Now, as for Hilary’s body….3 weeks after delivery and she’s looking like that….YOU GO GIRL!!! you look great. People, it took 9 months to put that weight on to that weight in support of growing another human being. It’s not healthy to try to take it off in only 3 weeks!!! All you haters, go look at yourself in the mirror before you speak!

me on

Keep doing your thing Hillary.

Valerie on

doseedo- so true-
just looking at and being with your newborn baby – his eyes of love for you- will wipe out all the negative comments. People who say such ctitical and mean things must have not been given enough love as babies. So sad really for them.

Denise Smith on

It’s sad that a new mother in Hollywood has to be more concerned with her body image than with her new role as mommy.

swack on

@blessedwithboys, I agree with Jenn in that you are over the top. There is nothing wrong with Hilary being away from Luca for an hour during the day. I applaud that she is having family look after Luca and not a nanny. Luca needs to bond with his grandmother also. I would prefer that grandma look after the baby than clean or cook for me. Mike also has to bond with baby and just giving baths and soothing him is not all there is. Not all women can breastfeed and you can bond with your child even though you bottle feed.

Hilary is not involved in any project right now and therefore has plenty of time to spend with Luca. Yes it is possible to need to leave your child for an hour or so once in a while. Being cooped up in a house with a newborn can be overwhelming and time alone IS needed. Toddlers are sometimes easier to handle because you can usually tell why they are crying – a newborn (especially a new mom) can only cry and you have to figure out what he/she wants (eventually you learn). As for telling someone else how to change a diaper – it depends. Unless there is a specific reason to change the diaper in a certain way it should not matter.

MiB on

I think she should have all the right in the world to complain as it’s totally inapprorpiate to basically tell a woman she looks fat three weeks after giving birth! I think she has a good attitude to training, she does it because it makes her feel better not because it makes her look better.

I also think it’s great that she is learning to let her husband and mother care for and bond with Luca as well. No, other people may not care for your baby exactly the way you would have liked to, but even babies realize that different people mean different things; some will blow raspberries on your tummy while changing your nappy, others will do silly faces (especially when you have a really nasty poopy diaper), some will do it at super speed, others will take their time, some will use wipes and others will prefer to wash you off in the sink and some will occationally forget the diaper cream unless you have a rash, and it’s all going to be all right as long as they love you. My cousin had her second baby last June, and he wore prefolds when she diapered him, disposables when her mother diapered him, and occationally no diaper at all when her husband had been on diaper duty. And guess what? He was equally fine with all options (though others were occationally less fine with the last) 😉

Go Hilary, don’t let those naysayers get to you!

June on

So the father of the child is a “substitute caregiver” whose only purpose is to change diapers or bathe the child and give the mother time away from HER baby, not THEIR CHILD. Wow, how insulting. This is not an animal in the wild who is dependent upon his or her mother for everything, but a human being who is lucky enough to have a family who can love and take care of him. People should be applauding this family for sharing the responsibility and allowing the mother to have her own time, short though it may be. But to insult the father in that way is amazing.

bbs on

Are you kidding me? All the media ever does is target women’s weight…ALl THE TIME. Why would a pregnant women get a pass? Of course its awful, but that’s what the american media, and american readers, do. Sad.

Kim on

Hilary is beautiful inside and out and they need to leave her alone, I think she looks great for just having a baby. I think society needs to stop focusing on such superficial things and focus on what is truly important!!!

jantanna blizzard on

Seems to me Hilary is setting great standards for young women to look up to. The pressure to lose baby weight is ridiculous!!! Let these mothers enjoy their time with their babies. I am so happy to see Hilary speak her mind on this matter!! Seems like a great young mother with a good head on her shoulders! Why do people always have to look for the negative? If you do not know her personally – then if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut!!

hotwildflower on

Who’s posting mean stuff?? I’ll have at them….

It took 9 months to gain the weight, give yourself time to lose it. The haters will always have something negative to say while they hide behind their computer screen. Imagine what a miserable life that must be. You stay positive and focus on the good in your life as that smile suits you beautifully.

ann@aol.com on

I’m disgusted but not surprised that she is being criticized for her post pregnancy body by a bunch of ignorant fools. She JUST gave birth. It takes most women a very long time to drop their baby weight and even then their bodies are often never the same as they were pre-preg. For those celebs that lose the weight suspiciously fast, it is often because they are not eating, having procedures, taking pills, and exercising excessively, which they can afford to do since they have a nanny. Give her a break.

Sandra on

Hilary is a beautiful girl with a beautiful family. It would benefit her to stay away from Twitter and other media – even though she has been so gracious as to share pics of her precious baby – apparently without appreciation. The ugliness speaks for itself, it is pure jealousy.

G on

All of this insight on parenting and she has been one for all of 3 weeks.

Leslie on

When I saw the photos of Hilary going to the gym, my first thoughts wee how beautiful she looked. She was radiant! I liked her outfit too… Thought she looked stylish and was rocking her curves! Don’t listen to the haters Hilary! Keep rocking your bad self!

JBaer on

So according to the tabloids, you can be pregnant as long as you don’t gain weight. Now if only those people could show us how it’s done…

dsfg on

Blessedwithboys, it’s Hilary’s body and she can do what she wants with it; it’s none of your business whether or not she breastfeeds. And I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if she tried to tell you what to do with YOUR body.

Macrina on

I think Hilary looks great, and people do need to take into consideration, that she did just have a baby and it’s not that easy to bounce back, this makes her even more real to me. Heck I had a baby over 4 years ago and I still struggle with my weight.

Cass on

I thought you weren’t supposed to be working out 3 weeks after giving birth? Isn’t recovery 6 weeks minimum?

Maria on

Six weeks for a c-section, which Hilary must not have had. With my first child. I had a natural birth, no complications, and was back at my regular yoga class by two weeks postpartum. With my second child, I had a natural birth again but some pretty major tearing, and I could barely even walk for a month. Just depends how you’re feeling.

Krissy on

I think Hilary is beautiful. And she was the cutest pregnant lady as well. I have never seen a picture of her waddling! I hope she realizes that she is amazing. 🙂

Janey on

Ignore the haters Hillary! Enjoy that gorgeous baby 🙂

I think people DO put too much pressure on stars to lose weight, has become a ridiculous competition if you as me. Screw the gym and haters, enjoy the newborn!

Maria on

I am 2 yrs post birth and I still am just trying to get into shape! I think it is great she is able to do pilates this early and start to tone. She looks great.

TwinMommy on

Blessedwithboys, you’re a whack job! Every post I have ever seen of yours is absolutely crazy! The kid will be just fine if momma goes and does an hour session of pilates…away from home. You are no better than anyone else here, get over it!!! Nice work Hillary, you seem like such a great mom!

Amanda on

Post baby weight loss is different for every woman, so LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE!

TV on

Why do any of you people think your opinions are so relevant anyway? Its no one else’s place to tell anyone else how to live, how to think, how to feel, or what they should be doing or not doing with their lives.

Beth on

She sounds refreshingly normal!! I love that! Best wishes to Hillary and her little family!

sandee on

Please 19 years later and I’m still trying to lose baby weight.

crystal on

If I could say one thing to Hilary Duff it would be to take motherhood one day at a time. The first few months are hard on a lot of people. Since you have the help of your family don’t feel guilty for taking advantage of that! They love you and right now you need that support!

As far as people commenting on your weight, ignore them! You are a beautiful person inside and out from any article I have read of you!

Good luck with Luca and congrats!

Mandy on

I don’t understand why people come to People.com and write such ugly things about people in the comment boxes. These people must just be very miserable and unhappy. Misery loves company, as they say.

Anonymous on

How cruel to taunt her on Twitter. I think she looks great. 🙂

sbeamer on

Leave Hilary alone and let her enjoy this incredibly amazing new phase of her life!

Tricia on

You obviously are not a mom. She’s not complaining at all, and I think it’s sad that people are so mean! She just had a baby 3 weeks ago. That’s why woman have such bad self esteem issues. And now a days it’s so easy for people to attack other people without ever having to take responsibility. People are always up in arms when someone famous says something that offends them, and many times demand that they lose their jobs. But these same nobodies get to be cruel and very offensive without ever showing their cowardly faces. Maybe these people should have to face the same consequences.

Alexa on

Obviously that person who made that “waddling” statement has never had a baby, lol.

Anonymous on

Cass- Maria is correct. Also, the article mentions that Hilary did pilates and yoga throughout her pregnancy. Now, I’m certainly no medical expert, but I’m guessing that’s a factor in her being able to excercise so soon, too. It stands to reason that a mother who exercised during pregnancy would probably be ready to resume exercising after delivery sooner than a mother that didn’t.

Marky, swack, June, et. al- I agree with you guys 1000 percent! It is just as important for a baby to bond with his or her father as it is to bond with his or her mother. And as someone who’s father was extremely involved in her upbringing (I’m talking everything from diaper changing to middle-of-the-night barf cleanups. Basically the only thing my father didn’t do that my mother did was breastfeed…and even that was only in the direct sense. Because my mom pumped, he was able to do some bottle feedings.), I agree with June that it is incredibly insulting to say or even insiunate that fathers are nothing more than secondary caregivers.

What really amazes me is that so many women have the attitude of “only mom can do it/do it right”…and then we’re so surprised when men are reluctent to pitch in more with childcare! Maybe they’d be more willing if more of us were willing to step back like Hilary and give them a chance to figure things out for themselves! So what if they do things a little differently! As long as the baby is happy and healthy, that’s really all that matters!

Nikki on

Her baby’s not even 1 month old! Yes, cut her some slack Tweep! And she has the CUTEST baby!

After I had my baby, I felt as light as a feather, and it didn’t matter how I looked physically! At delivery you lose around 15lb+ immediately with the baby, fluid, etc… I think that’s why you see so many women running around everywhere and wanting to get back into the gym…they feel like a new woman! (well, their old selves)

Gabbi on

Good for her.

LP on

Hilary, you look beautiful. Enjoy your new baby! You are being smart about exercise, the weight will come off – I mean it did take 9 months to put it on so it will take some time to take it off, but it will come off. Don’t listen to those pressuring you, be comfortable in your skin Mama! You are lovely.

Reader on

I find it humorous that People posts articles daily about various celeb’s post baby body and now has an article that there is postpartum backlash against Hillary Duff. Most women that are mothers know that some people bounce back quickly but for the majority it takes time. This seems like a manufactured article to stir up controversy!

joan on

I can’t imagine the pressure these celebrities must feel with cameras following them around. Even with a healthy delivery most doctors recommend waiting 6 weeks before beginning a serious exercise program.

WellBeing on

People are really mean spirited. To say something about you waddling into Pilates is just proof that there are morons among us.

EGorum on

She should get Beyonce’s “trainer” is she wants to lose her baby weight three weeks after she gives birth. Then after 4 weeks she could have her pre-baby body back. Congrats to you Hillary! Take your time

Lily on

Lol. blessedwithboys practically ADMITTED to being a troll in the last line of her comment and people are actually responding to her. Don’t fall for it! Don’t feed the troll! LOL.

Cassie on

Just ignore all the Debbie Downers, Hilary. Everyone seems to have an opinion when it has nothing to do with them! You’re doing great, you look great – enjoy it!

PS – don’t listen to “Blessedwithboys” she is the Mom that breastfeeds kindergartners….

sara on

she looks great for just having a baby 3 weeks ago!!!

Anonymous on

Reader- Actually, if you read the full post, this article didn’t originate in PEOPLE. It’s from an interview Hilary did with PARADE.

Amanda K on

She looks great to me. Healthy and glowing as a new Mom should be! The media just shoves unrealistic expectations down our throats by feeding us pics of people who actually had surrogates, post-baby surgery or are held in with spanx,etc…

Lisa on

I went home in my prepregnancy clothes, but I was heavy to begin with, unlike Hillary! haha. Taking your time is great, and getting an hour out of the house is great! Makes you feel more like a person and not a servant to your new baby! Though I do advocate breast feeding (for the baby and the mommy (weight loss is a plus)), I also believe that people make decisions based on what they can do and support however people decide to feed the babe!

Jillian on

Reader- Actually, if you read the full post, this article didn’t originate in PEOPLE. It’s from an interview Hilary did with PARADE

That is worse, but what People magazine has become. Drama, speculation and more like tabloids.


Kelly on

I worked out every day of my pregnancy, even did cardio and weights and he came on his due date. I gained 20 lbs of baby and muscle. I looked better than every and was all belly. for 5’4 starting at 115, that was pretty good. I never looked liked a had a baby when I left, since I had such great muscle tone and basically deflated in a matter of minutes/hours. My OB said after he came out, “look, mom’s ready for a bikini and the beach already!.”

Sadly though, I haven’t worked out in recent weeks due to moving residence and just the stress of a 6 month old. Not I’m just kinda skinny fat, but still too dang skinny!! seriously, I want to gain more…only 105 right now 😦

Momof07 on

Hilary sounds so down to earth. She’s going to be a great mom! As for the starlets who try to get back to pre-pregnancy skinny within weeks of giving birth, someone will suffer for their lack of food and nutrition, either their baby if they are breast-feeding, or their own bones and teeth. It may not show up for 20 years, but they will be sorry they didn’t take better care of themselves after giving birth. I got thin again by the 6 month mark after each of my 7 children were born. I took it slow and started exercising at home after my 4 week check-up, and I also know that breast-feeding contributed to getting my shape back as well. It’s worth doing it right! My dentist says I am a poster-child for all the mom’s who use the old adage “a tooth lost for every pregnancy”. If you take care of yourself before/during/after pregnancy this does not have to be true, I have all my teeth and they are in excellent shape! And at 54, I still have no signs of osteoporosis even though I am on the small side. But many of my skinny friends already have it!

Leslie on

I’m a mom too and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have the world watching while trying to lose the baby weight. 😛 I have to say, I really don’t believe her when she says, “What’s the rush?” She was photographed at a gym like 5 days after she gave birth and a billion times since then. I think she desperately wants it off (didn’t we all?) but is trying to play it cool. It just comes off to me as not really believable. Actions speak louder than words.

Lazaro on

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