Poll: Would You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

04/13/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

She may be expecting her second child, but that hasn’t put a damper on how Kourtney Kardashian styles her hair. After 10 years of keeping her luscious locks dark, the reality star (who has a daughter on the way in July) decided it was time for a new look. The result? Subtle highlights to brighten up her appearance.

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While some might say it’s unsafe to dye your hair while pregnant, Kardashian defends her decision to add lighter streaks while rocking a bump.

“I did research about doing anything to the color of my hair while pregnant and followed all of the guidelines from my doctor and took the proper precautions necessary,” she wrote on her blog.

“I also used products that did not contain ammonia. It is also recommended to be in a well-ventilated area as well as being at least in your second trimester, and I followed both of those rules.”

Despite the reaction she received after debuting her new look, Kardashian isn’t alone in her choice to lighten her locks. Drew Barrymore has always been known for her ever-changing hair transformations, especially her love of dip-dye and ombré coloring. And, now that she is reportedly expecting her first child, the actress doesn’t seem to be changing her ways.

Also in the expectant mom hair dyeing club? Snooki, who has ditched her infamous poof, but was recently spotted sporting platinum blond streaks and extensions (plus sky high heels!) despite her pregnancy.

So is it safe? Colorist Mazza Ben Tov told PEOPLE that as long as you follow a few simple rules (consult your colorist and doctor and do your research), highlights can be a fun way to spruce up your hair while expecting.

— Anya Leon

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emily on

I got highlights 3 times while pregnant. I checked with my doctor before doing so. She said the 2 concerns are the dye/bleach getting into your system through your scalp (but its such a small amount, if any that actually gets in) and breathing in the fumes. She suggested doing it after 15 weeks, and in a well ventilated room. I decided to do highlights only to avoid any dyes seeping into my scalp.

It’s perfectly fine.

Sarah S. on

I got my hair higlighted (not at the root) from a professional when I was in my 2nd trimester with my first child. That was 15 years ago. Everything was fine–nothing bad happened. But yeah, follow the advice listed above before doing it.

Missy on

I dyed my hair through my last pregnancy and will continue to do so during this one. There are NO studies proving dying hair or getting highlights is harmful to the baby or that hair dye can seep through the scalp. Try to use hair dye with no ammonia and do it in well ventilated area and you’re fine.

christa on

I told my stylist no, when I was pregnant.

RKF on

I would never, ever take that chance. I can wait 9 months to keep chemicals away from my scalp, as I’m not selfish enough to expose an innocent baby to harsh chemicals. It has NEVER been proven it can’t harm a baby, and until I see research from NIH claiming otherwise, I choose to use common sense, and what feels right for me.

Lisa on

If this theory were actually true, very few hairdressers would have children. Personally, I worry more about the expectant moms that do crack.

Hen on

No, not while I was pregnant.

lili4582 on

I agree with Lisa!

Kristine on

Another one of these topics that some ppl just go bananas over…when you’re pregnant do what you want regarding hair color…most OBGYNs will tell you it’s safe. Probably safer to dye your hair then breath in the air around us….

Scarlett on

COME ON – there is no scientific proof that it can do anything, and if you do it occasionally and not every day, you will be FINE. If you TRULY believe this, then don’t wear make-up or us any skincare or body lotion either, as they all have some sort of harfmul, synthetic chemicals in them and none are scientifically proven NOT to “hurt” your baby during pregnancy. Ridiculous – agree w/ Lisa, we have real issues to worry about as pregnant women, and for other pregnant women.

emily on

RKF- If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then don’t. But don’t call it “selfish” either. There are millions of things that have been NEVER been proven to not harm babies. Does that mean you should avoid them all, as well?

kristan on

as long as you’re not dying the roots it is ok. that is what my ob/gyn told me when i was pregnant.

Barb on

People need to get up to date information. I just had a baby 2 years ago & the advice is it’s fine to dye your hair while pregnant. Same common sense as normal dying – well ventilated. Lots of the rumours about pregnancy are not true. You are also pregnant for 10 months not 9 – i.e. 40 weeks is the due date they give you. You can also exercise too. You won’t die and it is good for the baby and yourself. You are also not eating for two. You are eating for yourself and all the nutrients from the good healthy food you eat are passed to your baby.

Leslie on

To everyone saying they won’t dye their hair while pregnant… then you better throw away your shampoo and conditioner too. They have just as many chemicals as hair dye. Better toss the skin lotions and make-up too! Unless you are only using completely natural products, most of your beauty regime has chemicals.

People get fixated on one thing, like hair dye, and go all crazy when really it’s no big deal.

Letty on

When I was pregnant with my son (only pregnancy thus far) I did not dye my hair nor paint my nails. I found it much more important to play it safe for my baby. I think that those superficial things like dying your hair and painting your nails can wait. It did not even bother me that I did not since I was so happy and blessed to be having a baby.

Cassie on

Why is Drew Barrymore featured in this story? She has not confirmed a pregnancy….

Maria on

Cassie they must know off the record that she is in fact pregnant, otherwise I don’t think they would post.

I highlighted my hair towards the end of both of my pregnancies. It’s not something I normally do in the winter (summer only), but each pregnancy had health problems (the first, placenta previa, the second, gestational diabetes) and both ended in unwanted c-sections. To be honest, getting my hair done and putting my makeup on seemed like one of the only things I could control, and I really clung to that. It made me feel good about myself.

Beck on

Such a joke! I’m a hair dresser, there is absolutely nothing wrong with coloring or highlighting hair while pregnant. Hair dressers are exposed to the products all day everyday! I have had 2 children/pregnancies while in this career and they are perfectly heathy and intelligent kids now.

If women are so worried, you can use a semi-permanent color with less or no ammonia or try a natural hair color. Other than the product smell making a person nauseous (happened to me) I would say there is no problem!

Amanda on

Ditto Lisa!
I have 4 kids, I got highlights in each of those pregnancies….seeing as the dye barely even touches you head if at all with highlights I think there is a lot more things in daily life to worry about. How about all that antibiotic/hormone filled milk and meat?

Sara on

Oh for goodness sake people there are dyes that are safe to use. I am 34 weeks with my second and just had highlights done.Pregnant women might as well as lock themselves in their houses for nearly a YEAR with the amount of things they can and cannot do. And seriously NAIL polish??!! You might as well avoid all creams, shampoo, household cleaning products etc etc.

blessedwithboys on

I wonder if the women getting catty with Kourt worry this much over the ridiculous csec rate in America? Unnecessary surgial births at 37 wks are far more dangerous than OFF THE SCALP HIGHLIGHTS, which is what Kourt had done. (Simmer down, ladies, I had 2 csecs myself. I’m referring to the ones done solely for convenience, not the necessary, life-saving ones, like the one had by the PP who had placenta previa.)

Failure to breastfeed is now a public health crisis. Do you highlight haters care about that? Because artifical baby milk is far more dangerous to kids than OFF THE SCALP HIGHLIGHTS.

Kourt is a great mom. She had a normal birth and nursed Mason for more than a year. She co-sleeps and didn’t hesitate to protect him from Scott at the height of his drinking problem. She cares, she’s just a realist.

Oh, and Barb, 40 weeks doesnt equal 10 months. OBs count from the first day of the last period. Ovulation doesn’t occur until rougly day 10-14 of the cycle. Implantation takes a few more days. So, the first 2 weeks (at least) of a woman’s “pregnancy” she is not even pregnant! If you have a long cycle with a later ovulation, you may not even be pregnant the first 3 or so weeks. (Which is one reason why convenience births at 37 weeks cause so much iotrogenic prematurity.)

Beth on

I did during my second trimester with an OK from my OBGYN. I went a bit darker (back more to my natural dark auburn/brown) so that my roots wouldn’t show and I wouldn’t have to do it again for the duration of my pregnancy and a bit beyond.

I sat by an open window in the salon and they used a non-ammonia formula. I didn’t dye my hair again for almost 9 months after that.

FYI, my daughter was and is 100% fine.

Halley on

I dyed my hair all through both of my pregnancies and had two healthy boys. As long as the air is circulating well, its fine.

Me on

Yeah I would put bleach, ammonia, and metals onto my head while pregnant…give me a break! Does anyone have common sense anymore? These 2 are just fame you know whats and should not be looked up to as good parents! Enough said!

Kelly on

I did and do now. It is completely safe. I do it at home and just to be sure I let the color set in while reading on my patio. I get some vitamin D from the sun and get rid of grays all at once!!

Datch on

If you can’t put your baby before yourself enough to forego hair dye for 9 months, then you shouldn’t be having a child.

Lisa on

I had my hair colored and permed during my first pregnancy (it was early 90’s we were still perming, teasing and spraying back then!). With my other two, I highlighted etc. Never had any problems with my three pregnancies and all 3 kids are healthy!

Anonymous on

@Barb. you are not pregnant for 10 months. there are 30-31 days in a month, accounting for 2-3 extra days a month over the 28 days in 4 weeks. That alone gives you 2 extra weeks. ALSO, Pregnancies are dated from the first day of your last period, not when you actually got pregnant, which is usually about 2 weeks after the first day of your period. So, No, you are not pregnant for 10 months, only 9.

Emry on

I dont care who says its safe while your pregnant, i wouldn’t do it, just as a “just in case” I would never do anything that could have the smallest percentage of harming my baby, im not stupid.

Elizabeth on

I have had four children and with 3 of them I dyed my hair at some point in my pregnancy….. all my kids are fine 🙂

Robin on

More harmful might be how your hormones will react to the products used to color your hair. My doctor as well as 4 family members that are all hair stylists say you need to worry more if your hair will take the color or not and if it would cause your hair to fall out. Pregancy hormones changed the make up of my hair….I had straight hair before becoming prego (used to get perms), now my hair is naturally curly.

bh on

Why risk it? You can’t wait until after the birth? Pathetic mothers.

yvonne on

Both my Dr. and hair stylist agreed, its only dangerous if you drink it.

Cristal on

Why would you even want to risk it? Don’t be a diva…leave your hair alone its only 9 months!

yvonne on

p.s.- anonymous, your pregnant for 40 weeks..that is ten months.

Jill on

You could do much more stupid things than dye your hair during pregnancy.

TwinMommy on

Go grab a bottle of Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion (that you put on your babies skin without second thought), research all of the crazy named ingredients (and preservatives) that are in it and then gripe (and judge) about people dyeing their hair while pregnant. I think you might be eating some crow!

MRJ on

I did a couple of times while pregnant. I waited until I was in my 2nd trimester. I agree with what Lisa said.

Meg on

Sorry, but the people that voted “NO” are ignorant and uninformed, IMO. You can eat any number of foods that contain listeria, you can clean your house with more dangerous chemicals, you can drive your car and get in an accident.. we aren’t expected to hide in a closet for 40 weeks! All 3 of my OB’s have said it’s perfectly safe and most recommend getting highlights because the dye doesn’t touch your scalp.

Laila on

Seriously, who doesn’t dye their hair in a well-ventilated room anyway? It’s really not that serious. My hair was chemically treated while I was pregnant…didn’t smoke or drink…some women do…whatever…

Juicy on

I didn’t dye my hair while pregnant, And I wouldn’t if I got pregnant again. But that’s my choice. Some people feel the need to look extra cute while pregnant, that’s their choice. Looking decent and put together is one thing Going all out (EXTRA) is another. Also iftheir doctors say it’s ok…who are you to say it’s not? Are any of you doctors? Doubt it, Doctors are pretty busy people who don’t have time to sit on a magazine’s website.

Leslie on

Anyone calling a pregnant woman “pathetic” for dying their hair is misguided. It’s not dangerous! And there are plenty of safe ways to dye your hair.

Women do far more dangerous things every day but people never think to judge each other about them… for example how about driving while pregnant? That’s much more dangerous than dying your hair yet no one would think of criticizing a woman for that.

Milfalicious on

I got my hair done regularly while pregnant, my doc never even mentioned it being a problem.

TysMom on

I didn’t do it myself, but I was told after the first trimester and as long as you are in a well ventillated area you should be fine. I know I was a bit paranoid, but it’s probably fine to do your roots once in a while. I think they almost want to put pregnant women in a bubble these days anyway.

CCP on

Yes, Lisa, there are more serious things to worry about, like pregnant moms who do crack. But dying your hair still has its risks. (I know experts are conflicted on this issue, but there are enough out there that say it IS a risk!) And the way I see it, ANY risk – no matter how big or small – was just not worth it for my baby. Are you seriously that selfish (or that materialistic) that you can’t wait a measly 9 months to dye your hair? Or go to Starbucks? Or drink a glass of wine? Even if the chances are one in a trillion that your baby will be harmed by hair dye, caffeine, or alcohol, can you just imagine if it happened to be YOUR baby who was that ONE person?

Jessica on

I find it almost comical that you’re claiming that OBs say it isn’t a risk because they can’t prove it is, when (if you do your research) that’s exactly the opposite of why they tell you not to drink alcohol. They tell you not to drink because they can’t prove what amount (if any) is safe for you to ingest, so advise you avoid it completely, why wouldn’t they do the same for highlights and dye jobs??? Hmm. And no, I’m not condoning drinking while pregnant. But I do think that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge a pregnant woman’s decision to do something that OBs consider safe to do. If dying your hair makes you happy, go for it.

Kelli on

I am an OB nurse… It is not harmful to yourself or the baby to color your hair. They prefer you wait until around 20 weeks and make sure you arent breathing in any harsh chemicals. Some women feel more confident when looking nice. Its not about being selfish its a personal thing and you shoudnt judge. How many of you pump your own gas, clean or houses or painted your nails. Come on Ladies…..

srsly on

For those of you who think 40 weeks = 10 months:
I think we can all agree that there are 12 months in a year, no? And 52 weeks in said year? If you honestly think 4 weeks are in a month, do yourself a favor and try a little math. 4 weeks * 7 days a week = 28 days a month? That’s only true once a year. How about 4 weeks * 12 months = 48 weeks in a year? Nope.
As for the hair coloring, there are things women generally do every day that are much more toxic. Be informed, make decisions for yourself, and whatever you do, tell people what to do on the internet. Because that solves everything!

guest on

no I wouldn’t and it’s non of my business to judge either of those ladies whether they did or not. Not my child.not my business. And I bet it could be worse. They could be chain smoking or getting drunk or high.

mommy of two on

Honestly…I think the sky high heels while pregnant is a more immediate danger to pregnancy than the hair color. While it has not been totally proven that non-ammonia hair dye has any drastic effects on pregnancy, you can be sure that wearing sky high heels while pregnant can have detrimental effects to mommy and baby if that mom was to take a tumble!

Chloe on

As long as the dye doesnt go to the scalp, you are ok!

Amanda K on

As someone who used to be a hairstylist, many pregnant clients got color and perms and none had any issue. All had healthy babies. Many dyes nowadays are vegetable based as well and are not harsh like the ones used in the past. You ought to be more concerned about the additives and dyes in foods these days if you aren’t eating organic.

Angela on

Whoever said no…. Well then I guess you will not vaccinate your kids cause there are chemicals and toxins in those shots 3000% more harmful to your kids than hair dye!

ang on

Has there ever been proof of birth defects from using hair dyes? I worry more about these babies when their mothers are smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. This is far more common and there is proof that doing those things can harm the baby. It hurts me to see a women smoking while pregnant. That to me is total child abuse. Even being around second hand smoke is bad for the baby and people are subjected to this daily. What are we worried about now? Oh, highlighting your hair once, maybe twice during pregnancy. This is so stupid.

Macrina on

I wa told by my doctor, there was no studies saying that dying your hair is harmful to your fetus, but she did suggest waiting until after 15 weeks to do it.

L.B. on

No, I haven’t and I won’t color my hair or use nail polish while I’m pregnant. They aren’t necessary so why risk it. For everyone that says its safe know that just like every pregnancy is different the way your body reacts to chemicals is going to be different, and that HAS been proven by science. It just isn’t that important to me so why put myself in that position. Obviously I will come in contact with some chemicals and things during my pregnancy but why willing add to that list when I can avoid it?

BRod on

People need to get over the OLD WIVES TALES and listen to modern day doctors. There is NOTHING WRONG with dying your hair while pregnant. Very little is actually absorbed into the skin. There is no risk to the unborn child at all. Same goes for fingernail polish.

nikki on

I did i of course asked my dr before hand but she said it was okay only to get Hignlights and for them to not go near my the roots..but when i did that i wanted red highligths and it turned another color LOL which was funny it was a preggo thing i guess

Rachel on

I could think of worst things that people are doing while they are pregnant! Dying your hair is not that big of deal.

Anonymous on

To RKF and Emry,

Put down what to expect when you’re expecting and pick up mostly any food label and read it. To call a mother “selfish” or imply that she is “stupid” is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Mothers are the least selfish people on the planet and anyone who can say anything else is just wrong. Getting back to my point, unless you both ate no meat and nothing but organic foods throughout your entire pregnancy, and cleaned everything in your home with nothing but vinegar than keep your better than anyone else opinion to yourself. In today’s society EVERYTHING you touch has chemicals in it! Including the air you breathe, they do not call it acid rain for nothing! I am so sick of reading comments like yours who are so quick to judge, if you want to give your opinion, a simple, “ No, I did not” , would have been just fine, but to insult and judge someone else is cruel and for the record YES I DIED MY HAIR with my 3rd child because the PROFESSIONAL who went to MEDICAL SCHOOL and had been practicing for 30 years told me it was fine, he has read the research. In addition I am happy to report my 5 year old child is just fine. Get over yourself, you are not perfect


Halee on

I had two babies in my forties so I was extremely careful with my babies’ health in utero.

No colour retouch. Not even coffee.
It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve got two perfectly healthy boys in spite of my late pregnancies.

Anonymous on

whatever i will not do it just to be safe

MEeeee on

For those of you who don’t think it seeps into your bloodstream.. how do you think nicotine patches work? or birth control patches? or any other patch? Think about it, and then tell me that you don’t think harsh chemicals from hair dye doesn’t get into your bloodstream.

annette on

We are a selfish generation. I see more and more expectant mothers smoking, coloring their hair….Its sad

janifer nelson on

I drank, smoked and dyed my hair while pregnant – 50 years ago. With what we know today, I would do none of the above. Vanity over the safety of your unborn is just selfish!

Brenda on

I did. My children are now 20 and 16. Both are healthy and happy. I also washed clothes with bleach, cleaned my floors, cleaned the house, washed dishes (by hand when needed), and worked in the yard through each pregnancy. If I were afraid of things like this nothing would have ever gotten done 🙂

Lydia on

People needs to stop posting questions like this~ It’s just asking for a bunch of opinionated women to argue with one another, and of course they all think they’re right. I agree w/ Lisa, worry more about the women that do crack and hard drugs when they’re pregnant! And stop being judgmental about the little things. Seriously people, are we discussing co-sleeping, breast feeding and artificial milk in the comment section about a bunch of silly celebrities and hair dye?!

it’s as simple as this, when you are pregnant with your own baby, you use advice given to you by trusted professionals and your own instincts.

Guest on

My doctor told me it was perfectly fine to dye my hair. He did say if I’m concerned then to wait until I’m at least 12 weeks which I did. I do foils so it’s such a small amount, if any, that even gets on my scalp.

Erin on

I didn’t dye my hair while pregnant. I’m not sure what the need is, to be honest. To make yourself feel better about yourself? Umm, if you’re that insecure, perhaps having a child isn’t a good idea…

guest123 on

I would not dare be grey (premature in my family) and preggers! I think the products from the past were detrimental but they have improved with time. No ammonia, full ventilation and just a couple touch ups on my roots left me looking great and with 2 healthy boys…….

Barb on

40 weeks is the 10th month per chart on wikipedia. if u read any pregnancy book it’s 40 weeks


Rose on

I don’t normally dye or highlight my hair.. last time it was dyed turned out to be a disaster, however I have highlighted before, but never kept up with it. I think if I got pregnant (again as I already have a son)if I wanted to hightlight my hair I would probably do so.

There are so many things they tell you that you cannot do when you are pregnant, yet I see pregnant moms chowing down on fast food (which is obviously not healthy) and giving into all their cravings (sweets, cakes etc) aren’t those things unhealthy as well??

I think most things are okay in moderation. You want to highlight your hair, then fine, just take precautions (ventilation, second trimester) or if you want a burger, go ahead and have one, just not everyday.

I also walked a lot in my first pregnany, infact worked up until i was exactly 38 weeks and it was a job that required me to be standing for most of my shift.

The only thing I see celebs doing that bothers me are the SUPER high heels deep into pregnancy. First couple of monthes are fine, but seriously 7 monthes along and wearing platforms?? That is just idiotic.

Alison on

It is medically fine to dye your hair while pregnant as long as you do it no more than once a month and you do it in a well-ventilated area.

Stephanie on

There is absolutely NO way that color or bleach can “get into your system” from your scalp. If that was possible Canada Health and Safety would not allow us to use it on anyone, let alone pregnant people.

Philboy on

Some of the comments on here are absurd. I work with autistic children everyday and got my hair colored every month while I was pregnant with all 3 of my kids. Why? Because I have white hair from having childhood cancer and losing all my hair. Coloring your hair exposes your baby to less toxins than if you drank a glass of tap water!

My kids are over twenty and 13 and healthy as can be. Hair color is even safer now than when I was coloring in the 1990s. Coloring my hair didn’t mean I didn’t care about the well being of my child. So, stop putting your judgement on others, and just worry about yourself!.

Melissa on

I asked several doctors while I was pregnant if it was safe to dye my hair. Every single doctor, nurse, medical professional I asked said it is completely fine. I didn’t ask about highlights or any special treatments other than traditional hair coloring. I respect anyone’s choice either way, but they did tell me it’s fine.

makafortune on

Oh for crying out loud, slow day in the news room or what. Yes I dyed my hair, NO I AM NOT A BAD MOTEHR and yes its not harmful to the baby. Give me a huge break and for all of you on this stupid rant…..oh please, give it a rest.

Jac on

I dyed my hair once while pregnant. I never used nail polish. Really, the only reason why I did this is because I couldn’t stand the smell of hair dye and nail polish while pregnant. My doctor informed me that it’s safe to dye hair while pregnant. After all, this isn’t the 60s and 70s. Hair dye is much safer than it used to be. I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion. As people have already stated, if you’re going to go crazy with not dying hair & painting nails, you also can’t use regular shampoos, soaps, etc.. I have a happy, healthy little girl.

omerta138 on

I don’t see why you can’t just wait 9 months for once in your life. It’s not like having perfect hair is absolutely dire when you’ve got your head hanging over the toilet bowl.

Just wait, don’t be so goddamn selfish. Noone cares how nice your hair looks, they’re more concerned about your stomach. Better to be safe than vain and superficial.

Dana on

I’m fairly certain Tori Spelling bleaches the F out of her hair no matter who’s on board.

maryj052http://en.gravatar.com/profiles/edit/?noclose#about-you6 on

I dyed my hair right before I found out I was preggo and my daughter came out fine.

Rhonda on

I have never dyed my hair.

Shannon on


Sammie on

you are so behind the medical advice of this subject. look it up people. it’s the first 3 months they advise being careful. such nonsense about nothing.

Anonymous on

The only reason it used to be a concern because ammonia in hair dyes, that is no longer the issue. Is it completely safe to dye your hair while pregnant. Main concern is your hair will take the dye differently when pregnant so the color may turn out a little different compared to before.

Michelle on

This is silly–the hair that gets dyed, i.e. that is no longer in the hair shaft, is DEAD–it is not any more unsafe to dye your hair than it is to paint your nails! The old-school thinking that it was unsafe is based on an outdated understanding, as well as old technology that used chemicals that were more harmful–we moved waaaaayyyy past this at least a generation ago!

Sammy on

My doctor said I could dye my hair all I wanted. There is absolutely no danger to being in a salon unless you are there all day everyday and even then the danger is minimal. So many people told me that I could not do ANYTHING while pregnant based completely on old wives tales (eat cold cuts, work out, dye my hair, drink coffee- all of which my doctor said was fine in moderation). But then I would catch them drinking wine, eating a ton of sugary and processed foods- which can increase the risks of brain defects and gestational diabetes.

Its annoying. People shouldn’t judge others when they are getting valid, professional advice from their doctors and acting responsibly to protect their child and themselves. The biggest annoyance was when people told me not to work out. I ran everyday right up until I went into labor- with consent from my doctor. My labor was quicker, my recovery was quicker I lost the weight and stayed healthy- which was what was best for me and my baby.

jessicad on

I knew there would be women on here being catty and looking for an argument by saying it’s selfish and you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t wait 9 months to dye your hair, you gals are freaking hilarious!!!

stacey on

I’m a mom of 6 and I highlighted my hair at least 2 or 3 times throughout each pregnancy, and all 6 kids are amazingly healthy.

Pat on

I got my hair highlighted while pregnant, and today my son is a bright, athletic 9-year old in GT classes – no developmental, learning, or behavioral problems. However, I did follow the advice for providing him with the best chances during pregnancy – no alcohol or caffine (although even the thought of it made me ill!), limited seafood intake (for the mercury), of course no smoking, plenty of sleep, etc.

Kathy on

It is not going to hurt the baby or you one bit…there is not enough of anything to get through how many layers of skin then through body mass no way that baby is tucked in there so tight and in that sack. Have you ever seen the needle that does the test to get amniotic fluids…well a little lotion or hair color on for 30 min wont hurt.

Anonymous on

hair color does not seep through the scalp people, and as for Snooki, all of that isn’t her real hair, those are hair extensions

tashastar81 on

I did when I was pregnant with my daughter and she was born healthy. Even my doctor ok’d it.

Bella on

To all of you who die your hair during pregnancy claiming it’s very safe…why wait till 2nd trimester? Does its safety change with time ;)? According to your rationale, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be dying your hair as soon as you find out you’re pregnant…

P.S. you are NOT pregnant for 10 months…Just from May 1 to August 28 gives you 17 weeks + 4 days (instead of perfect 16 weeks according to your theory)

doseedo on

I dyed my hair blonde while pregnant and my child was born with an extra head. Bonus, if you ask me.

Ally on

There seems to be nothing out there really that advises against it. Probably an old wives tale. I would totally do it, and applaud these ladies for taking a bit of “me time” while their bodies are going through so much.

diva on

I think people should be able to do what they want. If there is no SUBSTANTIAL risk, well to each her own…. My personal opinion is simply is it REALLY WORTH THE RISK? even if it’s a few percent JUST to hide some roots or look cute for a few weeks before it growsout anyway???? I am just not sure why women cannot wait until the baby is born. Are we all that vain? I don’t get it, but it’s not for me to get someone elses choices. At the end of the day, I suppose anything unfortunate can happen to a fetus at any given time, dye or no dye….

Anonymous on

blessedwithboys- Guess what? For some babies it’s actually BREASTMILK that’s dangerous. During the three months my mother nursed me, for example, I at first didn’t gain weight like I should and then started to actually LOSE weight. Upon switching to formula, however, I plumped right up (and, incidentally, I rarely even get so much as a cold!). I’m about as pro-breastfeeding as you can get, but come on! Formula is not posion!

Anyway, as for the hair-dye issue….I wouldn’t dye my hair if I was pregnant, but that’s only because I don’t dye my hair period. I don’t have a problem with women that do choose to color their hair during pregnancy, and I’ve yet to hear of a baby harmed by hair dye!

trish on

I worked for an ob-gyn group. The doctors said that it was ok to color your hair, but they did not allow perms, said that it altered the DNA structure of the hair. I colored my hair through 2 pregnancies and both of my kids are fine.


Well let’s see I am 36 weeks pregnant, and I had my hair highlighted about 2 months ago, so YEP I did color my hair while pregnant, and I did while pregnant with my first as well!!

manisha on

if the Doctor says its safe its safe. I colored and highlighted my hair through out both pregnancies and have happy healthy children! But yes even I waited till after the first trimester was over

jamie on

why take a risk with someone elses life who cant speak for itself yet? Seems so selfish to me…

NurseJ on

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that any harm will come to a fetus if the mother colors her hair while pregnant. Don’t use People magazine stories for medical advice. Ever.

Dot RN on

@RFK. Heres ur NIH research stating that hair coloring 3 to 4times during pregnancy shows no harm and is not of concern. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2567273/

Ann on

“Whoever said no…. Well then I guess you will not vaccinate your kids cause there are chemicals and toxins in those shots 3000% more harmful to your kids than hair dye!

– Angela on April 13th, 2012”

Angela, where are your misinformation coming from? What are your credentials?

ulku on

I am in my third trimester and have not dyed or highlighted my hair, would dont think it is worth the risk. I will also wait until I am done breastfeeding. This is a special time, which is actually not about me, it is all about the baby.

Sher1201 on

It’s none of our business…period.

deezy92 on

I dyed my hair a few times during my last pregnancy and followed the guidelines that my Dr suggested. In her words “The pollutants/chemicals you breathe every single day are higher than what you’re going to get through an occasional hair dye.”

Stelola on

It won’t matter if they dye their hair, they are already short enough of brain cells. I imagine that the type of moms they will be that Children’s Services should make a few visits but won’t because of all the fame and hype.

bodygal on

Unfortunate reality is that if you aren’t going to dye your hair, then you also shouldn’t wear makeup, use hairspray, microwave your food, pump gas, and a million other things that ‘could’ be harmful.

I wouldn’t dye my hair every month while pregnant, but once or twice late in pregnancy is no big deal.

amanda on

my doctor told me it was safe it just may not come out to be the color you want because of your hormones.

Ann on

I would think having sex with your dean husband on the day you bring home your newborn from the hospital is worse than dying your hair once while pregnant.

Holiday on

I did dye my hair when I was pregnant with my now 6 year old son. I asked my midwife if it was ok to dye my hair when I was pregnant with my now 23 month old daughter and she told me not to… so I didnt.

Wanda on

There is nothing wrong with coloring or highlighting your hair while pregnant. It is an old wives tale. I checked with my doctor when I was pregnant 6 years ago and he said there was nothing wrong with coloring your hair while pregnant. There is no way I was going to go 9 months with my grays coming out of my regrowth or having a faded color. It’s bad enough you know your pregnant but still feel like a big over bloated person. I think people should stop questioning whether it’s safe or not. To each there own.


Ive had 3 children. NOTHING wrong with dying as long as you dont sit in a closed room where the fumes cant air out and it doesnt sit on scalp longer than 30 min. It doesnt get to the womb. Its more harmful smelling the fumes than the stuff itself.

ann@aol.com on

If you are not eating organically, you are consuming loads and loads of chemicals and hormones. If you are drinking tap water or water bottled in plastic, you are consuming a barrage of toxins. If you live in a place where the air is unclean, you are breathing in a bunch of pollution. If you use any mainstream brand of makeup, soap, lotion, shampoo, or deodorant, tons of carcinogens are seeping through your skin. Dying your hair is not the best idea, but it shouldn’t be on the top of the list. Don’t simply listen to a doctor, do your own research and form your own opinion.

dallas, tx on

it’s just not worth the risk. when you are pregnant, your hormones are all over the place and you may very easily have a reaction to products that were otherwise fine in the past. besides, it’s only 9 months. wear extentions if you must..

JW on

There is a lot more chemicals in your food than in hair dye. What a joke of a story.

Nikki on

I dyed my hair….just eat an extra apple and you’ll be fine….

Rosa on

I’m a hairdresser and their nothing wrong with coloring your hair while pregnant. Theirs semi permanent and ammonia free color. It’s said to be more dangerous to get ur nails done acrylic that’s a fact.

Caitlyn on

Im a hair stylist, and it is perfectly ok for a woman to color their hair when they are pregnant. It will not hurt the baby in any way shape or form. I have fellow hair stylists who are, or have been pregnant and have colored their hair with permission from their doctor saying that it will not hurt the baby.

jolene on

my doctor advised against it and i just let my highlights grow out while i was pregnant. it just wasn’t worth it. if i had gotten them touched up and then something was wrong with baby, i could never forgive myself and i would always wonder if it was from getting my hair done! it really isn’t worth the chance, i can go 9 months without my hair colored:)

Connie on

I dyed my hair in my fourth month of pregnancy. I remember the fumes really bothering me and the shade was a reddish brown. Two days later I started spotting heavily. Had an ultrasound and the doctor said everything looked fine. In my seventh month I went into labor and went to the hospital. The gyno checked me and said ‘the placenta is poisoned’. My baby girl died after one breath. Do I believe it was because I colored my hair? Yes I do.


It’s not real hair you morons


It’s not real hair you morons. Are we really having this discussion ?’


Are we really commenting on this?

Daisy on

CCP – You’re being ridiculous. If you would have avoided everything that carried a one in a trillion risk of harm while pregnant, you have ceased to exist. You had a much, much greater risk than one in a trillion of picking up a severely dehydrating GI infection from drinking a glass of water.

Just Sayin' on

Way to go, People, encouraging judgmental moms everywhere to give their two cents on something that is a personal choice. I think smoking while pregnant or drinking caffiene is a bigger issue but guess what, it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

Anonymous on

What about the female hair stylists? Mine dyed my hair while she was pregnant and her own. She was also around the fumes all day. She has two healthy little boys. Why is this a big deal????

kim on

you dont see pregnant hairdressers NOT applying color while pregnant do you??? I am a hairdresser of over 25yrs–not one single hairdresser ever steped away from doing color while pregnant–nor was one ever advised to not do color–even durring my 2 pregnancies i wasnt told to not apply color…

Kim on

I highlighted my hair during pregnancy, I did everything that I normally would do, I agree you can get chemicals in foods too there are so many additives I don’t think hair dye is dangerous at all. I even moved furniture while pregnant and I also work a very active job.

jp on

I can’t believe the hateful, bitter comments here. “Selfish?” REALLY? A pregnant woman deserves to feel pretty, and pamper herself every once in a while. A hair coloring every once in a while isn’t going to hurt the baby. But it will do wonders for mom’s self-esteem and morale. Being pregnant isn’t fun, folks. We can’t sleep, our feet hurt, and *things* just are not easy as they normally are.
I didn’t get my hair colored during pregnancy simply because it wouldn’t “take” for some reason–changing hormones, perhaps.
But to all those who call a woman “selfish,” or to tell them to “wait for 9 months,” especially the male commentators here, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Michelle on

Shame on you PEOPLE Magazine! After reading all of the above comments, I have to wonder why you would even consider getting into this debate–you are a rag mag–nothing but celebrity gossip! The only explanation I can come up with for you raising this “issue,” where there actually is none (read the research–the medical research indicates there is no issue here), is to divide women because creating animosity and friction sells magazines!

Ladies–I suggest you all complain and tell PEOPLE Magazine to stop trying to get us into a catfight bc girlfriends need to stick together and support one another–not fight over this non-issue to generate more $$ for “the corporate man.”

CRW on

I colored my hair through both pregnancies and both kids were fine, no issues at all, both are happy, healthy and smart today (11 and 8, both in gifted classes).

I’ve never understood why people are so judgemental toward what pregnant women do or don’t do. As long as they are not smoking or using illegal drugs, I’d never question another woman’s choices.

Amaryllis on

I’m sure that Jessica Simpson has continued to color her hair throughout her pregnancy too. There’s no medical evidence to show that this is dangerous. In fact, there is no evidence that working with hair chemicals causes birth defects in pregnant hairdressers, and they get a lot more exposure to the chemicals than a customer.

Anonymous on

Not only did I color my own hair through my four pregnancies, I am a haircolorist who continued. Coloring my clients hair. Do your research and follow your instincts! I always shared with my clients my choice but that they were the only ones who could make that decision for themselves.

Sean on

Unless you’re eating the hair color there is no harm to the baby. There is more risk of your hair being messed up because being pregnant changes your body and your hair might react differently than normal. Perms don’t always take if your pregnant. As far as it not being proven, eating pickles hasn’t been proven to be safe and people still do. Use common sense.

Angela on

I dyed my hair when I was pregnant with my 18 year old. I wonder if that’s how he ended up with type 1 Diabetes.


Jess on

oh my god can’t you people just agree to disagree and leave people alone. Everyone has their own opinion and can dye their hair if they want to. It’s nobody’s business but their own. And by the way, dyeing your hair isn’t selfish. I’ve had three kids and I dyed my hair once throughout all three pregnancies and used nail polish once or twice throughout all three pregnancies. And all of my kids are healthy, happy kids. Hair dye doesn’t affect a fetus. All the doctors I know say it doesn’t and all the information websites say the same thing. Doing some stuff for yourself during your pregnancy isn’t being selfish. All of you people who say it is being selfish are off your rocker. I am not selfish. I think of my kids before I do anything. I am the opposite of selfish.

Brynn on

This is such an old wives tale. People have been dying their hair for years without anything bad happening to the baby. Get over it.

jl on

This article is just plain STUPID! I’m sorry to be so harsh but with todays products, you can color you hair with no harm to your baby.. I love People, but this article was a waste.Celebs have to defend themselves over the dumbest things.

Jess75 on

I am in my third trimester of my second pregnancy, and I have not dyed my hair. Personally, I do not see how the risk is worth it (and don’t tell me there is no risk… there is always a risk – that goes for many things while pregnant.) I think it is just a matter of putting your child first, instead of your own vanity. There is a real problem with society when it is considered alright to colour your hair with harmful chemicals, trust me you’ll survive the 40 weeks – I did, and I am someone who colours their hair on a regular basis. And as for their being the same chemicals in shampoo – please, you don’t have to be in a well ventalated area when you wash your hair.

Chuck on

Are you women stupid or just dont give a darn about your unborn child, Oh yes the GOVERNMENT will take care of your retarted child from injesting poisons through your skin.THINK before you do stupid things like that, Cant be without dyed hair for a few months.

Lura on

Yes, you can safely with organic hair color. Google it and you should be available to find 1-2 places in your city that offers it.

gomez on

i dyed my hair throughout my pregnancies. my doc said it was fine………..my children are happy and healthy. what about the women who smoke and drink during pregnancy. that poses more of a risk.

whatever on

Oh Please. my doctor said as long as it wasn’t bleach, and as long as i didn’t do often than it was fine. Ladies, get a grip I had a healthy boy who is right where he should be developmentally and psychologically so dying your hair is no big deal really.

Jackie on

I WOULD NEVER take that chance.

Is it really worth it….. baby’s health over the color of your hair?

Really people….. it’s a chemical !!

Hair color and fish, are the two things my doctor told me to avoid- and my hairdresser also told me not to do it.

Olivia on

Anyone who is so afraid of the hair dye probably should not leave the house. Just think about all the exhaust fumes etc. flying around, you will inhale more chemicals just breathing than having a hairdye every couple of months. This is a ridiculous conversation.

Wendy on

I’m not a mom, but here is what I think for down the road:

I will absolutely stay away from caffeine, smokers, fish/mercury, excess sugar, any meat that is not organic, and veggie not grown in the USA.. I will also use natural cleaning products. I think that woul dmake me a pretty UNselfish mother.

Not for the hair dye issue.. After beign married, I’m really not going to ‘plan’ anything, if it happens it happens. Maybe I’ll get preganant 3 months after my last dye job. I may not want to let anyone in on my pregnancy until I start really showing, 4-5 mo mark. IF you stop dying your hair, people would wonder. And saying it’s selfish is ridiculous. Dyes are much safer nowadays. My hair is a few shades lighter than my natural, so I’m not goign to walk around w/ 6 inch roots for fear of being called a bad mother, I’m going to SAFELY color it.

Alison on

According to current scientific research, dyeing your hair no more than once a month and in a well-ventilated area is perfectly safe for the unborn baby. Honestly, there are 1000 other things a pregnant woman does in her daily life that is more harmful.

tammb on

to maintain my look, you betcha, to change my look, nope. I have greys and they arent showing for 9 mos. Call people vain, call it what you will, but please- women have been doing it for how long now? People need to lay of celebrities, as if they are doing something so controversial and “new” while pregnant, its almost pathetic to see this as a headline more than once now…and to see peoples uneducated opinions.

Sabrina on

So no one mentions Jessica Simpson, she is not a natural blond, and I have seen her in the past with really dark roots, so how did she maintain the blonde hair she sported through-out her pregancy??

Angelica on

I am pregnant, with my 3rd child..and I am a hairdresser, and both of my children are happy and healthy! My Dr, who is a top Specialist in Atlanta (I am Insulin Resistant) reassured me years ago I am fine! Not only did the practice tell me they tell expectant mothers to wait for 12 weeks ONLY because so many of them question it repeatedly…but he also pointed out to ME that there would be many more hairdressers who have children with developmental issues etc.. It doesn’t mean I stick my nose in the chemicals or that I don’t wear proper gloves etc, I do it for my own health too, I just have never met a fellow hairdresser who’s child has ever had any issues whatsoever from doing her profession!

Sue on

As a physician I say NO to ANYTHING chemical on your scalp while pregnant!!! Wash your hair with baby shampoo!!

me on

ughhh…OF COURSE I WOULD NOT DYE MY HAIR….I never did with any of my two pregnancy. For the girls that DID dye their hair or WOULD: How shallow and selfish can you be????? Bottomline is there IS a chance it will affect the baby. You’re horrible

Leslie on

Some of you are so foolish… you seem to think pregnant women should live in a closet for 9 months.

And to the woman who wonders if her son got diabetes because she used hair dye? Honey, that is NOT why he has diabetes.

And to Connie… Very sorry for your sad experience. But “placental poisoning” or Eclampsia is a known medical condition. It is not caused by hair dye. You should look it up before you put out more misinformation:

Kristine on

If you won’t dye your hair, do you use lotion – it’s probably worse to have your skin absorbing all the chemicals in it. Shampoo? Conditioner? Both of those sit right on your scalp – and you’re dosing yourself daily with that. Deodorant? Household cleaning products? Do you eat food from cans? BPA IS a concern as it builds up in the system. What about the off-gassing of substances in your home like carpet? Only hardwood floors? Did you paint a nursery? I assume you left the house and stayed out for several weeks to let the VOCs clear from the air?

If you really want to point fingers and call those women selfish who choose to make an informed decision about whether they will or won’t dye their hair, you should probably be living in a tree stump, cleaning with sand, eating only organic foods, because nearly everything has the POTENTIAL to put a fetus at risk.

Catherine on

I scrolled through the list of comments and realized that there wasn’t anyone who said that their kid seemed a little weird because of getting their hair colored. But, there were numerous people who said nothing happened. Coincidence?

Mirabella on

Barb: How stupid can you be to say that a woman is pregnant for 10 months?? It is 40 weeks since the first day of your period!! not since the intercourse. And most months have more then 28 day…

Mirabella on

I see so many women talking about the risks, but none acualy know what the risks are…most common risk is getting a child with alergies. Did you dye yor hair and your cild has alergies? It can be from that or it can be simply genetic…or it can actualy be from breahing too much gas from a closed parking lot…What I’m trying to say is, its a risk! If you want to take it, go ahead, not my problem, not my child…

Mirabella on

By the way… Links not proven by medicine? Thats exactly what doctors said in the 70’s to women who smoked while pregnant…20 years later, totaly other sorty…I wonder why

Amber on

This is the first time I have stopped to read the comments people make on these kind of sites. I think that the comments on here are hurtful and that shows me their is a bigger problem than whether ot not we color our hair. I used to be a hairstylist and their is no evidence that the color harms the fetus. There are also organic alternatives for coloring. Do I think that women who choose not to are stupid? No! Do I think that women who choose to are vain and selfish? No! Maybe we should spend a little more time choosing not to harm others with our words. That seems like the bigger problem with this article. Plus I think the Kardashian chics hair looks nice.

Megan on

My pregnancies are high-risk enough on their own, I’m not adding anything to it.

Summer on

Mirabella, you beat me to it! I get so sick of women saying you’re pregnant for 10 months. Most months have 30 or 31 days duhhhh. Also, like you said, they count pregnancy from the first day of your last period, meaning that it’s not even 40 weeks but more like 38. It’s fine to dye your hair while pregnant. It’s fine to do a lot of the things they say you shouldn’t, like eating sushi (cooked) and certain cheese (most are pasturized now). This advice was decades ago when hair dyes were a lot worse for you. Calling someone selfish for wanting to look and feel their best is simply ignorant. My OB is a top surgeon and my husband is a pharmacist – both have no problem at all with it. Women that go nuts and freak out over every little thing are stupid and probably will be helicopter parents.

Daisy on

I wouldn’t take a chance. The opinion of a colorist is irrelevant, frankly. Everything that comes into contact with your body can potential affect your child, it’s not safe to take a chance. I colored my hair and had highlights while pregnant, and my child has crippling developmental delays, so maybe I’m biased. But I’d rather be safe.

jm on

*******READ THIS EVERYONE*********** First of all, most of you are morons…do any of you know how scientific studies work??? ANECDOTAL “EVIDENCE” IS NOT EVIDENCE. In other words, just because something didn’t happen to YOU or your friends doesn’t mean a damn thing in the world of science and evaluating something SCIENTIFICALLY. If you are a hairdresser and you’ve never had any problems with the chemicals affecting your pregnancies, great, good for you…but YOU CAN’T TAKE ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE AND APPLY IT TO A POPULATION. That is not how scientific studies work. I really wish people understood that anecdotal evidence has absolutely no bearing on how to evaluate something scientifically. Please go back to school and learn about math (specifically statistics) and science. Just because you ***FEEL*** you were safe, doesn’t make it true and it certainly doesn’t make it applicable to how to evaluate how chemicals affect a population.

guest on

“not microwave your food” WTH? are you implying you don’t know how a microwave works and expect some kind of dangerous radiation?

cbg on

full term pregnancy is considerd anything from 37-40 weeks while if you use the regular calendar that adds up to 10 months the weeks correspond to the moths using the lunar calendar. no idea why but this is how its wworks out and i was told this by several drs while at medical school

Me on

I don’t see the point of exposing yourself to chemicals needlessly – drinking, smoking, dying your hair, cleaning with bleach, all that stuff can be avoided. Yes there are many chemicals around us but how many of them can cause the allergic reactions and problems that dyes and bleaches can? I’m sure your child will most likely turn out fine in spite of all kinds of chemicals but why would you take the risk? Vanity?

Anastasia on

Google hairdressers and cancer – see what you get. I did when when my 39 year old sister-in-law hairdresser got cancer. It was shocking.

bh on

My baby has brain damage but my hair sure looks nice.

Anonymous on

Leslie- Considering the woman who “wondered” whether hair coloring caused her son’s type 1 diabeties put a smiley face at the end of her post, it’s a pretty safe bet that she was joking. 🙂

As for the whole “pregnancy is 10 months” thing, you are pregnant for closer to ten months than nine months ON AVERAGE. Yes, it’s rare that a month has exactly four weeks (and in fact, February is the only one that ever does), but most months don’t have more than four full weeks. Generally a month is four weeks and a few days long. When it comes to calculating things like pregnancy, this gets averaged out to four weeks in a month (these “months” are also known as “lunar months”, as four weeks, or 28 days, is about the same length as one cycle of the moon. This is also why lunar terms are often used to describe women’s menstrual cycles, which are also an average of 28 days each.).

Therefore, women are pregnant for an AVERAGE of 40 weeks, based on months with an AVERAGE of 4 weeks, which adds up to an AVERAGE of 10 months. Of course some women will give birth earlier or later than that, and certainly not all women are pregnant for exactly ten months (in fact, very few are). But on AVERAGE a woman is pregnant for about ten months.

Okay, science lesson over! 🙂

Crystal on

Your baby would die from you eating meat, before anything would happen if you were to dye your hair…hope y’all who said you would ‘never’ dye your hair *GASP* never ate processed, preservative, chemically laced(meat, chicken, milk, yogurt, cheese, FAST FOOD) foods either, cause ya, you’re daft….there are chemicals in YOUR FOOD.

MiB on

@Sue, do yu know how many chemicals there can be in baby shampoo? Just asking.

Also those of you who say it’s not necessary to dye your hair and that women who can’t abstain for nine, ten whatever number of months are insecure have aboviously not experienced prematurely graying hair. No one wants to walk around with visibly gray hair in their teens, twenties or even thirties, because people comment, and you feel bad, and you feel tired and haggard. I am pretty confident, but I couldn’t stand all the talk about me letting myself go when my hair became visibly gray in my early twenties (thanks crappy hair colour genes!). I have to dye my hair every six weeks or so, and I do it in a well ventilated room (or outdoors) with ammoniak free dyes, and I would probably continue even when pregnant, because people will notice (make no mistakes about it).

Would I double check the labels on the products I use and consider switching them if I could find anything even gentler than the dye I use now, yes! Would I be extra careful to be in a well ventilated room, you bet! Would I stretch the time between colourings as long as I feel comfortable, absolutely. But I’m really doubtful that I would actually stop dyeing my hair completely. And this is coming from someone who limits her exposure to chemicals, never uses bleach, doesn’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning or on her body and avoids eating food if she can’t read the ingredient list.

Anonymous on

I got my hair highlighted during both of my pregnancies and my husband’s father is an OB…I consulted with him before I did it after my actual doctor told me it was okay as a sort of second opinion and he told me as long as I was in a vented room I would be just fine and a lot of places let you sit outside which is what I did it all comes down to what you believe and what feels right to you both my sons came out healthy even though I got highlights while pregnant

plbg on

Hmm i don’t know about color but you can’t get a relaxer/touch-up or perm while pregnant. I guess I’ll wear braids. kinky twist or mircos.

Do the math on

For those who say there are worse things out there and dying hair is safer than breathing – That may be true, BUT I cant stop breathing, I can however, live without dying my hair. Just because there are dangers in life and you cant help ALL of them doesnt mean you shouldnt prevent what you can. Same reason why you put your seat belt on. It wont help in every car accident, but that doesnt mean you cease to protect yourself from what you can.

In no way, shape or form, are you pregnant for 10 months. I do not understand what people dont understand about this. A due date is calculated from the first day of your last period. Say that your period in January 1, 2012, your due date (40 weeks) would be October 7, 2012. Clearly that is 9 MONTHS and one week, NOT 10 MONTHS. Yes, there are some people that can be 2 weeks late. But that is not average. Look at it this way, there are 52 weeks in a year. According to the 4 weeks = 1 month rule, there would be 13 months in a year because 52/4=13, but there are only 12.

Jean on

“Failure to breastfeed is now a public health crisis”?
Blessedwithboys: You are a moron. Morons are a public health crisis.

I am sick of the breastfeeding mafia. If you eat a diet that is rich in nutrients, then sure, go ahead and breastfeed, it is the natural thing to do. But I have seen far too many mothers scarfing down McDonalds and breastfeeding, then lecturing me on giving my baby “Chemical Food.” And you know what? Their babies have tubes in their ears and are always sick. My child is 2 and has had one cold during her life.

While pregnant, I dyed my hair twice, got my nails done every two weeks, drank a Coke when I wanted it, had a c-section (emergency, she was too big) and delivered a healthy 9lb baby girl. Oh and she never had a drop of breast milk, she had formula for a year. And you know what? She is healthy and happy and quite bright.

Julie on

To keep my hair the fire-red I prefer (rather than dishwater blonde), my hairdresser and best friend used haircolor made from vegetables like beets and carrots. The color is absolutely gorgeous and perfect safe during pregnancy. Not sure where she ordered it from, but you CAN rock fresh color while carrying a baby.

Lina on

Im premature gray. At 31 I was about 70 percent gray and 2 years later its even worse. I couldn’t even imagine going through 9 months with half gray/half dark brown hair. And I don’t think that’s selfish. Be smart about it. Choose a dye that has no ammonia and no ppd.

Maddie Taylor on

Wow, the comments here astound me.

If a woman talks to her doctor and to her hairdresser about dying her hair, and they both okay it, I don’t see a problem. There’s also nothing wrong with not dying your hair. Neither option is “selfish”.

I don’t know what breastfeeding has to do with this debate, but I see it coming up a lot too. Not breastfeeding is not necessarily evil like some make it out to be. I was adopted, thus could not be breast fed, and I turned out fine. Many to most of the people I know were not breast fed, and they turned out fine as well. Breastfeeding is a wonderful option, but not breastfeeding is not always an awful thing either.

dksport03 on

I would. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure there are more pollutants in the air we breathe everyday than in hair dye. Just follow your doctor’s recommendations and talk to you colorist and you and your baby will be fine.

Jillian on

Anonymous…..No one is pregnant for 10 months. Not under your theory or anyone’s theory. I am curious how many times you have been pregnant and how many of the times you have been pregnant 10 months. My guess is none to both….because it is not possible. The Lunar calendar is not used to determine how long a person is pregnant for….just so you know 🙂

I shake my head with confusion at how people don’t understand this. I guess if someone hasn’t had a child, maybe it doesn’t makes sense.


Heathyr on

I’ve checked with my OBGYN, family doctor and my hairstylist who has 5 of her own children. I plan on dying my hair while pregnant, using less harsh chemicals. What I have been told is that it is completely fine by the medical professionals I trust most. The only thing they recommended is to make sure the salon is ventilated due to the extra sensitivity to smells. No potential risk to the fetus, just you enhances smell could make you sick to your stomach if the salon isnt ventilated well enough.

Nelson on

This sounds like a heorwomk question, and something that you need to research yourself. If you are currently taking a parenting class, then you should have enough knowledge and information to think up nine simple questions based on what you have (supposedly) learned, presuming that you have paid some semblance of attention in class.This example makes me very worried about the state of education and lazy students who think nothing of falsifying their work, then taking (unearned) credit for it.Other than internet and textbook research, I suggest that you discuss the topic with your family parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles to see what ideas they could bring to the table..Good Luck!