Jenna von Oy’s Blog: Adventures with a Future Mini-Me

04/13/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Thirty-one weeks and countingBrooke Boling Photography

Thanks for welcoming our new celebrity blogger, Jenna von Oy!

Best known for her roles as Six on Blossom and Stevie on The Parkers, von Oy is also a musician who has released two albums and is set to publish a book, The Betweeners.

She’ll next appear in Lukewarm, slated for release this spring.

von Oy, 34, wed Brad Bratcher on Oct. 10, 2010, and resides in Nashville with her husband and five dogs.

They expect their first child, a girl, in June.

You can find her on Twitter @JennavonOy.

I suppose it starts with the age-old question: If I have brown eyes, and my husband’s eyes are blue, can we have a blue-eyed baby? It’s Biology 101, and if I recall, the answer is a definitive “no.” However, I’m no scientist, so I’ll leave that one to the experts.

The grander and more preoccupying question that has been on my mind of late is, “What dastardly idiosyncrasies will my little girl inherit from me?” Will she be her own worst critic? Will she crave creativity, sometimes at the expense of her own sanity? Will she always strive to have the final word in an argument? Will she get overtly cranky when she doesn’t eat for several hours?

Oh, if you only knew … I can just imagine the beautiful disaster she will be, with me as a mom! That said, I know she will be getting some of her daddy’s genes as well, which should balance her out a bit. Brad and I are polar opposites in many ways, so I can only pray she gets the best of both worlds.

During dinner the other night, we mulled over some of the traits we hope are bestowed upon our daughter, versus the ones we hope are not. As chance would have it, the blessings seem to outweigh the curses, which has me breathing a serious sigh of relief.

I thought you might appreciate being privy to a portion of our list, and I have included notations as to which one of us the characteristic comes from (Though I suspect some may be painfully obvious!).

Indulging my inner childBrooke Boling Photography


1. An active imagination and an inner child she indulges often (Me)

2. Patience, patience, and more patience (Unquestionably, Brad)

3. A love of music and all things artistic (Both of us)

4. An affinity for experiencing food as an art form (Both of us)

5. An easy ear for foreign languages (Me)

6. A calm, laid-back demeanor (Brad)

7. A deep love of travel and literature (Both of us)

8. Solid work ethic (Both of us)

9. A sense of humor and wit, especially when all else fails (Fortunately, both of us)

10. The innate ability to plan ahead and organize (Three words: Definitely. Not. Brad.)

11. A curiosity and willingness to learn about anything and everything (Both of us)


1. Being OCD (Me)

2. Getting too easily distracted (Brad)

3. Being exceedingly, dreadfully stubborn (Both of us. Disagreements are super fun in our house!)

4. Biting sarcasm that can get her into trouble (Me)

5. A terrible memory (Brad, though he is the master of useless factoids. As I write this, he is reciting a list of the first 100 CDs he bought as a teenager. Because he can.)

6. A brown thumb. Really brown. SADLY, brown. (Me)

7. A penchant for eating things well past their expiration date (Thankfully, Brad is the culprit on this one. I try to clean out our refrigerator as often as possible, to avoid this gross display.)

8. An addiction to technology and electronics. (Let’s just say that one of us makes an iPod list to accompany every activity, including vacuuming the living room. It should be noted, however, that I am in no way complaining — I consider myself INCREDIBLY lucky to have a husband that takes it upon himself to vacuum!!)

The topic of passing down quirks to one’s children originally came up in conversation courtesy of my friend, Brooke Boling (whose incredible talent has graced each of my blogs so far, in the form of photography). A story Brooke recently shared simultaneously had me in stitches and cringing about my own future…

My daughter, Parker, recently woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Realizing she was having a nightmare, I went into her room to console her, and asked what was wrong. Was my child having dark dreams about monsters hiding under her bed? Nope. She was upset because her cheese and crackers were touching in her dream. My little OCD child. She’s definitely mine!

Far be it for me to assign personality traits to my child before she has even ventured outside of the womb, but I can visualize this scenario happening in my own household. I foresee my little girl color-coordinating her blocks, alphabetizing her books, and inquiring why Elmo won’t clean up after himself.

It conjures up memories of all of those occasions when my mother has smiled knowingly and emphatically stated, “I hope you have a child just like you” — meant as a threat, no doubt, but a fair one! The writing is on the proverbial wall.

I am convinced that my child, too, will keep running at the mouth long after I have wished her “Goodnight” and shut her bedroom door (according to my mom, this was my standard nightly practice. I also used to talk myself to sleep … no surprise there!).

Granted, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m portending doom and gloom here. There are, most assuredly, positive angles to the potential likenesses my daughter and I will share. Will she fancy herself a vocabulary maven? Will she pride herself on being a “Jane of all trades” and give 100 percent to everything she commits to? Will she do her best to be loyal, spiritual and generous with her heart? I have faith she will.

I also have a sneaky suspicion she will inherit some really bizarre little eccentricities that will provide amusing fodder for years to come. For example, if she despises condiments (ketchup-be-damned!) or her blood pressure spikes whenever politics are intensely pondered, she is definitely her father’s daughter.

Alternately, if she has a severe aversion to buffets, most shades of pink, stand-up comedy, and Carrot Top (not necessarily in that order…), I’m guilty as charged. I can also be blamed if a sneezing fit sounds as though it might take the house down with it. I’m not the daintiest in that department!

My pink aversionBrooke Boling Photography

I wonder if she’ll take after both Brad and I by possessing an unnatural obsession with coffee, or if she’ll be a sentimental pack-rat, as we tend to be. I also speculate about her almost inescapable love of animals. Considering she’ll be sharing a house with five dogs, she had better inherit that one!

Either way, I’m sure she’ll quickly see through some of my attempts to teach her things that I may not be terribly successful at myself, such as trying not to sweat the small stuff. I can already picture her calling me out on my own weaknesses.

One of my closest friends, Cindy Alexander, made me laugh with this similar story about her daughter, Jette:

I’ve worked so hard at teaching my girls PATIENCE. Every time a tantrum starts brewing because dinner isn’t ready yet, or I can’t pick them up the SECOND they want my attention, I say “You need to practice your patience. Sometimes you have to wait!” One night I said to Jette, “Honey, it’s time to go to bed.” She responded with, “Sweetie, you need to practice your patience. Sometimes you have to wait.” I let her win that one.

As you’ve probably witnessed in my past blogs, I tend toward the humorous and caustic. However, I think it would be thoughtless if I neglected the sweet and tender angle in all of this, and I certainly do enjoy indulging my sappy side every now and again. (Sometimes it may be well-hidden, but it’s there nonetheless!)

After all, flicks like Bambi and Rudy reduce me to a blubbering mess, and reruns of any rescue show on Animal Planet can make it a four-Kleenex kind of day.

If I’m in a really sentimental mood, I sometimes even tear up during Celebrity Apprentice. (To clarify, lest you think I’ve lost my marbles, this occurs when they dole out massive checks to charities like the Muscular Dystrophy Association, NOT when Trump proclaims “You’re fired!” to some poor sap who almost always deserves it.)

So, all of that said, I’m intrigued by the idea that certain traits might carry over from people I’ve loved and lost, such as my sweet grandmother.

A girlfriend of mine, Erika White, took that concept to another level when she shared this:

It has been so fascinating to see two little “mini me’s”. I see it in my sons’ eyes, their skin, their smiles, and their spirits. They have great speed in running and skating. I was a fast athlete in my youth, and as I see their passion for running, I truly remember my love of the sport.

I say all of this, because I was adopted at birth … I am an adopted child, who is now an adult, and who had a wonderful, loving family to raise me. But I never saw anyone who looked like me growing up, and now I’m getting to see myself in my sons. That recognition is something I had never experienced before, and it is more beautiful than I ever expected.

While I may not have dealt with the experience of being adopted, as Erika has, I understand the attachment to seeing tangible proof of where you originate. I think it comes down to feeling like you are an obvious part of the pack.

For example, I’ve been told television makes me look taller, but I’m truly a wee lass (insert visuals of me sporting a leprechaun costume here). I have always been somewhat of a black sheep in my family, as everyone is significantly taller than me.

By that statement, I don’t just mean they are a few inches taller — they dwarf me. My dad and brothers are over six feet, and my mom and sister aren’t slight in stature by any stretch of the imagination. My growth, on the other hand, found its happy place at a mere five feet.

My future mini-meBrooke Boling Photography

I joke that blame should be put on all of the coffee I consumed as a youth, but I can actually thank good old recessive genes for that one. My grandmother from my dad’s side (the feisty little German spitfire that she was…) was the same height as I am. Even if she DID swear she was taller!

Sure, from time to time I get frustrated that a step-stool is required to reach the dishes in my kitchen cabinets, and true, I often sport massive heels to compensate. However, it is honestly one of the attributes I treasure most about myself. I cherish it, because I know it is a piece of the lineage that was passed down from my grandmother, and she is an integral part of who I am.

Of course, I can thank her for some other qualities too … she didn’t suffer fools, spoke her mind, colored outside of the lines, and had the heart of a lion with the hand of a poet. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for blessing me with her gifts.

Suffice it to say, passing down our own characteristics (be it good or bad) to our children is part of the fascination behind having them in the first place. As my husband so profoundly stated the other day, I can’t help but appreciate and acknowledge the weight of leaving a legacy behind. No matter what happens to me now, I’ve left an indelible mark…

I certainly loved reading your “baby brain” stories from last month, and I can’t wait to hear any anecdotes you might wish to share regarding adventures with your own “mini me.” As always, please feel free to leave comments for me here on, or send me a message through the Twittersphere!

Until next time,

— Jenna von Oy

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Kristyn on

Blue eyes are a recessive trait so if there are blue eyes in your husband’s family it is possible your child will have blue eyes!

Jen K on

That might just have been the BEST ever celeb column I’ve read on People. Bravo Jenna! Can’t wait to read more.

Circus3 on

My father has brown eyes while my mom has blue, my sister got brown eyes and I got blue. So it is very possible to get a blue eyed baby!

Vanessa on

Hubby has brown eyes, mine are blue and we have two blue eyed kids and one with brown. πŸ™‚

Leslie on

The eye color thing is tricky… it’s not always as straightforward as one may think. Even parents who both have brown eyes can have a blue eyed babe… it just depends on what genetics are hiding out in the family tree!

This is a neat website that allows you to plug in your family’s eye colors and predicts how your children will turn out:

Shannon on

Cool link, Leslie!

I love Jenna’s blogs.

Candice on

Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing….<3

Kristin on

I have never commented on one of these blogs before as they never really connect with me on any level. This blog though was wonderful. I often spend time with my husband marveling over what each of my sons has taken from us. A little sprinkle of me, a dash of their father and then their own traits that surprise us. As much as they are pieces of us, they are wholly unique people.

Watching who your children become is truly one of the best parts of motherhood for me. My sons will always take pieces of us with them but they will use those pieces in unique and new ways. They will become something different and wonderful with traces of us forever clinging to them. It is a true marvel. Enjoy watching your daughter become who she will be. It is an epic journey.

mks on

Blue eyes is possible if there are relatives on Jenna’s side of the family with blue eyes because that gene needs to be passed from both sides of the family for her daughter to have blue eyes. Genetics can be a funny thing and traits that have seemingly disappeared through the generations can come back just as quickly.

In my family on either side there had not been a red head in three or four generations and then all of a sudden my parents end up with two of their three kids being born with red hair. But whether Jenna’s daughter is born with brown or blue eyes, tall or short; I’m sure she will be beautiful.

Loved this blog and all the little stories from Jenna and her friends. Also, beautiful pictures.

Kate on

Of course she could be blue eyed. I have brown hair and eyes just like my sons father and we have a blonde, blue eyed five year old.

kay on

I agree with Jen K. Best celeb column I’ve read. I laughed, I teared up as it brought up memories of my own children. Jenna and Brad, buckle up as you are about to embark on the greatest ride of a lifetime: parenthood!

Alivia on

Both parents have to be carriers of blue eyes for your child to have blue eyes. So if you are a carrier, then it is very possible that your daughter will have blue eyes!

Ashley on

What a great blog!

mrschapman82 on

all three of my kids have blue eyes. i have brown eyes and my hubby has blue!!

mary on

Great blog. My father was 100% Polish with brown eyes. My mother 100% Norwegian had light hazel eyes. (Both are deceased) They had five children together two blue, two brown and 1 green. Go figure. My paternal grandmother had blue eyes (I have no clue about paternal grandfather as he was already in his late 80’s or early 90’s when my father was conceived in 1922) and both my maternal grandparents (still alive) have blue. I married a mutt, who has very dark almost black, but blue colored eyes. All four our children have various colors of blue eyes with the exception of one child whose eyes are bluish purple. Fascinating how β€˜biology’ combined with heredity works.

Belle on

I have blue eyes and neither one of my parents do! πŸ™‚ Although my maternal grandmother has blue eyes, so my dad must have someone on his side who was blue eyed. Even if neither parent has the trait, if each parent is a carrier then the child can have the trait.

kay on

Also, I am the only blue-eyed sibling of 4 born to parents, mom w/blue eyes, dad with brown. My hubby has blue eyes as well and our 2 daughters have blue eyes, our 2 sons have green eyes!

What of it? on

My cousin and his wife both have brown eyes but their son has big blue eyes. You just never know what’s hiding in the gene pool.

Hen on

Great blog! In fact I’m going to “steal” and use the phrase “you need to practice your patience”, with my 3 and 5 yr old.

The eye debate: I could never figure that one out. but my mom has brown eyes, my dad ocean blue and I have hazel/green eyes, and my other 2 sibs: one has blue eyes and one has green eyes.

Now with my hazel/green eyes and my husband’s blue eyes both my kids have blue eyes. Expect the unexpected. Your little girl will have a wonderful look all her own! Isn’t it fun to imagine what she will be like? Best wishes.

B.J. (the girl) on

Jenna, thank you so much for your blog post! It was very entertaining, and your list of traits (being OCD, etc) caused me to send this to my Mom. Now that I’m a grown-up and can see where all my neurotic tendencies come from, I jokingly “blame” it on my folks (all in good fun, of course!)

I inherited my mom’s blue eyes, and my sister has my dad’s hazel ones. I’m sure your daughter will be lovely, regardless! Congratulations πŸ™‚

AND I have to mention, I was talking about Blossom literally last night, and mentioned how Six was a funny name!

shannon on

Very cute article.

shannon on

My husband and I both have dark brown eyes, yet both of our children (2 girls) have very light blue eyes. Who Knew!

SMiaVS on

What a refreshing change! Your blog sounds so intelligently written, compared to some of the others I’ve seen on here….

blessedwithboys on

My mom had brown eyes and my father had blue. They had two kids…I have brown eyes and my sister has blue.

I have friends who are both brown-eyed brunettes. They have two blonde kids, one with brown eyes and one with green.

My son got red hair from his great-grandmother. Besides the two of them, no one else in the family had red hair.

Kaye on

If either one of your parents had blue eyes then you would have inherited one copy of the blue eyed (recessive) gene. This gives you a 50% chance of having a blue eyed baby. Eg. my dad had blue eyes, my mum brown, giving me the genotype Bb and brown eyes. My husband has blue eyes, bb. Our children will have a 50% chance of having the genotype Bb and 50% bb. It is also possible that even if both of your parents had brown eyes one of them carried the gene and passed it on to you. Given that it is recessive the blue eye gene only shows if you have 2 copies of it. Two people with brown eyes but who carry the recessive gene, genotype Bb, have a 25% chance of having a blue eyed baby. The other gene combinations like hair color, skin color, and height are a lot more complicated and tend to involve multiple genes. Hope that helps.

Holiday on

My husband and I both have hazel eyes. My son has hazel too and my little 23 month old daughter had bright blue eyes and auburn hair. There is NO hair color like that in our family but she definitely has the prettiest hair of anyone I know.

lelee on

My mom has light blue eyes, almost like ice or heaven, my dad has grey eyes with green and black sparkles in it. my sister has green eyes with brown sparkles. and mine are simply dark blue. ha ha.. none of us has the same colour ;)… genetics are sometimes funny!

Cassie on

The part about sneezing reminds me of me and my sister. We have always sneezed loud and “manly”. lol. We also inherited our dad’s big feet. Both of our parents have blue eyes, thus our eyes are also blue. My husband’s family has brown eyes, so it would be interesting to see what our kids would end up with. πŸ™‚

Monica on

I love this topic because we did the same thing when we were expecting both of our kids. It’s the most fun to think about what the little one will look like.

I’ve got brown eyes, brown hair and my husband has blue eyes, brown hair (but was blonde until he was 7) so we really didn’t know how they’d come out- except we figured more like me because of the brown dominance. I just prayed they didn’t get my husband’s feet.

Well they both have brown hair and brown eyes yet the youngest looks more like my husband than the oldest who is my twin- exact same color eyes as me. And unfortunately, they both got his horrible feet.

To answer your question about getting cranky if she’s hungry- that is a definite YES! You’ll quickly find that cranky kids either need to eat or sleep. Best of luck.

Chaney on

My mom had blue eyes and my dad had brown. Out of 4 kids, the oldest got brown and the rest of us all have blue. My husband has brown eyes and I have blue and all three of our kids have blue..

Caroline on

My little 3-year-old OCD child has a fit if there is lint and/or dirt in the bathtub (we have to CLEAN the sock lint off his feet before he gets in!) or in his bed… πŸ™‚ As for eye color–I have green eyes, my husband has hazel, and my son ended up with blue. Talk about a surprise. As far as we can tell there have been no blue eyes in the family since my son’s GREAT grandfather! So you never know…

Maggie on

Great blog, but using the term OCD should not be used so lightly as it is a very serious illness that people are diagnosed with.

Jamye on

As a parent we all want our little ones to inherit the best of both mom and dad. I have a mini me as far as looks go, my daughter is the spitting image of me but has the temperment of her father (not good) where as my son is the spitting image of his father and has my temperment (very good).

I, too, often dreamt of what my kiddos where going to look like and act like. It is fun to do so and when that tiny bundle finally does arrive ( it seems in a blink of an eye) it, for me anyway, was beyond anything I could have every imagined.

My kids are now older, 16, and 14, but reading this blog brings back memories of when I was pregnant and everything I thought throughout my pregnancies. I look forward to reading what is coming next.

lisa on

i truly believe the universe bestows on you the child who can teach you the most. my 2 year old son is the exact opposite of me in a number of ways – i am an introvert, he is a social butterfly; i hate for my hands to be dirty (i was always this way, according to my mother) while the more dirt the better for him; i am astounded at what a messy eater he STILL is and that he refuses to use a fork or spoon.

in order to not lose my patience every minute of every day, i’ve had to learn how to accept his behavior and acknowledge his individuality. there are times it is a real test for me, but i love seeing this little person developing and knowing he’s not just a carbon copy of me or his dad, but is pulling from genes we weren’t even aware were present. children are truly amazing in so many ways.

Kd on

My daughter looks so much like her daddy but now that i see her legs sprout i see she got my height.

She was a week late and pushed in to be a taurus like her momma. I am blown away every day how she encompasses an amazing personality that words cannot describe. I remember thinking about how she was going to be then am just blown away by her little personality.

I hated baby pink and would not tell anyone the sex of my baby in fear i would be bombarded with pink stuff. It was a good choice i got baby yellow and sage everything!! i was soooo happy! Just by chance my girl is a very tough girl but she still likes pink.

chrystal on

I have Brown eyes and my Sons Dad has blue. Both of us have Dark Brown hair.. I have one son with Brown eyes and Blond hair. My other son has Green eyes with light Brown hair?????????????? Go Figure!!! LOL Genetics weird!

Ms Jordan on

TY Jenna. Your blog is wonderful, insightful and entertaining. Be sure to save the blogs so one day you can read them to your daughter. My son, when little, always liked hearing stories about when he “lived in my tummy.” Your daughter will be happy to hear about what you were thinking, feeling and sharing with others about the time when she was in your tummy too. Your blogs will be a written gift to her.

You look beautiful in the photos. TY to your friend who shot them. They will look great in your baby book. TY to those who posted blue eye info for Jenna. That was very thoughtful. :=)

Dawn on

Very sweet, Jenna. Now, as if you don’t have 2 long enough lists…..don’t forget your daughter could very likely inherit a relative’s idiosyncrasy. I am forever noting that my son keeps a VERY messy room like his aunt (his father’s sister) and that he has a VERY dramatic flair that just screams my sister. I think of them both fondly when that particular trait “flares up”.

β™₯ Dawn

Melodie on

well I have very dark brown eyes & my husband has green eyes but our son has bright blue eyes!! My Mom & my hubby’s dad both have very very crystal blue eyes so that is where his beautiful eyes come from.

Our daughter has dark brown eyes like me & I have to say I love it, I wanted both of our kids to have green eyes like their daddy’s but the gene pool worked out in such a mysterious & wonderful way for us.

Best of luck to you & I have to say I love reading your baby blog, it’s funny & creative & a pleasure to read!!

Beth on

You are an excellent writer ! I am going to have to check out your book !

lena on

My eyes are dark brown and my husbands are dark brown and both kids have crystal blue! πŸ™‚

Just Me on

Sorry about the boringness of this, but stick with me, it will help loads. It’s also complicates and you will want to kill me for the boringness after about the 3rd sentence. Or you will quit reading but please keep reading, it will explain it all.

If your mom or dad has blue eyes, then the chances are greater. Brown is unfortunately dominant. I have blue eyes, my mom has blue, my dad has brown, but one of my dad’s parents have blue, so he has the blue gene in his body and gave it to me. So big B is brown, little b is blue. If you give your baby b and your husband give the baby B, the baby will have brown eyes. If you both give the baby ‘b’ her eyes will be blue. The only way her eyes can be blue is if you BOTH give her the lower case b. Sorry if that’s complicated…

L.B. on

This was such a cute blog! I love Jenna’s writing style! She has such an honest way of writing and I really enjoyed this. I’m looking forward to more posts by her. I can so relate to so many of the points she made in her post, good job Jenna!

Cathy on

LOVE this blog post!! My fraternal twin sons are celebrating their 3month birthday today and so far both boys have blue eyes, like me. Also it amazes me how their personalities are mirroring my husband and I!! I can each of us in them!

Enjoy this time and get ready for the most exciting journey of your life! I never knew that I could have so much love for my boys!!!

louanne on

I have brown eyes, my hubby has blue. We have one blue eyed baby, and one green eyed one.

jam on

Genetics are fun, you can end up with whatever is in the family lines. We have two brown eyed/blue eyed couples in the family who have green eyed kids. Ya never know what you are going to get. πŸ™‚ Two blue eyed people can’t have a brown eyed kid, two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed kid.

Becky on

My son had blue eyes (he’s almost 13…they aren’t going anywhere). I have blue eyes and his dad has brown! It’s entirely possible!;) Best wishes on a continued healthy pregnancy!

Tracy Martinez on

My Dad has blue eyes my Mom had brown. My brother and sister both have Blue eyes and I ended up with Brown, so it is possible to have a blue eyed baby girl! =-)

Felicia on

2 of my 3 children have blue eyes. Mine are very dark brown and my husbands are hazel. My mother was one off 10 children and was the only one with blue eyes like her father. They get if from her, and I love it.

Chelsea on

Eye color is not determined by a simple Mendelian (dominant and recessive) genetics. Rather, it is determined by the expression of many genes(the exact number is not known). Therefore, your child has a possibility of having blue eyes. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy I hope that everyone goes well for you and your expanding family.

Rebecca C on

I have brown eyes as does my children’s dad. My son has the most beautiful blue eyes and my daughter has light golden hazel.

As for the parts about quirks- I always “deny” that my daughter is anything like me; however I can’t when she is so outspoken. One day she was being watched by my youngest brother. As I came into the house he was telling her to clean up and get ready to leave. She asked the overly used question of “why” the same as every other four year old. He looked down at her calmly and stated because I’m older & you were told to do it. She then very dramatically places her hands on her narrow hips and states, “But I’m smarter!” Leave it to my baby girl to always find a way to have the last word. **As we’re leaving the house her uncle is cleaning up her dolls, blocks, coloring books, etc

Mama K. on

LOVED this. I have two boys. My first is a mini me of my husband. They both are brilliant at math and science, love the History channel, love tinkering with things and are both very mild mannered. Our second is He’s emotional, feisty, dramatic, yet has the sweetest disposition and loves to just be around his favorite people. Our first son shares my sensitivity, my good heart and my caring nature. He’s a leader, but a gentle leader. Our second blazes his own trail LOL. It’s so cool how two kids from the same parents can be so different. Looking forward to meeting your little girl and hearing all about who she takes after.

Aimee on

I love reading your blogs Jenna, very sweet and funny! I am a blue/grey eyed girl, my husband brown and we ended up with 2 blue/grey eyed children and 1 brown. First and last are blue/grey and our middle is brown. My whole family is blue, grey or green and my husband’s family is green, blue and brown. So it does all come down to the family line, you might end up with a beautiful mix between the 2 of you which is a lovely shade of hazel!

Guest on

What a fantastic blog, Jenna! I love how down to earth you are; I even feel like we could be friends which is just a fun and odd concept in relations to a celebrity!

Now on to your blog, you are right. It is amazing and wonderful seeing yourself in your children (both the good and the bad). You work and work to instill the good and try to defeat the bad traits, but it is astonishing how those “bad” habits can filter down simply through genetics!

I have found my daughter (she’s 3.5) mimicking some of the exact same coping skills that I had as a kid that weren’t necessarily the most healthy (i.e. shutting herself in her room and crying/talking through the door to get attention) even when she has never seen me do the same thing in her short little life. For some reason we are just wired the same in the coping skills! But now as a mom, all that I can hope for is the opportunity for she and I to be able to laugh together, grow together, and learn new ways of dealing with life’s little adversities together to transform it into something a little healthier. πŸ™‚

I do want to say thank you, though, for writing down all the positive traits, too. Because each of us have something good in them that can be positive starts for our kiddos whether we believe it or not! So when I see those frustrating traits shine through, I appreciate you giving me the reminder to stop, focus, and remember all the GOOD things I’ve helped to give her: compassion, a caring heart, silliness, and an abundance of love for those around her.

You made my morning. Thank you.

Julia on

My brother & his wife both have brown eyes and had a blue eyed daughter…. it can happen!

Stephanie on

There’s also the possibility that she won’t be much like either of you. My parents still insist they don’t know where I came from. They’re outgoing, social, very concerned with appearances and what people think. I’ve always been quiet, introverted, and anti-social. While my mother was out shopping and tanning, I was locked inside my room reading about the occult/supernatural and writing stories. She wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without full makeup, but I refused to wear anything but sweatshirts and jeans.

It was (and is) really hard for them to deal with the kind of person I turned out to be. Children have a way of forming their own identities, separate of how they’ve been raised. If you end up with a radically different child, it can quite fun to learn about this new person and how they approach life, if you’re open to it. Or she may be exactly like you. Who knows? Either way, congratulations and I hope you enjoy this new chapter of your lives.

Tracy on

My eyes are brown, my husband’s are blue, and both our son and our daughter have beautiful blue eyes. It does happen.

Tania on

Mom had Brown eys, dad has blue-grey eyes and all 3 of us kids got dads Blue !!!!

becky on

have to agree with another reader very good story no drama in it loved reading the story about a real women and her husband that are excited about having a child πŸ™‚ love it beautiful pics also!:)

Jen on

Husband has brown eyes, I have blue. Both of our sons got really pretty jade green eyes. πŸ™‚

beth on

Two blue-eyed people will always have blue-eyed children (and can never have brown-eyed children, if so then it’s time for a DNA test). Two brown-eyed people can have either (there’s a one in four chance of a blue-eyed baby). And one parent with blue eyes and one with brown can have either. Blue eyes are dominant.

MA momma on

Jenna, you have such a gift for this type of writing. Consider penning some stories in your “spare” time! I have 2 daughters, ages almost 5 and almost 2. My eldest reminds me SO much of my deceased maternal grandmother (January 2011). Her skin tone, her love of dance, her stubborn-ness. Even though Gram is gone, she will always be with me and for that I am eternally grateful (although I could have a bone to pick with her about the stubborn thing…)

Susan on

My eldest son has black eyes and his wife has brown. They have 2 blue eyed kids. My 2nd son has brown eyes and his wife has blue. 2of their kids have blue eyes, 1 has green, and the other has black eyes. My youngest son has grren eyes and his wife has brown. One of their kids has black eyes and the other brown. Don’t care what they say in biology……it can and does happen all the time.

NW Mama on

Great blog, you need to continue to write, your daughter will enjoying reading all of this when she is older, I know that seems forever away, but children grow up so fast, so enjoy every second of it.

Now my side of the family has brown eyes, my husband has blue, as does his mom. Both of our girls were born with blue eyes, first daughter’s eyes were a light blueish grey and my second daughter had very deep dark blue eyes when they were born. But they both ended up with big beautiful BROWN eyes.

My girls both look alot like me, but my youngest is my mini me in looks, except she took after her dad in the structure of her body. She is taller, broader shoulders, and a small bum (5’7″ and broad), where as my oldest is closer to my height and size. (5’2″ and petite)

So you never know what your child will come out to be, and they are constantly changing and growing. Then the personality comes forth and then your thrown for a loop, who is this, how come they are nothing like us? As they get older, you start to see some of yourself and your husband in them and become so very proud of who they have become…. their own person with so much to offer.

Congrats on becoming a family with the soon arrival of your daughter.

Crystal on

My 2 year old son definitely inherited a few things from me!! He has a fast temper and can throw a tantrum like nobody’s business! This comes from me, no doubt. He has amazing rhythm for his age, which he gets from his drum playing dad and singing mom. He has a silly sense of humor, that’s me all the way. And I’m looking forward to seeing what else he inherited as he gets older. Will he be sneaking in at 6 a.m. after a night at the lake with the boys? (that’s me, not daddy) Or will he want to follow an obscure underground band around for a whole year? (that’s my Wide Spread Panic loving husband) We’ll see!!

Lisa on

I love reading your blogs! You should write a book…seriously.

mamasetfree on

I’m adopted and can completely identify with your friend! I just had my own little mini-me and it blows my mind to see someone that shares my genetics. Truly amazing. I always envisioned him to look like anyone BUT me. Very nice blog.

E on

Bio 101, Punnett squares, your little girl can have any possible eye color depending on your recessive genes (she can get blue, green, or hazel from your husband, but not brown. So if you carry any of those recessive genes, she has a 50% chance of getting that color, and a 50% chance of having brown eyes. But if you don’t carry a recessive gene, then she has a 100% chance of having brown eyes.)

Enough science…You are a wonderful writer. I hope you bring the same humor and joy to parenting. Judging by the qualities you hope your wee one inherits, you will need it. πŸ™‚

Laura Miller on

I have brown eyes and my husband has blue…our first daughter was born with beautiful crystal blue eyes. I can’t help but stare at her sometimes, just in awe of the natural beauty. Our second daughter was born 8 months ago, with the same intense dark stare that I have seen in my own mirror a million times! I can only imagine the incredible depth that her eyes will show in the years to come. Life is truly beautiful!

Jennie on

Your baby can definitely have blue eyes! I have light blue eyes while both of my parents have brown eyes- I inherited my eye color from my maternal Great-Grandfather. πŸ™‚

look on

this girl needs to write a book. her blogs are sooooo long. Seriously, it seems to come easy to her so she should think about putting a book together since the words come so easy to her.

Valerie on

My husband and I both have hazel eyes… and to our surprised we have two girls with blue eyes… so it is possible for you to have a blue eyed baby. Neither of my parents have blue, so my baby girl’s blue eyes go back to my grandmother. On my husband’s side, no one recalls a blue eyed person in the family… but there must have been one! πŸ™‚

Cindy Alexander on

Aaaaah lil VBrat – So wonderful to read how the life brewing inside that cute belly of yours is tingling your brain. Thanks for sharing your/our stories and putting them into such an entertaining context. Love, Cindy

Kala on

Hey Jenna, Both my parents have dark hair and I was born blonde. Also when it came to my son, me being blonde and blue eyed, his father being dark hair and very brown eyed, well guess? He was blonde with blue eyes. So really who knows!

Holly on

Jenna! You are an incredible writer. Thank you for sharing your musings with us!


jess2248 on

I have a 4 yr old, with serious OCD tendencies. She will only wash her hands in a white sink, not metal, stainless steel whatever. the toilet has to be perfect (the one at her school has a chip on it, she will not use it and has to go to the faculty one). She will not use a public toilet when we are traveling…we have to check into a hotel before she will go. This may seem like nothing until you try and make her do these things and all hell breaks loose. It’s very serious issue, and I sympathize with parents who have to deal with this in their children.

mylifekeepsintrudingonmyknitting on

This won’t be a popular sentiment, but I believe having a child and anticipating how very influential your DNA will be is rather egotistical. The fact is, that for every “hereditary” trait your child has (and no, there isn’t one for gardening or work ethic or sense of humor), they will grow those traits in your home, which is generally not the home YOU were raised in. No matter the inherited qualities, they are shaped and nurtured where a child grows and by who loves and raises them.

Additionally, while it is so very normal to anticipate and dream about what your child may or may not be, it is so unfair to go in to parenting with so many “ideals”. There really is nothing better than enjoying and getting to know a child for who they are, and just like any blind date, it is easier for everyone if you go in with no preset expectations or theories.

The Universe truly hands you exactly the child you need and who needs you. For instance that “OCD” you describe (or perfectionism, actually), might land you a child who is a total slob, who thrives in chaos and you will learn to adapt. That child will make you laugh, cry, grow, occasionally make you want to punch a wall, and every once in a while snatch your breath away with the wonder that is the small person who you might have grown in your body, but is SO not you.

If that child likes pink (which is a sealed deal if you ban it) who cares? It is a color, it might make her feel pretty, and confidant, and isn’t that the whole point? Isn’t that what we all want for our daughters?

So embrace the change, this person you will meet, and please put down the list of anticipated traits. She will just be herself. She will be perfect. And whoever she is, she will clearly be loved, so start letting the rest go now. You will be way ahead of the curve the rest of us are on.

Marsha on

So nice to see you again Jenna! Loved your blog post and can’t wait to read more!

Anything might be possible as far as inherited physical characteristics so don’t lose out hope on the blue eyes. My twin godson and goddaughter are a testament to that. My friend and their mom has super blonde hair, dad has dark brown hair. What did they end up with? Well, my godson has blonde hair like his mama, just a shade darker but then there is his one-minute-older twin sister who has the most beautiful head of naturally curly RED hair! Yes, red. And a fiery, stubborn, personality to go with it. We call her either Little Red (since she’s so petite for an almost 4 year-old) or Crazy Red (because, well, she sure can be sometimes!)

Best wishes to you for the safe delivery of your baby girl!

twisteddomesticgoddess on

I am sitting here tearing up over this entry,ok in my defense I’m 20 weeks pregnant with child number 7. (4 mine 2 his and this one ours)I have a daughter that everyone says looks exactly like me but I don’t see it because well she is just SO amazing. My oldest son has definitely inherited my stubborness as he is on a 7 week stretch of groundation for talking back…umm yes that’s me. My youngest two have so many of my traits both good and bad as well and I cannot wait to see how this baby will be not only like myself but my partner.

Jenna you will be a wonderful mother and am so excited for you!

Olivia on

A blue eyed person and a brown eyed person can definitely have a blue eyed baby(or brown or green or hazel,) but a blue eyed person and a blue eyed person can only have a baby with blue eyes (this is probably the no she is thinking of.) Two people with brown eyes can result in many eye colors.

Nina on

I have three kids.

I am darkhaired and I have brown eyes. My husband has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Our first daughter is having light brown hair and grey-green-brown eyes. My mother-in-law has green eyes, and my grandmother on my father’s side has had green eyes.
My son has blue eyes, he is 5 years now, I guess it won’t change anymore. He definitely is having his father’s eyes. And he is light blonde! My husband and his siblings used to be like this when being kids, they all turned darker though 😦
My littlest one, another girl, could be my middlest’s twin, only born 3 years later. She has superblue eyes as well (now being 2.5 years old) and is light blonde as well.

You definitely can have blue eyed Babies when being brown eyed. πŸ˜€

:) on

My hubby has blue eyes and I have hazel. One of our sons has blue eyes, the other brown. My parents both have brown eyes and my sister has brown, me hazel and my brother blue!

K. on

My dad had blue eyes and my mom had yellow/brown hazel eyes. They had 4 kids–one with green/blue hazel eyes, one with yellow/green hazel, one with yellow/brown hazel, and one with blue eyes.

Y’all could definitely have a kid with blue eyes.

K. on

Nina–your son’s eyes could still change. It’s not common, but it can happen. I had cobalt blue eyes until I was 8 and then they changed to a green/yellow hazel.

Robin on

2 Brown eyed, dark haired people can have a blue eyed baby….I did..He is 15 now and his eyes are such alight blue that he is colored blind. He also has blond hair. It gets darker in the winter but lightens up in the summer. So one parent with brown & one with blue could be blue but most likely will be brown. Our other 2 children have brown or a version of brown/hazel.

2 blue eyed people can’t have a brown eyed baby, though.

Andrea on

I have brown eyes and my hubby has bright blue eyes and our babies are: brown, then blue, then brown, then blue and waiting to see what #5 has! By the way our babies are all girls πŸ™‚

Katherine on

Loved loved loved this blog! Jenna it seems we are sisters from other misters! I actually wrote on my baby registry NO PINK PLEASE! My daughter already tells her daddy to clean up after himself, lines up her toy animals in order of her favorite sounds they make! She also is freely forgiving, generous, HILARIOUS, beautiful, strong and has a tad bit of a temper (allll me). Interestingly enough, she also has her daddy’s calm nature as well. I hope the day you meet your mini you and when your eyes meet you have the same ethereal out of body experience I had.