Family Photo: The Duff-Comries’ Baby Bliss

04/13/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Three’s company! Hilary Duff debuted a new Twitter profile photo this week, sharing a shot of herself and husband Mike Comrie with their bundle of joy, 3-week-old son Luca Cruz. “No better feeling [than] a peaceful baby sleeping on your chest … wonder what he’s dreaming about?” the singer-actress, 24, wrote recently. “#happymommy”

Jennifer Wilson Photography

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MeMe on

so happy for her 🙂

Catca on

She looks so happy and very beautiful! Her son seems so small to me (my son was a big baby – 22″ and 9 lbs! so a lot of newborns look really small to me) He is a really cute baby. 🙂

Cathy on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful thoughts, and no, there is no better feeling than your baby sleeping on your chest.

L on

Beautiful Family!!!

Lori Smithwick on

Oh my goodness! Luca is adorable! Hilary you are lucky to have a man there for you and your handsome baby boy I have two babies My son James is 2 and my daughter Jaylynn is 1 month she was born March 10th. Both of their fathers are not with me James Father is there for James though but neither one is there for me….anyways congrats to you guys….oh and Hilary I idolized you since I was 12 years old lol Im 19 right now bout to be 20 in July

Lola on

Beautiful family, congrats again to them!!

JP on

just lovely!

Lily on

Am so Happy for her!

sally on

Great looking family!

hotwildflower on

I’ve always been a fan of Hilary Duff and have really enjoyed watching her grow into a lovely adult and beautiful wife & mother. I was fortunate to meet her and her husband while they were shopping locally and I have to say they are extremely kind people and she is even more beautiful in person. I am so very happy for them all and I commend her parents on raising a great & classy role model.

Mrs JP on

so cute =)

much love & happiness to them.

Erika on

He is so adorable! They are beautiful family!

I like that she posts pictures on twitter. I think it creates much less hype over which magazine will get the first photos.

Lisa on

What a beautiful family!

Denise on

Enjoy your new son. You make a beautiful Family!!!! Best Wishes Always.

CanadianMommy81 on

They look like a very happy new family.

Love the black and white photo too!

Nicole on

She’s always been such a class act and I’m very pleased that she chooses to share portions of her private life with her fans. I’ve adored her professionally for years and congratulations on her new addition. Her husband seems like such a supporting loving partner, best wishes to her and her family!

Sarah S. on

So true (about baby sleeping on your chest) it’s the best!! What a true blissful joy…:)

Veejay on

Bless you three till eternity! Beautiful photo BTW!

VJ on

Bless! Bless! Bless! 🙂

guest on

What a beautiful family. I’ve always loved Hilary Duff. She has always been one of my role models. God Bless them 🙂

Michaele on

that is a beautiful baby!

twinhappy on

Truly blessed!

Brooklyn on

Very cute picture! Mike and Hilary look super happy.

Lizzie on

BLESS this Fam many, many, many, many timeS over & then some~
Future ICE HOCKEY PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday on

Adorable baby. Hilary seems like a down to earth lady with a good head n her shoulders

April on

adorable family!

Meg on

Hilary is so beautiful. All of them are…what a beautiful family!

connie on

Beautiful family. Hilary you are such a beautiful young lady and your morals are something every yong starlet could take a good look at-you are not showy, do you not dress unlady like, you have good family values and you are not out the drinking, doing drugs, smoking etc,-you are the best!!

Anonymous on

Wow, what an amazing, peaceful moment this picture captured in the lives of this little family. And Hilary looks so lovely and so happy in this picture! She has good reason to be, I suppose–her baby is gorgeous. Motherhood definitely suits her. I’ve never seen her looking so relaxed and content.

Alexia on

Beautiful pic!

tellthetruth on

Did she type “that” instead of “than”? Never mind, all I looked at was hubby’s jeans crotch, trying to guess if those are buttonflys…..and hoping there is no underwear…as for the rest of the pic, sure, whatever….

Misty on

I adore this family. 🙂

Kelly Smith on

baby looks like his daddy!! Beautiful family!

Guest on

So beautiful!

Lisa on

Aw, this baby boy is just darling. They make a lovely family and she looks so natural and beautiful. Motherhood suits her.

katawa on

so precious. congrats to them.

Laura on

What a beautiful picture. I grew up with Hilary (she’s just a bit older than me) and loved her. I am so happy to see she has her head on right and has a beautiful family to show for it. God bless them.

Lisa on

Lori Smithwick – geesh, girl. Quit spreading them for guys who aren’t gonna stick by ya.

yessenia on

aww the baby is so beautiful you have a nice family. May the Lord keep you all healthly and safe and God bless you all.

pat on

‘still can’t believe she’s a Mom now….she’s been Lizzy Mcguire in my household for a long time 🙂 Happy for her

Lora on


M on

Man, she is beautiful!

librababe on

this is so nice! and she is really pretty.

chikados18 on

Mmmm her husband is cute! And so is the baby, awwww!

Mira on

She’s one of the most naturally beautiful celebs. Gorgeous pic of her. And indeed, how classy of her to share pics with her fans, rather than sell them to magazines.

torgster on

That little doll could not possibly be any cuter!

Beautiful kids on

Luv Hilary , she is like the few child Star from Disney who is living a healthy life scandal free. she is a great role model , good to see her doing it the right way. May God continue to bless her family.

Amy on

Pure joy!

Julesy on

Beautiful picture! They all look wonderful.

Lori on

Congrats!! You’ll always be precious Lizzy McQuire to me as I watched many an episode with my kids. I agree with previous posts. It’s refreshing to see a great kid grow up in the spotlight but still remain a class act! Many blessings on your family!

Jny on

OMG! adorable, the baby is so cute just like his mommy and daddy awww

stacey mc on

wow, Lori, two babies, two different fathers! Time to abstain or use birth control! No pity for you here. Congrats. to Hilary and Mike, Luca is a doll!

Tee on

What a precious family photo! Luca is absolutely adorable and Hilary really does look happy!

Tellthetruth, your comment was truly disgusting. You crossed all sorts of lines.

Shannyn on

Hilary is one of the only teen stars that never went off the rails and I applaud her for that! What a grogeous family they are 🙂

CestLavie on

Beautiful baby! Beautiful happy family!!! Enjoy every second, they grow up so fast! Also, take care of your husband, they sometimes get kind of “jealous” because of all the attention to the baby.

Amanda K on

Great photo of them all 🙂

Diane on

What a Beautiful Family..GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

mindy on

Lovely picture and super cute baby.

Pat on

He’s not sleeping – he’s awake. And how awkward does she look holding him. Nice she took a break from working out and going out with friends to take this picture for twitter.

Anonymous on

stacey mc- And how do you know she didn’t use birth control?

As for the picture, adorable! And no comments on how Hilary and Mike should be looking at their son and not at the camera? I’m shocked! 😉

Miguel rojas on


naturallylisa on

baby sleeping on your chest…..THE SWEETEST moment in life

Jillian on

Anonymous, you beat me to it! I was just going to post the same thing!!! Tony Romo and wife look at the camera, which is the natural thing, and they get blasted! Hillary and hubby do the same and nothing is said….. Just another double standard. I find it so often on here that if someone doesn’t like someone no matter what they do it is wrong, whereas if someone they like does the same thing it’s ok. An ex, if Naomi Watts dyed her hair during pregnancy proletariat would probably start doing it. Kourtney Kardashian can’t do anything right which is why they chose to discuss her in that article. I am going off topic, but my point I think has been made.


Nikki on

What an awesome photo…and this baby is one of the cutest babies!

Becky on

Love this picture! Gorgeous, happy, joy-filled family! Doesn’t get any better than this…Congrats!

AR on

I like the b/w. It’s a lovely family picture.

Clara on

love that she hasn’t become just another messed up former teen star, like britney or lindsay. she is level-headead and seems very nice! I used to watch Lizzie Mcguire, honestly I’ve always adore her! A role model!

Aimee on

Beautiful family!!!!!

becca on

beautiful family

Anonymous on

Pat- It says right in the post that the “sleeping on the chest comment” was one she made recently, not one she made about this picture. And as for her looking “awkward” holding him…She’s a first-time mom! Cut her a little slack! She’s not going to be perfect at everything right away!

Anonymous on

naturallylisa- I agree! One of my favorite pictures of myself as a newborn is of me sleeping on my father’s chest (while he was also sleeping to boot!)! 🙂

Sarah on

Aw, that’s just too cute! I love that Luca, he’s adorable! So happy for you Hilary! Congrats!!:)

Amanda on

So happy for u guys! Congrats Hilary!! Love u! Always have, always will :* x btw, missyu being in showbiz 😦 big fan of lizzie mcguire

Diane on

It Never Fails To Amaze Me How Unkind & Rude People Can Be. If You Can’t Say Anything Kind About This Family, Then Get Off The Site. How Would These People Feel If All These Cruel Posts Were About Them Or Their Family. Good Luck Hillary & Hubby. Baby Is Beautiful.