Craighead Portraits: Beautiful Art for the Whole Family

04/13/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Craighead Portraits, Inset:Frazer Harrison/Getty

As a young man, Stephen Craighead knew he wanted to make a lasting impression through his passion for art. And after years of studying, the award-winning artist accomplished just that with his beautiful collection of kid and family portraits.

With celeb fans including actor and father-of-five Chris O’Donnell, Craighead works with you (and your children!) through live sittings and photo shoots to find the perfect pose and background.

Then, once you’ve seen the preliminary sketch, he’ll paint the portrait — everything from head and shoulders to full-length oil and pastel pieces — frame it, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

For prices and more information visit

— Anya Leon

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anya on

Prices start at over SIX THOUSAND dollars?! No thanks!

JM on

these are truly hideous and creepy! would find it supremely weird to walk into someone’s house and find these pictures on their wall.

Catca on

Why is this creepy and weird? People hang photos on their walls of their family members. Why do you feel differently when it’s a painting of their family members? I think they are beautiful portraits and would love to commission one to be done, but can’t afford it at the moment.

Shannon on

Love ’em!

Pamela on

My parents had a drawing of me done as a child, and it’s always been hung in their house. It’s nice. 6,000 is a lot, especially since you can get it done for much less.

Leslie on

Aw, be nice… these portraits are actually done in a classic Hollywood style. Started in the 50s and 60s with the Hollywood set getting portraits done of their children in this style. Not surprising to see it make a comeback.

Indira on

I dont find this creepy just expensive. A nice idea tho

JM on

i guess it’s just personal taste. they look really tacky to me, and the kids look like ghost children. i think paintings and drawings of people can look classy, i just don’t like these ones….

S1 on

Isn’t it funny how people jealous of artistic talent can always find something nasty to say about perfectly lovely works of art?

jana on

@S1: So art must always be praised, no matter if one actually likes it or not? We are not allowed to express our opinion about it, if it happens to be negative?

I am by no means jealous of the artist, I just don’t find it visually appealing. The “uncanny valley” theory could have something to do with it, as being too realistic is not always good when portraying people.

JM on

S1, is the world getting to a state where we can’t articulate personal preference when it comes to things like art? are people like you really that afraid of hearing opinions that differ from their own? wow, i am glad i am more secure in myself and wouldn’t care if i liked a work of art and someone else didn’t. wouldn’t even think twice about it, i believe in individual freedom.

as for jealousy? that’s kind of a reductive argument isn’t it? so let’s see, i don’t like watching golf, that must be because i am jealous of the fact that other people are good at it and i’m not. am i doing this right?

Catca on


I agree with you whole heartedly. My original response to you was simply I didn’t understand what you meant when you used the term creepy. When you replied that it was simply that the art itself wasn’t your preference as opposed to portraits in general, it made perfect sense.

I think the portraits are beautiful, you don’t, and both feelings about the art are valid. I sincerely hope you weren’t feeling attacked by me in anyway as that wasn’t my intention.

JM on

Catca, i very much appreciate your comment. it clearly comes from a mature and respectful adult. so thank you! no, i didn’t feel attacked by your comment at all, i had a feeling that you thought i had meant portraits in general and thus clarified. but regardless of that, there was nothing wrong with your comment.

my response was to S1 who seemed that the only possible explanation for me not liking the pictures would be that i was jealous of someone’s artistic talent. that is an immature argument.

so anyway, catca, thank you again for your comment, it’s the kind of thing that is rare on this blog.

Jillian on

I also don’t like them. Not sure how that makes me jealous. I don’t like celery….am I jealous of that too 🙂