Ioan Gruffudd: I Love Being Superdad

04/12/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
David E. Steele/Disney/ABC

Full-time daddy duty? Ioan Gruffudd is already signed up!

With his wife Alice Evans off filming The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, the actor is quickly learning how to be a hands-on dad to the couple’s daughter, Ella Betsi Janet.

“The last time [Alice was in Atlanta], she was there for 10 days. So I had Ella the entire time, playing superdad,” the Ringer star, 38, says during a Thursday visit to the Rachael Ray Show.

“It’s very exciting. I love it. I can’t get over what great company they can be.”

Adding a new twist to the father-daughter relationship is that the 2½-year-old has learned to express herself.

“Now she’s able to communicate and starting to form full sentences and that evolution is just beautiful to us,” he shares.

But, according to the first-time father, the toddler’s way with words has also allowed her to make her needs — and wants — quite clear to her parents.

“She’s very, very strong. She’s like her mother,” Gruffudd admits. “I’ve got my work cut out for me at home.”

To prove his point, he shares that not only is Ella “insistent on not going in her bed right now,” but she also lays down the law when it comes to visiting her dad on set.

Despite the playroom costar Sarah Michelle Gellar has set up for the children, Ella much prefers to skip the socializing and head for Gruffudd’s stomping grounds.

“My daughter comes to set and she’s like, ‘No, no Daddy. Trailer, Daddy’s trailer,'” she says. “She wants to play in the trailer.”

— Anya Leon

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Sapphire on

Love him on Ringer! It was a good segment, he sure could chop that celery quickly!

Ariel on

I don’t care what he does, to me he will always be 5th Officer Lowe in Titanic. When my ten year old self fell in love with him! He’s still a cutie too.

Steph on

He makes me swoon! I love the name Ella. Ioan and his wife are in two of my favourite shows.

Hea on

I have to watch King Arthur again tonight. Or start with my box of Hornblower. Ioan…yum!

Kelsey on

I will also always think of him as Fifth Officer Lowe in Titanic and love him for it. He was adorable, and Lowe was the only lifeboat officer who went back to see if anyone in the water was still alive and rescued them.

Michelle on

God, he is aging horribly! I am surprised his wife gets acting jobs at all anymore.

monie on

Michelle, it must stink to be so unhappy with your personal life, no? Sweetie, this is ‘’… Your comments don’t do anything but show you to be the bitter person you are. Ageing horrlble or not, he’s obviously happier than you… no?

I feel bad for Michelle…. 😦

careyjr3 on

Michelle, what the heck is your problem? What even warrants such a nasty comment, much less the fact that it’s a bunch of crap. That guy is GORGEOUS. You need to figure out what you’re so unhappy about that causes you to insult people for NO reason.