Mindy McCready Welcomes Son Zayne

04/12/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Judy Eddy/WENN

It’s a boy for Mindy McCready.

Although she was reportedly expecting twins, the troubled country singer welcomed a singleton — son Zayne — on Monday, April 9, she confirms.

“Zayne is truly a blessing and a joy,” McCready, 36, and boyfriend David Wilson say in a statement.

“It was a long and trying pregnancy; we’re so happy he’s here. There are no words to convey how happy we are.”

When asked by E! News to clarify why McCready delivered one baby rather than two, her rep replied, “At the time of the initial announcement surrounding Mindy’s pregnancy, in consideration of her size, Mindy was certain she was carrying twins; a misinterpreted sonogram seemed to support her feelings and excitement.”

McCready is already mom to son Zander, 6, with ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight. Last November, the musician took her elder son from the care of her parents — his legal guardians — and fled Florida with Zander, taking him to a home in Arkansas, where they were found hiding in a closet.

In December, McCready said she “was happy” with the results of a child-welfare hearing, although she was unable to reveal the final ruling due to sealed court documents.

— Sarah Michaud

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torgster on

Oh Lord this poor baby. I’m surprised social services didn’t take him right away. Sure hope they keep a close eye on her – she’s crazy as a loon!

kendrajoi on

This woman needs another child like she needs a hole in the head. She’s so insane she lied and said she was having twins. When your first kid is removed from your custody, I’m pretty sure that means you should not have more.

Jayla on

Definition of a HOT MESS!

lisa on

can people just be happy for her congrats mindy hope your other son is with you soon

K.W. on

such b.s. – any woman suspected of carrying multiples would have had multiple sonograms..she’s off her rocker.

Pat on

Pray that the dad is somewhat responsible. I feel so sorry for that baby having her as a mom. Guess since she “lost” her first son, she thought it would be a good idea to “replace” him with another. What a mess, hopefully she wasn’t drunk and on pills during this pregnancy too.

kiybu on

This chick is unstable and a freak.

stef24 on

A baby is a blessing though I fear that is not the case in this situation. There is a darn good reason her other son is not in her care and I hope that Child Protective Services is on top of this situation.

Pat on

No, I can’t be happy for a woman who was arrested drunk when she was pregnant with her first baby. There is a reason she has not regained custody, so why should she be given the opportunity to screw up another kid like her first?

If she was clean and sober, the courts would have let her have custody of her first child.

Susette on

Good Lord, you people are mean except for Lisa. My God, judge much? You all are the epitome as to why your mother should have swallowed instead of having you! Bunch of mean spirited idiots!



Leslee on

I was just wondering the other day how she was doing. I’m glad to hear she is doing well and has a healthy baby boy. I love the name. God bless her and give her a fresh start.

Julianna on

Congratulations, Mindy, on the birth of your second son. Hopefully this new life means a new phase of yours.

Jessica on

@Susette–Mean spirited? What this woman did to her other son is frightening! What happens if she decides to harm him or the new baby in the future? I bet all those defending her now will be the first to say “oh someone should have helped her to prevent her from doing it again”. Do you not think about these poor kids? The woman obivously has issues. Instead of praising her for having another child, she should be getting help! THEN she can praised for that.

How can you not know for sure how many babies you were having? Didn’t she get more than one ultrasound to be sure? You’d think the doctors would want to be completely sure for her health and the babies (or baby in this crazy case)

LOL! on

@Susette … You’re kidding, right? You take exception to others posting mean spirited remarks and follow up with a comment like that? Back to the trailer park with you.

rachel on

Who is she?? Never heard of this crazy women before!

Someone You Know on

Something doesn’t smell right with this.

I hope with this baby, Ms. McCready gets her life straightened out. Her sons depend on her to be a good mother and role model.

Jessica on

Get over yourself “TERRIBLE COMMENTS UNFAIR”. It’s open for ALL opinions. If you don’t like them, then DON”T READ THEM!! Everyone’s entitled to an opinion–and they don’t always have to be supportive.

klutzy_girl on

Maybe she really *was* having twins, but possibly lost one and didn’t want to reveal it? It’s a stretch, but still a possibility.

Congratulations to her and her boyfriend.

christa on

Hopefully the baby is healthy, hope she did not drink or did drugs, while pregnant.

Jayla on

We “mean spirited” people are probably the ones that support the rest of you because we have values and morals. Mindy has had some serious errors in judgment over the course of many years. It simply isn’t that she received a speeding ticket and we’re judging her as a bad driver.

Catca on

It is possible there was a misinterpreted sonogram and Mindy just didn’t issue a press release to clarify later when she found out it was only one child. She doesn’t owe the public continuous medical updates.

I too am a bit concerned that she is mentally and emotionally ready for another child given her history so I wish her and her little boy well and hope everything turns out well for all concerned.

Cherie on

@Jayla Ms Holier than Thou-People have mental issues, quick being so critical. Never know it could happened to you. Just pray that she will go up instead of down.

stacey on

what is with her and these hideous Z names

agree with anonymous on


christy myndzak on

No no Jayle..the term hot mess is just that..they must be remotely hot..

she is not..like britney circa 2005 was a hot mess.. this woman..is just a MESS..crazy..and she looks well into her 40’s because all of her drinking and drug use.

Montell on

Best of luck to Mindy and the baby daddy!

Ann on

“Maybe she really *was* having twins, but possibly lost one and didn’t want to reveal it? It’s a stretch, but still a possibility.”

I don’t think that is the case. It says that she just felt big. Most of the women that are pregnant do. They just don’t go around saying they are expecting twins while nothing is confirmed. Except my dumb friends.

Cinder Lou on

While I do have some concerns about the welfare of Mindy’s two children, I’m also concerned about the E! News reporter who demanded “clarif[ication] as to why McCready delivered one baby rather than two.” Mindy’s rep should have told the reporter that the question is intrusive and offensive and Mindy and her family don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Karen on

Poor kid. Starting off with a complete nut case for a parent. Anyhoooo, many blessings to the kid!

cheryl on

people….stop bein so judgemental

Ami on

Suzette, you are disgusting and classless.

barbara on

Jessica I was told I was carrying one baby only to find out later it was twins. I know of women who didn’t know they were pregnant with twins until Baby A came out and then Baby B. Sometimes babies hide behind one another making detection hard. Give her a break.

Congrats to Mindy and family. May God Bless.

Denise on

Best Wishes to everyone. Enjoy your new son!!!

Anonymous on

Wait a minute, Jayla. You support the rest of us because you have values and morals?! No way. You sound like one of those Tea Party Christian conservative haters who wants everyone to live by your rules. Don’t speak for me. I don’t want in your club.

I think Mindy’s an asshat. She’s in the public sphere, so she’s up for discussion.

Glo on

Thankfully we live in a Country where we still have free speech! It is not easy to lose your kids, but she managed to lose her other son. She’s an adult. I feel sorry for the children!

Kat on


Douchebag: She did not “simply” have a baby. A child requires a STABLE, loving parent who can stay off drugs and alcohol, and provide a stable upbringing. Or else they end up like YOU, shouting and posting inane missives on the Internet.

You are an idiot, and should immediately be sterilized. This kook of a woman (who has documented troubles with her first son, including the involvement of State services and the Courts, nimrod) will now F up another kid, because a) she is too selfish to realize SHE cannot provide a nurturing upbringing; and b) there is some LOSER guy who will F a crazy biootch like this for her “fame” and “money” and not protect his Johnson. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid….I FEAR for America’s future!!!

Lisa on

There are millions of woman who should never have children. At least this one is in the public eye and this child won’t be overlooked. Why don’t all you people passing judgement step up and adopt those children that have no home. Its easy to sit there at your computer and slam someone.

Angela on

Why is it that troubled women always find men. I know some men will become involved with anyone but an unstable woman? I hope her parents get her some help.

countryfan on

So happy 4 Mindy! all you jealous people needa stop hatin on Mindy and realize you are NOT God and to stop judging!

Lisa on

I can not believe how awful some of you are. Have you ever heard, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all. I hope to god, none of you don’t have any problems in your life. Karma is a bitch you know. Welcome to the world Zayne! May you be a joy in your mother’s heart.

Holly on

I had twins, and had so many ultrasounds, it was at least 2 a month and then every week towards delivery. There’s no way they could have missed one!

Anonymous on

Didn’t she say back in November that she was 7 months pregnant with twins? Now, almost 4 months later, she gives birth to one child. Something just doesn’t seem right. However, I wish her the best of wishes to her new son.

JessicaB on

poor little baby. momma thought because she was really fat it was twins. well, when you hide in the closet from law enforcement with your other child i guess we shouldn’t be surprised at your wild ideas. wack job. hopefully this child will be taken from her as well. kids need stability and she has none.

Teri on

She’s a hasbeen a couple songs do not make you a celebrity . Shes a drunkin scumbag pig . She will probably have some more little helpless piglets . Sorry for the kids but she is a big zero . I am sure he will keep her up all night and she will just need a drink or the nanny will take care of it Boo hoo And as far as the dad he must be a real shit for brains !!!!!!!!

Jillian on

After what she admittedly did during her first pregnancy and while he was in her custody, she does not deserve to raise him. Not that it matters because she signed custody over to her mother. I base my opinion on facts. Now do I think she has changed and should she raise this child? No. I don’t think she seems stable and children shouldn’t be put with someone who is questionable. She recently “kidnapped” her older son. I don’t believe she was ever pregnant with twins.

Barbara, what you said is very true. That isn’t what Monday said. She said she was pregnant with twins based on her size and a, meaning ONE, sonogram confirmed it, only to later say it was misinterpreted. Never heard of a sonogram showing two heartbeats when there is only one.

She isn’t claiming to have lost a baby. Her statement said the sonogram was misinterpreted…..that makes no sense.


Tee on

I try very hard to take into account that everyone is different and that just because I don’t care for the way a person acts, that doesn’t mean that person will make a bad parent. If I were to be honest, I would tell you that I never thought Nicole Richie, Kendra or Kourtney should have had kids and all of them seem to be fairly decent Moms! But this woman… she scares me!

I am sorry but Mindy should NOT have custody of her baby. She kidnapped her older child, for crying out loud! She’s talked about drinking during pregnancy. There are just so many things that make her unfit as a parent. I fear for this baby’s safety.

Rachel- Mindy McCready is a country singer that is best known for the hits “Guys do it all the time” and “Ten Thousand Angels.” She has not been active in the country music world in years and has been in quite a bit of legal trouble. I can’t say for sure but I think she was on some sort of reality television show that focused on addictions? Seems like I read about that awhile back.

meghan on

counrtyfan, exactly what is there to be jealous of here? I can’t stand foolish people who think that disliking a person automatically equals uncontrollable jealousy of them. This woman is a drug abusing, drinking while pregnant, child endangering piece of trash who squandered her talent and has gone to rehab how many times now? Yeah, just what I aspire to!

Me on

She is VERY lucky to have survived this far since many people with issues don’t get second, third, or fourth chances! She needs to count her blessings!!

Amy on

It saddens me that so many women are dying to become mothers and they can’t get pregnant and this moron has no trouble getting knocked up. There is no justice in this world.

Hea on


Everyone has a right to their own opinion and nobody has the right to dictate that. Her “supposed shortcomings” are facts as far as I can tell? Nobody simply has a baby. You HAVE to take care of that baby, love it, nurture it, raise it and do everything in your power to keep your baby safe and sound. If people doubt a person’s capabilities to care for their child then I think it’s great to see them react and act. It goes to show that there’s hope for that baby. I don’t necessarily think social services or anyone should take the kid away from her right now but rather make damn sure she does what she has to do and do it right.

Jenn on

She probably sold the other baby.

MindyT on

She assumed and announced that she was having twins because she was carrying big? Talk about delusional.

J on

Could she have been saying she was having twins for some pity from thejudge or something? I mean to say that you are having twins and then have it only be one seems strange.

Reesca on

Great, another psycho having a child. Those poor children! Thankfully one is safely out of her custody.. but I fear for the baby. How sad!

Reesca on

She really is a whack-a-doodle. Clicking on the link where she was reportedly expecting twins, the article says she was in her third trimester with twins. Now, 5 months later she gives birth to one child. Lying about twins and how far along she actually was. What a nut job!!

Reese on

Those saying to stop being so judgmental clearly know nothing about her history. Countless times she has put her son in danger. I hope for her boys sake she gets the help she needs but to act like people are just being rude for no reason is ridiculous. We’re talking about the well-being of her children, not choices such as breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, co sleeping, etc.

Also, who in their right mind would be jealous of her?

barbara on


Ultrasounds are not perfect by no means. The techs reading them are not perfect by no means. Mistakes happen.

I agree with some of the posts that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything all. All I can do is pray for Mindy, her new baby, and her boyfriend.

We don’t have to agree how she conducts her life but to constantly slam her is wrong.

Karen P. on

Let’s hope she got her tubes tied after she delivered this baby. There are some women in this world who just should not be having children, plain and simple. Mindy has demonstrated time and again that she can’t even begin to take care of herself, let alone a child. Her parents are trying to raise her first child that had to be removed from her custody due to improper care.

This little boy is a blessing, it’s just a shame that Mindy is his mother, at least until Child Protective Services ends up having to remove him from her custody.

Jess on

It sure is easy to judge her, but no one knows her personally–congrats on your blessing Mindy & I hope you are happy and content.

Jess on

Bless you Mindy! congrats

Tammy on

She’s CRAZY!

Jillian on

I know ultrasounds are not perfect. I have never heard of one saying there are two heartbeats in the third trimester and then four months later….it was an error. It doesn’t happen. There are errors but not this kind. She us a known liar with a troubled path.


Michele on

Shame on all of you, as a mother, I would do whatever I had to to protect my children, including running with them if I thought something was wrong. All of you with nasty things to say should look in the mirror and realize you are not perfect. She had a healthy baby and she is trying, so give her a break, and find something to do other than say nasty things. Volunteer at a homeless shelter,donate to a shelter for abused women, work with kids that are abused, maybe you won’t be so quick to judge others !

Nicole on

She said she was 7 months pregnant with twins in November and five months later had a single baby. Babies take 9 months, not 12. She used the ‘twins’ and being so pregnant as an excuse to violate a court order and kidnap a kid. Pretty messed up.

Traci on

There’s nothing wrong with the names Zander and Zayne.

Nicole on

She said in November that she was 7 months pregnant with twins. And had ONE baby 5 months later. Babies don’t take a year to bake, she lied so she could get sympathy after she broke the law and kidnapped her kid after losing custody. People that lie and use babies as leverage make me sick.

TC on

When asked by E! News to clarify why McCready delivered one baby rather than two, her rep replied, “At the time of the initial announcement surrounding Mindy’s pregnancy, in consideration of her size, Mindy was certain she was carrying twins; a misinterpreted sonogram seemed to support her feelings and excitement.”

In other words she was bat crap crazy.

Bree on

I’m sickened by the comments on here. It’s very POSSIBLE, Mindy was carrying twins & one died & she perfer not to divilge the details of the pregnancy. In fact, there is hint that this was not an EASY pregnancy in her released statement.

Congrats Mindy – I wish you all the best on your new bundle of joy.

Jessica on

Sickened? Really–then don’t read the comments on here if it “sickens” you. People are entitled to their opinions. Especially after the ordeal she put her other son through–I think people have a right to be genuinely concerned after reading all those stories about that scary incident. Any child that’s put in harms way is frightening–and to think now she has two kids is even scarier for them & their safety

Leslie on

Well, it isn’t the first and won’t be the last time an unstable woman with addictive behavior has a child. Let’s all hope for the best for them.

Sasha on

Congrats! Love the name. I know a 2 1/2 year old named Zane (not sure if the spelling is the same) and it’s the perfect moniker for him. He’s incredibly quick and agile for his age…

Layla on

I can’t get over the lie about having twins! that was an intentional lie. There was no mistake made. Anyone that has had a baby knows that with your very first sonogram they make sure tht they find the heartbeat and they measure body parts. She obviously lied to gain sympathy when she kidnapped her son. I pray for her children.

Kandy on

First of all Congratulations!!! Upon reading the headline, my first thought was “who in their right mind knocked this woman up”. I feel sorry for Mindy it seems her life went from good to bad after her and Dean Cain split. I pray things start looking up for her and she can get her life back on track.

Jillian on

– Bree on April 13th, 2012

If the sonogram was “misinterpreted” than there never was twins. I haven’t read anything about this pregnancy not being easy. The last one was horrible because of the horrible things she did while pregnant….now those SICKEN me!


countryfan on

first of all to those of you who say she only had a “couple songs” are wrong…she has had TWELVE singles on the charts..3 of those singles in the top ten and sold over 3 million albums..im very happy for Mindy for all of her accomplishments and for her babies! Congrats and love

Lesza on

Nice, Zane and Zander, no one will mix them up LOL

Teri on

Stupid names ,stupid woman !!!!!! Stupid is as stupid does

Danno Hanks on

I amazes me how many people out there who are armed on with rumor and innuendo can judge someone that they do not know! Most of the stuff that they have reposted here is not true. I know Mindy and know her to be sober and a good mother. I have actually read many of the court documents and know what they say, not what others report they say. Mindy simply rescued her son, Zander for an abusive grand-mother and moved her case into a court that looks at “facts”, not opinion! Congratulations Mindy!

Catca on

@Danno Hanks,

Mindy certainly wasn’t sober in the past as Mindy herself openly admits – she may be sober now, I certainly don’t know. If Mindy felt her grandmother was abusive, there is a court of law she could have taken her case to, she doesn’t have the legal right to kidnap her son. If she felt her son was in imminent danger, she could have had her attorney file a petition for immediate removal.

Her child was removed from her custody for a reason, and if psychologists/social workers, etc. felt that Mindy was capable of handling custody, she would be awarded custody again. If Mindy feels that the judge is not hearing her case in a fair and impartial manner, she can petition for a different judge to be assigned to her case.

Whatever your opinion is of what the court documents say, it is not innuendo but rather fact that her son was removed from Mindy’s custody and that she illegally took her son from her mother’s custody. Removing a child from his parent’s custody is a major step that courts do not do on a whim with little basis. It is fact that an arrest warrant was issued from the incident of Mindy taking her son from her mother’s custody without permission and that Mindy was taken into custody and her son was taken back to Mindy’s mother who has legal custody of the child.

I hope Mindy is sober now and if so, that she can get custody of her son back. But frankly, taking her son from her mother rather than going through the courts is not going to help her case that she is now capable of handling parental responsibility. Unfortunately for Mindy, she has an uphill battle.

Jillian on

Her mother has custody because she gave her custody. If her mother was so abusive, she should have never gave her custody. But I guess to her, anything was better than herself….an abusive, alcoholic, drug using mother who tried to abort her own child. Great role model and mother….You should know these facts Danno Hanks, if you know her If she is sober now…good for her. Help her stay that way instead of trying to think you can change fact to fiction. She came on national tv and told her story….can’t take that back.


Laura on

Yikes! This woman seems unstable, poor baby 😦
Also, when I clicked on the link to her pregnancy announcement, she said she was in her “third trimester” way back in late November, but she didn’t give birth for another 5 months! What the heck? It appears she lied about both how many months pregnant she was and how many babies she was having. Nutty!

Sad for the kids on

Just so you all know the facts. Mindy was strategic in stealing her son and taking him to Arkansas because she knew of a certain law there. It was all planned out. Her Mother was absolutely never abusive to Zander. She is a wonderful Grandmother. Mindy’s whole entire life is devoted to hurting her mother, even at the cost of her child’s life. She would rather put her child in danger. Have her child in foster care, than to have him with her loving mother. Anotherwards her hate for her mom, is stronger than her love for her child. She also strategically said she was pregnant with twins for sympathy from the judge and courts. And for a reason not to bring him back to florida. She already knows if she comes back to florida she is going to jail. She also lied about how far along she was because it was a ploy to keep her boyfriend at a time when he was ready to kick her to the curb. So she said she was pregnant when she wasn’t, and then she got pregnant as quick as she could. David may want to confirm the child is actually his. I would not be surprised if the child welfare takes custody soon of this new baby. Seriously should anybody who has tried to take their own life 13 times, be allowed to have custody of their child???? If her life means nothing to her, why should her childs?? The time will come you will see more in the news on Mindy and her crazy lies. I do feel for those children.

AmandaC on

I hope CPS is watching her, after trying several times to kill herself she should not be allowed to have her child. She has proven time & time again that she is not well.

outfieldangel on

Congrats to Mindy! I have always loved her. So what- she made some wrong choices. She’s trying to make up for them. Apparently she’s the only one who has ever done that…

As for the custody matter- Any decent parent would rescue their child from an abusive (suspected or confirmed) situation, not wait til some papers say it’s ok to do so. Second- it is not hard anymore to lose custody, but it’s very difficult to gain it. Just because she doesn’t have custody now does not mean she is a horrible person. It could be in progress. Britney Spears is still under conservatorship (I like her, too, BTW) and she has custody. She has been under conservatorship for years. Doesn’t make her a bad person. She righted her wrongs. Everyone has different ways to deal with things. Mindy seems to be on the right path, and I believe that some day she will have both her sons.

Ms P on

I bet she is paying her mother child support and that child support takes care of her mother and everyone else in that household to, and If I was her I would not let my mother see let alone be around this child, parents should help their children not try to control there life and when they can’t control their life especially when a lot of money is involved they get angry because what might be best for you may not be best for them, yes she got issues but I think her mother brought most of them on

cynthia glaim on


Nancy on

You all just like to get on here and make comments about other people’s lives. Get over it, she is going to have her own journey while YOU have your’s…go on..get movin! Skeedattle!! In other words STOP! Everybody’s right ok!!!

Robyn D on

Dear judgmental viewers of people.com,


Its not your call to view her under a microscope had she been + for any drugs at the time of delivery child services would have stepped in already…so give the girl a chance…

Best of Luck with your new baby Mindy… Keep your head up!

Misty on

I like Mindy, always have. I have 3 or 4 of her albums. And yes, I am very envious of her voice – I wish I had a voice like hers!

She’s screwed up, I don’t think anybody can deny that, she certainly doesn’t. I hope the new baby is a new page for her, and gets her on the right path.

Denise Smith on

It won’t take long to run out of “Z” names!

Sad For The Kids on

@ Ms P….OMG get your facts straight before you spout off such nonsense. Mindy has never paid a dime of child support through the courts or personally to her Mother and Michael. She very rarely even came to see him or bring him birthday gifts. All of the raising expenses were on Her Mother and Michael. Go talk to all the people in Arizona that Mindy scammed out of thousands of dollars, then the man she was with took the fall for all of it. He is in Jail now for like 30 years. Mindy walked away free as usual. If all of you only knew. Mindy’s family knows all the facts. People who were done by Mindy know. The whole world will know before it’s over with.

Laura on

Techs do not “read” ultrasounds. Radiologists do-they are medical doctors with extraordinarily high insurance rates; they rarely “misinterpret” twins from singletons-otherwise, a nice lawsuit would be on their hands. This woman is crazy, lied about twins hoping to elicit sympathy, plain and simple. She reminds me of one of those girls on Maury who is repeatedly telling her 15 year old boyfriend that she’s pregnant every month. Very sad.

pamela on

ZANDER is happy with his dad who cleaned up his life and is a bright little boy…. dont judge billy .. least he fought for his son to be happy………….. and zayne is with david wilsons parents………….. i adored mindy but she had lots of issues and demons and even the media tried to bring her parents down. i have talked to them and they are not like you all think…….. i heard the whole story and i know this is true.. and just happy billy and corey have zander…………….. mindy was kind to me online and literly saved my life with her kind words the fam knows about all this………… i wish i could of saved her as much as she saved me and my family………….