Meet Sebella Rose Winter

04/12/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Hola! Puerto Rico

It’s Sebella Rose Winter!

Posing for the cover of Hola! Puerto Rico, actors Roselyn Sánchez and Eric Winter make their debut in their greatest roles yet: parents of their 3-month-old baby girl.

Cradling their brown-eyed beauty between them, the actress — who will star in ABC’s Devious Maids this fall — and GCB‘s Winter show off their daughter and offer a peek into the little girl’s chic nursery, designed by Layla Grayce.

“People tell you it’s going to be hard and that it will change your life and both things are true,” Sánchez, 39, says of motherhood.

“It is hard and it does totally change your life. I don’t know how to explain it, but you’re never the same.”

Sánchez and Winter, 35, welcomed Sebella in January, sharing that their joy of becoming parents was “overwhelming.”

— Anya Leon

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Denise on


weu on

a beautiful name and beautiful family

Clara on

Sebella es muy bella.

Tee on

Sebella Rose is absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if they took her middle name from her Mom’s first name?

Guest on

What a handsome family!!

chelsea on

Wow I can’t believe Roselyn is 39. She doesn’t even look like shes 29. The baby is really cute.

Sarah S. on


No need to explain to all of us who have had children…we’ve been there and understand!

btw…my 11 1/2 yr. old daughter’s middle name is also Rose.

Beautiful family 🙂

stacey on

awful name

Kasee on

Loved her in Act of Valor.

Julianna on

Wow, Sebella looks a lot like her dad! Beautiful child, beautiful family!

Shannon on

Gorgeous family!

Marky on

Always have thought Roselyn was lovely, and seems so nice. I’m happy for them and their daughter is precious! I love the name; It reflects her heritage and sounds so pretty! What a cute family!

Jane on

Beautiful baby and a beautiful family. Sebella looks just like her daddy. Just precious ❤

Kiwi on

What a beautiful family. The baby is adorable and Rosalyn is just GOREGOUS!!!

Karen on

Love the name. Congratulations to them. Loved her in Act of Valor.

Anonymous on

What a cutie!

Mira on

The mother is scary looking in this photo. She looks like the crazy cat lady who has a plastic surgery addiction.

Yasminda on

At the very first sight of Sebella’s name I thought they named her Cebolla (onion in spanish). These days with celebrity kids being named after fruits and colors nice to know it was just sleep deprivation that played tricks with my eyes. LOL!!!! Beautiful photo of the new family. Many congrats to them.

Mia on

Someone looks like daddy – but with mom’s coloring.

Que linda!

Olivia on

Roselyn looks like Jenna WhatWasHerSurname. The transexual who was benned from Miss Universe

MDennis on

What happened to her face?

Yamy on

Beautiful name! The pic of the mom is horrible though. Her eyes, nose and smile look so distorted that she looks evil! I am sure she is beautiful in real life though.

GoodTxGirl on

What a ridiculously beautiful family!

Evelyn on

what a beautiful and precious bay girl congrats to Roslyn and Eric love the name Sebella Rose

Jesse on

Stunning family!

Leslie on

Yasminda, I thought the same as you! Sebella is very close to the spanish word for onion.

Ernest DeBrew on

I am glad for them. Excellent family.

Hea on

Is that her real nose?

Anonymous on

I don’t see anything wrong with Roselyn’s looks. To me it just looks like the camera caught her with an awkward expression. And speaking of expressions…I can’t stop cracking up at Sebella’s! It looks like she’s thinking, “How did I end up with these crazy people?!” (before anyone jumps on me, that is NOT meant in any way as a slam against Roselyn or Eric! I don’t think there’s a single one of us who doesn’t at times think their parents are crazy -in a good way!-, and I was just joking that Sebella appears to already be thinking that of her parents!) 🙂

Jillian on

Her face looks airbrushed.


anonymous on

In a perfect world, the baby would’ve been 100% Indian-Puerto Rican and it’s essence would’ve been meaningful giving status and levarage to our people and it’s beauty would’ve been explosive and crowned in glory.