Meet Hawkins Crawford Romo

04/11/2012 at 06:30 PM ET
Courtesy Crawford-Romo Family

First family photo!

After welcoming their son HawkinsΒ on Monday evening, Tony Romo and his wife Candice Crawford snuggle up to their baby boy — swaddled in the traditional hospital blanket and hat — for a sweet snapshot.

The picture-perfect moment came after Crawford delivered the 8 lbs., 8 oz. newborn, who has already been named “a part of the Dallas Cowboy family” by a spokesperson from the team.

The Dallas Morning News reportsΒ that on Wednesday morning, the new parents packed their bags and headed home from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano with their most precious cargo.

— Anya Leon

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Ladybug on

I don’t know Tony, but we went to the same college, Eastern Illinois University. Congrats to him and his wife on their new son and Go EIU!!

krissa on

Damn! She looks fantastic after just giving birth – glowing!!

Congrats to them!

hb on

LOL. . .that is not the best pic of the baby.

I am sure it’s a very cute baby otherwise . . .but really funny and bad pic of the poor baby.

Guest on

Both parents look so happy! Congrats!

Leslie on

Would it have killed Tony to look at his new son rather than macking for the camera?

JulieA on

Yeah right..all moms wear make-up in the delivery room. LOL on

god, these juvenile loser “grown males” who wear backward baseball caps! Even in the hospital room? Jessica Simpson’s latest fiance (not this one) does the same thing. What is wrong with these croutons? They haven’t left junior high school!!!! Did he wear that in the delivery room too? Ew ew and triple ew!

Maria on

Ah, the baby is SO cute, looking at Mom and Dad while Mom and Dad beam with pride and joy! Congratulations!

Tee on

I love it when celebs share a directly-after-birth photo like this one! (Most people would call them a hospital photo but I don’t discount home births!) There is something so magical about seeing the baby when it’s brand new and the parents when they are getting to hold their child for the very first time!

I have to say that I’m kind of disheartened by some of these comments!

Leslie- Why would you criticize Tony and not Candice? They are both looking right at the camera!

JulieA.- I can’t tell that she’s wearing make up in this picture but in all fairness, she wouldn’t be the first woman to do so!

Hb- What makes you say that this is a bad photo of the baby? Granted, you can’t see his face very well but outside of that, I’m not sure what you mean?

Mary on


Jessica on

So cute!! Congrats to them. Not the greatest pic of the baby, but from what you can see, he looks like he has dad’s eyes.

@JulieA—-there are moms who actually wear make up in the delivery room! It IS possible!! Or maybe she put it on before the pic was taken–knowing it’d be ALL over the web! Give her a break

jaci on

omg thats gonna be one really cute baby! they look so happy!

Jordan on

Look on the kids face is all ‘crap, that’s my dad? oh boy’

Congrats to them both.

Leslee on

A much bigger grin and glow than just winning the Super Bowl. Glad to see such a happy day for people and a child that is so wanted.

Big Fan on

That is the cutest baby EVER! Congrats!!!!

librababe on

wow, she looks great!

Devon on

If I knew my photo was going to all over the world, I’d put makeup on too.


Beautiful! Wish them nothing but the pure, unadulterated joy that parenting brings!

anon1 on

Congrats Tony and Candice on the healthy baby boy.

shalay on

Would it have killed Tony to look at his new son rather than macking for the camera?

– Leslie on April 11th, 2012

Bravo, Leslie! This is officially the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on this site, and that’s saying a LOT!

Yeah, I don’t have kids yet, but when I do, I’ll sure as heck try to put on some makeup before I take post delivery photos. And it’s not even like she has a ton on, she still looks very natural. Oh, and to the people criticizing the baby, I’ve never seen a picture of a cute newborn. Do they exist? I don’t think babies start getting cute until they’re a few months old. This one looks like every other one I’ve ever seen.

Congrats to the Romo family!

John Mestlin on

Congratulations on the newest little Cowboy.

True Blue
John & Roseann

samantha on

@maturity It’s a backwards cap..shut up and get a damn life

emily on

As for the makeup- who cares? I’m due in one week and you best believe I packed makeup in my overnight bag!! There are going to be photos and video taken, I’d rather not look back on them and cringe because I looked rode hard and put away wet.

John Mestlin on

Congratulations on the newest little Cowboy. Best wishes to the Romo family.

True Blue Fan

markus on

Awww TONY & CANDICE are so adorable w/ their precious little boy. CONGRATULATIONS!! They are cute couple.

mokevaustin on

Criminies, why can’t people just say Congratulations. I wish I looked that awesome after having a baby- if she wanted to get made up, more power to her! And excuse a new dad for looking at a camera! And the comments about the little guy- how rude can people be??

Congratulations to this brand new family- beautiful!

JessicaB on

aww, look how proud and excited the parents are. life changing moment for sure. congrats!

cynlee on

The baby looks terrified looking at his Dad!

christie on

Great family picture but not sure what is going on with the baby. Hopefully it is just a bad picture of the baby.

But she looks great for just giving birth!

Congrats to them!

Baby boys are amazing =)

Mellynn on

Congrats to the new family! Holy cow—Tony’s hands are HUGE when put next to the baby!!!!

Ann on

If I were that baby I would untag that pic.

Canada Gal on

It is really nice to see sincere, joyous smiles on both of their faces instead of the fake, phony smiles that we usually see.

Allison on

I wore makeup and fixed my hair for the birth of all four of my babies. Why not try to look good? Just because you are a mom is no reason to let yourself go. I am sure she did a touch up after the birth. The baby is probably hours old by the time this was taken. Get a grip people.

Anne on

Hasn’t anyone thought of the possibility that she just had makeup on already? My first son was born almost 3 weeks before his due date. I had gotten up, showered, gotten ready for the day, and my water broke. So I had makeup on…and straightened hair too! People nitpicking at such small details need to get a life!

ASA on

Yeah, his hat looks stupid, but who really cares. She looks amazing and I don’t think she’s wearing makeup. She’s naturally really pretty. And the baby looks like all newborns, red and wrinkly — that’s what makes them cute for god’s sake! They look ecstatic and I’m very happy for them.

Marky on

Candice looks great and very happy! Hey why not? the hardest part is over and now she feels great!

By the time we were allowed in the delivery room 1 hour after my last granddaughter was born. my DIL had showered, washed her naturally curly hair, put on her makeup and was dressed in street clothes, ready for pictures to be taken. I KNOW it was my DIL who had the baby, and she felt great, as well as excited to share the “Our baby’s Here!” time with the rest of the family.

Everyone doesn’t go into meltdown, look like something the cat dragged in for months, and forgets to comb their hair and look like a normal human because they had a baby. I sure put make up on, combed my hair and was walking up and down the hall within hours of having my babies. (no c-sections, though) I was absolutely devoted to my children, all of them, but that didn’t mean I wanted to look like a dead rat in any pictures, LOL!

Sylvia on

Congrats to this beautiful couple on the birth of their beautiful baby boy! Cowboy fan forever!!!

Katie on

They look great and so happy! Congrats to them. But is that really Tony’s arm or someone elses. Just looks a little weird. HAHAHA

Kayla on

First of all, what a beautiful family. Second of all, don’t criticize the baby; he’s a baby and its not his choice as to when pictures of him are taken, nor which pictures are shared. Third of all, DON’T COME ON HERE TO CRITICIZE OTHERS! THIS IS A HAPPY TIME IN THEIR LIFE AND BIRTHS IN GENERAL SHOULD BE A HAPPY TIME AND NOT A TIME FOR PEOPLE TO CRITICIZE THEM OR ANYONE ELSE SO STFU!

Maryanne on

I love this pic! No baby is picture perfect when just born. That look on his face is priceless! Congrats to the whole family!


Congrats to the Romo Family! They had their baby at the same hospital I had my baby at! That hospital would not be on lock down like Jay-Z and Bey’s did!

Jane on

Congrats to Tony, Candace and Uncle Chase. Chase will be spoiling his new baby nephew soon. Congrats again to the Romo and Crawford families

mrsmass on

about the make up, isn’t this still 100lbs. less makeup than she normally wears?

Sheryl on

Looks like the baby took after daddy.


Lisa on

Both parents look happy and are just glowing! Very happy for them both, wish they wouldn’t have ‘stolen’ the name I planned on calling my unborn son! lol

mslewis on

Cute photo!! Baby looks like he’s wondering who that man is.

Slay2 on

Anyone else think Romo’s hand looks a little awkward coming out of the side of the picture? Haha, Still a cute photo and congrats to them!

JenniferD on

what a gorgeous picture of the new (and very happy!!) Romo family! Congrats! SCREW all of you who are criticizing her for wearing makeup?! not all of us women want to look like complete crap after giving birth. I sure as HELL would do the same thing as her! Childbirth may be the most traumatic thing we ever go through, but we are still gorgeous women who care what we look like in pictures. GO Candice! ps- especially for being a MIZZOU TIGER!! Congrats Romo family. MIZ!!

bilbo-baggins on

stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STTUUUPPPIIIDDDDDDD name!!!!

Shirley on

Stupid name.

m on

That baby looks worried. He’s thinking, “that’s my dad?” I’m screwed.

RN on

As a labor and delivery nurse, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way this baby looks! Most likely he was a natural delivery, and judging from the size of momma (not that big of a woman), and the size of baby (8 lbs, 8 oz), it is quite normal for a baby to have sort of a squished head and/or face. I would be willing to bet that if another picture was taken and posted a day or two after delivery, he would look totally different.

It’s really sad that people can’t just see what a beautiful miracle he is for the Romo family and just rush to judgment on this precious little guy’s appearance! Grow up people! I’m pretty sure that about 99% of your babies’ were not of the Gerber Baby variety soon after birth!!!

m on

One of you commented that she’s not wearing any make up. Huh? I can see that blush, lipstick and eye make up. Yes, she pretty but defiantly has make up on.


Wow that’s a big hand. Very cute family though πŸ™‚

Reese on

Just when you think comments on this website can’t get anymore ridiculous, people bitch about Tony’s hat and Candice wearing a touch of makeup. Wow.

anon on

they look very natural and excited. it is more when they are looking down at the baby. it’s normal to look at the camera when someone is taking your picture. they have natural smiles because they are so happy here. the baby might not even see Tony. They don’t see very far, even though it looks like he is looking at his dad. Their faces change so much after birth. he is a cutie and will be a cutie for sure.

as for make up I packed some and if i were in her position I might have put it on too. I never ended up using it in my case, but my pics weren’t going to be world wide.

Rebecca on

OMG. they need to crop out the parents and put the baby’s pic up with something funny as a caption. that is a hilarious baby pic. i’m sure he’s cute and all. but lol.


“hb” is commenting JUST BORN BABY picture….Jesus Christ!…you got any kids “hb”?

RM on

Hawkins is already watching his daddy. Great family pic. Take care. Momma looks beautiful.

GG on

I’m sorry but this only makes me think of the fact that everyone has had their baby but Jessica Simpson and she’s been absolutely HUGE for a while now…

canadasue on

Hawkins Romo is an unusual name. Here in Canada “Hawkins” is a much-loved brand of cheezie. πŸ™‚ They look happy — best wishes to them!

Kimmie on

The baby looks like he is super mad about Tony touching his mommy. Very funny pic.

kk on

the baby looks angry! lol “Who took my milk???” haha

Mary on

WOW!!! look at the size of that baby’s hands!!! I think Jerry should sign him now!!!!

Anonymous on

Shalay and ASA- I agree completely! It’s important to remember that Hawkins was just hours old, if even that, when this picture was taken, and most newborns look a bit odd at that stage. They’re red and wrinkly (you probably would be, too, if you’d spent nine months sitting in fluid!) as another poster said, and, in the case of vaginal births, they tend to be a bit cone-headed from squeezing through the birth cannal (this is due to the way the skull bones shift to allow the baby’s head to fit through the mother’s pelvis) as well.

It’s not until they’re a few days old and have had time to adapt to the outside world that they start looking like those adorable, angelic newborns we see on TV and in magazines. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Hawkins’s expression in this picture cracks me up! He looks like he’s thinking, “What IS this crazy place?!”

a mom on

Geez some of you people are just VICIOUS! Jealous much? I think they look FABULOUS and in complete bliss. The baby is an adorable newborn and will no doubt be a gorgeous boy.

As for the haters about looking at the camera, makeup, hat, etc., I’m quite sure they have a few mommy asleep, mouth open with drool running down her chin, with baby in the arms (I know I sure did). They’re just smart enough not to publicize those.

Congrats and ignore the ignorance Romo family!

Anonymous on

As far as the make-up issue goes, I understand why some women put make-up on before the newborn photos, but I don’t agree with it. Whenever I see a brand-new mom all glammed up for those first photos I think, “You just had a baby! You should be focusing on him/her, not your physical appearence!”

And for what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything more touching than a newborn photo where the mom is sans make-up or perfectly combed hair. To me, those pictures say, “I just had a baby and I’m exhausted, but I’m ecstatic and nothing else in the world matters to me right now!”

Cherry on

LOL the kid is looking at them like “whoa, who the hell are these freaks? Got makeup lady??”

ecl on

I honestly don’t really care if women put on make-up for birth or after birth or don’t, but the comments on here are outrageous! So women who don’t wear make-up “look like something the cat dragged in,” “are letting themselves go,” or “look like they were rode hard and put away wet?”

What happened to 1. celebrating how we look and 2. understanding and appreciating the hard work our bodies put in during labor? Now women have to look perfect during childbirth as well? A sad commentary on our society. Everyone should go and read the Ashely Judd piece.

Anonymous on

You have a very good point. Family and friends are one thing, but this picture was released for the whole world to see. I might opt to put make-up on in those circumstances, too. πŸ™‚

Jill on

Really people? Ever have a baby? I’m 5’2 and had a 7’11 baby boy, pushed for an hour and 40 mins to get him out and yep my baby had a bullet head that lasted for a day or two…it’s normal!!!! Certainly not the scheduled c-section that is the ‘in’ thing now for celebs to ‘schedule’. Perfect family photo…congrats on baby Hawkins.

Der Kaiser on

A beautiful picture! Congratulations to the happy parents!

PS …but why “Hawkins”?

kjc on

Great picture!

I had every intention of fixing myself up for pictures/visitors after my baby was born… Unfortunately after 20 hours of labor and then an emergency c-section, I was beat. I couldn’t even brush my own hair, or sit up on my own, makeup ended up being too much. I do look back at pictures and wish I’d been able to fix myself up slightly. I’d have felt much better about myself then, since I felt like crap.

anen on

The baby looks Evil….

ruby on

She looks so much like her brother I can’t stand looking at her. And Tony Romo is disgusting to me.

sharon on

Wasn’t Jessica pregnant before Romo’s wife? Geez when the heck is she gonna have that baby …..

Debbie W on

This is a great family pic and if it were mine I would treasure it with a caption “You guys are MY parents!!!” LOL – That’s what it looks like their baby is saying!! However at the same time he is a beautiful baby and I wish them lots of luck and love with him!!

B.J. on

“If I were that baby I would untag that pic.”

Best comment! Newborns are often funky looking and Hawkins is definitely misshapen, but a birth canal will do that to a face.

Lacey on

I am not a fan of either of them but I think it is hilarious the things people complain about. I would LOVE to see what your perfect pictures look like. I wore make up for both births of my children because I was induced and had the time to do so before I left the house. Just because she has makeup on doesn’t mean she was consumed with it and that is all she did in the hospital. Good grief,they look fkin happy! Let them be excited!

CS on

What a lucky little boy! His parents look over the moon happy. Congratulations Romo family!

Brooke on

DAYUM she looks good!!

Congrats Tony and Candice!!!!

Welcome to the world baby Hawkins!

Kestrel on

Why do women have to be so catty? She is a beautiful girl. She probably looks better than you after delivering a baby than you do for date night. Lucky her! Quit sniping as you just make yourself uglier.

Most newborns are pretty squished looking those first few hours. My last baby was just shy of 11lbs and he took quite a while to recover from the event PLUS he had a stork bite. My oldest was a gorgeous blondish strawberry haired, green eyed boy and my youngest had a stork bite and was HUGE. The comments from people for both of them were flipped 180 degrees. One lady even asked what was “wrong with his face” when she saw his little red spot on his scalp.

And – of course! – she was rather unattractive and hefty. How dare she judge the beauty of a baby! How dare YOU. Appreciate the miracle of a healthy baby born to parents who were married before starting a family (always a comment here), in love and able to provide for him. Can’t you appreciate that instead of being jealous and trying to make yourself feel better?

Vanessa on

This is a sweet picture but I can’t but help notice Hawkins’ expression like “TONY ROMO?!?!… dammit I thought I was getting Eli Manning”… lol

Hea on

Haha, that baby is just too cute. He looks like he’s freaking out over that giant hand.

What’s wrong with wearing make up after giving birth? Especially if you’re sharing the pictures with a few million people online? I can’t see anything that’s even remotely strange or wrong with that.

Dawn on

Poor baby looks like Tony is freaking him out lol Congrats!

Ashley on

Awwwwww, very cute picture—love the baby’s face :–)

Ashley on

The family looks so happy. It is a beautiful and contented picture. Congrats. Reading the comments to this family picture I concluded that there are many sad people in the world.

DJo on

Candice is a wonderful young lady. Last week she was heading up a event for charity and this week giving birth to this wonderful little baby! Congrats to both Tony and Candice on the birth of their precious son!

Cassie on

OMG, Can she look any more perfect? lol. Congrats to them, the baby’s adorable. πŸ™‚

Kat on

I think the baby looks adorable – looking up at these beaming people – who are you folks? I guess you are important to me, huh? πŸ™‚ Too cute! Didn’t this lady used to be (or still is) a model or actress or something? She’s probably used to being “ready” to go. As a celebrity, you have to assume your pictures will be out there for everyone – might as well look good doing it! As for the people posting about how they handled their kid’s birth – you aren’t a celebrity and we don’t care!

vanessa on

She does NOT have alot of makeup on. Have you actually seen pics of her with makeup. Totally different person. She looks great. She should look like this all the time. They are a beautiful family and look like any other family having their first baby. Congradulations!

Cat on

@maturity..croutons??? bahahahahahahahahahaha Did you mean cretin?

Jen on

I’m jealous, LOL! I looked like I’d been run over by a truck after I had my kids. They make a beautiful family though. Congrats!!

Kat on

While she obviously cleaned up a bit, good for her she felt well enough to. I know after my daughter was born, I didn’t have the energy! It is going to be a picture they cherish – she should look as beaming as possible!

WOW on

Wow is all I can say. People need to grow up and stop acting foolish. Congrats to the Romo’s on the sweet baby boy. Usually when you take pictures you look at the camera. I don’t know maybe Im wrong, I forgot to read the manual of taking pictures.

notsosure on

Are they sure she just had a baby. She is so thin, and her makeup so perfect. I have NEVER seen a prettier mom after giving birth.

Lauriann on

Give me a break people! This is a precious picture of precious people sharing their joy with the world. Yes the Mom looks great, but I am not sure she is wearing makeup, and thru her happy glow, you can see total exhaustion-like all new Moms who just delivered. The Dad is just an all American young Dad. I think with this couple you get what you see with no bling. Congrats to them on many levels. The baby is adorable! Congrats! and haters, get a life.

Jenn on

I fail to see how anyone can have anything negative to say about a picture of two beaming parents with their newborn. They look beyond happy, and Hawkins looks like a normal baby fresh out of the womb.

LKL on


Ladyfoxx on

@Ladybug What does going to the same college have to with anything in this article? I’m pretty sure lots of people went to that school.

stacey on

I put makeup on before I left the house to have each of my 6 kids, during contractions and all. And I think Tony’s hat looks perfectly fine.

Sarah on

Aww thats great and look at that baby he’s all “Holy Sh*t my dad is TONY F’n ROMO!!

Diana on

Congrats very nice first family pic. I don’t blame her for putting makeup on, I know I would have too. Criticizing tony for looking at the camera really?!! What a dumb comment!!!

Melissa on

These comments are funny.

They both look like excited new parents and she is absolutely gorgeous, congrats to them on baby Hawkins.

kira on

holy cow he has ginormous hands! congrats to them!

KellyGreen on

I LOVE this picture! Just such a genuine, sweet, normal shot – not sooo staged like many ‘celebrities.’ They look so happy, and she looks absolutely beautiful. Congrats, Tony & Candace & Baby Hawkins!

:) on

I had a planned c-section for my 2nd child and I woke up that morning and put on a little make-up. No big deal. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, you should do:)

sandra on

Congrats! What a great looking family..

kari on

nobody looks that good after giving birth, somebody had a makeup artist and extra lighting added to the room….

Nannyto1 on

Lovely family photo. And she looks fantastic. Someone made a comment about her having makeup on in the delivery room. I had a shower and put makeup on before I went to the hospital to deliver our daughter – all of this while in labour. My hubby was freaking out!!

Kat on

Hawkins Romo? But it’s better than Pilot Inspector or Sun Moon Star or other twisted names out there.

AC on

Wow people are sooo judgmental. If she wasn’t wearing make-up and looked exhausted, I bet the same people who are criticizing her for looking good would be going on about how bad she looks. Its very sad that many of you obviously do not think highly of yourselves. Otherwise I doubt you would be so quick to try and bring someone down, especially on the happiest day of their life.

Although I have never given birth, I can only imagine that one must feel completely exposed and rather vulnerable. So if a little make-up makes a woman feel better in such a situation, how is that anyone’s business? Why should you care???

Leigh on

@Ruby…if you don’t like Tony or his wife why comment on their posting? When is CBB going to start checking these post and only put the ones dealing with the birth and stuff on here….or stop posts period!

Cath on

Cute picture of family the mom looks pretty glammed up for just giving birth. Makeup, coiffed…..hmmmm…

toleen on

Fabulous happy first family picture. Gorgeous couple and darling baby.

Just look at their smiles… they are in 7th Heaven.

mg on

I’m sorry but that kid’s face is the funniest thing ever!

Jesse on

Allison Sweeney gave birth in full hair and make up having gone straight from The Biggest Loser set… It’s called going into labor morons.

Stella on

Have to laugh at Leslie’s post — I agree, they BOTH should have been looking at their new baby, not mucking for the camera — it’s about the baby not about you Tony (who I personnally think is really sort of homely.) Congratulations on this precious baby boy.

weu on

Candice looks amazing and Tony looks so proud

Peg on

This photo is so staged. Even if she had a C-section you can’t wear makeup in an OR or birthing room. “Honey, leave your surgical cap on while I get the stylist to fix my hair and makeup a bit.” Any woman who’s had a child knows what you look like after giving birth.

neverbenakedduringbirth on

If I were her, I’d wear a cute pair of pj’s. There’s no way, I’d wear a TEXA HEALTH RESOURCE hospital gown.

Sun on

The negative comments are nothing short of astounding — people find the weirdest things to complain about!

This is beautiful picture of new parents who are overjoyed about their new baby.

Heaven forbid that both parents should be looking at the camera (uh, aren’t you supposed to look at the camera when taking a picture?); that the mom has on makeup (giving birth is hard, exhausting work, why shouldn’t she want to look good?); or that the baby looks less than perfect (most babies look downright ugly after birth, it’s temporary, so what?).

I wish the new family sincere congratulations on the joyous occasion of the birth of their baby boy, and hope they don’t take the negative comments to heart.

Anonymous on

Peg- Never heard of that rule before! So if you show up in make-up because you already had it on when you went into labor (like Allison Sweeney who, as another poster mentioned, went into labor on the Biggest Loser set and therefore went to the hospital in full hair and make-up!) what do they do? Make you wipe it off? I highly doubt it!

Plus, I’ve yet to hear of a hospital that doesn’t allow a mother to put on make-up AFTER giving birth and before taking pictures!

Stella- If they both should have been looking at the camera, then why are you only aiming your criticism at Tony (by saying it’s not “all about him”)?

Jesse- Excellent point about Allison! I also remember reading an article on here once about another actress who went into labor on the set of her TV show….and ironically, in addition to having full hair and make-up, she happened to be wearing a hospital gown at the time as well, as they were shooting scenes in which her character was in the hospital (I think giving birth, too!). That one really made me laugh!

kari- Yes, it looks like she has on make-up (no big deal, as plenty of “normal” women put on make-up before taking post delivery photos, too), but I don’t see any evidence of extra lighting. Believe me, it IS possible to get a picture that looks that good just with an ordinary digital camera. You just have to know how to take advantages of things like angles, existing lights, background, etc. It’s also possible that the picture was lightened up a bit AFTER it was taken (via an image-editing program).

Jillian on

Peg, I have 5 children and had makeup on during delivery for some of them. Never had to take it off. Never heard of anyone having to.

I see nothing wrong with either of them looking at the camera and sharing this photo. There are more intimate photos that maybe they didn’t feel like sharing.


Kelly on

@notsosure & Kari

You have not seen my post delivery pic! The day my water broke (which was the day before my due date), I worked out on the treadmill and did my free weights routine, gave myself a pedicure, showered and put on full makeup and curled my hair. I thought maybe we might go out later because it was a Saturday. Anyway, water broke, went to the hospital, got an epidural 4 hours later cau I couldn’t take the back labor anymore, pushed for 10 minutes and out came my 7 lb 5 oz first child, a boy. Since I had done hair and makeup and had only gained 20 lbs (13 of which came off immediately) people to this day question the authenticity of my photo. No, I’m not famous but love the fact that can put it on my mantle and feel good about myself.

I know about 2 others in my circle of friends who did basically the same thing. Some people just take more pride in their appearance then others and are lucky to have easy deliveries.

Sunnat on

She looks so much like a young Cate Blanchett in this picture, it’s uncanny!!

Olivia- on

Let’s make sure this kid doesn’t date Jessica Simpson’s daughter

KC on

That is seriously a horrrrrrible name for that kid. Yikes.

Holiday on

I think this is a sweet picture. I love how baby is alert and looking up at his parents. She looks gorgeous!

I looked like hell after giving birth to my 2 kids. My son was posterior and after pushing for 3 hours his head looked awful on one side for a day or so. My daughter I had an emergency c section a month early and she was tiny and perfect. She looked like a model baby because she didnt go through a traumatic birth (although I sure had it rough and was on so many drugs I barely remember her birth).

Dawn on

To JulieA who commented on Candace’s make up. I was in full make up and my hair looking great too the day I gave birth. It was the first day in weeks that I felt like fixing myself up and getting out of the house. I got dolled up, went to Mom’s for lunch and then my water broke. So I just got lucky that I look so good in all my pics just after having my son. Candance being a celeb probably did take the time to fix herself up, but who wouldn’t if you knew you were going to have your pic plastered every where for everyone to judge?

Dianne on

I don’t get the first name. It’s a last name for a first name which seems popular. They are a cute family.

calebsmomma on

THe baby is scared because of his name. What an awful name to saddle this kid with.

JustMe on

I just gave birth 5 days ago and I wore makeup in the delivery room. I wanted to look good for pics and when friends and family visited, so what?

Meg on

Lovely family. That baby….what a little doll. Best wishes.

Meg on

What a cutie-pie of a baby. Best wishes to Mom & Dad.