Tony Romo and Candice Crawford Welcome Son Hawkins

04/10/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Michael Loccisano/Getty

The newest Dallas Cowboy has arrived!

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford welcomed son Hawkins Crawford Romo on Monday, April 9, Cowboys spokesperson Rich Dalrymple confirms.

“Hawkins Crawford Romo is now a part of the Dallas Cowboys family,” the rep said in a statement.

“He came into this world on 4/9/12 at 5:30 p.m., 8 lbs. and 8 oz. All is well with mom.”

The Cowboys quarterback, 31, and Crawford, 25, were married in May 2011 and announced the pregnancy in October. 

Her elder brother, Gossip Girl star Chace, told PEOPLE he planned to be “the best uncle” to their baby boy.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Darla Atlas

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Louana on

Congrats to the happy family!

B.J. on

Hawkins Romo…. huh. Not sure I like Hawkins as a given name, but perhaps it has importance to the family. Congrats to the new parents!

kendrajoi on

Hawkins Romo LOL

hb on

Congrats to them

Now if Jessica Simpson will just have her baby before the poor girl explodes!

Jessica on

I’m a big Dallas cowboy fan and Congrats to Tony and Candise. He was born on the 9th and that is the number on Tony’s jersey.

Kate on

Sounds like a law firm… a bunch of last names strung together



Miami on

It should be Romo-Crawford instead. Dad’s last name always goes first.

jones on

@Kate, it does sound like a law or accounting firm. I like that they used his mom’s maiden name for his middle name.

Mira on

Romo Hawkins sounds more like a real name. The opposite is just plain dumb.

Poop Head on

yeah like wat will his nickname be ?? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK

Joyce on

Congratulations Mom and Dad!! Like the name.

Amanda K on

The name Hawkins makes me think of someon hawking a loogie so to speak. Not a good visual to go with a name.

Just Me on

Wanna make bets that Jessica will magically download in the next day or so?

Anonymous on

How much do you want to bet the name was her idea? Women come up with the worst names for boys these days. Shame on these spineless men for letting women do this to them.

Guest on

Isn’t it just a little gross that Romo and Candice’s bother chase both dated Carrie Underwood? Ew.

mary on

Congratulations to the entire Cowboy family!

Love the name and I know this will be a really cute baby with such good looking parents- What a great blessing!

tgauden on

I kind of like the name………..

Leslee on

It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon baby fest centered around Jessica Simpson. Let’s hope Jess didn’t have her baby yesterday, too.

Junie on

Isn’t it ironic he and his wife just had a baby about the same time Jessica Simpson is having her first? They should get the kids together for a playdate!

It's Derick on

He must of liked Kenny Hawkins who sang that Caddy Shack, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing and Footloose stuff…
But he’s just glad he’s not married to Jessica Simpson!

ecl on

Agreed. Ugly. All these people keep giving their kids last names as first names in order to sound sophisticated, but they just sound like they are trying too hard.

S1 on

I’m sure they were looking for something that shortened to Hawk, as this is the name of Romo’s very close friend who is another NFL player.

Denise on

best wishes to everyone 🙂

Julesy on

What were this couple thinking when they selected this name? Geez, poor kid. He’ll be ridiculed for life.

acorr on

Well, the number of his fathers jersey and the baby’s birthdate, lol

Jeana on

“Hawkcraw Romo” football name

Amanda on

I don’t think the name is THAT bad. Congrats to the couple on their first baby, hopefully Jessica is next… I really want to know how big that baby of hers is! lol

Felicia on

My gosh, she is GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations to the happy couple 🙂

D on

Why do celebrities give babies names that normal people give to their dogs, sounds like a german shepard

D on

I agree with the comment sounds like a lawfirm I think I have heard that before Hawkins&Crawford attorney at law,.lol or a german shepards name

Charlotte on

Congrats to them, but I agree with Kate – sounds like a law firm with three could-be surnames.

Sheri on

Congrats to them but do not like the name Hawkins.If it was a normal name it would be shocking lol but this is not a shock as the famous give their kids names that are weird or dumb.In the end all that matters is the baby is healthy.

Tammy on

I don’t like the name either. I hope he has his mom’s looks.

Macrina on

I think Hawkins is a great name!

emily on

Why does it never fail that someone mentions Jessica Simpson in a post about these two?

Leslie on

Jessica Simpson dodged a bullet when she broke up with this guy.

Ashley on

She sat behind me in my Women’s Studies class at Mizzou. It’s always weird seeing her on gossip sites.

Anonymous on

That name is really bad. Poor baby. Definately a law firm sounding name.

chrissy on

Its tony homo, look at what team he plays for… obviously given tony homo and his team did you really expect them to come up with a good name? he sucks at football, plays for a sucky team and comes up with a sucky name for his kid… at least the kid can change it when hes older.

anon on

Hawkins is what they came up with? I don’t care what meaning it has, if any, to them. How could you give that name to a little person? Hawk? Anyway hope he is healthy and all is well.

Jacqui on

Go Cowboys! Congrats!

Anonymous on

He’ll probably go by Hawk.

Lisa on

Hawk Romo – either gonna be a quarterback or a porn star…lol! I love the name actually.

Sandra on

What the hell kind of a name is that anyways? What is with these celebrities naming their kids these ridiculous names?? Give these kids a name that they won’t be ridiculed with especially when they have to go to school and be made fun of because of their name. Poor kids!

just saying on

i agree that it is a funky name, but maybe it is something to them.. just doesnt go together very well.. Hawkins is an ugly first name..lmao. good luck to the baby.. and oh…congrats on the healthy son! maybe Jess will name her baby Jesse Romo..???? lol

Anne on

Hawkins? Sounds like a butler..

:) on

Jessica will have her baby tomorrow. She can’t be upstaged by her ex. They always seem to do things around the same time. Nothing against either one of them but they seem to do things together…LOL

anna on

stunning couple…

Jennifer on

Wow! What a judgemental group! I hope Hawkins does have meaning for the family, but if not, who cares! I am sure we would think some of your childrens’ names are stupid! Congrats T & C!

suzycreamcheese on

of course. he wouldnt put up with having a girl.

passing thru on

Congrats to the couple. They will be great parents.

bill on

how many kids does this make now for romo, and how many women?

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I LOVE that the baby’s middle name is Candice’s last name.

Patsy on

Hawkins Romo. A horrible name for the kid of a horrible quarterback. Gross.

Brianne on

Congratulations Tony and Candace!

Kelly on

Congrats to them!!!

emily on

@ It’s Derrick – you’re thinking of Kenny Loggins. Hawk is ok, but the whole name is just a bit much. Bet he’s cute though!

cayli on

Poor baby , Hawkins Romo?????

Sam and Freya's Mum on

Poor kid, awful name.

Nella on

I totally agree with Kate on this one! Sounds like a law firm we would see advertised on tv lol! However,it’s their kid, their choice, obviously not a nameI would give my kid, but to each his own.Congrats to them.

Cat on

Gee ya’ll it is hocking a loogie and Kenny Loggins not Kenny Hawkins.

MK on

@hb – “Now if Jessica Simpson will just have her baby before the poor girl explodes!”

I laughed so much, I think I peed myself. It’s like she’s been pregnant for 2 years, can’t be easy. And oh yeah, congrats to the new parents!

LaLa on

Awful 1st name! Hopefully the baby looks more like her since the dad isn’t very good looking.He also has taste in annoying women!

April Mae on

Well, duh! I’d think little Romo will be nicknamed “Hawk” – another in the style of uber-masculine, ready for broadcast single syllable male names a la “Colt” McCoy, “Wolf” Blitzer, “Stone” Phillips. “Hawk” Romo is an ideal made-for-TV moniker for a second-generation pro-baller.

Teena on

@Its Derrick…its Kenny LOGGINS who sang the footloose song & so on! Your comment had me laughing…too cute!!!
“He must of liked Kenny Hawkins who sang that Caddy Shack, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing and Footloose stuff…”

kira on

love all the similarity points to j.simpson…one major one being left out…romo got married before knocking up his WIFE…j.Simp was too eager to keep up with her ex, that she lost sight of the whole marriage thing.

cosy on

Miami…you must be Latina/o. In America, the man’s name correctly goes last and in middle class and more upper-crust families it is very common for the mother’s maiden name to be the child’s middle name.

akaye23 on

Congratulations to them! They are a beautiful couple and I’m sure Hawkins will be a cutie pie!

Leslie on


You got it backwards… in the US, the man’s name usually goes first if it is hyphenated. In latin cultures, the woman’s name goes first. In this case, the woman’s last name is the baby’s middle name.

cc on

You negative people need to get a real life. Tony and Candice named their child for them not for you people. I wish them all the joy and happieness as new parents.

Olivia on

It’s Derick-That’s Kenny Loggins, not Hawkins.

And Miami, Crawford may not be part of this last name, it could just be his middle name.

It does sound a little like a law firm, lol.

Stina on

You mean like this Leslie:

My first surname, Perez is the first surname of my father and my second surname, Quinones, is the first surname of my mom (this one is usually called the mother’s maiden name in the U.S.). So, my apellidos are: Perez Quinones because…

My Dad: Perez Rodríguez
My Mom: Quinones Alamo
Yours truly: Perez Quinones

Marky on

I’m from the Dallas area, and wouldn’t walk across the street and spit on the Cowboys if they were on fire. Rotten owner, rotten team, rotten in their personal lives (though some seem to be trying to clean up their act), so Tony Romo is just another pathetic player to me. Candice is fairly well known and seems to be a nice person, so don’t know why she married Tony…….. can’t explain love, I guess. Baby’s name is somewhat Southern in style, and may grow on people after awhile, if Tony doesn’t get kicked to the curb because he doesn’t play decent football!

Rusty on

Maybe Roma is hoping he gets traded to Seattle?

To me, Hawkins brings to mind “I Put a Spell on You” singer Screamin’ Jay Hawkins… but I’m doubting Tony Roma has ever heard of the blues singer.

Brooklyn on

Interesting name. Not sure if I like it or not. Congrats to them both!

Kristen on

@It’s Derick… is Kenny LOGGINS you are referring to. People are so judgemental these days! Give it a rest!

weu on

Candice is stunning

Guest on

Hawkins is a very queer name to give a little fellow just-born! Perhaps it has some familial significance?

Also, I think people in general give their children ridiculous names — not just the rich and famous.

Hope on

What does it matter what anyone names their child as long as the parents like it? How would you like it if someone made fun of what you named your child?