Look for Less: Mason Disick’s Sunday Best

04/10/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Beetham/TC/Splash News Online

Mason Disick is riding high — in style!

While on his way to Easter church services with his family on Sunday, the 2-year-old was impeccably dressed in the cutest spring outfit as he hitched a ride on his grandfather Bruce Jenner‘s shoulders.

The trendsetting tyke wore Tom & Drew‘s Pink Panther Linen Blazer ($78), Peechy Keen Gingham Shirt ($55) and Strawberry Grouper Chino Pants ($60) paired with Venettini Toby Loafers ($63) and Appaman‘s Pilot sunglasses ($18).

Love Mason’s dapper Easter ensemble?

You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $45!

Courtesy Gap


From the tailored cut to the classy buttoned cuffs, babyGap‘s Twill Blazer ($34.50) will add instant polish to any mini ensemble.

Courtesy Carter’s


Looking for a party-worthy top for your dapper dude? Our pick: Carter‘s bold and bright Button-Front Gingham Shirt ($16.50).

Courtesy J Crew


Brighten up his khaki collection with Crew Cuts‘s Stanton Pants ($45).

Available in four fun colors, these cotton duds also include an adjustable waistband to ensure the perfect fit.

Courtesy Target


With its soft soles and easy slip-on style, Circo‘s Vem Loafers ($13) are the perfect dressy footwear for your wobbly walker.

Courtesy Gap


Keep his eyes protected and stylish with BabyGap‘s cool Metallic Aviator Sunglasses ($10).

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

I am sorry call me old-fashioned, but I would not buy over $250 worth of pink/peach clothes for my son! I think Mason would look cuter if he matched with Grandpa Bruce’s black gingham shirt instead!

Vanessa on

I’m not anti pink for boys at all, but it looks like a flamingo threw up on him. No thanks.

Mya on

Actually old fashioned WOULD buy pink/peach considering it used to be the “boy” color.

I wouldn’t buy clothes for my child for that amount in ANY color but Mason looks adorable. My son wears pink pretty much on a daily basis though so I am kind of biased.

Brooke on

They’ve got him dressing like Scott…..

Liberty on

I actually think the pink is super cute, and befitting for Easter Sunday. If little girls can don their floral pastel dresses, why not let the little man rock his pastel pink? I love it! The price, however, would be a different story…

stacy on

Although it cute! I thought it was a little girl, and was wondering if Bruce’s other kids had children. Maybe that was a granddaughter.

Leslee on

Pink is just fine for boys and men, although I’m not overly fond of the outfit itself. Gap tends to carry some nice pink gingham shirts for boys. Tim Tebow looked great in his pink shirt on Easter Sunday as he addressed a massive audience. There is certainly nothing effeminate about him.

Denise on

So young, so cute is he!!!! You rock Mason and Grandpa Bruce!!!!

Joyce on

@stacy Yup, Bruce has two granddaughters. Wish we got to see his kids more often, but they’re smart and stay out of the spotlight! 🙂

Holiday on

I have never dressed my son in pink. To me it just doesnt look good on boys and especially not as much as Mason is wearing. I have friends who sons and they dress them in pink, but its the moms who wanted daughters who usually go over board on pink for boys.

Leslie on

Mason’s wardrobe is probably worth over $10,000!

The Kardashians are indicative of today’s pop-culture values (or lack thereof)… they put tons of time and money into dressing up and looking cute, but don’t seem to value marriage much.

I realize marriage isn’t for everyone, and it’s not a guarantee of future happiness… but if you are willing to have multiple children with someone, why not give a commitment ceremony a chance? You don’t necessarily have to mail in the government paperwork, but why not make vows to one another?

Eventually, Mason will probably ask why his parents didn’t want to commit to one another. At least he has plenty of designer outfits to keep him happy.

Mya on

@ Holiday. Your theory is wrong. I didn’t want a girl. I definitely wanted a boy but my boy is the one wearing pink polka dot sneakers and a Hello Kitty t shirt with his monster truck jeans. He’s always leaned toward pink and pretty sparkly things so I let him pick out and wear what he wants.

I think he looks super cute in whatever he wants to wear. It’s just clothes and it’s just a color.

Micheley on

I love baby Mason and I love his “style”

And this is definitely one of my favorite outfits!

Angela on

If I was a MILLIONAIRE,I’d buy my kid clothes that fit my income. I don’t think Cashdashins shop walmart.

kirsty on

My husband likes to wear a pink tie and on easter he wore a purple shirt and a paisley tie with purple and pink in it, oh no he must be gay! People its a color get over yourself he looks cute

Holiday on

Mya if thats what he wants to wear that is nice you support him on that. How old is he? My son is 6 and would never ever want to wear something considered for a girl. The other day he brought his little sisters hello kitty eraser to school and he ended up throwing it away because he got teased so badly for having a “girl”item. Kids can be super mean. Has your son been teased wearing sparkles and Hello Kitty? Is he school aged? <ine is in kindergarten.

Leslee on


One of my boys is like that, too. Zane is four and he has eclectic tastes, he just likes what he likes, whether it’s “for” boys or “for” girls. In my experience with my older boys, it’s just the beginnings of a guy that likes to pay attention to his dressing and grooming that tends to be remembered for being well dressed.

Nicole on

Mason is always stylish. Style has always been a huge part of the Kardashain girls’ lives. That’s quite literally how Kim got her start in the entertainment business, aside from her home video lol.

Who cares if he wears pink now, I’m sure if he is bothered that greatly by it, he will not choose pink when he can dress himself.

Brooke Francis on

why does Mason still have a binky???? he is 2 and a half!!!!!

Jillian on

I think he looks adorable!!! I know many boys and men who wear pink. I like it on them. My boys have it and wear it whenever they want which is here and there.

Brooke, where does he have a binkie? I don’t see anything wrong with one at 2 1/2, but curious.


dulci on

The Kardashians have a religious affiliation? What is it? The Church of Our Lady of Famewhores?

tlc on

He looks like a little old man from Florida..or Herb Tarlick from WKRP in Cinncinati! LOL…

Jess on

SOOOO cute!

emily on

Jillian- The binky is in Bruce’s hand. And I agree. 2 1/2 is too old for it.

Lauren on

Personally, I do not think $284 is that expensive of an outfit. 1. They are millionaires 2. Even if they weren’t people buy clothing priced like that from Urban Outfitters, Zara, etc. What’s the difference?

Btw I think he looks smashing 🙂

Hea on

Pink is fine for everyone if they like the color and look good wearing it. I for one wouldn’t be caught in anything pink and I doubt I’d ever buy pink clothes for my kids unless they really wanted them.

I do, however, find this pic adorable. It touches my heart to see grandparents with their grandkids.

Stella on

I think Mason looks absolutely adorable. Seems Tom & Drew is actually reasonably priced for high quality boys clothes, which are very hard to find! Pink on boys is so precious. And trust me….I doubt his wardrobe is $10,000!!!