Alicia Silverstone Has No Regrets About Controversial Video

04/10/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
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Alicia Silverstone attracted quite a bit of attention when she posted a video of herself feeding her 11-month-old son Bear Blu mouth-to-mouth.

Despite the fallout since her March video, the actress maintains that there’s nothing wrong with her mealtime method.

“People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process,” Silverstone, 35, told reporters Saturday at a screening of her cult classic Clueless and upcoming film Vamps at the Brooklyn Academy of Art and Music.

“He attacks my mouth and I think it’s adorable … it makes me laugh every time he does it,” she says.

“He also knows how to use his hands and he also eats regular food. When babies are weaning, he still breastfeeds. Some people think that’s disgusting too, which is insane.”

As for the critical commentary that followed, “Honestly, when I posted the video I was not thinking, so maybe I was like [Clueless character] Cher!”

Besides, she points out, it was a personal video posted on her website — hardly propaganda.

“I didn’t think I was inventing anything. I really wasn’t trying to tell anybody what to do,” explains the actress, adding that she was definitely not intending to “cause such a ruckus.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Sarah S. on

still a whackadoodle…

Mya on

I am pretty down to earth and had never heard of this though I do pre-chew sometimes for my baby. I cringed watching him take it from her mouth but seriously? People do worse things to their babies.

And she’s not doing anything wrong.

J on

I can understand the chewing thing to loosen up some tough food, but letting him take it from her mouth with his own mouth is a bit odd.

Also, if he knows how to use his hands to eat then why does she continue to let him eat mouth to mouth like that?

JMO on

As If this is 2012 not 1912!!!!

B.J. on

I agree with J. He’s old enough to feed himself, he’s not a tiny baby bird. I understand that pre-chewing is a part of weaning, but passing it mouth to mouth is just disgusting. It’s like making out with a baby…

Millie on

People, please. There are millions of babies in this world who need your concern, your worry. This isn’t one of them.

Teren on

Of course she has no regrets. This was a very effective ploy to garner attention for her website.

stacey on

I think that she is way beyond weird. That video gave me the creeps.

Leslie on

I was at the dentist last week and the hygienist was talking about this… she said babies don’t have the same bacteria in their mouths as adults and it can cause early tooth decay if a mother’s saliva colonizes in the baby’s mouth. By transferring food from mouth to mouth like this it makes it very likely.

blessedwithboys on

Like I said on the page for the original story, it’s no big deal! I pre-chewed food for my kids. I used my fingers to feed it to them, if we were out, or at home I would put it on the high chair tray. Obviously, I’m not talking about things like bananas, more like meat or raw carrots. I personally never passed it mouth to mouth, but it’s truly not that big of a deal.

PS: Alicia, keep on being a great crunchy mama! And I hope that when you say weaning, you mean just the very beginning of it. Of course, weaning from the breast begins with the first bottle or bite of food, but it can take years and years to complete. My kids had the first bite of solids at 6 months but didn’t wean until 24 mos and 60 mos respectively. So, what I’m trying to say is…I hope you’ll post a video of you nursing Bear on the morning of his first day of Kindy!!!

Angela on

Throw it in a blender or food processor if it’s too tough for baby. Our adult mouths have bacteria that babies don’t need!

Bree on

@blessedwithboys, I pray to God she is NOT still breastfeeding when Bear starts school and find it terrifying that you are proud of the fact that you breastfed your FIVE year old. There is being down to earth and a “crunchy mama” but that is going to far. When a kid is old enough to go to the kitchen and (With some supervision) pour themselves a glass of milk (or juice or water, whatever) or get some food from the cupboard, THEY ARE TOO OLD TO STILL BE BREASTFED!!!!

And no and I not one of those woman who refused to breastfed, although because of medical reasons (with both my daughter and myself) I was unable to breastfeed past three months, I fully support breatfeeding and am devistated that I am unable, I still cry about it, however there is a limit, even if I had been successful I would not have breastfed past 2!!

Jillian on

What you describe, chewing and putting on the tray and what she is doing, chewing and passing from mouth to mouth….are different. And no one calls 5 year olds a 60 month old. Children of this age get no nutritional value in being breastfed. If you did it, which I doubt, you did it for yourself. I was a late breastfeeder with all five of my children but there are limits.


Silly Person on

“People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years.” If she were speaking of birds I would agree with her!

RKF on

@blessedwithboys – If you feel it’s healthy behavior to feed a child via mouth-to-mouth, and breastfeed your 5 year old, I cannot fathom what else you do. That’s not being a “crunchy mama” – that’s horrifying.

Tee on

Pre-chewing food to soften it up is most certainly a common practice that dates back to the beginning of time. I’m sure Mary pre-chewed food for Jesus. But passing it from mouth to mouth is NOT now nor has it ever been a common practice. It’s really disturbing to me that someone would consider this as part of the weaning process.

Blessedwithboys, you are well within your rights to nurse your children however long you want, even if others don’t agree with you. (I’d be one of them, truth be told. I firmly believe in extended nursing but not to such an age.) But why on earth are you referring to your child as being 60 months old? I’m actually being serious here… what purpose do you have in saying that he is 60 months old, rather than 5 years?

Holiday on

60 month old? Why cant you just say I breast fed my 5 year old. My daughter is 23 months and I do not even use her age in months. You strike me as a very odd woman. I do still nurse my 23 month old but there is no way I could nurse a 5 year old. My son is 6 and the thought of him on my breast makes me shudder. I honestly feel sorry for your kids. I am sure the 5 year old has nightmares remembering sucking on his moms breasts.

Marky on

When your child can climb up in your lap and unbutton your blouse, or when they ask for the breast by name, it’s time to stop. Your body may be made for having and nourishing infants, but get real! It’s not the ONLY thing you are supposed to do. The 5 year old may not even be getting proper nutrition from the foods their body really needs, when they are being breastfed at 5. Not to mention, they might be being somewhat crippled emotionally, if they are taking the breast on their way to Kindergarten! I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding, but you don’t live in the jungles of South America where there isn’t sufficient food for the children. 60 months? Who says that? For that matter, who says “Kindy”? “Crunchy mama” should not equate to “freakshow mama”. Sorry, just the facts…….

Anonymous on


I fail to see how breastfeeding a 5 year old warrants such an ovation. They are physically capable of drinking from a cup, even if you wanted to express into a cup, so be it. But intentionally breastfeeding a 5 year old is not more beneficial to the child, than from a cup.

If your 5 year old only finds comfort in your breasts, and not via cuddles and kisses, this is an issue, it is not “cute”. By this age you should be fully capable of bonding in other ways.

I breastfed, so I’m all for it. But at 5, frankly is disturbing.

Sandra on

Sorry, but that is really gross! I could never think of doing that when my 2 children were babies! Yuck. Do you know how many germs are in the mouth? But then again, it isn’t my baby, so to each his own! But I have to say it again, YUCK!!

Kelly on

It’s sick. Why doesn’t she just use a fork to make smaller pieces? I would never feed my baby that way.

Sharon on

gross. What a weirdo.

Anna on

It’s not just the bacteria and fungi, its bacteria and fungi being given to an infant without a fully developed immune system. There are many things that people did for thousands of years that science has taught us are unwise and technology has made unnecessary. Until quite recently, food processors were not an option. (And do you know what the infant mortality rate was when more people chewed food for their little ones?)

acorr on

@ blessedwithboys, I am right there with you. Although I nursed for 3 years. Some of us just have this innate capability to go where others might not. I am also proud to have been able to provide for my child in ways beyond breastfeeding.

Pre-chewing food, which more often was then transferred to a utensil. I had, on occasion, fed mouth to mouth. Believe me people, you’d have to be doing mouth to mouth feeding for years for your child to incurr any detrimental dental disease. This form of feeding may bother some people but just remember, there are most likely things that you do as a parent that others may not agree with. There is no need to insult ones character because you don’t agree with something.

Sandy on

The mortality rate had nothing to do with pre-chewing food and everything to do with the lack of hand-washing and medical care.

As for extended breastfeeding, nursing a baby/child is always beneficial. The nutrients and benefits of breastfeeding don’t end when a child turns one. I am nursing my three year old and I can assure you, she isn’t emotionally or nutritionally stunted. She is getting nutrition far above anything she could get “from a cup”. Breast milk is a live substance, best taken from the source. Even pumping and feeding causes it to lose some nutrients.

“Put it in a cup!”
“Use a food processor!”
“Baby MUST sleep in a crib!”
“Don’t you have a stroller? It can’t be healthy to carry him all the time!”

These are all things people say to promote detachment of parents/children. Unfortunately, detachment is the opposite of what babies need. Babies who are attached cry less often and end up LESS needy than babies who are constantly put in contraptions, spending little time close to parents. Babies are SUPPOSED to be attached well into the preschool years. It is not good for mom or baby to be encouraged to be “independent” before these years. Independence comes in stages, naturally. All children will wean from the breast, most by age four, and rarely before age two, when they are allowed to wean naturally at their own pace. All children will learn to feed themselves, even if we don’t shovel wallpaper paste (rice cereal) into their mouths at 4 months old.

It is only ignorance that has people making rude comments about Alicia Silverstone and her method of introducing solid foods, or any woman who chooses the BEST nutrition for her child by breastfeeding as long as possible (the World Health Organization recommends AT LEAST two years). It’s only in the last 50 years or so that the idea that babies/children should be independent has gained momentum in this country.

christa on

When I looked at that video, it made me sick to my stomach.

ClaireSamsmom on

I am sure if she asked a pediatrician or family physician if this was a healthy and good way to feed her son, he or she would say no. But, she doesn’t care. She is very stuck in her ways…and her views and so, it won’t matter what anyone would say about this.

I don’t care for Alicia anymore….I find her annoying, I do not enjoy her films and she can do what she wants with her child. I would NEVER feed my children in this matter and when I saw the video I was disgusted. Do what you want Alicia…but, if you don’t want others making comments, don’t post the video.

krissa on

I have no problem with how she feeds her child.

Her child, her choice.

I totally disagree with her saying “People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process”

krissa on

And as far as breastfeeding your 60 month old (also known as 5yrs old), from an adult perspective – my husband has a friend who was breastfed up until age 5.

He told me that when he sees our kids at age 5,the thought of him at his mothers breast at that age is very disturbing and he is embarrassed that the guys know about it (his sister told us).

Sandy on

I know several people who remember nursing and all of them have fond memories of it.

Daniella on

Seriously, Alicia, there’s a reason infant mortality rates used to be upwards of 25% to 30% throughout history. It’s because people did things like pre-chewing & feeding mouth-to-mouth, the latter of which I still don’t think was ever the norm. We now know that such practices are highly unsanitary & even dangerous to an infant, because whatever illness you have in your body can very, very easily be transferred to the infant through saliva or blood particles.

My bacteriology & virology professors used Alicia’s little article from a few weeks as an example in class of what NOT to do if you don’t want to transfer bacteria or viruses to a young child. Or just spread diseases in general, which humans were awesome at until just recently. And for all the other ladies on here who don’t mind what Alicia did, I think I’ll listen to the professors/doctors who have doctorates in these subjects.

T on

Screwball….she’s not thinking that her son will be a teenager one day and have to answer for his nutball mother.

poppykai on

Alicia strikes me as a very “granola” parent who doesn’t want to rely on any modern conveniences (food processor?) to aid in the care of her child. I wonder what her stance on vaccinating is and if she will refuse vaccines. I understand everyone has a different view on how to best raise a child but fortunately we live in an age when we know what is sanitary and least likely to transmit diseases. To not take advantage of this knowledge to keep our children as healthy as possible is absurd. I can see if you are out with no way of grinding up food for a baby that you might chew it a little for them but I really don’t get the mouth to mouth benefit.

As for breastfeeding a 5 year old, I don’t even know what to say other than I saw a program about a woman in England who was still breastfeeding her 7 year old and the girl laid in her mother’s lap to feed and was the length of the sofa! It was rather disturbing. Needless to say, we all just do the best we can for our children and hope that they turn out well.

Dee on

As kids we all ate from our mother’s mouth. And with my son (21 months) if he is going to chew on something and I think its too hard I chew it a bit. Not till it’s mush or anything but especially when he is teething and miserable and I dont want him surviving on milk, I put his chicken and give it two or three quick chomps with my fron teeth and give it to him.

He is my child, I carried him for almost 10 months, I pushed him out w/out meds and if I feel like partially chewing his food, there is nothing wrong with that.

I dont understand what the big whoopla is about. Even to this day if my mom is eating a candy or something I take it from her mouth. She is my mom, there is nothing gross about it. North Americans are so uptight about some things jeez!!!

JMO on

Sandy when you use the method of attachment parenting of course your children don’t cry bc they’re always with mommy and daddy glued to the hip.

Sorry to say but anyone that breastfeeds their child beyond three is not doing it for the child. This is something the PARENT is afraid to let go of. I couldn’t imagine my child in preschool and him/her saying to their little friend “can’t wait to go home for some boobie time with my mommy!”

60 month old. Kindy? LOL best laugh of the day!

Sarah on

I admit it kind of grosses me out but it’s her baby and if that’s what she wants to do then big whoop. I don;t see a problem as long as it’s not causing the little guy any harm.

B.J. on

I have memories of being two years old (escaping my crib at bedtime, watching my crib get sold). I love my mom, we’re extremely close, but if I could remember breastfeeding, I would be REALLY embarrassed! I can’t imagine…

I saw a “60 month old” (better known as a five year old!) breastfeeding at Disneyland, of all places, and it was disturbing. The kid is basically old enough to read. Time to let them grow up already!

Tammy on

Its personally not my style, but if it works for her, good. There are many different ways to raise your child…you need to find what works for YOU and not what society thinks should be done.

Rae on

I have been feeding my baby girl mouth to mouth since she was very little. She is almost two. I still feed her mouth to mouth. it’s not a nasty thing to do when your child is hungry and I need the food mashed up so she won’t choke. I wish I would of videoed feeding my daughter like she did.

Sarah on

Come on folks, who cares? There are far worse things happening to children in this world. Yeah, she’s a little wacky and it’s not something I would do, but it’s really not a big deal.

moomoo on


reyschelle toth on

psh please people. get priorities. our country is a complete disaster and u worry about a momma feeding her child from her mouth? omfg! who gives a load if she does this? its her child, go away!!

Shawnie on

Who cares really? I think it’s kind of gross too…but she’s not abusing him or anything! We all have different parenting styles and it’s not our place to say what’s “correct” and what’s not. If you don’t like it…then don’t do it. There are thousands of children that are being seriously abused by their parents RIGHT this second….let’s focus on helping them and leave her alone.

Cassie on

Who refers to their child as 60 months old!?

Putting it in month terms doesn’t make it any less creepy that you were still breastfeeding your 5 year old @blessedwithboys…’s just uncalled for. It’s no ones fault to blame other than the Mothers for not putting a stop to it. Can we say attachment issues!? on

Cornell studied this method of feeding and supports it since the mom’s saliva contains immune boosting antibodies.

Anna on

Exactly, Angela! That’s what I was thinking. Can this woman not afford a blender? Or a fork? Spitting food into her child’s mouth? It’s over the top and ridiculous. And then putting it online for the world to see? Did Alicia think that people wouldn’t be disgusted? She had to KNOW she’d get a huge response, and not a GOOD response. Is she so desperate for attention that she’ll settle for negative grossed out attention?

Victoria on

You cannot compare breast feeding to what she was doing. They are two completely different things. Breast feeding is natural. Chewing your child’s food and spitting it into their mouth is disgusting.

Anonymous on

You do know that there are kids being neglected by their mothers, right??? I mean, sure Alicia is worse than them because she actually loves her kid but give her a break. she is doing the best she can – not everyone can handle a starving baby….

Karah on

I bite off pieces of food for my 13 month old but I don’t prechew. In all honesty though this is something very stupid to get upset about. Besides the fact that all of us have done something “gross” by someone elses standards it’s her kid and it’s not going to hurt him.

I find it more upsetting that thousands of kids in our country and even more around the world don’t even have food to eat let alone from a mom who decides prechewing food works for her. In fact I bet in most of our schools there is a child in almost every classroom who goes hungry. My daughter just told me her teacher shares lunch with a student because he doesn’t get to eat lunch everyday.

There are much more horrifying things out there…

jaQ on

i don’t understand the controversy at all. i’ve done this with my older 3 kids, and will do it with my 4th too. what the hell is the uproar about? why do we have to attack different parenting styles? i don’t care for traditional parenting, but i’m not calling anyone a whackdoodle for doing what they feel is right for them…

leapingwaters on

all the negative comments just show how small your world is.

her method, like she stated is thousands of years old…but most people that have commented negatively also probably think it is ‘crazy’ to have a natural, drug free delivery, find breastfeeding too time consuming, and likely find co sleeping and attachment parenting bizarre…yet gorging your child on processed junk formula, propping up bottles, circumcising, and vaccinating your newborn infant are perfectly normal as well as letting your infant cry themselves until they pass out from their brain excreting chemicals to force them to shut down are all acceptable…because that’s what you are brainwashed into believing…and yet we wonder why our society is breaking down…

kuddos to her for being such a loving, educated parent…too bad more people don’t opt for sterilization.

Heather on

I’ve never heard of chewing your food for your child. Don’t give them food they can’t eat..ppprrreeetttyyy simple- let alone feeding them mouth to mouth, and I’m from one of the most liberal cities in America, so it’s NOT something that tons of women do. It’s not the end of the world though. This is Alicia’s child, she’ll do what she wants, obviously.

My husbands aunt breastfed her daughter until she was at least 5 years old… she’s up her mother’s butt constantly at age 12. So I’m thinking the folks that are saying they “remember” being breasfed and it makes them happy, are also doing this with their own children- nothing wrong with it if that’s what you believe- I’m not one of them. I peronsally believe you ought to stop at 2. I have 2 children who were only breastfed for 10 days and 3 weeks, and it killed me to only be able to do that long. My goal was a year, but alas, it didn’t happen.

At the end of the day, I respect a mother who breastfeeds her children until age 5 years, WAY more than I respect a mother who NEVER breastfeeds. THOSE mothers make me cringe.

Anonymous on

Oh I get that its a bit weird, since we now own food processors and magic bullets so we don’t have to revert to these less then hygienic practices. Pre chewing is not for me BUT I think it’s a shame that this is getting so much hot press. How about the celebs that give their kids junk food or lets them play on the game system too much, why aren’t these people getting negative press???? Poor diet and no excersize are far more harmful to children then spitting in your baby’s mouth.

tlc on

This whole granola thing is okay as long as it’s not taken too far. Breastfeeding a FIVE YEAR OLD? OMG..that’s just insane. It’s not for HIS benefit, it’s for yours. YOU are the one with attachment issues, not the child. Calling him 60 months old doesn’t make it seem any better. Seems as though you may be a little leery to post he was FIVE and thought that 60 months sounded better or more apprpriate?

Breastfeeding BABIES is fine..even up to 3. But when they can ask for it and drink it out of a cup, it’s gone too far. What do you do when you are out or on a playdate? Lift your shirt and let him have a drink??? What about all the other kids watching? How disturbing to see a KINDERGARTEN kid breastfeeding. It’s so over the top it’s ridiculous! Wonder how many issues your 60 month old will have when he’s 72 months or 84 months old and knows none of his friends do it?

You are a whackjob!!!

Roxanne Webb on

what’s wrong with baby food? This is what it is for.

Amanda on

Oh my gosh. The video Alicia Silverstone made is not nearly as disturbing as many of the comments left on this article. I say “to each their own” but when your weirdo child-rearing habits have a negative impact on your children a line has to be drawn.

Breast feeding children that are old enough to remember it? Worse, 5 year olds? Tell yourself unusual contact such as that at such a formidable age doesn’t cause issues in adolesence/adulthood in the form of sexual confusion. Spitting food in their mouths? What is the difference between you spitting food in their mouths versus your mother spitting food in your adult mouth today? The fact that you have the sense and ability to object. If you want to be old school and feed your baby solids; use a stinking mortar and pestle.

graceandpeas on

OMG I can’t even handle all the judgmental jerks. Seriously. She’s just being a mom. She didn’t say this is some special kind of technique everyone should be doing. She’s being frickin’ PLAYFUL with him. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!


FYI, Breastmilk doesn’t have a shelf life. There is absolutely no truth to the statement that there is no nutritional value to a child of 5 (or any age) from breastfeeding. Can these nutritional needs be met in other ways, sure; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the milk. Breastfeed as long as you and your child wants, more power to you @blessed with boys.

megs on

She is so unbelievably annoying. I can’t wait to read the story in a few years that says her son attacked some kid at school by the mouth because he wanted to have some of their food. I wish I didn’t even bother reading this…or leaving this comment for that matter, but I got sucked into the vortex of crazy that is Alicia Silverstone.

linda on

I really do love Alicia but even if this pre-chew thing has been around a long time and she is his mother….it still looks gross to me. What about GERMS. Yuck! Then again…who knows. I still love her and I’m sure she is a good mommy. And she loves animals, which is always a plus for me.

georgiaonmymind on

It’s her child! No one has the right to tell her what to do with HER child! Sheesh people get a grip! Not a big deal at all!

kate on

does she know how many germs are in a persons mouth? its so unhealthy for a person to do this

Anna on

I find it disgusting that a few of you are breastfeeding your children till 5. That is gross. Do you see other animals breastfeeding that long. NO! When a cow or goat or any other animal is old enough to eat solid foods, NO MORE BREASTFEEDING! That’s how humans are meant to be too. There comes a time when you are just doing it for yourself and that’s just gross. And feeding them out of your mouth… what the heck do you think you are a bird. UM NO! If they child can’t chew it up, don’t give it to them. Find something else for them to eat. That’s why they make this little thing called Baby Food! Look it up. Babies love it.

Linda on

Gross, Baby Bear is getting no nutrients only Mama Bear is

Didn't nurse my 60 month old on

I nursed all 3 of my kids. One for 10 months (she weaned herself) and the other two for 16 months. I have NEVER pre chewed food. I let my kids cry it out. Does that make me a horrible mother? I know the answer is No! I am sad for blessed with boys that she calls her son 60 months old (that made me LOL) and that she nursed her son before kindy. I hugged and kissed them as I walked them to the door. I did not see anyone else nursing their child either. I get that it’s hard to let go as a Parent, but come on? Where does it stop?

Marky on

leapingwaters, when you bring up vaccination as a negative thing, I want you to go spend some time at an Easter Seal Clinic, as I have done, and watch a beautiful 6 yr. old girl struggle on a crawl board to make it 5 feet in one hour. Birth defect? No, this child had Measles, and as a result of the encephalitis which often goes along with Measles or Chickenpox, that little girl will NEVER walk again, NEVER feed herself again, NEVER speak again, and never make it across the room on that crawl board. And before you jump upn and yell, BUT WHAT ABOUT AUTISM, research has shown over and over that vaccines have nothing to do with Autism.

I respect a parent choosing attachment parenting, if they like; I respect a parent BF as I was a lactation consultant myself. I respect lots of choices parents make, BUT those choices should be made in the best interest of the child, and not just to make you feel all special and fuzzy. Every choice should be made with your child’s best interest in mind.

Chewing their food and spitting in their mouth is NOT for your child, it is lazy beyond words, that you would not properly prepare food for your child. Children who are over 6-7 months and not beginning to eat food prepared properly for them are not getting enough of the proper nutrients, and that is not coming out of my A##! I’m stessing properly prepared! Circumcision is a family’s business, not yours–your kid, do as you please; someone else’s child, their choice. You accuse others of “letting their babies cry until their brain excretes chemicals that make them pass out”; I don’t know a single person who does that, did that, or would even consider it!!

I do know people whose children can self-soote as well as be soothed by their mom, and though BF, do not find their only solace in hanging on their mother’s breast until they are 7 years old! What the heck? Who is nuts here? A 5 year old who has no ability to calm themselves without their mother’s breast has missed several levels of development that are crucial to success as a human, let alone as an adult.

Shannon on

I just hate when people say “baby” as in “the food is too tough for baby”. Its THE baby. Or “make sure to support babys head”….THE babys head. Weirdos Every kids name is not baby

QuietStorm on

Her child, her life.

Nancy on

There are parents out there who abandon their children, abuse them, murder them and here you have someone who loves her child and you want to pick on her. Do you really think she feeds her son from her mouth when she’s sick? Do you think she takes a big bite of crap before she feeds her child? No, she doesn’t. She is being a mother who cares for her child and if she wants to pre-chew his food and feed it from her mouth that is her business. My guess, she has pretty good oral hygiene if she is doing this. Everyone should concern themselves with their own children or if you don’t have children maybe concern yourselves with helping children who are abused.

Tee on

After reading through all the comments, I have two thoughts…

First of all, there are a lot of people that are commenting that they have pre-chewed food for their child and don’t understand why people are so upset over it. If you’d read through what people are saying, you’d see that the majority of posters are disgusted at the idea of pre-chewing food. It’s the fact that Alicia spit the food from her mouth into her son’s mouth that have people bothered. There’s a huge difference between softening up some food by chewing it a bit and then giving it to your child and actually spitting it from your mouth to your child’s mouth.

Second of all, I find it highly amusing when people comment along the lines of, “Don’t you have anything better to worry about? There are starving kids and the world is going to hell in a handbasket and yet you’re complaining about how this woman feeds her child. At least her child gets to eat!”

Um, this is a celebrity baby website! It’s not MSN or some major news channel. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of the people that comment here are also concerned about starving children and whatnot. But this website isn’t the place to express those types of concerns. Why do you think it’s either/or?

jamie lee on

this is very strange….never heard of it…i agree with passing the germs and i agree with breastfeeding, but not a 60 month old…get a job!!

jamie lee on

i agree, her baby, her life…but it is rather strange, but who are we to judge?

Amanda on

I see nothing wrong with this, I wouldn’t do it, but she’s not harming her child. And with everyone saying about the bacteria that is being passed, what do you think happens when you bite off a piece of food and give it to your child? Your saliva is on the piece of food that also carries bacteria. Or if you ever shared a sip of water with your child, or gave them something off of you fork or spoon, same thing. Everyone needs to get over themselves. I found it to be really cute. Lighten up people, he’s a baby.

MeMe on

If you look up for the villager woman of Alaska and what some religions do right here in USA, you will find out that what Alicia does is not something new but something that has been going on for centuries.

ClaireSamsmom on

How ridiculous to be breastfeeding a five year old. What in the world? For some reason, and it isn’t for health benefits, that’s for sure, some people out there do this and I think they like to look for others to validate their odd decision, so they can feel better about themselves. Like, “what a great crunchy mama, and “hope you’ll post a pic of him nursing on his first day of kindy.” Who says that kind of thing? If I saw a mother nursing her child at my daughters kindergarten before school, it would be appalling and really quite gross. While I advocate breastfeeding and did it with my children when they were…ahem, babies….going that long is nuts. And again, pre-chewing food and spitting it in your babies mouth exposes them to bacteria and germs that could make them ill.

LTA on

It shouldn’t be a matter of whether or not it’s disgusting. It should be about what her son may face when he enters a locker room for the 1st time.

Brooklyn on

I don’t have kids, but I can never see myself doing that when I do. PERSONALLY, I find it weird.

Meagan on

I’ve never even heard of pre chewing! If they aren’t able to thoroughly chew the food then they aren’t big enough for it yet. To each their own but we are humans not birds and mouth to mouth feeding is gross. I dont see how it could be healthy for the baby to basically suck moms spit!! No ones mouth is that clean….. whatever lol

Tammy on

I can’t believe people are even talking about this. Who cares what a mother decides to do when it comes to feeding her child? If she’s not hurting the little one, what’s the harm? Seriously. Media and those reading it need to get a life and stick to real news!

ecl on

I nursed my son for 12 months and then felt very done with it. But who made all you experts on when is the proper time to stop nursing? If they can ask for it, they’re too old? That’s just some generic comment that people hear and then repeat because it sounds funny, but it has no evidence backing it up. If you are going to run your mouth off, at least make sure it has a basis in reality rather than merely conventional thinking.

susie on

shes not doing anything wrong…until the kid gets strep…yuk!

wanda on

Omg spitting food into a child’s mouth is gross. I also don’t agree that you should be breast feeding a 5yr old. That is definitely ridiculous and obviously the Mother has a problem with seperation, not the child. If I child can walk, talk and get food for itself there is no way he/she should be breastfed. Totally gross.

Mike on

She is a weirdo! Next she’ll say naming her son Bear is normal.

Noodles on

I think that she is a dedicated mother, who put a conscious effort into doing whats good for her, her family, and the environment instead of just being the typical, “stuff my kid full of red 40, high fructose corn syrup in a bottle and buy tons of expensive new everything and shove last weeks stuff in a landfill”— she deserves some slack! If only all moms were this devoted we’d all be a lot more healthy.

A. on

@blessedwithboys- Breastfeeding a “60 month old” (he’s 5 years old, you freak), is unnatural, inappropriate, and completely perverse!!!

Babies are breastfed to get the needed nutrition from their mother. Kindergarten age children are meant to eat a well-balanced diet like the rest of us. I feel sorry for your children.

LT on

I have never posted on anything like this, but Sandy, for you to say that babies rarely wean themselves before age 2 is a bit extreme. I absolutely loved breastfeeding my daughter. She loved doing it as well. One day when she was 10.5 months old, she was finished. She didn’t want it. I tried everything I could think of, read much on the subject of nursing strikes and how to fix them, but this was just not the case. She didn’t want to nurse. She also had never EVER taken a bottle and was exclusively breastfed. She wouldn’t even take my breastmilk when I pumped it. She has a severe dairy allergy so I would have LOVED to have continued breastfeed for much, much, longer. You should not judge people who do not breastfeed as long as you because you never know what the circumstances are that led them to stop. If everyone would just focus a little more on the wellbeing of their own children instead of judging everyone elses parenting, all children would be a lot better off!!

alisonbennettcase on

I have always passed over comment sections like this because the narrow-mindedness makes me nuts, but this time I had to comment. People’s understanding of breastfeeding is SO off-base. Do even a small amount of research and you will quickly see that our American ethos of independence above all has pushed babies, literally, out of the arms of their mother’s far earlier than nature intended. Breastfeeding rates in this country come no where near the recommended length by the World Health Organization (2 years MINIMUM). Breast milk never stops having nutritional value; it just gradually becomes a smaller percentage of a baby’s diet. It has natural antibodies that no food can replicate. As for the idea of moms continuing to breastfeed for some personal reason and not because the child wants to…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You cannot make a child nurse at your breast. Not going to happen. Both of my children would have happily continued nursing had I let them, and they were nearly three years old when I finally said it’s time. My “kindy” still sticks his face in my chest and inhales deeply–I know he misses it. Research shows that natural child-led weaning would average out at about age 4. Unfortunately, few people get to see this process and it has thus become weird to us. That makes me so sad.

lemur on

I threw up in my mouth watching this, but it is part of the organic parenting practices so many people choose. I could never do it, or really hang out with someone who did, would make me sick, BUT she is teaching him to eat, he is gowing independent, they both enjoy it and hey, less dishes to wash. I don’t get, just like I don’t do the gender free parenting, or the attachment parenting or the family bed….I make choices that fit my comfort level and the social norms of my familly. Good for her for doing the same. I actually talked about this video in class as I was teaching my 2nd graders about penquins who feed essentially the same way, some of my kids watched the video and shared their thoughts. So, gross, maybe, practical, maybe, educational, yes. You go, do what works for you and write a book for babies college fund.

lemur on

Did I just read someone breast fed for 60 (sixty) months? That seems socially dangerous to me. When kids are independent, playing at friends homes, riding bikes, playing t-ball, and they stop to go breast feed, that will have a social backlash. Kids need independence, and a major part of that is the independence of feeding. I had a student in first grade temporarily removed from the home because of breast feeding at 6, mom actually came to school at lunch time. The child was teased and wanted to stop but mom would not. DHS had to get involved. Crazy situation. I think you need to do some reading about the developmental stages of early childhood and plan your parenting choices to coincide with what kids need and are capable of at their age. Whacko is ok UNLESS and UNTIL the kid is uncomfortable, then all bets are offl

Cyndi on

And she probably has no problem letting her dogs lick from her mouth as well…disgusting and a freak…

silly fight on

Its been awhile since my babies were small – they are ages 8-16 respectively – but I must say that I wish I’d enjoyed them being little and staying innocent for as long as it was possible. Kids grow up WAY too fast these days what with social media, fastion, etc. The ‘granola’ friends I had who did things like homeschooling, breastfeeding till grade school, the family bed and so on have children who are younger emotionally, more tied to their family, and keep innocent longer. My kids are great kids but I do wish I’d held on to their childhood more and not been in such a rush to tick off all the ‘expected’ boxes for kids at each stage.

Alisa Broadway on

Who cares if she feeds her son like this!
She is not abusing him, neglecting him, screaming at him, ignoring him
He was not born to a crack addict and she is not on Welfare!
We may think it is a little weird, plenty of times I have taken something in my mouth bite off a piece and then fed it to my babies!WHO CARES
She gave birth to him, if this is how she wants to do this then so be it!!

Shawna on

Wow! People here sure are uneducated about extended breastfeeding. I breastfed both my girls until they were 4 years old and I can assure you they are both just fine. My older daughter is now 10 years old and is a healthy, well-adjusted child (highly intelligent, talented athlete, etc). My younger daughter is 6.5 and she is also doing well. Neither girl has any weird feelings about the fact that they used to nurse. They know that’s what breasts are for. I find it insane that grown women can be so completely immature about something so natural.

mimi on

of course breastfeeding is natural, but from a psychological standpoint, i think it is unhealthy to breastfeed a child ages 4 and up. maybe the nutrients are good for the child, but certainly the child should be reaching other milestones and developing socially.

strange to think i was reading books and newspapers at age four, while others were still feeding from their mother’s breast.

pickschamp on

Who cares? It’s her baby. She can raise him any way she wishes. Just like Shawna. I have a child. I think it’s strange that someone would breastfeed their child until they were four years old. Really Strange. It’s none of my business. But it is still really strange.

pickschamp on

Her baby, her life is right. I’m not judging Shawna for breastfeeding her child until they were four, even though I think it’s strange. It is really strange. It’s none of my business. To each their own but it is really strange. Seriously that’s weird!

hmmmmmmm on

People did a lot of stuff years ago doesn’t mean we do it now though lol there’s a reason why we DON’T do it anymore..I find it kind of sad someone would breastfeed their child until kindergarten because I remember my child first day and she was so excited talking about the fun she would have and all the new friends she would make,she wasn’t thinking ,”Ok I need to be breastfed right quick” she gave me a kiss and she walked into class like every other child in the schoool building some mothers had tears in their eyes including mine but none of them were unbuttoning shirts wanting to feed their kids..Some point we have to say they arent babies now they are little kids and let them be kids,they have passed the stage in life where they can’t feed themselves it’s time to move on to the next stage not hold them back because you don’t want to let go.

Kathy on

Dear Mom, Thank you for raising me to be a thoughtful, responsible adult. I love you and just wanted to thank you so very much for not chewing my food for me when I was a child and thank you for not forcing me to breast feed at the age when kids are going to kindergarten. Can you even imagine if one of my little friends had come over and seen that freak show!!! I can’t even imagine what kind of social skills such a child would have. I thank God that you were a wonderful, normal mom and did not have sick, demented needs that boarder on sexual abuse in the guise of being a good mom.

bush on

i feel sorry for this baby. where is the father? she obviously has a problem and is unconsciously calling for help.

Kat A. on

Everyone needs to focus on their own lives and less on those of others. Every mother has a right to raise her child the way she feels is best. Whether it be breastfeeding toddlers, pre-chewing food, only eating orgnic, becoming vegan, it is not up to others to berate another mom because she does things different then you. So everyone needs to “BACK OFF” and worry about your self.

Heather on

I do not see any problem with this at all. We are all very different people, different mothers. She isn’t harming him. She is merely feeding him in a manner she chose. Leave her alone and let her be the mother to her son, not the public!

Liz on

I just watched the video…this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. What’s wrong with people? The poor kid is going to be on his first date and think the girl is supposed to feed him like this. Give the kid a spoon!!

Felicia on

Crazy lady

brezi on

shes a dirty hippie, and i love it!

brezi on

shes a dirty hippie, and i love it!!!!!

emma on

What a nitwit. People have not been feeding their children that way for thousands of years. Pre-chewing the food? Yes. Feeding mouth to mouth? No.

I’d respect her more if she just said she did it because she thinks it’s cool. Fabricating a fantasy story about human cultural practices just makes her look stupid.

Mia on

I think people tend to forget that when they have kids – they are actually trying to raise them to be independent adults….not baby them their whole lives.

1. I think this is disgusting + unnecessary – it’s 2012 + we have evolved as a civilization + society to not have to this — let alone it can’t be very hygienic.

2. Breast feeding is fine if it is an infant – they need the nutrients + can’t hold their head up…..but once they can hold a bottle + eat solid foods – @ a few months of age — it’s time to stop. Anything over the age of about 1 year old is disgusting + inappropriate.

If the toddler/kid is old enough to ask for food – there is no logical reasoning to actually be breast feeding… creepy + selfish.

Aimee on

I think what people were grossed out by was more that she didn’t just break pieces up a bit, she full on chewed and savored it & then fed him mouth to mouth. Personally I think its quite gross & not necessary. What, if any, nutrients are left? To each his own she will do as she sees fit. It just seems we all practice good hygene and I certainly would fee lterrible if I were her & passed a virus on to my baby because of that method. The flu & the accompanying components of it….woof.

acorr on

Mia, have you ever breast fed?

acorr on

Mia, have you ever been around your own child, in a pinch, without rations and had to improvise with whatever solids you had because your child doesn’t have teeth and the only food around is just a bit to tough to smush with a fork?

acorr on

Mia, has your “infant child” ever been sick and the only thing they can hold down is your breast milk?

Indira on

I’m not a mom, hopefully one day but, I do work with school age children from 3-7 years old. It is hard to imagine any of these children being breastfed. They are big and able, many of them can speak and communicate their needs. By that age, I would hope that a strong bond has already been established so that both parties have moved past it. Personally I think a full year is a good time to stop.

I do think that some of you need to grow up. There isn’t anything inappropriate about breast feeding past age 1. There nothing wrong about it no matter how odd it is.

libb on

Who cares!!!… She’s a mom and NO ONE should judge her on how she raises her child. Does anyone judge you on your parenting skills – then SHUT UP!!!…

Shanna on

@Mia, firstly I find your, uh, method of typing really annoying.. Secondly, I wonder if you are a mother.. A baby’s main source of nutrition for their first year of life should be breastmilk or formula. My pediatrician even told me that a breastfed baby doesn’t need solids for the first year of his life because anything else you give him is NOT going to be as nutritious as breastmilk. Solid food before the age of 1 for a breastfed baby is mostly for them to get used to the idea of eating. Every baby is different. But, babies are able to start solids and hold their own bottle (depending on the baby as each develop differently) at 4-6 months old. According to you, that is when breastfeeding should stop? That is seriously skewed. Babies can’t even have cow’s milk until the age of 1 and need either breastmilk or formula as their #1 form of nutrition until then. It’s pretty apparent you must not be a mother and if you are, you are very misinformed. To each their own. I personally don’t feel the need to breastfeed past 1 year but that is mostly due to my own selfish reasons. I think anybody who can do extended breastfeeding is pretty amazing to put their lives on hold for so long in order to do that. As a breastfeeding mom, I understand the difficulties of breastfeeding. For one, you have to eat nutritionally balanced.. Abstain from alcohol.. Can’t take certain prescription pills.. Sometimes have to cut things out of your diet entirely.. It’s not an easy task. Not to mention have to suffer from ridicule from people who think that breastfeeding is “disgusting”.. I personally find drinking milk out of another animal that was meant for THEIR babies to be rather disgusting but that’s my own personal feeling and I’m not going to shove it down anybody else’s throat. To each their own. BUT, to call somebody disgusting for feeding their HUMAN baby HUMAN milk is absurd. I do think 5 years seems a little too long to still be breastfeeding, however, but like I say.. to each their own. I don’t understand why people are getting angry or upset about it. It just goes to show you how brainwashed we are as a society to be upset about a woman breastfeeding, enough to call them a freak, but you will give your child cow’s milk that was made for a baby cow? Anyway. 5 years of breastfeeding sounds extreme to me and I would worry about that child feeling the need to be comforted in that way at such an age but I by no means will call this mother a “freak.” There are a lot worse some children have to go through/get over and turn out just fine.