Alyson Hannigan Thinks Baby Poop Is No Big Deal

04/07/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

For Alyson Hannigan, the moment she knew she was a mother was more about an unpleasant scent than a sentimental moment.

Her parenting epiphany? “I wasn’t grossed out about being pooped on,” the actress, whose latest film, American Reunion, is out now, said at the recent Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party.

Perhaps that goes along with her mommy motto: “Make things fun and don’t rush. Find the humor and the fun in things.”

When it comes to raising her 3-year-old daughter, Satyana Marie, Hannigan, 38, who’s expecting her second child in June with husband of nearly nine years Alexis Denisof, says it’s all about honesty.

“I don’t lie to her,” she says, adding, “I sometimes emphasize another part of the truth.”

But when her kid’s away, she’ll play. Her go-to? “A game of Angry Birds,” she says.

— Alison Schwartz

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Tee on

I never minded being pooped on either. I mean, I’m washable!

kjc on

A baby poop from an exclusively breasted baby doesn’t stink, so that definitely helps!

Mia on

@kjc – I highly doubt that……all poop is poop.

stepinsidemyheart on

kjc–definitely not always true. My niece (who was exclusively breastfed) had the stinkiest poops. She’s now 3 and can clear a room like a grown man–perhaps it’s just dependent on the person?

SAR on

Yep, when you have a baby, you adjust to things like being pooped on and peed on and thrown up on. It all washes off.

Sharon on

I agree that MOST babies who are exclusively breastfed have fairly non smelly poop. Until they start solids of course, then it’s just like everyone else.

Beth on

As gross as it sounds, I didn’t mind being pooped, peed or spit up on by my daughter, because my clothes and myself are all very washable! But when that stuff landed on the carpet or the sofa…different story all together. So yeah, I’d take it on me any day rather than somewhere in my house!

Michelle on

@Beth, exactly!

kjc on

I didn’t say the poop didn’t smell, because it does, but it definitely doesn’t stink.

me on

lol kjc you must remember breastmilk comes from whatever the mother is eating. so if the mother is eating foods that would normally make her poop smelly then im sure she’d pass that on to the child. im sure a breastfed baby whos mom eats all organic food and stuff probabbly doesnt have smelly poops… it all depends on the food

Emily on

kjc is right. babies who are exclusively breastfed don’t USUALLY have smelly poops. Doesn’t matter what the mom eats, organic or not, etc. It has a faintly sweet smell, but it doesn’t stink and certainly not like “real” poop.

once they start solids though, all bets are off.

Kat on

I never minded the smell of baby poop, more my husband swinging her bottom my way and asking, ‘does she smell poopy’? I never got the gagging even when it was bad, poop isn’t going to be lovely.

I have to say I am proud of my ability to catch spit-up in my hand, it has saved many an outfit! Much easier to just go wash my hands!

Olivia on

Yeah, baby breast-fed (exclusively) poop is not very smelly. It’s once they start eating other foods that things get real, lol.

kazumi on

I love Allyson Hannigan, she is so normal, i mean, a lot of us can relate to her and about baby poop, moms are built to withstand messy hair, lugging all the baby stuff when going out, sleepless nights, hyper active kids at the mall, so spits, getting peed on, and a little poop are a walk in the park for all us super moms, right ladies?

Pippi777 on

I don’t have my own kids yet, but have been nannying for over 10 years. I’ve been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, spit up on, slobbered on, you name it! One little girl I worked with had really bad acid reflux and projectile vomited quite often. I learned to catch it fast, or have an extra change of clotes with me just in case I missed! I also don’t mind slobber at all. I routenly wipe slobbery faces and just wipe it on my pants because it’s easier. And my pants are getting washed before I wear them again next time. People see me do this and comment on how disgusting it is. It’s just slobber. Could be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse!!!!!

Shannon on

Wow lol okay.