Spotted: Jennifer Lopez and Twins – Bunny Hop

04/06/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Charlie Luciano/Startraks

Judge American Idol? Check. Premiere hot music video with new boyfriend? Check. Take kids to see the Easter Bunny? Check!

It was all in a day’s work for Jennifer Lopez on Thursday, as she took 4-year-old twins Max David and Emme Maribel to get up close and personal with a furry friend at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Along with a bodyguard, the singer and actress, 42, was accompanied by 24-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart, who costars in a sexy video for her new single, “Dance Again.”

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EEK on

That bodyguard is about 100x times more attractive than J. Lo’s teenage loser boyfriend. She needs to get her eyes checked.

Annie W. on

EEK – I was kinda thinking the same thing. Wow.

Mia on

Agreed! – her twins look just like her (Emme when she was little + Max like her now.)

gimma a break on

I hate when older women who date younger men try to dress younger. The Kids are a mix of her and Mark.

Leslie on

Seems like Jennifer has a hard time being alone without a man.

Jen DC on

Yeah, that bodyguard is ridiculously hot. And those kids! Cute cute cute.

I always cringe when I see celebrities (and others!) integrating their new boy/girlfriends into their families with children so quickly… If you’re not going to marry this person, why do they need to spend time almost immediately with your kids? I don’t think it’s the best thing emotionally for such young children to have first this man, then this other man (or woman) around as a “partner.”

I also don’t like when you are essentially dating your employee. Who pays for dates in this relationship? It just seems off-kilter, the power dynamic. If she breaks up with him, does he quit in shame? What if he breaks up with her, does he get fired in retaliation?

Meela on

Forgive but I have never been a fan of J-Lo!

She’s like a little school girl when it comes to love, she cannot be alone for one minute!

Sometimes you simply just need time to look within yourself and figure out what your next move should be but not this chick.

I’m sorry to say it but it will NEVER last, I tried that whole “COUGAR” role and once you leave the bedroom you have very little in common. You always have to “explain” everything with that age gap. They just haven’t experienced life fully.

Trust me that gets old fast!

Shannon on

I didn’t know she had 3 children.

nicole on

So the hot guy is the bodyguard, and the guy with the shaved head is the boyfriend?

Lola on

She’s so desperate….it’s pathetic & sad for her children.

sat on

OMG must be! LOL.

Anonymous on

Eek- He’s 24. That makes him a grown adult, not a teenager!

Anyway, in J-Lo’s defense, one of the other pictures in this set is a “family” picture with the Easter bunny…and only Jennifer and the twins are in it. The fact that Casper wasn’t included speaks volumes to me. Obviously she is setting boundaries and making it clear to the twins and to Casper that although he is mommy’s “friend” (or buddy or however she refers to him to the twins) he’s not part of their family at this point.

That being said, I DO agree that she maybe shouldn’t have introduced the twins to Casper so quickly. In my opinion, parenthood and dating should be kept seperate until you know the relationship is serious and has a good chance of lasting. And if the guy truly loves you, he’ll understand that!

Anyway, the twins are adorable (and it makes me smile to see her walking with Max and holding his hand for once! Usually she seems to be with Emme, not that there’s anything wrong with that.). It makes me sad, though, that we never see them with their father anymore. 😦

Anonymous on

Meela- I have to repsectfully agree that the “cougar” thing (or the reverse, for that matter, with an older man and a younger woman) never works out. I know a few couples with a wide age gap myself (although granted, none of those age gaps is quite as big as the one between J-Lo and Casper. The biggest comes close, though…at about 15 years!)…and they’ve all been married for several years (in fact, the couple with that 15-year age gap have been married- and very happily so- for over 20 years! For what it’s worth, they also happen to have plenty in common despite the age difference!). 😉

HOWEVER, I DO have to say that I think a relationship with a wide age difference will probably have a much better chance of working out if the younger partner is at least in his/her 30s (and therefore has gotten to experience life a bit more).

lee sandliner on

I agree, her body guard carrying her child is much nicer and serious looking than her beau.

She should just wake up and not ruin her family.

I feel so bad for her kids who love their father Marc, and in a day like Easter, they are away from their father. They have to put up with their mother’s boy friend and her selfishness…


Smiley on

Ooh the bodyguard is sooo much nicer! Has she ever had a *good* look at him!?

lee on

Can’t she just have prime time with only her children w.o. her beau?

I feel so bad for her children who would have loved to be with their dad as well on Easter.

Shannon on

Jennifer and Marc made a nice couple. They seemed to be good friends and had a lot of history. Jennifer is probably having a midlife crisis and the new guy is probably just enjoying the ride while it lasts. Too bad small children are at the mercy of it all.

Anne Marie on

Her children are unfortunate looking. Especially the little girl. She looks like some Simian creature.

Amy on

Those poor kids are soooo UNattractive!!!! Looks way too much like their dad. YES i said KIDS are unaatractive i.e U-G-L-Y.

Sarah on

What is the matter with you people! You’re calling little kids ugly?! You have some serious problems and should be ashamed of yourselves!

Amanda on

WHY isn’t it ok to say kids are ugly??? Are they somehow “protected” from opinion? Who are you nay sayers to dictate what opinions are accepted, and which aren’t???

Anonymous on

Amy, I hope you don’t have kids or family members with kids. You’d probably tell them right to their faces that they’re ugly.

Allie on

I want that bodyguard, now!

Amanda K on

Yeesh if you’re going to date a way younger guy at least get a hot one! He is not attractive in the least. The bodygaurd however, is another story…Yowza!

acorr on

I think Jennifer Lopez is beautiful. Her face, her figure…gorgeous. I think the new man in her life is extremely attractive. I would imagine J-Lo is thoroughly enjoying herself.

EVY on

Calling the kids ugly? Thats mean and ladies babies dont have to be blonde and blue eyed to be cute! These are hispanic babies and yes they look like Hispanic babies not ugly! so just lay off the poor kids! No I am not Jlo’s fan and i dont approve of her “cougar” ways but don’t pick on her kids 😦

Mar on

The bodyguard is 100000 times hotter than her BF!

Lisa on

I wonder what she would say to Emme if she were making these same kind of life decisions. Its to bad it doesnt occur to Jennifer what a strong role model she has the potential to be for her children right now. Continuing to bounce around from bad relationship to bad relationship like she has all her life needs to stop when there are kids involved. Its called growing up, being secure and putting your kids first… like every parent should.

Imagine how bad shit would hit the fan if Mark were running around with a 24 year old right now.

Mar on


Marc IS running around with a 24 year old right now. haha.

tlc on

Marc IS with a 24 YEAR old now! And you can make it a safe bet she’s not in it for love..yuck!

Jennifer has been with this man-child boyfriend for over 9 months now no? I think that’s appropriate enough to be with the kids. She DID enter into the relationship VERY fast after her divorce from Marc though.

However, how do we know that the kids didn’t spend half the day with Marc after these photos? I am SURE they have a great agreement regarding custody, visits etc. Not all kids get to spend every day with each parent in a divorced family, so why all the “poor kids not with their father” posts? He was busy with HIS new woman-child! 😛

emily on

Amanda & Amy- it’s NOT ok for adult women to call ANYONE ugly! It’s childish, catty and just…low class. Grow up.

And I can guarantee that neither of you would dare call a child ugly in real life. How brave you are to do it behind a screen…

stacey on

the little boy is very cute

Amanda on

@ emily; BS!!

So, you’re saying that you NEVER say ANYTHING about anyone behind their back!? Yeah, right!

Of course you don’t tell someone to their face that they’re ugly, but it’s perfectly normal to say it to someone else. If there’s anyone out there who hasn’t said anything about someone that differs from what they’ve said to that persons face, then I guess you’re some kind of saint!


Michelle on

Ditch the boy toy and go for the bodyguard. He’s way hotter.

Anonymous on

Why are you calling Max and Emme ugly have you seen there parents? 😉 No one should ever be calling children ugly! That just explains the kind of person YOU are…

Also I think that Casper is great.He seperates Jenny from his dancing s far as I can tell.If J-Lo is comfortable with him close to Max and Emme then thats cool because thet’s HER.It doesn’t matter if you don’t think he’s “ugly”, honestly no one is.If u r sayin that stuff then u don’t have 2 worry beacuse you’re not goin out with him.He isn’t “ugly” 2 me.Relax

Anonymous on

Why are you calling Max and Emme “ugly”.That just shows the kind of person YOU are.No one should call kids ugly.And anyway,have you seen their parents? 😉

Why are you calling Casper ugly too?. No one is ugly.That is your opinion and obviously not Jenny’s.Jenny is fine with Max and Emme hangin out with Casper.She is comfortable with it and that’s great.I honestly am fine with it.It’s not your choice and u can’t stop it.

Roses are red,violet’s are blue,
Jenny likes Casper and I do too;)

Just Relax.

Anonymous on

just wanted 2 add that last part 😉 complain ir you want

Marky on

Amazing, you posters call children ugly??! Yes, they should be off limits because they are children, and you should be mature enough to know that, or not be allowed to be on the computer. Anyone who calls children names is a bully, period, and hopefully, there will soon be laws against it !We have had children as young as 9 in our area committing suicide because of people like you and the stupid crap you pass on to your children who then go to school and feel free to bully the kids around them. MY, aren’t YOU the cool person!

emily on

Amanda- Yes. As an adult, I don’t talk about people as being “ugly”. It’s just not something I think about, and if I do….I certainly don’t say it. It’s called using the filter in your brain of what’s important to say and what is not. I’m not a 13 year old girl anymore.

Beth on

To those of you that say big age gaps don’t work:

I would just like to say that my parents have been married for 37 years and are 16 yrs apart.

I am currently very happily married for 4 yrs to a man 15 yrs older.

Age makes no difference, it is only a #. Maturity on the other hand does, and how willing 2 people are to make it work. LOVE is a very powerful thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda on

Amanda and Amy:

Yes those children are ugly. FYI to the naysayerrs, yes there are ugly children. So what?!!! Lopez is super ugly inside and terribly insecure. Needs a “man” to hold her up. Pathetic.

lorie on

Lopez is beautiful everyone needs to leave her alone. Let her live her life the way she wants to!! She is not hurting anyone.
Just looks like there are alot of HATERS out there. Go on Jen do what makes you happy and no one eles!!!
Your video is HOT!!!

Jillian on

Anonymous, you take everything people say literally and critique and tell everyone what they do wrong. People sometimes refer to someone as a teenager…when they feel they are young! Doesn’t mean they actually are a teen 🙂 Kinda like Jlo in this relationship is called a cougar but she really isn’t a cougar….now is she 🙂


Lily on

Meela, please don’t generalize the whole “cougar” thing (how I hate that juvenile term!) My 12-years-younger husband and I have an amazing marriage. We married because (despite the age difference) we had much in common. People tell us they are envious of our relationship and only our close friends even realize there’s that much age difference. He is wise beyond his years and a successful businessman; I’m a mature but fun person who is also successful in business and that’s how we met…not in a bar. This works for us and works well. I just got flowers from him a few days ago “just because.” We do keep the romance in our marriage, but it is not confined to the bedroom. We live it every day. Your experiences don’t reflect my life.

I have never cared for JLo. She comes across as desperate and that is not an attractive quality. Those kids look exactly like Marc. I thought the hunky bodyguard might be the boyfriend because he reminds me of my husband, but then I saw the boyfriend. I hope he’s got a winning personality.

A. on

Jennifer Lopez is just like Madonna: a total PIG!