Alyson Hannigan: I’m Not Due Until June!

04/06/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
David E. Steele/Disney/ABC

Don’t be fooled by the bump: Alyson Hannigan will welcome one baby, not two this June!

“The last couple of times I’ve been at stores people have been like, ‘Oh, you’re ready to pop, right?’ I’m like, ‘Actually, I have a couple more months,'” the American Reunion actress, 38, tells Rachael Ray during Friday’s show.

“Somebody said, ‘You’re sure there’s not two?’ I keep asking my doctor the same thing.”

The new baby — Hannigan and husband Alexis Denisof know the sex, but aren’t sharing (although she may have slipped!) — will join the couple’s daughter, Satyana Marie.

“She just turned three. She’s so cute. The outfits she chooses are hilarious,” the How I Met Your Mother star shares.

“She’ll just put on a dress and then say, ‘I want a purple tutu,’ and then she’ll put that over the dress. She has knee high socks.”

And while the toddler definitely didn’t inherit her kiddie style genes from mom, Hannigan admits the mother-daughter duo share a lot in common.

“I was definitely more of a tomboy so I didn’t get the whole clothes thing until I was in my twenties, so I was a late bloomer,” she says. “But I definitely see so many similarities. The books that I loved, she loves.”

— Anya Leon

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Tee on

Alyson is such a cute pregnant woman! I’m really looking forward to hearing all about her baby once he/she arrives! Saty is undoubtedly one of the happiest looking celebrity kids out there and I’m sure this new baby will be the same way!

me on

why do celebrities say they know the sex of the baby but aren’t sharing? why answer the question or say you know. I feel like if you tell the world you are pregnant then why not say whether it is a boy or girl. That’s stupid to me, but congrats!

Maria on

Well it sounds like she WANTS to say but she’s trying to respect Alexis’s wish not to.

Can’t wait to get out of work – hubby and I are going to dinner and to see American Reunion tonight!

jessicad on

She doesn’t look that big to me, she’s adorable! I also LOVE her dress.

klutzy_girl on

I just watched partof the Rachael Ray interview and it seems like Aly might have accidentally slipped. Alyson said “she” and then covered it up with “This”, then laughed. So I think it’s another girl.

And I love that dress! It’s so pretty.

Missy on

She doesn’t look big at all in any picture I’ve seen of her recently. Love her dress!

ecl on

I agree with “me”. I understand finding out and sharing and I understand wanting a surprise, but I don’t understand the secrecy. The only thing I can think is that it drums up interest. I also understand not sharing the baby’s name, though, because then everyone gives up their input – positive or negative.

Meela on

Love the dress!

So what if she doesn’t want to share the gender, we will all know in JUNE!

kjc on

She doesn’t look that big. I think she looks right on schedule, but I understand that you often feel a lot bigger than you are. She looks great though.

And it definitely sounds like a gender slip. She only got the ‘sh’ out before she caught it, but definitely drew more attention to the slip with the awkward giggle afterwards.

SAR on

I remember when Jennifer Garner was pregnant with Violet and slipped that the baby was a girl when she appeared on a nighttime talk show.

Alyson and Alexis are such a sweet couple; if they have another beautiful daughter, that’s great, and if they have a boy, that’s great too.

Anonymous on

Maria- I agree! And as for why Alexis doesn’t want the gender revealed…my guess is that he just wants them to have something about the pregnancy that they can keep to themselves. I can definitely understand that, especially considering that when you’re celebs like they are, there isn’t too much you can keep private (I also think, by the way, that’s why a lot of celebs choose not to share their baby’s gender before birth)!

Anyway, I agree that it sounds like she may have slipped. I especially got suspicious when I heard her say that Satyana had expressed whether she wanted a sister or a brother and that she “got what she wanted”. Generally girls, especially girls Satyana’s age, want sisters, so I’m guessing that the “she” was indeed a slip.

Whether it was or not, I always feel bad for celebs when they say they (or their spouse) don’t want to reveal the gender and then they slip and reveal it accidentally. That must be so frustrating for them!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that Alyson actually looks SMALL for being due in June (which is actually just a mere two months away!) to me!

Anonymous on

One other thing. I think celebrities often say they know the gender but aren’t sharing because playing coy about it and/or not answering would probably just cause the media to hound them about it even further.

Hea on

Or it could be that they think it’s personal and don’t want to share everything. And they don’t want fans and companies sending over tons of stuff.

Kestrel on

I had an 11 pounder so she looks TINY to me! 🙂

Satayana is one of the happiest, beautiful little kids in all of Starville. She looks just like Alyson and they always share the same laugh in pictures.

I am one of the few people to NOT find out what I was having, gender-wise. I wanted the surprise at the end. Actually, one of the pieces of advice I got on the subject was spot-on. “Its a gift, its supposed to ne a surprise!”

Besides, I didn’t have a preference. I was going to go shopping for clothes anyway and the bunches that I was given at showers were green, yellow and white, just as I asked. I still prefer those colors to pink and blue. I don’t get why people drown their girls in a sea of pink – head to toe – like they need everyone to be absolutely sure that she’s a girl. Whatever. Not my choice.

Satayana is a very ethnic name so it will interest me to see what she chooses for Baby Hannigan.

I always think of her as Willow from Buffy. She has “aged” not at all! Best of luck to everyone – whatever you are having, it’ll be lucky to find a home with you.

Shannon on

She is so cute.

Misty on

I absolutely adore her….and Alexis. 🙂

B.J. on

I loved both Alyson and Alexis on Buffy, hands down my favorite celebrity family! I do hope it’s another girl (although a little boy would be adorable), I could just picture them with two sweet, adorable little ladies 🙂

anonymous on

Just like the first time she was pregnant, she looks healthy and fit! I hope to be in that good of shape when I’m pregnant.

Megan on

I love Alyson – I watched her in Buffy and simply adore her. She seems to nice and down to earth and I love her hubby too. Every time the paps photograph her and Satayana, they look so happy. Way to go, “Wesley” and “Willow”. 🙂

TamIAm on

Alyson is gorgeous! I will never understand why people think it’s okay to make comments that reference a pregnant woman’s size. I was asked at five months along if I was due any day and it always stung. I gained all my weight at the beginning of pregnancy and now I’m at the end (due yesterday) and people think I’m six months along.

Nobody ever really has a clue so I wish strangers would resist the urge to speculate. Tell a pregnant woman she looks great, ask when she’s due but please don’t attempt to make any guesses – it just ends up making us feel worse!

rusty on

Just remember, she lied about being pregnant to begin with when a picture was taken of her at a fair a while back. If she would lie about being pregnant to begin with, then chances are she would lie if she knew she was having twins.

klutzy_girl on

Rusty – She never lied about that. She said she *wasn’t* pregnant at the fair and got pregnant shortly after that. She’s due in June – That’s eleven months from September, so unless it’s a really long pregnancy, there’s no way she lied.

Anonymous on

klutzy_girl- Exactly! Also, when she announced her pregnancy, she even joked that it wasn’t “a food baby” this time! 🙂

Anonymous on

klutzy_girl- I just re-read your comment and I’m confused. June would be nine months from September, not eleven. It’s July that June is 11 months after, not September. That being said, though, it’s still highly unlikely that she was lying, as if she HAD been pregnant at that time, she would have had to have been so early on that she probably wouldn’t have known yet.

Kestrel- I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but the reason I’d dress a baby girl in pink if I had one is simply because I like the color. 🙂

Bree on

Alyson looks amazing!! I got very big very fast when I was pregnant but then stayed close to the same size, when people saw me with my daughter they were shocked that she was here already and were asking if she was premature (Which she definitely was not, she was 13 days LATE!!) It looks like Alyson is doing the same thing.

Can’t wait to see pictures and hear what they name the new little one, Satyana is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen (Aside from my own little girl of course!!)

@Kestrel, I dress my daughter in bright pinks and purples (And blues and greens) because that is what she looks best in, it is what works best with her colouring and her personality, it has nothing to do with trying to make sure people know she is a girl it has to do with who she is as a person. I am a total tom-boy, the first time my husband saw me in a dress was at our wedding, I did not expect to have a girly daughter but I do and I love it and she can wear all the pink and purple she wants and if she one day becomes a tom-boy that will be awesome too.

Dash on

@Kestrel, I agree, Satyana is Alyson’s mini-me! They even have the same birthday!

Corina on

I just saw American Reunion, on Sat. I LOVED the Movie! Michelle is the FUNNEST GIRL Character! 🙂

Congrats on the Newest Addition to the Family Alyson !

Can’t wait to see pics of her in the Magazines! 🙂

Beth on

She looks about normal sized to me to be due in June. She looks cute! Where do people get off saying things like that to a pregnant woman anyway? I got that a lot too, “are you due soon?”, when I was still a couple months away and “Are you having twins?”, when I only had one in there. It’s just rude!

Some people say things to pregnant women that they would never dream of saying to anybody else. They also offer not-wanted advice and generally butt in where they never would in other situations. Nobody warned me of this before I got pregnant. It was like being pregnant, I lost my right to privacy and like people thought I had no brain anymore and couldn’t think for myself!

boohoobytch on

she looks fine….now Jessica Simpson may be having quadruplets