Tori Spelling: This Pregnancy Was One of the ‘Biggest Shocks’

04/05/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Tori Spelling‘s fourth pregnancy may be her best yet — but it was also the most unexpected.

“I was shocked, obviously,” the actress and Craft Wars host, 38, told PEOPLE Tuesday at a party for her new book celebraTORI, hosted by The MOMS and Teleflora at Make Meaning in New York City.

“It was the second biggest shock of my life. The first was when they said [5-month-old] Hattie was a girl when she was born, because we thought she was going to be a boy. And the second was that I was pregnant after my newborn had just turned one month old. We were shocked.”

“I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding,” Spelling, who’s due in September, jokes on Today.

But perhaps she shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, she and husband Dean McDermott did choose to ignore their doctor’s advice not to have sex until at least six weeks after her Caesarean section.

“You’re going to have to talk to Dean about this,” Spelling says with a laugh, “because when we got out of the hospital, I was like, ‘Specifically, the doctor said to wait six weeks.’ And he was like, ‘They tell everyone that. We didn’t wait that long with Stella [3½]. Or Liam [5].'”

So, why did she give in? “I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,” she jokes. Pointing to her belly, Spelling adds, “So here you go. Here’s four.”

Still, she has no hard feelings toward Dean, whom Spelling admits she doesn’t give enough credit to.

“As women, we’re so hard on our husbands,” she notes. “I give him so much grief for no reason. He’ll take his motorcycle out for an hour and I’m like, ‘Where were you? Where’d you go?’ And then I’m like, he’s the most kick-ass dad. Talk about a woman doing it all? He’s a man doing it all, and he does it all and with ease. I’m amazed by him every day and I am so lucky.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by KC Baker

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Amy on

She’s going to have Irish twins, that’s exciting!

Congrats to her and Dean. Quotes like the ones above are one of the reasons she annoys me sometimes, but she seems like a good mom.

Shawna on

I think it is really dangerous to her health to get pregnant again so soon after a c-section. I had my first two 21 months apart (born by c-section) and even that close the dr was concerned. There is no way her body had a chance to heal before the next pregnancy. I hope she doesn’t end up with any serious complications. And I hope poor baby Hattie doesn’t end up being forced to grow up too fast.

Angela on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill.”

It’s too bad she felt that way after just having a baby.

Leah on

Such exciting news for the McDermotts! Here’s hoping for a boy to even it out 🙂

Annie W. on

I like Tori but this all just sounded foolish. Pregnant when her baby turned one month? That would mean she was probably two weeks along so they didn’t wait two weeks. I don’t know if c-sections are different from vaginal births but you are usually still bleeding pretty bad. And saying it was surprise, please. She stated that as soon as she got pregnant with her third she wanted a fourth.

Anyhow, I do wish her and her family the best. I only wish I had four lovely little ones like she will. 🙂 That’s wild.

Eryn on

Congratulations to Tori and Dean! I have four children as well, it is a busy but special time in a parent’s life, so happy for them!

Regarding the “sex after baby” topic, all my kids were vaginal births. I think the shortest time I waited to be with my hubby was four weeks because I had to recover. I may have wanted to have sex with my husband, but the body was weak, lol. I think I needed that time to get sleep and adjust to a baby, but that is just me, everyone is different.

I know health practictioners say to wait 6 weeks because the average woman bleeds for that long after delivery, and you can actually get hurt because it is basically an open wound that needs to heal. However, I know women who only bled a week after delivery and I am pretty envious of that! lol So, maybe Tori is that woman.

All the best with the next pregnancy!!! :o)

Jillian on

“I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding”

It is not a wives tale. Intelligent people know you can pregnant while breastfeeding. It happens all the time. Shouldn’t be a shock.

Doctor’s tell you to wait to have to have sex for many reasons. Doing so before then is just foolish. I feel bad for her though that she is so worried that she felt she had to have sex with her husband for fear he would feel their sex was going downhill. I have had five children and my husband never had this thought because his love for me is too strong especially after giving him the greatest gifts in the world. She either has issues or delivers her message odd.

Jean on

Eww. I bled for four weeks after my c-section. I couldn’t imagine having sex during that time! Gross. And, TMI, but when I did, IT HURT SO BAD. I find it a bit ridiculous she was concerned Dean was thinking the “sex was going downhill” when she just gave birth!

ecl on

I think it’s terrible that she felt pressured to have sex so soon after having a baby. She didn’t want him to think the sex was going downhill?! There is so much wrong with this statement.

me on

She wants attention she has always been that way. Pregnant a month after giving birth?? Really Tori?? She doesn’t have anything going so I think she keeps getting pregnant to stay in the limelight or maybe to keep her husband IDK but whatever

Cindy on

People kill me they think they know everything! I had my 2 oldest 13 months apart and they were born via c sections they are fine!!! Now they are 6 and 5 years old and best friend yes they fight but they always think about the other one its amazing! Point is it happen she is human just like us all! A baby is a blessing no matter how close or far apart they are! I am so happy for them! ❤

meghan on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill.”

Oh, yeah, that’s a woman secure in the strength of her marriage.

Amanda on

I’ve had sex 2 weeks after having a baby, but it was because I wanted to not because of my husband….in fact he tried to convince me it might not be the best idea lol! My midwife pretty much says if you aren’t bleeding you are good to do whatever as long as you use common sense….and birth control.

I’m sure they’ll be fine, they can afford help….I found my fourth baby was a big adjustment though, I still don’t feel like I have a good routine going yet with all the kids and #4 is 7 months old.

Alise on

I love Tori to pieces, and wish her a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Multiple c-sections are very dangerous that can lead to issues with the placenta, uterine rupture, premature delivery…:( I’m sure she’s been informed of all this, but still…

Kelly Smith on

I only bled for two weeks after both my c-sections. With our first…we did not wait the 6 weeks..we waited 3..and lo and behold I ended up with a yeast infection! So after our 2nd child I WAITED! What is meant to be is happening for them…they always called themselves a “baby farm”….and they seem like wonderful parents.

Misty on

I’m sure she’s not the first, or last, woman to have sex much sooner than the 6 week “waiting period:. She’s got the money to help her stay healthy!

Missy on

As soon as you’ve stopped bleeding you can have sex so maybe she only bled for a week or two.

As for the sex going down hill comment, she seems to have a good sense of humor so maybe she was just joking?

Either way congrats to them!

RKF on

I actually really like Tori, but generally speaking, how are people “shocked” they could get pregnant when having unprotected sex?

kendrajoi on

These people are rabbits. They can’t even wait the six weeks after the last birth to have sex? Also, I feel really sorry for Hattie. She won’t have any time to get to be “the baby” before this next one pushes her aside.

Cassie on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill.”

Sounds just like a woman whose relationship started out by cheating. She sounds VERY insecure in her relationship. Even the comment about him going on his motorcycle. Sorry Tori, but you both brought this on yourselves … enjoy living with the doubt and worry for the rest of your lives together.

Olivia on

Geez, pressuring her, even a little, into having sex so soon is really terrible. Waiting 6 weeks to have sex should not be that big of a deal. They both sound pretty stupid.

Momof3girls on

Well, of course you want to give your hubby who left his wife for you what he wants!!!!! Her mentality is that of a woman in the 50’s….get educated Tori on something other than how to throw parties!!!!

I didn’t wait the six weeks with my second child because I didn’t want to, however I paid for it about a month later when I bled for six weeks and had to confess to my ob/gyn that I didn’t wait. Needless to say with my last baby we waited the full six weeks. I had my last two kids 19 months apart and my last c-section was very tough, alot of scar tissue, my doctor said I should have waited at least two years before even trying to get pregnant.

Even though I don’t care for Tori, I certainly hope she has a healthly pregnancy, delivery and baby!!! Good luck to her and her family!!!

cbaker on

she just wants attention. if she hasnt figured out what birth control is after 3 kids, there is little hope for her.

and yes, she will have 4 kids under 5, but when you have nannies that do most of the work/raising the kids, it is no big deal to have so many kids close together.

and before i get bashed, yes tori seems to be a great mother, very hands on…….but she still has help at home and time to get out on her own or just time to rest.

mary on

Awe poor Tori! I guarantee that there are many; many women who have either felt or feel the way she does. I think some are being too hard on her.

Its funny some women are so hard on others about stuff but when it comes to safety they are very nonchalant. I just don’t get it!

qlink on

OK, guys…she’s probably joking about the sex going down hill. Relax! There are tons of “Irish Twins” out there and yes it is advisable to wait, but some people don’t. She didn’t, she’s having another baby and she’s a great mom. Get over it!

Shawna on

Misty – Money has nothing to do with health. Can money make her not get placenta previa or placenta acreta? Can money make her not have a dangerous hemmorage? Can money save her and her baby from a uterine rupture? There are very REAL risks with having multiple c-sections and especially that close together. That is not being judgmental, that is fact!

Melissa on

I know she is tan, but besides that she is glowing!

April on

Actually, the old wives tale about breastfeeding isn’t entirely inaccurate. For women who have minimal nutrition available to them breastfeeding *can* prevent conception. However, in this day and age…especially in well fed countries…we get more than enough nutrition to support both systems. Obviously it isn’t a system to rely on in this day and age but it is derived from a place of fact (ie that breastfeeding and ovulation are costly systems nutritionally and thus there are times when only one system can be supported).

bindy on

I am really sick of this woman, and her lies. I WISH SHE WOULD GO AWAY.

Lillian on

I love Tori, I really do…..but breastfeeding is not birth control. I’m pretty sure she already knew that. I don’t understand the big shock. Most women have the notion that they can’t get pregnant just because they are breastfeeding. I also exclusively breastfed my first child. I ended up having my second 14 months later.

flmomof3 on

I was scared to death to have sex with my husband first time after having a kid. I think we waited EIGHT weeks. HA! I didn’t even WANT sex – I was too tired and drained. So kudos for them.

june on

My sister and i are exactly 11 months apart, born in the same year. So obviously, my parents didn’t wait either.

Jennifer on

Ok seriously, TMI!! No one cares about when you have sex after you give birth! And intelligent people know there are no ‘safe times’ to not get pregnant….you would think someone with 3 kids would know this…..just shows that people with money don’t always have brains.

Karen Gilbreath on

Anyone who tells you that as long as you are breastfeeding you can’t pregnant is giving you the biggest load of BS in the history of BS!! The first 3 months after the baby is born are the most fertile for the mother and the easiest time for a woman to get pregnant again!

Me on

Wow how insecure is she? Anything to hang onto a guy? It’s nice to please your man but she’s advocating sex RIGHT after she got home, a bit sad!

Me on

Jennifer I agree…people need to know how the plumbing works if they’re going to have sex. You can’t drive a car until 16 but no one prepares people for sex, it’s ridiculous.

Kate on

I had a classical c-section and was pregnant two months later. My doctors said it is a very outdated belief that a woman must wait 18 months between children unless there is a high-risk health concern with the mother that needs to be resolved. If Ms. Spelling’s body was not ready for pregnancy, she would not have gotten pregnant, nor would she still be carrying this pregnancy.

Ronia on

Surprised…I always thought that sex that soon after a C-Section would be painful and dangerous. Wouldn’t her staples/stitches still be fresh?

Eitherway, GOD Bless them & Congratulations!!!

Adey on

I have Irish twins as well (a 3 yr old, 11 month old and a newborn) – it’s a lot of work but I’m sure years from now it will be a blessing!

Congrats to them – Obviously there are risks involved but the Doctors will know that and monitor accordingly.

They seem like very hands on parents and this baby will be loved just as much!

Melissa G on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,”

Great message to have for your daughters to read someday. Really Tori, bang up lesson for them and their role as wives and mothers.

Lord, does this woman think before she opens her surgically modified mouth?

chanel on

I don’t understand how dumb this woman can be… Yes she can afford it but still your body is still healing and i’m sure you were still gushing blood down there… Some woman just dont give a damn… I am a mother of 3 girls all c-sections and I was hella scared to even have sex 3 months after… All I can say is best of luck to them

KC on

For all of you giving her crap about her saying she didn’t want her hubby thinking that the sex was going down hill, did you NOT see where she said that she was joking? Obviously their sex life isn’t suffering, they have 3 kids.

And could she have possibly been joking about the wives tale thing? OMG it’s possible! Are all of you this harsh to people you know in person? Or do you reserve your nastiness for the computer on people you don’t know?

Sarah on

Why does everyone have to be such nay sayers! They’ve always wanted a big family and if she was comfortable to have sex after 2 weeks then let her do that. Congratulations to the McDermott’s! I am sure her doctor’s have told her all the complications she MIGHT have.

Laynie on

PEOPLE, can you tell me where to find the gorgeous dress and belt Tori is wearing in this photo?


Sure! It’s Vince Camuto Women’s Luxe Cutout Pleat Front Dress ($140).

– PEOPLE Staff

sharron on

Isn’t it amazing that Dean is such a “good” father of these 3 babies, (soon to be 4 babies) but he was okay with leaving his first son and adopted daughter. Soooo many children have been hurt this way, when the Dad goes and gets a “new family” and all of a sudden he is a goodie goodie “Father knows best” type. The first children feel lessor because of it and sure he may see his son by first marraige “some” but the first kids almost always get the short end of the stick emotionally and financially. In the old days the courts said first families were “first responsibility” boy has that changed.

Kel on

I had my first two children(both Girls; I had both c-sections with them and they are 14 months apart)Had no problems with the pregnancy expect high blood pressure. When my 2nd daughter was about 13 months old my husband and I decided for a 3rd baby. Had him by c-section(which made our oldest 3 years old and our 2nd child about 2 years old.)I had a healthy pregnacy but my dr. told me to wait at least 3 years before trying for another baby because my uterus was thinning a little.

It just depends. Every woman’s body is different. Some can handle it more than another. I enjoy my kids being so close in age. They’re all close to each other and yes they do fight as any siblings will do. I will do it all over again in a heart beat.

mom on

I think it is awesome!!!!

Grace on

@Kate: What a horribly misinformed comment. Yes a person can get pregnant even before their body is ready and able to handle it.

Marci on

My doctor said to wait 3 weeks after my c-section. He said as long as you aren’t still bleeding then it’s ok. I followed his advice…didn’t enjoy it so the next 2 c-sections we waited longer.

ATL on

If she felt like having sex, whatever, but she could have made Dean use a condom. What man would even want to endanger his wife’s health in the slightest by having sex against medical advice? My respect for Dean just dropped.

Plus, getting pregnant when your newborn (via c-section) is one month old, means there is fresh scar tissue and healing still in progress…she’ll be lucky if this embryo attached in a good location. I really worry about Tori’s state of mind in this…she’s no spring chicken and is overworking her body.

Finally, there’s other ways to satisfy a man without penetration. We’re only talking about 6 weeks here!

Tammy on

Oy! My c-section got infected and didn’t heal for seven weeks. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind. I was in pain!

Susan on

Is she nuts????? You had you belly and uterus cut open and you have having sex????? What an idiot !!!!!! AND, this is #5 child for Dean. Why don’t they ever mention his oldest son by his ex-wife??????

Brooke on

Boy this is a judgmental bunch! Maybe folks, after 9+ months of being pregnant with Hattie, just maybe Tori was missing being intimate with her husband too. He’s not a bad looking guy! I’m willing to bet it didn’t take too much “pressure” to convince her to give in a few weeks early.

Since this is kid #4, they obviously fit together pretty well in that department. And I’m willing to bet in the heat of the moment after a few months apart and knowing that you JUST had a baby, pregnancy probably wasn’t the first thing on her mind. It certainly wouldn’t have been on mind.

It happens. That’s why we all know what Irish twins even are. So guess what? She’s going to have another baby, and babies are blessing whenever they show up. Say congrats and move on. If you can’t say something nice…

Ni on

She is a dumb dumb. Really!?! So terrible and dangerous for her body. She needs to stop procreating yesterday.

bec on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,” she JOKES. (JOKES …jokes) she was joking. jeeez.

Harriet on

Chill-out people. It’s her body! She was shocked that she got pregnant so quick and easy ,I assume. I’d laugh if it was a one-time “incident” without protection. Maybe that’s why she was shocked. It happened to me too. 3 kids, in 28 months. The third was a,let’s say, “mistake” of wrong timing, on my hubby’s behalf….. Ha, ha. We didn’t walk around telling everyone that. Oh well, we wanted a third anyway. Good luck to them.

Juicy on

My brother and I are 11 months apart to the day, same year. I’m January 4th he’s December 4th. So my parents did it, and then apparently my mom freaked because our little brother was born 14 years later!! lol. I wish them a happy, healthy pregnancy. I’m sure these 2 ADULTS knew the consequences of unprotected SEX. I wouldn’t have been as shocked. Congrats on baby #4!

Marky on

I am 11 months older than my sibling; my mother got pregnant first time they had sex after I was born. It was during WW2 and they didn’t even have a washing machine, so my father washed 3 dz. diapers by hand each morning and hung them outside before he went to work.

It was a tough year after #2 came along, but we were always close, and loved the fact that we always had a playmate wherever we went, and though we had different personalities, we got along well. We shared a room and toys, so we learned a lot about how to compromise, take turns, and even now, we still get along. Even if we don’t always see “eye-to-eye, we are always there for each other. Our parents made it, and they were all each other had, since no family lived nearby and they were very poor.

Congrats and best wishes to Tori and Dean!

jessicad on

I was wondering why she was talking about having a 4th so soon after Hattie was born! 😉 I think it’s sweet they’ll be so close together.

I also have a hard time believing some of you gals have never felt “pressure” to have sex or keep things interesting in the bedroom, don’t judge her so much for those comments because I think a lot of women have been there. I wonder if they’ll have another delivery surprise?

nicole on

What worries me is she had her uterus cut open with a CSection. Does it even have enough time to heal to support carrying that baby? Can it tear as the baby is growing?

Ashleigh-Faye on

I love that you all know what’s best for her.

Wish them nothing but the best of luck!

rac76 on

I don’t think that she felt pressured as you all think that she did only because of what she said. Now how many times have we all said something only it not be any further from the truth?! So I think that she wanted it, too. Which is a bit baffling to me as I bled on/off for 5 weeks, and then the start of my regular cycle. Even though I was on/off, I did sneak in some snuggling with my hubby about the 5 week mark since I missed it too!!

Now to the topic..I wish her and Dean the best of luck and congrats with the new addition! 🙂


Dangerous is having sex with multiple partners!!! Your husband!!!! not dangerous just more kids! lol…..I never waited 6 weeks and it wasn’t my husband pushing it was me my horemones were in overdrive!!!!

renee on

SUPER CONGRATS TORI and DEAN and all the little weee ones..

Crystal on

I find it funny that some many people missed that she said both the breastfeeding comment and the sex going downhill comment as a joke. It even says it in the article.

tracy on

I am one of those who got pregnant while breastfeeding, mine our exactly 11.5 months apart. Unlike Tori we waited the 6 weeks and got pregnant 11 weeks after giving birth. Needless to say, we are done…lol but Congrats to Tori and family…its definitely hard when they are so close but it gets easier 🙂 I wouldn’t trade my two for anything:-)

meghan on

It was a joke, yes. But a pretty telling one, reeking of insecurity. She still thinks he’s gonna cheat on her too. Must be great to be married to someone that you can’t trust. The kids won’t trap him forever.

Guest on

i hate her stupid puns…sTori Telling, CelebraTori…ugh, its so annoying…and it seems she has communication issues with Dean…she couldve asked him if he felt that way, its her husband!!

JMO on

So I wonder when they gave the interview 2-3 months after Hatties birth saying they would love another baby they had already known that they were pregnant.

She def is a fertile myrtle lol. I know someone that has had 2 c-sections 2.5 years apart but even her dr said no more after baby #3 bc she already has way too much scar tissue as is and he feels it’s too dangerous to have more.

I guess either Tori doesn’t have that issue or she isn’t really worried about it.

I would say if they are done having kids someone needs to get something taken care of!

Janie on

If you are breastfeeding exclusively (no formula) you are less likely to get pregnant than certain forms of birth control (including condoms).

It’s not a “myth” its just that you have to be breastfeeding exclusively and not trying to have another baby to stay relevant in the media.

A on

I usually like Tori and am a fan but her comments here are just dumb.

JMW on

My doctor advised me to wait to have intercourse until the bleeding stopped (I am a previous c-section x2). For me, I never bled for very long. Nothing more than 2 weeks with both deliveries. At that time, I was comfortable and actually in the mood. I did use a low dose birth control pill while breastfeeding to cover us though. LOL. Good luck to them. There can be some complications with another pregnancy that quickly after a c-section, but I am sure she will be followed quite closely.

Big Fan on

I got pregnant while breastfeeding too. Leave her alone. Mine are 9 months apart and they are best friends. Get over yourselves!

peacebeme on

I feel bad for her. 😦 People need to stop bringing kids into this world. To have a child is to create a potentially suffering being and its wrong. I do like Tori though and she seems like a good mom.

Deb on

Some of the people leaving comments on here need to stop being so judgmental. My first two were born 11 months apart, both via c-section (and yes, while breastfeeding) and they did great. I wish her all the best.

Ameliazzzzzzzzzzzz on

I think she is a bit corny but adorable to she is so happy. Everyone should be happy life is hard and not easy. I get that financially her life is a lot easier then the average mom, but she is hard working and seems fun and has her heart in the right place. GO TORI!!!

MRJ on

You don’t bleed as long with a c-sect and many people do not wait 6 weeks to have sex again. My husband and his sister are 10 months apart.

However I do find the “didn’t want him to think the sex was going downhill” rather sad but hey what do I know. His days of loving and leaving woman are over. He doesn’t have a career. His looks have gone drastically downhill especially since he really wasn’t that attractive at his best so I think Tori is stuck with him. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy though.

Melisa on

Anything to stay in the headlines.

stef24 on

No Tori, this baby makes FIVE for Dean, NOT four. He has a son from his first wife that you conveniently have forgotten all about.

Ang on

Did ya’ll not read the article completely? She said “So, why did she give in? “I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,” she JOKES. Take some reading comprehension classes…. She was joking!

erica on

She never exclusively breastfed. She gave formula, too, so she should be honest about her comment about getting pregnant while breastfeeding.

Mari on

I’m happy for Tori but I wished she didn’t lie. There can be no shock when you are having unprotected sex. And she had stated clearly after she give birth to her third that she wanted more. So given her age this pregnancy was totally on the plans.

I can’t even imagine being pregnant so soon after a c-section. I was bleeding for way more than six weeks after my c-section and still at 5 months postpartum my belly is still not completely healed.

It takes an entire year to heal after a c-section. So soon can increase the chances of placenta abruption. She is going to need another c-section for this baby for sure.

Rachie on

So I didn’t really need to know too many deets about what happens during and after pregnancy, until after getting preggers. Don’t think I can convince myself to do it now. Wish I hadn’t read these comments lol! Up to 4 weeks of bleeding?!? Holy cow, it’s time to be strong!

Alison on

Wow! One month??? Your body hasn’t even had time to heal itself yet…There is no way I could ever have handled that!

Kim on

I could not even imagine having a baby again so soon after! I’d be super scared but then I wouldn’t get in that position because having sex within the six weeks wouldn’t really be something I would do (dr’s orders and who feels like that with a newborn anyways? lol) and specially her having had a c section (ouchies!) Dont they have the mini pill for breastfeeding mums in the States??

sal on

Im pretty sure she was JOKING people.

cindy on

Her Fourth child is going to know that he/she was a mistake!! How sad for him/her. How stupid of Tori to talk about her fourth pregnancy this way. She is SO insecure in her marriage with both the “sex downhill” and motorcycle comment. And BTW, kids will not trap this man…he left two other children for Tori. How Tori got him is how she will lose him!!!

Annonymous on

After seeing her show, I am pretty sure she doesn’t exclusively breast feed. I have seen baby nurse and etc. giving bottles of formula…so it would stand to reason that the birth control effects would be even less. They have resources and help, so I am sure it’s not as big of a deal.

laur on

“I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,”

What was she worried he would leave her and the kids like he did once before…

Michele Figueroa on

I normally don’t write but I have to say this as the phrase has been slung around several times in reference to Tori Spelling and I am hoping that people just are not aware of its derogatory context. Please do not use the words “Irish twins”. It is an extremely insulting term used for children born to the same mother within the same twelve month span. Essentially you are mocking an entire nation of people by intimating that the majority of Irish mothers are both extremely fertile and unable to plan their own birth control. This phrase came about during a time when anything with the word “Irish” was considered derogatory. I know most people have no desire to be cruel so I hope explaining the reasons behind the phrase will both educate and enlighten people.

Mari Salazar on

First, consenting adults are free to have sex when they choose. Every pregnancy as well as every delivery and recovery, whether vaginal or via C-section, are unique. I delivered my first child via C-section and was pregnant with my second child just four months later and delivered vaginally. I was 33 and 34 years old, respectively, and not an athlete or health guru by any means. My recovery from my C-section was a piece of cake and that is not commmon but such easy recoveries do exist. My O.B. never stressed over my becoming pregnant again so soon and said he’d just monitor my progress and we’d take the experience day by day. By the way, I delivered my third child just 2 and a half years after the second one. Since I’ve delivered babies both ways, I can say neither way is fun (I’m so bad at pushing!)but never did I think it would be. Has raising 3 children been challenging? At times yes, but I was never, ever told having and raising children would be easy. It’s been a wonderful experience having children so close together and I am proud to know they love each other as much as I love them.

Anonymous on

dean keep it in your pants you should of thought more of your wife than that.

Leslie on

To all the naysayers, judgie wudgies, and haters…

Her body, her life, her choice!

Really???? on

To all you people making comments about “didn’t know she could get pregnant” and “sex going downhill” .. if you would read the article and retain anything it said … you would have read “she jokes” and “and jokes in Today” right after those comments. I think most couples are smart enough to know when it is okay to have sex based on how the woman is feeling and if her body has healed …. some heal faster than others.

ATL on

It is Tori’s body to do whatever she wants with it. But my husband would not entertain the thought of having sex until the doctor stated it was safe. He was insistent that I recuperate fully and pampered me immensely. I just assumed all men were like this….until now.

curious on

i distinctly remember her saying that she would have never had her “boobs done” if she had known she wouldn’t be able to breastfeed…now she’s commenting on becoming pregnant while breastfeeding. hmmmm…..

Nikki on

I’m not judging…

I’m with Erica….you have to exclusively breastfeed “on demand” and never miss or really be late for a feeding….. .every 2-3 hrs for a newborn is what is expected…. and if you miss even one feeding, you can become fertile.

So she should clarify her statement or have her lactation consultant explain it to her….

Also, I had a c-section, and my Dr asked that we not get pregnant for at least a year (I got pregnant at 11 months-so I was under the wire)….

And my hat is off to her for agreeing to have sex after 1 month….and I do think that Dean pressured her….

sally on

It’s apparent she never got the talk and how a female gets pregnant. I guess she forgot how it happened with the other 3 kids she has!

yeah on

I dont understand why most all of you are making a big deal out of this… If you dont like it dont read it….She is human and babies are blessings from the Lord.. I have 3 myself….I would love to have more but for health reason I chose not too.. If the dr’s are okay with it who are you to judge… Quit being so judgemental…

ATL on

Really, People, you are cherry picking posts?

Jules on

Newsflash Tori, there is such a thing as condoms. Just a thought.

Wendy on

Happy that they are happy, but your uterus just doesn’t have the proper healing time after a c-section to be pregnant again that soon. BTW, any man that would even suggest sex that soon is an a$$.

Anonymous on

Annonymous- How do you know those bottles aren’t filled with pumped breastmilk?

To all the people commenting about his older son not being mentioned…For the millionth time, they don’t mention Jack because his mother doesn’t like it! If you follow Tori and Dean it’s a pretty well-known fact that Dean’s ex-wife despises Tori and doesn’t want Jack in the public eye. Plus, the kid is 13. He probably doesn’t have much of a desire to be in the public eye himself!

Also, I’d understand the comments about the “Here’s four!” statement if Dean had been the one making it. But Tori was the one making it, and this baby IS her fourth child!

And as for the issue of how she could be so “surprised” by being pregnant when she and Dean had unprotected sex: Nowhere does she state that they didn’t use protection. For all we know they did but it failed.

Anyway, I wish them all the best! 🙂

Anonymous on

Too many judgmental people. She is married and happy. Give her a break. She loves being a mom. She is also able to support her kids financially and emotionally. Plus, she said she was joking about the sex part. It is none of our business when and how many children she has with her husband.

sam on

Entirely TMI. By him wanting to have sex so soon, he was being selfish. She was feeling insecure and allowed it.

Mel1108 on

People are too into other peoples business. Why read the story if you just want to be nasty and judgemental? MYOB. Her life and her health. She has her own money, they seem to be good parents, andit must have been hard to come out with this pregnancy that she knew would be criticized. If she didn’t say anything, then was all of a sudden 7 mos pregnant, you all would still be talking crap. If you don’t like her, and have nothing nice to say, move on.

Amy on

I believe she does give formula as well as breastfeed. I have breastfed 3 children and never gotten pregnant until solid foods were the main part of the diet. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. However many times it does not. I like Tori this is just mis information. If the baby is getting the breat every 3 hours the chances of getting pregnant are slim.

Grace on

@Leslie: Yes it’s her choice. And since she decided to share such personal information with the whole world, we get to comment on it. If she doesn’t want her sex life open for public discussion then she shouldn’t share the kind of information she just shared.

ch on

She can treat her body as she likes but she’s too old to be making these stupid comments.

Lisa on

Well, I didn’t wait even 3 weeks (I only bled for a few days after a natural birth w/ no epidural.) After being very pregnant, my husband and I were very excited to not have an 8 lb baby between us! I came out of the hospital with minimal weight gain, and was all belly during my pregnancy. My uterus was still big, so my belly wasn’t completely flat, but I looked a heck of a lot smaller than I had in a loooong time! I finally was ‘sexy’ and not a baby incubator- lol. Men who aren’t even a bit weirded out by doing their super pregnant wife are few and far between! We didn’t use BC (we wanted them close together) I exclusively BF, and still BF my 20 month old. I’m just now 13 weeks pregnant, so for some women BFing does prevent ovulation. It just depends on your body.

becky on

I think this is a form of sexual abuse– having sex so quickly after any birth, much less a c-section, is not good for a woman’s health. Further, there is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests that having a baby within 2 years of a previous birth leads to poor health outcomes for baby, including high risks of low birth weight, premature births, as well as an increased risk of autism. I wish people would think a bit more critically about these decisions.

Delicious on

Tori seems to be very insecure. Getting pregnant just 5 months after having a baby is not a smart idea. At 38 years old, I would think she would know better. Her body hasn’t even had a chance to heal properly.I may be wrong, but it seems to me like she is trying very hard to keep her marriage working. She just seems desperate to me. I hope all turns out well for her.

Shannon on

Good for her. She looks lovely pregnant.

rjp on

oh for heaven’s sake, people. she was kidding. also, it’s NONE OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS. leave the girl alone.

karma on

my sister & I are 10 mths apart. we have an older sister who’s just a year older so at one point my mom was diapering a 1,2 & 3 yr old! she often remarked how difficult it was but apparently the info didn’t sink in because guess what i did? had my first child & got pregnant 4 mths later again!!! i now have 2 children 13 mths apart. not easy, very tiring & I am constantly pulled in 2 diff directions anywhere we go. GIVE YOURSELF TIME BETWEEN KIDS, PLEASE.

Leslie on

Grace… and because of people like you, most celebrities will never share their real lives or honest opinions for fear of public outcry.

It’s refreshing that Tori talks openly about her experiences. It’s a shame people on here think she should be criticized for getting pregnant again.

Do you have to raise the baby? No. Do you have to give birth to it? No. Are you her doctor? No. Case closed.

Congrats to the family. May the new baby be healthy and happy.

Sara on

i gave birth to my daughter June 27th 2011, and am due to give birth with my second daughter May 9th 2012….which, mathematically speaking, i got preggers 5 weeks after giving birth.

and yes, it is an “old wives tale” that it’s harder to conceive if you are breastfeeding.

geesh…why does everyone have to shit in her cheerios. dang. she is human just like the rest of you. so if you don’t like the article, don’t read it.

good golly.

Jackmama on

Its sad people choose to comment about how someone else raises their children, sleeps with their husband and makes a living…im sure you wouldnt like it if others said these things about you…but you are all on your high horses so you wouldnt even know!

Jen on

Whoa she is stupid! Says: “thought that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding”, really DUMB female. Does this couple NOT know what birth control is? Condom at least? Does her husband ever see his kid(s) from his first wife whom he dumped because he was effing around with this pieece of mess Tori? She keeps getting prgnant hoping he won’t eff around on her like he did his first wife!

And Tori did NOT give birth, she had the baby cut out, that is NOT giving birth. Feel sorry for their kids, these people are a mess, hope someone gets “fixed” this time, they need no more children.

georgette on

Go away Tori, tired of your “shocked pregnancy”. She is still trying to convince herself and everyone else that her useless husband loves her so much.

Me on

My honest opinion is in agreement with a couple people here – she’s insecure because the relationship began with cheating. Doesn’t want the sex to go downhill after 2 weeks? Wow. What a “happy” example to set for others. Even 4 kids won’t change 2 cheaters. If the relationship ends they will probably deserve it. Dean had a child with his ex.

Grace on

@Leslie: Good, I don’t want to hear about the sex lives of celebrities. It’s vulgar, tacky and doesn’t need to be shared. And it’s disturbing that you find it sad that celebrities don’t share that information more. Why do you want to know about the sex lives of celebrities? That’s kind of sick. It’s also disturbing that you’re blindly defending a woman who has whored out so much of her personal life for money and fame. It’s kind of sad to see people like you worshipping celebrities to the point where a) you think they can do no wrong and b) you think they should get to have all the benefits that come with being a famewhore and none of the negatives. That’s not how life works.

meghan on

Right Leslie. God forbid a celebrity use some class and discrestion and keep some parts of their lives private. Don’t worry. Tori is as classless as they come. Nothing will ever be too private.

Janey on

CALM down people! I am sure she was kidding when she said she wanted to keep things exciting and had sex. Completely sure she was kidding with that comment. Don’t get your panties in a bunch already.

Tori is delightful, a loving and caring mom who breaks the rich kid mold by just being spunky self 🙂

Caroline on

Tori Spelling I think your Dad is looking down and smiling at you and how far you have come. You and Dean are very blessed. Keep love’in each other. You two make beautiful babies. I like the honest comments you made about your husband. Keep cherishing each other. Enjoy everyday of this surprise pregancy. It’s a gift. God makes beautiful things out of us.

Charleen on

Breastfeeding as birth control (also known as Lactational amenorrhea) is not a myth per se, it’s just that you have to follow certain rules for it to be most effective and even then it’s at most only around 98% effective and only for the first 6 months. For maximum effectiveness in the first 6 months, the BF’ing mom is required that you follow certain rules. First, you must BF exclusively with no supplementing of formula or solids and no pumping and feeding BM via a bottle (i.e. BF’ing at the breast only). Second, you must feed at least every 4 hours during the day and every 6 hourd at night. Finely, you must not have had a period 56 days postpartum. I suspect that eiher Mrs. Spellings was not following these rules 100% or that she was just one of the 2 percent for whom this is not an effective method of birth control. No birth control method other then abstinence or nfertility is 100% effective and Lactational amenorrhea is no exception.

Nat on

LOL @Leslie. You must be really immature….celebrities dish out personal info to get noticed, they do it being fully aware that people are going to criticize them. If there was no criticism in society THERE WOULD BE NO SOCIETY.

yikes on

Boy, some of you people are so judgemental:
1. I think a lot of what Tori said was lighthearted spirit. So what if her and her husband have sex – who are any of us to say oh, you better not???

2. Honestly, I didn’t know women bled after a caesarian – I had three of them and never bled at all.

3. Every woman is different – those “rules” that a doctor gives you are guidelines – most of which were made up by MALE doctors decades and decades ago (I know this since my surgeries were 30 years ago.) I was told after my surgery not to drive until 6 weeks – fatchance of that – when I had the second one exactly who was going to cart them both around to get groceries,etc.? I drove after one week and was fine. The muscles hurt a little bit but no harm to me.

4. What about babies born in 3rd world countries with no birth control that are birthing 10 months after another? Do you people actually believe those women have doctors that tell them all of those rules after surgery? Those rules are saved for us people in “civilized” countries.

5. Instead of being so negative maybe some of you should start controlling your own bodies and do what you prefer to do rather than what a doctor tells you to do – they are not always right – plenty of lawsuits show us that.

BenzMama on

Perhaps this is not unplanned for the McDermotts. Consider Tori’s age, and the constant talk we hear from them about wanting four kids. Who cares? It’s their family, their business. Also keeps up their family’s TV marketability, which is what they need, right?

Indi on

Poor Hattie, she will never be the little baby of the family!! now that is sad 😦

elizabeth on

1. shame on her for NOT knowing you can get pregnant even while breastfeeding 2. shame on her husband for pushing her into having sex so soon after a SURGERY AND having a baby. 3. how sad that she felt she needed to have sex to make him happy. 4. i had a c section and i was told to wait 8 weeks. your body was just cut open. the last thing it needs is to be pregnant again. it had no time to heal. thats irresponable on her part and potentially dangerous as the area where it was cut could rupture. i am very glad people on here who say that happened to them and they are fine-they are LUCKY. but should her uterus rupture-they will all then say “she should have listened to her doctor.” truth is-listen to you dr. it is NOT safe to be pregnant so soon after having a baby and having a c section. i hope this pregnancy goes safely for her and her family.

JS on


MMM on

She was joking on her sex going downhill comment!

Will it be hard on her body – yes! But she’ll deal with it just like any other mom does (along with some help from a nanny of course!)I had two C-sections 12.5 months apart, unplanned. The second did suck but I healed. It just took a couple of extra weeks.

With C-sections, your placenta and such are cleaned out much more than with vaginal birth. Some women only bleed a week or so, some longer. She must be one of the fortunate that did not bleed much.

Hea on

“So, why did she give in? “I didn’t want him to think that the sex was going downhill,” she jokes. Pointing to her belly, Spelling adds, “So here you go. Here’s four.””

So she makes a joke and she says that she’s carrying baby number four and a bunch of people throw hissy fits over it. YES, Dean has five kids but this is Tori’s fourth. Not her fifth. Alas “here’s four”. English is not even my mother tongue and I apparantly understand it better than some of you who speak it on a daily basis.

Halley on

I had c-sections with both my kids. Both times my OB told me we didnt need to wait six weeks if we didnt want to. And I didnt wait either time. Since I didnt have any stitches or swelling in my lady parts, and I felt great, I didnt see the reason. It can be dangerous to be pregnant again so soon after a c-section, but she’s not the first woman to do it and I’m sure her doctor has it under control. Best wishes to them for a healthy baby!

Maria on

Curious – she said that she wishes she hadn’t gotten implants because it made it more difficult, not because she couldn’t. The implants have affected her milk production, but Tori has breastfed all three kids (with supplementation as needed).

Jacqueline on

I’d like to think she was kidding when she said she didn’t want him to think sex was going downhill…but I’m not sure she was. Which, if she wasn’t, is sad. I never waited the full 6 weeks afterwards to have sex…but I didn’t have c-sections and never bled for more than a week. But it wasn’t bc I was worried my husband would think sex was going downhill…it was just because I really like having sex! hahahaha! Anyway, maybe she was kidding and the joke just didn’t come across in print…either way good luck to her!!!!

Bella Mia on

Congrats to all. BTW this is Tori’s fourth but it will be Dean’s 5th. Wish we could hear and see more of big brother Jack from Canada.

julia on

Of course she didn’t want her husband to “feel the sex was going downhill”, she knows (by his history) that he will go elsewhere for sex like he did with Tori when he was still married to his first wife. What a sad way to live, always worrying about your husband cheating.

Heather on

I am sorry, but I have never heard the breastfeeding thing. If you are not on birth control you CAN get pregnant. If you are on birth control you can still get pregnant, especially if you are on antibiotics. I know this is true because that is how I got my now 4 year old nephew.

Grace on

To all the people saying “it’s none of your business”: You’re right, Tori Spelling’s sex life is none of our business. But try and comprehend this very simple concept: Tori is the one who made it our business by telling us about it. If she doesn’t want us discussing her sex life then she should keep that information to herself. It’s ridiculous to act like the people in this comments section are unfairly prying into her personal life when that’s not what happened.

Melissa on

I had a C Section with both of my children but I also got “The Shot” just before I left the hospital with both of my children(who are 7 yrs apart) so maybe she and her doctor should have thought about birth control.My first C Section wasnt too bad.I remember that I didnt want to walk at all afterwards because i was really scared too and they kinda forced me too but after that I was fine.My husband and I didnt even have Sex for at least 5 weeks after though but my 2nd C Section was the hardest.I was in so much pain after that i could barely walk for a week and i couldnt lay down flat on my back for along time.

nj4 on

To the people who write that Ms Spelling should be left alone and for the readers to mind their own business: When Tori Spelling goes on national TV and speaks of her pregnancy and sex life, she makes it public, therefore inviting commentary- both positive and negative. Ms Spelling is obviously not a woman who lives her life out of the limelight. When a person puts herself out there willingly this type of scrutiny is sure to happen.

Sarah on

I like Tori but this was embarrassing to read. She had sex with my husband 3 weeks postpartum because she didn’t want her husband to think their sex life was going downhill? How sad for her. I hope she was kidding.

Sunny on

Next time tell him you are going to wait the full 6 weeks. With 4 kids make it 6 months.

a law on

there should be a law against having more than one child like in China. Seriously what do United State’s people have any business producing more than one heir to their ancestry? One is enough and will be healthy enough since it lives in United States.

CPhT on

I agree with her comment: “As women, we’re so hard on our husbands” A bit off topic, but; Just look at many sitcoms, commercials etc… Women are constantly putting down husbands or boyfriends. Not all men are idiots/clueless. Let’s make our men feel special, not tear them down.

sally on

@- Jen on April 6th, 2012
She is dumb! 🙂

Mary on

I am trying not to be judgmental but it is really hard. First of all, this is way too much information for them to be sharing with the public…we don’t need to know all of that. But since she felt so inclined to share, I am going to put my two cents in.

Having sex and getting pregnant that soon after a c-section is extremely dangerous. Her uterus is at a much higher risk of rupturing along with other complications that can occur. And don’t get me started on her husband’s comment. Men are seriously so clueless about women sometimes. Do you really think a woman wants to have sex so soon after having a baby? Highly doubtful.

I know Dean loves her, I can tell from how they act together on the show, but saying something like that shows a level of disrespect on his part. Men have no idea what women go through during pregnancy (physically and emotionally) so in my opinion, sex shouldn’t even be a discussion until the baby is a month or 6 weeks old. Which is doctor recommended!

But they are apparently happy, so good for them. I just hope her pregnancy goes well and she doesn’t have any complications!

Amanda S on

Her face didn’t get that fat when she was pregnant with the two girls. She must be having another boy. Her face was huge when she was pregnant with Liam.

The comment about the sex going downhill was dumb but this is Tori Spelling we are talking about. She sticks her foot in her mouth all the time.

Elisabeth Sjoli on

I have alot of respect for Tori. She is smart,creative,and honest. I wish her the best! A blog with heart

sharon on

When I had our son the last thing I was thinking about was sex after 6 weeks ( and believe me I was very active in that area before)we actually waited longer, don’t get me wrong I still took care of my husband out of love not because he was bugging me for anything (he wanted me to have enough time to heal).

The first time having it after my son was very painful and I didn’t think I’d ever want it again, but luckily things felt better as time went on.

I think she has a very selfish husband to put that kind of demand on his wife after just having a baby…

I watch their show, love them to pieces but if you love your wife you give her time to heal, not only that I believe when births are that close that’s when you can get into trouble with the postpardum blues…

Good Luck to them

Sacha on

Who doesn’t know that you are very likely to get pregnant after having a baby? Sure she was surprised all right.

Jen on

He didn’t have enough respect for her with any of the kids to let her heal up after having the baby. And how can she be so disrespectful to all women in general by saying she had to give into him. She is just trying to stay in the limelight because she is trying to sell another book. Her pregnancy, her, and her whole family are not relevant.

A on

People need to stop saying to not be judgemental. The whole point of these comments is for people to give their opinions…whatever their opinion may be.

KDC on

I had 2 c-sections and I was perfectly fine after a week. I took motrin/tylenol the first day or so and was good afterwards. Everyone’s body is different and I didn’t bleed for 6 weeks, 2 weeks and I was done. Don’t judge her people, she has the ability and finances to raise them, it is her own choice and good for her.

Janet on

I have Irish twin boys too!!! Though you go through life getting asked constantly “are they twins”? My boys love the month of October as one birthday is the 1st (youngest boy) and the other is the 30th (oldest boy). For one month they love to share with ANYONE that will listen that they are the same age at the moment and they aren’t even twins…lol

My doctor shared with me that the first year would be the hardest with the age gap. I found that once I got home with the youngest baby things seemed to flow much much better. Are there dangers getting pregnant so soon after???? Absolutely! My youngest is autistic and most every day I wonder if it was due to getting pregnant so soon (while on the pill….regularly too!!!). I myself being hospitalized with a kidney infection that may have resulted from c-sections back to back so soon. That is now in the past and I now have two beautiful boys I would not trade for anything! Congrats!

Anonymous on

“I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding” WOW, Congratulations on this VERY NOVEL revelation Tori! Who knew?!??!

Jen on

@KDC, what are you, about 16? It’s people like you that have to give out your unwanted advice and think you are the queen mother that make me sick. I don’t want to hear about your gross topics. That’s all personal stuff, keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear about Tori’s either. Have you heard of the group called MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers? You need to look up a chapter in your local area. Sounds like you need to get a life, get off the computer, and at least go take your kids to the park or something. Sorry to burst your balloon, but just thought you might want to know how stupid you are and you are embarrassing yourself.

Kenna on

I have never ever heard of not being able to get pregnant while breast feeding. Who ever said that must not know much. From what I understand you are highly capable of becoming pregnant with unprotected sex. I also remember being told by my doctor that because of hormones I was even more likely to become pregnant right after having my kids. Also you are supposed to wait because your body has to heal. your insides have been torn and stretched. Having sex before it heals can damage it more.

monalissant on

Wait – she didn’t know she could get pregnant from having SEX??? WHA??????

Jen on

@Karma, gee, I can’t imagine your mother having to diaper a 1 2 and 3 year old. Not that it wouldn’t be difficult, but that I can’t imagine that someone would still have a 3 year old in diapers, possibly not even a 2 year old still in diapers. Gee, whiz, I can see where she must have had her hands full, but you would think she would have potty trained some of the tribe to make less of a work load for herself. You don’t mention your father, so I am assuming, especially since you said that SHE was diapering you all, that the sperm donor rat probably ran out on your family. You are not mentioning a man in your life either, so I hope you do have someone or that if you don’t, that you can keep your pants zipped. You know what causes that don’t you. Or if you are not asking your man to help you out or he just won’t, you got serious problems, or are just a martyr.

Please take an example from Tori and Dean, they do so much together for their family unit. They are a great example of the way a family should be. And it isn’t too late for your mother to be part of your support system either. A little advice from a pro like Tori would probably help her experience as a grandmother. Good luck in pulling your dysfunctional family back into grounded unit. Your children are going to need it by the sounds of it.

meghan on

Jen, what are you, twelve? Grow up with your childish attacks.

Anonymous on

Wow, reading all these comments, I seriously have to ask myself if all of us read the same text?!

The article mentioned that she was joking and laughing. I don’t know her or her show, but I sincerely doubt, that she meant everything as seriously as you folks apparently took it.

I’ ve got to say, that these reactions make me wonder whether the majority didn’t read the whole text because it’s about Tori and they simply don’t like her or if the read it but obviously didn’t understand it.

Ever heard of irony?!

Anonymous on

Thank goodness they are able to afford HELP!! Poor baby Hattie will only be 10 months old when the next one is born – even with help it’s going to be hard for her to get the attention she deserves from her Mommy. Good thing it seems like Dean is a stay-at-home-Dad (mostly). Liam and Stella seem super sweet, maybe they will make a difference and Hattie will be a happy girl 🙂

My kids are 23mos apart and I felt sorry for my almost 2yr old at the time my second was born. It was okay before my second started walking – then it was tough chasing around a 1yr old and 3yr old by myself. Maybe for Tori having them closer will be like twins? Although her BODY may never forgive her!!!!

donnab40 on

Wow such haters on this one. Congratulations to Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella & Hattie on the new baby. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy & a healthy baby. As for everyone else why is anyone surprised if you watched the show or know anything about Dean & Tori you would know how sexual they are. End of story

Sweet on

You guys are forgetting that the grandchildren were how Toni got back in her mother’s (aka momma moneybags) good graces. I’ll bet she pops out three more because that’s the only way she will see any money.

disneywithchildren on

I had the pleasure of hearing Tori Spelling speak at Make Meaning-and I just loved how open and honest she was with all the moms!

jeannne aka Jd on

Why don’t they listen. Well atleast shes got the money to buy best health care.

Prima on

It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise. You’re so very fertile after giving birth, and she was obviously having the sexy time without protection. LOL

scc on

What a sick, crazy life for those kids. It’s highly unnatural to have cameras follow you around. For a child’s developing mind, what is the result? Does Tori think that throwing parties every week will somehow keep them ‘normal’? >>>>>WRONG<<<<<<<<

RileysGal09 on

All I can say is may God Bless her and her lovely family! I was a bit too old for the 90210 gang, but do enjoy some of her made-for-tv-movies. How many of you didn’t find “true love” in your first marriage? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We have no clue as to Dean’s relationship with his other children. Am sure his 1st wife doesn’t allow them to be filmed. He is sooo happy with Tori. I wish them, and they’re adorable children the very best.

Superwoman AJ on

I think sex that soon after having a baby by any means is PAINFUL… of course, the baby is a gift from God, so more power to ’em…. On another note, wasn’t Deam married to someone else when he and the married Tori started their affair? I have a feeling she will always be wondering where he is even if “he only took the bike out for an hour.” She knows the rule — “what goes around comes around.”

Tina on

I find it thoroughly disgusting that these two could not wait the recommended six weeks before having sex. A man or woman has little or no respect for their bodies to breed like animals in heat so soon after surgery. Yuck and ewwww.

Kiara on

She didn’t want him to think the sex was going downhill?? She just had a baby mind you, and all that insensitive douche can think of is getting his rocks off!! Wow I don’t know them personally, but how selfish of him to make such a comment like that to her and she give into it. Six weeks is to ensure proper healing and btw how gross!

Heather on

Shawna- She will be just fine. I had a c-section then gave birth to twins 53 weeks late via c-section again. Some women can handle it just fine. I was shoveling snow the day I came home from the hospital.

tlc on

Boy, what a bunch of high-horse, hypocritical, sancto-mommy SHREWS some of you are!!! Holy moly, could you be anymore rude or ignorant?

What’s it to YOU whether Tori and Dean had sex, are having another baby, or whether or not they let Jack be filmed etc. (which has been explained a million times BTW)

Mary Jo and Dean were NOT happy in their marriage. She was trying to hold onto Dean by adopting a baby. Just because they divorced (and yes, we all know the circumstances how he and Tori hooked up), doesn’t make him a bad father. There are MANY, MANY celebs that have cheated (BRAD PITT HELLO????) and are given a pass. Why all the hatred for Dean? You do NOT know the story of Dean/Mary Jo. THey were NOT happy…if they were, he wouldn’t have gone looking elsewhere.

They have moved on and Mary Jo is even with someone else. It’s YOU people who just can’t let it go…all over STRANGERS!!

Tori and Dean are happy, have a great family and obviously love each other. Why try to tear them down? To make yourselves look/feel better?

Oh and while we’re at it. If you are going to dog on someone, please, for the love of GOD, learn to spell and use proper grammar!!! Oh wait..maybe we can dog on you for that!!! aren’t perfect either!

Good luck Tori and Dean..hoping for a healthy and happy pregnancy and a very healthy baby! 🙂

Seriously on

I’m not even a Tori fan but come on you guys – she’s clearly saying things in a lighthearted manner. Had I gotten pregnant unexpectedly (not mistakenly!), I would have made a similar joke. But the truth is with our second we didn’t wait the recommended 6 weeks, etiher.

And exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months has an effective birth control rate of 98%, which is comparable to other forms of birth control – it’s not to say it’s foolproof but it’s reasonable to assume you won’t get pregnant in the first 6 months if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Just 2 out of every 100 people that assume that will be wrong!

They are married and seem to provide a loving home for their kids and have the means to support them, who cares if she got pregnant at 1 month postpartum? It was a surprise, apparently a happy surprise, and sure there are risks but those stats are similar to the chances of her getting pregnant while exclusively breastfeeding at 1 month.

yikes on

I have already commented once but feel I must again after reading so many judgemental, ignorant, and nasty remarks. Some of you actually believe her uterus could actually rupture because she’s having another pregnancy so soon. If that happens the person to blame would be the doctor who sewed her up in the previous pregnancy – it has nothing to do with a “too soon” pregnancy – it has to do with incompetent doctors who would want to blame the mother for it for there lousy stitching over a previous scar – they are supposed to remove scar tissue before they sew you up. For those of you who are commenting on her stupidity – you are stupid people for believing everything you read – nuances and joking is difficult to pass on in words in an article. For those commenting on her sex life – where do you people live – on Mars? Pity your husbands.

Shannon on

I really think some of you just go straight to the comments section, read all the negative things other people say about the person in the article, then jump on the bandwagon. If you don’t like her then don’t read the article about her. She made a choice, it is HER body! The comments she made were meant to be funny.

Also, unless you have medical degrees I suggest you don’t comment on how long a woman should wait before she has sex after giving birth, or if you can get pregnant while breastfeeding. Every doctor and every woman is different.

Also, this will be Dean’s 5th child, but Jack’s Mother has said MULTIPLE times that she does not want him in the media. Dean is not the father of the adopted daughter that Dean’s ex-wife adopted. Everyone needs to stop judging and enjoy the article or move on to the next one.

Shannon on

It sounds like this is a so called band-aid baby. Sad if true.

Grace on

@TLC: The nastiest, rudest comment I have read to far in this comments section was the one you just wrote. I don’t think you could be a bigger hypocrite if you tried.

@Yikes: Yes the uterus can rupture after having two c-sections in the span of a year. You really should do some research before spouting your ill-informed opinions.

JLL on

I am curious if Tori and Dean know what a condom is? They couldn’t to be on the safe side use a condom? I can understand some women may not want to go on the pill while nursing their newborn. However why take chances? Use some form of a contraceptive if you dont want an unexpected surprise. Some people are soo ignorant, and really quite careless.

Monica on

I find her comments hilarious. I have had 2 c-sections and bled for 6 wks with the first and about 4 wks with the second. I have to say that taking care of a newborn and then a newborn and a 2 yr old was the best birth control I’ve ever had- because the absolute last thing I wanted to do was have sex. If I had a few minutes to spare I was darn sure trying to sleep. And my husband was as exhausted and overwhelmed as me that I don’t think he particularly minded. Not to mention the dr’s orders gave me permission for not feeling guilty about saying no. But to each his own.

And Tori has been vocal about how her breast implants have impeded her breastfeeding but that she has nursed as best as she could and supplemented. So she was absolutely joking about the “getting pregnant while breastfeeding” comment.

I think her only saving grace will be having help with all the kids. Yes, she is a very hands on mom but she also has a baby nurse for the first year of each kids life and also has an on call babysitter who is not on tv because she doesn’t want to be. I can’t wait to see how this now big family works out in their new smaller house. Can’t wait for next season!

Jeanine on

Get over it people! Congratulations Tori and Dean! I’m a fan of hers shes open and honest and stuff happens! There are worst things in life than a grown married woman that is financially stable to get pregnant by accident. Grow up and get a life and look at your own lives before you make judgments!

Mar on

Well its not my business and she has a right to do whatever she wants with her body, but what she is doing is very stupid. It wouldn’t be a problem if her last birth was vaginally, but she had a C-Section! Her C-Section incision is still very very fresh and needs a LONG time to heal! There is a BIG chance that she will have a uterine rupture. Stupid! But well…if she wants to risk dying that is her right.

Jen on

When my mom went in for my, and hers, eight week check up, the doctor informed her that she was two weeks pregnant. My brother and I are 10 1/2 months apart. In reality, we are the same age for six weeks every year. From his birthday, until mine, we are the same age, I’ve just been that age a few months longer than him!! 🙂 My Mom’s doctor told her the same thing every doctor tells a mother after giving birth…wait six weeks. She and my dad, for whatever reason, did not, and, by the way,I was born vaginally, not by c-section.

My mom had three kids, my sister who is older than me by two years and two months) then me, my brother, born, well, read above. And, like I said, all natural, no c-section. Yet, after me, RIGHT after I was born, she and my dad had sex and BAM she’s pregnant with my brother. She had a good, normal, healthy pregnancy with all three pregnancies and this was in the 70’s people.

Tori and Dean had to, obviously, know what they were doing. They are not stupid, they know biology, yet they took the chance anyway. Stop trashing them. They are, BY FAR, NOT the only couple this has happened to. Good grief. If the news wrote a story about every single couple this happened to, would you bash them too and say the same ugly things about them too or are you just saying these things because it happens to be Tori Spelling? Just asking? Think about it. It happens way way way more often than you realize, you just don’t hear about it. believe me.

amy Raymond on

Hope she has a safe pregnancy, she is at huge risk for some serious complications. She has had 3 c/s risk no.1, maternal age, that is another risk factor. Also, the fact she has not healed. She will def. be high risk pregnancy. Would not want to be in that OR. during her 4th c/s. Praying for her safety and the baby’s safety.

Sandy on

My first reaction to this is, gee Dean-give her a break and let her at least heal! Men of course have NO clue what it’s like to give birth or recover from a c-section. Plus we women know how we feel about our bodies after giving birth and the whole sore breasts from breast feeding- not feeling to sexy. In fact I will go as far as saying- sex?? How about some sleep? Of course women feel the need to meet their mans needs. Kinda sad.

holly on

He’s a man doing it all, and he does it all and with ease.

Umm.. what else does he have to do all day?!! ]

Layla on

i like Tory and Dean, and they obviously love their kids- and each other. Why not celebrate the fact that this baby is being born into a happy family with parents that are happily married and can well afford to take care of them.

Momofsix on

It’s so refreshing to hear a celebrity, or for that matter any woman, speak so supportively about her husband. Especially with a surprise pregnancy! After all, respect is much more attractive than contempt. More power to her, and how many kids they have and the timing is THEIR business, not anyone else’s. Kids are a blessing, and worth celebrating – expected or not!

mg on

can’t wait 6 weeks?? gross.

ro90045 on

Its been over 30 years I still remember my son and daughter who are 12 years apart with my son I had a FULL period for 3 months and was pregnant at the same time! My Obstretrican say he heard about women having a period and was pregnant at the same time its rare but it happens both were vaginal births but son felt like i gave birth to the wing of the hospital lol! I Couldn’t imagine having sex sooner than later it does hurt especially if you hand an episiotomy or whatever!

guest on

yeah, sorry Tory, that old wives tale has been dispelled long ago.

Sandy on

Patience is a virtue and it sounds to me like Dean doesn’t have any. He needs to have a little more respect for his wife and her body. I think Tori gets insecure about Dean because he had sex with her right after meeting. She probably worries he will get bored and do the same thing to her. She better stay on her toes or he just might. Didn’t he barely adopt a baby and then left his wife and son…well then.

reagan on

Using breastfeeding as birth control is called lactation amenorrhea. Its efficacy depends on how often you breastfeed (e.g., scheduled, on-demand, only at night, etc)

It’s common and a successful birth control method for many women. I happen to be one of the 10% of women who ovulates while breastfeeding, so my first two are 21 months apart. My sister and another close friend both BF on demand, round-the-clock, and both were pregnant within 8 weeks of delivering their first babies.

Good luck to them as they add number 4 to their family!

Sandy on

She will always worry if he’s happy enough with her and she should. If he’ll do it with her…he’ll do it to her. He needs to grow up. I can’t believe he left his family the way he did. She WILL always be looking over her shoulder. Not worth it to me…wait until she hits her early forties and the aging process kicks in. Oh boy…that’ll be fun to watch.

OyOy on

After my C-section I was in so much pain! It took a long time to heal plus getting used to breastfeeding, sleepless nights and Postparturm depression, sex was the last thing on my mind. I think we had sex again when our daughter was five months old. I’m glad she recovered quickly and looks great this soon. Celebrities must have a magic pill that the rest of us moms don’t get because they look amazing days after giving birth. Please ‘PEOPLE’ do an article on what celebrities do to get back in shape, look fabulous so soon after having kids. I still look frumpy and worn out 16 months later….., ugh.

Jackie on

She’s an idiot and a home wrecker. Case Closed.

tori on

Tori is very insecure (she’s said so herself) because Dean left his wife for her. She probably figures the more kids she has with him the more apt he’s not going to stray. He’s got his butt in the buttertub being married to her,he’s had tons of opportunites because of it to,he’d be a fool this time around to cheat but once a cheater always a cheater!

gomerspeaks on

As an OB RN it’s not the closeness of the births that bothers me, it’s the putting one’s self at high risk for infection that bothers me. Just as I instruct moms not to bath but to shower only until they’ve healed (stopped bleeding) because of the risk of infection the same goes for sex. The premise behind no soaking in the tub is the bacteria on your skin gets into the bathwater and can migrate up to where you have a healing wound site (placental detachment site). Well, just think of all the bacteria and how much closer it gets to the wound site during sex.

I’ve seen women readmitted less than four weeks after delivery with painful uterine infections because they (actually their spouses/baby daddies) didn’t couldn’t wait. And it is painful.

Then again I’ve seen some who couldn’t wait til they left the hospital…


But perhaps she shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, she and husband Dean McDermott did choose to ignore their doctor’s advice not to have sex until at least six weeks after her Caesarean section……DUH…WHAT DID SHE THINK WOULD HAPPEN !!! ..LEAVE IT TO MEN..THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO SELFISH AT TIMES..SHOULDA CLOSED UR LEGS..HUH..LOL

sefra on

i’m sorry, but i’ve always loved this couple…whatever lifestyle america thinks they have, theyve always seemed so super down to earth, and real to me…screw the haters…shes a real mom…stop scrutinizing every friggin syllable

shiloh13 on

I read through quite a few of the postings and alot of ppl are giving her grief for not waiting 6 weeks. But if she felt comfortable with it that’s between her and Dean! I think they have an amazing family and the chemistry between Tori and Dean has always been very obvious from their very first show. I have read all of her books and I really like her. No they didn’t get together the right way but that is way in the past. Let it go ppl. Wishing Tori and the baby health and happiness.

shiloh13 on

Love Tori and Dean and their family! It’s their choice to be intimate not ours. I wish her a safe, happy and healthy pregnacy.

kalecee on

Why do you all care so much about what she is doing with her vagina? Get a life!

Allie on

Well, Stella was conceived accidentally, too. Tori mentioned that she was changing her birth control pill and she got pregnant with Stella during the short time she was off the pill before starting the new brand.

Two unplanned pregnancies for a couple at their age seems a bit funny to me. They are old enough to know how the whole thing works. Then again, they always mentioned wanting to have four kids and considering Tori’s age, I don’t think they would complain about having four kids in a short span of time.

They love kids and they have money so all I can say is congrats!

Courtney on

I am only commenting because she is putting it out there for us to read about, and she is a celebrity in the public eye. I think she will be fine, she has money and help and seems excited to be preggers again.

Personally, I would be a basket case. Being pregnant is VERY hard on your body, even if you love being pregnant. Also, I just keep thinking about her newborn. Won’t be the youngest for long! Some peole like big families with kids close in age. I just had my second, three years after my first, and I can’t imagine having them bam, bam, bam, bam, four right in a row. I would tell my husband to take a hike for awhile!

usgirl on

I agree. she’s a baby machine. Hello, we do have birth control in this country! Tori needs to get a frekin clue!

Lynn on

Congratulations, Tori and Dean! I myself have Irish triplets (girl, now 29,girl, now 30, and boy, now 31) All by C-section. Tried to get the docs to put in a zipper but they wouldn’t do it.

usgirl on

Congrats? Really? Her selfish husband ignores drs order because he’s a horn dog, knocks her up again and you say congrats?
Wow you are an idiot just like tori!

Stacey on

Awesome. Love their show. Hope the pregnancy is smooth sailing and everyone’s happy and healthy!

lisa on

ugh! baby machines make me sick. i used to like tori. not anymore. tori and company…the next duggar family.

usgirl on

I completely agree. She gave into her selfish loser husband because he wanted some? She deserves to be knocked up for being an idiot and I hope this is the last kid she has.

Brittani on

Im going to assume that since Tori is full of humor that the sex going downhill statement was Probably a Joke!

usgirl on

Congrats tori, you’re a baby making machine! Ignoring drs order just so your husband can bust a nut is extremely selfish on his part and you’re an idiot!

Robin on

Sounds like to me that Dean must have a wondering eye and Tori has a very low self esteem. Maybe she is worried that Dean will leave her the same way he left his last wife for Tori..When you knowingly date a married man and break up the marriage..It very well could come back around..It’s called Karma..


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