Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney Welcome Son Leo Grey

04/05/2012 at 06:30 PM ET
Ray Mickshaw/Fox/PictureGroup

It’s a second son forย Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney!

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia costars welcomed Leo Grey McElhenney at 1:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 5 at their home in Los Angeles, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

The new addition weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz., is 20 inches long and joins big brother Axel Lee, 19 months, who was also born at home.

“We are overjoyed,” the Unsupervised actress, 36, and McElhenney, 34, tell PEOPLE in a statement.

The couple married in Malibu in September 2008.

— Alla Byrne with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Leslie on

Congrats Rob and Kaitlin!!! They are such a cute couple and I am a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny… I bet Leo is just as cute as Axel.

AB on

Yay for homebirth!!!

stef24 on

How about that…she went into labor with Axel during a Phillies/Dodgers game and Leo is born on the Phillies opening day! It’s a sign they need to move back here to Philly! Congrats!

Tee on

A home birth! Congratulations to Kaitlin and Rob!

Joan on

A couple that’s talented, adorable and on one of the best shows on TV !!!


Leslie on

Aw yey! They are so great! Congrats on the second baby! Those little boys are going to have so much fun together. I like that they shared it was a homebirth too… inspirational!

Jeana on

I don;t know who they are, but a nice normal baby name!!

Ash on

I wish all women would question our current culture of “medically managed” birth. Non-hospital birth is such an amazing, wonderful experience. And safe, all the research supports it.

Unfortunately, our society has developed an unrealistic, unfair fear of childbirth. It has taken away the beauty of a woman’s birth experience. One that she will only have a very few times in her life. It should be the incredible experience every woman deserves. Good for her!

Candy on

Another homebirth… yay! I love the names Axel and Leo for brothers. So close in age, they will be best buddies.

Alexandra on

I love the short and sweet names that they’ve chosen for their boys!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I love the name!

stacey on

love his middle name!!

Rich McG on

Good for them. Best of luck. Funny show.

bec on

i love its always sunny! and i love them! AND i love the name Axel!

K on

Thanks for sharing the news and that this beautiful family opted for homebirth!

Anonymous on

6 balls! Way to go Rob! And congrats to you on your home delivery Kaitlin. I have used your mom’s E.M.A.B stuff and love it. Best of luck to the 4 of you!

Ann on

Yeah Leslie I am glad they shared it was a homebirth as well, but why is it inspirational?

Millie on

Wow! A celebrity who didn’t get an elective c-section, unreal!

Tiffany on

Congratulations! I’m a huge fan of the show but had no idea that they were married. They’re both very talented and funny. I wish them well. Babies are a blessing.

K.W. on

Glad everybody is happy and healthy..and sorry – have seen too many “normal / routine” 2nd, 3rd, 4th pregnancies -( moms w/ hx of uncomplicated previous births) that have gone the wrong way in a matter of seconds to support homebirths anymore..

just had a mom last week code on us 97 seconds after her 4th baby was delivered – uterine rupture – w/ massive internal bleeding. Again – no history of complications and all prev. children were delivered vaginally..Two nurses on her delivery bed delivering cpr as they rushed her to the o.r. – 6hr surgery to get her stable enough to get her flown to a trauma center..she and the baby would have died had she opted to deliver at home…hate that women are losing focus on the fact that doctors and hospitals made birthing safer for women..not all of them are the bad guys they are being portrayed to be anymore..

rlb237 on

LOVE the name!! Congrats to Rob & Kaitlin, love both of them too.

Ladyjane on

LOVE Them too cute. They seem really happy and cool down to earth people. I love the names. Don’t seem like the typical hollywood type. Congrats.

Anonymous on

I initially loved the idea of home birth and I am happy for those of you who have managed to have a wonderful birthing experience in the home environment, but I don’t think it should be especially praised or promoted as the best option.

I don’t support the version of labour that focuses on making the process as quick and easy as possible for doctors while disregarding a mothers experience, but I think it is a little selfish to focus on having a birth that is comfortable for the mother at the expense of both mother and baby. The risks might be low, but should anything go wrong I will feel much more comfortable in a hospital!

Ashley on

Another Sunny boy! Congrats! Wonder when someone on that show will have a girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Dash on

Congrats! We did home birth for all four of our kids. It’s a really great experience! People act like home birth means you go out and squat in the woods or something! Sheesh! There are trained medical professionals present to tell you if/when you need to call it and go to the hospital.

ShMike on

@Ashley: Charlie and the Waitress need to get cracking on that!

Ladyfoxx on

They both have great smiles. I can’t wait to see a family portrait of them all.

RCG on

I LOVE THEM BOTH , It’s Always Sunny is the best show ever!!!

Love the names, Im really happy for them.

Amanda on

For the record, women die in hospitals ALL the time. Nobody is promoting home birth as the best option, but many women are not aware that it’s an option at all. And it is.

Congratulations to Kaitlin and Rob on the birth of their son. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen on

A home birth? Why? Who wants to have to change the sheets and clean up the new baby at the same time? They probably failed to mention the portable ER that was probably parked right out the front door just in case it was needed. I hope she remembered to put her makeup on too in case she had to go in. What a thoughtless thing to do to an unborn child, put them at the risk of complications. Tsk tsk, it isn’t the 19th century any more.

meghan on

Jen, Be a bigger troll.

Tammy on

I didn’t even know these two were a couple much less married. Congrats to them on both babies!

Leslie on

Ann, it’s inspirational to me because I hope to do the same and it’s encouraging to hear of other women who are doing it.

There are always people like J.W. and Jen who will drum up fear and anxiety about homebirth. They would like us to believe that hospitals are infallible… and that it is “selfish” of women to want to have their babies at home.

Of course birth has risks… and going to a hospital won’t ensure nothing bad happens either. Ask the Quaids how they felt when Cedars Sinai hospital (supposedly one of the best in the world) almost killed their newborn twins by dosing them with high levels of medication?

Or talk to my neighbor who was given an overdose of Pitocin at a county hospital which caused her uterus to rupture and led to an emergency c-section and inability to care for her infant afterwards.

So yes, I find stories of homebirth inspirational.

Anonymous on

Yeah man Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Flip flip flip-a-delphia. Yeah baby!

CC on

Sweet! You couldn’t convince me in a million years to have a baby in a hospital. Love love loved my 4 home births. It’s nice to read this from celebrities, instead of hearing about them scheduling their c-section. Nice to hear things are coming around.

JulieG on

To K.W., who has “seen to many normal/routine births go the wrong way” and can’t support home births any more:

I can almost guarantee you, the mama you’re talking about that had the uterine rupture had Pitocin and probably an epidural. You can’t expect NO side effects from doing crazy things to a laboring/birthing woman. That’s just insanity. She should have been informed enough to know the risks. Really sad things like that happen, but people rely on doctors to just do their thing, and birth is a medical procedure these days instead of a natural process.

“normal/routine” hospital births typically mean some type of intervention. And one intervention (even the smallest, like breaking a mother’s water), leads to another intervention, which leads to a spiral of interventions. Home births focus on letting your body do what it’s supposed to do. That’s the reason there are fewer risks involved.

I had a c-section for my 1st baby because the doctor scared us into it, saying I had all these complications. I wised up and had a home birth with my next two babies. I knew there were risks involved, but the risk of maternal and infant mortality is far lower with a home birth than with a repeat c-section.

I know home birth isn’t for everyone. But, trusting your body and your unborn baby to do their jobs during birth should be the way it happens.

Letsberealistic on

@KW: Birth is way more likely to become highrisk in a matter of seconds – as you’ve said – when mom has drugs in her system, as moms often have if they choose the hospital birth route. When a mom has no drugs of any kind in her system, (no epidural, no pitocin, no cytotex…the list goes on) she is THE most truly low risk woman on the planet. And that is what many of these comments about “births go wrong in seconds” completely and utterly miss.

Not only that – I have friends who wanted a hospital natural birth, who were constantly harassed by nurses and doctors for refusing epidural and pit, you name it. For that reason, many of them decide that, for a subsequent pregnancy, they’ll go to a birth center or have it the baby at home, as long as they are very very near to a hospital in case of emergency. By the way – there are good and bad doctors as well as good and bad midwives. A good midwife suggests transport to the hospital at the first sign of anything outside the realm of ‘normal’.

I live in Canada, where we have a far better infant mortality than had by the USA. And our research shows that Canadian women are more likely to end labor and deliver with both themselves alive and their baby alive if they birth at home with a midwives. There is a requirement that two midwives – minimum – attend a homebirth.

So what does that mean? Yup, when doctors were given low risk women, mom was more likely to die during or after labor, as was baby. The c-section rate for clients of midwifery care was only 3%, compared with almost 30% among low risk women in a hospital here.

Midwives can attend a woman either at home or at the hospital – in Ontario, every midwife is certified to do both. This also makes them more willing to suggest transfer to hospital if indicators come up – perhaps this level of dual certification would make things safer if it were done in America, too.

At some point, we have to admit that the woman with no drugs in her body, delivering a baby without being flat on her back, is way more truly low risk than a low risk woman in a hospital all drugged up. The ‘things can change in seconds’ is way more applicable to low risk women birthing in a hospital. And while homebirth may not be safe in some places in the world with less rigorous healthcare than we have in Canada, we are currently an example of the fact that it can be incredibly safe for low risk women in a rigorous medical system where midwives all have a bachelors degree – mimimum – in midwifery in order to get certified.

shauna on

yay for homebirth! What a great couple they make, too. Love good news for a change.

B.J. on

I LOVE It’s Always Sunny, they’re both hilarious! I love the name Leo Grey too, very handsome!

Anonymous on

Letsberealistic- You said it! I also want to point out that these days hospitals aren’t often as clean and sterile as we’d like to think. There are lots of nasty superbugs, such as staph, that thrive in hospitals and can infect patients. Naturally there are also germs in our homes, but at least those are germs our bodies are used to!

I have nothing against hospital birth per se, and might very well even choose it if I ever have a baby. But there’s a reason that hospitals are for sick or injured people rather than well people!

Shan on

I am very tired of people making the hospitals, doctors and nurses look like the enemy. For the record, medications are not the main reasons there are “poor” outcomes, which the uneducated call C-sections, in the hospital. The hospital is also the place where ALL high risk deliveries take place, effectively increasing the odds of any intervention. Secondly, the US has the highest rate of infant mortality because we are the ONLY country that considers 24 weeks and above viable and therefore part of our statistics infant mortality and morbidity statistics. I feel for the Quaids and the mistake that was made, but let us remember that WHOLE story accurately. Those twins were born premature and would not have lived at all if born and recovered outside of a hospital and all of its “evil” interventions.

A woman has the right to an EDUCATED choice in her labor and delivery, meaning she also has the right to know that in many states, there is NO certification process and ANYBODY can hang a shingle saying they are a midwife and then act as one. In the Netherlands, low risk babies are born at home with amazing results, because they are only low risk pregnancies and there is an ambulance and team outside of the house at the time of delivery. Not to mention, ALL midwives are guaranteed to be educated in the birth processes, evidenced based practice and the signs and symptoms of problems that necessitate movement to a hospital. Here, there is a war between home and hospital, (obviously, look at these posts) and people will postpone going to the hospital, and many times are encouraged to postpone.

Pegan on

Can’t we all just have our opinions and leave it at that? I have had all four of my kids in the hospital and didn’t have a problem with it. I have a friend who is expecting in a few months, she had her first two babies in the hospital and is electing to have her third at home. I’m happy for her and support her decision. It’s not something I think I would do at home but it’s not my place to judge my friend or anyone else who makes the decision to do so. Instead of fighting back and forth over what the best option is why don’t we just agree that for some people it’s better go give birth in a hospital and for others its best to give birth at home? Stop the arguing over something not even worthy of arguing over. We all came on here to read about he blessing of a new baby, who really cares where he was born? Congrats to the couple on not one but two healthy boys!