1 Trend, 3 Ways: Adorable Daytime Pajamas

04/04/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Who says PJs are just for sleeping? As celebrity tots Mason Disick (March 11), Coco Arquette (Jan. 27) and Kingston Rossdale (Dec. 11) prove, they work just as well during the day, too.

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Comfy and easy to wear, there are so many fun pajama styles to choose from. Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up our top picks — for every budget — below.

Courtesy Nordstrom


I come in peace! Crafted from organic cotton, Hanna Andersson‘s Fitted Shirt and Pants Pajama Set ($42) is sure to put a smile on your little guy’s face.

Courtesy Lord & Taylor


Is your princess into pink? Then she’ll love Little Me‘s frilly¬†Three-Piece Puppy Heart Pajamas ($24), which features loads of sweet ruffles.

Plus, it also comes with shorts so she can rock the set all year long.

Courtesy KOHL’S

Bargain Buy

From the cute graphic to the cool color combination, your jungle boy will go ape over Carter’s Gorilla Raglan Pajama Set ($11).

— Anya Leon

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Ronnie on

Cool PJs, but I HATE this trend on adults and children. Unless you are under the age of about 6 months, you should have street clothes on when you leave the house.

JM on

well, whatever floats your boat. i think they’re really cute. not sure i would wear them personally, or my kids, but i don’t care if anyone else wears them.

Angela on

I get the PJs for young kids if you are doing a morning drop-off at school for an older child or a quick morning run to the grocery store, but I don’t understand this. And it looks like at least one of them is wearing slippers.

J on

I agree Ronnie, I was at a restaurant this weekend and a group of girls had on pajama pants and ratty tops. they looked like they just rolled out of bed. Is it that hard to dress a little to go out in public?

EEK on

In addition to being unattractive, sloppy and lazy, this trend is extremely unhygienic. Kids should be taught that clothes they sleep in do not belong outside, especially in public places where they can pick up germs and bring them back to bed. Pajamas are clean clothes for sleeping, period. Shame on People for calling bad parenting a trend and encouraging others to do it. But to be fair to Gwen, I am not sure Kingston is even wearing pajamas – those look like just loose pants with a silly print.

SMiaVS on

We had pajama day at school when I was a kid. Maybe it’s that? Or there’s a similar explanation?

Shannon on

Ugh. Not cute.

Anonymous on

Ugh, I hope this ‘trend’ goes away soon. Sleepwear looks cute on babies but on adults and children who are old enough to dress themselves, it just looks incredibly lazy. I’d be embarrassed to go out in public in my pj’s.

B.J. on

Is this a new trend? Looking like a lazy slob in public? How absurd…

Sarah S. on

I agree with Ronnie and others here. I see kids and teens do this around my town all the time; I hate this trend. I just find it disgusting that the day’s dirt is going to end up in their bed that night!

abbey on

The kids are cute but the pjs are not! For nice cute pjs check out Hatley, they are the best and wash so well!

Leslie on

not cute.

Amanda K on

I cringe whenever I see people run into stores in their pjs. Just makes you look like a total slob with no pride.

B.J. on

I lived in a small mountain town before moving to the Bay Area. In the small town, every other person was in their PJ pants at the store. It just looked trashy. In San Francisco, believe me, no one is running around in their sleeping clothes, unless they’re homeless…

Jillian on

My children’s school has pajama day every year. I always send them in pajama’s but make them change out of the ones they slept in and put on clean ones and look put together. Some of my friends laugh at me, but I do not think children or adults should look sloppy or look like they are dirty, as it relates to this. If they are playing outside….fine. My children can wear loungewear, but not true pajama’s like above when we are out and about, not that they have ever asked.

Not Jillian

Brandi on

Kingston’s are pajamas because my son has the exact pair. While I choose not to let my kids go “out” in pajamas, some of these comments are crazy extreme. 1)do you REALLY think these kids’ parents actually let them go out and play all day in them, then go to sleep in the same pair that night. RIDICULOUS. Also, to say a kid that age looks “sloppy, lazy, slob, etc.” is just strange in itself. Can a pre-school aged child really look like a “slob” just because they chose to step outside in pj’s? The funniest part, I have seen at least two of these names comment on other stories about celebs dressing their child up too much to be playing outside. They’ll get ripped apart no matter what they do.

Shannon on

This is dumb and the ~trend~ should disappear. The pajama look is also big on college/university campuses. *sigh*

Amy on

In the city where I live, you are fined for going out in your lazy ass pajamas. This is just showing your children lay around all day, don’t worry about cleaning yourself up and look stupid in public! BUT it’s ok, they are “Star’s” children….

Amy on

Ughhh well, not little Mason.