Molly Sims: I’m Having a Baby Boy!

04/03/2012 at 02:30 PM ET

It’ll be a boy for Molly Sims!

The actress and model, 38, announced the sex of the baby she’s expecting with husband Scott Stuber in June on Tuesday’s episode of The Talk.

“I’m going to make a little announcement. Everyone has asked me,” Sims tells the show’s co-hosts. 

“The only reason why I’m telling this is because we can’t make a decision on the nursery. We are having a baby boy!”

She adds, “I know [my husband Scott Stuber] would have been so excited with a girl but he is such a sports freak — he is so happy.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Annie on

That explains why she seems to only have gained in her stomach! I swear, EVERYONE I know who has a boy just gains in the belly, but those with girls gain all over. I’m sure there will be a load of nay-sayers that chalk it up to a stupid myth, but some are strangely validated!!

It’s always nice to see 1st borns be boys. Boys are great!! And I’m sure her husband is thrilled also.

sally on

Congratulations to Molly and her husband Scott! I have always thought she was beautiful!

As for Annie what ever! bet you said Beyonce was having a boy too! Or was she even pregnant? haha

Julia on

She looks so pretty!

Aimee on

I don’t see why its “nice to see first borns be boys”. So people who don’t have boys first are just unfortunate? Why does it matter as long as the child is healthy? Just curious…

Olivia on

Congrats. Really love her since Las Vegas. She seems down to earth, Jennifer Garner like.

Annie: My sister had a boy and after pregnancy she also gained butt.

kim on

I agree with Annie that boys carry differently than girls. When I was carrying my son you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant from behind and I only gained 16 lbs. It’s true.

ecl on

I, too, don’t like the idea that it’s best to have first borns be boys. It seems to stem from the belief that they can then “protect” their younger sisters, which is a very sexist way of thinking and, also, doesn’t seem to actually happen in real life.

jen on

So…Her husband is happy its a boy because he loves sports…Guess girls don’t play sports!

Ginger on

She is glowing! I don’t think having a girl makes you less fortunate, but it is nice to have a boy to carry on the family name! Big brothers are always nice to have as well in case there is a little sister later. Health and well-being should always come first. I have two little boys and they keep me hopping constantly!

Ashley on

Our first child is a boy and I am so happy to have a boy first. A big brother to protect his younger sibilings, and a little hunting buddy for my husband. It was also so important for us to have a boy because my husband was the last boy in his family so now his family name will continue.

And I too had a big belly and didn’t really grow anywhere else. Sometimes those old wives tales are true.

Ami on

Lots of bitter all girl moms, lol. Boy or girl first, they are all a blessing.

Letsy on

I was all belly with all three of my pregnancies, moreso with my last two. I have one boy and two girls (in that order). Go figure.

Olivia on

Jen, I was thinking the same thing. What would stop her husband from sharing his love of sports with a daughter. I swear, people need to think more before saying silly things like that.

Kimberly on

Wow, so many people getting bent out of shape over a comment that was most likely not even meant in a sexist way. I think you ladies have too much time on your hands to take it that seriously. So what, her husband’s a sports fan and they’re having a boy – he’s happy. I bet he’d be equally as happy with a girl. Please, for love of God, get over yourselves and your judgemental conclusions. Maybe you should pay closer attention to your own lives.

And by the way — boys rock! Love my son! 😉

Denise on

Congratulations!!!! Best Wishes always!!!!

nyc on

I had a girl and only gained in my belly, so I would say the whole weight gain thing is a myth. As for Molly Sims, she is simply glowing, she really looks beautiful and so happy!

Meg on

OMG! Did any one else watch her on the show? She was simply adorable, and totally down to earth. I would love it if she were a regular on The Talk.

boohoobytch on

whaaaaaaaaaaatever, be glad your kids are healthy and quit the “first born should be”….IT SHOULD BE HEALTHY – PERIOD

Liza on

I think you’re lucky no matter what you get first. It took us a long time to get pregnant and now that we are (5 1/2 months!) we are over the moon.

We just found out we are having a boy, so I felt compelled to comment…I sort of believe the whole only in the belly thing mainly because that’s the only place I’m gaining anything at the moment. I know that I still have a while to go and this could definitely change (it’s our first) but from what I’ve seen, the old wive’s tales are true. I’m also curvy, as in small on top, small waist, but bigger hips thighs and butt, always have been. And I was really nervous about how much my body would gain and change throughout pregnancy. So far so good and I hope it continues! Baby is healthy so I feel I have the right to embrace the slow weight gain!

bh on

I had a boy and a girl. I never carried differently.

Licia on

I agree with Kimberly, I think people are overanalyzing everything. Yes, it’s nice to have a boy who likes sports; that doesn’t mean that it’s any less nice to have a girl who likes sports or a boy who doesn’t. Yes, it’s nice to have a boy first; it’s also nice to have a girl first.

Ali on

I think the whole, “My husband needs a son to carry on the family name” thing is RIDICULOUS. It’s not 1803! My husband’s father repeatedly mentioned my having to “have a boy to carry on his family name” and after I had my three beautiful daughters and said I was “DONE” I could have cared less about becoming a breeding machine to try to pump out a son for a last name to “live on”. UGH! Not cool with that over here.

Jesse on

I had 3 boys and didn’t carry the same with any of them so to say it “looks like she’s having a boy” is a load of bologna.

Kat on

It’s cool that she and her husband are so happy. She probably was just not thinking about how her words would come across. I think everyone saw the enthusiasm, but too many are focusing on the…well, you said THIS so you must mean THIS and so on and so on. Plus, too many readers have extra time to write in and comment about their own babies thinking that the rest of us care…we don’t.

ecl on

So now commenting on sexism is “overthinking” things and those who notice it need to get a life? I respectfully disagree and think it needs to be pointed out at every turn until we all become more aware of the insidious ways male privilege sneaks into our understandings of our lives. And just because she didn’t have sexist intentions doesn’t mean that those beliefs aren’t sexist.

bh on

I don’t care what anybody says, every man wants a son – whether it’s to carry on the family name or have someone to watch football with. I’m not saying they don’t love their daughters.

megan on

“but he is such a sports freak”

So they couldn’t decorate in a sports theme if it had been a girl ? Or take a little girl to sports games with dad ? So ridiculous.

JM on

woops, better go outside and tell my daughter to stop kicking a ball around. apparently girls don’t play sports….

missy on

My daughter I only gained weight in my stomich, my current pregnancy with a boy I’ve only gained in the belly as well. I think it depends on the person more than the sex they’re carrying.

Juicy on

She looks beautiful! Pregnancy suits her well. Congrats to her and her hubby on the upcoming arrival!!

J on

I knew people would get fussy over that first comment about boys first. Good Lord, it must suck to get so bent out of shape on comment regarding how people are carrying babies and which gender comes first in families.

Amanda K on

I’m excited for her! She seems like a nice person.

You just never know what your child’s personality will be in the end. Not all boys like sports and not all girls like dolls,etc.

Renee on

I had always wanted a son first for he same reasons as mentioned. I had a big brother and loved it that way. I ended up having a daughter first and now baby number 2 is a boy. Even though she is daddy’s little girl and helps him with his cars etc he is so excited to be having a boy, just as I am so happy I got a girl. He is also happy to be having a son to carry on the family name.

Why is it such a bad thing to be honest about ones wants?

Good on you Molly for your honesty 🙂

James on

It is so ridiculous how all these people are commenting and putting others down. We all have a right to our own opinions, our own beliefs and our own way of showing them in our own lives. As far as a comment being sexist or not, everybody wants to be a judge, whether they want to be positive or negative is what the rest of us has to deal with.

If Molly and Scott wanted confirmation on sex for room color, blue or pink or yellow, teddy bears or sports type stuff, that is their own choice, and I say let them have it. If someone is looking for a negative they will always find it, and that just shows where their lives are. I for one always look at the positive side, stay focused on being positive, and chuck everybody else’s negativity as “maybe they are having a bad day.” I don’t in turn try to judge them and put them down, that is just adding to the negativity.

I hope all the poster’s and reader’s of these comments have a great evening! I also wish Molly and Scott the happiest of times with the rest of their pregnancy, their nursery decoration plans, and in the future with their soon to be new son!

barb on

i watch las vegas everyday…she is pregant on the show now and looks exactly like she did today on The Talk…..i hope she doesnt gain 40 pounds and be called chunky like danny mccoy called her today….

grace farmer on

I wanted a girl first,but got a boy,then another boy,it doesn’t matter what the sex is,i love,love,love my sons,and i also only gained weight in my belly,nowhere else,but molly looks absolutely beautiful.

Yuko on

My belly just got big when I was pregnant with my son and with my daughter, it was my whole body lol. Read the comment so had to comment back. Congrats Molly!

Marva on

I really don’t understand all the comments regarding having a son “so he can carry on the family name”. Girls can do that, too!

My parents married when I was three, my mother kept her name and my father added it to his own surname. My siblings and I have my mother’s surname and since my aunt didn’t marry, her son also has our name.

I have no plans to marry and if I did, I wouldn’t take my longtime boyfriend’s name but keep my own and our children would also take it.

I guess it’s a tradition in the US (I live in Europe) but in my family the tradition is the opposite and I’m very glad about it.

So, girls can also carry on the family name, even if they marry – simple as that.

stacey on

The only “sport” that my daughters do is Dance. If they wanted to play a true sport, I wouldn’t allow them. While its fine and great with most mothers, not all moms can appreciate having a tomboy for a daughter.

Anonymous on

stacey- I feel sorry for your daughters! You should accept them for who they are, not try to make them into what YOU want them to be!

Marva- I agree. Why everyone seems to think that girls can’t carry on the family name is beyond me!

bh- That’s not true. Some men are perfectly happy with just daughters (just as women can be perfectly happy with all boys). Take my grandfather, for example. He and my grandmother had only one child- my mother. But he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Except for my own father, I have never seen a man as devoted to his daughter as my grandfather was. She was the world to him and he to her (sadly, he passed away several years ago), and I’d bet my life that if you had asked him if he felt “complete” without a son, he’d have answered with a resounding “Yes”!

And he’s far from the only man that feels that way. In the celebrity world, for example Brad Pitt mentioned wanting a “houseful of girls” and “a bunch of little hers” (at one point, he even commented that “little girls, they crush me!”) in interviews several times during his marriage.

Anyway, I don’t quite get this part of what Molly said, “The only reason why I’m telling this is because we can’t make a decision on the nursery.” Is she asking for nursery advice? Or what?

L on

First of all congrats to Molly Simms on her the little boy she’s expecting. Anyway,my 1st born is a girl and I would’nt want it any other way. I feel blessed because I had a beautiful, healthy, baby girl, who is now six yrs old! Yes, time sure does fly!

And btw, no one could tell I was pregnant from behind, I was all tummy & it was shaped like a football.

Marky on

Congratulations to the new parents on their coming son! Hoping they have a great life as a family.

bh, I respectfully disagree. When my son and his wife decided to start their family, he made the comment that his hope was the baby would be healthy, but he also hoped so much that they would have a girl. In fact, at one point before they found out the sex of their baby, he made the comment to me, “If it’s a boy, it’s fine, but I don’t want to have a second, because I definitely don’t want 2 boys.” When I asked why he wanted a daughter so much, he expressed that girls had the opportunity to do whatever they wanted in life, but they were also adorable and loved their parents in a different way. I have both girls and boys, am quite close to this son, but he’s right. Girls are fun to dress because they have so many options, and they can be anything they want–all without a bunch of questions as to whether it’s okay or not. Girls may have to make a few choices when they are building their families, but most of the people I know who are asking those questions are, sadly, other women. Happily for him, he has 2 daughters he adores, and he is more than content with not having a son. No one in the family is concerned about him being the last male in my husband’s family, either. My daughters have sons, and there’s plenty of love to go around for both the boys and the girls.

Jade on

Girls Rock!!!

JM on

stacey, wow i remember once seeing an advert for that show Dance Moms on tv and one of the mothers said that if her daughter wanted to play softball she would probably split her wrists. maybe there is some kind of therapy group the two of you can join.

just for the record, a girl being sporty does not make her a tomboy (that’s just a label we impose on kids anyway). what would you do if all one of your daughter’s wanted to do was play football?

annachestnut on

she’s pretty

jenny on

Kimberley..who pissed in your sandbox today???

Stacy..why would a girl be considered a tomboy for playing sports?? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Ever heard of Serena and Venus Williams?? Jennie Finch? All famous for sports, yet all are constantly seen glammed up when not competing!

Melissa on

Congrats to Molly and her husband!

I have two daughters and was pretty much all belly both times. I think myths are fun but I don’t think of them as serious sources of information. Every woman will experience pregnancy differently. There is no right or wrong way to carry whether it’s a boy or girl.

My oldest is the best combination of girly girl and tomboy. She loves dresses, makeup, princesses, etc but also loves cars, playing sports, doing “boy” things. We should not limit our children to activities that are considered appropriate for their gender. If possible, we should give our children every opportunity to explore different things and activities as they grow up.

Jazzy on

Couples that share their desire to have a son possibly just spent some time on these comment boards and realized that most beautiful little baby girls turn into bitter old housewives with too much time on their hands.
Just a thought.

Anonymous on

Melissa- “I have two daughters and was pretty much all belly both times. I think myths are fun but I don’t think of them as serious sources of information. Every woman will experience pregnancy differently. There is no right or wrong way to carry whether it’s a boy or girl.” I couldn’t have said it better. I, too, have always thought of old wives’ tales as fun and don’t buy into them too much (I mean, really, how can a baby’s gender possibly, for example, influence where his/her mother gains weight while pregnant?!).

You also may as well have been describing me as a child when you were describe your eldest daughter. I loved dolls, tea parties, and experimenting with my grandmother’s make-up (my mother didn’t wear any). But I also loved playing football with my dad and playing with my brother’s cars and action figures (so much so that I would even sometimes sneak into his room to play with them when he wasn’t around!). Also, while neither my brother or I ever particpated in ant extra-currcular sports, I loved gym class (he, on the other hand, basically tolerated it!).

Point being that it’s possible and perfectly fine for a girl to like sports or “boy” toys, or a boy to like “girl” toys and/or prefer quieter activities like writing and drawing (the latter of which was the case with my brother). Really, it’s high time we stopped trying to push kids into rigid “gender” roles!

Jillian on

Regarding the nursery…..they themselves can’t decide on the nursery and are getting outside help which means more people will be helping them with the design and knowing what they will be having. So, announcing to the world makes sense because they are asking for help and most likely it will get slipped as the design for the boy nursery begins.

Allie on

I know that Molly has described herself as growing up as a tomboy in many interviews, and also know that she was a competitive swimmer growing up. I believe she was just commenting on the particular excitement that a dad feels finding out that he will have a son.

Betty on

I just love her! She’s so adorbs! Betcha that baby boy is going to be gorgeous!