Alessandra Ambrósio: I’m Having a Baby Boy!

04/03/2012 at 08:30 PM ET

Alessandra Ambrósio recently told PEOPLE that she’d be finding out the sex of her baby shortly, and true to her word, she did. The model, 30, and fiancé Jamie Mazur will welcome a son in mid-May, she confirms to PEOPLE.

“We really tried to keep it a surprise but we were too anxious!” Ambrósio writes on her Facebook page, sharing a photo of herself on the beach with the announcement in the sand. “Soon, we will have a little boy to rock our world!!”

Courtesy Alessandra Ambrósio

“I have wanted a boy for a long time. I actually thought my first baby was going to be a boy, but then, of course, was very happy to get a girl,” the Victoria’s Secret stunner tells E! Online. “But now I am getting a boy as well, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s the best news.”

With five weeks to go before delivery, Ambrósio says she and Mazur have yet to pick a name.

“I have five good names for a girl and really none for a boy,” she admits. “That’s the hardest part! I want something that works well in both Portuguese and English. It can’t be too American or my grandmother won’t be able to pronounce it!”

Daughter Anja Louise, 3½, has a suggestion for her parents, but Ambrósio confides that they won’t be taking her up on it.

“Anja’s really excited and has also come up with a name she would like him to be called,” the model laughs. “I told her that her name for him can be his nickname.”

— Sarah Michaud

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acorr on

How wonderful! How bout the name Sabatino? I have a Sabatino and we call him Sammy.

Anonymous on

“We really tried to keep it a surprise but we were too anxious!” Well, that answers the question as to why they waited until just a few weeks before the birth to find out the sex!🙂

kjc on

It seems like most people nowadays find out the sex of their unborn children. When I had my baby last year, the nurses gave me the impression that most people don’t wait for the delivery surprise like we did.

I’m not knocking finding out beforehand, I was just super pumped to hear the ‘It’s a….!’

Anyways, looking forward to hearing the name when he arrives.

Eduarda on

“I’m not knocking finding out beforehand, I was just super pumped to hear the ‘It’s a….!’”

I was just as super pumped when the sonographer said “it’s a boy” on ultrasound. No matter when you find out, on ultrasound or in the delivery room, it is a special moment you will treasure forever.

guest on

CONGRATS-she is my fave model-so beautiful and has the prettiest little girl and now a boy-such a joy!!

Ann on

“I have a Sabatino and we call him Sammy.”

Whats a sabatino?

Sarah on

I have a brother and a sister who never found out the sex of their five children. Also, a friend didn’t either. Congrats to Alessandra and her family! Baby boys are precious, but finding names for boys is very hard, compared to girls!! I had to do it twice with my twin sons, and I have no idea, until the night before what one of their names is going to be.

The one tip I could give was that worked for me for a boys name is, something that doesn’t have a nickname.

Ann on

Wow, the more I read “People” online, the more I realize how out of touch I must be. I really don’t know who more than half of these people are, who are making news. Back in my day which really was not that long ago, if you were a model, you kind of had to be a name that was known to the masses to be known. But hey why not? People reports constantly on “reality stars” no one knows, so why not models no one knows?

Maria on

She’s one of Victoria’s Secret’s biggest names, Ann, and has been for years. I’ll have to agree, you are out of touch.

Ann on

Wow, thanks Maria, I didn’t know that. I read the websites but I guess I just skip over names I don’t recognize. Does the same go for “reality” stars, meaning all those “housewives” et al?

SAR on

That’s nice. I don’t know who this woman is or why she’s “famous,” though.

JM on

if i don’t know one of victoria secret’s ‘biggest names’ and that makes me out of touch i am probably glad to be out of touch🙂

anyway, congrats to them.

Nancy on

Ann, I agree. I dont watch any programs on tv except for reality shows and when I see a person from such and such show, I have no idea who they are. Guess I am out of touch huh?

Jen on

I don’t like surprises. I found out with all four of my children what they were as soon as we could tell. I could bond so much easier with my baby when I could refer to him as a “boy” or her as a “girl” instead of “it”.

Tammy on

May the little fella be healthy!

Larissa on

Wow, this is still is a gossip blog, if you are reading it is because you must have some sort of interest in not so important matters! You´ve been out of touch since when ? The 90´s? And I guess you haven´t heard of Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer back in the day? You act like you are above the non-royalaty/oscar /nobel-winning/politicians of this world, and yet, you are reading an article on a gossip blog, oh blimey!!!!!

Jennifer on

Out of touch or not, you’re all here commenting on someone you claim to have never heard of. Interesting. You know, you don’t have to comment. You can just move on if it’s a post that’s not relavent to you or your interests.

Shannon on

Fiance? I thought they married when she was pregnant with their daughter. Congrats on the baby boy!

ego honey on

if i don’t know one of victoria secret’s ‘biggest names’ and that makes me out of touch i am probably glad to be out of touch

anyway, congrats to them.

Anonymous on

I think people are being a bit harsh on Ann and others who have made comments similar to hers. Not everyone tries to or even wants to keep super up-to-date on celebrites. For example, I don’t read Victoria’s Secret cataloges or go to their stores, and I don’t watch TV that often (and even when I do, it’s usually shows on channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic). So if I didn’t subscribe to PEOPLE and visit their website regularly, I probably wouldn’t know about most VS models or TV stars (especially the less famous ones).

I think it’s important to remember that just because someone comments here it doesn’t mean that they come to this site or others like it regularly or even semi-regularly!

Anonymous on

lol @”You act like you are above the non-royalaty/oscar /nobel-winning/politicians of this world, and yet, you are reading an article on a gossip blog, oh blimey!!!!!”

Love that!

No, you don’t need to know every single celebrity on the planet, but I’d buy your ‘too good for these Z-listers’ act a lot more if you weren’t commenting on a celebrity gossip site in the first place!

JM on

Hm, someone seems to have copied my comment. not that i mind.

anyway, i agree with anonymous. i am not looking down on people who do care about victoria secret, i just don’t. i know about plenty of other celebs, but as i said, i don’t care if not knowing people from victoria secret makes me out of touch.

do people here realise that not everyone on this website is from america? i’m sure there are celebrities from my country whom you haven’t heard of. i wouldn’t call you out of touch just because you hadn’t heard of them.

it’s amazing how culturally insular some people are, in that they think that whatever happens in their culture is so important and must be world news.

jana on

It’s completely fine to not know every single celebrity, but when you feel the need to sarcastically comment it, it reads as unnecessary arrogance.

acorr on

Ann, Sabatino is the name of one of my sons. Alessandra mentions she doesn’t have boy names yet. So I was recommending a name. Not that I think she’ll use it but I thought it would go with the names in her family. Sabatino is an Italian/Portuguese name.

JM on

jana to be fair, the initial insinuation that someone is SO out of touch if they haven’t hear do of some Victoria secret person, was far more antagonistic than the subsequent response.